We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2020 {Day 1}

Hello everyone! Welcome to our special Fawny Holiday Week! This week is all about getting ideas for the upcoming Holidays! We have fun ideas and inspiration along with videos and daily giveaways! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win a stamp set and coordinating dies of your choice and a Let It Shine 6×6 pad!)

We will be featuring Lawn Fawn Holiday products this week, both old and new! Woohoo! We will be sharing holiday projects by our Design Teams and some special guest designers! Our team members (Fawnies) from Lawn Fawn Headquarters will also be joining us for extra inspiration! I can’t wait to show you all of their gorgeous projects!

To get us started, Chari has a video tutorial for her sweet candy castle! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!

I love how Chari turned our Build-A-Castle into a candy land filled with sweets topped with dollops of whipped cream! The candy and gingerbread men are from Sweet Christmas and they all look so cute with the candy castle! To add the cream to this amazing design, Chari stamped the cream from Thanks a Latte in Jellyfish ink. Then she added the large dollop of whipped sweetness from Cake Slice Box Pie Add-On!

Guest Designer, Laura Franzoni created an amazing advent calendar book! She decorated the outside with a sweet shaker that features Sweet Christmas and Let It Shine paper!

Inside the “book” are 24 Tiny Gift Boxes made with more Let It Shine paper!

To decorate each Tiny Gift Box, Laura stamped numbers from Celebration Countdown on the stitched circle included with the Tiny Gift Box die set! Then she added a cute gingerbread man from Tiny Gingerbread and holly and berries from A Creature Was Stirring! This is such a gorgeous project and a wonderful keepsake!

Samantha Mann has combined Peas on Earth and Snow Globe Scenes to create a whimsical snow globe holiday card! She inked up that background with beautiful shades of blue before filling it with stars using Starry Sky Stencil and white embossing paste!

The fun For You Deer bear and deer are the stars of Joyce‘s adorable Christmas card! I love the rustic look of the checked background that she made by stamping Gingham Backdrops with Black Licorice ink on Chili Pepper cardstock! She stamped the holiday sentiment from Toboggan Together on kraft cardstock where the cute critters are hanging out!

Guest Designer, Leontine created a simply brilliant Christmas card and gift tag set! Her card features a cozy Christmas Dreams scene with cute detail from Den Sweet Den and Tiny Gingerbread! She added an interactive slider element inside the fireplace so the scene switches from a crackling fire to Santa coming down the chimney! How cute is the Holiday Helper peeking in the window with the “nice list”!

Leontine made the gift tag using Outside In Stitched Scalloped Circle Stackables and the ornament tag from Winter Tiny Tags! The cute napping bear from the card, has been swapped out for the Snow Much Fun bear, and he has found a gift that Santa left! Too adorable!

Ivy created a beautiful poinsettia ornament on a wood chip slice! She die cut the Stitched Poinsettia from pretty colors of felt and assembled the flowers on the wood base! This is a great gift idea!

The mice are working together to send Christmas greetings in the sweet holiday scene by Elena! She combined mice from Dandy Day, Crazy Antics and Love Poems with the cute office images from You’re Just My Type! To add the festive details Elena included holly, candy canes and gingerbread from A Creature Was Stirring and gifts from Car Critters Christmas Add-On.

Karin‘s delicate Lacy Heart ornament is just gorgeous! She filled the Stitched Scalloped Circle Frame with a snowy scene from Snow Globe Scenes! The lovely “poinsettia” and leaf garland is found in Acorn House die set!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at some of our Holiday and Winter sets. Tomorrow we have another fun Fawny Holiday celebration but for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment sharing a favorite holiday memory by November 21st at 2:00PM ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for a stamp set with coordinating dies of their choice and a Let It Shine 6×6 Petite Paper pad! Post about our Fawny Holiday Week on social media and leave another comment for another chance to win!

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday November 17th for our next Fawny Holiday post! We hope you guys love this week!


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Have a happy Fawny Holiday Week!


336 thoughts on “We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2020 {Day 1}

  1. My favourite holiday memory was when we made our own ginger bread house. We found it so hard to make the walls but once it was constructed we realised it was quite fun and this year we’ll be making our own gingerbread. 🎄

    1. One of my favorite holiday memories is a Christmas when my brother moved back from Florida right before Christmas it’s one of my favorites because it was the last Christmas me and my family got to spend with him as he ended up passing away the next year in July.

    2. My favorite holiday memory was about 12.5 years ago. My entire family comes over each Christmas morning and we all open presents together. This year in particular, my parents gave my youngest brother his last present to open. We were all surprised because we thought we had already opened the last present. So, we watch him open his gift and he pulls out a shirt that says “big brother”. Once we put the pieces together that he was not a big brother already, we jumped for joy! 7.5 months later, my baby brother joined our family.

  2. I have lots of really wonderful memories, but one that stands out is the year I made my tiny son a simple quilt, and when he opened the package, he immediately flopped down on it and cuddled it. It was so sweet to see him so unreservedly happy about it!

    1. Wow wow wow! I have Lawn Fawn Fever!! From that amazing explosion of inspiration! Such beautiful projects and I especially loved the advent calandar!

      Im actually going through my LF collection today so this is incredibly well timed to get the juices flowing.
      Thank you all for so many ideas! Love my Lawn Fawn!

    1. These are just stunning and really got me wanting to make some Christmas cards myself! A favorite Christmas memory is the first time my middle child saw Christmas lights at one years old. He was just memorized by these twinkling little lights so simple and complete how happy the little things in life can make you happy.

  3. I have two favorite Christmas memories. The first involves me and my grandpa. He would drive around for us to look at Christmas lights. I remember standing on the car seat next to him, years before car seats were even an idea. At the end of the evening, he would stop at a village shopping center that had a Santa’s House. We went inside to see Santa every year.
    My second favorite memory is every year my parents, brother and I went to the mountains to cut our fresh tree down. We both grew up doing this every year. After I had a family I carried on this same tradition. Now, my daughter carries on this family tradition with her family. I look forward to seeing if my grandchildren will continue the tradition when they have families of their own.
    Have a Merry Christmas!

    1. My favorite holiday memory is when I decorate the tree with my family! Talking, laughing while we drank hot cocoa!
      Love all the holiday/winter collection!

  4. My favorite holiday memories are of every Christmas morning my sister and I waking up way before our parents. We would sit by the tree and look at all the wrapped presents Santa brought and wait patiently until our parents woke up.

  5. I am grateful for many wonderful holiday memories. The most significant one from childhood was an annual family Christmas party on Christmas Eve! It was the best!

    1. Wow how do you pick just one favorite?!
      My favorite memory every year is snuggling up in a blanket with my hubby sitting around the glow of the Christmas tree while the kids excitedly decorate the tree!

  6. I have special memories of decorating our Christmas tree as a family. I also love all the memories of the Christmas mornings shared with my Nana.

  7. When my then 20-months old daughter had ridiculously many presents with I don’t know how many fun, big toys… but when all opened it was three VERY ugly-looking wooden-hangers (for kids clothes) given by a distant relative that she wouldn’t let go of. All fun toys in one corner, but the wooden hangers she carried all afternoon and evening!

    That Let It Shine-paper is glorious! LOVE IT!!!!!

  8. The candy castle is so sweet, loving the inspiration for the ornaments! One of my fave memories is visiting relatives over the Christmas season.

  9. These are all super cute!!!
    I think my favorite holiday memory is waking up when I was a little kid and walking out to the living room and seeing a guitar under the tree. Which I had been begging my dad to get me all year!!!

  10. I have so many holiday memories but my fave holiday memory is coming downstairs, getting our morning drinks of tea or coffee or juice and sitting in the living room in front of the fireplace and opening our stockings together. My second fave holiday memory is after stockings moving to the front living room where the tree was decorated in the bay window and sitting around the room in a circle and going through our Christmas gifts one by one as a family. There are always good stories about most items.

  11. I enjoy the holidays so much I am filled with lots of wonderful memories. I’m looking forward to making more this year.

  12. My favorite Christmas memory was the year that my father made me a two story doll house with furniture he had made. I discovered the doll house in the basement prior to Christmas day and inquired about what it was. My father told me that it was a special bird house. What a nice surprise on Christmas Day that it was really a doll house of my own. My mother had made curtains, bedspreads, and kitchen linens as well!

  13. Our house is where everyone gathers on Christmas Eve. I have many wonderful memories of all the years we have been hosting it. This year will be different but here’s hoping next year will be back to normal!

  14. So many Christmas memories. A favorite has been cooking a special breakfast, reading the Christmas story in the Bible, then opening the gifts. We always take our time having each person open their gifts one at a time, so we can all enjoy the thrill of the gift. Love the ideas shown today!

  15. These are SO CUTE! I am going to look at them again tomorrow when I can craft. So many adorable ideas. A Christmas memory: Our daughter was 4 years old, and opened a Fisher Price medical kit that we gave her. We were college students at the time, and didn’t have much money. She opened it, and we NEVER SAW IT AGAIN. We must have thrown it away (but it was big, so HOW???). It is a mystery what happened to it. So whenever we can’t find something, even today, 31 years later, we say that it must be with the medical kit…

  16. As a child I loved to decorate my grandmas Christmas tree. We would always do it the first weekend in December and my dad would buy us a box of chocolates to eat while we were decorating. I also loved making handmade ornaments for the tree.

  17. Every Christmas we our Grandchildren to look at the Christmas lights. The youngest always sits on papas lap and yells out the window to everyone that is walking around at the lights. He is yelling Merry Christmas Ya’ll. LMAO!!!

  18. Christmas always reminds me of the fun things my grandma did to make Christmas special. I remember making cookies with her and I remember how excited she would be that Santa stopped at her house right before we got there on Christmas day.

  19. My favorite memory of Christmas was being able to take down our stockings and open all the gifts inside before our parents woke up. It was so fun to see what Santa put in our stockings. Of course now I realize we were allowed to do that so our parents could sleep in before we opened the gifts under the tree!

  20. One favorite memory is the year Santa surprised our boys with a “roof top” landing on our house! The boys were scared but thrilled!

  21. Spending Christmas Day at my grandparent’s farm is full of memories; grandpa dressing up as Santa (we always knew it was him), the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen and also spending time with cousins, aunts and uncles.
    Love the advent calendar book. ‘Hope there will be directions for this soon.

  22. The advent card is awesome!
    One of my favorite memories is of my son doing his Lego advent project. He loved doing it and my husband spent hours putting the pieces together in little baggies.

  23. My favorite memory was usually a week before Christmas my parent would lock themselves in their room to wrap presents. Every so often the door would open and a pile of presents would be pushed out and all the kids would come running to see what was there.. you weren’t allowed to sit by the door so it was always a game to keep yourself busy while listening for the door. We loved the surprise every door opening. When I got older I realized my parents were geniuses – they got hours of alone quiet time together and us kids would never risk fighting during present time.

  24. What great projects from the designers! Can’t wait to see what they come up with all week. When I was young my brother and I always had little Christmas trees in our bedrooms. While we were sleeping “Santa” would sneak into our rooms and leave a little present under our trees. I loved waking up on Christmas morning and seeing the present sitting there waiting for me. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  25. Oh I love the gingerbread house made from the build-a-castle. So inventive!
    I have a lot of favourite holiday memories – mostly going to get and decorate a Christmas tree with my Mom and now decorating our Christmas tree with my children.

  26. My Favorite Holiday Memory was in 1979 – We celebrated Christmas day with my Mom and Day “Up North” in the retirement home my dad built. Little did we know that in April of 1980 my Dad would pass away in his sleep – he was 52 years old. I miss him a bushel and a peck – my son was 2 years old at the time… However, It was a joyful time since we all traveled 2 or more hours to have this wonderful Christmas time together – and Dad always made Christmas special!! –Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Blessing

  27. As a kid, my favourite thing to do was lay on the floor under the tree, on the day that we put it up and just look up at all the lights. Still one of my favourite memories 🙂

  28. Wonderful projects. Love Ivy’s poinsettia ornament. Favorite holiday memory is the joy on the grandchildren’s faces as they open presents.

  29. One of my favorite Christmas memories is baking Christmas cookies with my mom. When we were really little (around 5), we made a new cookie called a coconut butter balls. You rolled the dough around a pecan half and then in coconut. Mom said we wouldn’t tell dad about the nuts and let him try them. So when he got home we let dad try a cookie and he loved them. Ever since, we have called them Daddy’s surprise cookies. That was about 50 years ago and we still sometimes call them that.

  30. Thanks for all the inspiration! I love the cute ideas. One of my favorite memories of Christmas was hiking around the tree farm to pick a Christmas tree with the family and bringing it home to decorate.

  31. I loved to lay under the Christmas tree and look up at the lights. Usually my mom would be playing the piano nearby, too.

  32. Omg I just love Laura’s ‘book’ it’s stunning 😍

    With Christmas the man of my family are always watch tv, talk about sports and us girls are always crafting. my grandma has a hug table and it’s full with everyone crafting 💕

  33. We used to have big family Christmasses that I thought were just wonderful. Add a new pair of roller skates, and I was in heaven!

  34. My favorite holiday memory is from 1993 when I was a foreign exchange student in Montana. My boyfriend invited me home for the first time. When we entered, we went through the whole house switching on all the Christmas lights. It was so beautiful and the house always smelled of fresh baked goods…

  35. Having my parents, in-laws all spend the night and sharing the joy of Christmas morning together with our kids! Fun, loud, crazy times!! ❤️❤️🎄🎄

  36. My favorite Christmas memory is when my two aunts came to visit my family for Christmas. We lived far away from relatives so it was a special time. Thank you for all the wonderful card ideas!

  37. I have several christmas memories that bring a smile on my face everytime I think of them. But I guess the most precious ones are the ones of my dad who passed away a few years ago. Every year he was teasing my mom with telling her to get her a special gift – something she didn’t want. And every year he built up a faux package including assembling instructions, constructions parts etc to make it look like he really got that gift for her. Like an old tea pot, a big plastic bag and a camping stove for her “sauna”, all nailed onto a large piece of wood “since he couldn’t bring in the whole thing”. Or that ironing machine, that he simply created out of cardboard boxes but let a plug hang out from it at the bottom. Or the whirlpool that was just a bicycle air pump and a plastic tube with holes pierced in it for her to use in our tub. And even if she kind of expected a faux gift every year she also started screaming “I don’t want that thing” whenever she started unpacking it. So much fun for everyone around. I miss those special moments and his great ideas. Oh, and I got a taste of what it is like to be his victim one year so I can understand my mom starting to scream each year.

    Thanks for the great inspirations today, love them all!

  38. My favorite holiday memory was when I was a child and all the family and extended family were together Christmas Eve. At midnight we attended midnight mass and the beautiful light fluffy snow was falling. It was wonderful.

  39. How fun are these holiday projects! My favourite holiday memory was back in 2007 when our 1 month old son joined his siblings to celebrate Christmas.

  40. What amazing projects!! My favourite holiday memory is the last Christmas my dad was alive. He was in the Cross Cancer hospital and the hospital put on a Christmas dinner for the patients and their families. We had such an amazing dinner. No one had to worry about cooking and doing dishes. We just got to enjoy the food and visit.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  41. My favorite holiday memory is when the entire family would gather a few weeks before Christmas to decorate the tree while listening to Christmas carols and remembering where the special meaning of each ornament.

  42. My favorite holiday memory is when we were all around a coffee table and we were opening christmas presents!! We went around thanking everyone and giving everyone hugs, and its just a memory that makes me smile!!

  43. My favorite childhood memory was we always put the tree up as a family. All my brothers and sisters decorating the tree listening to Christmas songs and singing along having a great time. It seems like things were so much simpler back then.

  44. My favorite holiday memories are all food related haha! Eating at my grandmas house, eating at my moms house, making Christmas desserts, and now cooking and eating with my husband!

  45. My favorite memory is when I was a child. I was a snoop! I must have been about 9 and I heard noises from the living room at a very wee hour in the morning. I crept very quietly and peeked around the corner to see my dad setting up a bike! My new bike! I wanted one so badly! Because I had older cousins, a lot of what I had was hammy downs, including toys! I was so excited! I crept back to bed, while all my brothers and sisters slept. When they all woke up finally, I was so tired I had hardly any excitement for the bike! But I loved that bike! I took it out and ride it in the snow that day!
    My other memory is of being a mom and seeing the joy on my children’s face when they open gifts. I love seeing the joy in others when you give gifts. I am a giver and love Christmas!

  46. Every year when we decorate the tree, we talk about all of our ornaments and remember when we got them! Love all of the adorable projects!!!

  47. When the kids were little, we would call it “cruisin for lights” and just drive around to check out everyone’s yard displays!

  48. My favorite memory was celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve when my dad had to work on Christmas Day. He was a firefighter. When he had to work Christmas, my whole family (aunts, uncles, and cousins) would come out to the house to watch me and my brother open gifts.

  49. I always enjoyed driving around looking at Christmas lights with my family when I was growing up. Chari’s candy castle is awesome!

  50. A favorite Christmas memory is when my daughter got a hugga-bunch doll from Santa and she just went up to it and nose kissed it!

  51. These are so much fun! Thanks so much for sharing them (and providing inspiration!!!)
    My favorite holiday memories revolve around the combining of households and traditions. My mom always used different wrapping paper for gifts from Santa and my hubby’s family just put gifts from Santa out without wrapping paper. I hate to admit it, but wrapping gifts is not my favorite thing to do, so I was happy to adopt my my hubby’s tradition and this ended up being a great help because we could choose to assemble the large gifts which were then ready to play with on Christmas morning and we had less mess from packaging and more instant Christmas joy before we headed out to visit our families on Christmas day!

  52. Love these makes! My favorite memory is of my now 17 yr old daughter when she was a round 4 laying in blue rock trying to make a snow angel!

    1. My favorite Christmas memory is that it was such a magical time as a child.
      The Christmas tree with lights, the people were merry, and it was warm and cozy inside!

      I love leontine’ s card!!💖

  53. Wonderful inspiration! One of my favorite Christmas memories is my hubby and mine’s first Christmas. Tromping around the tree farm looking for the perfect tree to cut down, hot cider after and then home to decorate.

  54. My favorite Christmas memory is when the whole family was gathered around the Christmas tree and enjoying each other’s company. Such wonderful ideas for the holidays! I have to get started in preparing for the holidays soon.

  55. We have many holiday memories. I probably think back mostly on the photos with Santa. I made the kids do them every year and when they got too old, I bought my husband a Santa suit so we could do them at home.

  56. Making a gingerbread house with my granddaughter, it’s become a yearly tradition that we both look forward to and enjoy.

  57. What a sweet castle card! I loved to go for a drive on Christmas Eve with my family and look at all the decorated houses. When we got home we would have hot cocoa and cookies and watch It’s A Wonderful Life!

  58. Such amazing projects! Our family loves to decorate individual gingerbread houses and each child invites a friend to join in on the fun.

  59. Awesome Holiday creations! One of my favorite Christmas memories is the year my Mom made all our Christmas tree ornaments by pokint toothpicks into small stiroform balls and spray painting them baby blue. She also used the big blue Christmas bulbs and it was a beautiful blue sight to my little 6 year old eyes!

  60. A favorite holiday memory is when Santa stopped by my mom & dad’s house on Christmas Eve to visit my then 3 year old daughter. She was so impressed!

  61. I have always loved Advent calendars. Laura’s is wonderful! I made a quilted, wall hanging Advent calendar when my children were young and watching their excitement to add a new number everyday is a favorite memory.

  62. I love all the projects. My fav memory is my daughter sitting on her presents instead of opening them on her first Christmas.

  63. A favorite holiday memory?!? That is like asking about a favorite child/family member! They are all wrapped up in bows and sprinkled with sweetness! I look forward to making new favorite memories this year!

  64. My favourite holiday memory is the year I made my parents felt stockings and filled them with little treats. It was one of our last Christmases all together.

  65. So adorable projects! My favorite Christmas memory is spending Christmas Eve at my grandparents. It was the greatest time ever!

  66. So cute! One of my favorite holiday memories was helping my husband’s fraternity make the meal for a Hanukkah party. I could have handled this well now, but at the time I didn’t cook much, and nobody else did at all. But we still had a great time making literally hundreds of latkes!!

  67. So much creativity in this post! I love making cookies with my mom. And my dad would always hide presents and forget about them so we would get them several days or moths later. Hehe.

  68. You all have the BEST collections and talented designers. Wow! I want to own every set. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  69. My favorite Christmas memories go back to childhood; decorating the house and baking cookies with my mom, and going out with my dad to pick out a Christmas tree. Miss them so.

  70. My favorite Holiday memory will always be making Christmas cookies with my mom when I was younger. We used to fill big Cans full of Sugar and Spritz cookies!

  71. Fav holiday memory is when all our family was able to get together and celebrate; as we all get older this is getting more and more difficult unfortunately.

  72. My family goes to my in-laws for Christmas Eve and the whole family is there. When my boys were young, I used to take a small Christmas Ornament kit for all the kids to have something to do while the grown-ups visited. That was always such fun watching the kids make the ornaments.

  73. I love the idea of mixing old and new stamps. Sometimes I forget to break out the older ones. One of my fav. holiday memories is of my one year old son (now 19) asking for a K’tarr (guitar) for Christmas. I’m not even sure he knew what a guitar was! We still refer to it as a K’tarr in our family!

    *I love the pink candy castle, mmmmmm!

  74. These projects are SO fun! Looking forward to seeing some more holiday eye candy this week. 🙂
    The first holiday memory that comes to mind is when my kids were young (maybe 3 and 6?), we went to mass on Christmas Eve, and when they opened the doors to let us exit, it was SNOWing. Mind you, we live in South Texas, so we hardly ever get snow, and this was the kind that was actually sticking to the ground! Very exciting, and to see my kids’ excitement was really magical. <3

  75. One year, my mom really wanted to have a white Christmas since it never really snows here. So the whole family packed up and drove off to the nearest snow location. I don’t remember much of that trip other than the first night. We all were staying essentially in a really large room in a cabin. I couldn’t sleep because EVERY member of the family was snoring… from small child to grandparent. It was a symphony! I just kept think that no matter our differences, we were still very much alike… maybe sleep deprivation is why I don’t remember the rest of the trip…

  76. Everything is so cute! A favorite holiday memory is decorating the Christmas tree with my kids every year. They are getting taller so the ornaments are finally making their way up the tree!

  77. Lots of great ideas and so festive, this week will definitely get me in the holiday spirit! My favourite Holiday memory is when we went as a family out to the country to find the perfect Christmas Tree, taking snacks and hot chocolate and making day of it.

  78. When you’re as old as I am, it is really hard to pick out “one favorite” of pretty much anything. That is especially true for special Christmas memories, but I am so thankful that I do have so many.

  79. Oh WOW! Talk about amazing projects! Thanks for all this inspiration!!
    My favourite holiday memory is from the Christmas when my son was one (he turns 18 next week!) and he was just mesmerised by the lights on the tree!

  80. My favorite holiday memory was 3a 12-25-2012 when my water broke. 4 hours later my beautiful Christmas baby joined us in this world

  81. Oh, and my favorite Christmas memory is when we were all crowded at my grandma’s place, all the children eating in the stairs because there wasn’t enough place at the big table for all the adults! Eating in the stairs was sooooo much fun!

  82. That advent calendar is amazing!
    One of my favourite Christmas memories was a few years ago, when I finally had my first white Christmas in NYC! ( I’m from the land down under, so our Christmas’ are usually stinking hot)

  83. Oh what fun! Sorry for the silly pun but these are great. I love seeing the creations as they spark lots of creativity.

  84. My favorite holiday memory was my daughter’s first Chtistmas. We had family up from Missouri (we live in Canada). It was so much fun family time!

  85. I always loved Christmas Eve growing up…all the eats and family got together to exchange gifts! While we don’t do this anymore…it still brings me fond memories and I long for those days again!

  86. I have so many favorite memories from when I lived in Germany. One Christmas Eve, I went to a small German church and listened to the organ playing “Silent Night”! What a special memory. Thank you for all that you do!

  87. One of my favorite holiday memories is of the first Christmas with my husband! We went to see gingerbread display s and Christmas tree displays and Christmas tree lights and put up our first Christmas tree together!

  88. I have lots of favorite memories from baking & decorating gingerbread house & cookies!
    Then on Christmas eve we had family dinner with my favorite Italian foods my favorite
    sauce with seafood! We then attended Christmas mass! Once we returned home we
    sat in front of tree playing with the trains & then given presents to open that had new
    nightgowns/PJ’s & slippers! We then had cookies & milk & of course we would place
    the cookies we made for Santa on his plate & glass of milk. We went off to bed & parents
    read Night before Christmas! Best memories!

  89. My favorite holiday memory is our family gingerbread house decorating contest! We have so much fun planning our houses and lots of laughs when they turn out a bit different than our plans.

  90. One of my favorite Christmas memories is finding my darling child size pink kitchen from Santa. I still remember how excited I was.

  91. I love the scalloped heart tag, so pretty. My favorite memory from Christmas was getting dressed up for church on Christmas Eve. After church we would drive around looking at Christmas lights. When we arrived home, we would have hot chocolate and get to open one present, it was always pj’s so we could have cute pictures in the morning. Have siblings made it so much fun.

  92. These are all so gorgeous! Every single one is so inspiring. My favorite though is that candy castle! I never would have thought of using the castle that way.

  93. My favorite holiday memory is when my husband gave me a handmade clock (from an old CD). He saw that I had made about 12 of them to give as gifts one year and he thought he would make one for me. He even went shopping at Michaels for things to use on it like small lavender paper roses, a Tweety bird sticker and the clock mechanism. I was so touched by his gesture that I cried! It’s the most treasured gift I ever received.

  94. My favorite holiday memory is the Christmas my son got a HUGE bottle of ranch dressing as a gift. He dipped everything in it and absolutely LOVED that gift. It was hilarious.

  95. My favorite Holiday Memory is a trip with my family to downtown Seattle to visit Santa. I was 6 years old and was so excited to see Santa at Frederick and Nelson. After the big visit we had lunch at the Bon Marche.A wonderful day!
    Love these cards, great ideas for the Holidays!

  96. My favorite memories are of the kids waking me up early to tell me that Santa came; and watching them excitingly open the gifts wearing matching Christmas jammies! I also enjoy making Christmas cookies and decorating 🙂

  97. The poinsettia decoration by Ivy Wong is gorgeous! I wonder if she used special felt? I didn’t know LF dies would cut through it!

    1. My favorite holiday memory was when my family would travel down here when I was a kid and everybody would wake up on Christmas morning and unwrap presents together and then cook all day long, all of these cards,tags and ornaments are so georgous everybody did amazing on them

  98. So much fun holiday inspiration! I’m in love with the castle card! one of my favorite holiday memories is having both Christmas and our wedding happening at the same time! we have wedding day pictures in front of the tree an we did all sorts pf holiday outings that year as well. definitely the best holiday memories for me 🙂

  99. My favorite memory is of my brother designing a scavenger hunt for my sister. She used to open her Christmas gifts in such a frenzy that he thought this would slow her down. She would find a clue that would send her to another clue and so on until she found her gift. He had wrapped a cardboard tube with tons of tape. It took her quite a while to get into it, all to find a giant wooden pencil! It was hilarious and we talk about it every year.

  100. My favorite holiday memory was when my family would travel down here when I was a kid and everybody would wake up on Christmas morning and unwrap presents together and then cook all day long, all of these cards,tags and ornaments are so georgous everybody did amazing on them

  101. Wonderful festive creations. Fav holiday memory is putting up the Christmas tree. This yr we r earlier than ever, having put it up today. Hubby put it up and niw I can start decorating it. The house is decorated fir Thanksgiving with scarecrows and such but needed the Christmas tree early this yr. Never have we put it up before Thanksgiving.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  102. Favorite memory: when I was a kid, we would go to bed one night and the next morning the tree would be up, all decorated! I had no idea how that happened.

  103. Love all of the samples, Elena’s one with the desk and a mouse with the hat is the cutest IMHO.Where is the hat from?

  104. My favorite holiday memories are from getting in the car and driving around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. Can’t wait to do that this year.

    love the little lace heart ornament! It looks so delicate.

  105. I have been blessed with lots of wonderful memories! Some of favorite are spending the holidays at my moms house with the whole family! ❤️

  106. I’m Jewish so I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas. But I love all of the Christmases my kids have grown up with!

  107. Christmas Eve at Grandma’s who made the best cookies and candy that she would tuck in tins throughout her home. Going room to room searching for our favorites..,the best!!! Not much money for gifts, it was meals and treats and being together that we cherished!

  108. Some of my favorite memories are of going Christmas tree hunting, decorating the tree, making cookies and a gingerbread house with my kids and family.

  109. Super adorable projects! Favourite Christmas memory is spending the holiday season with family, just relaxing, and enjoying the time together.

  110. One of my favorite holiday memories would be caroling and dropping off food baskets to people in need on Christmas, I was 12 and it really stands out in my mind even today how happy and thankful the recipients were!

  111. Riding home from my Grandparents Thanksgiving weekend when all the small towns between our homes unveiled their holiday decorations still brings back wonderful memories. One town had a huge Christmas tree on a hill top and another a star on their water tower. Each year some town added something new and we were fascinated with it all.

  112. I loved the Holidays and Winters growing up in the Nevada desert. The snow was so fresh and clean and there was a lot of it. I can smell the crisp Winter air when I think back to those times with my Dad and Sister.

  113. Loving all the holiday inspiration! Fave Holiday memories include Driving around looking at all the fancy houses decked out with Christmas lights, Holiday baking and singing Carols in the Park by candlelight!

  114. Thanks for the inspiration! I have the Christmas Dreams set and just love it. My favorite childhood memory was having lots of yummy appetizers and opening gifts on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, we would have stockings with gifts from Santa and an amazing dinner 🙂

  115. Wow so many amazing inspirations, many thanks for sharing.♥
    My favorite holiday memory is decorate our Christmas tree with our glass Christmas baubles with golden ornaments. My father gave us these Christmas baubles before he passed away in 1996 and every year when I decorate the tree with these baubles I think once again at my dad.♥

  116. My favorite Christmas memory is the smell of oranges. As always one in the toe of my stocking then 1/3rd filled with shell on nuts, a few coins scattered within, one very small toy, a few pieces of candy and always always always a hand made gift…. I still have the rock my dad painted 60 years ago. Happy Merry Christmas Lawn Fawn staff, workers, designers, mailers, team, everyone. Please stay safe and hold ontomthos wonderful memories.

  117. My favorite holiday memory is when my kids were young and grandparents were here to just watch, laugh and spend time together.

  118. My favorite holiday memory is when I was just out of college and had my first “real” job. The holiday season was especially busy for me and couldn’t get away to go home for the holidays. Instead, either my dad or mom would fly down to California just to spend Christmas with me.

  119. One of my favorite holiday memories is watching my dad go up and down the street delivering candy canes and smiles to the neighborhood kids while wearing an amazing Santa costume that his grandmother made for him years ago. It’s so fun to see how excited the kids all get.

  120. It’s the holidays! There’s so much JOY and FESTIVITY in here with these inspiring cards and ornament!
    My favorite memory is going out into the deep, deep woods and finding our own Christmas tree and bringing it home!

  121. It’s hard to choose one so I’m choosing when we go out and cut our tree down each year. It’s the beginning of the true Christmas season for me and I always love it.

  122. There are many cherished holiday memories of course! But the one that stands out most in my mind was the year I became an elf. I was about 6 and sick as usual and my parents didn’t know I had left my bed at all. Here they come prancing into the living room with all the goods! Long story short I got to be an elf for many years. But I enjoyed it more than anything!

  123. Wow, your designers have the magic touch. Everything is always so playful and cheery. I have many wonderful memories, but I will always cherish when I was about 7 or 8 my grampie built me the most beautiful dollhouse. I was the only grandchild to get such a gift. It’s a dear memory in my heart!

  124. My favorite holiday memory: So many to choose from but I’d say the days we came home from school and saw that my mom had decorated the house as a surprise for us. IT was always the happiest, warmest feeling! 🙂

  125. I have sooooo many favorite holiday memories from when I was a child that I can’t choose just one so I chose 2 favorite holiday memories from when my now-adult children were little! When our daughter was going through the “stranger danger” phase she didn’t like the idea of a “stranger” (in the form of Santa) wandering around our house so she had me write a note to Santa asking him to please leave the presents on the front porch! He did just that! And my second favorite memory is when our son was born in December many years ago we got to bring him home in a very large Christmas stocking that the hospital gave to all babies born in December! He still hangs it up by the fireplace every year!

  126. When our son was very little almost all his gifts were from elves whose names were a hint to what was inside. As he got older the hints became harder and now that he is a grown man I continue the tradition for both him and my husband. My son and husband now do the same thing for my presents and each other’s.

  127. There are so many memories for me it’s hard to pick one. One of my earliest is when I was around 8 years old some 60 plus years ago. We had moved to a new home in the country. My mother had taken my younger sister, 2 younger brothers and I into town to the 5&10 cent store to shop for Christmas gifts. She gave us each 25 cents to buy whatever we wanted. Back then that was a fortune and a real treat to us! My brothers, being typical boys headed to the candy section to buy penny candy for themselves. My sister and I decided we wanted to pool our money and buy gifts for our parents and brothers. We spotted a brightly rainbow colored, shiny, candy dish on display above the candy counter. Looking back, it was a rather gaudy, shiny, rainbow painted, candy dish. But my sister and I thought it was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen! However, the dish was 60 cents. Between the two of us we only had 50 cents. We talked my brothers into chipping in to make up the difference. My brothers also wanted to get something for our mother and we found a package of fingernail emery boards for 2 cents. We bought my dad some pistachios because he loved them so much. I was so proud of my sister and brothers for chipping in together to buy for others and not themselves. And that candy dish was over the moon. On Christmas day, we allwatched with pride and joy as my mother opened her 2 packages my sister and I had so carefully wrapped. Mom began to cry. We became concerned she didn’t like the gifts. But she grabbed each one of us and hugged and kissed us as she thanked us, laughed and said. “I really needed those emery boards and candy dish.” And she whipped open the package of emery boards and filed her nails. You would have thought we gave her the moon and a million dollars! The candy dish was promptly filled and proudly displayed for many years until it was accidently broken. My mother and I often reminisced about that particular Christmas. She would always say how she honestly really loved the emery boards and candy dish. It was the first gift her children had given her. I lost my mother earlier this year at the age of 95.

    1. Thank you for sharing this lovely story! It’s a reminder of the blessedness of giving. I’m so sorry for your the loss of your mother.

  128. All are fabulous creations!! So many holiday memories but the one that stands out the most was my granddaughters 1st Christmas. She was so happy & smiley with everything she opened.

  129. One of my favorite Christmas memories is visiting the National Christmas tree every Christmas Eve back in the day when it was easy to do and not fenced off. Every state has a smaller tree with ornaments representing the state and we’d run looking for the Nebraska tree, where my dad was from and the Pennsylvania tree, where my mom was from (she never came with us, she was always not feeling well, but our Nebraska grandparent came). We’d visit Santa and they’d have a living Nativity — live animals not live people. :0 We’d get home pretty tired but guess what! It was SO LATE that Santa had come while my mom was sleeping!! She’d slept through the whole thing because she wasn’t feeling well!! Amazing!! It was so exciting — and everyone got to sleep in in the morning! 🙂

  130. I love all the cards! I got lots of inspiration! A special Christmas memory would be the Sunday School Christmas program on Christmas Eve. I loved singing the carols and saying my “piece”. When it was over, we’d get a paper bag filled with salted peanuts, an orange, popcorn ball, angelfood candy, a candy cane and Hershey kisses! Then home to see of Santa came!

  131. These are all so adorable! When I was little the place my dad worked for used to put on a Christmas show and give presents to all the children. They gave away stockings and dolly’s and bikes. It was a wonderful time.

  132. Our favorite holiday tradition is gifting something handmade. In this pandemic year with sky high priority postal rates I am over the moon ‘thrilled’ to see and order everything to make many multiples of your Lawn Fawn ‘Karin’s Lacy Heart’. This will not only be the perfect add on to home baked goods given to local family/friends but will be a welcome surprise tuck in sent with every holiday card mailed this season. Thank you Lawn Fawn for making this paper crafter so very happy! Blessings to all.

  133. Wow! How do you write about just one fond Christmas memory? The first memory I have actually happened at my Great Grandpa’s Christmas party. I was three years old and one of the youngest attending the party. I remember Great Grandpa having a big can of candy and money that he threw on the floor. All of the big kids got the money and I got some candy. I think we were all happy with our “snatch and grab” that year. Christmas memories are made each and every year with my family and friends.

  134. My favorite holiday memory was the Christmas I received Mr. Tubby Bear. I was floored that Santa had remembered how much I wanted this bear I spied in a drug store over the summer. He was my favorite-I still have him almost 40 years later.

  135. My favorite holiday memory involves my oldest son making pinecones glitter trees tied with old fashioned ribbon and sitting at the kitchen table eating old fashioned ribbon candy. The poinsettia tree decoration brought me back to the time when you made your own ornaments.

  136. I’m a sucker for the advent calendar! One of the many great memories is my grandpa dressing up as Santa and we drove around town in his Model T.

  137. My favorite holiday memory is that of my children waking up to all the presents that Santa brought them. They are now 17-27 and I miss those days.

  138. Beautiful projects… I just love winter season & I always look forward to have a snowy Christmas, there are a loads of memories but I always love that we have family gathering, late night sittings & lots of fun

  139. My favorite holiday memory was the year my husband
    surprised me with a new sewing machine. this was
    in the ’60s, so money was tight but I made a lot of
    our clothes and Barbie outfits. The old machine
    I had didn’t have some of the newer stitches
    (nothing that we have now) so I dreamed of a
    new machine. He made it happen.
    thanks for asking.

  140. My favorite holiday memory from childhood is having a house full of people. We had all our relatives and also neighbors and anyone else without family. My parents did this every year. I Love the gingerbread castle card shown today!!!

  141. One year when I was a kid they sold the house we were renting and the only new place we could afford was way way out of town and very very small. The house was a duplex on a tall heavily forested hill and we had to walk up over a hundred very steep wooden steps to get to it. It was more of a tiny cabin than a home. We didn’t really have much money but my biggest wish for Christmas was a tree. I was told we didn’t have room for one and that there was no way to carry one up to our house anyway and I was really really sad about it. My dad got clever and surprised me by cutting down a large tree branch (the trees by our house were all huge) and suspending it from a rafter so the bottom sat on the middle of our tiny kitchen island. He decorated our two dimensional tree (our large pine branch) with lights and ornaments and to this day (almost 30 years later) I have never had nor seen a better Christmas tree! That tree will always be the best Christmas present I’ve ever received. I think of it every Christmas and am grateful for the man who raised two challenging children (that weren’t biologically his own) and put so much effort into making us happy. I couldn’t have asked for a better dad!

  142. Love all the inspirations! ♡♡ My favorite Holiday memories would when I visited Tokyo Disneyland with my family! ♡♡

  143. One of my favourite memories is from my childhood, when we had a white Christmas! Dad took me and my sister out sledding, while mom and he took a stroll! It was so much fun. Afterwards we visited my grandparents for more Christmas celebrating and a nice family dinner together ❤️

  144. At 73 I have so many wonderful Christmas memories. Spending my childhood, living only two houses from my grandparents, we spent each Christmas Eve dinner and opening presents with all the family. Then when my husband and I had our sons, it was wonderful to watch the anticipation and wonder on their faces at the Christmas season and especially Christmas morning as each of us took turns opening gifts. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  145. Awesome creations! Lots of fabulous ideas!
    My favorite holiday memory is from spending a Christmas at my grandparents home in Santa Barbara many years back! We all went to Midnight Mass at my family’s church, and when we arrived back at the house, Santa was there to greet us! Two sleepy little girls (myself and my sister) got to have a special but brief visit with Santa before we headed off to bed!

  146. Today’s samples are SOO cute!! So many great ideas 🙂
    One of my favorite holiday memories is when my dad brought me with him to go and get a Christmas tree. He usually went and did this alone, but it was nice to have this moment with him.

  147. My brother was living in Japan (he worked there) and he decided to surprise the family by coming home for the holidays! It was the best Christmas ever!

  148. My favourite holiday memory is giving my nieces each a box full of crafting supplies and seeing how happy they were and eager to use it all

  149. Oh so many favorite memories… my mother in law was from Germany and our Christmases with her were so rich with customs and traditions that I am so proud to carry on in our own little family. Sadly she is gone and I would give anything for just one more Christmas with her, but consider myself so blessed and honored that I am able to TREASURE those special memories we made together.

  150. I think my favourite memory is my son being excited about receiving a jingle bell after watching the Polar Express, and just believing in the magic of it.

  151. I remember my childhood Christmas tree, which was a silver aluminum one. It was so beautiful. My father sold it without telling us. Now, vintage trees like that are so expensive.

  152. I have some favorite holiday moments. one of the worst moments is when I have sent my own made cards to my family and friends for the first time. I got so many nice and sweet reactions to that, heartwarming. Another holiday moment that has stayed with me: last year when my partner was working in England and had made sure that I could fly that way for the weekend two weeks before Christmas. we met in London. We enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere there! Beautiful Christmas lights everywhere, beautifully decorated shops and shop windows, the most beautiful high Christmas trees, cozy Christmas stalls, delicious food, really fairytale! And one last fun and funny holiday moment. When it had snowed here in the Netherlands on Christmas night, a few years ago when I still lived with my parents. my parents got me and my sister out of bed that night to make a very big snowman together. That was one of the last years that so much snow had fallen in the Netherlands. And a very nice family memory.

  153. I have some favorite holiday moments. one of the best moments is when I have sent my own made cards to my family and friends for the first time. I got so many nice and sweet reactions to that, heartwarming. Another holiday moment that has stayed with me: last year when my partner was working in England and had made sure that I could fly that way for the weekend two weeks before Christmas. we met in London. We enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere there! Beautiful Christmas lights everywhere, beautifully decorated shops and shop windows, the most beautiful high Christmas trees, cozy Christmas stalls, delicious food, really fairytale! And one last fun and funny holiday moment. When it had snowed here in the Netherlands on Christmas night, a few years ago when I still lived with my parents. my parents got me and my sister out of bed that night to make a very big snowman together. That was one of the last years that so much snow had fallen in the Netherlands. And a very nice family memory.

  154. My favorite holiday memory is definitely going to friends with the family and being able to skate on natural ice. So much fun. Also love these projects so much amazing inspiration

  155. My favourite Christmas memory is seeing the look on my oldest’s face when she about 3 or 4. She kinda knew what Christmas was, but the look on her little face, when she saw that Santa had eaten his mince pie… and that Rudolf had eaten his carrot… AND that her stocking was full, was just so joyful!! That for me is the magic of Christmas 😍🥰

  156. My favorite Christmas memories when my two daughters were young were of the three of us cuddling together on the couch in our jammies while I read “‘T’was the Night Before Christmas” before they went to bed Christmas Eve!!!

  157. My favorite holiday memory is baking and decorating sugar cookies with my siblings on the day school got out for winter break. It’s a tradition I gladly pass on to my daughter and her cousins.

  158. My favorite has to be driving around look at Christmas lights in the town. We had hot chocolate and it was so much fun, so sad that we can’t do that anymore. I adore the heart shaped tag, all the other projects were great too but the heart stole my heart

  159. A wonderful Christmas memory is cross country skiing in the German Alps on Christmas Day! I lived there at the time!

  160. I love Christmas! I have so many wonderful memories of special times with family. We always draw names and then we get create in how we wrap the gifts and present them. We have so much fun with it. We also play games. Thanks for all the great inspiration. I love the cards, gift tags, and gift ideas!

  161. Call the dentist!!!! I adore Chari’s design and only have to order the Castle stamps and dies to start making this card. I can almost taste the sweetness. Thank you Fawnies for the inspiration

  162. One of my favourite Christmas memories is the last Christmas we spent with my dad. It was bittersweet, because he passed a way 5 months after that year. The whole family was there, including all the 4-legged members.

  163. I have so many wonderful memories, but the best are of my son when her was little and still believed in Santa. Children add all the magic th the holidays. So much wonderful inspiration.

  164. My favourite Christmas memory is getting so excited every year when I was little but then, on the big night, getting scared and shy at possibly seeing Santa leaving my presents in my room, so I would ask my mum to leave a note outside my bedroom door, asking him to leave my presents in my parents room! 😂

  165. These projects are so cute! Love the inspiration!!
    My favourite holiday memory is when me and my 2 sisters would all sneak out of bed on Christmas eve and sleep together on the living room floor waiting for Santa to come so we could offer him cookies and milk!

  166. So many Christmas memories, it’s hard to pick just one! I think my favorite Christmas was when my husband and I brought our new-born daughter around to share with our families. Everyone are was thankful for our new family addition, and we looked forward to passing our family traditions on to her.

  167. Those mice! **sigh!** One of my favorite holiday memories – funny now, but not then – was the year I gave a friend one of my first homemade quilts. We were all excited and admiring it and being very Christmas-y, and apparently we forgot that the dog hadn’t been out for awhile. You guessed it… after joining in our excitement by barking non-stop, he proceeded to stand there and wet all over that new quilt. Oh.My.Word. I was mortified!! Luckily my friend had a good sense of humor! We washed the quilt and it was fine, and we have a fun story to tell every Christmas!!

  168. What I love to do during Christmas holidays is to cook Christmas sweeties. One of my favorites memories are with chocolate truffles because when we make thenm, we have lot of cocoa on hands. One year, I made some with my cousin and my grand-mother. It was so funny because at the end, my grand mother began to put chocolate on my nose and then we did a chocolat battle. Some years later, she had a desease and had to go to the hospital. Since this day, she has mental problems and she has never been the same…
    An other good memory with chocolate truffle is when I was in Japan for an exchange year and made some of them with my host family (my 5 years old host sister and her same age cousin). They had chocolate everywhere on the face, everybody had so much fun !!
    (I hope you understand my English, I may have made some mistakes since it’s not my first language)

  169. Omg I love that little deer butt card! How cute! My favorite holiday memory…that’s hard because there have been so many but when we were little, we would decorate this cute 9-10ft tree at my grandma’s house and she had those old ornaments that were super fragile and weird and ugly but that somehow made them pretty….I remember feeling so special that I got to hang them even though they were so old.

  170. My favorite holiday memories were when my kids would write out their “Christmas Wish List” and it usually included gifts for everyone else along with a few things they wanted. I love that now as grown men they are still thoughtful and generous.

  171. Love that sweet Christmas stamp it’s on my wish list! One of my favorite Christmas memories was the first Christmas I had after meeting my biological Dad at 38 years old. Although, he lives in California (I’m in WA) he called to FaceTime with me and I met more family and I shared more of mine with him. ❤️

  172. So many wonderful projects here! You are all so talented! One of my favorite memories is from the year my son was born. I was put on bedrest before Thanksgiving and was really sad about not being able to decorate the house so my sisters came over and helped my husband put out all the decorations while I laid on the couch and watched. Our house was all pretty and ready when we brought our sweet new baby home a few days before Christmas.

  173. So many wonderful projects, I see a lot of stamps used that I already have. My favorite childhood memory would be going to my grandparent’s house and seeing all my aunts, uncles and cousins that I didn’t see much during the year, and of course, the Christmas cookies that my grandmother made…:-)

  174. So much cuteness, oh my! My favourite holiday memory is one of the first Christmases with my little girl, when she was just over 2. Her joy was just so amazing and contagious! Every Christmas with a little kiddo is just so magical!

  175. Getting married on Vail mountain and the whole town was lit up like a Christmas tree. Simple wedding, just me, hubs and JOP – that’s been my favorite holiday memory for almost 28 years now!!!

  176. My favorite Christmas memory, is when I was very little back in the early 1970’s. My family would go out to dinner on Christmas Eve and on the way home we would stop to look for Rudolph’s nose in the sky.

  177. My favorite Christmas memory was the year my Dad made me a cradle (they were so poor he used an orange crate) but I sure didn’t know it.
    I love the featured little mice. Actually everything lawn fawn.

  178. My goodness you and the other designers are so talented! All of these projects are so beautiful! I think my favourite memory is just the excitement I felt Christmas Eve as I tried to fall asleep (or stay awake to catch him) so Santa could come!

  179. My favourite Christmas memory is getting my little girl ready in her Christmas onsie on her first ever Christmas eve and reading her a story.

  180. That candy castle is SO cute as are the other projects. My favorite memory is our tradition of Finnish Pulla sweet bread in the morning with our coffee and cocoa while the kids opened their stockings.

  181. I love Lawn Fawn and their super talented and creative team! What fantastic ideas, and as beautiful as there are none are too difficult for us to make. Which is the best feeling!!! I love that we can create new memories every year with all these cute ideas.

  182. I love all of the ideas! Wonderful inspiration for my cards this year 🙂 My favorite holiday memories are Christmases with my grandparents!

  183. My favorite holiday memory is reading The night before the night before Christmas by Richard Scarry and The night before Christmas the Classic Golden Book version as a lead up to Christmas every year. Sometimes we add in Polar Express and other favorite holiday books.

  184. One of my favorite Christmas memories was when the hospital put my daughter in a Christmas stocking with a bow on her head to come home from the hospital!

  185. While making Christmas Eve Dinner, my Mom and I took her first ever Selfie. It was too funny! I miss her dearly!!!

  186. My most loved holiday memory was many years ago, when my kids were little, my husband lost his job so we couldn’t have a big Christmas with lots of presents. I decided to give my kids a day trip to the city centre instead. We packed a picnic, bought train tickets then spent a whole day walking around the city, going to all the free holiday activities offered (I never realised until then that there are actually quite a lot of free fun holiday activity available), admiring all the Christmas decorations around & the shops window displays. We had an amazing time together. I think that day my kids learnt that Christmas is about family more than presents.

  187. My favorite memory of any holiday is sitting around the table with my family and remembering times we have shared and just being with my family.

  188. My favourite holiday memory is when my dad almost lit his moustache on fire when he fell asleep in the candle lit carol service 😂

  189. OMG that advent calendar is right up my alley. I am going to have a ball creating that. Thank you Lawn Fawn for giving us ALL of this incredible inspiration to work with. I am going to make a few of these calendars and give them as gifts ❤️

  190. A favourite holiday memory of mine is the year as a kid I got an entire set of oil paints, an easel and proper paper, I was 10 (so it would have been 1983) and I was so happy… it started my love of art and crafts that have lead to my papercrafting obsession!!

  191. Love the inspiration! My favorite holiday memory is gathering for Christmas Eve dinner with my Dad’s entire side of the family. So many family members are now gone and this year is so different anyway … it’s nice to think back to the times we were all together.

  192. One of my favorite holiday memories is listening to christmas songs, played by a group of musicians. They go from street to street on christmas eve.

  193. Holidays are the best… won’t be quite the hub bub this year, but, we’ll get through this too! Happy Holidays this week is really fun and I love seeing all the new products. Thanks Lawn Fawn!

  194. I have a few. One year I brought a karaoke machine and we all sang after dinner and had a great time. Another year someone brought the Bernie Botts jelly bean game and we all laughed so hard we were crying and holding our legs together. I adore my family and love making new memories with them each year.

  195. Every year, we put Rudolph on the tree last. The ornament is from when I was a baby and now, almost 50 years later, we still put Rudolph on the tree.

  196. My favorite holiday memory is my son’s first Christmas. I remember feeling so happy being able to play with him and his new toys all day long (and of course naps)!

  197. My favorite memories are from when my kids were little and just seeing their excitement that “Santa” had brought their presents!

  198. Such gorgeous projects – love the advent calendar and the ornament! One of my favourite memories is when we had a cold Christmas in Austria – such a contrast to the usual sweltering time in Australia.

  199. My favorite Christmas memories were at my Grandma’s house when I was kid. She had a beautiful white Christmas tree and the presents always took up half the room. MY sister and cousin and I slept right on the floor next to the Christmas tree and all the presents. My grandpa made candy and then on Christmas eve after the Packer game we opened presents.

  200. Super cute projects. My favourite memory was Christmas morning as a child. I remember getting up at 5am to open up presents with my brother. Christmas was so exciting as a child to wake up and see the stack of presents under the Christmas tree.

  201. I have to start making tags. Love all the tag inspiration. I love when the kids were small and they were so excited to open their presents.

  202. I remember the time spent with my grandmother making cookies. Most of the tiny decorations ended up eaten instead of on the finished baked goods.

  203. My grandmother was a seamstress and she would always make Christmas gifts for us that were so special. I still have some of her gifts.
    Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

    1. Our first Christmas together again as a family after out children had moved out. Getting us all back together was such a joy.

  204. So hard to pick one favorite holiday memory… my mind is flooded with them. Arriving home for Christmas is always the favorite one. The first time I can see and hug my mom, it never gets old, it will always be the best. It doesn’t matter what we do after that, it is just being together for the holidays!

  205. My holiday memories are created through worship of Jesus and what he has done for humanity! Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

  206. My FAVORITE Holiday Memories are those made CELEBRATINH my Dads Birthday/ our Family Christmas on the the 24th Christmas Eve!! I LOVE all of the AMAZING Inspiration!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

  207. One of my favorite memories is getting up super, super early Christmas morning (it felt like Christmas Eve night) to open gifts with the kids because their dad had to be to work early (he’s a firefighter). Luckily Santa had come by our house early that year.

  208. Favorite memories are of the whole family making gingerbread house….especially the year my Dad used garlic and onion to embellish his.

  209. Holiday memories are made for me when I can bring joy and happiness into the lives of friends, family, and those in need. Thank you for, Lawn Fawn, for bringing joy and happiness into my life!

  210. It`s magical to go for a walk in the cemetary at Christmas night (mid night), when it is full of candles and the weather is cold and full snowy.

  211. One of my favorite holiday memories was when my first granddaughter was born and I flew to visit the family and share our first holiday together!

  212. A favorite memory was getting all the gifts mixed up on purpose. No tags and everyone laughed at opening up the wrong presents and guessing who it was meant for.

  213. My memories at this time are created by sharing the bounty that God has blessed me by giving to the homeless population in this area. Today I will pack sandwiches for them and make washable masks so our church can distribute them to our homeless population.

  214. Best holiday memory is coming together to cook up a time consuming yet delicious dish with family and enjoying it with everyone

  215. My favorite memory of Christmas is the advent candle holder that was made at least seventy years ago by a young lady from Austria who lived near us in Illinois.

  216. Memories are made in my life when I can share time with family and friends throughout the year! Thank you, Lawn Fawn, for sharing so much of your talent with us who love paper crafting!

  217. A favorite Christmas memory was going to my grandparents house. I remember distinctly the excitement of anticipating Christmas morning.

  218. fabulous ideas – thanks for sharing your creativity
    I remember seeing a shooting star on our Christmas skiing holiday with the family – just magical

  219. I like to make special holiday memories each year by sharing handmade gifts for friends and family members. I am preparing to put away my Lawn Fawn fall products and bring out my Christmas Lawn Fawn products. Thank you so very much for all that you do!

  220. My favorite memory is always Christmas Eve, putting on our new pajamas, eating popcorn and candy, and watching a Christmas movie. I think this year we’ll be watching Home Alone : )

  221. My favorite memory is the excitement on Christmas Eve, the kids always got to open 2 presents of their choice (within reason lol) and one always contained new pj’s and one a small toy. They then changed into the new pj’s and happily went off to bed to wait for Santa!

  222. People make memories every day. One just needs to acknowledge that encounters are important to others. Lawn Fawn has given us so many wonderful ideas so that we can share memories through paper crafting. Thank you!

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