Lawn Fawn Intro: Bubbles of Joy, Bubble Border and Bubble Background Stencils

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Spring 2021 Inspiration and Release Week! On February 25th our 9 new stamp sets, 14 new die sets, 5 new stencil sets, new paper collection, new cardstock and more new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Bubbles of Joy and its coordinating dies! So cute you’ll be blown away! This set of little mice and bubbles is great for everyday cards, including thinking of you and encouragement. It pairs with our new interactive die, too!

We are also highlighting our new Bubble Border and Bubble Background Stencils today! The Bubble Border die set is perfect for adding an extra ‘pop’ to your projects! Create a fun, foamy scene by cutting the layers from pearlescent vellum and different colors of cardstock! Create a fun, bubbly background with this set of two stencils. These work well with a variety of crafty techniques.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

The new Bubbles of Joy mice are having bubbly fun on a card beautifully ink blended by Yainea! She used the new Bubble Border across the bottom and by snipping the bubbles apart to “float” over the background!

Mindy created a beautiful layered background for her Bubbles of Joy card using Bubble Background Stencils over stenciled clouds! The glitter gel she used adds gorgeous sparkle to the bubbles!

Elise‘s slimline card provides lots of space to create a bubble-filled scene! I love that she stamped the Bubbles of Joy sentiments inside speech bubbles from A Birdie Told Me!

Megan combined the bubble-blowing mice with the jar from How You Bean? and the magnifying glass from Hey Lady to create a whimsical card! I love the gorgeous rainbow colors she used for the background of the slimline design!

Tammy added beautiful color to her bubbles to give them an awesome iridescent look! I love the large “bubble” made from a Stitched Circle! How cute is that mouse blowing a bubbly greeting?!

Marine added a bit of movement to her adorable scene using the Reveal Wheel! The mouse rocks back and forth as he balances on the bubble! The bathtub from Rub-A-Dub-Dub sets the stage for some bubbly clean fun!

Chari filled this Rub-A-Dub-Dub scene with glittery bubbles using the new Bubble Border die cut from Pixie Dust cardstock! The cute greeting is from our new Scripty Bubble Sentiments that we will showcase on Saturday.

When life gives you troubles…blow bubbles! Elena created a charming scene with lots of soft color for the little mice to blow bubbles!

Audrey created a stunning design featuring Bubbles of Joy! I love the gorgeous look of colored pencils on black cardstock!

Lynnette chose the cardstock colors for her bubbles and greeting to match the new Perfectly Plaid Remix paper! She used no-line coloring to give her little mouse some cute personality!

Grace flipped the Center Picture Window on its side to craft this adorable little pop-up Bubbles of Joy scene! She used Cloudy and Grassy stencils to create the backdrop and added stamped images from Happy Village too! I love the beautiful colors she used for the bubbles!

Latisha created a bubbly background with the Bubble Background Stencils. To put the focus on the sweet Bubbles of Joy mice she used a Stitched Rectangle Frame and then she added a double-bow of pretty twine!

Kara put her amazing Copic coloring skills to work creating this amazing design! She did no-line coloring for the bubble-blowing mouse and the little scene. And then she colored the Bubble Border to look like shiny, iridescent bubbles!

Caly‘s Bubbles of Joy mice are floating on bubbles in her tall slimline design! She filled the scene with Bubble Border bubbles (they are easy to snip apart) and stamped bubbles all colored in pretty pastels!

Lynnette created sweet little Bubbles of Joy scenes in the windows of a Foursquare Backdrop: Landscape! She used Perfectly Plaid Remix to frame her cute critters in cheery color!

This happy slimline scene by Tammy features some fun new products! Can you guess what they are? The Butterfly Kisses fox looks right at home chasing the bubbles with his new mouse friends!

Now, I have a video to introduce Bubbles of Joy, Bubble Border and Bubble Background Stencils! Chari and I will show some fun ways to use these bubbly new sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Bubbles of Joy, Bubble Border and Bubble Background Stencils! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your idea of bubbly good fun by February 24th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday, February 19th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

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687 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Bubbles of Joy, Bubble Border and Bubble Background Stencils

  1. I always had the most bubble fun with my sister when we were younger. Be it blowing bubbles in summer and trying to catch thwm (without popping!) or having fun with the bath bubbles when on holiday 🥰 These mice are absolutely adorable!

  2. These are Bubbles of Joy!!! So. Much. Fun.!!! I LOVE all the bubbles. The black background iridescent bubbles are incredible! I have a sweet bubble story. My Dad who was in his 70s at the time, bought a bubble wand and when he was at the checkout counter, he told the checker that it was for ages 4-8. He asked if he was too old for it! Hahaha. He still has it and he is now in his 80s and he loves playing with bubbles. My idea of bubbly good fun is using our bubble making machine on Halloween, in our driveway. Trick or treaters have to walk through the bubbles to get to our door. They love it! So fun!

  3. Woohoo, love the products of this first intro day!

    When I was a kid me and my brother did a challenge on who could stack more bubbles on hi wand before they started popping. So much fun! Now I enjoy blowing bubbles for my grandson. He’s still too little to really enjoy them but I live the faces he makes when one pops near his face.

  4. I loveee this cute mice! Bubbles alway reminding me of festivals where you can be a bit childisch and blow bubbles the whole day. Sad that we missed that last summer!

  5. When I was a kid my parents took me to the park on weekends and I remember they would sell bubble mix in little glass jars, I loved the display because it was so colorful, all the jars had different colors and were arranged in rainbow order. I think I loved the jar display more than the actual bubbles!

  6. These bubble designs are so cheerful! I like how versatile they are so that they can be paired with other products I already own.

  7. It’s been so cold here, I saw the idea to put food coloring in bubbles and blow them outside where they freeze and make patterns in the snow!

  8. Love the cute stamp set and the bubble stencils n all the bubbly coordinating fun….
    Currentlu my daughter is my all day bubbley fun. She is 3 n hlf yrs old…

  9. When I was in college my friends and I would sit in the hallway of our dorm and blow bubbles. It was a fun break from studying.

  10. Wow! I never think it’s possible, but every release just gets better and better!!
    We love blowing bubbles in the garden. There’s always a race, between the cat, the dog and the kids, to see who can pop them first! The dog usually wins!

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of this release.

  11. Love this set it is so cute! A bubbly good time for me is watching my son when he was younger be amazed at the bubbles and chasing them down to catch them!!

  12. As a child I really like making bubbles in the bath ! Trying to make the bigger bubble with my arms and belly but without breaking it.
    Your stampset is so damn cute !!

  13. I am completely ‘blown away’ by those cute mice ❤🐁 My granddaughter loves blowing bubbles, so these will be perfect for her! xx

  14. These are all so joyful, I especially love the bubble stencil! My favourite bubble-related activity is bathing in a jacuzzi – so relaxing.

  15. love, love, love this set! I like to blow bubbles with my son and watch him trying to pop all of them before hitting the ground.

  16. My favourite bubbles come in a champagne bottle, does that still count? Beautiful inspiration cards, you all really outdid yourselves.

  17. I’ve always loved to blow bubbles, they just make me so happy! I’m looking forward to play with this set, I’m already in love!

  18. Love the mice and bubbles!
    i remember having such a good time making bubbles with my daughter when was younger . i still can’t resist buying some bubble mixture when i go to the store 🙂

  19. OMG I’m going to be broke as soon as this release hits the shops!
    I enjoy blowing bubbles to my cat. She’s so cute trying to catch them 😀

  20. So many bubbly fun memories! But my favorite is when my kids were little, sitting on the front steps, blowing bubbles. They were so cute!

  21. My bubbly fun is seeing the looks on my preschoolers’ faces when we have bubbles out at the playground! Such cute creations today!

  22. Wowza!!, so much cuteness and fun!!…these bubbles sets are super adorable! My dogs enjoy chasing bubbles in the yard on a warm summers day.

  23. Who doesn’t love blowing bubbles! Not that long ago I took a sweet little non-verbal student outside to celebrate the end of the year. He loved watching them. He was mesmerized with their beauty!

  24. Love this stamp set. The design team really made such beautiful samples. I have always loved blowing bubbles as a kid and as a mom with my daughter. They are so magical.

  25. Bubbles are fun even for old ladies like me (ha ha). Love watching our dog try to catch them in the garden during the lovely, lazy days of summer.

  26. i’ve always loved bubbles and now i love to watch my kids love them too! hours can be spent outside just blowing bubbles!

  27. One of my favorite bubble memories were created in pigeon forge Tennessee at the Riley’s believe it or not museum. My son put his aunt inside a giant bubble. It popped and she was covered in slick soap. We had a blast! It was so great to hear Kelly on the video!! I love this release❤️

  28. I always enjoyed blowing bubbles as a kid. When I was teaching, I would give my students bubbles as an end of year treat. Always a big hit!

  29. So many fun scenes on these sweet cards. I definitely made my own bubbles when the store bought one had finished. I blew bubbles just a few weeks ago for my 6 year old nephew!

  30. Snow bubbles would have to suffice today as we are in the throws of a snow storm right now! I think today’s release is just darling. I love mice. Maybe you can feature hamsters in a future release, just to give the mice some same-sized (but equally cute) playmates.

  31. OMG the bubbles and mice are adorable. This brings back memories of my now adult children chasing after those bubbles. So much fun.

  32. I especially love all the rainbow bubbles. Beautiful coloring! I love blowing giant bubbles with my grandkids on a nice summer day.

  33. My SIL bought a bubble machine for my grandson that he could push around the yard and make bubbles and he had so much fun!!

  34. Last summer we used a giant bubble kit! It was amazing!!! The whole family (adults too) got in on the action! These new stamps, the die and stencil will help make a great layout of those pictures!

  35. Is there anything more fun than blowing bubbles for a toddler. The joy they get running after them is something special for sure!

  36. We love bubbles here! When the grandkids come over, we go out on the deck and blow the bubbles into the woods. it is always fun and brings giggles!
    Love the mice and bubbles!

  37. I have always loved blowing bubbles! I even took bubbles to college and passed them out when we were outside! So much fun! What a great new stamp set!

  38. Bubble bubbles bubbles!!!!! I love bubbles so much! I just love the little mice sitting inside the bubble, how cute would it be with the little Chameleon?!?!

  39. We always blow bubble when our students drive away on the buses at the end of the school year. Such a fun way to say good-bye.

  40. I have always enjoyed blowing bubbles in my driveway of my southern CA home with my children! It brings back such fond memories of my children and simpler times when they were happy and amused by bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles! Plus there were always water guns around and we would spritz each other! Ah the memories. Lawn
    These new additions to the Lawn Fawn family are sure to be pleased for many! Looking forward to seeing the video. Bubbles onward!!!

  41. I enjoy running and the race we did was a bubble run, so much fun running through the bubbles and jumping in the bubble pits…. felt like a kid again!

  42. I knew I was going to love this from the sneak peek post yesterday! The bubbles and mice are adorable! I can’t wait to play with them. When my kids were little, we used to love to use a bubble gun to blow hundreds of tiny bubbles and see how far they would go.

  43. kids and bubbles. nuf said. (bubbles in a glass with a long stem are good too… LOL!)
    love audrey’s dark glittering bubbles!

  44. Im so glad to see more little mice to play with. The bubble coloring/inking looks so amazing in all the design team samples! Bubbles are so magical and bring so much joy. Thanks for designing this set💙

  45. Oh my gosh this has to be my most favourite set! It’s truly adorable, what with the mouse floating in and on top of the bubble. So bloody cute!!
    A bubbly good time for me would involve lots of bubbly.- champagne!

  46. The mice and bubbles are just the cutest thing!!! My idea of a bubbly fun times is creating and crafting and spending time with family and friends. Can’t wait to see what else is in store this week!

  47. more mice!! YAY!! the mice are my favorite! and bubbles!! My grandkids love love bubbles…so this is perfect!!
    Can’t wait. 🙂

  48. Those adorable mice are back in another terrific set with so many possibilities! What great samples your team has put together! In addition to chasing bubbles on a summer day, my grandchildren love “doing dishes” in a sink full of bubbles or at the table with a mixing bowl and whisk.

  49. These are all so cute! I love blowing bubbles and letting them freeze when it’s super cold out. And then running back inside because it’s too cold to be outside!

  50. My daughters are 4 and 6 and they have e always loved bubbles!!! It’s so fun to watch them play and laugh with the same awe and spirit they did when they were little and bubbles were still new to them! I absolutely adore this new set!

  51. We LOVE Blowing Bubbles in the Spring and Summer!! Used to just use those Bubble Tubes you can buy for a Dollar until I found this AMAZING Bubble Blowing Machine at Target for $30.00!! You just add a Soap and Water Mixture and it Blows Bubbles of ALL sizes for Hours!! It’s the most FUN I think we’ve ever had and every time we pull it out, I’m not sure who has the MOST FUN!! The Adults or the Kids!??
    THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS Release Week!!

    1. Blowing bubbles at the beach is always so fun and brings smiles to strangers. There is something funny about bubbles

  52. I LOVE when people give you bubbles at weddings to blow at the bride and groom when they walk down the isle! So cute and fun

  53. I’ve always liked bubbles as they are very like polka dots, but these are just tons of fun! My favorite bubbly time is out in the yard with those long wands of bubbles for the grandkids to chase and pop.

  54. When I saw the bubbles I actually thought of the bathing ducks. The mice would also go nicely in a glass of bubbly. Cheers!

  55. The black card “popped” out at me. It was super cool to see since I hardly see any black cards. An idea for the bubbles I have would be to make an acetate spinner so it looks like the mouse is blowing the bubbles and floating away. Excited to see the zoom set!

  56. I’m not sure how you can keep making your stamp sets even CUTER! I’m in love. The mouse that sits in the bubble has my heart.

  57. You can really tell the Design Team had a lot of fun making these cards, because I had a lot of fun viewing them. I have a bubbly good time every evening when I unwind in the bath with a good book.

  58. I absolutely adore this set!!! My girls and I Love blowing bubbles. I have so many ideas I don’t know where to start!! I LOVE the look of the colored pencils on the black card stock!!

  59. Not that you want to hear my story, but as soon as I saw this set it reminded me of a set of pictures of my three girls and their 8 cousins running around their great grandparent’s backyard blowing bubbles. I can’t wait to use these to make some fun scrapbook pages to remind them all of their childhood.

  60. Oh I have 3 dachshunds and they LOVE chasing bubbles in our backyard! We have so much fun when there’s a slight breeze on a nice sunny day!

  61. I think a Father’s Day card with a bubbly beer stein (a foamy, bubbly top) would be super cute. Or maybe a New Year’s card with a glass of sparkling wine. A rubber ducky in a bubble bath would be a great baby shower card/invite.

  62. So excited to see a stamp version of your die cut sentiments. My idea of a bubbly good fun is to be able to enjoy the park again without having to worry about keeping your distance from other people. I hope we will be able to go back to that time soon.

  63. Wow!! So so adorable! Love the mice that goes with other sets, you just amaze!
    I love bubbles, the one thing all kids love! I enjoy the memories of my daughter and her bubbles. So sweet. Hopefully Miles loves them too!

  64. These bubbles are mice are super cute!!! I can think about so many ideas. Who doesn’t love bubbles, so many memories with my daughter blowing bubbles!!!

  65. Got to be the best release ever (keep saying that every time hahaha).
    Well… a glass of bubbly and some alone-time in my craft room together with the new stamp-set? YES!!

  66. I love, love, love this set!! I still remember the first time my husband and I “played bubbles” with our little girl – almost 30 years ago! I have the sweetest picture of her trying to wipe the bubbles away from her face as she snuggled into Daddy’s shoulder. What a precious memory!!

  67. You are never too old to love bubbles! I haven’t played with them in a bit since my girls are older now, but we had so much fun with bubbles. Love the big wands that you but in the big tubes to make giant bubbles.

  68. I love blowing bubbles, especially the BIG ones! When I saw the question though, the first thing I thought of was champagne 🙂

  69. Blowing bubbles small or large was so fun with my girls when they were little. Also seeing them try to catch bubbles on their hands was so cute!

  70. Love this set so much! I used to love watching my little dog leap in the air and catch bubbles. He’s almost 17 now and can’t see well so those are just precious memories for me now.

  71. My idea of bubbly good fun is when my boys were little and we would over do the bubble bath and put it on their heads and make them have bubble beards!! So much fun!!

  72. I agree with another poster, you are never too old to blow bubbles. Very excited about these stamps, dies, and stencils. So much fun!

  73. This set is so cute. I’m amazed by the creative of the design team. I love how Tammy has the mouse blowing “smile” as the bubble. I am in aw of Audrey’s card with the colored pencils on black card stock. It was so clever of Grace to make a card with the Center Picture Window on the side. All the projects are amazing. I can’t wait to see more.

  74. These projects are SOOOOOO adorable!! Wonderful work everyone! I love this so much!

    In my mind, nothing beats blowing bubbles for little kiddos! The wonder! Also, I’ve never seen an adult not smile when they see a bubble!

  75. My kids used to have a bubble blowing machine that was shaped like a barbeque. I remember one of the wands was shaped like a spatula (flipper). We had so much fun with it!

  76. How can you not love bubbles; it’s so much fun chasing and popping them! You have captured that fun with this cute set.

  77. I saw a manicure technique I want to try where they use bubbles to make a texture design in your polish. Very pretty. I love these mice playing with bubbles. Adorable!

  78. Super cute samples. My son loves bubbles, we just buy the giant premade container and go to town with the wands in summer!

  79. Loving all the bubble fun on all the projects! Blowing bubbles is fun for all ages! Get out in the backyard and blow some bubbles to release stress and anxiety!

  80. Oh I love the mice so much! I am glad they are back and its such a fun set! Love all the fantastic inspiration today. My idea is some bubbly good fun is baking up some sugar cookies!

  81. Oh my goodness – SO CUTE! Love the bubbles and all the ways the designers used them. My favorite bubbles are the bubbles in a bubble bath! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  82. We love blowing bubbles for our little dog to chase and jump at. Can’t wait for warmer weather to do that again, I love seeing my daughter play outside with the dog! AND I can not wait for this set to come out, why does the 25th seem so far away now????

  83. I always have a great time blowing bubbles with the grandchildren!!. This set is so adorable and versatile, love it!!

  84. I am loving all these bubble goodies! Bubbles are a staple around our house in the summer! We love bubble machines that produce a lot of bubbles! We also love using big bubble wands for some really big bubbles! The DT did a fabulous job!!

  85. Love making and watching bubbles they are so pretty in e sun! Most memorable moments of bubbles is as a kid using the bubbles in the hot tub for beards, but quite the same lol

  86. Nothing reminds me of my childhood more than blowing bubbles! I even like blowing a good chewing gum bubble too!
    This set is so cute it brings back all those good memories as a child!

  87. During the summer, I love to put on the bubble blower for my younger sister while she’s swimming in her little swimming pool. She thinks it’s so fun!

  88. These little mice and bubbles are so cute!!! I especially love the black cardstock card. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new stamps and dies.

  89. I love playing with bubbles with preschool-aged kids because they find bubbles are sooo magical! (I miss this age!) These mice are so cute!

  90. Today’s release is full of bubbly goodness. The stencils, borders and stamps works so well together or all by themselves.
    We like to blow bubbles and see how many we can catch on the palm of our hand.

  91. These sets are absolutely adorable! And they bring back so many great memories when my kids were little and loved going outside to blow bubbles. We had a quite a collection of bubble blowing equipment! We even tried making giant bubbles around them in a kiddie pool with a hula hoop one time!

  92. My idea of bubbly good fun is a nice hot bubble bath. And these mice and bubbles sets are just way too cute! I love how they pair so perfectly with other sets such as Rub-a-Dub-Dub!

  93. Oh my goodness! More cute mice! And bubbles?? Such a cute combination! Blowing bubbles on a warm sunny day and watching the colors shimmer in the sun is magical! For now though, I’ll settle for a nice warm bubble bath on these cold, below zero winter nights!

  94. I love love love this new stamp set! It’s so cute! My idea of bubbly fun is blowing bubbles with my niece and nephews. With the current Covid restrictions I can’t do that right now but a good old bubble bath is great too!

  95. I had a wonderful bubbly time with my granddaughter a few years ago….that is until she spilled the bottle of bubbles all over my kitchen floor…lol !! This set is absolutely adorable and I absolutely LOVE Megan’s card with the jar of bubbles.

  96. These are so cute! You guys do the cutest little mice ever! I love to go out in the warm weather and blow bubbles with my kids. We have a bubble machine we sit on the patio table and they (and our dogs) run through and try to catch the bubbles. 🙂

  97. These examples are adorable! The mice. . .I can’t.

    As a kid bubbles were just fun; magical. When I became a parent, blowing them for my kids brought those memories back. Now that my kids are older, I prefer bubbles in my wine glass.

  98. These are adorable!!

    I’m a counselor, and I use bubbles in my practice to help children learn to breathe properly when coping with PTSD and/or anxiety.

  99. This set is super cute! When I was little, I would blow bubbles and then immediately chase them to try and pop them.

    My childhood nickname is also “Bubbles”

  100. The bubble ideas are adorable! I love to watch the cats – and grandchildren – chase bubbles. My niece has a bubble machine that comes out once the weather warms – such fun!

  101. I have always loved playing with bubbles with my kids. My favorite was when we made giant bubbles. You use a kiddie pool that you fill with the bubble mixture and you have your kid stand in the middle of the pool inside of a hula hoop and slowly raise the hula hoop up until they are inside a giant bubble. So much fun!!! These mice are so adorable.

  102. Oh my goodness, this idea of bubbles is SO cute and creative!!! As a kid I loved blowing bubbles in our neighborhood with the other kids in the summer! And using chalk on the sidewalks 🙂

  103. So cute. I love blowing bubbles when it’s very cold outside. They kinda freeze in the air. Very cool. Thanks. Take care ❤️

  104. Love love love this cute stamp set and the bubble border die. They are so stinking cute. Those mouse are just the cutest. 😊

  105. Bubbly Good Fun playing with Lawn Fawn products.
    I just about fell off my chair when I got to the Elephant blowing bubbles out his trunk. Brilliant!!! Thank you for making me laugh at some bubbly good fun!!! AWESOME!!!

  106. My 3 and 6 year old grandkids and I LOVE to play with bubbles!!!! I blow, and they chase and destroy. We also like to go on our balcony, blow bubbles, and watch the people driving by wondering where they are coming from 🙂

  107. The mice are adorable! Every one did such a great job! I love how some added color to the bubbles giving them that acid rain look!

  108. Oh the memories, when my children would come home on the bus I had 3 bubble machines that I would start a few minutes before they’d be dropped off at the house. There would be bubbles everywhere! I think bubbles of all kinds are fun. This is a must have and could be used in soooooo many ways. I’m a lifetime bubble fan.

  109. I love blowing bubbles with little kids and watching the big smile that comes across their face as they chase them around saying, “More! More!” 🙂

  110. With all the mice love, this set is beautiful and so many options for using it! It’s the set I didn’t know I needed.

  111. A tub filled with hot water and lots of bubble bath.
    Just lay there, reading a book and relaxing.
    Fun idea for the new release.
    thanks for sharing

  112. One of my favorite bubble memories is from my girls getting Ariel bubble wands at Disneyland and making thousands of bubbles fly everywhere throughout downtown Disney! They loved making so many bubbles at once! I love this bubble set! That rainbow bubble card is gorgeous!

  113. Spectacular bubbles on every DT card! I need to binge watch videos to learn how to do that!! When we go to the town boardwalk for July 4th fireworks I bring bubbles for the kiddos around me. The air fills with bubbles and giggles and it’s a holiday filled with memories for those little ones (and added smiles for those on our blanket ). I love these bubbles!

  114. My pets LOVE bubbles, so blowing bubbles & watching them try to catch them is so entertaining! I really can’t wait to learn how to color bubbles to look so iridescent!

  115. All of these card’s are just super cute, my idea of bubbly good fun is just hanging out with my niece’s, nephew’s and my babies in the park

  116. Wow! The iridescent coloring on so many of these bublé cards are gorgeous! A bubbly good time for me right now will be a nice shower once we’re through this awful weather crisis in Texas! Can’t wait for running water again…

  117. I love everything about today’s sneak peak! Audrey’s coloring is out of this world, and Grace’s out-of-the-box idea on the layout of her card? Perfect!

    Everything important for me these days revolves around my young grandson, and he just LOVES blowing and chasing bubbles in our yard. Since we live in Central Florida, that’s a year-round thing!

  118. Bubble baths are the most bubble fun for me, for my children, and now for my grandson. Love the look of the bubbles against the black. Fun set!

  119. OoOoOh for goodness sakes! These are ADORABLE!!! So many cute ideas and coloring techniques!! Just WOW! Does Champagne count as bubbly good fun? I also like to use those REALLY huge bubble wands and try to make the biggest bubbles possible. The kids love when they turn out bigger than they are. I’m sure they would love to be able to actually get in one and float!

  120. Beautiful design and sentiments… we all love to blow bubbles!!! my grandkids will adore cards made from this set using some of your interactive dies…. plenty ideas on my head, thank you for sharing your ideas!

  121. I’m in love with the bubbles of joy stamp & die set, bubbles borders and stencil!
    Blowing bubbles esp. in the summer is so much fun. I always have bubbles for

  122. This set is so adorable! I love blowing bubbles and watching my dogs chase them. They are always so confused when they disappear (pop) 😅😂

  123. I’m in Bubble Joy!!! I LOVE all the bubbles! Can’t wait to get this set. I love watching and hearing my grandchildren play/chase their bubbles…squeals of joy and fun!!!

  124. I remember my dad getting a kit to make GIANT bubbles, and making the solution up with him. I could never get the hang of making the bubbles with this specialty want, but he made some super ones!

  125. I used to take my kids to the local science center to see a performer make giant bubbles. He would make them so large that he could put a 6 year old in one. It was so fun.

  126. Doing the bubble run with friends was a great way to play with bubbles as an adult. I love bubbles they make you feel happy and hopeful. I cannot wait to use this fun stamp set.

  127. I’m kinda partial to the bubbles that come in a champagne bottle. However, these little mice seem to be having a squeaky clean and fun time making bubbles of their own!

  128. I am loving all these new products and the cards are all amazing!!! I guess I would have to say I love when the weather is nice and I’ll give my car a good old fashioned car wash by hand with a bucket of bubbles 🙂

  129. Playing with bubbles is one of my family’s favorite activities. No matter our ages. I also loving sitting with my cats and blowing catnip bubbles and watching them chase and pop them. Two of my cats Tigger and Rosie do a cat happy dance and this cute gurgle sound every time they see the bottle. So excited and so adorable. I’m going to love this set.

  130. A bubbly good time for me would be relaxing in a bubble bath. Seeing these bubbles do remind me of the simple joy you see on the faces of the little ones when they blow bubbles.

  131. Love love love the beautiful bubble coloring! So creative and pretty! I’m not a bubble kinda gal, but I do enjoy blowing bubbles with kids… they’re smiles make it all worth while.

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    I love bubbles, blowing bubbles outsider in the summer trying to catch them before they pop or in wintertime seeing how tiny little snowflakes form on the bubbles, and bubbles in the bath. So much fun! I would use these sets on cards, in my Project Life, on scrapbooking layouts and to decorate party favors.

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  142. Kelly Marie and everyone else at Lawn Fawn,
    I loved your final paragraph about having wonderful customers, however, without you having started LF, there are so many of us that would truly be lost without the stamps, dies, paper and stencils that you (LF) creates for us to play with. Hats off to each and every one of you that works hard to come up with such magnificent ideas and turns them into stamps and dies for us to enjoy and cherish as well as create with. I only found your company three years ago, but am SO thankful that I did. I get so much joy and peace from creating with all of the stamps. When I’m unable to actually get into my craft room to create, I can always look forward to watching videos (new and old) and be taken away from the severity of pain that I live with every day. It really helps to redirect my brain and I’d be lost without all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Lawn Fawn equals LOVE for me.

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    1. I absolutely love bubbles, and these are so sweet!! My friend had bubble wands at her wedding for guests to blow bubbles when she & her husband left. It was so much fun!!

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    Maybe I can figure it out.. but I never would of thought of it without their lovely ideas! Thanks!
    Oops.. love blowing bubbles on a cool day.

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    My kids have all loved blowing bubbles and so have I!
    Many fond memories of the shared time. Would love to do some scrapbooking with these products, and make some cute cards with those adorable mice!

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  252. It’s so snowy and cold here so we’re stuck inside, but my almost two year old loves bubbles so we’ve had to get creative…. we put down a big blanket to keep the bubbles from getting the floor all soapy and set the bubble machine up high. She loves it!