Lawn Fawn Intro: Winter Narwhal

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s October 2019 Inspiration Week! Our Fall/Winter 2019 Release is now available at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Winter Narwhal and its coordinating dies! Your holidays will be happy (and narly!) with this cute narwhal! This mini stamp set is perfect for creating a cute ocean-themed holiday card.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We will share the Intro Videos for this week’s featured sets at a later time. It’s been a very busy Fall so far, we hope to have the videos ready for you soon.

Our cute little Winter Narwhal is hanging with his adorable buddies from Sealed with a Kiss on Yainea‘s cool card design! She used the Just Stitching Double Circles die set to create a focal point of shimmery Liquid Stardust mixed with watercolor in the background!

I love Melissa‘s colorful comic style design! She used Peekaboo Backdrop to create little vignettes with a combination of Christmas Fishes and Winter Narwhal! The Stitched Simple Wavy Borders make perfect ocean waves cut from Mermaid and pretty blue glitter cardstock from the Spring Sparkle pack!

Elise crafted a gorgeous card with some light-hearted critter cuteness! The Beary Happy Holidays bears are hanging out on ice from the Critters in the Arctic set while the Winter Narwhal frolics in the waves made with Pearlescent Vellum! I love the beautiful sky created to look like the Northern Lights!

Latisha‘s card is so cheerful and cute! I love the fun “chorus line” of rainbow colored Winter Narwhals! She stamped with River Rock ink to give the narwhals a soft look!

Grace created a trio of star-shaped tags starring Winter Narwhal! She started with the Stitched Star Frames and Outside In Stitched Star Stackables sets and blended on pretty pastel shades! She colored the narwhals to match and added them to the tag along with a Puffy Cloud Border cut from vellum! The cute sentiment stamped on a Simple Wavy Banner is the perfect finish!

How adorable is Megan‘s fun snow globe design? She used Ready Set Snow to create the shaker snow globe for the narwhal! Then she added it to a card with great pattern courtesy of the Stripey Backdrop! The cut scallops on the bottom are from the Theater Add-On set for Shadow Box Card!

This sweet little scene just makes me smile! Audrey created a beautiful ocean backdrop with a wash of pretty blue watercolor! The cute group of ocean cuties is anchored with a Fancy Wavy Banner stamped with a Winter Wavy Sayings greeting!

Melissa placed her Winter Narwhal in a fun 3D Shadow Box scene! She combined the Ocean Add-On set with the Mountain Add-On to fill out this “narly” scene!

Tammy‘s adorable card has it all! There are singing jellyfish, Santa Claws in his sleigh pulled by a very cute narwhal and of course the Christmas Fishes seaweed tree! This slim line card has plenty of room for a scene with lots of fun!

Lynnette‘s circle-shaped clean and simple design has brightly colored images plus some pretty Snow Day Remix papers!

The sweet little Winter Narwhal is the perfect accent for Kristin’s fun shaker gift tag!

Chari‘s amazing card design starts with a beautifully inked rectangle! Then to complete this simple design, she popped up the narwhal and the tree and bubbles from Christmas Fishes and a Paper Bag sea floor with foam squares. She stamped the sentiment directly on the card front and finished the design with some Black Tie cord tied in a double bow at the top!

Christmas Fishes and Winter Narwhal go together like peanut butter and jellyfish! Elena‘s fun design uses the Peekaboo Backdrop to create fun little scenes!

Karolina’s super cute card features Just Stitching Double Circles and pretty Pearlescent Vellum waves!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Winter Narwhal! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite Winter Critter mini set by October 16th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday October 14 for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our October Inspiration Week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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318 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Winter Narwhal

  1. Such adorable cards and tags! My favorite winter critter set is the Winter Owl. I love the sentiment — Owl I want for Christmas is you!

  2. Wow, wow, wow, designers – SUCH fantastic designs!!! I love each and every one – heart heart heart!! 😉 I think my favorite winter mini set is still Winter Sparrows; those 3 birds have a special place in my heart, I guess!

  3. I think winter otter is my favorite mini winter stamp set but it is so hard to choose! Love all the inspiration today!

  4. As I read today’s post, I couldn’t quit grinning. The cards and tags and ornaments are fabulous! So stinking cute eh?

  5. This is such a cute little narwhal! I love all of the inspiration! My favorite Christmas mini set is tired between Winter Unicorn and Winter Otter. There both so much fun!

  6. I think the alpaca is my favorite winter critter, but when you put a scarf or a touque on any critter…………..instant cute

  7. Your winter critters are all adorable! I think my favorites are the ones from Winter Skies – the foxes with their tails curled up together are adorable. <3

  8. Love this new winter critter set! The design team did an amazing job! I love otters, so the winter otter set is my !

  9. besides the winter narwal I really love the winter penguin! Too bad the Christmas mouse set is no longer available… I’d love to have that one, too!

  10. It would definitely be the winter narwhal, but of course every Lawn Fawn stamp has its own level of cuteness.

  11. Loving the winter narwhal! My daughter loves narwhals so I think there’s a lot I could do with this stamp.

  12. My favourite winter mini is the Winter Alpaca, I also really like the Baby It’s Cold Outside song too (original and remakes).

  13. Such cute projects! AS much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE DOGS, your ‘Winter Penguin’ mini set is my favorite mini winter critter set – he has adorned many of my winter cards over the years. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. I love the skating penguin set but this narwhal set is just too cute! I love them all and hopefully will have them all one day ❤️😊😍🥰

  15. Love the winter Narwhal and all the Christmas underwater critters and the use of stitched frames and borders in a very clever way.

  16. It’s so hard to choose a favorite but I’m going to say Sealed With a Kiss. They’re just sooo cute and sweet.

  17. They’re all so cute! Including this narwal! I just added the Winter Penguin to my collection, so I”ll say he’s my favorite!

  18. Picking a favorite winter critter Set is hard! I would have to say the seals are probably my favorite with everybody else being a close second!

  19. These samples are all so cute I can hardly stand it! My favorite winter mini is the alpaca. I may be a little obsessed with llamas and alpacas! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  20. I love Sealed with a Kiss. Fab inspiration today – I love how different this little Narwhal looks with every card layout! Fab!

  21. My favourite winter mini critter set if the Winter Penguin! I love this one, because it always goes well with Here We Go a Waddling, Toboggan Together and Snow Cool. It goes really well also with the Stitched Pond!

  22. Love all your “narly” examples ! So cute! My favorite mini winter set is the Winter Sparrows with the cute sentiment “Season’s Tweetings”!

  23. So excited for another @LawnFawn holiday season!
    Their small stamp & die sets are EXTREMELY affordable and are so versatile it’s almost like having a full set! GREAT value for you $!

  24. It’s official, I can’t choose beween these levels of cuteness! And I like the way Thatcher stamps and dies from previous kits are being used: Vera inspirational!

  25. Love the Christmas fishes. Glad they get
    to have fun during the winter too.
    Great collection of cards. thanks for
    sharing, everybody.

  26. This little narwhal is just adorable! Picking a favorite mini winter set is tough, since I like so many of them. The penguin, fox, and otter are so cute, and “Oh Snap” really cracks me up. But I’d probably say “Sealed with a Kiss” is my all around favorite. It can be used for winter or any time of year, Valentine’s Day, love, and obviously plays nicely with so many other sets.

  27. You have the best stamps & dies & the best design team to show them off. I think my favorite winter mini is the winter fox.

  28. They are all so cute so it hard to choose just one but I like and use the winter penguin and winter bunny to most. Just love all the cute critters. P.S. Would love a winter cat set too.

  29. wow you really went creative with that cute narwal, such various and gorgeous samples, i love them all ! 🐬🐠🐠🐧

  30. OMG, the Narwal looks so adorable on all these cards. Pairs perfectly with the Christmas fishes. Can’t wait to watch the Intro video. Super Excited!

  31. That little narwhal is sweet! Love the card with the polar bear and the stars! Also love the stunning blue on the last peekaboo card!

  32. I don’t have any of the mini critter mini sets (just the koala bear, which isn’t winter). I think I like the seals and narwhal best. I love seals, and you need some sea lions. (I get to hang out with them at work sometimes.)

  33. This winter narwhal is just adorable, but I really love all the Christmas mini critters! Latisha’s narwhal chorus line is hilarious and I am so impressed with Elise’s use of vellum!

  34. It is so funny I will see a stamp set and think oh I don’t really need that and then I see some of the things your design team comes up with and all of sudden I am sure I need it.

  35. Love the narwhal, very cute!

    My favourite winter mini set is winter owl, I can make so many colour combinations of owl feathers and scarves.

  36. I’m a allowed to have more than one favorite? Winter Alpaca, Thankful Mice, and Hoppy Halloween are a few of my favorites!

  37. These are all so ADORABLE!! Great job DT!!! I’m a newbie so I’m not quite sure of all the winter critters yet but I have recently acquired the “Here We Go A-Waddling” and the mini penguins are OMG KA-UTE!! Now I’m off to clip apart some dies so I’m ready to create tomorrow. Something! Anything!! hee hee

  38. i can’t decide between the winter narwhals and the sealed with a kiss… they are both just waaaay to cute to be true!

  39. Mini sets are great for creating so many things. I like the narwhal one because you don’t find many narwhal stamps out there.

  40. I think Sealed with a Kiss is one of my favorite…but I’m drawn to the ocean creatures. Love all the cards!!!!

  41. Oh I love this little guy so much and he works so well with SO many other LF stamp sets!!

    My fave winter critters are the two otters holding hands!! Still a fave!

  42. Beautiful & inspiring creations! As for my fave winter critter, I must say it’s the winter bunny. I simply adore his long flowy scarf.

  43. Xmas like no otter is my favorite winter animal set that I own but I’ve had my eye on the Christmas fishes for awhile too – and my narwhal obsessed daughter would LOVE this set!

  44. These winter narwhals are my absolute favorite! The design team knocked it out of the part with cute projects. I can’t wait to get my hands on this set and make narwhal cards all winter long.

  45. so many awesome projects on today’s post. Loads of inspiration. I would say Winter Owl is one of my favorites

  46. I love Sealed with a Kiss! My husband and I enjoy taking a picnic to our local zoo, which is right by us, and enjoying it while we hang out by the seals!!

  47. I love the winter unicorn set! The Narwhal set is my second favorite, by far. I loved all the cute inspirations that the design team created!

  48. This is hard but I’ll have to go with winter otter. I seem to reach for him a lot when making holiday cards.

  49. I’m going to have to say Winter Otter because I used it a lot last season. But I do love this Winter Narwhal. I have it already but haven’t had a chance to use it yet!

  50. I love how you easy it is to combine lawn fawn sets to make new, adorable scenes. My favorite winter critter still has to be the Winter Otter, but Narwhal is cute too.

  51. I have to say that the unicorn is my favorite mini winter critter. You can do so much with that set AND who?! doesn’t LoVE UNICORNS!!?!!

  52. The seals are my favorite! My mom and I love seals and are so excited to see them out in the ocean. These cute little stamps remind me of her.

  53. We have to pick a favorite?! 🤔 how? This narwhal. The seals. The alpaca, the unicorn. Love them all.

  54. I think the critter set would be the sheep set bahhh humbug those little sheep are so cute, BUT also the new winter Bunnies are adorable 💕 hard to pick ..

  55. Great projects from the design team today. My favourite winter critter stamps are the winter penguin and the winter

  56. I have not started my Christmas yet. I have just started my Halloween treat containers and cards. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone!!!

  57. I learned something new from Lawn Fawn. Never came across a narwhal before in my readings. Looked it up in the dictionary. It is a real arctic whale and the males have tusks. I thought it was like a unicorn…imaginary! Love the narwhal.

  58. I LOVE all the DT’s samples–absolutely adorable! My fav mini set is hard–that narwhal is super cute. I really love the winter fox. I also like “And a Partridge” and “Winter in the Park.” So hard to choose.

  59. Although I love all the mini critters and that they coordinate with all the sets so well, I have to say that the winter owl has to be my favorite. It’s just so cute.

  60. Too fun!! This Narwal is such a perfect addition to the Winter Critters! My fav of those tiny sets is a tie between the trio of birdies and the Llama. 🙂

  61. Winter Unicorn is my favorite, but Winter Narwhal is definitely a close second! My favorite thing about today’s samples are seeing all of the different ways the Design Team colored the narwhal…they’re all so different and fabulous!

  62. So I don’t know if they count as a ‘critter,’ but I love my ‘oh snap’ gingerbread men cookies. If they don’t count, then my next favorite is the Alpaca.

  63. I love them all but I think Christmas Fishes/the Winter Narwhal are my fave. Loving those nearly star tags from Grace!

  64. The Yetti always cracks me up and the little penguins are so cute. Also I think that Narwhal needs a wreath on his horn. The Christmas Fishes is a great set too. Oh all the choices!!!!

  65. I LOVE them all; but, I guess I would have to say the Winter Sparrows as I’ve gotten so much use out of them. One of my FAVE’s.
    Thanks again for all the Narly Narwahl inspiration. Love all the fabulous colors and creativity.

  66. It is such a pleasure to get ideas from the web site for Lawn Fawn. The products are the best and I always place an order when the new products are introduced. Thank YOU!

  67. sweet projects – very creative in how you have created with these adorable narwals – love the winter bunnies:)

  68. The talent of your design team has no end! They just keep bringing us all lovely creations. I personally love the winter unicorn, because where I live, I get 5 months of winter, I need all the magic I can get during winter season!

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