Lawn Fawn Intro: Dandy Day

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Spring 2020 Inspiration and Release Week! On February 20th our 13 new stamp sets, 21 new die sets, 2 new paper collections, 2 new ink pads and some fun new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Dandy Day and its coordinating dies! Make a wish for a dandy day! This set of little mice and dandelion puffs is great for birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and friendship cards.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Grace‘s mom’s day shaker card is so beautiful! She created a sweet scene with all the mice from Dandy Day! I love how she used vellum instead of acetate for her shaker; it is so pretty with the white embossed sentiment. She borrowed the “mom” from Swan Soirée!

Latisha used the new Cloudy Stencil to create this soft pastel cloudy sky for her sweet scene! I love how she stamped the tiny dandelion pattern on the card base!

Elise‘s adorable card features an Oliver’s Stitched ABCs greeting and Meadow Backdrop: Portrait! Her little scene is so sweet!

This charming design by Yainea makes me smile! I love the cute cloud cut outs in the pretty background, made with the Cloud Stencil and the Grassy Stencil!

Audrey‘s lovely Dandy Day card has a cool ink-blended background! I love the pretty gold splatters! The curved sentiment fits perfectly on the Simple Wavy Banner!

Elena filled out her whimsical Dandy Day scene with mushrooms from Forest Feast and the butterfly net from Butterfly Kisses! I love how she used pretty Dandy Day papers as the sky and grass!

Purple is such a great color for a Mother’s Day card! Tammy used Dandy Day paper, cut with an Oval Stackable, to frame this happy little scene! Oliver’s Stitched ABCs in purple from the Shimmer Cardstock – Gemstone pack coordinates perfectly!

Elise continues the oval theme with a shaped background for her sweet Dandy Day scene! Love that spotted mouse, so adorable!

Megan made a fun Reveal Wheel card so the cute mouse can float back and forth on the breeze holding his dandelion! How sweet are those purple mushrooms from Oh Gnome!

Mindy added a cheerful rainbow to her sweet little scene! The Dandy Day paper in soft yellow suggests lots of sunshine!

Marine added an interactive pull tab to her beautiful card design! She used Tree Before ‘n Afters to fill out this happy scene! Check out the next photo to see the cute little mouse appear!

Megan created another Reveal Wheel design, they are so much fun! This one has a special greeting using Oliver’s Stitched ABCs!

Lynnette layered Dandy Day papers with the new Shimmer cardstock to highlight the adorable mouse flying away on the dandelions! Such a cute card!

Make a simple card design special by adding the new Lift the Flap Meadow die! A combination of Hello Sunshine Remix and Dandy Day papers create a sweet backdrop for a cute scene!

Now, I have a little video to introduce Dandy Day and show some fun ways to use this sweet new set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Dandy Day! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your idea of a dandy day by February 19th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday, February 14th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Spring 2020 Release Products will be available on February 20th!
Dandy Day and coordinating dies
Meadow Backdrop: Landscape
Meadow Backdrop: Portrait
Oliver’s Stitched ABCs
Grassy Stencil
Cloudy Stencil
Dandy Day paper collection
Hello Sunshine Remix paper collection
Shimmer Cardstock – Gemstone
Shimmer Cardstock – Pastel

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  1. So, not only I love to get some inspiration with the new stamp sets in inspiration week, your video clip on making cards & DT’s cards ALWAYS make me smile, just looking at them!! Mahalo! <3

  2. OH MY GOODNESS….. I absolutely love the papers and this stamp set!!! My idea of a dandy day is spending time with my grandchildren in my craft room and making cards!!

  3. The dandiest of dandy days would be a place in the sun, the sea or a big lake around with enough time to spend there.

  4. I love this set there are so many things you can do with this set, like making a card for someone who needs something to brighten there day

  5. Love all the cute cards by the design team, cuteness overload! 😍 My dandy day would be lying in the grass on a sunny day blowing dandelions with my grandchildren ☀️ I know that a lot of people don’t like dandelions, but I LOVE them! ❤️

  6. A dandy day for me would be off work with a good movie and snacks thinking about nothing but relaxation! I adore this stamp set, as kids we would pick these and blow them all until they were gone. So much fun.

  7. My idea of a dandy day is getting to make Lawn Fawn cards all day! And dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant!

  8. What great inspiration! I’m swooning over all the colors the DT went with! My idea of a dandy day is spending the day hiking with my husband, kids, and dog. Winter just won’t go away here in northern Illinois so a nice, warm day with sunshine while hiking sounds fabulous right about now!

  9. OH MY GOSH! So darn cute! My Dandy Day would be to have a picnic at a park with beautiful scenery and both of my daughters and husband.

  10. a dandy day for me is a day spent in my craftroom! it is my happy place!
    i love dandelions. people see them as weeds, i see them as beauty!

  11. All of these cards have made my day dandy, for sure! <3 otherwise, any day I can do something special with my loved ones is a dandy day.

  12. I’m always excited looking forward reveal week. I love all the items in this reveal. To me your stamps are collectibles. I have so many and I love every single one of them. Keep up the good work:)

  13. I love this set so much. The inspiration cards are incredible. My idea of a dandy day is having lots of laughs with my two boys and hubby.

  14. It amazes me what stories these Dandy (lion) and Mouse) cards tell! There is just so much to look at and SEE 🙂

    1. This set is so cute and so is the cards! And my idea of a dandy day would be on a picnic or at the park with my grandkids.

  15. My Dandy Day is sitting in a comfy chair outside in a wide open space with puffy clouds, bright sunshine, a slight breeze, birds chirping and laughing children.

  16. This is my favorite stamp set of the entire release! My idea of a dandy day is one where there are no alarm clocks set and we don’t have anywhere to go.

  17. This set in the new release is beyond too cute! My dandy day is a day spent adventuring with my best friend ( husband!) we have a great time together!!

  18. What a precious set. The team did an amazing job making the most adorable cards. Love love love!!!

    As it’s cold and snowy outside today, my idea of a dandy day is a beautiful, sun-filled, warm day sitting outside on the porch soaking in the sunshine 😉

  19. A dandy day for me would include getting to sleep in,
    everyone home for a sit down meal, and some time to craft.
    Loving this dandy set and each inspiring card above is cuter than the next!

  20. A dandy day for me would be to sleep in, go to the beach with my husband, watch movies and craft. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

  21. These little mice !!! No one can walk by these guys without smiling! So happy you have a follow up to the skating crew!

  22. First off all these cards are just so so CUTE!!!!! I can’t wait to get this set!! My idea of a dandy day is either spending it in the craft room creating cards or chilling outside in the gazebo with my family in the middle of summer, not right now too cold!!!

  23. I love love love this super cute set.
    My dandy day would be a nice picnic outing with my family, my little girl would love it..

  24. This set is beyond adorable!! Love these mice, love the dandelions and can’t wait to play with it! My dandy day would be relaxing and crafting!

  25. The day spring will finally be here will be dandy – sitting outside, enjoying a hot coffee while the sun is heating up the air, birds sing, flowers start to bloom… Can’t wait for it!

  26. A Dandy day for me would be on the beach in Maui. The stressful world of work left behind and only the ocean waves at my feet.

  27. My dandy day would be spent enjoying the sunshine outside, surrounded by green grass and lots of flowers, probably with a good book or a doodle pad!

  28. Baking with my granddaughter, she tends to eat most of the ingredients, but she’s so much fun and a pleasure to spend time with. Always ends up being a dandy day. Really cute set, the mice are adorable.

  29. My idea of a dandy day.
    Is a day in my craft room…
    Listening to music en playing with the craft supllies of lawn fawn to make some adorable cards

  30. This is one of my faves from this release! The little mice are adorable and the DT inspirations are just precious! a dandy day for me is sleeping in, crafting all day, eating my favorite Mexican dinner, and having family movie night to top off the day.

  31. A dandy day for me is being able to craft all day, with no cleaning or running errands and then having my hubby cook me a cozy dinner at home. That would be dandy!

  32. This set is SO incredibly sweet ❤️🥰 my idea of a dandy day is time spent with my family or in my craft room!

  33. I’ve been waiting for a set like this for years and didn’t even know it. I have a beautiful picture of my daughter blowing a dandelion on top of a hill that I need to scrap. This is going to be so perfect!

  34. What a “Dandy Day” it will be when we share our cards and other paper crafting items with our friends and family. Lawn Fawn has done another terrific job with these. Thank you!

  35. My Dandy day would be to give back to others less fortunate in the community! So fun and brings joy not only to them but to you! It’s like a double Dandy Day!
    Love the new set!

  36. A dandy day for me is being in my craft room ALL day long with my lawn fawn stamps! My husband offers to pick something up for dinner! Ahhh to dream :0)

  37. These samples are more than dandy, they’re delightful! Thanks DT! My idea of a dandy day would be stamping in my craft room with my dog at my feet and my cat sleeping on my desk. Even dandier would be stamping with these dandy new stamps!!

  38. So many lovely projects!!! Love them all! What a cute stamp set. My idea of a dandy day is one where I get to get my craft on without having to run all around town running errands.

  39. I am just squealing with delight at all these cute cards with even cuter mice! lol
    A dandy day to me is being in my craft room all day, no interruptions until it’s time
    to take me out to dinner! 🙂

  40. These little mice are so cute! A dandy day for me would be a nice tandem bicycle ride with my husband, good food, and some ice cream!

  41. This is literally the set that I am the most excited about for this launch! I LOVE these little mice, they make me so happy!

  42. Love those little mice and the designers did a great job with them! My idea of a dandy day is having time to craft without worrying about any other things I might be neglecting. And hanging with my dog!

  43. These card projects are all so inspiring and creative! My idea of a dandy day would be waking up in the morning, grabbing my coffee, going into my craftroom and spending the whole day creating. No cooking. No laundry. No chores or errands to run. Just a whole day to myself! One can only dream. 🙂

  44. Crafting in the morning and going for a kayak on a lake with family and friends. And a tasty supper! That would be a dandy day!

  45. What amazing inspiration. My idea of a dandy day, would be breakfast in bed, followed by a day crafting with my friends and ending with take out and a movie with my hubby and dog. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  46. A Dandy Day for me is cup of my favorite hazelnut coffee, my husband and I on the couch reading our favorite books, my wee puppy laying in my lap and Frank Sinatra playing in the background.

  47. The dandy day stamp set is so cute ❤️ A dandy day for me would be crafting for a day with no other responsibilities 😊

  48. The Dandy Day stamps set will surely be the first one I will play with when I will receive my order ! Great cards, the inspiration is welcome.

    1. I so love the new Dandy Day stamp set with adorable cute mice 🐀&🐁! My Dandy Day would be with my husband on Rose Island in Bermuda laying on the pink sand watching the waves and then swimming, snorkeling to observer all that inhabitants the underwater ocean 🐟🐬🐠 🐙🐡🐚! Thanks Lawn Fawn 😊

  49. Such a cute set with such adorable inspiration! My dandy day would be to spend a nice, quiet day with my husband, playing some games.

  50. Love this cute set. My idea of a dandy day would be to spend the day at the beach, relaxing on the sand and playing in the water.

  51. Oh let’s start with out to breakfast, then maybe a little time with my ever-growing succulent collection, a bit of reading time, a good conversation… and of course any dandy day includes lots of crafting!

  52. My idea of a dandy day…was preordering this set and looking forward to shipping on the 20th. Thank you Lawn Fawn and DT for the inspirational designs!

  53. Oh! So in LOVE with this stamp set! ♡♡ All these adorable cards! It’s definitely must have! ♡♡♡♡

  54. I loved all the examples of the new dandy stamp! You guys are AMAZING! A dandy day for me is spending time with my family laughing and playing and making memories! ( and of course making time to make Lawn Fawn cards)😁

  55. My idea of a dandy day would be a to be at the beach with a comfortable beach chair and umbrella and a good book, listening to the waves! LOVE these little guys – another must have to add to my list!

  56. This release is wonderful! I love seeing all the different elements put together with such great coordination, stencils, paper, stamp sets and dies, just beautiful samples! My dandy day is when all the boys are busy and I can craft to my heart’s content!

  57. my dandy day is having the day off! i relax in the morning, craft all day, and then go out to happy hour and out for a lavish dinner. yee haw!

  58. I think a pull tab card would be super cute! Like with the mouse hanging on the dandylion being pulled up from a hillside scene 🙂

  59. So many adorable card ideas! Love it! My idea of a dandy day would involve rain and being inside baking cookies! 🙂

  60. My dandy day would be spent with my family doing something fun!!! This set is just too Adorable!! And so are the Amazing cards!!

  61. These are amazing! I love dandelions as their bright yellow makes me smile and I love clowning the clocks with my little ones. My ideal dandy day would be exploring nature with my family and a picnic.

  62. Although the rain continues to fall outside, I can imagine what a “Dandy Day” it will be when I can make cards with these new releases from Lawn Fawn. Thank you!

  63. What a wonderful set of inspirations!! Love them all 🙂 My dandy day would be no household chores, but just craft, or enjoy a relaxed time at the beach, have fun at the waters! 🙂

  64. This is a fabulous stamp set, and the “dandy” sentiments make me smile, so sweet! I guess a dandy day for me would be a lovely sunny day, with a picnic somewhere in a park, overlooking a lake… mmmm… kites, ice cream, strawberries and champagne… You got me dreaming! 😉

  65. Leave it to Lawn Fawn to make me fall for mice!! From ice skating to these Dandy!! I just absolutely love them!! On all my cards and projects, just not running in my house! ❤️❤️😘😘🤣🤣✌️✌️

  66. Dandy Day is so fun, and Lift the Meadow is adorable! Perfect with the little mice!
    My idea of a dandy day would be getting a big order of Lawn Fawn in the mail!

  67. Omg I’m in love with this new set Dandy Day!!
    A dandy day for me would a nice coffee from Starbucks or a cute little coffee date with the Husband .. perfection.

  68. My idea of a dandy day would be stamping in the morning, Olive Garden fettuccine alfredo for lunch, sewing in the afternoon, and a good dinner and evening with my family!

    I had an albino hedgehog named Dandelion because he looked like a dandelion that had gone to seed when he curled up in a ball. He was held a lot early so he liked to be held. He was so sweet! This set reminds me of him so it’s a must have!

  69. An awesome Dandy Day to me is hanging out with my partner watching shows together and cuddling without a care in the world.

  70. My idea of a “Dandy Day” would be using this stamp set! It has got to be one of my all time favorites 🙂 The mice are the cutest and I see tons of cards with this set in my future!!

  71. Dandy Day is so cute, love the cards that were created on the video !!
    No lie a Dandy Day would be winning this stamp set it would be such an exciting day!! Haha..

  72. My idea of a dandy day is one where my toddler is happy and low maintenance all day, giving me time to enjoy his company, but not be overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of the day!

  73. A dandy day for me would be sitting on my front porch in the summer reading a good book and drinking a white mocha! But if I had this adorable stamp set then a dandy day would be one spent in my craft room!

  74. My dandy day would be when my daughter & 3 adorable granddaughters visit (they live in another state) and after all the kissing, hugging, and loving, we sit down and craft together! Now that would be Dandy… and I’m not Lion!!!

  75. OmG these DT inspirations are sooooo adorable, love this Dany Day Set.♥ Many thanks for sharing all these creations.♥ My idea of a dandy day is spending time in the sun with my family and enjoying long walks with our Beagle Cooper.♥

  76. My idea of a dandy day is spending time with my pets. I love watching the birds with my cats and listening to them chirp as the birds feed.

  77. Talking my puppy for a long walk, then coming home to craft = my dandy day! Your showcases today are just tooooo cute!

  78. A dandy day is receiving some special Lawn Fawn mail. A dandier day is a day of playing in my craft room with all the fun stamps and dies. The dandiest day is seeing the smile on someone’s face when they receive an adorable card made with Lawn Fawn stamps and die cuts! (And I’m not lion)

  79. My dandy day would be sitting under a tree enjoying warm sunshine with no snow to shovel! I love the darling mice with the dandelion seed heads – so cute! The Dandy Day papers are a must as well.

  80. These are such cute cards!! My dandy day would would be a sunny, just warm and allergy free day. On that dandy day go to museums, eat some good food outside, and just explore my state.

  81. We are so anxious to order the next Lawn Fawn products and we’ll share our workmanship with family and friends. Thank you!

  82. My idea of a dandy day is a sunny day that I can roll down my window and crank some good music! Love all of the design team samples, so cute!

  83. My dandy day will be when I have this amazing set in my hands. This is already my favorite Lawn Fawn set that has ever been released, and Marine your card is so beautiful. Love your work!!

  84. Yeah, release week! My idea of a dandy day is not having a schedule. Waking up when I’m rested, eating when I’m hungry, reading or crafting or playing the piano, just chilling and having no time contraint.

  85. My dandy day would be having a day all to myself to do whatever I want including a big nap! I think these dandy lions are dandy!

  86. My idea of a dandy day currently is any day where my 10 month old is all smiles (which is most days, she’s only miserable on her bad teething days) AND I don’t have work so we can play all day! My daydream for the Dandiest of all days is when she gets old enough to play with my Lawn Fawn stuff with me!

  87. My idea of a dandy day is when I find time to play with my Lawn Fawn goodies. With a 4 month old son it’s not always possible to find time…

  88. My dandy day would be camping in the RV and sitting in the warm sunshine, creating cards with my favorite stamps from Lawn Fawn! BTW- this stamp set may be one of my favorites yet. Thanks for sharing!

  89. I love every single DT sample! Totally love this set and the new papers. A “dandy day” for me would be to find a little unexplored cove, and watch and listen to the waves gently breaking on the sand!

  90. So many adorable projects, the design team is so creative! My idea of a Dandy Day is to stay at home all day and get to stamp and make cards with my Lawn Fawn stamps!

  91. A dandy day would involve crafting, sunshine and probably gin and chocolate too! Love all your new products and as always the DT’s work is amazing! Thank you LF.

  92. “Dandy Day” is so fitting for this time of the year when all of our hearts are warmed by flowers coming up outside and the possible end of the winter weather! Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

  93. My dandy day would be napping in the shade at the beach with 75 degree weather and my kids and husband having fun nearby!

  94. My Dandy Day would be scuba diving in warm weather with cute tropical fish!
    I ❤️❤️❤️ this set – it is one of my favorites!

  95. Pure cuteness in this set and all these samples from your DT!
    A dandy day for me would be to have no work, a day spent with my husband and kids (and dog!) and a little crafting too. <3 Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. My dandy day is a day off at home with my houndies where I can craft to my heart’s content. And there’s a nap in there too. 🙂

  97. A dandy day for me would be picknicking with my boyfriend and just having fun together and Laugh and just enjoy the time together ♥ Oh and it would need a little magic because he’s alergic to pollen so we usually can’t have a nice picknic out in the open 🙁

  98. My ideal dandy day is doing craft or woodworking. This is a beautiful set of release. Can’t wait to see more from the design team.

  99. My ideal dandy day would be getting to sleep in a little, waking up to the sun shining, enjoying a coffee and a book with the windows open, and getting to spend the afternoon working in the garden. A nice dinner out wouldn’t hurt either! Love these sweet little mice! ☀️

  100. A dandy day for me is a day off work, when the sun in shining and I can take my dog on a lovely walk and then spend the rest of the afternoon in my craft room. Amazing cards from the design team!

  101. I envision using this stamp set with the caption…blowing you Birthday wishes!! Wasn’t planning on buying this set but now……

  102. My dandy day would be a lazy day off where I could lounge around in comfortable PJs all day, and spend the entire day in my craft room!

  103. My idea of a dandy day would be to lie in the sun on some freshly cut grass looking up at the clouds trying to make out what they look like (such as an elephant, airplane, flower etc.). I wouldn’t mind a few dandelions around to blow on as I make some wishes!!

  104. My dandy day would be out trying to photograph dandelions. They are much harder than it seems. I love this set. It is the cutest!

  105. Those mice and dandelions are adorable! A dandy day for me would be spent walking at the beach or a hike through the woods with my kids.

  106. My idea of a dandy day must include time for crafting! Right now I am working on a quilt and a cross stitch project, but I need to get my hands on that cloud stencil for some card making.

  107. A Dandy day for me is a day of with my dandy husband Randy!!! If we don’t have a day off together it is dandy to stay in my pjs, and watch hallmark movies!!!

  108. hmmmm…… a dandy day to me is either a day filled with rollercoaster rides (literally over and over…) or possibly a marathon of murder mysteries or cartoons. Cute set!

  109. A dandy day for me would be…(hard to pick just one) a bike ride to the river to watch the manatees play and having a picnic, floating in the pool with a good book to read (no kids around just quiet time), or visiting my dad and watching all the “how to train your dragons” movies and cartoon series on his outdoor theater while barbequing. All are great “dandy” days! Also this is my favorite stamp set from this release. I have been sketching designs and can’t wait to get it in and time to do them.

  110. A dandy day for me starts with sleeping in and is then followed up with family time. Time with my hubby and kids is always awesome! A homebody at heart. Love the adorable little mice in this set.

  111. I love all of the cute mice!!! My idea of a dandy day would be one where I would read, play games with my family and scrapbook! 🙂

  112. My dandy day includes sleeping in, no chores to do or food to cook but meals somehow appear when I’m hungry and a full day free for crafting.

  113. A dandy day for me is any day my husband is home. He is a firefighter and works all the time so I can stay at home with our daughter. Our moments together are precious.

  114. I imagine a dandy day as perfect weather with a fun unplanned activity. Seems that it being unplanned would add more magic to the day!

  115. I love all the samples. The design team has outdone themselves. I can’t wait to get my hands on that Dandy set (and I’m not lion) 😂

  116. Any day I get a break from both work and school is a Dandy day especially when spent with friends. All of the cards are so adorable.

  117. It’s a Dandy Day in my paper crafting room. I am making room for more Lawn Fawn products as I know my family and friends will appreciate receiving them. Thank you!

  118. A DANDY day for me would be to take off with no one knowing, stay in my pj and make cards… retirement is right around the corner and that what I plan on doing, well that and gardening. My super dandy day would be to have a snow day on a day I dont have anything planned. Love the new stitched letters…so cute and those mice, how dandy!

  119. just being able to get some scrapbooking in…having the grandkids cut into scrapping time…but I will take it any day….love my grand babies

  120. SQUEAK!! This set is probably my FAVORITE set, just because I have such AMAZING memories from when I was little and we’d Blow the GIANT Dandy Lions that grow in the Country and make wishes!! It was always a Game to see how many we could find and we’d have SO MUCH FUN!! My Dandy Day would be spending it with my Family!! We could go out and do something or just stay in and either way, I’d LOVE it!! We ALWAYS have a good time together no matter what we do, just enjoying our time together and making memories!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!

  121. I’m looking at the dandy day outside and thinking about all of the Dandy Day Lawn Fawn releases that will compliment my current feelings! Thank you, Lawn Fawn.

  122. My idea of a dandy day in the winter is time spent in craft room and in the spring/summer in my garden which is why this stamp set speaks to me

  123. I think this is my favorite from the new release…..buuuuuut I may say that tomorrow about another set. 🤣🤣🤣 The DT is doing an excellent job of enabling me! Thanks guys!! LROL!!! IT’S OK!! Keep it comin’! 😁😍

  124. My idea of a dandy day is sleeping in, having a large and lovely brunch and doing no housework at all for the entire day!!

  125. So sweet! Love those adorable mice and all the fabulous creations and ideas!!

    My Dandy day would be watching my girls play outside in the sunshine and reading a good book.

  126. My dandy day would be winning the Lawn Fawn Spring collection rather than buying it myself, which I will do because I love your products!!

  127. Love all the cute scenes with the mice and the dandelions! My dandy day would be playing outside with my granddaughters!

  128. I LOVE this Dandy Set so much! My idea of a Dandy Day would be to hang out with my Dandy best friends to make cards or hang out with my Dandy Husband for the day. <3

  129. A dandy day for me is when I am off work wearing my red flannel pajamas, sitting at my table using my Lawn Fawn products to make cards to donate. My two dachshunds DINO and Chance are there with me. I love cardmaking- especially stamping and coloring. I like being in control of the outcome.

  130. Making cards with these cute little mice would make a dandy day. 😉 Love everything about the new release so far and can’t wait to see the rest!

  131. So adorable! My idea of a dandy day is having a picnic with my family and kite flying! Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win!

  132. As I have been working on Lawn Fawn dies and stamps in the basement today, I have been thinking how I will incorporate the “Dandy Day” products into my cards! Thank you!

  133. I can’t wait to purchase those dandy set! I can see it fitting so well with my other Lawn Fawn critter sets and it will be very versatile too

  134. Such a cute set! I just love the mouse floating away on the dandelion. I can’t wait to make sweet spring cards with this set.

  135. A dandy day for me is when I get a chance to create. Most recent was working on my nieces baby quilt. I’m just loving how it is turning out.

  136. Dandy Day is DEEEEElightful! I love the little mice and the very popular dandelions. What a cute set for spring cards.

  137. Aww!! This Dandy set is so super cute! I love all these wonderful little images! So many possibilities to create fun cards! Thanks so much for inspiring us with all the fantastic examples!!!

  138. These mice are so cute, and such fun! My birthday is release day, so that’s my Dandy day for sure & will involve walking the dog and crafting!

  139. A dandy day would be playing outside with my sons. Can’t wait for spring! The mice in this set are adorable.

  140. What a “Dandy Day” we are having in VA with the spectacular sunshine and the flowers beginning to bloom. This is the perfect stamp and die set for this time of the year to make cards for family and friends! Thank you!

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  144. My dandy day involves sun, water, and my family – anywhere that is! Love this release, the dandelions and mice are too cute!

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    A dandy day to me would be spending time at the park with my grandkids watching them run and play ❤️❤️

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  149. A dandy day for me is taking a walk with my husband and our 15 year old chihuahua, then cuddling up back at home with my sweet kitty.

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  156. My day started out dandy because my pancakes came out perfect and fluffy for once and my Valentine’s Day card’s were a favorite.

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  174. My idea of a dandy day is visiting an outdoor art festival, then going home and making some cards or other paper craft afterwards (and not having to cook dinner….)

  175. Doesn’t get much dandier than this. Love all your products and I sit and watch video after video. So much talent!

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  179. I had to look up dandy day on Google translate, so I hope I got this right. 🙂 A dandy day could be a lot of things for me, it could be going out for a walk or to a concert with a friend, including good conversations and good food. It could also be staying at home, baking a cake, crafting something, cooking a nice meal, ejoying a movie… it’s hard to choose but good food seems to be part of the fun! 🙂

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  182. My most dandy day would be riding my horse on a warm sunny day and then spending time outside with my dog and husband!

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    I absolutely love those mice!!

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  189. Love the dandelions and mice! My dad used to pay me a quarter a ice cream pail to pick these flowers in our yard! 😉

  190. A dandy day for me would be to craft with these supplies, INSTEAD of pulling up all of the dandelion weeds that keep popping up all over our yard! 🙂

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  192. The DT always knocks it out of the mice field! 😉

    My dandy day would be a day off enjoying some time for self-reflection in the morning, then perhaps doing some yoga or getting out on a hike. Brunch/lunch with the husband. Crafting time and then dinner with family or friends.

  193. Dandelions are so fun and when I am with my 3 granddaughters, ages 6, 6, and 5, they are magical. We make wishes and blow those into the wind.

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