We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2021 {Day 2}

Hello everyone! Welcome to another special Fawny Holiday Week! We will be sharing inspiring holiday projects by our amazing Fawny family of designers along with videos and daily giveaways! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win a stamp set and coordinating dies of your choice and a Let It Shine Snowflakes 6×6 pad!)

Kara starts things off today with her adorable Cheery Deer design! You can watch her video tutorial below or click HERE to watch it at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Kara‘s Cheery Deer design could not be more charming! From her sweet details on the deer to the glittery Fairy Dust Stencil Paste, this card is so special! Using Outside In Stitched Snowflake and Stitched Snowflake Frame to highlight the deer is so smart!

Megan‘s cute cats and mice are baking up a sweet message for the holidays! By combining the Purrfectly Wicked sets and A Creature was Stirring with the custom Louie’s ABCs greeting, she created a card that is so totally cute and yummy!

Karin reimagined our Garden Gnome as a traditional St. Nick! To create this snowy winter scene, she started with Lift the Flap Tree Backdrop! She added a fence from Build-A-House Spring Add-On and also a Scripty For You greeting!

Marine‘s delightful card makes me smile! She used Joy to All and also some elements from Holiday Helpers to create this pretty pink scene! I love how she combined Giant Merry Christmas with the white embossed sentiment banner! It is so clever!

Christmas Fishes and Mermaid for You are a perfect pairing for Jessica‘s sweet underwater holiday scene! Her ink blended background is so amazing! She included a sentiment from Merry Messages to finish her special design!

Jenn‘s snowflake design is so colorful; totally cheery and bright! She stenciled the snowflakes in happy colors for the background on a Stitched Rectangle panel before arranging the snowflakes on top. She created magic with beautiful inking on the Stitched Snowflakes and Mini Snowflakes! The Glossy Accents and Chunky Glitter also add lots of beautiful detail!

Giveaway Time!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at some of our Holiday and Winter sets. Tomorrow we have another fun Fawny Holiday celebration but for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment sharing a favorite gift you have given by November 26th at 5:00PM ET. We will randomly pick one winner for a stamp set with coordinating dies of their choice and a Let It Shine Snowflakes 6×6 Petite Paper pad! Post about our Fawny Holiday Week on social media and leave another comment for a second chance to win!

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday, November 24 for our next Fawny Holiday Week post! We hope you guys love this week!


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244 thoughts on “We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2021 {Day 2}

  1. I love giving sets of cards as gifts. It will have all the holidays, special events and several thanks you and others too. Loved the cards today

  2. I love giving homemade gifts. There is something special about the hands-on aspect of creating something unique for someone you love.

  3. I once gave my brother in law a fur lined hat with ear flaps. His family thought he’d never wear it, but he loved it and wore it everywhere in the winter.

  4. I gave my daughter a homemade apron with frills and all the bells and whistles.. she loved it. She couldn’t find one in the store that she liked

  5. When I had my two babies, I made huge stockings and hand quilted them. We still hang them and my kids are going to be 30 and 32.

  6. When my mom was in the nursing home I made her a picture board. I purchased a bulletin board and covered it with a part of an old quilt that belonged to her mother. I criss-crossed ribbon and added buttons to the intersections. I had all of my siblings’ families send me pictures of their families. I printed them out and tucked them all over the board. Lots of oohs and ahhs.

  7. Giving gifts is my most favorite! It’s hard to think of just one that is special. The first time I saved up a bunch of money (I was a kid so it seemed like a bunch) and bought my mom a snow village house was pretty special. She was so surprised! It was very exciting! I just love the feeling of giving a special surprise to somebody.

  8. I don’t know that I could pick just one, but I always look forward to when my kids open that one present they have been talking about for months. So fun to see the looks on their faces. 🙂

  9. Gifts are my love language and I just love finding a gift that surprises and delights! One year it was a super cool Lego table for our boys!

  10. My favorite gift I’ve given was the lord of the rings box set my husband really wanted. The look on his face was priceless.

  11. I love giving my husband and mom gifts above anything else. It doesn’t really matter what I get them, they’re always so happy and that makes me happy!

  12. Posted on FB: Every time I think I’m done ordering Lawn Fawn Christmas stamps and dies, they post another unbearably cute card and I’m forced to buy more stuff! It’s agony, lol!

  13. It’s not a actual gift, but one year I got snowed while visiting my parents for Christmas that year! It was just the 3 of us with a big turkey dinner. It was the first time we spent Christmas together, just the three of us, since before my brother and sisters were born. It was so special, snowed in at Christmas (which never happens here), and all that food, and not much to do but watch football and play cards!

  14. Any gift that is not expected; that hasn’t been on any wish lis, but still makes the person receiving it SO HAPPY!

  15. I gave my granddaughter an old-fashioned doll (no electronics, just a simple baby-sized doll) and she named it after me! She dresses the doll in her old infant clothes.

  16. My mom is an artist so I gave her a multi panel pencil case so she has easy access to her pencils and can travel with them.

  17. One year I made crocheted afghans for my family members. They loved them!
    I love all of the cards today – so cute! I love inspiration weeks!

  18. I love giving handmade gifts like crocheted or knitted scarves, hats, and blankets. Of course, I always include a personalized, handmade card.

  19. Last year I got my best friend yarn and a pattern. But I presented the pattern as a story and gave it to her in sections. She really likes it and made something’s she wouldn’t have thought of making herself.
    Unintentionally I got her to learn both colour work and how to make a sweater!

  20. My favorite gifts I have given we’re to children at a Chicago public school from the letters to Santa campaign. I had 3 kids one year and one family. Not only were toys involved but basic clothes as they were lower income. Giving those items made me happy and tear up at the same time. I’m very appreciative for what I have and those sort of campaigns is what the season is all about.

  21. Love Marine Simon’s card. It is so sweet with the bows and fog coming out as a present and love the pink background.

  22. My husband was a hunter and he had his heart
    set on a particular rifle. He didn’t want to spend
    the money so the kids and I pooled our money
    and bought it for him. One of the few times
    I saw him with tears in his eyes. Thanks
    for sharing. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  23. I love gift giving ! Homemade gifts are the best! Last Year I made my daughter a shadowbox with all her volleyball accomplishments, she just LOVED IT.

  24. I just bought my hubby a share for the Green Bay Packers! Best given gift ever besides surprising our son with a trip to Disneyland the summer cars land opened. Oh or the Christmas we surprised him with a trip to a Disneyland where we were leaving in 6 more sleeps. Hee hee🎄💚 PS- we need a little sports accessory set!

  25. My favorite gift that I have given was a desk calendar for my daughter to use in her office. I used stamps, dies and my Cricut machine to create 12 seasonal scenes. It was so much fun to make!

  26. My favorite gifts are the ones I make. I made a bunny costume for my niece that she wore everywhere, and a robe for my daughter to match the one she made for her brother.

  27. I cannot single out the best gift due to the fact that I don’t feel like I give good gifts. However, that being said, I think the best gift my son ever enjoyed was when he got an air soft rifle, he was pretty happy then! The best gift I was ever party to was when we got our daughter a new car for her 18th birthday! She was pretty happy then. Best gift I ever have my husband was telling him about each pregnancy!

  28. I love to give gifts. My favorite is a photo book I made for my dad on our trip to Japan. It’s it’s been 3 years and he still loves looking at it.

  29. My favorite gift was a noise maker walking toy that I gave to our grandson. I loved it because of the face he made when he opened it. It was like I gave him a new sportscar…but he was 1 year old, so this toy was AMAZING to him!!!! By the way, I LOVE the mouse cookies that the cat is holding. Such a cute idea.

  30. My favorite gift I have given is a trip to Disneyworld to my kids!! We went right after Christmas and they loved it! The part was seeing their faces light up at everything we saw!!

  31. More wonderful inspiration from the designers! I gifted my mother a large cross stitch piece. I loved stitching it and she loved receiving it. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  32. I received a beautiful necklace from my husband after a particularly rough year. It’s so special, even after these past 16 years.

  33. After my son graduated from his carpentry program in college I got him an engraved hammer that said “build a life you love”. Instead of using it he has it hanging on the wall ❤

  34. my most favorite gifts ever were Christmas tree polar fleece hats i made for my daughters and their cousins when they were little. They were all adorable in them!

  35. This is a gift I’m giving this year: a custom name necklace acknowledging a chosen name for a newly out trans person. I want this person to know they are loved and accepted and seen.

  36. Love the cards!
    I made some padded photo albums to give as gifts many years ago. Those were my favorite to give. I chose the fabrics in colors that would coordinate with the decor of each recipient’s home.

  37. The favourite gift I’ve ever given was the 50th Anniversary album I made for my parents. It took months to make, had cards and letters and photos from all their friends and family. It was a true crafting labour of love that stretched my skills and filled all my free hours.

  38. When my daughter was 6 we gave her an Easy Bake Oven. I had one as a child and loved it too. She was so excited and proud to share her tiny baked treats:)

  39. Favorite gifts I have given were the ones I created. I used to cross stitch and would start early in September and those were special. Now, I make cards. I send birthday and Christmas cards which are often made unique for the recipient.

  40. My favorite gifts to give are handmade ones. My favorite ones are probably when I gave my mom a patchwork quilt that I spent years making. I also gave a friend of mine a quilt I made for her baby shower that I hosted. Those were the only quilts I have made.

  41. A favorite gift I’ve given was when we gave my son (when he was 5, he’s 17 now) the Playmobil egyptian pyramid. He was so excited.

  42. My favorite gift that I have given my kids is a card that tells them that we will take them out to dinner at a restaurant of their choice. It is fun to get to have the time to focus on just one kid and try to make them feel special. They have loved this time also so we have repeated for a few years.

  43. I’m excited this year to give my hubs a foldable piano keyboard. He’s a composer. (Whenever we travel he seeks out a piano to plink out some tune in his head.) Hopefully this will solve that! One can only hope.

  44. My favorite gift that I’ve given was a Hugga Bunch doll that my 2 year old was asking for. The look on her face still thrills me.

  45. My favorite gift I have given was StoryWorth. The company sends a question every Monday to the recipient for a full year and then they make a book and provide it to you. We gave this to my mother in law. Wish I had this book from my parents, but they passed away 15 years ago. It’s cool!

  46. I gave my mom a great granny necklace with all the grand kids and great grand kids names on it. She almost cried. I also like giving hand made gifts to family and friends.

  47. My brother loves Bigfoot, so one year I got him a replica cast of the footprint from a famous Bigfoot video/sighting.

  48. One year I gave each of my grown kids a picture frame that said “I’m the Favorite”. I put a picture of myself with them in each frame. My husband gave one to his mom with a picture of her and him. He is of 4 kids.

  49. I love to take photos of my dog and her 4-legged friends – each year, I collect the photos taken during that year and put them into a homemade mini scrapbook. I decorate the scrapbook with many Lawn Fawn elements and interactive dies. These are by far, the best gifts that I love to make and love to give even more!

  50. I am so thankful for Lawn Fawn…you keep me busy creating Cards and Projects and keep my mind away from other not so good things!!!
    The best gift I gave away is some Lawn Fawn Stamp Sets and Dies to my Niece. (I ordered a couple items twice – oopsy!!!)

  51. I made a mini-album for my son’s 30th BD a couple of years ago. I called it 30 Cats in 30 Years. Yes, we really have had thaaaaaat many cats! I included photos of as many of them as I had. He loved the gift!
    All the lovely samples today are full of inspiration!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  52. I made a mini scrapbook for my brother and his wife documenting their European travels. I left spots for them to add their ephemera. They loved it and they still have it 12 years later.

  53. My niece wanted a minion costume for her birthday one year. The look on her face when she got it 😁 giving her that happiness was the best

  54. My new daughter-in-law enjoyed my copics so much, that along with my son, we bought her a starter set. What a suprise it was to her.

  55. A couple of summers ago we took our grandson on a trip to see the Grand Canyon, Hoover Damn, Sedona, etc. We took a LOT of pictures. We had a book made for him with most of the pictures. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he opened it—he loved it! Great memories for years to come!

  56. Generally, handmade gifts. But my parents anniversary is 2 days before Christmas. Both their mothers had passed. I got them something in memory of them.

  57. One year we gave our kids an electric piano! It was so fun to see the surprised look on their faces when they cam downstairs on Christmas morning!

  58. I once made a quilt for a friend out of leftover pieces of fabric. If I recall correctly, there was no occasion for the gift. My niece who was visiting at the time actually helped me with part of it and thought it was a lot of fun. The friend told me years later they still have it on the back of their couch. It made me smile to know the gift was enjoyed.

  59. a hand made card to my husband it captured all of his dreams, and I see him treasuring it … by the way the card was made with lawn fawn products!

  60. We did a name draw one year, and I got my sister. I gave her cake decorating tools and lessons that we ended up taking together!

  61. The favorite gift that I have given are scrapbooks that I made for my in-laws for their 50th wedding anniversary. They loved them.

  62. My dad eats soup all the time. I bought him a spoon that said “souper dad” on it. He loved it more than I ever imagined. He even carried it around with him for awhile! That was my favorite gift I’ve given in a while because he liked it so much!

  63. My best gift was a picture book I made my grandma after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She used to thumb through the pictures all the time!

  64. The favorite gift I have given was a Playmobil Train set that I gave my sone 20 years ago. 20 years!!!! Can’t believe he is sooo old. But not me.

  65. My mother is a mad cat collector (nor any real ones at the moment), she got over 9000 items. One year I made her an apron looking like a cat with the tail as the band that you put around you neck. She loved it so much.

  66. A favorite gift I’ve given would be a scrapbook of photos of my kids throughout the year for my parents. They loved having a book of special photos.

  67. A favorite gift I’ve given is a birthday party for my daughter…we treated her and five of her friends to a session of Goat Yoga – so fun! And a memorable experience for sure. <3

  68. My favorite gift I have given was a book I had compiled with pictures and stories my Mom had told. She absolutely loved in and it was so worth all the hours it took me to put it together.

  69. Picking my favorite gift given is easy – it isn’t something I thought would be such a big hit, but… I bought my mother, an avid reader, a Kindle even thou she didn’t think that she would enjoy reading books on one. To this day, EVERY time I see her, she tells me that she couldn’t live without it, and it is her all-time favorite gift (and I have five siblings!) <3

  70. So many lovely makes! Love Jenn’s rainbow snowflakes! My favourite gift that I gave to someone was a little silver milk jug with a lid – my mum wanted one for years, and I have searched for one for her for a long long time. Managed to find one during my travels abroad, and it was one of the greatest surprises for my mum, ever! 🙂 She uses it and treasures it till this day!

  71. lovely cards. my favorite gifts I’ve ever given were always ones I made myself with that person in mind. I gave my late mother in law a necklace I made with a picture of a mom holding her baby and she loved it.

  72. I love when I can find gifts that people really want but are hard to find. I love watching their faces light up when they open them!

  73. My homemade Mango sorbet or Avocado ice cream are always a hit and lots of fun to make. They are perfect for Aussie Christmas because it is summer down here.

  74. I gave friends and family sets of Christmas tags and they were such a fun gifts to make and give! It allowed me to use lots of my Christmas crafting supplies and that’s something I have lots of!

  75. Love the rainbow snowflakes and adorable deer! My sister does a lot of reading so I made her some custom bookmarks this year and put them with a book that reminded me of her cat 😺

  76. It hasn’t been given yet…. my mom has some great memories of my grandma with some specific gingerbread lights… I found a vintage set! I can’t wait!

  77. One year I made my daughter a box filled with letters and gifts that she could open all year long. Letters of how I love her and am proud of her and small gifts, like a candle, a movie card, a corner store gift card, things to just brighten up the whole year. She cried. I cried. It was such an awesome gift!

  78. It’s hard to pick just one. Here’s one of my favorites. When our nephew was small (probably close to 40 years ago), we got him a game for whatever system they had at the time. He ran around the house screaming with joy. You would have thought we gave him thousands of dollars. It took him quite a while to calm down.

  79. I love giving 5 year line a day journals to friends and family!
    I love Jenny’s rainbow sparkle snowflake card!

  80. I enjoy making advent calendars. A few years ago I made my daughter the tree out of tiny gift boxes and filled each with crocheting and knitting gifts. She loved it so much she has left it up year round!

  81. I love homemade gifts, and there are too many to name, but my favorite gift this Christmas is bringing my son and his girlfriend home from Idaho!

  82. One year my parents were really struggling with an old computer. My husband said, let’s just buy them a new one. They were so blessed and encouraged to get a new computer for Christmas.

  83. I have relatives that I give the gift of a set of handmade cards. They told me that they look forward to it every year!

  84. One of the best gifts that I ever gave was a cell phone “hidden” in the Christmas tree for my daughter…my Dad kept calling it to make it ring and it was driving her nuts trying to figure out whose phone was ringing!!! 🙂

  85. My favorite gifts to give are the handmade ones! One year, I made my daughter’s teachers coffee cup cozies. They loved them!

  86. One of my favorites is the grill my daughter and I gave my husband. He loves to do the grilling for family gatherings and we are happy to enjoy his good cooking!

  87. I love being able to give gifts to people when they have no idea they have told me exactly what they wanted. It’s so much fun to pick up little nuggets in conversations. One of my favourite times was when my college roommate had said she really liked a pair of shoes. Perfect gift idea. She was so surprised and happy when she opened her present. I love watching the reaction when someone opens a gift of something they wanted but didn’t realize they had dropped the hint. It’s the best!

  88. I love giving handmade cards to graduating seniors with a special poem that my husband writes to put in their card that I made. My nieces and nephews can’t wait to get their cards.

  89. My husband and I photoshopped a pic of my dad to turn it into a magazine front like “Money” or “Forbes” and we put the line “Investor of the Year” when my dad was in a serious Wall Street investment phase. He opened it and positively HOWLED with laughter. I think that was the gift I most enjoyed giving. Not many gifts I’ve given have made people laugh that long or that loudly.
    Thanks for all the inspo, friends, and Kara, for the excellent video.
    Happy Thanksgiving, all!
    Lori S in PA

  90. I make a photo gift for my mother-in-law every year and she treasures them! But I also feel like the handmade Christmas cards I make every year are like a gift (they certainly take more thought and time), so those might be my actual favorite.

  91. I really enjoy baking for my dad and giving it to him with a handmade tag or card. I have been baking for him since I was 3or 4 with my grandmas help of course. She told me that the best things in life are made from the heart.

  92. It wasn’t a Christmas gift, but giving my dad the gift of seeing his beloved NY Giants play live for the first time ever, Down on the first row. He was in shock.

  93. My favorite gift was a one of a kind gold cross with chain that I gave my Husband
    for Christmas! I also have given him Christmas mice boy & girl stuff animals gifts!
    I love Kara’s card, Marine’s card & Megan’s card Christmas cards!🥰🦌🐭🎄
    Thank you Lawn Fawn team for sharing your ideas!
    Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!😋🦃😊

  94. Years ago I was into ceramics. I loved giving my handmade gifts to my family. Now it’s more about the beautiful wrapping I create with my papers and card making supplies.

  95. I love giving handmade gifts. I make something different for my family and friends each year like jewelry, knitted scarves and of course handmade cards!

  96. The few years we used our Christmas funds and adopted a family for Christmas.
    My sister-in-laws always remind me of the handmade Christmas gifts I gave them (40 years ago) and how much they loved it.
    Also when I gave my daughter the heat press she was wanting and my grandsons the Spider-Man house shoes they couldn’t wait to put on. The joy and happiness in their faces.

  97. Love all the non-traditional colors on these cards!

    I don’t have a favorite gift that I’ve given, I always manage to find something special for everyone. But I remember that one gift one of my daughters wasn’t expecting and she sat in front of the tree, holding the gift and crying from joy. These are the moments that make christmas special and fill my heart.

  98. Love these ideas! My favorite gift I’ve given was a framed picture of our house that my friend made! She’s a very talented graphic designer!

  99. The most favorite gift I’ve given was a puppy to my daughter when she was 11. He was such a sweet part of our family for so many years and left a hole in our hearts when he died.

  100. Such great projects! I really love Jenn‘s snowflake design – stunning! One of the favourite presents I’ve given was the giant Millennium Falcon Lego set to my husband – it was something that he wanted for a very long time.

  101. Jen’s snowflake card is wicked cool!!! And oh how I love that reindeer w/the snowflake. Great projects from all of the DT!
    My favorite gift that I gave was a tiny pair of Michael Jordan sneakers (white with shiny black patent leather) to my son when he was about 18 months old. He put those shoes on immediately and ran laps around my parents living room and kitchen for the longest time. He kept stoping and lifting up his foot to look at the shoes. I still have those shoes!

  102. I gave a friend 12 days of craft items each wrapped separately with handmade tags. The last gift was a die set she had wanted. She still talks about it.

  103. A favorite gift I have given was the wood play set. Been used by mu daughter and many of her friends for years. They always play on it first thing! This year we have to take it down as the wood is getting old, and we are going to cut down the top deck and put it on the ground as a little playhouse outside. Or at least storage for her toys.

  104. My favorite gift I have given was to my Husband back when we first moved into our new house. He wanted the newest Playstation that was out and couldn’t get his hands on one. I managed to find one and hid it away until Christmas. When all the gifts were open on Christmas day I surprised him with it. He was speechless. 🙂

  105. Gift giving is not my best attribute. Though I love to give I often have a hard time figuring out the best gift. I did love giving my husband a record player last year. It was something he didn’t put on his list but I knew he wanted.

  106. That deer….. heart stolen! Favorite gift… Bar none… donating lots and personally delivering Christmas presents with a full Turkey or ham dinner for our Churches St. Vincent DePaul to many many families. The tears, the Hugs, the gratitude…… you never forget that AND your own blessings.

  107. My favorite gift to give is something they were asking for, for a while and weren’t expecting it so it ends up being a total surprise. The deer is really cute

  108. That is a hard one! One gift I received as a 16 year old, was from my parents. I loved Pacer cars back in the day and when I got my license, that was the car of choice! So my parents put a small package for me under the tree and I opened it, there was a set of car keys in it! I was screaming with joy and jumping up and down! They told me to go check out the garage, and I ran to the garage, with my 5 brothers and sisters, opened the door…..there in one of the parking spots was a Tonka toy Pacer car!!! I didn’t find it as funny as everyone else!

  109. My favorite gift that I gave someone was 4th row wrestling tickets for my brother. When we were little we watched all of the WWE (WWF at the time) shows and he was obsessed with all things wrestling. When they came to our city, we hovered around waiting for the tickets to go on sale and were able to nab 4th row seats. It was one of the most spectacular shows we were ever able to go to, and we even got to keep the specially made seats for the floor section. It was so cool, and he was so excited. It makes me smile every time I think about it. Worth every single penny spent. 🙂

  110. My favorite gift to give, when my son, and the nieces and nephews were younger, was to go to the book fair, and buy them all books and get them signed by the author. One year, my sister was having a tough year (middle school math teacher), and I bought her a canvas bag from the book fair, and got as many authors as I could to sign it, nearly 100 authors, that took all day to get it signed. She was so happy, that she cried, and carried it for teaching for the entire year.

  111. I like trying to give the adults in my family nice experiences instead of more stuff since everyone has everything they need already. I was proud of getting my dad, in his 70s, an indoor skydiving experience that he really enjoyed. Once COVID restrictions eased a little so he could book it, he sent me excited videos telling me how much he loved it <3

  112. My all time favorite gift would be of course Lawn Fawn products! But I like to buy my stamps die by myself, so I would be happy whatever the presents are being given.

  113. I love to gift hand made goods. I think people are always shocked that you would spend the time on them to create something. My favorite might be I cross stitched a piece called 99 Bottles of Beer for my husband, a beer fan, and it is 99 real different beer bottles. It took a loooooong time, but he appreciates every stitch.

  114. I love making thinks for others. I made each of my granddaughters a warm knitted car blanket and they love using them on cold days.

  115. I gave my crafty friend a personalised Advent calendar! Found 25 crafty gifts and wrapped it all up, using my numbers dies and LF critters to decorate the advent calendar

  116. Last year I made little 5×7 stamped/die cute/stenciled art pieces for my grandchildren to hang in their rooms. Loving the card inspirations.

  117. i had made and printed a magazine with games based on each member of my family, (crosswords, mazes, photos of mixed faces, guess who is used to saying that phrase etc )

  118. I like it when I have time to make homemade gifts, like homemade chocolates. I made moccasins for my husband one year, and he really loved them!

  119. I think my favourite gift I gave given is a Wii to our friends who were having a really tough time. They loved it. We made sure there was a game for each member of the family to open too. I still remember the look on their faces when they opened it. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  120. I give my kids and my husband Christmas ornaments every Thanksgiving and I love seeing them all on the tree every year!!!

  121. Holy moly, that’s a hard one! For my husband’s birthday one year I wrapped up pregnancy test results, a pacifier and a cigar. He was very happily surprised.

  122. I love giving handmand gifts. I made my children and nephews reading pillows 7 years ago and they still use them to this day.

  123. My favorite gifts are experiences, trips or tickets to an amusement park. Something we can go and make memories about.

  124. My favorite gift I’ve given was my mom’s dream cruise for her 60th birthday. I went with her and we had a fantastic time!

  125. The best gift I gave was to my mom – it was a handmade quilt with photos- center photo of mom and dad on their first date surrounded by photos of 7 of us when we were younger. – my mom passed away at age 89 in January of this year.

  126. Kara’s card is SOOOOO cute! I love it! I have given a lot of good gifts, but one of the favorite ones I have given was a scrapbook that I created to celebrate my friend’s wedding. That was a lot of work, but it came out so well!

  127. I made Christmas tree skirts for my friends one year, it was a lot of work but rewarding to see their delight at receiving a hand made – created to match their decor- gift.

  128. I ordered a necklace from Etsy a few years ago for my mom. It was her mother’s actual handwriting that said, “Dear Rosemary, Love Mom”. My mom hadn’t taken it off since.

  129. A favourite gift I’ve given is a 25th anniversary engraved cutting board. It was so beautiful and it was for my father and mother in law. They loved it so much! It was a family tree.

  130. I don’t think I have one favorite gift I have given. I always listen to my family in the months prior to Christmas and I start figuring out ideas of things that they would like. I remember all of the ideas and then at Christmastime I start hunting them down. I love how shocked they are that I remembered something they mentioned one time never realizing I was making mental notes for Christmas.

  131. This is the second year in a row I’m making handmade Christmas cards, which of course I love to give. Also, I just bought my daughter a Coach pocketbook that she has really been wanting…got a great Black Friday deal LOL. Thanks for sharing all of the great inspiration by all these talented crafters and of course, all the new products!!!

  132. I love Kara’s card, it’s absolutely adorable! 😍
    Favorite gift I’ve given….. it must be the positive pregnancy test I gave to my husband for his birthday one year. We hade lost a baby a few months earlier and thought it would take time before we fell pregnant again. The joy on his face!

  133. A favorite gift I’ve given is personalized glittered ornaments. It’s so fun when the recipients decorate their trees for the holidays and sends me a pic of the ornament on their tree.

  134. When my kids were little I made each one of them a Raggedy Ann or Andy doll. I overheard them talking about them yesterday and it made me feel great that they remembered that I made them especially for them!

  135. The best gift that I’ve given is probably a set of beautiful placemats for my mom’s table. She had made the comment tht year that she didn’t want to buy anything new anymore, because it didn’t make sense not to just use everything up at this point in her life. That made me so sad that I had to buy her a set of new placemats that she ended up loving! Those old placemats are used for everyday, but she’d proud to put out the nice ones for all of our special occasions.

  136. The best gift I’ve given wasn’t creative or fancy, but it was the most appreciated. I paid off my son’s credit card bill one year, after he has a rough time with illness and job loss. It allowed him to get a clean start and concentrate on getting his life back in order, and it worked…even 7 years later!

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