Fawny Spring Week! {Day 3}

Hello everyone! Welcome to our special Fawny Spring Week! This week is all about sharing fun, sunny, Spring projects! The Design Team will share lots of ideas using old and new Spring products along with daily giveaways! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win: a stamp set and coordinating dies of your choice, and a 6×6 paper pad of your choice!)

Elena combined lots of happy Spring sets to create an adorable picnic scene! She started by stenciling clouds on the background and adding some rolling hills! I love how the Butterfly Kisses critters work so well with the Crazy Antics picnic set along with the adorable little duckling from Rub-A-Dub-Dub! All the Clouds creates a fun mix with the Scripty Bubble Sentiment!

Jenn‘s sweet and Springy card is a great example of clean and simple style! She combined cute little critters from A Bug Deal with the little snail and flowers from Gleeful Gardens! I love the all the whimsical colors she used; they help the Oliver’s Stitched ABCs to pop against the kraft background!

Jenn added great dimension by popping up the letters and the happy critters!

Megan reached back to Spring 2017 to feature the Sewn with Love set with the new Build-A-Basket: Easter set! I love how she used the new basket filled with the sewing supplies and, of course, cute mice from Dandy Day and Virtual Friends! The Quilted Backdrop fits perfectly with the sewing theme!

Mindy created a beautiful yard complete with a Swan Soirée pond for her Build-A-House card! She added sweet details from the new Spring Add-On die set!

I love how Mindy added the cute Tiny Friends, waving and sending smiles to their neighbors!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at some of our Spring sets. Tomorrow we have another fun Fawny Spring celebration, but for now, it’s giveaway time!

Leave us a comment telling us how you shared a smile today by April 16th at 2:00PM ET. We will randomly pick one winner to receive their choice of stamp set with coordinating dies and a 6×6 Petite Paper pad!

If you post about our Fawny Spring Week on social media, you can leave another comment for another chance to win!

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday April 15th for our next Fawny Spring Week post! We hope you guys love this week!


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238 thoughts on “Fawny Spring Week! {Day 3}

    1. Love those spring cards!! All the bright colors today, I shared some compliments today, that make some people smile, hopefully one day soon we can share actual smiles…

  1. I made grilled cheese sandwiches today. My boyfriend loves them so he had a big smile on his face the whole lunch break.

  2. My day has just started so no smiles yet, but I am sure me and my coworkers will make each other smile and laugh today while making lunches for the students!! Plus it is their favorite meal today Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and green beans. I loved the cards today I have got to get me the Oliver letters they are adorable

  3. It’s pretty early here so I haven’t had much of a chance to share a smile yet. But my husband did kiss me goodbye when he left for work this morning, and I think that counts! Amazing DT projects.

  4. Each of these cards is so colorful and cheery! I shared a smile today by making my kiddos laugh on the way to school. 🙂

  5. I haven’t made anyone smile yet, but I will by the end of the day for sure 🙂 YOU made me smile with the cute examples!

  6. I shared a smile at breakfast with my father-in-law over a joke about lifting objects around the house as exercise.

  7. I sent my husband up to my mums house to fix her boiler so she had some heating and hot water again 😆

  8. I bought some stuff to make a care package for the kids of a friend who are going through a rough time.

  9. It’s early here so I haven’t shared a smile with anyone yet but I know it will happen. We’re having a family vacation so plenty of smiles are all around.

  10. Love those spring cards!! All the bright colors today, I shared some compliments today, that make some people smile, hopefully one day soon we can share actual smiles

  11. I will be sharing a smile with like minded people as I walk in my neighborhood. I LOVE TO SEE SMILES on people, and compliment people when I see faces. Human faces, and smiles, are beautiful. It doesn’t matter what they look like, how old they are, faces are beautiful. SHOW US YOUR SMILES!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I told my kids we are taking a quick “vacation” this weekend. First time away from home in a year and they are thrilled!!

  13. I made my son a special breakfast, waffles and a yogurt parfait. Brought a smile to his face which of course brought one to mine.

  14. My husband smiled & was very happy with himself that our front yard Cherry tree
    and flowers are blossoming!

  15. I shared a smile with my husband this morning. When we leave home, we can only smile with our eyes since we’re wearing a mask to stay safe.

  16. I’m getting my twin grandsons from daycare today. They always smile and are so excited to see me when I pick them up. Always get them early so I have a chance to play with them before their mom comes to get them. They make me smile and my heart melt.

  17. Wow! That sewing card is AMAZING! Just as cute as (sorry, I have to say it) a button! And the little picnic scene is so sweet. I adore the SPRING card by Jenn Shurkus – lovely! Perfect colors. Mindy, you know how much I love your work and I already commented at your blog – 😍.

    I had to share a smile w/ my four-footed friends at home since my hubby is away (third of three weeks and it’s starting to feel it!!). I smiled at Ritz, Midnight, Shadow and Daisy. Then I came to work (school) and smiled at colleagues since it’s a virtual learning day and all students are at home.

    Thanks for the terrific cards to light up my morning!
    Lori S in PA

  18. When I opened this message, I was in the drive they line at McDonald’s getting A Fruit punch to for work. I paid for the person behind me! I have never done that before. I hope it brought a smile to their face.

    1. I shared a smile by making cards using my Lawn Fawn Magic Iris die, Lawn Fawn stamps & ink pads. It really cheered my family and friends up. I couldn’t have done it without you, Thank you !!

  19. Shared a smile with my husband when he came home with his new fishing-boat today!
    I got my Lawn Fawn, he has his fishing, perfect match haha …

  20. Today is my birthday, so I get to see my sons and encourage them in all that they do (now that they’re grown and no longer live at home, I take advantage of the time I have with them).

  21. I shared a smile when I took my smoke detector to
    the hardware store and asked them to change the
    battery. Hate things that are smarter than me.
    Great release. thanks for sharing

  22. Today I shared a smile with my grandchildren as they completed their remote learning assignments. They have come so far this year!

  23. I’m really hoping that my video of Mrs Mallard (duck) walking through the Virginia Bluebells in my front yard and popping her head up here and there will bring some smiles today. The world definitely can use a reason to smile right now.

  24. I shared a smiled with my cat, he likes to wake me up by pulling my hair with his teeth. Then after I’m awake, he hunts my feet under the covers. He will slide under the comforter to where all you see is his butt and back feet sticking out. Then I’ll say, “Are you hungry?” and he gets all lovey dovey giving me kisses and head bumps. I wake up each morning this way, I love it!! ❤️❤️

  25. It’s been fun this week seeing some older stamp sets getting their day in the sun again! I shared a huge smile with my hubby when he surprised us by having a yummy hot breakfast delivered to us by DoorDash! Such a fun surprise!

  26. Just got up, so no smiles yet. But when I wake up my hubby, I’ll smile for sure. Great samples from the designers!!

  27. Fantastic inspiration! I share smiles in a team chat with my good friend and coworker daily – makes remote working more fun when you can at least still do things like that virtually 🙂

  28. When I get into work I always say a cheery hello and smile at my coworkers. Hopefully this helps set the tone for their day.

  29. I’m sharing a smile by sending a card to a friend of a friend who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease recently. I am loving the spring ideas! The Gleeful Gardens has to be a favorite.

  30. My daughter sent a pic of my granddaughter and the clothes she had made for her Barbie dolls! She did a really good job! Lol

  31. I hope I make someone smile with this cute picture of a baby as my closing slide for a presentation today. Lawn fawn always makes ME smile!

  32. My fiancé is sick with flu or something and I tried to cheer him up with smiles and hugs when I checked on him this morning. <3

  33. I shared many smiles already today! Some with my wonderful hubby over breakfast, sharing photos with a good friend at work and the sunrise this morning, made me smile big 🙂

  34. I hope I made my daughter smile by making her a special lunch for school. Sometimes it is the little things.

  35. My friend texted me a message meant for her daughter. She caught the error and apologized but it cracked me up! We both had a laugh!

  36. I shared a smile today with my daughter when we ordered crafting supplies through a local crafting store and told her we will be using those supplies this weekend to make birthday cards. 🙂

  37. In my job, I provide technology support for faculty. I have shared several smiley emojis as I have assisted colleagues today.

  38. What adorable cards today! I’m at work & have just tried to be very cheerful & helpful on the phone or with co-workers coming in needing help. I think & hope I have shared a smile or two.

  39. I’m loving all the spring projects from the wonderful designers! I hope someone found a Facebook post I wrote funny – that was the intention. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  40. I shared a smile with my daughter and she logged on to a zoom, for a city wide school competition that she is working on with three friends. She is so brave and determined!

  41. Having a struggling student show up to a support session and have success made me smile (BIG TIME) today! Love the projects.

  42. I shared a smile with my granddaughter, who is eating her first peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch.

  43. Love today’s inspiration! Some goody packages are expected to arrive at least a day early, so I will be smiling later today when I get them! 😊🥳

  44. I have to admit: it was sarcasm. We got into a very absurd situation at work – impossible to explain, but definitely worth laughing over 😀

  45. I shared a smile with my husband as we had coffee this morning, read the newspaper and did the crossword as we are enjoying my first year of retirement (he retired earlier than I did)! 🙂

  46. Fabulous cards! Love these stamps and dies and the pretty papers!
    Made a phone call to a friend to check in with her after not hearing from her in quite awhile!

  47. I had a 30-second dance break with my 7th graders. With everything we all have been through this year, we needed it! And it absolutely made them smile!!!

  48. Awwww how adorable! I went to collect my kiddos from their playschool today, a bit earlier than usual, and we went for a nice “exploring” walk to the nearby park, to make use of the lovely sunny weather… there were two huge smiles beaming at me all the way! 😉

  49. Wowzers…Great designs…I absolutely LOVE Jenn’s Card and how she used the Spring letters and Bugs and Flowers. It pops right off the Card!!!
    My Hubby was teasing me this morning and we were both smiling; especially after I got back at him. Ha Ha Ha!!!

  50. My husband and I went for an evening walk and saw skylarks, blackbirds, robins, blue tits, chaffinches, swans, golden- eyes and nesting ducks! Definitely worth a shared smile and a mention of swan soiree!

  51. I just love the sewing themed card!! I shared a smile with my husband who came home unexpectedly for lunch and I happened to have a pot of soup ready.

  52. I walk with my friend every weekday and we were smiling and laughing about my dog trying to catch a crow!
    Love the inspiration this week, the mice in the sewing basket is adorable!

  53. I’ve just recently fallen in love with Lawn Fawn and you make me smile everyday! I work in our local library so smiles are given all day long to young and old!

  54. I received some smiles today for making chicken lettuce wraps for lunch. Thanks for sharing the adorable cards.

  55. I’ve just had some photos from last summer printed and showed them to my 16 year old son, which made us both smile.

  56. Super sweet cards!! Love spring!! I just ordered Oliver’s Alpha it came back in stock last week and I jumped on it!!

  57. Hard to share a smile under a mask at the grocery store, but I do give a warm HELLO to those I pass by. I send two cards out today with sending smiles that will delight! Thank you for all your products that make it easy to send smiles.

  58. I drove my mom to a community center to get her taxes done (for free). She was so relieved that it’s taken care of, and I’m happy it’s one less thing for her to worry about!

  59. Love all the scenes created in these cards. And discovered a set that I need!
    Had knee replacement surgery today – so I have shared smiles with all the nurses, aides, and Pt that have so great!

  60. I was nervous about receiving the vaccine today so, while I was waiting, my boyfriend sent me cute dog videos. The videos made me smile and provided a distraction.

  61. More fun ways to use the spring release! I shared a smile and kiss while getting everyone ready for school and work this morning. Then I smiled to myself when it was nice and quiet while I worked from home today. 😁

  62. I just mailed a few Happy Mail handmade cards. They are made with cute Lawn Fawn products so I am sure they will bring a smile to the recipients.

  63. I shared a smile with an elderly widower in my neighborhood when I went grocery shopping for him today! I also love sending him cards to make him smile.

  64. I shared a smile with the lifeguard at the swimming pool when I was told that another worker had injured himself. I told her that I could send a get well card and I know the perfect Lawn Fawn stamp that I own to make this special card. It will brighten his day and it will bring happiness to me for sharing love!

  65. Fabulous cards, especially Jenn Shurkus’! I wished my friend a happy 60th birthday today. Hopefully it made her smile!

  66. I was helping my siblings with some house work and made jokes to get them through the day. We always laugh at each other.

  67. I brought our dog into my sister’s room to visit her while she wasn’t feeling well after her Covid-19 vaccine. Our little dog also acts as a hot water bottle heater. (My sister was feeling a little sore.)

  68. I’m looking after a friend’s dog so when I brought him home my kids were so excited! So they were smiling, and that made me smile too 😊
    Plus seeing all the cute cards!
    Need more creative time!

  69. I share a picture of cherry blossoms tree to my mom. She lives in a country where she couldn’t find them. 🌸

  70. I laughed and chatted with our regular waiter from our favorite Chinese restaurant after a year of not eating there. We were all so happy to see each other.

  71. I shared a smile with my sister today sending funny pics during our phone conversation. I love for these daily blog posts…seeing all these amazing cards put a smile on my face.

  72. I love all these cards!! My 13 year old son texted me some hilarious gifs trying to persuade me to take him to Dairy Queen. He totally makes me smile.

  73. Since our church bingo is closed (which my husband and I ran) I have kept in contact with some of the older players who dont go to any other bingos. Made some calls today to check in on them. It was a laughing fun smiling day and that also made me smile. Then mailed 3 cards.

  74. Cute cheery cards! I smiled today watching my 5 year old reading allowed to herself. I love her love for books

  75. Wonderful inspiration! Jenn’s card is brilliant! I bought my daughter some new dresses and she was smiling all day.

  76. This proud momma shared many smiles today with my HS senior!! She’s been so busy this last year, making the most of everything before she starts college in the fall! 🙂

  77. I shared a smile today by teaching my son in our homeschool environment, by teaching him to do laundry, and impress upon him the importance of sending a birthday card to a loved one. You know, the normal day to day. Also hugging him and telling him I love him.
    These are wonderful cards and all so fun to celebrate spring! Top notch! Top notch!

  78. The mice in the sewing basket are so fun! As are The Bugs of Spring. Really make me happy, as the cards are intended to. 😁

  79. I shared a smile today by taking my son to the first church activity since last March! He loved seeing the other kids his age!!!

  80. SWOON!! LOVING the AMAZING Inspiration for today!!
    I shared a SMILE by cheering on all of the Junior High Track kiddos during their Track Meet!! So FUN to be able to watch them compete!!
    THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

  81. I love seeing all the creative and colorful spring cards. I made a lot of special someone’s smile by sending a card that I made to my local police station to show them our support and gratitude for all their hard work.

  82. I shared a smile and laughter with my dad today as we chased my escape artist cat up and down our block. I bet the neighbors got a smile too. She does this ever spring.

  83. love the cards – i just love how scenes come together! i shared a smile with my family this morning talking about future fun plans after we get our last vaccine shot this weekend.

  84. I met my one day old granddaughter today and shared a smile and a 🌈 card with my daughter at the hospital. Masks on, but smiles galore!

  85. It was a good friend’s birthday today, so I gave her a surprise call! I also sent her a card using LF “Hoppy Easter” and 2 LF bunny bookmarks. She has two beautiful butterscotch-colored rabbits so I attempted to match their fur on my projects.

  86. My husband and I try and find ways to share a smile everyday – usually it is about something crazy our puppy did.

  87. I shared a smile today with my daughter and the antics of her five month old son. Love the spring cards the critters are so cute

  88. I love smiling at people and even smile when I am talking on the phone. Your products have characters that make everyone smile! Thank you so much!

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