Karolina’s Piano Keys Card

Today we are featuring a brilliant Critter Concert card by Karolina! She created piano keys using our soon-to-be released black glitter cardstock that’s part of our Autumn pack, and it looks so cool!

For some extra fun, Karolina added gold embossing powder to the French horn and silver powder to the flute. When heat-set it creates texture and a bit of shine to the instruments! She used our new Embossing Ink Pen to color over where she wanted the embossing powder to stick, it will be released on August 23rd!

The white keys were created by adding lines with a permanent marker to white cardstock. The black glitter cardstock adds lots of sparkle to this clever card design!

Thank you for sharing this creative card design with us today, Karolina! It’s such a fun idea!


So happy for your visit! Have an amazing day!


8 thoughts on “Karolina’s Piano Keys Card

  1. I love the idea of the piano keys on the card! And that the sentiment is curled like it is sung (i bet that was the intention) it gets so well together witth the whole look and theme of the card! The only thing that bothers me is the golen instrumet, Maybe it looks better (with the black lines) if you stamp it on golden paper and cut it out or stanp it black and color with gold paint. But maybe It’s just me that it bothers me 😮
    This card is so cute!

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