Lawn Fawn Intro: Cheery Deer and Jolly Christmas Tree

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Today is our showcase of Cheery Deer and Jolly Christmas Tree! This deer is so cute and great for holiday projects. Leave out the string of lights, and it is perfect for any occasion that calls for a sweet critter! Create different looks by using cardstock and patterned papers in various colors.

Create a cute Christmas tree that is perfect for all holiday greetings with the paper-piecing Lawn Cuts set, Jolly Christmas Tree!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Grace created a beautiful Christmas card that features our cute Cheery Deer! This charming design includes Magic Holiday Messages, Christmas Garland and Peppermint Stripes Backdrop!

Elise‘s Jolly Christmas Tree looks so amazing in front of the Window Frame! She used the little dies included in the Window Frame set to add the moon and stars in the night sky!

Mindy paired the our two new paper-piecing sets to create a whimsical holiday card! She arranged them on a circle with a Stitched Scalloped Circle Frame!

Latisha got really creative and made a beautiful glittery Jolly Christmas Tree ornament!

The Cheery Deer is so adorable as the star of Elena‘s happy holiday card! The candy stripe Simple Stripes: Diagonal is the perfect backdrop for the cute little deer and Mini Snowflakes!

Lynnette created a cozy scene with Jolly Christmas Tree and Shadow Box Card Fireplace Add-On! I love the brick stenciled “wall” and the glittery ornaments on the tree! The Merry Christmas Line Border in red glitter is so the perfect to finish this fun retro look design!

Yainea layered the Cheery Deer on a shimmer pink Stitched Snowflake Frame to decorate a Goodie Bag! I love how she added some shading to the deer to define the features! This is so cute and such a fun little gift bag!

Rebecca and I collaborated on a Jolly Christmas Tree design that is so sweet and simple! We used Holographic and Metallic Gold cardstock for the ornaments and a Fancy Folded Banner for the greeting!

Audrey’s googly-eyed deer looks so cute with the pastel colored string of lights! She colored the sentiment from Offset Sayings: Christmas to match and then layered them over a fun Simple Stripes: Portrait background!

Lynnette paired Cheery Deer with some trees from Forest Backdrop to create a fun snowy design! And then she added the Scripty Merry as her sentiment to create a die-cut only card!

This happy design is great for making multiples! Prepare each element in stages; piece together all the Cheery Deer and then stamp and color the sentiment on all the panels. Finally, assemble all the pieces and send one to all your friends and family!

And now I have a video to introduce Jolly Christmas Tree and Cheery Deer and to share some fun and inspiring ways to use these new sets! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Cheery Deer and Jolly Christmas Tree! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what you look forward to the most at holiday time by October 13th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday, October 11th for our next inspiration week post!

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247 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Cheery Deer and Jolly Christmas Tree

  1. I love celebrating the birth of Jesus the most but also the happiness of being with my family, there always seems to be more joy around this time of year. Cheery deer is one of my favorites of the release, he is just so cute

  2. The most look forward to is to find STOLLEN! That’s my Christmas tradition to myself! It’s not that easy as you think, unless you live in Germany. No, I don’t bake it. lol

  3. I look forward to gathering family together. I also find pleasure in watching them open handmade gifts i created them.

  4. I usually look forward to the downtime at holiday time, but this year I will unfortunately have to work. I am looking forward o spending Chistmas as a family this year, though, as last year we were not able to do that.

  5. That’s a very difficult question. I love so much about the season. The smells, the warmth, the baking. Everything.

  6. I can’t wait for uninterrupted crafting time when I have the break from school ( and some new goodies under the tree).

  7. I love seeing the joy on my sons face when he opens a present he really wanted. Christmas is so special and magical when you have young children !

  8. Looking forward to having both my kids at home on Christmas morning this year! My son usually has to work unless Christmas is on the weekend.

  9. Spending time with my grandsons, baking Christmas cookies and other goodies. My 85 year old mom and I making peanut brittle together.

  10. I look forward to watching the Christmas movies as I create, whether it be making my Christmas cards or sewing projects.

  11. I look forward to the kids getting excited about it all. Their excitement over the lights and decorations, checking out the treat in our advent, making Christmas cookies, and then opening their presents.

  12. A bit selfish but I really love all the calls and texts I get after sending my handmade cards out. I love hearing about how much everyone enjoys them! I also love getting cards in the mail. Such fun!!

  13. I look forward to seeing old favorite movies and listening to favorite music every year for the holidays. Love this deer and the tree!

  14. I look forward to the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth, spending time with family and seeing the happiness on my 3 year old twin grandsons face.

  15. Love spending time with family, love buying and wrapping gifts, love receiving cards in the mail, love holiday baking!!!

  16. I don´t need these dies. I don’t need these dies. Hm. I think I need these dies! Especially that cute Christmas-tree…
    Best with the Holidays – getting up early when it’s still dark outside, make myself a cup of tea and just watch my lit Christmas-tree sitting in the sofa…

  17. I look forward to seeing all of my family and the looks on their faces when they see the hand made cards and gifts they receive. The food is always great as well!

  18. The time spent with family, especially with those that we don’t get to see often, that’s what I look forward to the most. It will be different this year since my first grandso will turn 1 in november and so I’m not sure what my christmas tree or decorations will look like once he roams the rooms, but I’m looking forward to see his face light up when he sees the lit up tree!

  19. This Christmas, I am excited to get to spend it in a new place. We are moving, although the destination is currently unknown. It will be so fun to find out!

  20. I’m looking forward to the decorating and cooking baking! I love decorating the cookies and sending them to my best friend! I also make a ton of cards around Christmas. We no longer buy them. 😀

  21. I look forward to seeing family and friends during the holiday season. I love the decorations and baking for the season!

  22. I look forward to all the family get togethers the most. My grandkids come and spend Christmas day, we go to church Christmas eve then we get together at one of my 4 brothers houses and celebrate together to me that is what Christmas is all about,

  23. I don’t have very many traditions or rituals in my life so I like the patterns my family has. Things like we always have a Christmas Eve gift, and it’s always pajamas. My husband and I have started to splatter paint on our tree…. 😝 It’s a silly thing but it’s us.

  24. Such awesome creations! Love the adorable deer and tree!
    I look forward to spending sometime with my daughter and her boyfriend on Christmas Day!

  25. My favorite part of Christmas time is our neighborhood decorating! The whole community decorates, and we have our annual light turning on party the day after thanksgiving!

  26. Besides the holiday crafting that I absolutely love, I’m really looking forward to baking sessions and sharing plates full of treats with friends!

  27. What I look forward to most is enjoying our special cheese fondue and sea food candlelight dinner with family on Christmas Eve! So cozy and fun!

  28. I look forward to seeing the neighborhoods all decorated with lights and hearing the Christmas music on the radio.

  29. I look forward to time spent with family! My kids are both in college so they will be home for several weeks. It will be great to have the four of us together!

  30. I love the extra family time during the holidays! We go to the Festival of Lights at the zoo, we decorate Cookies together, sledding if there is snow, board gameS and snacks! I love the dies – especially the Christmas tree!

  31. I look forward to taking walks in the crisp winter weather and New Years’. We spend it each year with our best friends, playing D&D until midnight, having fun and eating oliebollen (a Dutch traditional dough ball, only eaten during the holiday season) and then toasting on the New Year when the clock strikes midnight. The perfect way to close off the holidays!

  32. I look forward to spending time with my Family and all of the traditions we share together like looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.

  33. I look forward to time with family, Christmas music, great food, pageants, and parties. I love that Christmas changes up the norm and everything is more festive and fun.

  34. FOOD! Such a yummy time to splurge – but then there’s the New Years resolution to undo all that “splurge”, LOL!

  35. I love spending time with my family! We don’t have to do anything or even get out of our pjs if we don’t want to. Even as a child I always loved that my dad didn’t have to go to work and we could all be together! And even with all the togetherness we have had during covid it’s just so nice to be together during the holidays!

  36. My Christmas has changed it’s just my husband & me! We still make cookies
    & cards for friends! I still give my husband a present to open on Christmas
    Eve and we have seafood with pasta & antipasto salad! We then sit in
    front of fireplace & watch movie or Christmas music with Hot chocolate
    and home cookies pizzelle’s , wedding cookies, filled cookies & biscotti!

  37. I’m looking forward to sending cards and I would love to be able to travel to the states again with my husband during Christmas break. Here’s hoping we’ll be allowed to do that by that time!

  38. Oh my goodness I love this set and fingers crossed to win it. Have faithfully followed Lawn Fawn for years and have never won… really could use these sweet paperpiecing 🤘🤘🤘🤞🤞🤞. I’m looking forward to all the yards colored and bright with lights and spirit and winter Christmas decorations. I love my yard decorations and oooh and ahhh every time I drive home. Merry Merry beautiful bright Christmas!!!

  39. Since my kids have gotten older, and two are no longer at home, I look forward to having them home, with their SO’s, creating newer traditions and carrying on with some of our original, though alightly altered, ones. A new, and first, grandbaby will be here just before Christmas, so I can renew some of our older traditions with him.

  40. What I look forward to most is baking Christmas cookies! It was always my favorite thing to do with my mom when I was growing up!

  41. I look forward to spending fun times with our little grandkids. We get to see them a lot, but more time is even better

  42. I love making Christmas cards and finding just the right gift for each person on my list! I also love baking cookies with my grandkids because they have such fun with the decorations.

  43. I look forward to holiday baking. We have been trying out a few of my Grandmothers old recipes each year and modernizing them with today’s ingredients since we don’t have lard and cake yeast anymore!

  44. I look forward to not only sending but receiving Christmas cards, seeing pictures of family and friends, hearing their news. It always brings a smile to my face.

  45. Christmas will mean more to me because my kids are all away at college and being together will make it extra special

  46. What I look forward to most is spending time with my family and having our long Italian lunches that stretch late into the evening.

  47. I look forward to baking goodies with family and friends, decorating, wrapping gifts, making cards, and spending time with family, especially after this past year and half.

  48. Usually, I look forward to seeing the friends and family that I only see a few times a year. Jury’s still out on if that is going to happen this year or not. Here’s hoping!

  49. I have a very small family and we lost our mum on Christmas day in 2015, so nowadays I just love getting together to relax, eat, laugh and just enjoy some peace and love together. I enjoy seeing the excitement that my nieces and nephew have around the holidays and I love thinking of new cards to send too.

  50. I love reflecting on the Savior’s life and how I can be more like him, and I always look forward to Christmas morning with the kiddos! The anticipation is sooo fun!

  51. During the holidays I look forward to time set aside to spend with family. The decorations and food are fun but time just for visiting loved ones is my favorite part.

  52. I look forward to trying to fulfill my family with things they wish for. I like to try to surprise them but that doesn’t always work 😉

  53. I love decorating my home. My younger two kids (now 22 and 19) can’t wait to help put up the penguin themed tree and watch the lights. I’m loving all of these cards today. The tree and reindeer are to cute. I wasn’t sure I was going to purchase these but this post has changed my mind.

  54. During the holidays what I look forward the most to are all the little things that seem so small but end up making new traditions for our kids!

  55. I Look forward to Spending Christmas Eve with my ENTIRE Family and Christmas Day with my Family!! Being abe to be together and CELEBRATING each other and the reason for the Season and then attending Holiday Mass and Singing in the Choir!! MAKES me come away so HAPPY and FULL of HOPE and HAPPINESS for the NEW Year just around the corner!!

  56. I absolutely love Lynette’s tree ornament! What I look forward to at the holidays is just relaxing and being with family where we just enjoy each other’s company.

  57. I look forward to winter break the most! My work closes dec 24th through Jan 1st (no pto needed!). Yes, I know this isn’t exactly holiday related, but the time off really allows me to to decompress, get stuff done, and be crafty!

  58. I am looking forward to holiday baking! I love to make cookies and candy with my kids and gifting it to friends and neighbors.

  59. I absolutely love making handmade cards for everyone. Love all the Lawn Fawn new releases! Thanks for all your videos! Your cards are so cute!

  60. So cute! My favorite part about the holiday season is probably making and sending cards and doing the holiday baking! It’s so much fun to show how much you care with handmade things.

  61. I love the holidays – being with family, giving gifts, receiving gifts (usually Lawn Fawn!!), the feeling of goodwill that is all around. I love it.

  62. Love these!!! I can’t wait for Christmas movies, Family, Baking, Christmas smells like Cinnamon! Hot Chocolate, Snow. Christmas lights!!! OOO gets me all giddy just thinking about it!!!

  63. I soo enjoy spending time with family and buying things to put in the Christmas stockings. I love to see the smiles on the kids and grand kids faces when they see the stocking goodies! The deer die is really cute. My first Lawn Fawn set I bought has this deer in it.

  64. I wasn’t sure if I would fall in love with these dies but when I see the cards people have made, I think, maybe I just need to learn to be more creative! Hahaha.

  65. I always look forward to seeing my family but this year I have a new puppy so looking forward to seeing her enjoy it.

  66. Having my kids that live far away come home during the holidays is the best. Plus grandchild number 1 is coming next month so we will have a baby to snuggle that is going to be the absolute best!

  67. Definitely looking forward to seeing my family, who all live in a different country, for the first time since July 2020!

  68. I’m running so behind!!! But started to decorate outside for the trick or treaters! Thinking of those cuties in their costumes, running door to door, out of breath and smiling and giggling. That makes me smile every minute up until that night. Then the memories we made this Halloween and the stories make me smile until Thanksgiving.

  69. i love just sitting gazing at the lit Christmas tree in the silence. Something calming and refreshing about it.

  70. That little deer is sooooo cute!! I just love the first card–by Grace–it is so gorgeous! I most look forward to Christmas music; I LOVE it!! And all the yummy Christmas treats!

  71. That Cherry Deer! With the lights! Gack! Soooooo cute! I look forward to the holidays because that is when I get to see my parents. I live 2,500 miles away from them, and I travel to where they live for the winter holidays. I love seeing them and it makes my holiday special to spend it with my parents.

  72. My favourite time is Christmas Eve because we spend time with each other as a family and really slow down to enjoy each other’s company!

  73. Holiday time is family time. I can’t wait to see my big extended family again. It has been impossible to see everyone this year. Hopefully by Christmas we can get together again.

  74. What I look forward to the most is the excitement my children have when we put up our Christmas decorations as a family❤️ My kids, 14 and 12 now, melt my heart when I watch them pull something out and begin saying “I remember when….” I just love the memories that come with Christmas 😌

  75. I’m looking forward to spending time with the kids and enjoying time as a family.
    But I do enjoy it once the craziness is finished and we can relax and enjoy the summer holidays.

  76. I most look forward to decorating the tree with my sons. They’re grown but they help me every year and I have so many fabulous memories!

  77. I just love the coziness- baking sessions with my mom, seeing extended family that I haven’t seen in a while, the general aesthetic of snowy, frosty days combined with twinkling lights, it’s all good!

  78. I love big family gatherings ( hopefully this year we can do it) but I love seeing everyone and chatting

  79. I really enjoy seeing my grandkids opening their presents.. I enjoy making food for the holidays. Decorating cookies, making holiday treat and cards..!

  80. Although I spend a lot of time with family, holidays are the best because of family time. I love to have all the little kids (cousins, nieces & nephews) all together and seeing their joy for the season.

  81. I have a tradition of doing something new with the family weather that is a recipe or a game or a craft. But it is just time together with the family making a bright moment when the days are so dark.

  82. I look forward to spending more time with my son because I get time off for Christmas. We read books and he helps me make my Christmas cards.

  83. I look forward to spending time with my family, being away for college we don’t get to see eachother all that much during the semester 🎄

  84. Honestly I love egg oh (as does my daughter) and it only seems to come around Christmas time… so maybe egg nog.

  85. I look forward to seeing family from out of town and just the slower pace the winter weather brings. Crafting and staying warm and cozy inside!!

  86. I live 11 hours away from my family so being able to drive up to Maine to see them during thanksgiving and Christmas always makes the holidays feel more special.

  87. I look forward to being with family and especially my grandchildren! Any holiday is more fun when children are around!

  88. I always look forward to all of the Christmas decorations. I love to go look at the decorations in the neighborhood and at all of the stores. I also love Christmas music and movies.

  89. I always look forward to spending time with my family whether its decorating, looking at Christmas lights and celebrating Christmas Eve with our Christmas Eve Box.

  90. Love love love that cheery deer!!
    My favorite thing to do at the holidays is drive around to see the lights and come back to have hot cocoa and play games with my family.

  91. My favourite part is always Christmas Eve, both as a kid and now as a parent of 2 young kids. It’s the excitement and anticipation of what is yet to come.

  92. It’s funny how this shifts as you get older. Now that I have kids, having both sides of our family come visit from out of town to spend time with their grandchildren is what I cherish the most. Seeing them laugh and play together is one of the best feelings in the world.

  93. Cheery Deery is so sweet!
    Can’t wait to start making cards to give away during the holidays!
    My favorite part of the holidays are driving around to see christmas lights in the neighbourhood after a big snowfall.

  94. I love getting goodie boxes my friends from back home send me since I can’t get the same kind of treats here!

  95. I look forward to seeing my kids faces light up about all the Magical things that happen during the holidays. My oldest is turning 9, I’m not sure how much longer I get to enjoy this!

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