Lawn Fawn Intro: Platform Pop-Up Picket Fence Wrap Around & Hay There, Hayrides! Bunny Add-On

Hello and welcome to March Inspiration Week! Our Spring 2024 Release with 13 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 19 new standalone die sets, new paper collection, and all of our exciting new products are now available at your favorite store and at! And this week we will continue to highlight these new products with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Platform Pop-Up Picket Fence Wrap Around and Hay There, Hayrides Bunny Add-On! Use the wrap around to create a sweet picket fence that wraps around your Platform Pop-Up. This set adds even more scene versatility to this already amazing interactive die!  

These sweet bunnies are ready for a farm adventure with their friends from Hay There, Hayrides! This Bunny Add-on set is perfect for Easter and spring projects!  

Design Team Inspiration

As always, the design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fresh new veggie sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and then leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Grace fenced in an adorable garden using Platform Pop-Up Picket Fence Wrap Around! The soft colors of the Watering Can, Lovely Lily of the Valley and Stitched Root Veggies look so beautiful! Then she added the cute Some Bunny critters who are sending smiles with All the Speech Bubbles!

Audrey‘s farm scene is so cute! She combined both Hay There, Hayrides and the new Hay There, Hayrides Bunny Add-On with Veggie Happy! I love how she combined the bunnies and the carrots together in the wagon!

Megan created a farm scene that is so adorable on an interactive Platform Pop-Up! I love how she filled the wagon with Veggie Happy veggies and then layered the cute bunnies behind the sentiment! And of course, I love all the colorful little veggies placed around the base of the Platform Pop-Up!

Marine‘s strawberry patch scene is so much fun! She combined the cute little gardening mice from both Veggie Happy and Berry Special inside the Platform Pop-Up Picket Fence Wrap Around! This card is just so sweet and totally adorable!

Elena combined Carrot ’bout You with the Hay There Hayrides Bunny Add-On to create a little scene that is so charming! I love how the carrot car is pulling the Hay There Hayrides wagon, it’s so cute filled with carrots and bunnies! She added even more charm by framing the scene with a Fruit Salad gingham pattern and a Reverse Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Window!

Elise‘s Platform Pop-Up is so cute filled with the Veggie Happy mice and their garden filled with homegrown veggies! The Picket Fence Wrap Around adds so much cute detail! She also included the Platform Pop-Up Add-On with fluffy, stenciled clouds and the smiling sun from All the Clouds!

Yainea‘s card is so clever, sending “hoppy” birthday wishes with the cute bunnies from Hay There Hayrides Bunny Add-On and Carrot ’bout You! She also combined Henry’s ABCs die cut letters with Henry Jr.’s ABCs to create the custom greeting!

Latisha‘s Easter card is so clever and cute! She arranged a cute little carrot scene on an oval die cut from Giant Thank You Messages Lawn Cuts, to look like an Easter egg! I love how the Grassy Hillside Borders adds a colorful fringe of texture and Rainbow Ever After paper adds even more fun pastel color!

Marine‘s farm scene is filled with so much cuteness! This happy scene combines Veggie Happy, Carrot ’bout You, Hay There Hayrides, and Little Farm Fence Border with the new Hay There Hayrides Bunny Add-On!

Tammy created a fresh and fun farm scene on a Platform Pop-Up to send wishes for a “hoppy” Easter! The Platform Pop-Up Picket Fence Wrap Around looks so sweet combined with Fruit Salad gingham paper! I love the sweet addition of the Carrot ’bout You Easter eggs, they are so colorful and fun! Tammy also separated the trio of bunnies to pop up around the scene!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Platform Pop-Up Picket Fence Wrap Around and Hay There, Hayrides Bunny Add-On! We will show you some great ideas while creating three cards to inspire you. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Platform Pop-Up Picket Fence Wrap Around and Hay There, Hayrides Bunny Add-On! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite thing about Spring by March 20th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday, March 19th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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    The pop up cards the design team came up with are all so amazing

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  66. What i like most about Spring? It’s the beginning of new and beautiful colors from the drab of winter. The flowers, the green grass, the butterflies and bees. It brings on many inspirations for painting etc. Bring on spring!!

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  70. My favorite thing about spring is that my bulbs are all coming up and they’re so pretty!
    Lori S in PA

  71. The picket fence is really cool and something really worth having a cutting die for, because it would be immense work to do by hand!
    My favourite thing about spring is the trees finally getting their leaves back and the mild weather so I don’t have to wear super thick coats anymore 🙂

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