Lawn Fawn Intro: Corner Rainbow Stencils

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Today is our showcase of Corner Rainbow Stencils! This fun set of stencils work together to help you ink a beautiful rainbow into the corner of your projects! Use one rainbow on its own or both rainbows together for a colorful sky! These work well with a variety of crafty techniques. 

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end to show fun ways to add colorful rainbows to your projects! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

The new Corner Rainbow Stencils create a beautiful backdrop for Caly‘s fun shaker card! She filled the shaker with Chunky Glitter and confetti before adding the cute Here For You Bear and the sweet sentiment!

It’s bath time for the cute Elephant Parade critters! Kara‘s card is so sweet and so clever! She used Build-A-Barrel Apple for the tub, adding bubbles, bubble bath and soap from Rub-A-Dub-Dub! Her adorable design is so fun finished with a colorful rainbow background and Secret Garden Window to frame it all!

Audrey’s gorgeous design has Lucky Clovers at the end of the Corner Rainbow Stencils! I love how the Stitched Windy Backdrop adds so much texture and fun to this simple design!

Elise has the right idea! Stencil lots of beautiful rainbow backgrounds, and then add some clouds and a Scripty Happy sentiment to have fantastic birthday cards on hand all year! I love the pastel colors of the rainbow so much and the gold stencil paste on one of the bows is extra special!

Mindy included a smiling stenciled sun in her sweet design that is so cheerful! The Corner Rainbow Stencils make it so easy to make eye-catching cards with your favorite sets, like Fly High!

Grace‘s shaker card is so amazing! She filled the shaker window with so much glittery goodness that the Corner Rainbow appears diffused. It’s such a lovely backdrop for the sweet scene she created with Fairy Friends, Unicorn Picnic and Delightful Daisy! So absolutely magical!

I love how the brightly inked Corner Rainbows create so much interest and elevate a simple design. Lynnette added some Outside In Stitched Clouds and a Big Scripty Words greeting to complete her beautiful card!

Megan‘s card is so charming! I love how it looks like the Beary Rainy Day bear is sliding down the rainbow! The cute bear borrowed a tiny umbrella from Elephant Parade Add-On, and it looks so perfect!

Latisha found a great recipe for a simple card with so much impact! She stenciled the Corner Rainbow in bold colors before stamping the Offset Sayings: Everyday sentiment. A few clear sequins are all this special card needs to send get well wishes.

Elephant Parade and Corner Rainbow Stencils are a winning combination on Mindy‘s mini slimline design! This birthday card is so happy and so sweet!

Audrey‘s adorable Eggstraordinary Easter card gets a shot of bright of rainbow color in the background! I love it so much! When in doubt always add a rainbow!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Corner Rainbow Stencils! There are so many colorful ways to use this new stencil set. You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Corner Rainbow Stencils! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us about the most amazing rainbow you have seen, by March 22nd at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday, March 19th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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302 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Corner Rainbow Stencils

  1. I got to see a rainbow over a St Patrick’s day parade when it was due to rain the whole day, it was so nice to see. 😊

  2. I live near the bay, so it’s always so nice to see rainbows over the water. The most memorable one(s) I saw happened just after one of my favourite uncles passed 4 years ago. I was walking down the hill home and looking out over the water. It was a blue sky, but there were some rain clouds too, and I saw this beautiful rainbow and I felt a sense of peace wash over me. I looked at it and said (to my uncle) “Hey Darryl, there you are. You’re with grandma and grandad aren’t you?”… and as if in response to my question, a second rainbow appeared! So whenever I see a rainbow now, I always think of him.

    1. The very few times when I’ve seen a full rainbow are the best… when you are able to see both start and end if you understand what I mean.
      Pretty cards!!!

  3. It probably was not the most remarkable rainbow itself, but: someday we had a really hard day at work. And it rained all day, everything seemed grey and we stepped outside the building and there was this big rainbow above the parking area. And we all smiled. Amazing moment.

  4. My husband and I were traveling back home in one area you could tell a heavy downpour of rain had just pasted through this area but still having light rain with sun trying to come back out rainbows were popping out. We were amazed after we had already seen a few, but then we even saw a double one – it looked like one just over top of another. On this trip back home we saw 14 total rainbows because we following the storm. We have never seen that many rainbows in a few months much less one day, it was awesome.😃💖🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  5. There isn’t any super awesome rainbows that stick out in my head. I have seen them from above in an airplane when they look like a circle and that’s cool

  6. I’ve seen a double rainbow right out my front door in MI. Also visiting Maui we saw rainbows almost everyday.

  7. I agree with most comments above, all rainbows are beautiful. I especially enjoy them when their colours are really bright and strong.

  8. Sometimes there is a huge rainbow that forms in the sky above our neighborhood…usually after a rain storm…and it is magnificent!

  9. Great samples with this awesome stencil set!
    Can’t think of a specific incident that stands out, but every rainbow I have seen has been a real treat! The colors are so beautiful!

  10. We were driving home from visiting family & I saw a rainbow above the 4-lane. What was amazing about it was that on the right side of the rainbow, we actually saw where it ended!

  11. I was driving home from a rainy medical freedom demonstration in LA with a neighbor friend. This was about 1 1/2 years ago. We were hoping and praying that things would change…when all of a sudden AHHHHHH!!!!! A rainbow right in front of us. We laughed and were suddenly hopeful. God put it there to encourage us maybe…..

  12. One time when I was working at the zoo during the pandemic I saw a double rainbow. Another time when I was around 12, my family was on a vacation in Colorado. We were driving to the Molly Kathleen Mine to take a tour when we saw a rainbow and the funny thing was that it looked like the end of it was at the Gold mine. We all laughed and said, “There really is gold at the end of the rainbow.”

  13. Mine was more of a sentimental thing. Grandma had just passed away and we were driving home from the funeral. It was cloudy/rainy all day. As we were coming up the mountains (where we live), the sun finally broke out and a gorgeous rainbow could be seen over the trees/road.

  14. Rainbows are always so magical when they appear…I’m not quite sure about the most amazing one I ever saw, but the most recent one was looking out our bay window in the front of the house and saw one across the early morning sky, absolutely beautiful!!

  15. I think all rainbows are amazing. It’s definitely fun to see a double rainbow. They’re never not magical!

  16. I am overjoyed when I see a rainbow. Have seen double rainbow a few times too. These cards are so sweet. Don’t have the stencil yet but will need to add it to my wish list. Will try to compensate with the die cut until then.

  17. My favorite rainbow is any, but one sticks out the most, my husband and I went on a trip. Started off with a broken windshield to replacement to finally reaching our destination . As we pulled up, there was the biggest and closest and brightest rainbow I had ever seen in my life. It was amazing. As are all the inspiration from the design team.

  18. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an actual
    rainbow. I see them on television – viewers
    send in pictures and they are amazing.
    Love the elephant getting the bath.
    fun release. thanks for sharing

  19. While stationed on Guam we’d have double or rainbows all the time it really was the only thing that made the island beautiful.

  20. I seen a lot of rainbows. But my all time favorite was once I saw a double rainbow. Simply gorgeous!!!!!!

    1. It’s hard to think of a specific rainbow… they all are a reminder of how much God loves us. I have already loved playing with this stencil.

  21. Most rainbows I see near where I live are cut off by all of the houses and trees in our area, but we were on a roadtrip, driving through South Dakota and it was like we were actually driving through a rainbow that went all the way to the horizon on both sides. It was like a miracle and our little family of four all got to experience the magic of that moment together.

  22. Seen lots of beautiful rainbows, sometime after a big rain we get a double rainbow. Love all the rainbows.

  23. Fantastic,I love rainbow everything, especially on cards! The most amazing rainbow I have ever seen was a double rainbow – both were super strong and vibrant. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

  24. The most amazing rainbow I have seen was when I was in Alaska one summer and the biggest double rainbow filled the sky.

  25. Any rainbow is amazing! We’ve even seen a rainbow in the winter! My favorite rainbows are always the double ones.

  26. I loved the one that was after a heavy downpour at my outdoor booth and everyone helped each other with rain shelter over ourselves and cards/products! The rain ended with a beautiful rainbow, great evening and lots of crowd/visitors at the outdoor booth space

  27. I love to use stencils and these rainbows make such bright and cheerful cards! I remember seeing rainbows in the mist at Niagara Falls. So pretty!

  28. I’ve seen so many rainbows that I can’t think of “the most amazing.” But we get a lot of sun dogs, and some of them have the rainbow colors. Those are pretty awesome.

  29. I was walking around the RSM lake early in the morning. The rainbow I saw was so beautiful that people were stopping to take its picture.

  30. the most amazing rainbow was a double one which could be seen end to end over farm fields when looking east. It was spectacular.

  31. I love seeing a double rainbow but my favorite rainbows appear on a sunny day all over my dining room from an inherited crystal chandelier from my husband’s grandparent’s. Love the sunshine!!

  32. Beautiful cards!! I live near a pond and once after a rainstorm, I got to enjoy one from my livingroom window. Breathtaking!

  33. I love the corner rainbow stencil! The most amazing rainbows I’ve ever seen were a set of two in Kauai. They were so distinct I was certain we would find a pot of gold, just over yonder!

  34. In eastern Washington state we are often blessed with full double rainbows. They are so beautiful! 😊♥️

  35. I love when rainbows catch you by surprise. They’re just there, completely unexpected, and always bring a smile to my face.

  36. I saw a double rainbow on my honeymoon in Hawaii many, many years ago. Both of them were so pretty together.

  37. In Florida, immediately after laying my daddy to rest, a TRIPLE Rainbow appeared in the sky, no rain, but some dark clouds. They remained until we left the cemetary and headed back to Moms house and with the sky filled with sun, over her house was a brief 1 very little dim rainbow; as we said another prayer it faded. 🙏🏻🤟

  38. I saw a stunning rainbow at the waterfall Skógafoss in Iceland. It created a full bow. Never seen something like this before. Absolutely beautiful 🥰

  39. My brother in law got married by a beautiful river in the mountains and a beautiful rainbow appeared just a the ceremony started. Gorgeous!

  40. Always seen a double rainbow over the mountains in the desert while coming home from work. They were always brighter when the white sand was glistening like irredentist glitter. Very picturesque. Rainbows and glitter always go together.

  41. I can’t think of any particular amazing rainbow that I’ve seen, but I have seen some double rainbows, which is pretty cool.

  42. It’s always exciting to see rainbows. Just something about them. I think the most amazing ones are the full sky ones or a double rainbow is always fascinating to see.

  43. One time I remember having a hard day from work and I was driving home I seen 2 rainbows overlapping. It was amazing and made my day definitely better. I always smile when I see one. It will be fun playing with these stencils.

  44. I saw a double rainbow in Kauai over the falls! Everyone was completely awestruck! I will never forget it and it was captured on my phone!

  45. I was feeling down one day and as I came out of a store from grocery shopping I saw a bright rainbow and I think that is my favorite rainbow. It made my day brighter.

  46. Last week my kids and I saw a double rainbow outside our house as we were loading up the car for me to drive them to school! It made us all smile and happy- love rainbows!

  47. Most amazing rainbow I’ve ever seen is at the end of The Muppet Movie, when one comes through the broken studio roof to shine on all the Muppets! 😄

  48. We lived in Las Vegas and rainbows were few and far between. When we moved to our new home in a new state a rainbow appeared over our new home. We were definitely home!

  49. Love the stencil. I’ve seen double rainbows in Hawaii, which are gorgeous. I have also seen a complete rainbow, the full arch. It was stunning.

  50. Wonderful inspiration! I saw a beautiful double rainbow just a couple of days before i found out i was pregnant with my daughter.

  51. The most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen was last year when we were driving home. It was so bright and we could almost see the end (of the rainbow). We were so close to it. I took photos but they did not do it justice.

  52. I see lots of rainbows here during summer thunderstorm season, but it never gets old. I always take a minute to enjoy them before they fade away.

  53. In January of this year I saw a full rainbow (gasp) and it was so vibrant I could see purple(double gasp)! It was beautiful, absolutely made my day 😊

  54. Wonderful inspiration with the Corner Rainbow Stencil! I don’t see rainbows very often so each time has been amazing.

  55. Driving home from vacation a few years ago there was a full rainbow across the sky with the ends landing among hay bales in farmers fields. It was amazing!

  56. I’ve been blessed to see a full rainbow which was quite spectacular. Such happy projects from the design team.

  57. Rainbows are such magical things! The most incredible one I have seen had wide horizontal bands without any curves!

  58. We were on a cruise in January. We pulled into port in Antiqua and there was a beautiful rainbow. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

  59. Sweet cards with this stencil. A few months ago we saw the most vivid double rainbow while walking through our neighbourhood, it’s always such a magical sight.

  60. Adorable cards as always! Double rainbows are always stunning, but the coolest one I’ve ever seen was a full circle–way up high almost as if it were around the top of the “atmosphere”. It surrounded the sun, so very hard to look at but super unique!

  61. I saw a beautiful rainbow on a highway in my home stae,PA, after a very severe storm ripped though the area. Kudos on this amazing card!!
    Lori S in PA

  62. My daughter and I were sitting in the car waiting for the rain to subside. The sun started to come out and we saw not one but two rainbows. Gorgeous!!!

  63. I have seen alot of great rainbows, but the funniest one I saw recently – a friend snapped a photo of her bending down so it looked like the rainbow was coming out of her behind. Too funny! 🙂

  64. There was a beautiful rainbow over the ocean when I was on my honeymoon. I looked out the balcony door and was so amazed at how bright it was.

  65. When my children were still at home, my daughter would always spot double rainbows! She went to college and majored in meteorology.

  66. hawaii every day. i’ve never seen so many consecutive rainbows in my life…it never gets old they are all a wonder.

  67. I have been lucky to see so many beautiful rainbows, but one time I saw a vertical rainbow with the beautiful cascade mountains behind it.

  68. All rainbows are beautiful sights, especially when there is a stark contrast from dark grey skies and sun on opposite sides colliding/merging making the colors of the rainbow show well

  69. The best rainbow I saw was about a year ago, after a torrential rain fall and there was a double rainbow at the park that I walk my dog at every day, next to a river. It was gorgeous!

  70. My husband & I where in Paradise Island, Bahamas & we decided to take a walk on the beach
    after a tropical storm. To our surprise we saw a beautiful double rainbow follow buy a gorgeous
    sunset! 🌈💕🌈

  71. After the rains we always see a beautiful rainbow. Sometimes it’s a small one sometimes right across the skies

  72. I was driving to work recently and saw the brightest rainbow 🌈 against a dark sky… the beginning of the rainbow was in the field next to the road. It was so pretty, I couldn’t see a pot of gold though!

  73. I used to live where I had the most amazing view of a lake and I often saw fantastic rainbows there

  74. I actually didn’t witness it first hand but it was September 22, 2022 in Plymouth Mass. A double rainbow spread far and wide with my almost 5 year old granddaughter underneath it spreading her arms out far and wide. The photo was AHmazing and will make it into a scrapbook soon!

  75. Great example of how helpful the inspiration week intros are because I wasn’t sold in this stencil set before seeing the DTs designs!
    I once saw an amazing double rainbow from a height down into a valley, can’t remember where it was though!

  76. We seem to get double rainbows quite often where I live. They’re so beautiful especially after a storm!!

  77. My daughter and I were shopping and it stormed while we were in the store. When we walked out the doors, there was the most beautiful double rainbow.

    1. I was driving home one day and saw a triple rainbow. The third being very faint but was there. It was amazing. Everyone was looking so much that it almost caused some accidents on the freeway. Never saw one again. I’ve seen many doubles though and they are just as beautiful.

  78. I live near the beach and we have lots of double rainbows here, they are always so neat to see! Love this stencil!

  79. The best rainbow I have seen is when it had been storming and afterwards, the boys went out to play in the puddles. There appeared a rainbow, and we were pretending to chase the rainbow and find the pot of gold! We were a muddy mess, but we had so much fun!

  80. The most memorable rainbow I ever saw was when my kitty Lily crossed the rainbow bridge. We had just left the vet and were on our way home without her. As soon as we turned out the of the parking lot, there was a bright rainbow. We knew then she was in heaven and we made the right decision. She was telling us everything was going to be ok.

  81. The new rainbow stencil looks like so much fun!! I am loving all the adorable projects the design team members created with it!

    re the most amazing rainbow I have seen — I used to live in Los Angeles. One rainy afternoon, I was driving home in traffic in the rain on the 101 freeway. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds, and a double rainbow formed. It totally stopped traffic. People were rolling down their windows and opening their car doors to get a better look at it. Complete strangers, and people who would normally not ever talk to each other, were exclaiming to each other over this double rainbow — gangbangers, Hollywood studio types, police officers — for that golden moment, everyone just dropped what they were doing to share a moment marveling at the magnificent double rainbow. Then the rainbow faded and everyone got back in their cars and went on about their business as if nothing had happened. Los Angeles is a strange place…

  82. The most memorable one was a double rainbow after a tornado that came through my area. Beauty after such destruction.

  83. I’ve recently seen a beautiful rainbow, one end going into the mountains and the other end going into some clouds.

  84. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you about my most amazing rainbow. I live in Central Florida – it rains a lot, even daily during rainy season – and I see rainbows & double rainbows ALL THE TIME! But probably my favorites are when I’m on the water/ocean….they seem to go forever!

  85. I don’t remember which of the many rainbows I have seen was the most amazing rainbow. I always feel lucky when I see one. Especially a double rainbow.

  86. Such fantastic creations by the DT! The best rainbow I saw was a few days after we closed on our new house in the country. It looked amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  87. After having a really awful family tragedy and struggling, I saw a huge rainbow over Lake Tahoe and the mountains (I live nearby) and just a slight ray of sun peeking through the clouds.

  88. When I was visiting Ireland I saw a rainbow which looked like it ended on a little island just offshore from where I was staying.

  89. Love this stencil! I saw a double rainbow too, on a parkrun a few months ago. Made the 5km go by a bit quicker!

  90. One of the most beautiful rainbows I’ve saw was right outside my window it was a double rainbow and had the riches colors I’d ever seen.

  91. I love seeing full color spectrum rainbows! Ones that are so vibrant and every color in the rainbow in there.

  92. I saw a perfectly arched rainbow. At a park near my hometown after a rainy two days. It was so pretty! As a fortune cookie once told me: “A rainbow is one of life’s hugs.”

  93. A few years ago, we saw a double rainbow out our bedroom window-it was so vividly colored, and had the mountains and had fur trees for a backdrop. It was gorgeous!

  94. I saw a rainbow once from above, while flying in a plane on a commercial flight. It was SO COOL because it was the first time I discovered that rainbows are truly circular. Kind of busted the bubble about finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow though. LOL!

  95. When my son was young, we went for a bike ride and got caught in the rain. As we were riding back home, the sun shone, and we had a magnificent view of a rainbow over Rainbow Bridge in the city where we live.

  96. I saw the most stunning rainbow in Iceland. It was SO bright it almost hurt your eyes to look at it. So beautiful!

  97. Love the rainbow cards! Coming out of the hardware store one stormy day, my husband and I were in a little tiff. Walking to the car, we saw a beautiful double rainbow, looked at each other and smiled!

  98. I remember seeing the end of a rainbow in my backyard as a kid, but my mom would not let us out in the rain to go to it!

  99. The most amazing rainbow I’ve seen was after a thunderstorm and the the sky was still kind of dark, so the colours looked even more amazing!

  100. The most amazing rainbow I’ve ever seen was the one at my dad’s funeral. We spread his ashes in the ocean and threw some flowers after it – and just in that moment, there appeared a hole in the clouds, the sun was shining through it, making it look like a big eye watching us and then a rainbow appeared. It was such a touching and special moment. And even more mysterious – all of our girls took pictures, but all of them have strangely disappeared from all the computers and cellphones. I will treasure this moment forever in my heart though.

  101. The best rainbow I’ve ever seen I didn’t actually see in person. But earlier last month my Cousin received her last radiation treatment for cancer and on the way there she caught a clear bright double rainbow! At her last test there were no signs of active cancer.

  102. I love the rainbows I catch over the hills behind my neighborhood, since they give a magical air to my own house!

  103. I think one of the most amazing rainbows I have seen is a double rainbow – going all the way across the sky.

  104. I have only seen single rainbows, always at random times but the bring a smile to my face no matter when I see them. Love the rainbow stencils!

  105. I was driving home one day and saw a triple rainbow. It was amazing. Everyone was looking so much that it almost caused some accidents on the freeway.

  106. I have seen a double rainbow right by my house! Rainbows are so full of hope.
    How fun! I just I love the shaker card…

  107. I love rainbows 🌈 every time that I saw one I realized that Mother Nature is magnificent, and I really appreciate it 💕

  108. I have seen a double rainbow back when I lived at home. It was amazing. It stretched all the way across the pastures.

  109. The best was a double rainbow, every clear with the sun in the middle and clouds on either side like it was from a fairly tale

  110. So, I’m a Spark leader(Girl Guides Canada), and one of our symbols is a rainbow. During the pandemic we were having an outside meeting, and it was spitting a bit, nothing serious, then sudden it a rainbow appeared over our meeting spot. That was super awesome!

  111. We get some pretty fabulous double and triple rainbows over our house, like an umbrella of protection. =)

  112. I think that the most gorgeous rainbow we have ever seen is near our house when it looked like 2 rainbows! Thank you for a chance at the giveaways.

  113. I have seen once double rainbows and it was Beautiful. Also love to watch rainbows we make on the papers too.

  114. I live near a lake so I always love seeing rainbows over the water. No buildings means I often get to see a full double rainbow that hits the horizon on both sides (if you know what I mean, lol).

  115. The most amazing rainbow I have ever seen was a beautiful double rainbow over a pretty green valley. I even got a picture of it. It was gorgeous!

  116. So many great ideas for use. Much more versatile than I thought initially. Always on the lookout for double rainbows, but the ones that show during light drizzles are amazing too since they are unexpected.

  117. In Lewes, Delaware we were in the beach and had the most beautiful sunset to the left of us, and a double rainbow to the right. Truly magical!

  118. Every year there always tends to be 1 breath taking rainbow that I get to see. Sadly my pictures never do it justice.

  119. The most amazing rainbow I have ever seen was a double rainbow the day after we lost our sweet dog, London. Good luck everyone. Thank you for the chance to win.

  120. I saw a double rainbow right over our house. It made our house look so magical. I had to let the children that there most certainly was not a pot of gold in our house. 😊

  121. The most amazing rainbow I have seen was a rainbow going over the interstate on the way to Washington DC. It looked like you could find a pot of gold on the side of the highway where it ended.

  122. I saw a double rainbow that was so close to me the day I returned back to work after my son passed away during childbirth, it felt like it was a sign from him telling me he was with me.

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