We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2016 {day1}

Hello everyone! Welcome to our special Fawny Holiday Week! This week is all about getting ideas for the upcoming Holidays! We have Lawn Fawn Design Team samples, giveaways and videos! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win a stamp set of your choice and a Perfectly Plaid Christmas or Winter 6×6 pad!)

We will be featuring Lawn Fawn Holiday products this week, both old and new! Woohoo! And, we also have team members from Lawn Fawn Head Quarters (LFHQ) and our friends from Lawnscaping Challenges joining us for extra inspiration! I can’t wait to show you all of these gorgeous projects!

Let’s check out some awesome samples and a fun video!

 Samantha‘s Winter Alpaca card is beautifully clean and simple! I love the wonderful emboss-resist technique with watercolor and the snowflakes!

 Elena made a special 1st Christmas card for baby girls! I love how she combined Cheery Christmas with Little Bundle! She decorated with onesies with cute icons from Plan on It: Holidays!

Lynette from our Fawnie team created a sweet shaker card using Sprinkled with Joy! This fun design uses Woodgrain Backdrops, Stitched Scalloped Borders and a cheerful Perfectly Plaid Christmas paper pattern!

 Karin‘s Frosty Fairy Friends tags are adorable! I love her clever use of die cuts to create a sweet little scene with Little Town Border!

It’s a wonderful Sweet Christmas scene on Melissa‘s cute and festive card! I love her beautiful ink-blended sky!

 Nancy made a colorful card for Hanukkah using Love You a Latke and Milo’s ABCs!

And now we have a great video by Yainea! You can watch it here or at our YouTube channel. Enjoy!

 Thanks so much for watching!

I love Yainea‘s clever Winter Unicorn magic slider gift tags! This photo shows them with one tag closed and one tag open.

I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at some of our Holiday sets. Tomorrow we have another fun Fawny Holiday celebration!

For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment sharing a favorite holiday memory by November 19th at 10:00pm  EST, and we will randomly pick one winner for a stamp set of their choice and a Perfectly Plaid Christmas 6×6 pad! Post about our Fawny Holiday Week on social media and leave another comment for another chance to win! 🙂
Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday November 15th for our next Fawny Holiday post! We hope you guys love this week!

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203 thoughts on “We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2016 {day1}

  1. My favorite memory is sledding in the afternoon on Christmas Eve until dark and then coming home and preparing everything for the evening which is the festive dinner and presents giving in my country. 🙂 And all the smells that go with it (including our wet clothes LOL).

  2. My favourite holiday memory is watching all the holiday movies with my family like White Christmas, Holiday Inn, all the Santa Clause series, Jim Carrey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas and holiday classics like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Santa Claus is Comin' To Town.

  3. Fantastic ideas! My favorite Christmas memory is finding all of the Santa gifts a few weeks before Christmas, and marveling over all of the toys with my sister! We didn't play with them–we knew they weren't ours! I didn't really believe in Santa anymore, but my sister did. My mom was angry, but my sister never suspected when those same toys were under the tree at our cousins' home on Christmas Day! What I love about this memory is that we just admired the toys in their packaging, and never thought to open anything and play with it– such innocence!

  4. A favorite memory is the time when we were taking family photos in front of our fireplace. Someone accidentally closed the damper, and the room filled up with smoke. No one was aware until all of the smoke detectors started going off. We had to open all of the doors and windows despite the cold temperature outside. Definitely a memorable holiday!

  5. Wow,wow,wow. Each project has it's own special sweetness to it. Great job ladies.
    My favourite holiday memory is sliding down from the top of the steps at midnight to see what Santa had left under the tree.

  6. These cards are precious! I love the sweet shaker and the gingerbread village 🙂 My favorite holiday memory is decorating the Christmas tree with my family each year. My mom used to play an old Christmas cd every time. My favorite tradition as an adult is baking tons of Christmas cookies!

  7. Lovely inspiration, I especially love the sweet little tag. A favorite and funny Christmas memory is when we accidentally set wrapping paper on fire. Note to self: no lit candles while unwrapping presents! My kids still laugh about it 🙂

  8. Lovely inspiration, I especially love the sweet little tag. A favorite and funny Christmas memory is when we accidentally set wrapping paper on fire. Note to self: no lit candles while unwrapping presents! My kids still laugh about it 🙂

  9. These cards were fun to look at. My best memory was the year my brother and I discovered all the toys hidden in the closet and actually would play with them, then put them back in the box. Christmas morning, no surprises!

  10. Cute! I love the first card- adorably colored and backgrounded!! I'm not sure of a favorite memory but I did enjoy sitting down with my son this past Friday and making Christmas ornaments and decorations.

  11. Oh my!!! Such adorable projects!!! Love them!!!
    My favorite holiday memory is with my maternal granpa. He used to pick me up on from school and together we went to buy the Christmas tree and once we get back in the house, we wrote my letter to Santa! I miss him so much! <3

  12. These are all so cute!
    My favorite holiday memory is when my Dad used to call me every Christmas morning and be 'Santa Claus'…sadly, I can longer receive those calls though the memory is always in my heart. <3

  13. What great inspiration for Christmas cards! My favorite holiday memory is watching all the classic Christmas cartoons with my daughter. Can't wait to watch them soon!

  14. My favorite Holiday memory is going to my Grandma's house on Thanksgiving and having a taste test between Pumpkin pie and squash pie and my Aunt making a delicious turkey with herbs!!! I love all of these cards!!! Great job Lady's👏👏!!!😉😃😉😃

  15. So many fun card and tag ideas! My wish list grows each time I visit here…
    My favorite Christmas memories are of helping my Mom decorate for the holidays each year. I made the trip to her house usually in early December and we decorated. It was a high point for both of us. She passed away just over a year ago and I am so glad we shared those special times together.

  16. My favorite memories are every year the excitement of my girls as we decorate, watch the traditional movies and see them giving "subtle" gift hints.

  17. Wonderful inspiration for the holidays! I have so many happy holiday memories, but I would have to say that last Christmas is one of my favorite memories. I was on my honeymoon and my husband and I spent Christmas day at Disney World. Unforgettable! 🙂

  18. One of my favourite holiday memories was going for a ride in the car to see the homes decorated with lights for Christmas. I grew up in a small town and we could manage to see them all on one evening's drive. What a great instructional video! I would never have figured how that slider worked on my own. What a fun result! Great cards!

  19. Love all these card ideas! The one Elena made with the onesies is darling!! A friend is due with her second child right around Christmas so this would be a perfect card to share with her!! (Except she is having a boy!)
    Favorite Christmas memory….. one year the whole family attended a Christmas Eve service at church and when we came outside afterwards, it had begun to snow lightly. It was rare for all of us to be at church together anyway, adding the snow just made things even more special!

  20. Beautiful cards and tags! I'm so happy to be finally making some Christmas cards.
    A favorite holiday memory for me is my oldest nephew's first Christmas. Boy, was he
    ever spoiled! lol I think I have more photos of him at that Christmas than the total
    combined of the next 8 nieces & nephews. He's now 18. Good memories!

  21. Lovely cards! My favorite Christmas memories are of my son getting so excited on Christmas eve and remembering that feeling myself. We have a new little one and can't wait for the new memories with him as well.

  22. My favorite holiday memories is one I started a few years ago. All of my immediate family and their children get together and we make Christmas cookies. It's so much fun to watch the younger kids decorate their cookies. They are usually messy, but they are so proud of them and don't want anyone to eat them.

  23. Such sweet projects – looks like I could use some more Lawn Fawn products ; ) One of the more memorable holiday moments was when our family was traveling though the night and broke down on the PA Turnpike and had to call my sister (1 1/2 hours away) at 6:00 AM Christmas morning to see if she could come and rescue us! Thanks for the chance to play!

  24. My favorite holiday memory was during graduate school at my friends house helping them decorate their decorate their tree, stringing the popcorn and cranberries and watching one of my silly friends string a chocolate chip cookie onto the garland as well. They hung it on the tree that way too! LOL!! Such a fun decorating party! I love ALL of the team's BEAUTIFUL projects! Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. Favorite holiday memory is visiting cousins and uncles and aunts and grandmothers over about a three day period. It was such fun to see everyone and to enjoy the yummy food at each stop.

  26. My favorite holiday memory was Christmas 2002 when we had our oldest daughter tell the grandparents that she was going to be a big sister. We had a present for them with stuff inside for a new baby (turns out one month later we found out we were having twins!). So fun to look back on those memories. Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog!!

  27. Oops- forgot my holiday memory. I must have been 5 years old and on Christmas morning there was 1 gift that seemed to fill the entire room! (I was 5 at the time.) We were all so excited to find out who was the lucky recipient. (There's 7 of us so it was crazy!) At the end my Grandpa told us it was for me any my sister- it was a kitchen set and we played with that all the time. Such a memory that I got one for my kids to make their memories!

  28. These are all so cute! Love the slider card. My favorite memory is my daughter's second Christmas when she was really starting to understand. Her eyes at all the lights and presents was something to always cherish.

  29. My favorite memory is going to my grandparents and all the Hussle and bustle a big family brings. We had to walk outside to get to the other side of the house and presents were piled so high you could only here the TV, but not see a thing.

  30. My favorite memory is Christmas at my grandparents. We had to walk outside to get to the other side of the house and presents piled so high you couldn't see the TV only hear it. Many great memories even if there was chaos at some points.

  31. My favorite time was shopping with my mom when I was little. It didnt matter that we kids got to see what she was buying because we didn't know who was getting what. She never had a babysitter for us. We went where she went. That was back in the sixties and seventies.

  32. Oh gosh, that's a hard question! One of my favorite holiday memories was the family we "adopted" through a local charity two years ago. They were so sweet and the littlest was five years old. He was SO excited to meet us and show us his Christmas tree and home. It literally brings tears to my eyes to think about. I want to encourage others to look for something similar in their community or some way to give back. As trite as it sounds it's the most rewarding thing you can do. Love the projects and video. Lawn Fawn in the best! 🙂

  33. My favourite holiday memory was when my brother and his family were visiting for Christmas. My niece was 2 years old and into everything! She was very quiet one afternoon, and when we went to check on her, she was at the "goodie" table and she had taken a bite out of all of the different chocolates on the chocolate tray…her expression when she was caught was quite priceless! Such a fun time!
    Thank you for all the Christmas ideas!

  34. So many fun and wonderful cards! My favorite memory is opening the first christmas gift on christmas Eve in front of the decorated tree with some hot chocolate and "lussekatter" (a swedish saffran bun) and finding a soft beautiful dressing gown 🙂
    (In Sweden we open our gifts on christmas eve instead of christmas day)

  35. Love today's projects!
    My favorite holiday memory was the 1st year my husband & I had moved out of state away from family. My parents were disappointed that we weren't going to be there for Christmas so we surprised them by knocking on their door Christmas Eve night. My mom cried, she was so happy.

  36. Fabulous cards! My Favorite holiday memory was watching my nephews open their gifts on Christmas morning when they were little. Thanks for the inspiration!

  37. My favorite holiday memories are always the ones where we would go to early Christmas Eve service, and then go to Grandma's house for goodies and conversation. 🙂

  38. My favorite holiday memory is when my sister and I would look out the window in the back door on Christmas Eve trying to see if we could see rudolphs lit up nose!

  39. Fabulous holiday inspiration!!! One of my favorite holiday memories is from last Christmas. My husband and I snowshoed to a backcountry hut with 4 of our neighbor buddies on Christmas Eve. We camped out in the hut and woke up to the most magical Christmas morning sunrise. It was so awesome!!!

  40. I loved watching my daughter getting into the Santa bag made her to dig out her Christmas presents! My dad always played Santa, so it is extra special to have pictures of my daughter on his lap! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  41. It's so great to get new ideas. I love seeing all of the fun projects. A favorite holiday memory is a special gift that my sons and I gave my husband years ago. It was too big to wrap, so we hid the present and then made little note clues to lead him to it. He was very touched and we had a great time with the surprise.

  42. I love the Christmas tradition we have here at home, we reunite so we can put the tree together. And one of my favorite memories is 6 years ago, my parents told me that I could have for my Christmas present a dog. I waited like 24 years to have one.

  43. We always went to church
    on Christmas Eve and when
    the service was over, we
    would light a candle and
    try to make it to the car
    without the wind blowing
    it out! Lots of fun.
    Carla from Utah

  44. My favorite holiday memory was when our entire family was together, after opening presents there was wrapping paper everywhere. Then all of a sudden my uncle started throwing balls of wrapping paper until the entire family started and it was so much fun! We laughed a lot that day! A memory I will never forget!

  45. The first Christmas my now husband spent with my family. We were engaged but there was something extra in that day seeing him with my family that let me know I was one lucky woman.

  46. One of my favorite holiday memories is waiting on Christmas eve for my Dad to get off of work and then going to my Grandparents house. My aunt, uncle and cousin would already be there with my grandparents. The house would be all lit up and there would be a fire in the fireplace. We'd have dinner and pass around tin after tin of Christmas cookies that different people had made. Then, we'd all spend the night there, try and go to sleep with my Grandma and cousin in the same bed until Santa came and we got up the next morning to a livingroom full of presents. Those were definitely the good old days!!

  47. Love the cute stamp sets by lawn fawn and the DT creations are truly adorable! how cute is that sheep!! My favorite holiday memory is when my whole family (cousins, uncles and aunts) got together at my grandma's place to celebrate the winter holidays. It was a week of fun, food, laughter and joy !

  48. My favorite holiday memory has to be when our children were very young. Doug and I would stay up late on Christmas Eve setting up all the presents. Now we get to experience the joy with our little grandchildren!

  49. My favorite holiday memory was my grandpa playing Christmas albums on the "hi-fi" and watching him smile and enjoying all of his grandkids playing and opening gifts by the tree. He was my hero.

  50. My most precious Holiday memory will forever be my three Granddaughters helping me make,cutout,bake and decorate Christmas cookies. I have a picture of the four of us doing this and we have flour not only all over the kitchen, but all over our faces, too!
    The girls were small and it was such fun to bring such joy to our Holiday! Thanks for the stamp set, I'll keep it forever!

  51. My favorite holiday memory is making and decorating sugar cookies with my Grandma every year and my Dad drilling a hole in the top so we could hang them from the tree.

  52. such cute projects. fave memory is 3 yrs ago it was the last Christmas before my dad passed away and he was like a dad to my daughter whom is now 8, i remember every moment nothing crazy or extra special happened but its the memory that stays on my mind

  53. Love all these adorable projects! SO many happy Christmas memories…just remembering the many Christmas mornings seeing the joy on our three sons faces when they got to come see what Santa left them. We are looking forward to this year, enjoying our 7 grandsons and granddaughter at Christmas.
    Love everything you guys design!

  54. Love the sliders and shakers! My fave holiday memory and tradition is buying our xmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend and decorating the house for 3 days! Along with Black Friday shopping!

  55. My favorite holiday memory is of the whole family decorating our Christmas tree each year while listening to favorite Christmas cd's and eating yummy holiday treats! Thank you for the inspiration today! I don't have many cards to make and send this year but I need to get busy!

  56. The Christmas break during college when my husband & I got engaged! Such a magical time full of love & family. 🙂

  57. Adorable slider tag Yainea! My fave Christmas memory as a child was just the sheer excitement of Christmas Eve, waiting for Santa to bring presents 🙂

  58. Love all the project ideas!! My favorite Christmas memory is the Christmas my entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins) spent in the Adirondacks st my grandparents house. I was only a child and it has always been my favorite Christmas 🎄

  59. My favorite holiday memory… I moved to a new home in the country. There was a meadow in the back with a small stable in it. About midnight on Christmas eve, after all the elf duty was done, it began to snow softly. I looked out at the stable and thought how warm and snug my family was in our new home, and I thought about a baby being in a stable. A young mother who had no where else to go. I was very humbled by this. <3

  60. I have lots of favorite holiday memories… One being when my son unwrapped a large package and was so excited that Santa had brought him a box! The other was when my little girl was not feeling so good and when she found her new little outdoor car she grabbed her doll and climbed inside refusing to get out to open anything else hehehe!

  61. I have many favorite holiday memories! One of my favorites is when my kids were toddlers – we came out of mass on Christmas Eve and it was snowing! We live in Houston, and it never snows, so it was sort of magical. ❤️ Very appropriate for the season. Thanks for all these adorable projects!!

  62. What a clever idea! I'm going to have to try the sliding gift tag. A favorite memory is attending the Christmas Eve service at church. as a child I could always feel the magic of Christmas during the service.

  63. I just love all your stamps & sentiments! One of my favorite holiday memories is making cookies with my parents. My mom & I would roll, cut out, & decorate the cookies, and my dad helped decorate, but was mostly in charge of baking them. Your Sprinkled With Joy set brings back those happy memories! :o)

  64. Oh wow ALL of these creations are so very inspirational and great video too!! This is exactly what I need this week to get my MOJO going! 🙂 My favorite Christmas memory would have to be when my children were little and were so shocked and surprised that Santa knew EXACTLY what to get each of them for Christmas and the special letter he wrote to them back left on the tree. Wishing I had recorded that moment on video… 🙂

  65. My favorite Christmas memory was when my dad was driving my brother and me to school only to come across a down telephone pole blocking the road. My dad turned the car around to head home and we ended up decorating our Christmas tree that day instead of going to school!

  66. Great cards and tags!! One of my favorite memories is after my first child was born. We put the Christmas tree up just a few months later, and I would rock him in front of the tree filled with joy knowing the best earthly gift I had ever received was in my arms, and the best gift ever was in my heart…Jesus!

  67. My best holiday memory is the year that my husband bought me a new sewing machine.
    It had zig-zag and a buttonhole maker – you know it was many years ago.
    Money was really tight but he managed to buy the machine and surprise me on
    Christmas Eve. I used that machine a lot. Still think about those days.
    thanks for sharing some great cards.

  68. Love Yainea's slider tag!! Gotta make that! My favorite holiday memory was my first Christmas with my hubby and his family, at our new apartment. We fit 8 people into a tiny little one bedroom apartment, filled with great dinner smells and a fresh tree, watched holiday movies, and played games all night. It was wonderful!

  69. My favorite holiday memory is the Christmas I was able to tell my family I was expecting a little one. I had a miscarriage earlier in the year, so it was extra special to be able to share that news at the holidays.

  70. Fabulous creations – Loving the look of all of these beauties! My favorite memory was the first time we had our grandkids decorate the tree – they did the entire tree when very young and they did an amazing job! It has become a family tradition – love it!!

  71. So many adorable ideas!! I love the unicorn gift tag 😊 I have to give this one a try. My favorite holiday memory would just be decorating our tree every year together.

  72. The alpaca is so cute! My favourite holiday memory is waking up early to see what Father Christmas had bought (we would leave pillow cases), repacking the presents and taking them to my older brother's room to compare with him and my younger brother, and then we'd all repack them again to take them and show off what we got to our parents!

  73. Oh so many lovely projects, hard to choose a favourite! One of my favourite holiday memories is when my hubby and I got stuck in Brussels for Christmas, whilst trying to get to my hometown in Poland. Initially i was devastated that we would have to spend Christmas away from both our families, and in a hotel… but Brussels turned out to be THE PLACE to be stuck for Christmas in, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there! I hope to never be stranded like this again (unless it's a planned holiday :-)) but this experience is something that the hubby and I will definitely talk about for years to come, and whilst it started with a disaster, it had quite a nice ending 🙂

  74. Thank you for a new inspiration week 🙂 Love them! My favorite holiday memory … every year, the great family dinner (cooked by our mum) is my favorite part/memory.

  75. I really loved these cards! My favorite holiday memory must be of my brother and I sneaking out of our beds early in the morning and sitting next to the dream and imagining all the great things Santa brought us. I appreciate the magic of it all more now that I am older.

  76. Our first Christmas together, we went to a tree farm and cut our Christmas tree. It was a wonderful day. I am in awe of that Sprinkled with Joy card.

  77. One of my favorite memories is when we had to find our Christmas tree in the dark. The kids had a blast roaming the fields at the tree farm trying to find the perfect tree with nothing but flashlights to guide us. I'm loving all of these great ideas for card and tags!

  78. Great bunch of adorable holiday creations from the team. My favourite holiday memory was when we unwrapped presents with my husband's family at his Oma and Opa's on Christmas Eve. We always had a huge crumpled wrapping paper ball fight (no snow in Australia at Christmas!)

  79. Such a beautiful projects, love the card by Elena! My favorite holiday memory is when my cat climbed out of the Christmas tree, and we couldn't get her down 🙂 She was so sweet.

  80. When I was growing up my Grandmother always cut shapes out of last year's Christmas cards and used them as tags on our presents… she always signed them from Mrs. Santa! I miss her even more during the holiday season but cherish the memories we made together.

  81. It was my freshman year in college, my grandma was dying of cancer & we all got snowed in my folks house! The power went out & we had to wear star headband lights to use the bathroom. If they were missing then the bathroom was in use! We played games & had a wonderful time together!

  82. My favorite memory is 1997, my daughter was born 5 days before Christmas. So the whole family all got together and had the best time ever! That was also my grandmomma's last Christmas.

  83. My favorite memory is going to midnight mass as a kid and then coming home for dinner and then presents. We were up until like 3 or 4 in the morning!!!

  84. Adorable cards and tags! My favorite Christmas memory is spending Christmas Day with my mom and dad when my kids and nieces and nephews were little. It was always so much fun watching the kids open all the presents they received from grandma and grandpa. My kids are adults now and my parents are gone, but I'll always cherish those memories.

    Watching as our nephew pulled all the gifts out of his huge gift bag, ignoring them, crawling inside the and using it is a cubby house – precioius and cute 🙂

  86. When I was a little girl, my mom and I would head to my grandparents house. Where there would be a huge tree filled with presents, but the kids would all have to wait and play up stairs while the finishing touches of a large breakfast was made!!!

  87. My favorite memories are putting the Christmas decorations up around the house. While the holiday decor been packed all year long and bring them out during the holidays puts a smile on my face. Each ornament, Santa decor, deer decor, and lights all have a story and meaning behind them. I want to pass this to my kids and show them the meaning of Christmas for them.

  88. I guess it's been trying to fall asleep the night before Christmas and then waking up Christmas morning bowing there is so much magic and exciting things coming during the day. I'm so happy you incorporate earlier sets too! This year my Christmas cards will all be Toboggan together. 🙂

  89. Hmmm…I have lots of wonderful Christmas memories, but the one that I'm thinking of now is when I was a child, about 50 yrs ago. My grandparents came to our house for the day. None of us had a lot of money, & my Grandpa was a jokester of sorts. He would use a big brown paper bag, like you get from the grocery store, fill it up with silly things, then put ribbon on it. He'd sit in the big chair to watch, & I recall his laughter would fill the room. Would love to hear it again!!!

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