Hello sweet girl by Kim

Kim created this super cute baby card using Hello Baby. I just love those splatters!
Some tips from Kim:
“I used a water brush to pick up the color from the lids of my Stampin’ Up! inkpads. If you’re not using Stampin’ Up! inkpads, press your inkpads against a non-stick craft mat to create a palette, then pick up the first color using just a bit of water to get the color flowing. Tap your brush against your finger to spatter it. Repeat with remaining colors. Tip: Use pastel colors for the spatters and bolder shades for the greeting, so it pops.”

Kim HelloBaby Collage

Kim also has some tips for creating girl versions of these cute cards she made:

Alternate ideas for girl versions of the chevron series:

1. Melon-colored chevrons — follow the boy version almost exactly, just swap out the frog for a bunny and different colored chevrons.
2. Use Belinda’s Borders to create a background, following the design of the boy version.

The variety of backgrounds available makes it so easy to customize a card for the new baby! Belinda’s creates a whimsical “Dr. Seuss” vibe while the spatters and chevrons are super trendy. You really can’t go wrong.

Thank you so much for these awesome cards and tips, Kim!

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