Hero Arts 45th Anniversary Blog Hop

We are so excited to join our wonderful friends at Hero Arts to celebrate their 45th anniversary! Congratulations to Aaron and the Hero Arts team! Thank you all so much for all you do for this creative, crafty community!

We are happy to hop to with so many friends today, you can find today’s full hop list below. This is the third day of the 3 day hop so if you’ve missed the first two days check out the Hero Arts blog for all the hop stops!

We’ve asked two of our long-time Fawnies, Ivy and Nancy, who met in the Hero Arts Flickr group many years ago, to share their creativity and memories with you! And be sure to read all about the the special blog hop giveaways at the end of this post!

Ivy used the Hang in There Potted Plants set from Hero Arts to create a beautiful card to celebrate a new home! She combined the water-colored plants with papers from Spring Fling and Spiffy Speckles!

“I don’t remember how I stumbled onto the Hero Arts blog back in 2008. Am I glad I did! I have met many good friends over the years through the Hero Arts Flickr group! There are some virtual crafty friends that I’ve never met but have gotten to know very well, and many that I have met in real life. Some even local!
Hero Arts is a constant place for inspiration and support! I have learned so much about stamping and I am so glad to be a part of this stamping community. ” Ivy

Ivy shared a peek at her “vintage” Hero Arts wood mount stamp sets on Instagram!

Nancy’s card features old and new Hero Arts sets! She used Teacup Flowers to make the pretty flower arrangement to coordinate with the Spring Fling paper. Then she added a bit of whimsy to the teacup with letters from the 1998 set of Serendipity Letters and Numbers!

“I had the great pleasure to meet so many wonderful friends and learn so much about cardmaking and stamping while participating in all the fun at the Hero Arts Flickr group! Connecting with crafty friends, sharing ideas and comments was part of the fun that Hero Arts sponsored! I’m so happy to share in this blog hop to celebrate 45 amazing years with the wonderful people at Hero Arts!” Nancy

“This is my first Hero Arts stamp! I bought it sometime in the late 1980s to stamp in all of my boys’ books! Unfortunately, after it was loaned to a friend, it never found its way back to me, but hopefully this adorable Teddy Bear Bookplate is still being stamped in little kid’s books!” Nancy

I absolutely love hearing about Nancy and Ivy’s Hero Arts stories. I also met so many wonderful crafty friends in the Hero Arts Flickr group, and I am so grateful to the creative and kind community Hero has created!

Now let’s get to the giveaway! We love all these awesome sponsors!

Winners will be drawn from people who leave comments along the blog hop over the three days – comment all three days for more chances to win! Comment by Sunday, June 2 at 11:59pm PST, and the winners be announced on the Hero Arts blog the following week. Here’s a list of the prizes for this celebration!

Now it’s time to send you off to your next stop on this special hop! Have fun visiting all these talented crafters!

Hero Arts
Amy Tsuruta
Art Impressions
Cathy Zielske
Debby Hughes
Gina K Designs
Jenn Shurkus
Jennifer McGuire
Kristina Werner
Lawn Fawn
Lisa Stein
Megan Hoeppner
Sandy Allnock
Simon Says Stamp
Tasnim Ahmed
Wanda Guess

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350 thoughts on “Hero Arts 45th Anniversary Blog Hop

  1. Lawn Fawn, you paired the Hero Arts “Teacup Flowers” perfectly with “Spring Fling” paper from your own collection.

  2. I love your wonderful cards. They are really beautiful. Thank you for sponsoring this fabulous blog hop for Hero Arts. Both of you are spectacular names in the stamp industry.

  3. It’s so sweet reading these Hero stories! And I love seeing the vintage stamps. (Sad about the bear, though.) Your cards are gorgeous, girls. It’s a treat to be hopping with you today! XO!

  4. I’m so glad to see stamp companies coming together and sharing HA’s success it’s so heart warming❤❤

  5. Love what you shared! BTW, I also purchased the Hero Arts teddy bear/book stamp and still have it. I used it for the books in my classroom lending library. 😊

  6. I absolutely love the potted plants stamp set. All my windows are overflowing with potted plants, so the stamps just fell like home to me.
    Oh my goodness, if I had the Hang In There and Teacup Blooms, I’d be making so many cards.
    My favourite thing about the potted plants is that they can really be used as a more masculine card, whereas most floral/plants are more feminine.
    Love the designs you’ve posted.

  7. That spring time paper is so cheerful and happy even brightens any stamps and stories! It is a good day to share.

  8. Fantastic cards! I had that very same bear stamp – also was one of my first stamp purchases years ago. 😀

  9. How sweet! I love the floral cup! Thanks so much for supporting Hero Arts, it’s wonderful to see companies come together as opposed to competing with each other!

  10. Seriously am in love with the teacup flower card! My eyes literally popped out of my head – gorgeous!

  11. I have some Hero Arts older stamps as well and having recently got the scan and cut, have found new uses for many of them! Love the pairings of both Lawn Fawn and other companies!

  12. Such inspiration and love seeing all the older stamps. Love the cup of flowers! Paired with the Lawn Fawn paper, how beautiful. (Ps, love you Lawn Fawn)

  13. Beautiful cards, I love the Hero Arts teacup flowers and the paper choice to go with it. Lawn Fawn and Hero Arts, 2 of my favorites!

  14. Love the cup of flowers. Everything must be perfect to have a busy bunch of flowers look good on a busy background and this IS perfection.

  15. Happy anniversary Hero Arts, may there be many more. Thank Lawn Fawn for being supporting Hero Arts. Love the tea cup too, its something I could use for years. Thanks for sharing your old stamps and designs.

  16. I remember the little bear w/ the book stamp. I think it is so wonderful the way so many companies are coming together to celebrate Hero Arts.

  17. HA Hero Arts! I love the cards above and how it’s great when you can combine products from different companies and come up with even greater designs!

  18. I love seeing the small boxed sets of Hero Arts stamps. The birds, the hearts and the trees are still in my collection.
    That was before I had Copics. Now we can give them a whole new look.

  19. I loved the cards but it was even more special to see how much Hero Arts products have been treasured over the years!

  20. I love seeing cards that combine products from different companies. We buy from them all so why not use them all!

  21. I LOVE the paper you used in the background. I guess I need to buy some. The speckles in the background of the plants is wonderful. I never would have thought to do that. It is just perfect

  22. What sweet cards! The teacup and flowers are just darling! I hope your teddy bear bookplate finds its way back to you after this post! I bought my first HA stamp back in the 1990s and still have that one along with every other one I’ve purchased since then. The images are timeless!

  23. It’s so interesting to see these cards because they have a lawn fawn feel but slightly different style. It’s the perfect mesh! Very beautiful 🙂

  24. Such beautiful creations with these beautiful stamps and products! Love the pretty colors and wonderful designs.
    Thank you so much for the inspiration and for a chance to win!

  25. A cheerful floral card that put a smile on my face. Lovely to see a card using old stamps and new paper. This has inspired me to look at my older stamps and see what I can do by combining them with new stuff such as dies or paper.

  26. Thank you Ivy & Nancy for sharing your vintage HERO Arts stamps. Love hearing how this company has brought so many people together to form a great community of crafters.

  27. WOW! What fun it is seeing one of my very favorite stamp and die companies celebrating Hero Arts (the company that got so many of us started on this wonderful journey). Thank you for reminding me of some of the adorable stamps I have and giving me new creative uses for them.

  28. Loved hearing the Hero Arts back stories from Ivy and Nancy. My first Hero Arts stamp was a bear too! I really like the pots and plants on the LF papers! Great cards!

  29. These are some adorable cards! Its’ amazing that you can gain longtime friends and inspiration in such an amazing community. I feel like Hero Arts has paved the way for all other stamping companies. Hero Arts and Lawn Fawn are 2 amazing companies that I am proud to support!

  30. I still have the very first Hero Arts stamp I ever bought as a teenager – which was about 40 years ago! It too was a teddy bear!!! That bloom card is beautiful. Thanks for the memory!

  31. Love Lawn Fawn! Thanks for participating in Hero Arts Anniversary blog and supporting other stamp companies!

  32. Wow, I really love how Lawn Fawn is supporting a competitor stamp company. I love this stamping community!
    Your cards are a lovely!

  33. These cards are wonderful. I wish I had the inspiration from Ivy’s card a couple weeks ago when I was working on a welcome card for a new neighbor. Nancy’s teacup card would have been perfect too. Thanks for sharing!

  34. Super fun cards and I too love Hero Arts, they were my very first stamp purchase many years ago 🙂

  35. The teacup card is fantastic! I love the colorful and cheerful feel of it. Congrats to Hero Arts on 45 years and thank you to Lawn Fawn for supporting them!

  36. OH, I think I need the teacup flower stamps! Love the bright and cheerful flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Loved the shared stories from stampers. Beautiful stamp set with a beautiful result. Thanks for sharing your talents and this awesome giveaway.

  38. I do love your creations. I am new at this and learning so much in this blog hop that I am almost overwhelmed. Thank you

  39. So cool how Hero Arts has helped us all become creative. Thanks for sharing pictures of your early Hero Arts stamps and your creative cards!

  40. Both of your cards are wonderful! It is so great to see so many of the companies in the stamping community getting together to celebrate Hero Arts 45th Birthday.

  41. Great cards!! I’m loving Lawn Fawn interactive dies these days. Thanks for being on this hop!! Congrats Hero Arts on 45 years of making great stamps!!

  42. Hi! I just heard about Hero products by watching videos about Lawn Fawn. Lol I am really wanting to try some of their products because I e heard good things about them!❤️

  43. Amazing cards. Thanks for the stories and the inspirations! Maybe you can find that lil bear stamp on ebay and get one back or better yet, maybe Hero Arts will bring him back.

  44. The only time I ever purchase patterned paper is with a kit. When I do, I LOVE it! Your teacup card is so sweet!! Thank you for sharing. It has been so much fun hearing everyone’s Hero Arts stories.

  45. What a joy to see Ivy’s and Nancy’s cards today! They are a sweet pairing of old and new, and of Lawn Fawn and Hero Arts! I’m so glad to be a part of this fantastic community of card makers! Here’s to another 45 years! (do you think I used enough exclamation points?????)

  46. Love the stories from both designers! I’ve always thought that Hero Arts and Lawn Fawn products “play” well together.

  47. Beautiful cards and memories! I love that both Nancy and Ivy combined Hero Arts stamps with LF products!

  48. Good use of these stamp sets & sweet cards. I love the bear stamp that you loaned out. So very sweet. Thanks.

  49. Both cards are so beautiful! Thank you Ivy and Nancy for the wonderful inspiration as well as some of your crafting memories and shots of your classic stamp sets!

  50. So fun to hear how people met through Hero Arts & the fun, collaborative community Hero Arts supports. Love both cards & how they combine products from Hero Arts & Lawn Fawn to create such fun cards!

  51. So many bright ideas. Love the bird stamps. Time to go into my wood stamps and revitalize what I used to use in the beginning!

  52. That Happy Birthday set on wood gets so much use in my craft room. And those hearts as well. Love today’s cards -fun and so much color!

  53. Plants and flowers in bloom right now are filling my heart after a long winter. I love my indoor plants and plant stamps too! tfs your ideas.

  54. When companies like yours support and celebrate other companies in the crafting community I’m reminded of Miracle on 34th St. when Macy’s Santa sent customers to Gimbels. To reference another Christmas movie, it makes my heart grow three sizes today.

  55. Lovely cards! Really like all the colors in the flower bouquet and how they pop off the page. Very pretty!

  56. Beautiful cards! Some of these companies I have not heard of and/or been on their sites, so Thank You for giving me a look at your sponsors.

  57. I usually steer clear of using patterned paper but you have inspired me to try using it as a background

  58. Beautiful work and I am more in awe of the support this community shares with each other. Great work by all.

  59. Aw, that is a shame about the stamp-it is cutie! I can see why you liked it for your kid’s books.
    Fun cards. The moving one made me smile because that is exactly what so many of us do-we bring people a plant when they move in. The flowers in the cup really tie into the DP.
    Thanks for sharing your memories.

  60. Beautiful! Love that you paired your own product with Hero Arts! Thanks for participating in the blog hop and giving us a chance to win prizes!

  61. Beautiful cards. But more impressed with the support from Lawn Fawn to Hero Arts, makes my heart happy

  62. Hero Arts created beautiful products and at the same time a whole community of friends for life ..luv your cards and stories.

  63. Awe Lawnfawn, I love your cards and your products too. Thanks for partnering up with Hero Arts to celebrate their 45th Birthday ❤️I

  64. I thought I was the only one who still had the Hero Arts Serendipity alphabet and number set!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful cards of old and new!

  65. Wonderful cards! Love the flowers in the teacup especially.
    This is a fantastic celebration for Hero Arts and all the contributing companies.

  66. Two beautiful cards !
    Thank you for sharing your Hero-Arts-stories.
    I hope the bear has fiound a lovely warm new home somewhere…
    Thank you LawnFawn for sponsoring this amazing blog hop !

  67. Thanks for sharing the old hero arts stamps…. I have older ones… HA! Happy 45 Anniversary hero arts!

  68. Thanks so much for sponsoring such a wonderfully inspiring hop!!
    Ivy and Nancy’s cards are so beautiful.

  69. Nice cards. By the way they should make more of those “This book belongs to…” stamps.

  70. Love these cards and that you are sponsoring this hop along with many other companies! Happy Anniversary, Hero Arts!

  71. Wonderful job with these fun, bright, happy cards. Love them all, and love the older stamps. Waiting for the catalogue so I can do my own surfing with real pics. Not sure what I’ll end up with, but I know I will love them all. Thanks for a job well done, and it’s fun hopping with everyone who is supporting Hero Arts in their 45th year.

  72. Beautiful cards, ladies. I really like the teacup and flowers stamps. Thanks for sharing your talents with us and thanks Lawn Fawn for being a sponsor.

  73. Love these cards using old and new stamps from Hero Arts and paired with products from another company. It’s so refreshing to see people and companies work together for the good of the industry. I think Hero Arts has been very influential in creating that atmosphere and I’m certain it’s helped them reach this magnificent 45 years. Those of us who craft are the beneficiaries of this and thanks to Hero Arts and to you and the other companies who share this philosophy! 🙂

  74. I love cards with patterned paper and this is terrific! I love how you used the pattern paper for inspiration for the colors on your card. I can use your wonderful idea for making many similar cards from my stash – many Hero Arts stamps I already own will definitely work for this!

  75. I need to go through the box of individual stamps.
    After stamping for 15 years, I’m sure a lot of Hero
    Arts stamps are in that box. Love the hanging
    planter. thanks for sharing.

  76. I have many vintage HA stamps, I had to remove them from the blocks because my hands have trouble holding things. Great cards!

  77. Love those potted plants and your use of patterned paper for the frame is wonderful. I have lots of patterned paper and I never think of using it. Your projects have inspired me to dig it out and get creative! Thanks for the inspiration. Beautiful cards.

  78. Happy 45th anniversary to Hero Arts! Great product and great company!
    Such a cute design and coloring – thanks for sharing!

  79. Wonderful cards and great ideas. I do have several of the smaller wooden Hero Arts set. Even though I prefer the cling these days, I still hang on to some of my older blocks

  80. I’ve been stamping a long time, and have owned many of those vintage stamps. Love your cards!

  81. Love how you matched the flowers to the paper. I still have my “this book belongs to” stamp even though the kiddos are all grown!

  82. Hi. Those pot plants on Ivy’s card are just the cutest – my mum would love a card decorated with those! I love the way those flowers are coloured and perfectly arranged on Nancy’s card. Both cards are making me want to buy those sets 🙂

  83. Love all the inspiration! Your cards are fabulous. Thanks for sharing them with us in the hop. 😀

  84. It’s so great to see crafting companies support one another! Happy Anniversary to Hero Arts – thanks for sharing these fun projects!

  85. A stamp can never get old right? It’s what you do with it and your cards are beautiful! The spring floral papers are adorable too!

  86. Hero Arts and Lawn Fawn are two of my favorite companies so I am loving this! I still have some of my old wood mounted Hero Arts stamps, and now my grandkids use them too!

  87. IT’s great to see all these old wooden stamps and interesting stories. And I’m glad that we have this companies.

  88. I love your “happy new home” card! So sweet and perfect for a housewarming with those cute plants! <3
    Congrats to HeroArts on 45 impressive years in the biz!

  89. Lawn Fawn and Hero Arts, what a winning combination! I really love the card with the potted plants on that spiffy speckles paper. So sweet.

  90. What a cute cup-full-of-flowers card!
    And I loved the photo of the vintage Hero Arts stamps! Can’t believe it’s 45 years! Congrats to them.

  91. Lovely cards. I love all those flowers in the teacup. This is a good stamp set to have. I want it. Thanks …

  92. Wonderful and happy cards, thanks for sharing!! Love these collaborations! Such a bummer about your teddy bear stamp!

  93. These cards are so bright and cheery! The hanging plants and the teacup filled with beautiful blooms are just beautful! I love how the craft companies all support one another and share their creative ideas! Happy 45th Anniversary, Hero Arts! I have always loved your amazing products!

  94. I’m so happy that I still have all of my “vintage” Hero Arts Stamps. You see, that’s why I don’t lend my stuff out. People will never take care of my things as well as I will. Sorry.

  95. Sweet sweet sweet contributions and I LUV the bouquets. But I would track down the lendee of that teddy bear book label stamp and GET IT BACK!

  96. Great cards, and I truly love that stamping companies cheer on each other. 45 years is amazing! I remember buying Hero Arts stamps back in the 1980s. I love that they are still around and still true to stamping!

  97. Super cute card ideas! Congrats Hero Arts on 45 years! Thanks for letting us share in the celebration!

  98. Love the plants and flowers. Good combinations and pretty color combos. It is so nice that the different companies are so friendly and share ideas.

  99. It’s so great to see stamp companies collaborating with each other instead of competing. We should have more companies like you guys!

  100. Great cards ladies….I am so enjoying all of the great images of the past stamps and sets from Hero Arts. Classics!!! This has been such a special blog hop to be enjoying. Not just super fantastic prizes….but the amount of talent ….and the wonderful stories…that is what I have enjoyed the most.
    Happy 45th Hero Arts!

  101. Happy Anniversary to Hero Arts. I still have some of their wood mounted stamps. I love seeing them combined with that pretty Lawn Fawn paper!

  102. Both cards are so pretty and Springlike. Just love that Spring Fling paper. Sorry to hear you lost your Bear stamp. Thanks, Lawn Fawn for participating in the Blog Hop!

  103. I love Nancy’s card!! The flowers are perfect with the paper!! My mom still has the Hero Arts birthday set!!

  104. I’m enjoying learning about everyone’s stories on Hero Arts. It’s very touching how HA have touched and helped many lives in the stamping community. Hooray for truly sharing kindness all around. Lawn Fawn is one of the stamp sets I ever bought 4 years ago.

  105. Fun cards! And I enjoyed reading each little “blurb”. Congratulations to HA on a successful first 45 years.

  106. Beautiful card! What a wonderful collaboration of companies to celebrate Hero Arts 45th birthday. This is such a great crafty community!!

  107. Oh so sad that the book stamp was not returned to you. I guess we shouldn’t hold onto things too tightly.

  108. A super pretty card! It’s great to see how so many companies are coming together to celebrate, collaborate and support one another! Thanks for sharing your wonderful inspiration!

  109. Love both cards but I adore the teacup card. It’s just so pretty. I really admire you for supporting each other.

  110. Thank you for participating in this awesome blog hop! Your cards are beautiful and the background papers work perfectly!

  111. Well I must look for my old Hero Arts stamps and put them to good use. I have always love the stamps what a great company.

  112. I have that stamp, the book Bear one and my kids loved it. I really like the new home card, nice ideas!

  113. Gorgeous cards Ivy and Nancy. I love to see that you combined the two companies in the cards, just like Hero Arts does in and for the industrie. Thank you so much ladies for your great inspiration and Lawn Fawn for the great prize you have made available for this blog hop.

  114. Nice to see the use of old and new Hero Arts stamps with other products. I love both cards but the flowers in the tea cup with a matching pattern paper didn’t allow my eyes to move.Thanks for the inspiration. Love nad hugs

  115. The happy new home card makes me happy! The colors, the cuts, paired with the sentiment and flowers!

  116. Cute cards! I recognize some of these old sets and I still have my letter set too! Love the walk down memory lane!

  117. Hi Ivy and Nancy 🙂 Your cards are 100% pure sweetness!!! It’s great that you found Hero Arts early on like you did! Thanks Lawn Fawn for sponsoring our hop today and thanks as always for all the inspiration 🙂

  118. Gorgeous cards! I love the fun patterned papers, layering and bright colors. Thanks for sharing.

  119. Very sweet cards. The Hero Arts stamps and your creativity go so well with the pretty LawnFawn designer papers. Luv it. Thank you.

  120. Fun fun fun! It’s so nice to see an industry that strives to build one another up. Thank you for sharing.

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