Lawn Fawn Intro: Say What? Pets, Critter Chatter: Pets, Speech Bubble Backdrop + Stitched Speech Bubble Backdrop

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2019 Inspiration and Release week! On May 16th our 10 new stamp sets and coordinating dies and 24 new standalone die sets will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Say What? Pets and its coordinating dies, Critter Chatter: Pets, Speech Bubble Backdrop and Stitched Speech Bubble Backdrop! These cute pets have so much to say! This set features a dog, cat, bird, speech bubble, and sentiments that coordinate perfectly with Say What? Gift Tags. They are great for creating tags and cards to and from pets, or for the animal-lover in your life! “Mrrow? Bow-wow!!” (Translation: Time to craft? Yay!!) These cute pet-themed sentiments and translations are great for cards that feature cats, dogs, birds, or underwater creatures! Create a cute card with a “talking” critter that is sure to make someone smile. Speech Bubble Backdrop and Stitched Speech Bubble Backdrop work great with Critter Chatter: Pets to create a fun backdrop for a “talking” animal!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some creative ways of using these fun new sets!

Elena created a beautifully sweet card with Say What? Pets, Critter Chatter: Pets and Speech Bubble Backdrop! She used the kitty bed from Meow You Doin’, too! I love how she stamped the sentiments from both sets in Manatee ink in the speech bubbles!

The new Stitched Bubble Backdrop looks amazing on Audrey‘s beautiful clean and simple card! She combined the fishy chatter with the cute goldfish in a fishbowl from Keep on Swimming!

Elise used the Speech Bubble Backdrop to make this gorgeous rainbow background for a pair of Say What? Pets pups! All of the great sentiments are in Critter Chatter: Pets!

Megan‘s Mother’s Day card is so charming featuring the Speech Bubble Backdrop! I love how she assembled an adorable family of cats with images from Say What? Pets and Meow You Doin’! The Mother’s Day Line Border is so fun with the sentiments from Happy Happy Happy Add-On: Family!

Lynnette‘s adorable Reveal Wheel card used the Reveal Wheel Speech Bubble Add-On with the fun greetings and cat from Say What? Pets!

I love how Melissa M stamped the Critter Chatter: Pets greetings in the Stitched Speech Bubble Backdrop! The mix of gray cardstock looks great with the pop of red in the new Outside In Speech Bubbles and Speech Bubble Frames!

Latisha added a lovely watercolor wash to her Speech Bubble Backdrop and embellished with the cute dog from Say What? Pets and some Black Tie cord!

Kay‘s card is clean and simple gorgeousness! I love how she paired the dog and cat from Say What? Pets with flowers from Simply Celebrate! Just a hint of ink in the background and a sweet sentiment in the speech bubble are the perfect compliment!

Now, I have a video for you introducing Say What? Pets and Critter Chatter: Pets sharing some fun things you can do with these sets. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thanks for watching!

And now, I have a video for you introducing Speech Bubble Backdrop and Stitched Speech Backdrop to share some fun things you can do with these die sets. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Say What? Pets and its coordinating dies, Critter Chatter: Pets, Speech Bubble Backdrop and Stitched Speech Bubble Backdrop ! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you are team dog or team cat or team another pet or all of them by May 15th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday May 13th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Summer 2019 products will be available May 16th
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Critter Chatter: Pets
Speech Bubble Backdrop
Stitched Speech Bubble Backdrop
Keep on Swimming
Stitched Speech Bubble Frames

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508 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Say What? Pets, Critter Chatter: Pets, Speech Bubble Backdrop + Stitched Speech Bubble Backdrop

  1. Good morning from Sweden! 🙂 Another fun release! Speech bubbles SO USEFUL! And that little paw-stamp – what a cutie! Have a great day-wishes from a Team Cat-member…

    1. I’m team both but have a puppy currently. I’m very excited for the speech bubbles stamps! Lots of furry friends in our extended family.

  2. The HollyCat and I are team Cat (although I like dogs too but don’t tell Holly that, she goes Halloweeie Cat when she sees one)

  3. I’m definitely team dog! I have 3 rescued greyhounds that I love to bits! Very very excited for these sets 🙂

  4. we are dog sitting for a year (due to a military posting) and after this experience, i think that i am more team cat! cats are much more independant! but i do love all critters!

    1. Team dog, cat and turtles. This is a great reveal and everyone did an excellent job showing it off.

  5. I’m team cat – although I love all pets. But how am I supposed to buy cat treats and still be able to get all these wonderful new stamps and dies???

  6. team cats! <3 But I love all the animals and pets incld. birds, more than humans! LOL 😉 Thank you for making these "translation" words stamps! 🙂

  7. Team dog for sure, we have had cats too though loved all the cute cards that dog stamp is adorable!

  8. Love the new sets, especially the translations. Having an allergy to cats and dogs, sadly we are not a pet household. We did for a while have some fish.

  9. I like the speech bubbles! I lean more towards the dog side although fish are my preferred pet.

  10. These cards are adorable…I love the speech bubble backgrounds! Team Dog here, but I have to say, I love all critters!

  11. I love animals, think I’ve just about always had a dog… at least one. These sets are just so cute, love the speech bubbles that coordinate w/ the little pets!

  12. Well this is hard! I have 2 cats of my own so I have to be team cat. But I take care of lots of other people’s dogs (and one cat). So I guess I’m 3/4 team cat and 1/4 team dog maybe? I’m going to go with that!

  13. Oh my those are adorable. I love the speech bubble background – so inventive and imaginative!
    I am a team cat person. I like dogs, especially little puppies, but will forever love cats and especially kittens.

  14. I’m Team Dog and Team Cat!!! My hubby is Team Snake. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  15. Love the little puppy so much! Team dog for me and team cat for many I love! Whatever works for there to be more love in the world!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. I am allergic to both cats and dogs. We are team hedgehog at my house! I’m glad to say I’m not allergic to the super cute stamped versions!

  17. The release just keeps getting cuter and more cute … I love the little pets for the tag set. The Christmas set was so much fun and these little guys will be just as much fun.

  18. Oh my stars! The puppy in this set looks exactly like my Lily! Team dog…and definitely bringing these pet themed images into my collection!

  19. Team dog all the way! Love the speech bubble backdrop and critter chatter. They are so on my shopping list!

  20. Omg these kitties are so cute I can’t even!!!! Team cat all the way *insert cat heart eye emoji*

  21. Super cute projects today! The new speech bubbles are so fun! We don’t have any pets because of allergies in our home, but I’ve always had cats most of my life.

  22. So CUTE! Love all the samples from the designers and can’t wait to see the complete sets. I am team dog when it comes to my own household but team all animals when it comes to the world as a whole. Thank you for the chance to win!

  23. We have a cat so I think I have to say I’m team cat but I really want a dog so maybe I’m team dog? I think I’ll just be both, team cat and dog here!

  24. Great new pet stamp set and speech bubbles! I don’t have a pet but I’m on team cats and dogs.

  25. Definitely adding the stitched speech bubbles to my wish list. Team dog all the way in our house…but also team lizard, team snake and team anything creepy crawly. Boys!

  26. Team Cat all the way! These cards are awesome, can’t wait to get my paws on the new release!

  27. Team DOG all the way here. Would love seeing more dogs on stamps. You can never have too many dogs (at least on stamps!!), and our dog says “Aroooooo” all the time, so I particularly love the Critter Chatter. Fun.

  28. Our dog Penny was our favorite pet but we loved having aquariums with guppies and other freshwater fish too. These speech bubble dies look awesome!

  29. I love them both and have loved being a fur mom to both but right now while chasing two toddlers I am firmly team cat since they basically take care of themselves. Such a cute stamp set!

  30. I am team turtle! Not a fan of pet hair. ): Love these animated dogs and cats though! All the cute with none of the hair.

  31. I’m totally Team Dog… or Team Horse. LOL. I don’t mind cats, but I’m allergic so we can’t have them. Love the new speech bubble items!

  32. I’m on team dog but must admit the cats here are awfully cute. I love the way the speech bubbles are used on the cards!

  33. I’m team dog. I’ve had a few cats but my true love
    is my puppy. Love the little animals in the set.
    thanks for sharing txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  34. I am team dog and team cat. We have a dog and I would love to have a cat, but hubby is allergic.

  35. I think I hit the wrong button and my comment disappeared.
    I’m team dog. thanks for sharing.
    The little critters in the set are so cute.

  36. Team DOG!!!! And this new dog stamp is perfect for my Baker! I love sending pet cards to my friends for their birthdays so thank you for all the new possibilities!

  37. Team dog, but our children have rescue cats…so both camps! Absolutely adore the Speech bubbles! Thank you DT and LF.

  38. Such fun stamps and dies! I am a team-dog and a team-cat. Would love to be a team-bird or team-fish, though.

  39. I am totally team cat! I have 2, Marina and Scrappy (hubby named him! 😳😂) and they are the sweetest, most affectionate pets ever! They follow me all over the house and love to snuggle when I watch TV. Love them!!

  40. I am so happy that my Say What? Christmas Critters can have some new friends! It will be great to create some year-round tags with these new critters.

  41. These sets are so cute and will go perfectly with so many others! I am definitely #TeamDog lol. Although I do have 3 kitties, my little princess pup, Juliette (named after the founder of Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. by my daughter), is our baby! I do love all animals and will appreciate this set for sure!!

  42. I am team all the Pets but I only own dogs. Sadly, my hubby is allergic to cats. Can’t wait to get this stamp set and dies.

  43. Love all the cute puppies and kitties!! The speech Bubble Backdrop is so fun!!! I’m a doggie lover!!!🐶

  44. Oh my word these are ALL incredible gorgeous samples! Love the wording ones so much! I have to say that I am especially partial to doggies, I really am a lover of ALL creatures in general! I would be happy to spend time with them anywhere! 🙂

  45. That little pup is SO cute, looks just like our little Miniature Schnauzer when she was a puppy! Love, Love, Love!!!
    As you might have guessed I’m Team Dog 🐶

  46. Team Cat!! But we just had to put our dog to sleep and boy do I miss her. I LOVE these stamps with all the Adorable critters!!

  47. The speech bubble backdrop is wonderful. I’m team all animals, but cats are in my heart.

  48. Team dog all the way! Although she is about the size of a cat…. lol cant wait to see what’s next!

  49. These products are such a cute idea for any animal lover – they are sure going to make someone smile.

    I am absolutely in Team Cat myself, but my boyfriend is in Team Dog so we got to make arrangements for both of us here pretty soon

  50. I love these pet sets! I especially love the critter chatter… so so creative!!! 🙂 I’m team all pets… but I love cats and dogs the most!

  51. I love the cards. I am on team dog. However, I also love big cats like leopards and cheetahs (of course not as a pet).

  52. We have had dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, and even fish in the past. Since we have retired and travel a lot, we no longer have pets. Dogs are more work than cats but I do like them both.

  53. Team DOG! Critter Chatter is a must have for me. how darn tootin’ cute is that!! The card class girls will go BANANAS over that set!

  54. I am totally team dog, we have two cuties named Mocha and Cookie…and team Parrot. We have an African Grey Parrot who loves to talk, her name is Scratch. Love this speech bubble set, definitely on my list!

  55. Team dog 🙂 I’ve unfortunately never had a pet – my parents never agreed to one and now, I live alone and I’m gone most of the day for work, so that’s not a viable option, but I’ve always loved dogs.

  56. Team All of Them!!!!! 🐱🐶😊 Currently have 2 meowing furballs, but friends have barking and meowing ones so I love stamps with both options to make cards for everyone!

  57. So cute!! I just git the SayWhat died recently too – perfect timing!!
    I am Team Cat, but can make things for Team Dog people

  58. I’m team dog, although I like cats and birds too. Pets have their own unique personalities, so it’s fun to have some around. Love all the new stamps and die sets today!!!! I already have Meow You Doin’, so happy to have some more stamps to coordinate.

  59. Team Dog! Pets are wonderful, but I always grew up with dogs, so they have a special place in my heart.

  60. I LOVE all these cute pet cards – these supplies have DEFINITELY skyrocketed to the top of my Lawn Fawn wish list! I am definitely TEAM DOG since I am highly allergic to cats, but I knit & crochet and make other crafty items for the local rescues to help benefit ALL the animals they help find forever homes! Thanks for the chance to win! Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

  61. I’m team dog and team tortoise. 🥰 I’m allergic to cats so I can’t be on a team with them or I wouldn’t be able to see and I would be sneezing a lot! 😂

  62. I’m team cat all the way. I have three and they are buying me the center fold pop up dies and accompanying dies as soon as they are released. Happy Mother’s to all of you Mother’s. Hugs.

  63. 100% team dog! We have two black labs, Olive and Pearl. Our girls would want as many as we would let them have! Labs are a little slobbery and messy, a hint of mischievous at times, but oh so sweet and adorable, and we love them!

  64. I am team Dog all the way! I own 2 rescued dogs that I adopted from a local shelter. They are the loves of my life!

  65. Team dog all the way. Canines rule… but my granddaughter is a feline fanatic, so I want all things cat and dog….. yea, I need it all

  66. I’m not a pet person myself, but the rest of my family is DOG crazy and I enjoy making cards for them. Thanks for the opportunity to win. 🙂

  67. I love the new backgrounds. So useful! I am team cat! Dogs are so sweet but you have to take them out for walks so they can do their business. Even so I did leash train my cat. LOL

  68. Team dog although I love all animals/. Even those cute little billy goats. You need to design a billy goat set, they are hysterical with all their jumping! Lawn Fawn is killing it this release!

  69. I’m team furry- dog, cat, hamster, horse…. I’m in love with this new release. It just keeps getting better. Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  70. I am so loving all the cuteness today! All these products go to the top of my wish list! And I am team CAT!

  71. OMG! More amazing sets! How am I going to choose which ones to get?! I’m team dog, all the way! (Im actually super allergic to cats so that also sways the choice. Cats ARE gorgeous though!). I have 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and they are super duper gorgeous!

  72. I’m team birdie all the way (even tho he thinks he’s a kitty cat! lol).
    But truly, I love all animals. Even the cute faux ones shown today.

  73. Wow wee!!!! I really love these sets. So sweet. I am both, team dog and team cat. I really love all animals.

  74. I am team all of them! I currently have just a cat, but I have had a dog and fish before. My friends have had birds, bunnies, etc. I feel they are all wonderful and it really just depends on your situation (home, work hours, allergies, etc) which one is best for you. These sets are so cute!

  75. Although we are a petless home – I fall into the Team Dog category.
    Great new sets/dies for all of the animal lovers out there.

  76. So many great cards! I am team dog because hubby is allergic to cats but I definitely know some team cat folks that would love these cat cards : )

  77. Definitely on team dog, but the lawn fawn cats are so adorable and I love seeing them on cards!

  78. Can not wait till these come out. Just love the die cuts; I want both sets and I am a team dog for sure. The cards that were in this video were just awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  79. Actually I’m a Team Dog and a Team Cat… love them both! And tropical fish… still have a State Fair goldfish that one of my granddaughters won 6 years ago! We were told at the Pet store when we went to get an aquarium & accessories that the state fair fish don’t live for more than a week or two. Well, I definitely proved them wrong… Have been cleaning the tank and feeding the little fellow for the past 6 years!!!

  80. I am a team cat and dog lover. I have an Abyssinian cat and a Beagle dog. Love them so much, and I love these new critter stamps and speech bubbles, mostly because my daughter just graduated Vet Tech school, and I’ll be able to make her a bunch of cards with these. 😃

  81. Ooooh, I’m lovin’ this new release! I’m Team All Pets! =D Thanks for the opportunity to win this set.

  82. I am a canine and feline “critter chatter” person. They all get along well. I can hardly wait to use these products. Thank you, Lawn Fawn staff and designers!

  83. My husband recused a pigeon (yes, a wild…outside pigeon), He told me it would only be a few days…Its been 8 months. I can’t wait for the warm weather a life without a pigeon. Great stamps! I am looking forward to the release. 🙂

  84. Clean and simple designs can make a nice change of pace from the elaborate cards that are also wonderful.

  85. Is am team dog, but I am super excited for a pet stamp set! I’ve resisted buying a specific dog stamp set because sometimes people would prefer a cat…problem solved with this set!

  86. The background die with the words stamps is simply brilliant! The pets are so cute you just have to have them!

  87. Lovely projects shared today by the designers. I’m an equal opportunity animal lover so no favorites for me.

  88. I absolutely love these cards!!! I’m team cat!! My kitty Tiger is staring at me as I type this—i have to say that!!!!

  89. Oh, the Speech Bubble Backdrop is so much fun! I love Chari’s collection of colourful cards! All the team have made such cute cards!

  90. I NEED everything pet-related! I am a dog mom, a foster dog mom, (a foster failure x 2), and a rescue volunteer. All of my friends are, too, so all I make are animal cards—and Lawn Fawn’s are the best!!

  91. Team dog. It just so happens that my dog Lucy is 6 years old today! Celebrating her sweetness and her being a part of our family. <3

  92. I’m so incredibly team CAT. Also team CHICKEN. I think this is the set that i’m most excited about. I love the Keep on Swimming, but this set is after my own heart.

  93. Team dog!!!! I have one, my older daughter has one and my youngest have two, we are a 4 dogs family, LOL! Cute products and cute cards!

  94. What an awesome background! We own a dog. We are pets outside, letting them be animals type of people.

  95. Love the pet cards!! So very cute and I can’t wait to work on them…have just the friends who would love to receive such a beautiful, creative card!

  96. Well to be fair I’m team dog first then team cat I have two dogs a Chihuahua and a Maltese. Love these little guys. My daughter has a cat so I love her too. Very cute release!!
    Elaine Rico

  97. These are all so cute! I am definitely team dog as far as owning goes. I love cats but my allergies can’t handle having them in the house, not to mention my hubby and my dogs don’t love cats. LOL

  98. Make my wish come true… and that’s to win something for the first time in my life.. ❤️..

  99. Love that stitched speech bubble back drop, I’m team both (we currently have 4 dogs and 1 cat!)

  100. I am team dog! Cats are cute and adorable but unfortunately I have a hard time breathing when I am around them.
    Great video! Love all of the cards today!

  101. I am team dog, even though we don’t have one. I grew up with dogs, but my hubby is a cat person… so we’ve settled on fish and other fun critters in our salt water aquarium. 😁

  102. I’m definitely team dog, but I do love cats as well! But there’s just something about coming home to my dog and seeing her get so excited that I’m back!

  103. I love the Stitched Speech Backdrop die set 🙂 I am more a cat person but there are so many other cute pets too ♥

  104. I am not really a pet person because I am allergic to pretty much everything but I do love all the Lawn Fawn critters!

  105. I’m definitely Team Dog but have lots of friends who love cats… I love the “translation” ideas as I often “interpret” my dog’s sounds and actions! Too cute!

  106. Oh man, I always thought I was team cat but then I got a dog. I still like cats but dogs will forever rule my heart.

  107. I am team “All Pets”. Right now I only have a cat and a bird. These sets are so cute to make cards for animal lovers.

  108. I love animals, but dogs are the best! Another super cute sneak peak today – cannot wait to get these!

  109. Critter chatter is so fun and I love the Say what Pets. I am team dog. I have Mille, a dachshund beagle mix.

  110. Go Team Dog!!
    Don’t tell my cat though… she’s the best! (for a cat) 😉
    I love the stamps and dies!! ♡♡♡

  111. Like both cats and dogs but unfortunately I’m allergic to both. We have a goldfish. Guess that makes me team fish.

  112. Love this!!!! Also, everyone’s’ projects are amazing!

    We have a dog and a cat so I think I tie for teams haha. I like both!

  113. Team Dog…and team rabbit….and team goat…and lamb…
    Ok-Pretty much all the animals. I’m not the biggest cat fan though.
    My dream is to be in a lush green yard with Golden Retriever puppies all over me.

  114. Love the Say What pets – would love to see more. Also really liking the speech bubbles…

  115. Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty…Come to Mama!!! Team Cat!!! =)
    I Love the Tags and can’t wait to make some more. All are just adorable designs.

  116. I’m team ANY pet! We currently have a dog and dozens of Koi fish, but I’ve also had cats, a gerbil, a rabbit, a pigeon and turtles <3

  117. I’m team dog/cat. I can’t choose and I’ve almost always had both at home. It wouldn’t be the same without them.

  118. Definitely team cat with 2 inside kitties and several outside ferals we take care of, along with any strays that may wander up. I adore this new Speech Bubble Backdrop!

  119. Say What? Critters is a must-have! Love the bright samples from the speech bubbles! I am team dog, but I like all furry animals!

  120. This would be appropriate not only for my feline and canine companions, but also to celebrate the many special events for our human friends! Thank you Lawn Fawn staff and designers!

  121. I’m team dog and cat they are the sweetest . I love the cat and dog from the stamp set I want everything it is all so great

  122. There is not one team that one can choose because there are so many options for this speech bubble backdrop! You are so creative, Lawn Fawn staff and designers! Thank you!

  123. I am Team Rabbit!!! I have had one or more since growing up, and I love them and their little furry faces!

  124. Definitely team cat 🐈 but I do have a lovely Aussie 🐕 as well. I first saw this set on Instagram and LOVED IT!

  125. All the cards are soooo cute!
    Ugh – tough question! I love both dogs and cats! Can I be Team dogcat? 🙂

  126. The cats and dogs are sooooo cute. I loved all the different ways you colored them. Looking forward to owning these and working to color them. Thank you so much for all the great examples.

  127. We can create teams of dogs, cats, hedgehogs, farm animals, etc. with these new products! Thank you, Lawn Fawn staff and designers!

  128. The animal words crack me up! Definitely going to have to get that set! Especially the dog talking one since I’m team dog all the way.

  129. cute cArdsley and products today. Love the speech bubble backdrop. I have had both dogs and cats so would be on both teams.

  130. I love love love Critter Chatter! I am most definitely Team Dog – I have 6 small poodle mixes – but I have to admit for 22 years I was Team Cat and it took the love of 6 little wiggly pooches to fill the hole in my heart from my precious kitty! So maybe I’m simply Team Animal lover:)

  131. So adorable!!! That speech bubble background is fabulous!!! I’m definitely a cat lover though was have had several dogs that I have loved, as well.

  132. Love the speech bubble backdrop!! It will be a great addition to our house where team dog is too dog! We love our pooch! We got our 🐕 dog off the North Shore of Hawaii eleven years ago and he has traveled with us to Okinawa, Japan, Hawaii, California, and all over as we are a military family! Go team dog!

  133. Say what? I’m Team CAT, of course!!! LOL. anyway, speech bubbles plus adorable critters and sayings? You guys are just so smart, innovative, and FUN. Love everything about this!

  134. I have always had cats in my life. My mother used to breed Persians in the 70’s and we had two show cats who won many awards. Since my last pet Belle passed three years ago we have been pet free.

  135. Oh my gosh, (translation: I love these stamps and dies!) I am currently Team Goldfish, but I do really love dogs and cats! I’d choose any pet!

  136. Love the speech bubble backdrop and everything from this release for that matter! I am on team dog 🙂

  137. I can’t choose…I am both team cat and team dog. Can’t imagine life without either one!

  138. Oh I absolutely NEED this!! I am a confirmed cat lover (I have 6!) but dogs steal my heart as well 🙂

  139. This is such a cute set. It would make great cards for my boss and her assistant as they both have schnauzers that they bring into the office every day! So excited for this set!

  140. I love animals. I prefer cats just because they’ll cuddle when you need it but otherwise stay out of your way. but dogs are such fun when you want to really roll around and play.

  141. So excited that you have added another dog stamp! I love everything that was shown today- thank you for the inspiration!

  142. I LOVE all the fur babies and the birdie too and their quirky, cute expressions! I want it all! I’ve gone a bit Lawn Fawn ccrraazzzyyy!

  143. This time the canine team will “win out” since there are two of them and only one of the felines in the house! What fun I’ll have sharing these with family and friends! Thank you, Lawn Fawn designers and staff, for all that you do!

  144. I’m team both but my family has a sweet dog that loves his walks and food and attention. Super cool speech bubble dies!

  145. I have to say I’m an equal dog & cat lover. We have 2 dogs (golden retriever and yellow english labrador) and 3 cats (calico, bicolored british shorthair & a bombay). Love them all equally and uniquely.

  146. I am team Cat. I have a cat named Lucy who is a tabby, calico mix. I also love parakeets and tropical birds.

  147. I love the Speech Bubble dies that are shown. Those a definite must along with those cute pets. Simply a fantastic release.

  148. I am definitely a TEAM DOG. Hoku, our cavalier king charles spaniel is a tri-color. You need to make a cavalier king charles spaniel stamp and die.

  149. These are my favorite products of this release! I love the pet translation — so cute! I can’t pick I love all animals and have had several including horses, dogs, cats, sheep, goats, chickens, birds, etc. I have to say I have a softer spot for horses, dogs, and cats though.

  150. I am currently team dog with 3 standard poodles, but have owned cats before. The speech bubbles are awesome.

  151. Such cute word bubbles and saying. I loved how you giggled when reading them out loud. What a fun set! I am not sure which team I belong on so I’m going to say team all (except ladybugs – I know strange right? But the college I went to was infested with them and I’ve not been a fan of them since *shudder*)

  152. This set is my favorite so far!!! So many fun ways to use it!!! I prefer dogs over cats; but I prefer hamsters over all other pets! 🙂

  153. I love cats! But that litte dog is really cute and I probably gonna use that “arooo” stamp, just because it was so much fun seeing and hearing (!) that video. You are doing such a fantastic job.

  154. Our canine/feline/other pets are part of our family. Thanks to Lawn Fawn staff and designers, we can create paper products to share with friends and family.

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