Lawn Fawn Intro: Critter Concert, Little Music Notes

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2018 Inspiration and Release week! On May 17th our 11 new stamp sets and their coordinating dies and 20 new stand alone die sets will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Critter Concert and Little Music Notes! Sing a happy tune as you craft with these musical critters! This stamp set is great for birthdays, congratulations, or just-because cards… especially for the musicians or music lovers in your life! This new music note die set will add a fun “note to your project! Use alone or pair these Little Music Notes with Critter Concert to create some beautiful music!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elise got the Critter Concert band together to wish a happy birthday to someone special! I love how she added colorful party hats from Wild for You to the critters in this festive little gathering!

I love how Yainea added a beautiful feminine touch to her Critter Concert card with a pink background and pretty Spring Sprig greens and flowers! So lovely!

Audrey combined the cute critters with the Little Music Notes to create this gorgeous card! I love how dramatic the Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop looks when die cut with Black Licorice cardstock with a white layer below! So cool!

Kay‘s card is just so beautiful! I love how she added Really Rainbow paper along the borders for a colorful pop!

Latisha‘s watercolor card design is so adorable! I love these cute critters painted in unique pastel colors!

Elena added pretty layers to her Critter Concert card using Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop and the Shadow Box Card Ocean Add-On with a fun scalloped edge! I love how she framed the Little Music Notes! The cute little rabbit is from our Coaster Critters set!

Lizzy‘s cute trumpet-playing trio of bears are paper-pieced using our cardstock in Vanilla Malt, Paper Bag and Chocolate Bar! I just adore how she stamped the background with the musical instruments found in the Critter Concert set!

I love this sweet sentiment that Lizzy added to the inside of her adorable card!

I love how Lynnette colored these cute Critter Concert musicians! Her card is so fabulous with a background of papers from Watercolor Wishes and Perfectly Plaid Spring! She added extra fun by including the Little Music Notes!

Chari‘s playful design is framed with Little Music Notes and a new Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Frame! So adorable!

I love how Nicole used the tree stump from Forest Feast as a bandstand for the cute Critter Concert musicians! Little Music Notes look so pretty die cut from white cardstock as a subtle embellishment! This Reveal Wheel design is so special!

And now I have a video to introduce Critter Concert and Little Music Notes and show some fun ways to use these sets! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Critter Concert and Little Music Notes! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us ONE comment telling us your favorite musical instrument to play or listen to by May 16th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday May 14th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!



412 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Critter Concert, Little Music Notes

  1. So cute. CUUUTE! I played the clarinet when I was younger. My brother played the sax. Our music teacher made me learn the sax too so I could help my lazy brother who never practiced and wash messing up the band! Lol.

  2. I don’t play an instrument but I love the sound of the violin. This little Lawn Fawn band is too too cute!

  3. I attempted to learn piano when I was younger, but quit after I moved. Still one of my regrets to this day that I never fully learned to play. Music really moves me, and is therapeutic during times of stress or sadness for me. I love listening to all types of music and instruments; but my most favorite instruments are piano, flute, harp, and harmonica.

  4. I absolutely love Critter Concert–so cute and fun! I have a few favorite instruments including the flute, violin and cello.

  5. What an absolutely fabulous post full of cuteness and great design and gorgeous
    coloring! All those sweet critters are darling!
    I played the flute all through middle school (until the braces did me in!). And I love to
    hear one being played.

  6. Critter concert and the Little music notes sets are so adorable and they hit a chord in any music lover’s heart! Back in the day, I played clarinet but sadly had to quit in high school because of TMJ issues, however, we encouraged our sons to learn classical guitar and I love hearing them play! Fabulous projects by the design team!

  7. What beautiful cards and an excellent reveal to go with my birthday month. Played the accordion and organ in grade school.

  8. Adorable new set! These critters are so cute! My favorite instrument to listen to is the violin.

  9. These are adorable! I used to play organ and piano – hope my kids like music, as well, when they get bigger. I love listening to them sing!

  10. This set is so cute! I can’t play an instrument, but I like hearing trumpets. And I also love hearing my sister play on the piano

  11. This stamp set is so adorable! My husband and his family are very musical! I know they would love cards made with this set! I played flute when I was younger and I love listening to my husband play the guitar!

  12. This is such a fun set! Love the concept of a parade of animals.

    Favourite instrument to play is the ukulele. I got one for my birthday this year.

    Favourite instrument to listen to is the piano.

  13. 😍😍😍
    I really enjoy listening to the guitar and piano. I am not coordinated enough to actually play an instrument other than maybe a triangle!

  14. I love the piano, but my husband plays the guitar, so guitar of course! Lol This set is adorable! Why do all your stamps have to be so CUTE?!!!

  15. Love the musical notes! This set is way too cute! I don’t play an instrument, but I love the guitar and have always wanted to learn to play. When I was younger, I wanted to play the drums!

  16. another amazing set and love all the inspiration! I used to play alto, tenor and baritone saxophone in middle/high school band and also piano. But my favorite to listen to is piano.

  17. Don’t play but love to listen to any string instrument, love the soft sounds they make. I am in love with the music notes die

  18. The little Critter band is so cute! I love listening to the French horn. They always have the coolest riffs in band! Now that I’m out of school, I sometimes ‘go down the YouTube rabbit hole’ and end up watching DCI videos – which are like professional marching bands…on steroids! It’s insane what they can do.

  19. So so cute!!! Just drooling over all these adorable projects! Hmm…favourite instrument to listen to is the acoustic guitar.

  20. I love listening to the guitar! Whether it be classical guitar with the soothing, beautiful melodies, or electric guitars where you can get anything from a ballad to a hard core rock song!

  21. I used to play the flute. These days, I love listening to the piano. Super cute stamps and dies! These critters playing musical instruments are way too cute.

  22. My husband plays the bass and drums, so I really love to listen to those. This stamp set is so fun and cute.

  23. I LOVE listening to my daughter play saxophone, it puts me to sleep it’s so relaxing.
    This set will be PERFECT as I love to make little goodies for my daughter’s band. LOVE IT!!

  24. More must have stamps and dies!!! Love that inspiration!!! I played piano as a kid but I don’t play anything now I just prefer to listen to music instead.

  25. These little guys are just sooo cute! And love the musical theme. My favorite to listen to is the violin, but I used to play the piano a long time ago and trombone in high school…..long way from the violin!

  26. This set would be so perfect to go with the jingle bell penguins from Christmas! My favourite instrument to play is the clarinet, although it’s been years since I’ve played mine.

  27. Wowsers – you really have a great release going on this week! I am currently learning to play the fiddle – Irish style. And I have lots of grandchildren playing various instruments so this set is great!

  28. OMGosh…SO CUTE!!!!!!! My favorite instrument to listen to is whichever one my granddaughters are playing – they play a few 🙂 So this set is going to fit right in!

  29. Very cute stamp sets & ideas! My favorite instrument to listen to is the saxophone (followed closely by the piano)

  30. I played the flute for years in a youth symphony and loved it. I will also be in a minority here… But I LOVE listening to bagpipes!.

  31. Love this set and the dies. Definitely the first ones I’m buying. I like the trumpet, it’s what I played in school

  32. I learned to play two additional instruments in high school, but my first love was always the flute! I learned how to play in 4th grade. I took lessons and was in many different kinds of bands in high school. Haven’t played in a while, but maybe I’ll pick it up again!

  33. I love playing the piano but I adore listening to my daughters play the guitar! They are amazing.

  34. Love music, so can’t wait to buy this set and try and make a card as wonderful as those made by the design team!

  35. This set is so cute! My son played the clarinet and saxophone so I love listening to those instruments. I also love piano instrumental music

  36. I don’t play, but my favorite instrument to listen to is a harp or piano.
    Very cute, all those music playing critters and I loved the sweet story about how you all met.

  37. OMG!!! The best by far so far!!!The cards are so super cute!!!!
    My favorite instrument to play is the Fiddle, the the Violin then the Guitar, and last but not least the Organ. I love them all! Music has always played a very big part in my life and still does to this day!

  38. Love the stamp set. They are adorable. My favorite musical instrument(s) to listen to are flutes (Native American) and the violins (Celtic).

  39. Awesome creations! Love the new stamps!
    I am not musically inclined, so have never attempted to play an instrument! But my favorite to listen to is a guitar!

  40. Love these sets today! Amazing creations today! Never played an instrument but love to listen to music.

  41. Adore this set. My son played the piano 🎹 for ten years. Love to listen to him play. All grown up now miss those days but still enjoy piano tunes.

  42. I play the guitar.
    I love the stand alone musical notes! I don’t think I’ve ever seen dies like these.

  43. Aww they are so cute with their little nsturments 🙂 I like that there are some instrument stamps that you can give any other critter, so if someone has a favourite animal you can make them join the band for a card 🙂

    My favourite instrument (that i tried to learn but sadly I don’t have much time so I don’t really get good at it) is the guitar and because of that I’m a liiiittle bit sad that in the stamp set is no guitar. that would also have been great to stamp backgrounds if it was an single instrument-stamp. But I understand that it’s dififcult to adapt with the critters and other stamps

  44. Sooo cute! I finally got my grandparents tickets to the new years concert in Vienna this year (for their 60th wedding anniversary). So I will be making a card for them with these cuties!

    Also, I love the clarinet!

  45. Super cute today! I’m not a big music person. I listen to Christian music in my car. I guess I like them all.

  46. I love listening to instrumental music. I’ll choose a different instrument, the ocarina. It is wonderful to relax to.

  47. Wow! Adorable and fun new products and amazing inspiration projects. So cool that music has a special place in Lawn Fawn’s history and these products commemorate that. I played the flute when I was young.

  48. Sweet critter band…just too darn cute. Drums at a Foo Fighter’s concert is my favorite instrument to listen too.

  49. Such cute little critters! I played the trumpet in school, but once marching band started, I quit because the uniform was too much for me.

  50. aww! i wish there was a piano in this set! it’s my jam! still excited for these stamps though! 🙂

  51. Many years ago I took piano lessons. Did OK, I guess.
    Found the dulcimer and learned to play it. Need to
    get it out and tune it up. Love the band. So cute.
    thanks for sharing

  52. ooooh this is bound to be one of my favorite set ! it’s going to be so useful ! all instruments have beauty and magic but to me, violin really takes it all.

  53. Oh my gosh – these sets are SO cute! The designers really outdid themselves, too. I was a vocal performance major in college and loved to sing (my voice is so out of shape now that I struggle to sing). I love music – I think it can be very healing. I played a number of instruments when I was younger but always wished I had learned to play guitar and piano, my two favorite instruments. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  54. The critters are so cute!! I don’t have a musical bone in my body ( unless I’m singing in the car, then I’m awesome) but I love a good guitar riff!

  55. So happy to have a musical set of Lawn Fawn critters! I play violin, viola, flute clarinet and sax, and dabble on the guitar and piano. I LOVE listening to cello music, and wan saw Yo Yo Ma in concert (amazing!)

  56. Yay! Love these sets, as my kids are/were both band kids, and music is a part of our daily lives. Back in the day, I played flute, and now my daughter plays it. My son played trumpet and I love the brassy sound. My favorites to listen to are probably piano – maybe French horn and the cello too (sounds closest to the tenor of the human voice). Thanks for these awesome projects – and thanks for these musical sets!

  57. My favorite instrument is an organ. Alas, after 47 years, mine died last year. I am now learning the complexities of a synthesizer workstation. It is flashy, but I miss my organ. I’d love to see a stamp of a lion playing the guitar and a monkey on the piano and an octopus on the drums.

  58. I have zero musical talent but I love music of any kind and I know a cute set when I see one and Critter Concert is adorable.

  59. I play the piano, sister plays flute and piano, son plays guitar and sang in choir, niece plays harp and piano, nephew plays drums and my youngest niece plays flute. We love music! Can’t wait for this set!

  60. These stamps are just so adorable! My favorite musical instrument is the piano. I used to play it when I was young.

  61. How cute are they! I love the notes with the animals. I just loved the video. That really helped with some awesome ideas, and showed off the products really well!
    For my favourite that’s hard to decide! But I think trumpet.

  62. I played the clarinet in high school and the organ when I was even younger. Love the release.

  63. I absolutely love this! My favorite instrument is the french horn. I have been playing it for the past 37 years. You can’t imagine how excited I was to see the horn. Love it!!!!

  64. Absolutely adorable!!! Who would ever think to put woodland creatures and musical instruments together??!! Only Lawn Fawn, that’s why we all love everything you do!!!

  65. Love this set! My husband is a HS Band Director, so I NEED this set! I love to listen to the piano and harp.

  66. There’s a whole lot of cuteness going on! I enjoy listening to piano music and can play a teeny tiny bit.

  67. Another adorable set, and those music note dies are awesome! I love listening to the piano (played well). I played for a while as a child and lost interest because I preferred art and writing over piano lessons. My parents were furious. A few years ago, I encouraged my mother to try cardmaking with me, and she loves it, so I think she’s forgiven me for spurning the piano lessons. 😀

  68. What an adorable set! I love seeing the critters playing instruments. My favorite instrument to play is the flute, like Mr. Racoon! It’s been a while, but I played for about 12 years.

  69. These cards are just amazing !! And I really can’t pick ONE instrument appart from the others. I love music, the whole of it, the harmony resulting of an orchestra.

  70. This is so cute and all the ideas are amazing! I love music but I never played any instrument I tried a couple times but I didn’t succeed lol

  71. I played the clarinet for a while as a kid and now I sometimes try to play the ukulele a bit (I rocked some Christmas carols, LOL!). My oldest plays the cello and I’m now a huge fan of the 2 Cellos.

  72. Oh my goodness how precious is this set!!! I played the violin growing up so that little owl is my favorite 🙂

  73. This is too cute and I love the story behind the set! I don’t have a musical bone in my body, but I love the strings. Cello and violin. <3 so delightful.

  74. I love listening to my husband play the guitar so I think Critter Concert will find it’s way to my house : )

  75. I am soooo excited for these sets!!! I can’t choose a favorite instrument to play, there are too many that are so much fun. My main focus was always low brass and percussion though.

  76. I don’t play, but always wanted to learn how to play guitar. It’s my favorite instrument to listen to.

  77. Such a cute set – especially love the bear playing the trumpet! I played piano when I was young, but that was because my parents are Asian and most Asian kids I knew had to play the piano! LOL!

  78. Love that polka dot backdrop! We have all kinds of instruments in our home…a piano, a trumpet, a dulcimer, guitars, clarinet, saxophone. We can appreciate it all!

  79. Awww, I really love these little musicians💕 I played the piano as a kid & I loved it, but I was never confident enough to pursue it outside of lessons & I haven’t touched one in over 30 years. It is still my favorite instrument though & the one I love to listen to the most! Can’t tell you how many Billy Joel concerts I attended as a teenager & in my early 20’s😄

  80. What an adorable set!! Although I played clarinet, I have always loved listening to piano music. This release is just fantastic!

  81. I played the Trombone in middle school, but really wanted to learn the Cello. I love the sound of a Cello and had the music from the groups Two Cellos and Piano Guys playing at my wedding!

  82. these all look so incredible! my favorite instrument to play is the violin but to listen too definitely the voice – so many people make incredible music with just that!

  83. Such an adorable stamp set..i learned how to play the violin for 6 years whilst at school..but my most favourite instruments to listen to are the piano and guitar

  84. I used to play the saxophone, so I guess I am still partial to it. But I love to listen to nice piano music, or acoustic guitar. Such a fun set!

  85. Ooh this is my favourite set from this release! It’s so cute!
    My daughter plays violin and I love listening to her.
    Her favourite animal is an owl too so I’ve just GOT to have this set 🙂
    I have my fingers crossed

  86. I started to play the piano at age 3. Half century later, I still love the sound of piano. <3 This set is a must to have!

  87. This is the set I have waited my whole life for!!! I was nearly a career band geek!! And I’m a total groupie of anyone still in the game. My all time favorite instrument would be the flugelhorn. 😍😍😍

  88. I absolutely love this set!!! It is so cute! This fits in perfectly with my family, as we all play instruments. My favorite instruments to play are the viola and most percussion instruments. 🙂

  89. Favorite instrument…. well I used to play the alto saxophone, but I like the sound of string instruments more (violin, cello, etc). I have several musicians (including a pianist) in the family so I think they will enjoy this set!

  90. These are so cute!!! I am in band so these would be such cute cards to give to my friends who play these instruments!! I can’t wait for these to be released!!

  91. I have played the trumpet since high school and I still love it. I also love listening to other more talented musicians playing their trumpets.

  92. I think my favorite instrument to listen to is the cello, especially in some of my favorite Beatles songs! I love the Critter Concert set – I have so many band concert pics of my grandsons, can’t wait to use this set on some scrapbook pages!

  93. My favorite instruments are stringed instruments of all sorts and all types of flutes. I especially love the shakuhachi, a Japanese flute which sounds hauntingly beautiful. These little critters are all so cuuuuute! The design team came up with so many charming samples to admire. Thank you.

  94. I played the flute in Junior and High School. I love listening to my daughter play the piano.

    Such a fun set!!

  95. This is such a fantastic set.. I love it so much. Hopefully we see more instruments and animals entered to this range over time so we can have an entire concert band on our cards 🙂

  96. Such cuteness! I am not very musical but I did (barely) play the flute for a year in elementary school!

  97. I used to play the glockenspiel and the electric guitar when I was a kid.
    But my favorite instrument to listen to is the violin… I wish I could play!

  98. My favorite instruments to play are the bassoon and alto saxophone.
    My favorite instruments to listen to are the cello and mandolin.

  99. Adorable! I don’t play instruments but love listening to piano, flute, and saxophone. Just a sweet stampset.

  100. Oh my this is the most adorable stamp set. The design team did an amazing job inspiring us.
    I love to listen to a guitar, banjo and fiddle …wish I could play any of them.

  101. I love these critters! I have music friends who would loove to get a music themed card! My favorite instrument to listen to… probably is a guitar, particularly Spanish guitar. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  102. I don’t play an instrument although I took bagpipe lessons when I was a lot younger. I love the sound of steel drums.

  103. My favorite musical instrument to listen to (because I’m completely tone deaf!) is the violin.
    I love today’s release! All the lil animals playing + the bird as the conductor is SO cute! ❤

  104. Oh my gosh! I have to get these sets! I love listening to my daughter play on the drums. She is the drummer for her elementary school band!

  105. These little musicians are adorable!!! Love the fun sentiments, too! I only play the piano, which I also love to listen to as my mom, aunt, grandfather-in-law and brother-in-law are all very, very good pianists. But really, any instrument played well is beautiful to hear.

  106. Love love LOVE this darling set! Cutest band members I’ve ever seen ♥

    Favorite instrument….I don’t play any, but it’s a toss-up. Love the Saxophone, Piano, and Guitar (acoustic).

  107. I have no musical talent whatsoever. My daughter plays several instruments including one of my favorites the cello.

  108. I love the musical theme today. I used to play the violin. I love to listen to someone who can play the violin very well.

  109. What a darling set and awesome dies! I can’t wait to use these music notes on some scrapbook pages. I used to play the piano and now I love listening to classic guitar.

  110. Love the musical critters! My daughter is the musical one in the family and I can see all sorts of cards in her future with this ser. 🙂

  111. I love playing the piano! But, I love hearing my son play the piano and organ! And, I have a wonderful friend who plays the flute! I love all instruments and so many talented musicians at my church! This stamp set is a must have…so fun and cute! The DT designed fab projects with awesome inspiration! Thank you!!

  112. I’m a BIG music person. I was in choir growing up, and singing is my thing. Never learned an instrument, but if I had to pick only one I think it would be the piano.

  113. Love these little critters!!! I played the clarinet when I was younger so I’ll pick that as my favorite instrument 🙂

  114. Can’t play myself, but just love guitars. So wanted one when I was a teenager.
    lovely card by the Design Team!!

  115. Another home run on a new stamp design!! Love these 🙂 I love the piano … I wish I could play it. Definitely on my bucket list to learn how, and have a baby grand piano in my house! Just gotta make it happen! But it would leave less time for crafting, so there is a downside, tee hee.

  116. So cute!! As a former band geek(middle school to college) I love this set, especially the raccoon playing the flute since that is what I played. Plus this set will be perfect to send cards to all of my band director friends! 🙂

  117. This is great for all those music teachers out there! It’s going on my list, especially love the owl playing the flute. Actually all the critters with instruments are adorable.

  118. These critters are adorable!! I don’t play an instrument but I love listening to the piano or guitar.

  119. I am a high school music teacher, violinist and orchestral player and this set warms my heart!! It means so much to see the instruments being held on the correct sides and the notes drawn correctly 🙂 thank you 🙂

  120. Wooooow, love these! The cute images are absolutely fantastic, love these musical critters. And the inspiration from your design team is, as usual, spot on! The instrument I could listen to over and over again is the saxophone! 🙂 I myself play the piano, however 😉

  121. Love the music idea! The concert critters are so cute! I played the clarinet for many years so I like music that features woodwinds.

  122. Oh my GOSH I love the little birdie conductor!!! This stamp set is so adorable!!

    My oldest is in her HS band and they have a concert tomorrow! Love watching them all play – she’s my fave of course! Plays the Marimba and looks adorable pushing that heavy thing around :):)

  123. This set is adorable! My future son in law is a musical director and I’m already planning some cards for him. I love hearing the piano.

  124. This will be a great stamp collection to have for cards for my neice who is now a music teacher.

  125. I played the piano as a child. I still have the piano but I don’t play very often. I think I need lessons again. HA! This is a great set to use for people that are musically inclined. Love it!

  126. I have a very musical family, so this set is going to get a lot of use!
    I think my favourite instrument to listen to is the violin… I play the piano, though, so that would be a close second!

  127. Oh this stamp set hits just the right note! So cute and musical! My favorite instrument to listen to is the maracas, it always sounds like a party has just begun and it is time to get up and dance!

  128. Oh this is just fantastic. My family plays music, my husband the bass guitar and piano, my children play piano, guitar, and drums. We have a lot of music in our house, and my kids are in a band. My favorite instrument….that’s difficult because they are all lovely together. But I do love a wonderful saxophone!!!

  129. I love playing my clarinet – I love playing jazz on it (I love playing jazz on my saxophone to but the clarinet is smoother) – but I love listening to my husband play guitar – I could listen to him all day 🙂

  130. Wow!! These projects are amazing!!! The design team has outdone themselves!!
    How can I pick just one instrument? If i have to pick just one, I think it would be a guitar because of the various types and kinds of guitars, you can create so many different sounds… I also love the sound of a saxaphone. Just something about that sound. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  131. So stinkin cute!! I currently don’t play instruments, but have in my past. I have enjoyed my children in concert growing up and hope they continue to appreciate music. I absolutely love to hear the string instruments and piano especially at Christmas time…there’s nothing that puts you more in the Christmas mood than listening to that!

  132. Loving these critter concert Stamps and music notes. These will make the perfect thank you card for sons music teacher – my son graduates this year and has ha the same teacher for 6 years – his teacher is awesome! Can’t wait to get these. Thank you so much for the inspiration. X

  133. I love all of these. I was in band from elementary to high school. I played the viola for one year, then the clarinet, bass clarinet, contra bass clarinet, alto sax, bass drum, quads, snare drum, electric bass (in jazz band), and a little piano (self taught). I love musical instruments and loved to play. It’s a shame I stopped after graduation.

  134. The only thing I can pretend to play is the piano. I was always in choir, never learned an instruments.

  135. The guitar is my favorite one I can actually play (Sort of) 🙂 I love listening to my daughter play her violin though!

  136. This set is perfect for music nerds like me! 🙂 I grew up playing the piano, clarinet, and alto saxophone and singing pretty much all the time, and I just adore these fun musically-talented critters! 🙂 My fav music instrument to play is probably the ukelele (mostly since we bought one after our Hawaii trip in 2016!) – although I’m definitely still learning to play! 🙂

  137. I love, love, love this set! Can’t wait! I love to listen to everything but maybe guitar best.

  138. Oh my goodness!! I love the critters with the instruments! Several of my nieces and nephews are in band and I can’t wait to start making and sending them cards with the critters playing instruments for different concerts and other fun occasions!

  139. I played French horn in high school, but now play piano pretty much exclusively. Love this set!! It’s a must-have.

  140. Adorable projects!! The Design Team went all out, love them all! Love playing and listening to the piano.

  141. This set (and what look like accompanying die sets?) is on my MUST HAVE list!!! Love the use of the pop up die too to show a long scene of musicians!

  142. Super-cute! Full of admiration for anyone who can play any instrument. I dabbled with piano, and violin but never mastered either!

  143. Super cute set! My favorite instrument to listen to (since I can’t play any to save my life) is the guitar!

  144. Soooo cute! I was never good at playing instruments but to listen it has to be the guitar and Kenny G on the saxophone!

  145. OMG! These Critter Notes are SOOO CUTE! Adorable! I love to play the bongos! I also love to listen to Calypso music, with the steel drums and those instruments carved out of wood. It always puts me in a good mood!

  146. I love all Music I played the Alto- Sax for 9 years and also played Flute and Trumpet. I played in elementary, middle school, and high school. I was also in marching band lol. It was a way of life for a long time. I miss it sometimes but now my kids are interested in playing in band and that makes me so happy.

  147. Super cute! I only learned piano which I didn’t really like- although if I had been taught in a more kid appropriate way, I probably would still know how to play. I love listening to orchestra instruments – nothing can beat that sound.

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