Lawn Fawn Intro: Butterfly Kisses Flip-Flop and Long Distance Hugs

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s March 2021 Inspiration Week! All of our new Spring 2021 products are available at your favorite store and!

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Today is our showcase of Butterfly Kisses Flip-Flop and Long Distance Hugs and its coordinating dies! The cute fox from Butterfly Kisses has been flip-flopped, and is now running the other way (complete with net and butterflies)!

Send smiles across the miles with the Long Distance Hugs sentiment set! Pair it with any critter for some long-distanced love.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elena‘s super cute birthday card features our new Butterfly Kisses Flip-Flop fox and his friend from the original Butterfly Kisses! They are rushing to celebrate a happy day with a little help from Eggstra Amazing Easter pals!

Latisha used the new Bubbles Stencil to create a pretty backdrop to send Long Distance Hugs!

Megan‘s clever design pairs the Butterfly Kisses Flip Flop fox with the fox from Really High Five! I love how she set the scene with Perfectly Plaid Remix paper, a cute framed Coaster Critter and the light bulb and sentiment from Turn Me On!

Mindy used the new Slimline Simple Hillside Stencils to create an amazing night sky for the Upon a Star constellations and critters! Long Distance Hugs provides the sweet sentiment!

Our Butterfly Kisses Flip-Flop fox also plays nicely with our sunbathing fox from On The Beach! Lynnette created a fantastic beach scene for the foxes with Hammock and Trees palm trees and Stitched Wave Borders!

Kara combined the foxes, who appear to be running into a happy hug, with a sentiment from Long Distance Hugs! She created the background with Sunburst Backdrop, Outside In Stitched Heart Stackables and flowers from the Build-A-Basket: Easter set!

Elise‘s simply beautiful card starts with our Fancy Lattice Backdrop on the background panel with a Stitched Rectangle Frame! Then she added sweet images from Gleeful Gardens and a sentiment with Long Distance Hugs and the coordinating dies!

Tammy‘s card is so adorable! I love the colors of the stenciled clouds and the pretty rainbow! The Butterfly Kisses Flip-Flop fox is chasing butterflies with friends from Really High Five and the original Butterfly Kisses!

This card by Audrey makes me smile! It’s filled with Spring color and lots of fun! I love how she used the Sunburst Backdrop on the Perfectly Plaid Remix paper! Adding a Magic Messages greeting to the Outside In Stitched Flower is such a great idea!

Our fun bears from Den Sweet Den and Snow Much Fun are gathered together to send sweet bear hugs through the mail! Lynnette used a Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Frame, Hello Sunshine Remix 6×6 paper and Quinn’s Capital ABCs to finish her Long Distance Hugs card!

Elise created a beautiful Butterfly Kisses scene on a mini slimline card! The Butterfly Kisses Flip-Flop fox and his friend are sure to catch a butterfly or two together!

Now, I have a video to introduce Butterfly Kisses Flip-Flop and Long Distance Hugs! We will share some fun ways to use these new sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Butterfly Kisses Flip-Flop and Long Distance Hugs! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us who you are sending long distance hugs to by March 24th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday, March 23rd for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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298 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Butterfly Kisses Flip-Flop and Long Distance Hugs

    1. Most all of my family is local, but I do have a brother in Florida that I’m sending long-distance hugs to.

  1. My bestie – she moved interstate 4 years ago – I miss her dearly and she’s had a rough start to the year..

  2. Send them to my best friend and my mother. Haven’t see them now for more then a year. Really miss them

  3. Lots of great inspiration from the design team! It’s so awesome to see new and old sets put together! My hugs and kisses go out to my youngest son who is going to University away from home!

  4. To my Mom! I haven’t been able to see her in over a year. So I send lots of long distance hugs! So I love this new sentiment set. As usual – I love all of the inspiration today and Chari’s videos are always great!

  5. I love this flip flop!!! I am sending long distance hugs to a friend of mine, who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer. I am sending her cards 3x per week, as she does not have the energy to do much, understandably. According toher sister, the cards at least put a smile to her face. I am sad that I cannot visit her at this, due to all the COVID restrictions.

  6. These are all amazing cards! I have been sending long distance hugs to my little niece and her mom, my sister.

  7. OH! Such darling scenes! Amazing cards! I am giving long distance hugs to my twin sister, niece, nephew (whose birthday is tomorrow), mom and dad in Pennsylvania! It’s been a year and a half!

  8. Been sending long distance hugs to my grandmother a lot. She likes my cards so I am sending her one a month this year!

  9. Sending long distance big hugs to my mom and dad… they live out East and with Covid haven’t been able to go see them. My mom gets her last vaccination this week so hoping to get out there soon! Love this new release!! So much on my wish list now! The pink bubble card with the hugs sentiment is just adorable!!

  10. Sending long distance hugs to my parents, friends and extended family. I have been able to see a few over the past year.

  11. I have been sending long distance hugs via handmade cards to all my nieces and lifetime friends around the country!

  12. I’m sending long distance hugs so my grandchildren. We have finally gotten vaccinated so can’t wait to visit them in person.

  13. I am sending long distance hugs to my best friend Carole. I haven’t seen her in 1 1/4 years now, and she lives about 5 miles from me. That is a LONG DISTANCE when your favorite friend is not around. I love the card with the snails. They get their own card!

  14. Long distance hugs sent to siblings in other states and cities. Love the ideas today! Always enjoy the new releases and inspiration.

  15. Long distance hugs to everyone working in hospitals, ambulances, care-homes… everyone in that area! They are amazing!!!

  16. Scotland has been in strict lockdown since December 26th, so I’m having to send long-distance hugs to everyone right now! I’m looking forward to some real hugs soon!

  17. I am definitely sending long distance hugs to my grandma! I miss her so so much. She lives about 5 hours away and it so hard to not be able to see her. I have been sending her lots of cards with hug messages!! Absolutely love these stamps.

  18. I’m sending long distance hugs to my sister and nieces across the country. But, since we still can’t move around in the city since they are slow going with vaccines here, I still send them to my friends and family around town too. It may only be 10 miles, but I haven’t seen them in a year.

  19. Sending long distance hugs to my mother who I haven’t hugged since 2019. These cards are so bright and happy!

  20. My mom and dad live across the country from me so I’d send them both long distance hugs (and kisses.)
    Hugs from Canada!

  21. These are just adorable…I am lucky to have my family close by so I am sending long distance hugs to all my crafty friends!

  22. Wonderful cards filled with love and hugs by the DT! I send my mom a card every week because she is 86 and has not been able to get her shot yet where she lives, and since my father passed away, she is all alone in a big house with no-one to chat with! I feel like the cards lift her up in between the many phone calls 🙂

  23. The flip flop and sweet sweet sets are making these huggers more than darling and perfect to send higd, yes please! Have sent a hug when someone pops into my head, not much family any more but a few from church.

  24. My only loooong distance person is my nephew and his family. Can’t wait to be able to visit them again.

  25. i am always sending long distance hugs to family and friends living far away but during this time I have been also sending them to close family who haven’t been vaccinated yet.

  26. Adorable cards by the designers… I’m sending long distance hugs to my sister and family. I really miss our
    Visits. Thanks for sharing…

  27. Love these sets. Sending hugs to all my family and friends that live away from me. Especially now, it’s been awhile since we could be together.

  28. I am sending out long distance hugs (as well as kisses and love 💞) to my children and grandchildren!

  29. I am loving these flip flops, they are brilliant! I am sending long distance hugs to my little sister in NYC!

  30. I’d send long distance hugs to my mom whose been in hospital since before Christmas. Such sweet cards thank you for the inspiration.

  31. I am sending long distance hugs to my little granddaughter, who I haven’t been able to see since Christmas because of our 3rd lock down here in the UK

  32. I’m sending long distance hugs across the country to my Dad who recently turned 100! I wasn’t able to be there for his drive-by parade, but am hopeful that things are changing so that I can see him face to face this year.

  33. My aunt just had surgery to get a basket ball sized tumor removed from her uterus so I’ve been sending her some long distance hugs during her recovery.

  34. I’m sending long distance hugs to the best man
    at our wedding – 63 years ago. He and his
    wife live in Chicago – I’m in southern Illinois.
    My husband has been gone almost 18 years.
    At our ages, it’s hard to get together anymore.
    thanks. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  35. I am sending long distance hugs to my brother who lives out of state. And my best friend from grade school who lives far away. No matter where the two of us are we always stay in touch.

  36. There’s been a lot more cards sent, phone calls made, and zoom meetings held over this past year to pass on my love and long distance hugs to family and friends.

  37. So many awesome card ideas!
    Sending hugs out to my longtime friend, Jennifer, who has not been well. We’ve been friends since junior high school…. and that has been many, many years ago!

  38. I’ll send a long distance hug to my daughter who is working in Jordan. I haven’t seen her in person since the pandemic started!

  39. Sending long distance hugs to my family back home in Ohio. I was hoping my sister could come out this year, but not happening still.

  40. These cards are so cute!!! I am sending long distance hugs to my granddaughter who I haven’t seen during this pandemic…. but great news… I will receive my 2nd vaccine shot this week and we plan to have her during Spring Break in April. Yay!!

  41. So cute! I am sending long distance hugs to family & friends that live out of state that I have not seen since the pandemic started.

  42. I send long distance hugs to my niece and nephew. They don’t live far but I don’t see them as often due to CoVid 19 restrictions. Thanks for the inspirations.

  43. I am sending long distance hugs to my family. I haven’t seen most of them in over a year! I miss them all! Love these cards!!

  44. I’m sending long distance hugs to my friend Sue in Texas. Miss her! Great inspiration on the blog, as always.

  45. What wonderful ideas for cards in the post today!! Today is my little nephew’s birthday. We’re sending long distance hugs his way

  46. Long distance hugs are always being sent to my family in another continent who I’ve not seen since before Covid (like many). Would love to give in person hugs, but that day will come. The hugs set is perfect for so many cards. Thanks.

  47. I have a sister who lives halfway across the country from me. Her birthday is on the 25th. Sent long distance hugs today.

  48. I send long distance hugs to all my family and friends, since moving to the mainland 2 years ago they’re all back in Hawaii.

  49. I love Chari’s little story of her card’s premise. I love the little foxes running toward each other. And I especially like their flowing eyelashes! (I mean bows and flowers in their hair are nice, but too obvious, especially btwn longtime friends.) The flopped fox—elephant and chameleon—are truly great additions to the LF “library of friends.” Must haves, as well as an assortment of hugs!

  50. I love butterflies and the designers did a great job with them and the sentiment set! I am sending long distance hugs to my best friend and my brother and his family. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  51. I am sending long distance hugs to my best friend that is not that far, but lives in a different province.

  52. I’m sending long distance hugs to my relatives in Michigan and the girls I sponsor in Mexico. I was planning on going to Mexico to see them this summer, but it looks like it will be more than a year before I can go there again.

  53. I’ve sent lots of long distance hugs cards to older folks at church who haven’t been able to get out due to covid.

  54. These Flip Flop stamp sets are the best thing ever! And I just love this new sentiment set because my entire family lives in another state! I would use it to make cards for my parents and all of my 4 brothers (and my aunts & uncles!)!

  55. Most of my family live far away and are getting lots of long distance hugs from me! Looking forward to seeing them hopefully this summer!

  56. I really want to give in-person hugs to my sister and her family (including a new baby) who are currently living in the Netherlands. We had plans to go visit them last year but they were covid-cancelled! 🙁 We’re hoping 2021 will be the year to finally go see them!

  57. Hugs to all of those who receive the handmade cards using Lawn Fawn Products! Thank you for all that you do!

  58. My grandmother and other nursing home residents that I’ve “adopted” during the pandemic. They haven’t been able to have visitors and have had many “lockdowns” when they’re isolated in their rooms. I hope my cards bring them some bit of happiness and help to break up the monotony of daily living under such lonely conditions.

  59. I would send long distance hugs to my aunt on the east coast. She lost her husband in July and then her son last month. We live on the west coast and it’s hard to provide comfort when you are so far away.
    These cards are so amazing…love the fox so much!

  60. These card’s are just too cute, I’m sending long distance hugs to my Aunt that I rarely get to see she has a lot of health problems so she really can’t go anywhere or do anything

  61. Long Distance hugs are sent to my sister who lives overseas and to my Mom who lives 2 days drive away. Who are you sending hugs to? I love the flip flop idea!! So much easier than trying to do the mirror stamping technique!

  62. I send long distance hugs to all of my family, since none of them live in the same country as I do – I am regularly sending happy mail to Poland and Germany, and to my Friends in Finland <3

  63. My BFF loves hand made cards (and I know she saves the ones I send so I never worry if they’re going in the trash!) She’ll get lots of hugs for sure!!!

  64. I don’t live near any of my siblings or Mother. I am sending them long distance hugs all the time.

  65. I try to send long distance hugs regularly to a friend who lives alone in another state. Pandemic isolation has been very challenging to her.

  66. I’m sending hugs to my Aunt in Canada. I live in Illinois and we don’t get to see each other very often, so I send her lots of cards!!! Love the beautiful cards today!!!

  67. My partner is working away so I’m sending him some loooong distance hugs! I love Chari’s two foxes hugging card.

  68. I have sent well over 150 hugs through the mail this past year to friends and family. So YAY for new ideas!

  69. I’m sending long distance hugs to my grandparents. They live approximately 300 miles away from me. I haven’t seen them in a while.

  70. My mom recently moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia after reconnecting with her high school boyfriend…so sending them both long distance hugs.

  71. All my friends and family, especially to my oldest daughter who lives in different town than the rest of the family.

  72. I’m sending long distance hugs to my nieces, one is having a birthday and the other just won state champion in weight lifting.

  73. i am sending long distance hugs to my sister and nephews
    i haven’t seen them in a year and a half and miss them terribly

  74. I am sending BIG air hugs to my three wonderful grandsons, Park, Colton & Garrett! Miss you all very much!

  75. These are so precious! I have young grandchildren and nieces and nephews in 8 states! Everyone is getting long distance love & hugs!

  76. I’ve been sending long distance hugs to everyone it would seem. It’s so sad too as my 7 grandchildren all ages 7 and under have birthdays clustered all together in Spring and we haven’t had parties or anything. My brand new nephew was born 3/11 and hugs are hard long distance when they are so tiny.

  77. I am sending long distance hugs to all my family and friends that i can’t spend time with right now due to covid, hoping for better days ahead!

  78. “Sending hugs” is such a wonderful, sweet sentiment! I’m sending hugs to my daughter, whose birthday is tomorrow (March 23). She’s in her Freshman year at a university 3 hours away and this is the first time we haven’t been able to celebrate with her ON her day. ❤️

  79. Sending hugs to someone who I haven’t seen in 20 years, but am still in contact with across the states in Oklahoma. I hope he is well. Love the hugs samples today.

  80. Sending long distance hugs to my Mother. I haven’t seen her since Christmas 2019. Can’t wait until we can finally visit again!

  81. too many people …. my mom in Florida, my daughter in San Francisco, another son in Indianapolis, my sisters in 2 ends of New York, my brother in Maryland, another brother in PA …. ….. too many people!

  82. I’d be sending long distance hugs to my three sisters, they live about 200 miles away. Lots of inspiration so far this week.

  83. Oh, how fun to have the mirror image of this adorable fox!! Since the pandemic started, I have actually been trying to send more short-distance hugs. Specially to people in our church who haven’t been able to get out due to age and/or physical conditions.

  84. I’m sending long distance hugs to my sisters and brother that I have not seen in a long time because they live far away

  85. These are all so adorable!! I am sending long distance hugs to my Mom. She lives far away from me, but we typically get together a few times a year, including the winter holidays. But, I haven’t seen her for over 15 months. I try to send her a card each week so she knows I’m thinking of her, and we can’t wait until we get to see each other again in person. Zoom and texting and calls just isn’t enough. I can’t wait to give her a real hug. Fingers crossed we can soon. Until then, she gets a lot of long distance hugs from me, using a lot of Lawn Fawn products! Thank you for helping make my Mom’s day. She is a wonderful person.

  86. I’m sending long distance hugs to my brother, who just welcomed a baby boy to his family yesterday. I wish I could hop on a plane and snuggle that baby. Hopefully soon!

  87. Sending long distance hugs to my mom who is currently in quarantaine after testing positive. It was scary for a while because she is also a lung patient. Luckily the symptoms are not too severe but it’s so weird not being able to visit!

  88. I haven’t seen my family in Minnesota for almost two years. We only go once a year and last year we couldn’t go. I miss them so much.

  89. I would send long distance hugs to my grandkids. They love getting cards and long distance hugs is a perfect sentiment since they don’t live close. Also to my out of state family members.

  90. Such cute flip flops. I would like to send distance hugs to my aunts who just recently lost their brother.

  91. Gorgeous cards!
    I’m sending long distance hugs to my family in Australia – I’m in Hong Kong and I have no idea when I’ll get to see them again.

  92. I’m sending long distance hugs to my cousin’s that live in Texas!! My lil cousin is getting married next month!

  93. I am sending long distance hugs to so many people during the pandemic. Big hugs for family I have not seen I. Over a year but also friends in the U.S? Who I just can’t see right now. Long distance hugs all around!

  94. I am sending long distance hugs to my fellow crafters and card makers. We haven’t been able to see each other, so we have been exchanging hello’s via our craft.

  95. I want to say that these cards are all too cute! So much talent in your design team. I want to send a really long distance hug to my mom. She died almost 8 months ago and I miss her so much.

  96. I am sending a long distance bear hug to my mom in Guatemala. I haven’t seen her for more than a year. Hope to see her soon and give her the hug in person.

  97. Unfortunately the one person I’d send lots of hugs to is no no longer with us. 🥲I miss her so much.

    Send lots of hugs for her, she was a hugger. 💓

  98. My LD hugs go out to my mom! I miss her dearly and she’s 1100 miles away. That set is one of my favs but I haven’t inked it up yet. Today!

  99. I’m sending long distance hugs to my son who is away at college. Can’t wait until spring term is over so he can come home, not that he would be spending time with me but he will be home!!

  100. My little Sister lost a loved one a few days ago. So I’ll be sending long distance hugs to her from 2,400 miles away.

  101. I’m definitely leaving Long Distance Hugs to my Niece and Great Niece and Nephew in NY.
    I LOVE all the Cards…amazing work by all.
    Elise’s Card is so stunning…the colors she used together really caught my eye!!!

  102. Always sending my daughter long distance hugs ‘virtually’ since she lives in another state. I want to make the cute fox card.

  103. I’d send long distance hugs to my whole family! Haven’t seen my parents in almost 2 years and either of my aunts in a year and a half 🙁

  104. Sending long distance hugs to my In Laws as it has been 2 years since we have seen them and we are hoping to see them this summer once everyone is vaccinated.

  105. So many long distance hugs have been needed recently such as for friends in Europe who are still in lockdown and relatives who are elderly and aren’t going out. Love Elise’s card with the Fancy Lattice background.

  106. Right now most of my long distance hugs are going to my sister and new born niece, can’t wait to see them!

  107. Yay! Such a cute fox and all his friends too. Love the paper. I send long distance hugs to my sister!

  108. I’m sending long distance hugs and a surprise Lawn Fawn package to my sister Kat Ana all the way to Spain!!!

  109. I am sending long distance hugs to my Aunt, my brother, my sister and my children and grandchildren. I also send them to anyone I feel just needs a hug. Thanks Lawn Fan for giving me so many great ideas!

  110. As we are still under restrictions here, I’m sending long distance hugs to my 91 year old mom (who still lives in her own house), my sister & brother-in-law, my brother and his wife, who is fighting cancer, and my brother and his family who live in Australia. I’m also sending long distance hugs to my crafty friends. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  111. The backdrop and cardstock used make such an elegant looking card. Love the glitter hugs. Really pops out of the card Elise. 🐌

  112. What amazing creations! Love them! I’m sending long distance hugs to my family all around the globe, from Asia to USA, Canada & Australia.

  113. I am sending long distance hugs to my parents – I have not gotten to see them for over a year and I miss them sooooooo very much 🙂

  114. This butterfly kisses set is a fabulous set to make into a flipped image. I love what I have seen!
    Lori Spitzer in PA

  115. My hugs are being sent to daughter and granddaughter by mail and through our Google Hub Max. She loves seeing us and will try to look behind it to see if she can find us.

  116. Oh my! I ADORE every single sample! This flip flop is a must have! I’m sending long distance hugs to my wonderful friend Vanessa Middleton-from Georgia to New Hampshire. When I don’t buy directly from Lawn Fawn I buy from Vanessa at Butterfly Reflections Ink. If anyone is near Freemont NH go visit her shop. You won’t be sorry. Her shop is great and Vanessa is one of the most amazing humans on earth! Also sending huge hugs to Lawn Fawn. I love you guys!!

  117. I’ve been sending lots of cards this past year, trying to think of mostly people who live alone. Love this blog inspiration 🙂

  118. I’m sending long distance hugs to my friends at college and both sets of grandparents, who live out of state. 🙂

  119. Love that you flipped the fox! These are all so adorable. I’m sending long distance hugs to my grandmothers, who have been cooped up during the pandemic.

  120. I would send long distance hugs along inside my birthday cards. I really like the bear hugs card. It turned out great without having to make the entire scene! I need to try making more cards like that.

  121. Sending long distance hugs to all my friends and family who are interstate and overseas. We are so lucky to thave the technology we have to keep in touch!

  122. I sent some long distance hugs via a card to my high school art teacher, whom refers to me as “her daughter.” Due to COVID, she hasn’t been going out much and the depression can set in. I sent her a card filled with lots of love and virtual hugs to brighten her day!

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