Lawn Fawn Intro: How You Bean? Christmas Cookie Add-On

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Today is our showcase of How You Bean? Christmas Cookie Add-On and its coordinating dies! Your holidays will be sweet with this cookie-themed stamp set! This set works well on it’s own, plus it coordinates with How You Bean? to make adorably sweet Christmas cards and crafts!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We will share the Intro Videos for this week’s featured sets at a later time. It’s been a very busy Fall so far, we hope to have the videos ready for you soon.

We are so happy to announce that Tammy Stark is now a member of our Design Team! She created an adorable holiday card by combining How You Bean?, the Christmas Cookie Add-On and Holiday Helpers!

Nichol‘s adorable Ho-Ho-Holidays sleigh is filled with pretty Christmas cookies is this delightful holiday scene! I love how she added snow to the chimney and Rooftop Border using Nuvo Crystal Drops in Simply White!

Lynnette stamped the cute cookies in a fun pattern and gave them lots of pretty pastel color! I love how she added some silver sparkle with the Embossing Pen and Silver Embossing Powder and our Glitter Pen!

Oh yum! Elena‘s How You Bean? jar of chocolate cookies is so adorable! I love how she paired it with a red background and Spring Sprig “holly”!

Yainea‘s beautiful wreath features the Christmas Cookie Add-On set white embossed on kraft cardstock to look like sweet gingerbread cookies! She tucked some Spring Sprigs into the wreath and gave them some red “berries”! So clever!

Elise‘s cheerful card uses happy colors for the cookies on a Snow Day Remix background! Her custom sentiment combines phrases from How You Bean? Christmas Cookie Add-On with Scripty Sweet, die cut from Rainforest cardstock!

What goes better than Christmas cookies and hot cocoa? Audrey‘s gorgeous card combines these two holiday treats from Thanks a Latte and How You Bean? Christmas Cookie Add-On with a sprinkling of Mini Snowflakes!

There’s just something about a grid pattern that makes me happy! And a fun grid of gingerbread cookies makes me smile even bigger! Melissa M added some colorful Pine Tree Green patterned paper and the sweet sentiment from How You Bean? Christmas Cookie Add-On to finish this adorable card!

Grace filled up four How You Bean? jars with Christmas Cookie Add-ons then used them on her adorable Flippin’ Awesome interactive card! The pretty pastel colors, Scripty Hugs and the bow from Christmas Dreams add lots of sweetness to this special design!

Latisha‘s sweet and simple, cookie-filled card is a colorful way to send holiday greetings! This would be adorable tucked in with a plate of homemade Christmas cookies!

I just love how Melissa S used the Foursquare Backdrop: Portrait, filling the windows with brightly stamped Christmas cookies! The glittery gold cardstock and the Fancy Folded Banner add lots of fun to this fabulous card!

I hope to have the Intro to How You Bean? Christmas Cookie Add-On video ready for you soon! I can’t wait to share all the fun ways to use this versatile set!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at How You Bean? Christmas Cookie Add-On! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite Christmas cookie by October 16th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday October 13 for our next inspiration week post!

And now we a bonus video project to share that features our new Build-A-House and Build-A-House Christmas Add-On die sets! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

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347 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: How You Bean? Christmas Cookie Add-On

  1. A Swedish “pepparkaka” (gingersnap) is all I need…. and sometimes with a thin layer of butter between two of them. Well, not too often, but very yummie!

    1. I haven’t made Christmas cookies before, only Christmas cupcakes!
      This is a cute set and the design team have once again done an amazing job!

  2. Hmm my favourite Christmas cookie has to be shortbread.. It is a traditional Scottish biscuit and is given alot around Christmas time.

    1. Another Swede with ”pepparkaka” as my holiday cookie of choice. Plain is always good but I like to layer it with a chilli cheese for a cookie sandwich

  3. Don’t really have a favorite Christmas cookies, we always made sugar cookies and our tradition was to make different colored icing and decorate them with icing and any goodies such special memories. Loved all the cards today

  4. I love those Russian Tea cookies and I always make a big batch of thumbprint cookies. They remind me of my childhood and I love sharing them!

  5. I love this stamp set and have already added it to my collection.

    My favourite cookie for Christmas is an Italian aniseed and dark chocolate biscotti, perfect for dipping in a cup of coffee.

  6. Another Swede with ”pepparkaka” as my holiday cookie of choice. Plain is always good but I like to layer it with a chilli cheese for a cookie sandwich

  7. My neighbor is Scottish and every Christmas she gifts us some homemade shortbread. It has become my favorite cookie–oh so good.

  8. We don’t really do cookies so much in Australia, but you can’t beat a good Christmas cake with lots and lots of dried fruit! This stamp set is so fun and I love all the samples from the DT!

    1. OMG!! All of the cards are so adorable and beautiful!!! My favorite Christmas cookie that I make every year is called kipfiel.. I took over making them for my husband’s family after my husband’s grandmother passed away. My mother in law even gave me her mom’s recipe the one that she used to make them for all of us every year.

  9. Our family favorite are frosted sugar cookies in cute Christmas shapes. Wonderful samples today! My favorite is the gingerbread wreath. So clever!

  10. So much sweet inspiration today!
    My Christmas favourites are gingerbread cookies or “pepparkakor” as we call them in Sweden.

  11. My favorite Christmas cookies are called reindeer antlers! They are yummy and I started making them with my mom when I was just a little kid. I guess they are a family Christmas cookie tradition now.

  12. At Christmas i make a sour cream cookie.
    It’s one I got from my mother-in-law.
    Love it. The houses are darling.
    thanks for the peek

  13. My favorite Christmas cookies are peanut butter blossoms- the peanut butter cookies with a Hershey kiss on top. They never last long in our house! This stamp set is absolutely adorable and perfect for complementing homemade Christmas gifts or for holiday bake sales.

  14. I really love gingerbread! When I was about 5 years old I made my aunt a gingerbread house – and she still has it and displays it every Christmas 🙂

      1. This Christmas cookie add on is a super new idea. I love how the cards were made using previous dies and stamps….great job ladies. My favourite Christmas cookies are shortbreads.

  15. It’s hard to choose. I love spritz (especially with a red hot candy), gingerbread (especially with cinnamon icing), Russian teacakes, and thumbprint cookies with apple mint jelly.

  16. Frosted and decorated sugar cookies are my favorite! Love this add on. I’m definitely going to have to get it!

  17. I love all of these cookie ideas! They made me so hungry and ready to bake! My favorite Christmas cookie would be a the between snowballs and lady fingers.

  18. I love all the add ones to the How you Bean set, and the cookie add on will definitely be on my shopping list! My favorite Christmas cookie is what we call grandmas cookie which is an anise walnut old time cookie. 😋

  19. OMG! Lawn Fawn, you are so good at giving inspiration!! I need that house die now! So very cute and a great video! Thanks!

  20. I love Christmas cookies. Probably shortbread or “Forgotten cookies ” – meringue and chocolate chips- are my favourites.

  21. The little elves are just precious. I love all of the cookies,too. My favorite cookie is chocolate chip with LOTS of walnuts.

  22. My favorite cookie at Christmas is a cookie I make called a Monster Cookie. A boss I had many years ago would bring these in for our office in large popcorn tins. I found a recipe about 5 years ago and I have to make them every year!

  23. My favourite Christmas cookie has always been the Shortbread!!! Of course, with yummy icing and sprinkles on top! 🙂

  24. So looking forward to make a flipping awesome card with the cookie jar! That’ll be my Christmas card this year!! Lovely!

  25. The talent and inspiration of this team just blows me away! Love the little house card!! Can’t wait for the next video’s.

  26. Favorite cookie, such a hard question, is ‘all’ an expectable answer? I will narrow it down to this layered bar cookie that was my grandma’s recipe, sadly it has no official name, but it’s good!

  27. What darling creations! I LOVE Candy Cane Cookies (sugar cookies with almond extract that are colored and shaped like candy canes)

  28. Biscochitos are my favorite cookies. They’re made with cinnamon, sugar and anise…think snickerdoodle but with spice.

  29. This cookie add on set is the cutest! My favorite Christmas cookie is definitely chocolate chip made with dark chocolate chips. Mmm…so good!

  30. I love sugar cookies just like the ones in this set! Kudos to the design team for all of these awesome cards!

  31. These cards today are so clever, I love the gingerbread wreath and all the decorated cookies are making me drool! My favourite Christmas cookie is a ginger snap!

  32. Now I am hungry after looking at all these delicious creations! My favorite holiday cookie to BAKE is the Spritz cookie, but my favorite kind to EAT is the good ole fashioned gingerbread cookies with icing – YUM! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. I use to help my grandmother make these peanut butter chocolate cookies! You spread peanut butter in between two ritz crackers and then dip them in melted Almond Bark chocolate (vanilla flavored) from Walmart! Its the best cookie i’ve EVER had!

  34. As kids my siblings and I always made snicker doodles with our grandma every Christmas. So those memories and cookies are always some of my favorite thing about the holidays.

  35. Picking a favorite Christmas cookie is like picking your favorite star. I’d have to say any cookie that is baked with love and brought to me as a gift is my favorite.

  36. My daughter and I bake cookies as gifts of Christmas and we love making the snickerdoodles the most, they are so yummy!

  37. I love all the inspiration from the designers – SO CUTE! My favorite cookie is a mint and chocolate chip meringue cookie – SO good! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  38. Favorite cookie is my grandmother’s recipe for German Spritz cookies. When I make them now for my kids, I feel like I am back in my youth! Such great memories!! Great creations too by the way!!

  39. Amazing projects from the design team – WOW! My new favorite Christmas cookie is pistachio. My favorite growing up was rosettes.

  40. My favorite cookies are the German gingerbread coated with either milk chocolate or dark chocolate! Thank you. Lawn Fawn for adding these products!

  41. Such a cute add on!! I love to make Spritz cookies for Christmas and then package them up in cute goodie bags for my co workers:)

  42. Favorite christmas cookie has to be butter shortbread cookies. OOOOOOOooooo you know that when they melt in your mouth that they are full of bad stuff but they’re so worth it! LOL!! Super great inspiration and I’m pretty sure this is going to send me off to build a Christmas house today!!! Great job!!!

  43. Love all these new cards, but I REALLY love the reveal wheel house and it is so great that it can be decorated for different holidays and occasions.

  44. Those elf’s standing on the jar lid getting cookies is so cute. Favorite cookie would be forget’em (not sure of the spelling) cookie. My grandmother made them each Christmas.

  45. Sablés are my favorites. My aunt had a great recipe, that she passed on to my mom, and now she often brings a tin when she visits. Everyone in the family knows they’re my favorite cookies and I usually have a tin that’s all mine and that I don’t have to share 😉

  46. The Christmas cookies are so adorable!! I would have to say favorite Christmas cookie is a good (some aren’t!) sugar cookie! I’m a chocolate chip girl all the way, but since sugar cookies seem to only really come out around Christmas, I definitely need one of them!

  47. Oh my gosh. Just when I think I know what I am going to do for my Christmas cards, I see these cute designs. Sigh. I have always loved frosted sugar cookies. My Grandma made the best ones.

  48. These creations by the design team are all so sweet!
    My favorite Christmas cookie (well it’s more of a bar) is pecan angel slices. I can never eat just one! And also peanut blossoms and pistachio wreath cookies and…time to stop. You may realize that I like to bake.

  49. These projects are all so cute. I love seeing all of them. My favorite Christmas cookies are sugar cookies with buttercream frosting.

  50. I like the cookies without calories 😉 In other words, all of them because they don’t have calories in the month of December (at least that’s what I tell myself)!!!

  51. Oh my! So many wonderful cards and inspirational ideas.
    Thanks to all the designers for their beautiful cards and inspiration!

  52. I’ve never met a Christmas cookie I didn’t like!! LOL We make bon bons
    every year and I think they are my favorite. CUTEness overload with all the
    yummy inspiration.

  53. There can only be one favorite cookie–the sugar cookie. Oh that soft yummy goodness with buttercream icing, vanilla, flour and vanilla created cookie and those colorful sprinkles all over the top that fall to the floor when you bite into it!! You think you can eat one but you sneak another two in a napkin for that special alone time–which is 5 minutes later. Yum!!!!!

  54. I like Stollen Bites with chocolate coating second best to German gingerbread cookies in chocolate. This set that Lawn Fawn has presented to us is so versatile. Thank you!

  55. I love the ‘How you Bean’ products and I have been waiting for the October reveal to begin since the day I saw the new products in August. I was so eager to look at the cards created by the DT using the Cookie add-on. So adorable!

  56. Love the How You Bean Christmas Cookie add-on. I’m the designated cookie baker for most family gatherings so I love anything cookie related. For Christmas I’m partial to any type of butter or shortbread cookie – the better for drinking with a cup of tea. Our family favorite cookie however is Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. There is something magical that happens when you add oatmeal to a chocolate chip cookie.

  57. Love the Christmas cookies and the house cards! So fun!
    My favorite cookies are the Scandinavian Almond Bars that I make every year for Christmas!

  58. I love Lawn Fawn stamps and dies – the inspiration from today was just too tempting … I just placed an order for the Christmas Cookie add-on stamps and dies!

    1. I love the way frosted sugar Christmas cookies look, but my favorite “Christmas” cookie is the same one year-round: chocolate chip (or chunk!) cookies. 😋 🍪

  59. My mom always makes these amazing hazelnut cookie balls dipped in chocolate at Christmastime. I’m not sure what they’re called!

  60. Holiday baking is a special time for me & my daughter. She will bake her speciality Chocolate Chunks with Sea Salt Flakes sprinkle Cookies, while I do my PeanutButter & Strawberry Jam Slices.

  61. Can’t wait for Christmas cookie baking time! So many favorites but when we leave a plate of cookies and a glass of milk out for Santa it seems that the sugar cookies are the ones he likes best!

  62. Wow, so many beautiful and colorful cards. especially the gingerbread characters and the colorful cookies with icing.
    Also the interactive card
    I love gingerbread cookies around the holidays.
    All so cute.

  63. My favorite Christmas cookie is the sugar cookie that you can decorate with icing. I used to make them with my boys when they were young. I plan to continue the tradition with my granddaughters.

  64. My aunt makes these Ritz cracker cookies, with peanut butter inside & then dipped in white chocolate (isn’t everything
    better with chocolate). So good. Love the stamp set & inspiration!

  65. I love the sugar cookies that you get to decorate with icing and sprinkles and whatever else… true lover of arts and crafts here right down to cookies!

  66. I absolutely love this stamp set. It is definitely on my Wishlist. I think all of the cards are fantastic but I think my favourite is the first one with the holiday helpers as it looks mischievous.

  67. In the Netherlands gingerbread cookies aren’t that big, but sugar cookies in the shape of a wreath are. They have large sprinkles on top and they taste deliciously sweet. Some are even covered with chocolate…

  68. My grandmas sugar cookies are my absolute favorite cookies at Christmas time. Love all the different uses of this stamp set.

  69. Love how @LawnFawn comes out with adorable new releases everytime! What’s better is how they always build on previous releases making almost every one of my @LawnFawn products live in “frequently used” storage bin! I always know my purchases will pay for themselves over and over!

  70. Gingerbread cookies are my favorite holiday cookies. Now I can make them out of paper….so much less temptation to eat them!

  71. I do not own any of the “how you bean” elements, I cannot wait to start a collection of these fun goodies. I am looking forward to yummy old fashioned frosted sugar cookies this holiday. They are the perfect sweet to put me in the holiday spirit.

  72. I love chocolate clusters — peanuts & crushed potato chips covered in peanut butter & chocolate. Yum! I love these cookie stamps!

  73. My grandmother made little sandwich cookies called Swedish wafers that are basically butter and sugar with a little flour holding them together, melt in your mouth, yum!

  74. I love this set! Baking is one my favourite things to do for Christmas and one of my favourites to make is macadamia and white chocolate biscuits.

  75. My favorite Christmas cookie is a sugar cookie recipe from my Grandmother. They puff up and are seasoned with nutmeg.

  76. My favorite Christmas cookie would have to be Peanut Butter Blossoms… a peanut butter cookie with a Hershey Kiss on top…or maybe Gingerbread….or simple Sugar Cookies with sprinkles….it’s so hard to decide.
    So many things you can do with this stamp set…..I love that cookie wreath!!

  77. In nz christmas is in summer, so can’t go past either a fresh lemon melting moment, or a chocolate chip cookie for making ice cream sandwiches!

  78. I love the Christmas cookies I make with my grandkids the best. It doesn’t matter what kind I just love creating new memories with them, to me that is what Christmas is all about spending time with the ones you love the most.

  79. These are all wonderful creations from the DT. I love pizelles, my grandma used to make them for us every year.

  80. My favorite Christmas cookies are the little Spritz sugar cookies. They remind me of baking with my grandma when I was young.

  81. For Christmas I can’t say no to an old fashioned sugar cookie with a bad icing job! Of course I seldom have met a gingerbread man I didn’t like!

  82. i Kind of invented my own cookie? i took angel eyes (direct translation from german, dont know if they even exist in america) and put some cocoa powder in the dough and filled them with raspberry jam and oh god it was the best cookie i ever had! Gonna make them again this year !

  83. I love a good christmas sugar cookie or the wedding cake cookie (pecans inside & powder sugar outside)
    Darling Christmas cookie add on!!!

  84. So much great projects!!! Fab work DT! I also LOVE the video Kelly Marie!

    My fave Christmas cookie is good ol chocolate chip!

  85. Snickerdoodles are really good, but my absolute is a good old chocolate chip cookie loaded with chocolate and nuts.

  86. I am not sure I have a favorite Christmas cookie. My favorite Christmas cookie memory is……My Grandmom would bake dozens of different Christmas cookies and give us a big platter with all kinds of cookies on it.

  87. Snickerdoodles are my fave! They have a great spice taste perfect for Christmas! Love the smell of them baking in the oven too! 🙂 I already bought the cookie jar add on! 🙂

  88. What a delightfully fun set! My favorite Christmas cookie is a simple Spritz cookie it just isn’t Christmas until they are made 🙂

  89. I absolutely love the How have you been stamp and die sets! I was just coloring up some of the cookies from the Christmas Cookie add-on set! It is perfect for someone like me who loves gingerbread ornaments and decorations! All of your sample cards look amazing, but my favorite is the wreath made with the gingerbread cookies! I think I may just have to CASE that card! My favorite cookie to eat though has to be snickerdoodles! I love the cinnamon and sugar!

  90. Whipped Shortbread cookies are my favourite Christmas cookies bit a very close second is chewy gingerbread cookies. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  91. My favorite Christmas cookies are my mom’s homemade sugar cookies. As a kid, i would decorate them with icing and they tasted soo good!! Now I bake them and my kids do the decorating 😊

  92. My favorite cookie is the German gingerbread cookie. The items presented by Lawn Fawn will compliment my cookie “love”! Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

  93. We love getting together and making cookies as a family. Now with grand kids it is so much more fun. We all love chocolate crinkle cookies, Russian tea cakes, and of course sugar cookie cutouts frosted with yummy sprinkles that the kids love to help up on.

  94. I don’t really have a favorite Christmas cookie, but I love Christmas fudge! My great grandma would make it every year and send it out until she decided she was too old a few years ago and gave us all the recipe.

  95. My favorite Christmas cookies are peanut butter balls. It is basically peanut butter dipped in chocolate! Who wouldn’t love that?? Just like who wouldn’t love these cute cookie stamps!

  96. My mother always made Russian Tea Cakes for our Christmas cookies. So good, and now I make them for Christmas.

  97. Oh that cookie wreath is so sweet! I love a soft snickerdoodle during the holiday season. We always make them for Santa 🎅🏼!!

  98. My favorite Christmas cookie are those pecan shortbread style ones that are kinda crescent shaped and covered in powdered sugar. Need to make my own this year.

  99. I love the flip card with all the different cookie jars and the one with the elves eating the cookies.

  100. Sugar cookie cutouts are my favorite. They bring back wonderful memories from when I was a little girl. I would come home from school and my mom would have Christmas music playing and she would be baking the cookies.

  101. I love German Lebkuchen or Dutch Gevulde Speculaas (filled with almond paste) the best. But let’s face it, i love all cookies.

    1. How does one pick a single favorite cookie?!? Shortbread, pfeffernusse, danish klejner cookies (my mother-in-law makes) are among my favorites.

  102. Does this bring back the memories of baking Christmas cookies with my mother, sister and brother! We each had a favorite cookie. Lots of different shapes and flavors and aromas!!

  103. These cards are great fun! My husband makes a ton of cookies at Christmas–recipes from his mother and grandmother. I like the almond butter cookies best, but everyone raves about the ginger snaps, too.

  104. I am not really sure why these are only Christmas cookies, but we only make them at Christmas in our house, and that is the peanut butter cookie rolled in sugar, with the Hershey kiss on top. I love those. Also, a good cut-out frosted sugar cookie. Love all the inspiration.

  105. My favorite cookie (don’t know the real name) is my best friend’s mom’s cookies she made every year at Christmas time and always had a tin for me. I just called them mawmaw’s cookies 🙂 Sure miss those cookies….

  106. This set is so fun, and I can’t wait to use it! My fav Christmas cookie is the no bake melted chocolate/oatmeal/peanut butter kind, but my fav to decorate is our traditional sugar cookie recipe! 🙂

  107. My favorite cookie is the German gingerbread coated in chocolate! Thank you. Lawn Fawn, for giving us these wonderful paper crafting products!

  108. My favorite Christmas cookies are decorated sugar cookies. My aunt always makes them at Christmas time and they are delicious.

  109. Sugar cookies are so yummy and fun for the holidays!
    Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration with your cards and videos among the team..

  110. I like a lot of the traditional cookies, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be gingersnaps… but there are a lot of good ones…

  111. I love all the cookie cards. The one with the cocoa is my favorite. I love making cookies with my sister at Christmas.

  112. Seriously, a favorite? Well one that I make that is popular with my hubby is a coffee chocolate chip cookie with a chocolate kiss on top. It has a really nice coffee flavor and with the chocolate, it’s a wonderful combo. Also, traditional sugar cookies, chocolate chip, pecan sandies, all the traditional types are also huge favorites. I basically love them all. YUMMO!!!!

  113. My favorite Christmas cookie would be candy cane cookies. My mom and dad started that tradition the first year they were married and has continued on for over 60 years!

  114. I just purchased German chocolate covered Gingerbread cookies today! I love them and am inspired by the Lawn Fawn products! Thank you!

  115. Adorable stamps! My favorite cookie at Christmastime is a gingerbread molasses cookie – soft, chewy and deliciously spiced!

  116. I forgot to tell you my favorite Christmas cookie, I was so enthralled by these stamps! My mom makes the most awesome snickerdoodles at Christmas… Can’t wait to have them this year!

  117. Definitely my Mom’s frosted Sugar Cookies. I need to find that recipe!!!
    I LOVE the wreath, brilliant use of the set. The houses are amazing and I can’t wait to watch the video later.
    Thanks so much for such awesome and amazing projects!!! Very well done by all!!!

  118. German Christmas cookies that are coated in their chocolate are my favorite! Thank you for the wonderful products you introduce, Lawn Fawn!

  119. when my mom was alive we would make all sorts of holiday cookies. I really loved her chocolate crinkles that were rolled in powdered sugar
    her pecan puffs ran a close second

  120. Oops. Accidentally replied to a post instead of leaving a reply.

    How does one pick a single favorite cookie?!? Shortbread, pfeffernusse, danish klejner cookies (my mother-in-law makes) are among my favorites.

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