Lawn Fawn Intro: Keep on Swimming, Reveal Wheel Keep on Swimming Add-On, Reveal Wheel Templates: Keep on Swimming

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2019 Inspiration and Release week! On May 16th our 10 new stamp sets and coordinating dies and 24 new standalone die sets will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Keep on Swimming and its coordinating dies, Reveal Wheel Keep on Swimming Add-On and Reveal Wheel Templates: Keep on Swimming! Your crafts will be fintastic with this fishbowl-themed stamp set! This set coordinates with Reveal Wheel and Keep on Swimming to make a fun interactive card with a “swimming” fish, a puffer fish, or a cute clam. To make it even easier, use the optional Reveal Wheel Templates: Keep on Swimming. These templates are perfect for eliminating pencil marks and guesswork! Simply layer a stencil over your reveal wheel, then stamp through the open windows. The stamped images will line up perfectly with the corresponding reveal wheel window!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some creative ways of using these fun new sets!

Yainea‘s whimsical Keep on Swimming design features the Reveal Wheel Keep on Swimming Add-On! As you turn the wheel it looks like the little fish is swimming in circles in his fishbowl! So cute!

I love this sweet card that combines Keep on Swimming with Say What? Pets! Elena created a homey scene with the table from the Keep on Swimming set, then altered it a bit to make a second different look!

I love how Elise framed her cute cat and fishbowl scene with an Outside In Stitched Scalloped Rectangle in bright Sunflower to coordinate with the goldfish and orange tabby cat! Spiffy Speckles is a pretty backdrop while Woodgrain cardstock creates the look of a wooden floor!

Audrey‘s cute kitty is enjoying an aquarium view while all the fish Keep on Swimming on her super cool Reveal Wheel card!

Latisha‘s clean and simple card is so striking with the water-colored fishbowl framed with bright orange Fake Tan cardstock! The addition of Lawn Trimmings cord in Tangerine and Aquamarine brings this fun color story together!

Spring Fling paper looks like old-fashioned wallpaper on Kay‘s charming Reveal Wheel card! I love the cute cat gets to see a variety of critters as the wheel is turned!

Lynnette‘s colorful card is a great example of a clean and simple card with a lot of charm! I love how she colored the curious cat!

Megan‘s Reveal Wheel design has a fun Cat in the Hat theme! She used the Reveal Wheel Keep on Swimming Add-On for the fishbowl window along with the scalloped oval from the Reveal Wheel Square Add-On for the sentiment! The Gotta Have Gingham paper makes a super fun wallpaper!

Now, I have a video for you introducing Keep on Swimming , Reveal Wheel Keep on Swimming Add-On and Reveal Wheel Templates: Keep on Swimming sharing some fun things you can do with these sets. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Keep on Swimming, Reveal Wheel Keep on Swimming Add-On and Reveal Wheel Templates: Keep on Swimming! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you have visited a public aquarium (I like to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific) by May 15th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday May 12th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Summer 2019 products will be available May 16th
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Reveal Wheel Keep on Swimming Add-On
Reveal Wheel Templates: Keep on Swimming
Critter Chatter
Say What? Pets
Stitched Speech Bubble Backdrop

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498 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Keep on Swimming, Reveal Wheel Keep on Swimming Add-On, Reveal Wheel Templates: Keep on Swimming

  1. Our local aquarium just reopened after a few years of refurbishment. Looking forward to visiting soon. Love love love this set! The puffer fish is adorable

    1. I have not been to an aquarium 😔 but I have watched the Penquins of Madagascar 🐧🐧🐧 so yea 😅 I love the changing pictures in the fish bowl. So cute!!

    1. I have been to a few Aquariums in my life but I don’t often get the chance because I live in the prairies. The last Aquarium I visited was in Sydney, Australia. Walking through the glass tunnels was an experience that I will never would forget. Seeing the sea life all around was amazing!! Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  2. It’s all so cute❤
    I never bin to a local aquarium and I don’t even know if we have one in the Netherlands 🤔

  3. Oh, missed the part about visiting aquariums 🙂 Oh yes, Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, The Blue Planet Aquarium in Copenhagen and Aquaria Watermuseum in Stockholm! Keep on swimming, swimming, swimming… 🙂

  4. I love sea life and have been to the Berlin aquarium a couple of times. To others as well. But it’s even better to go scuba diving and watch real sea life! Thanks dad for giving me wonderful experiences!

  5. I can’t wait to get these sets!!! So much fun!! I have visited a few aquariums but not for quite a few years!

  6. Visited the Tennessee Aquarium often when my son was younger, its been a few years, he always loved seeing all the fish and of course the sharks.

  7. Adorable set, and the inspiration from the team is so so cute! I have actually only been to the aquarium (SeaLife) earlier this week! My two daughters love it there!

  8. How cute! Love the little goldfish and the clam with the pearl!
    Yes, I have visited several public aquariums. One of my favourites is Den Blå Planet (the Blue Planet) in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s the largest aquarium in northern Europe.

  9. I’ve been to many aquariums around the country. I always make it a point to visit if there is one at our destination. There is something very relaxing about watching fish swim around a tank.

  10. This set looks fantastic! I went to the local aquarium yesterday with my son’s class for a field trip!

  11. Oh yes we love to go to ripley’s aquarium of the smokies! Just went recently for a field trip with my daughter’s class. It’s just so peaceful watching all those fish swim around.

    1. love the new set!! can’t wait to see more of the critte chatter..that little bird on its perch is adorable!
      We visited the Aquarium du Quebec in Quebec city. I loved watching the jellyfish because they surrounded them with colored lights and it was beautiful.

  12. I’ve only been to an aquarium once and it was the Shedd aquarium in Chicago. I really enjoyed it. Your design team is top notch. Love each and every card! Amazing!

  13. Great theme to these projects today, beautiful and fun as always. I’ve never visited a public aquarium.

  14. Such wonderful creations today!!!! I have visited the aquarium in Philadelphia but can’t remember the name.

  15. My family visited the aquarium in Ocean Isle, NC. Really enjoyed it. The 2-year old g’son stuck his hand in the water before we realized & picked up a starfish. Thankfully, no injury occurred! What cute cards made w/ this set. The reveal of the pearl in the Magic Picture Card is sooo cute!

  16. love the new set! can’t wait to see more of the critte chatter..that little bird on its perch is adorable!
    We visited the Aquarium du Quebec in Quebec city. I loved watching the jellyfish because they surrounded them with colored lights and it was beautifu

  17. ADORABLE samples, love the aquarium and the Cat in the Hat scene…perfect for reading week at a school! I visited the Baltimore aquarium and a fun one in the Bahamas!

  18. We have a nice aquarium here in CT. I haven’t been to Mystic Aquarium in years. When the kids were little we went all the time. I can’t wait for this release . The puffer fish is the cutest.

  19. Living in the Chicago area we are lucky to have the Shedd Aquarium close by. Typing this however reminds me that it’s been a long time since I visited there. Hands down the best aquarium I’ve ever been to is the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Amazing!

  20. Oh my gosh I want this set – so adorable!
    Yes my son and I went to Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, Ontario. It was amazing to see all the varieties of fish and to walk through the dome aquarium where sharks and all manner of fish swam above our heads. Just amazing!

  21. I’ve visited at least two aquariums. The National Aquarium in Baltimore City, MD and Jenkinson’s Aquarium on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ 🙂

  22. We have an aquarium here, but I have only visited it once. I really loved all the aquariums that I visited when visiting California!

  23. We have two smaller aquariums where we live and I love them! My son lives in Chicago and we love to visit the Shedd Aquarium when we visit him. This new release is awesome! Just filled with so many possibility to create~!

  24. Love this release so far, and I definitely love the inspiration. Everyone is so creative!
    ! I have been to the Ripley’s Aquarium in TN for my honeymoon. It was a great visit.

  25. The Aquarium in Toronto is so cool! It has a moving walkway that goes THROUGH the tank filled with so many fun creatures! It’s the best I’ve been to! Great cards, DT!!!

  26. Oh my goodness the design team killed it with these adorable cards!!! I can’t wait for next week 🙂 We have an aquarium local to me and I LOVE to go! So fun!

  27. Awww!!! Adorable, sweet and funny creations! Love them!!!
    I visited the Aquarium in Genoa, in the Ligure region, Italy. I loved it!

  28. I love the pufferfish. Many years ago, I worked at the Living Seas at Epcot. I loved seeing the dolphins and every morning when I had time I would go say hello to the Pufferfish. I don’t work at an aquarium now, but I do work at a zoo and today I’m working at the Sea Lion Show. (I need some stingray and sea lion stamps.) I have visited a lot of aquariums. I think my favorites are the Shedd and Monterey Bay aquarium.

  29. We love to visit the aquarium! We have the World Aquarium downtown, and the Sea Life Aquarium near our house. When we are are vacation, that is one of the things we always look for! Love this set!

  30. Such adorable cards! Love the puffer fish…I can’t remember the last aquarium that I went to…
    Thanks for sharing…

  31. A trip to the aquarium has been on my to-do list for a long time. It’s been a few years and can’t wait to go back. Absolutely love the little puffer fish 🐡!

  32. I love to visit our local aquarium in landlocked Colorado, but my favorites are the ones along the Pacific coast. This new release is adorable!

  33. I love Chari and Audrey’s pufferfish cards – so much fun! I like the Sydney Aquarium but it’s not somewhere I go that often.

  34. Love it! That pufferfish !! <3

    I have been to aquarium inside of the Riverbanks Zoo. I'd love to see the Atlanta one.

  35. We have a place called Sea Life and it allows you to walk underneath in a tunnel so you can see all the fish swimming above and beside you. We have went several times it is so relaxing to just watch everything just swim around.

  36. Yes! One of the finest is surprisingly located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and is the world’s largest freshwater aquarium. Love the puffer fish!

  37. Love the new fish theme! I like that we can pair this with current sets, which I own! I have visited the Seattle Aquarium many times with my kids, and I think when I was a kid we visited one in San Diego frequently. But it was long ago, so I’m not sure on that one.

  38. I honestly can’t remember the name of it, but we visited an aquarium on our honeymoon. We did the behind the scenes tour where we got to go up to the big tanks and feed the fish. It was a lot of fun!

  39. My son and his family and I went to Charleston to visit my Mom. We went to the Aquarium there, it was fun and my grandson, Jack, really enjoyed it. He loved watching all of the fish swim by. He would clap his little hands and laugh!!

  40. I love aquariums. When we lived in Japan we visited this aquarium in Okinawa that was incredible. It has the largest tank I’ve ever seen with multiple whale sharks. Absolutely amazing!

  41. We visited an aquarium near Disneyland years ago that I loved. We got to do an extra tour where we fed the fish. So fun!

  42. I’ve been to a few aquariums. The Indianapolis Zoo has a great area featuring sharks that you can pet. These new products look like fun!

  43. I love all aquariums…even 10 gallon home versions. Watching fish in tanks is very relaxing and fascinating. Loved the one in Atlanta. I love the cards with fish and cats!!

  44. There’s an aquarium at Legoland that we’ve spent many hours visiting over the years. Fun memories and great cards!

  45. super sweet scenes!! yes, we used to go to the aquarium when we were kids – I’ll never forget going on the underwater escalator – so fun!!

  46. Once upon a time, I had a little puffer fish in my fish tank. Your new stamp reminds me so much of him. Adorable!! We’ve visited the aquarium in Atlanta a few times. It’s a lot of fun

  47. I guessed that little guy was a pufferfish when you were showing little peeks! I love, love, love this set! So adorable! I lived in a northern Chicago suburb most of my life (until 3 years ago when I moved out of state), so I’ve been to the Shedd Aquarium a few times. Love the fishies! 🐟 Any btw, I always loved the Fintastic set but never got it; now I HAVE to get it!

  48. The last aquarium I was at was at the Atlantis on Paradise Island, many, many moons ago. I LOVE this whole release!

  49. Love the set! I haven’t been to our local aquarium in years. I think I may have been inspired to do so.

  50. Loving these Keep on Swimming products especially the reveal wheel add-on. I’ve only visited the aquarium at the local zoo.

  51. So many awesome projects! I have visited aquariums before, but it has been years since I have been to one.

  52. These little fish bowls are so adorable and a great addition to all the amazing reveal wheel sets! I love them!
    Publish aquariums are always fun! I have been to a couple around the country, but one of my favorites is the Dallas World Aquarium – it is really stunning and I enjoy it every time I go.

  53. I have been to the Shedd Aquarium a few times, MOA Aquarium and the Aquarium on Maui! I love the ocean! I’ve been snorkeling in the Aquarium of the world! It’s simply amazing!

  54. So cute. Love all the ideas
    Love the Monterey bay aquarium and Long Beach Aquarium as it is more local

  55. I’ve visited a few aquariums. The one in Baltimore was amazing! The one in Toronto is also pretty cool!

  56. Wow so neat! I’ve tried making cards like this with my fish tank set! This would make it way easier. I’ve been to a small aquarium and Monterey Bay!

  57. Visited the Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY. This is close to Cincinnati where my daughter lives, it is a fantastic aquarium! Love all the inspiration today!

  58. I live near Chicago so Shedd Aquarium is the one we visit. From reading other posts, Shedd seems to be a popular one. I love the cat watching the fish bowl.

  59. Awesome cards, as always! I’ve been to a few aquariums; The Shedd in Chicago, The New England Aquarium in Boston, and The Seas at EPCOT. I find watching the fish swim so relaxing and the different corals and other plants are amazing!

  60. Oh this set is adorable! I love the inspiration here today! I enjoy going to the Shed Aquarium in Chicago and have been there several times with my kids and hope to go again soon with my hubby just for fun and check out the Navy Pier as well! 🙂

  61. Lawn Fawn has the cutest card ideas. I have visited The Aquarium of America’s in New Orleans.

  62. Ohhhh, these samples are just adorable! Love the fish and the kitties!
    I have visited some of the aquariums! Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and Monterey Bay Aquarium.

  63. Oh yeah! We love our aquarium at the coast. It’s a bit of a drive but we go about once a year.

  64. I’ve been to our aquarium, the Vancouver Aquarium many times as a child and as a parent with my kids. These sets are so fun!

  65. My favorites are the Monterey bay aquarium and Oregon coast aquarium 😊 I got my degree in fisheries to work in an aquarium and one of my favorite things was diving with the sharks in Passages of the Deep at the Oregon coast aquarium. What a wonderful experience!! 😊

  66. I like to visit the Academy of Science Aquarium in San Francisco. Love the beautiful tropical waters at this aquarium.

  67. Love the puffer fish!
    I love going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! An amazing facility! The otters are my favorite!

  68. Gah!! I love these fishes!! I love aquariums… We go to Seattle Aquarium but I have also been to the Vancouver aquarium, Georgia aquarium and more but my fave is Monterey Bay Aquarium…

  69. So much cuteness, I love it all!! We love aquariums and seem to find one
    wherever we go on vacation. We went to two out in Hawaii in March. 🙂

  70. New Orleans has a great aquarium, but I haven’t been since it was restocked after hurricane Katrina. I should grab my granddaughters and go….

  71. Oh, my gosh, I love, love, love the Just Keep Swimming set! I love to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

  72. Sure, I’ve been to an aquarium…the one at MOA (not sure what it is called now or if they are running the space as an aquarium) and the one in Duluth. Love the kitty cat looking at the fish…so cute!

  73. Absolutely love this set!!! Glad you included the little kitty!!! We have the Living Planet Aquarium, wonderful place to spend the day!!!

  74. I dont think I’ve been to the aquarium around here but we did do sharks reef in vegas! I loved the jellyfish!

  75. Such utter cuteness! Can’t wait to see the rest of the release because so far it’s awesome. I don’t like to see wild animals in captivity so I do not visit zoos or aquariums. Thank you for the chance to win!

  76. Visited an aquarium in New Orleans, but my favorite part of it was the huge parakeet cage you can walk through. I love the bird on the perch! Looking forward to seeing that set!

  77. I’ve been to the Seattle aquarium many times. My favorite one is in Atlanta with the whale sharks. Love this new set

  78. I’ve been to the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Monterey Bay Aquarium several times Both are fabulous. I’ve also been to an aquarium in Hawaii and Australia, but I don’t call the names. Very cute stamp and die sets, and reveal wheel add-on.

  79. We visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium many times when my son was small. He was especially captivated by the jellyfish. I found the aquarium in Osaka, Japan to be spectacular.

  80. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is probably one of my favorite places in the world! I am so excited for these cute new fish stamp sets!!

  81. What adorable cards!!!!!
    Last year my family went on a road trip and we went to an aquarium in New Mexico. It was really fun and a lot to see!!

  82. I love the cat, it can be used in window cards. Yes I’ve been to several Aquariums, my favorite is Baltimore Harbor.

  83. It’s been eons since I visited an Aquarium, they are fantastical and magical. I love these new products and anything that’s Reveal Wheel!

  84. What an adorable set, love the fishes teasing the pussy cats! I have never been to an aquarium but have had fish pets at home, it is so soothing to watch them! (Didn’t care for cleaning the tanks, though!)

  85. If I remember correctly – there was an aquarium
    in Monoco and I visited that one. Had some amazing
    fish. I feel sorry for the poor fish in the above
    cards – so many eyes watching him.
    thanks for sharing txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  86. I’ve been to several. Long Beach, Atlanta, Cleveland, San Francisco. I can’t wait to make a special card for my grandson who is getting swimming lessons for his birthday from me!

  87. Love the new items presented today.
    We had a big aquarium in Quebec City where I used to live. My office rented the place for a wine and cheese event organized by the social club, which was really fun.

  88. I’ve been to so many aquariums but I love the Maui Ocean Center. It is small but so nice and relaxing.

  89. Love the ideas. I went to an aquarium a couple of times. It is fun to sit and watch the fish and aquatic animals.

  90. I haven’t been to an aquarium. Love the cute scenes with the cat and the fish. Looking forward to adding on to my Reveal Wheel options too! I like seeing how stamp sets I already own appear in designs with new sets! So many “fintastic” ideas!!!!

  91. Fabulous creations & new stamp & die designs!! I have been to the aquarium a bunch of times in the past & will be taking my grandkids this summer!

  92. I have visited the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois. I love watching the jellyfish swim and float. In Minnesota we have an aquarium at the Mall of America but I haven’t visited that aquarium yet. I have two goldfish in a tank as pets at my house, so I am very excited for this new stamp set release!

  93. Great video! I love how this set can be used many ways.
    We have an aquarium near us that I like to visit – The Newport Aquarium. However one of my favorite scuba dive spots in Key Largo is called “Aquarium”. There are so many fish there!

  94. I’ve got to have these. I have everything Reveal Wheel. They are so easy to make and they’re always a favorite with recipients. I’ve been to several aquariums. Whenever we travel we enjoy going to zoos and aquariums.

  95. I love all the projects made with Keep on Swimming and the reveal wheel ad-on. I have been to several aquariums.

    1. Live visiting aquariums. I have been to lots of them, from the east coast to the west coast. My favorite is The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Love the reveal wheel cards, but my favorite is the Cat in the Hat by Megan Quinn.❤️

  96. love aquariums … visit them when ever we are near one!

    Loving this release … going to need to get a second job to get all I need …. but wait, then I won’t have time to play!

  97. I have been to the aquarium in Gatlinburg.. I love seeing all the different fish and walking through the tunnel with sharks swimming above you.

  98. I say it every time but this release is going to be fantastic! 😃😃😃 Looove this new die set, and the table stamp will be perfect for creating scenes!!

  99. We don’t have a local aquarium, but I’ve visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium south of here and the Oregon Coast Aquarium to the north. They are both wonderful. I can hardly wait to get this new stamp set with the wheel add on. It’s on my must have list, being a lover of fish and cats.

  100. I’ve been to two aquarium’s, one in Quindao China and the other I was lucky enough that my daughter’s Girl Scout troop spent the night at the one of the Mall of America on night. We slept right in the walkways with the fish swimming above us. So Fun!

  101. I LOVE going to the aquarium. We have one in Coney Island, and one out east on Long Island. They’re both fabulous, but my absolute favorite one is Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ. They have Hammerhead Sharks!!!! They are absolutely magnificent creatures.

  102. Have visited and taken the grandkids to The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher in Wilmington, NC. Have also visited a spectacular aquarium in Chicago but can’t remember the name.

  103. The closest aquarium to me is the one in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Haven’t been there yet but if these fish are anything like the real thing…what have I been waiting for? These guys are so adorable.

  104. Lovely cards and can’t wait use the new products! I love the aquariums in Baltimore, Mystic, CT and Boston. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  105. I have visited a few aquariums over the years and enjoyed interacting with dolphins, such magnificent creatures!

  106. How fun is this?!?! Can’t wait to get my hands on this! We recently went to the Vancouver Aquarium and they had a HUGE sea turtle! It was awesome!

  107. I have been to several aquariums in the state of Florida and would love to see whale sharks in Atlanta.

  108. I went to the New Orleans aquarium on a field trip as a kid. The best part was the glass shark tunnel.

  109. I love aquariums and have been to many. The Minnesota zoo and New Orleans are favorites along with sea world – east and west. I have two aquariums of my own and 100’s of little fish.

  110. Super cute! Aquarium of the Pacific is on my bucket list! My uncle lives in Long Beach. 🙂 We have a fantastic zoo with an awesome aquarium here in Omaha, NE and my hubby and I love to visit!

  111. Love the little puffer fish! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the aquarium, but I do enjoy them.

  112. Yes! I have been to several aquariums. I learn so much from them. I don’t have one nearby, but when I travel I like to visit them.

  113. Love all of the inspiration!
    I love vising different aquariums when we are on vacation.
    Seahorses are my favorite!

  114. Everything is so cute! I’ve visited a couple aquariums plus sea world and a turtle farm. Aquatic life is so neat to watch.

  115. Aquariums and zoos are sort our thing to do when travelling. My favourite was is the one in Atlanta, Georgia! Wow!! Walking in and seeing the wall of glass and a whale shark swim by was phenomenal! The research one in Quebec City, QC was also very cool and we learned a lot.

  116. Yes I have visited a few aquariums in the past but haven’t been recently. I love this new release and can’t wait to get my hands on that cute little fishy!

  117. I haven’t visited a public aquarium since I was young, but am planning on taking my daughter this year for her first visit!

  118. Oh, I love the cute fishies and critters in these sets – and love how they coordinate with the reveal wheel! When I was more mobile I used to love to visit the New England Aquarium in Boston all the time – took my students there for college orientation every year, they always loved it. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  119. I love our local aquarium in Milwaukee, but I’ve also been to the big one in Chicago. These new sets are just the most adorable as always! Excited to get them soon.

  120. Monterey Bay Aquarium! So many happy memories of watching the otters and petting the rays and watching the divers. And I love the pufferfish in this set, too! So adorable.

  121. The Georgia Aquarium is incredible – the floor to ceiling/ wall to wall display is stunning!! They have whale sharks!!! There is also an area where you are on a moving path and the aquarium is above and around you!! Also been to nice aquariums at Sea World and Epcot.

  122. I went to the one in San Diego. I don’t remember the name or if it was at Sea World. Duh. ha-ha

  123. I absolutely love this set!!! It is adorable!!!! I have been to several aquariums, including the Shedd aquarium in Chicago. 🙂

  124. Love these sets and the examples! The cat in the hat card just slays me–i already saw it on Instagram. I used to love reading that book to my kids.

  125. Our family loves to visit aquariums! Monterey Bay and the Shedd in Chicago are two of our favorites!

  126. These fish are adorable! Love the puffer. I have visited a lot of aquariums across the USA. Not sure I really have a favorite as I love all the different sea life.

  127. I love your SWELL new additions to your stamps and dies! I am looking forward to playing with these sets. I think it is great that these new stamps and dies work so well with older fish and under water sets.

  128. I love the sea life centre, the tunnel where the sharks swim over you is awesome and you can see the penguins swimming underwater too – in a different section course!

  129. Aquarium of the Pacific is where my husband proposed to me on March 9th 2009!!!! Such a special place to me!!!

  130. Our family loves visiting aquariums…we have been to the aquariums in Toronto, Baltimore, Monterey Bay, New Jersey…pretty much any city we visit. Fun fun cards.

  131. The last time I visited an aquarium was in 2010! We don’t have on in my city but I went to one while traveling.

  132. Newport Aquarium and Shedd Aquarium are both amazing! So is this adorable new set. The blow fish is the cutest thing ever!

  133. This set is so adorable!!! And how fun is it to add to the reveal wheel???!!!! We have a great aquarium about 1/2 hour away in Mystic, CT; it’s pretty fun. I’m sure I have been to others as a child/teen, but don’t remember them specifically.

  134. I love going to the aquarium! My husband and I took the kiddos a few years back when they were younger and they loved it! I’m also planning a trip there for my Girl Scout troop!

  135. Super cute cards!
    Love the cats. I have
    been to the Living Planet
    Aquarium in Draper, Utah.
    Wonderful time at it.
    Carla from Utah

  136. The closes aquarium to me is the one in Seattl, Wa. down on the waterfront. But Tacoma, Wa. also has an aquarium that we sometimes make it to.

  137. I haven’t been to an aquarium since I was little but I think a trip is overdue! Love all of these wonderful creations from the DT!

  138. I have been to the aquarium in Dallas and Virginia Beach. my kids LOVED going when they were little 🙂

  139. I haven’t been to an aquarium in AGES but I loved going to Mystic Seaport in CT when I lived there 🙂 I can’t WAIT for the new kitty set!!

  140. Yes, I have visited a public aquarium, love to see the variety of fishes there!! Love the fun sentiments and the beautiful cards by the designers!

  141. These cards are so adorable! I love the fun reveal wheel images. I’ve been to the Downtown Aquarium in Denver a few times, as well as other aquariums while on vacation. 🙂

  142. Yes, I have. I’ve moved a lot, and wherever I moved to, I check the local aquarium. I love fish and sea creatures, and i love the ocean. I live by the ocean almost half of my life. 🙂 Thank you for this set. Def. this puffy fish is the cutest puffy fish I’ve ever seen! lol 🙂

  143. Love this set. I need to own it. We usually go the aquarium of niagara. It is small but still interesting.

  144. I have been to the Aquarium in Tampa quite a few times. The kids loved going when they where little, but I haven’t been there recent.

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    1. Oh and as for aquarium’s. I don’t think there are any local ones. Closest I can think of is Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been there though. Seen some lovely fish aquariums in some of the museums in DC also Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas has a nice aquarium to visit. Those are my most recent visits. Oh also I love the Aquarium in the MOA (Mall of America).

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    Newport Aquarium in KY is wonderful!!

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    Elaine Rico

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    I have been to an aquarium; but, it’s been so long ago that I can’t remember where it was. That’s sad…!!!

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    Now, if we could just get that rainbow plaid paper I see in the background of some of these samples. I should have hoarded mine instead of using it. 😭

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  213. In Denver we have the Downtown Aquarium which is very nice with a beautiful restaurant on site but I would really love to see the National Aquarium in Baltimore someday.

  214. When we went to Okinawa, we went to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. It was located in Expo park and we had to drive about two hours to get there from our American sized house in Takahara Square. The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium was so pretty and there was so much to see! It is right on the ocean and you can look out at the waves as you enter and exit the building. There is also a HUGE playground to play on. There were many exhibits and we saw huge sharks of all kinds! A wonderful experience! This release is swim packed with ocean goodness! Looking forward to the fish bowl creations!

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  226. When I go back to see my parents, I love to go to the Monterey Bay aquarium. I can stand and stare at the Kelp forest for hours!

  227. Yes, I visited the local aquarium recently which just finished renovating their shark exhibit. Can’t wait for the jellyfish to be open to the public again.

  228. Yes!! I love that fish bowl!!! Yes I have gone to the aquarium in Vancouver Canada. I love the jelly fish! They look so cool in a black light room! They glow so cool!

  229. We go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium quite often because Monterey is just a beautiful place to be, and my husband is a MAJOR fish enthusiast! We have enough tanks in our home to qualify as our own aquarium, I think! I would buy this stamp set just for him!! (Or at least that’s my excuse! 🙂 )

  230. My family always make an effort to visit an aquarium in whichever city we are visiting. The last aquarium we visited was in Osaka, Japan.

  231. Aquariums at the Washington, DC zoo are fascinating. I will enjoy using the new products that Lawn Fawn staff and designers have created for us. Thank you!

  232. I’ve been to the aquarium of the pacific too! I need to go back because it’s been a while. There’s a very cool/huge aquarium in Atlantis on paradise island. You should go when you have the chance.

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  234. Love that puffer fish!! I’ve been to the Shedd Aquarium and my city is opening its own aquarium at the end of the year!

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  236. I’ve been to a few, but my favorite was the aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts! It was amazing!

  237. I haven’t visited a public aquarium in a very long time but would live to visit The Aquarium of the Pacific on my next trip to California.

  238. I’ve visited many aquariums, but my favorite is the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I love how they use the ocean to filter their water in/out of the tanks and all of the work they do for local marine life.

  239. Wow, I haven’t been to an aquarium since I was a kid, but I remember having so much fun on those trips!

  240. I’ve been to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago many, many years ago and would love to go back with my husband and kids some day. I really loved it.

  241. Never been to a public aquarium but I plan to keep swimming in that direction ❤️❤️❤️

  242. Aquariums throughout the world are so fascinating, but no one can replicate the ideas that we acquire through the products that are sold by Lawn Fawn. Thank you!

  243. I love the puffer fish and the cat in the hat cards so much! We’ve done a lot of aquariums, Newport KY, New Orleans, Mall of America…my kids like the sea life at a distance 🙂

  244. There are so many fascinating creatures of the sea/oceans/streams for us to enjoy at aquariums. Thank you, Laen Fawn, for helping us bring these to “life” in the new Lawn Fawn products for the summer of 2019!

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