Lawn Fawn Intro: Give It a Whirl, Give It a Whirl Scalloped Add-on & Give It a Whirl Template

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Spring 2024 Inspiration and Release week! On February 22 our 13 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 19 new standalone die sets, new paper collection, and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Give It a Whirl! We are whirling with excitement over this new interactive set! Rotate the tab around the circle to reveal a new scene underneath! Combine it with your favorite critters or sentiments for infinite creative possibilities. Add a super fun scalloped base with Give It a Whirl Scalloped Add-On. Take the guesswork out of your design placement with the handy Give It a Whirl Template.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new interactive set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and then leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elena’s Give It a Whirl card is so sweet! I love how she paired the cute little carrot-filled wagon with a sentiment from Simply Celebrate Critters Add-On. It gives a little hint to the surprise when you “give it a whirl”!

It’s so much fun to watch the scene come into view as you rotate the tab!

Elena used the Give It a Whirl Scalloped Add-On to create her, oh so cute, Carrot ’bout You scene!

Tammy‘s 45 record design is so brilliant! She cut the moving circle using Just Stitching Double Circles to create grooves, so it looks like an old vinyl record.

Then as you Give It a Whirl, a cute little vignette begins to appear!

This cute scene is so clever, too! Tammy used the mouse holding the embroidery hoop from Sew Very Mice, coloring the hoop to look like another record! And of course, the little You Autumn Know mouse looks absolutely adorable sitting on top! That perfect sentiment comes from the All-Star set.

Marine is sending sunshine and rainbows with a fun slimline card featuring Beary Rainy Day! First, she added the Foiled Sentiments: Sending Rainbows to the moving circle of the Give It a Whirl. Then she decorated the main base circle piece with more cuteness from Here for You Bear as a surprise on the inside.

In addition to all the bright colors, Marine also used Rainy Sky Stencil to create a fun background!

Yainea got color inspiration from our new Rainbow Ever After paper to create an Easter card that is so adorable! She stamped the message on the front moving circle piece and also added some pretty paper-pieced eggs! She combined “happy” from Big Scripty Words with a new sentiment set, Henry’s Build-A-Sentiment: Spring!

Then she added another sentiment along with Springtime Bunny to be revealed when the tab is rotated!

Chari‘s space-themed design is so clever and creative! She drew the map of the world by hand on the moving circle piece from Give It a Whirl. Then she stamped and colored a bunch of images from Out of This World to place around the interactive part. I love that she used the Let it Shine Starry Skies paper for the background, it goes so well with the theme!

Chari added the little rocket to the tab and it looks so cute! She stamped a sentiment from Reveal Wheel Circle Sentiments on main base circle piece that is so perfect for her clever card!

Megan has a little trick for making it look like she put die cut images on the front of the Give It a Whirl. She stamped the My Rainbow unicorn and clouds on the moving circle. Then she used the coordinating dies to make masks which create the white outline. Next, she inked with the Cloudy Stencil, before removing the mask and coloring the cute unicorn.

Once fully whirled around, a cute Unicorn Picnic unicorn is revealed with the colorful rainbow and sentiment from My Rainbow!

Grace shows us how to incorporate the Give It a Whirl on a landscape Scalloped Slimline card! She inked the background with Slimline Cloudy Stencils and Slimline Hillside Stencils. I love how she stenciled the Give It a Whirl so it fits seamlessly into the background! In addition to the cute A Bug Deal images, Grace filled her garden scene with our new Watering Can dies.

As you spin the circle a sweet Gleeful Gardens scene appears!

Audrey took her Give It a Whirl design underwater and it is so adorable! I love the square shape of the card and also how Rainforest cardstock coordinates with the new Rainbow Ever After striped paper. So pretty!

And then, after you’ve whirled it around, our cute and sweet shark from Duh Nuh swims into the scene!

This card by Caly is so happy and fun! It features our new My Rainbow set in addition to Unicorn Picnic! I love the rainbow clouds stenciled over our new polka-dotted paper from Rainbow Ever After!

Then after you’ve given it a whirl, surprise, there’s a happy sentiment from Foiled Sentiments: Sending Rainbows!

Rebecca’s card is so cute and shows us an example of arranging the tab in a different position on the card. Her Veggie Happy scene starts with a garden just getting started.

And once you’ve given it a whirl, the garden has ripe tomatoes and new things growing. I love how the sentiment starts on the front and then finishes as the new scene is revealed.

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Give It a Whirl! It will show you step by step how to assemble this awesome new interactive die set. Then we’ll create 3 cards filled with inspiration! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Don’t forget to join us every day at 6PM PT / 9PM ET through February 20 for Intro Video Premieres at our YouTube channel!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Give It a Whirl! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your creative idea for the Give It a Whirl by February 21st at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Saturday, February 17th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


Spring 2024 Release Products will be available on February 22nd!
Give It a Whirl, Give It a Whirl Scalloped Add-On, Give It a Whirl Template

Thanks so much for visiting the Lawn Fawn blog, have an amazing day!


470 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Give It a Whirl, Give It a Whirl Scalloped Add-on & Give It a Whirl Template

  1. Every year I do an interactive birthday card with the recipient’s picture. I will probably make one with this interactive die. It seems versatile and can be used for any occasion. Looking forward to getting this die set.

    1. I think it would be fun to do a fair scene with the ferris wheel during the day and then at night with foiled fireworks.

  2. This is a great die set! No more cutting grass/water scenes separately! Love it! I just watched the video and it was very informative how to piece everything together! Great set to have with all the little added pieces! AWEESOME!

  3. So many Whirly possibilities. I love the pregnancy reveal idea. I think Party/birthday invitations,. The record was adorable too.

  4. This is super fun. I can think of tons of ideas for using it. Announcements of any kind would be perfect. I see someone else selected pregnancy. Wedding with the date & time revealed would be brilliant as invites.

  5. That is so versatile! I love all your samples! I imagine a cat sitting in front of a bowl with a fish – and woosh: just a fishbone

  6. To be honest I just think its a fun interactive die and looks easy, I love the foiled sunshine and rainbows so thinking the bear in raincoat or a unicorn and fairy card first off for me

  7. looks so FUN and easy – I can’t wait to apply all the before & after sets and also fun for pregnancy announcements, gender reveal & baby arrivals!

  8. I’d like to make it a pizza 🍕 and then when you give it a whirl it would reveal the empty plate but with crumbs and a msg, probably a birthday msg.

  9. Not sure yet, but I would like to try with the opening at the top. Maybe something clock or time themed, like “grow old with me”

  10. Tons of possibilities! Definitely the before and after stamps would be great, or you could make your own a winter card with the yeti (or another critter) skiing, and when you ‘give it a whirl’, they’re upside down in the snow.

  11. This is such a fun interactive die and the design team projects are adorable. I might make a baking themed card – mice busy in the kitchen, give it a whirl, and voila a beautiful cake, or the opposite, start with the finished baked goods, give it a whirl and only crumbs are left.

  12. My grandsons 23rd birthday is coming up. I call him my sunshine. I’m going to do a birthday scene with a sun with this amazing interactive die. It looks like so much fun!

  13. So many ideas… it’s hard to choose. I just want to make them all!! I do love the hot foiled sentiments with a scene underneath – would be cute for Christmas.

  14. This is such an awesome die! You make it look so easy. I can’t wait to play with it. I would love to do something relative to a day and night comparison. And then my brain went to sunshine and rain or snow scene. Birthday scene with a gift and then a gift open with all the confetti. So many ideas. Can’t wait to play.

  15. The before & after sets all would be great with this fun die. Maybe the sew very mice set, with the mice starting to sew on the front and the mice holding the finished hoop on the reveal. The snowball fight set with the mice making the snowballs on the front and the snowball fight scene on the reveal. The Rawrsome set with the plain volcano on the front and the exploding volcano on the reveal. Thank you for making these types of dies so easy to use to make wonderful cards, because the card recipient just thinks WOW that’s amazing. 🤩😍

    1. I immediately knew I wanted to make it like
      A submarine porthole so you could spin it to see all the creatures in the sea.

    1. Oh my goodness! The cards made with the give it a whirl set are so cute! The garden mice and kangaroo s are so adorable! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  16. Ohhhhh there are soooo many options and ideas! This is really fun LF💚💚💚💕. I luv the surprise aspect! Reveals a secret! Ohhh so fun💚 I just don’t know yet what that secret will be lol.

  17. The possibilities are endless. I love the record one! Would be cute to do a work scene and then a beach scene – for a retirement card – or something along those lines!

  18. These interactive cards are so super cool! I love the shark scene! A Halloween scene with Boo! at the end would be fun!

  19. Omg! All super, super fun and cute projects!! This new interactive is going to come home with me whenever it’s available!!

  20. Love the new Give it a Whirl die set. Such a great new, innovative and interactive card! I would make a birthday card with a candle being blown out or a piece of cake whirling into a birthday scene. Such a cute way to surprise the card recipient!

  21. This looks like so much fun! I can´t wait to try it. I think I would like to make birthday scenes – like a surprise part! Also think they would be great for Mother´s day project

  22. I like the idea of making a detailed scene and whirling to the sentiment, it’s simple, but a fun way to hide the greeting

  23. It would be fun to do a holiday card with any circular food or even a plate of food as full then eaten with just crumbs. I’m seeing cookies, pizza, pie, etc. So fun!

  24. I love these cards, made with the give it a whirl, die set! My favourites are: you make my world, go round, and hope your birthday is a hit!
    I would love to win it! I love beach scenes, so I would probably make one with my smooth sailing set

  25. I love the ideas that other commenters are putting! The before and after a would be perfect, a get well soon cars and a baby gender reveal!!
    I am sure that there will be incredible ideas once everyone starts using it!

  26. I like the idea of holiday cards – forth of July with a fireworks, Christmas with the lighted tree revealed! Snow with a snowperson built -lots of ideas for holidays themes!

  27. So many great ideas already posted!!! I was thinking of sunrise to sunset on a beach or even undecorated Xmas tree to a decorated one or even Santa’s sleigh flying over the sky!

  28. I love this!!! So many ideas – but a Christmas card with Santa by the tree and then the next image shows all the presents!

  29. I immediately knew I wanted to make it like
    A submarine porthole so you could spin it to see all the creatures in the sea.

  30. Oh this is a super fun one! I want to use it with the cooking mice on a birthday card – baking a cake and then the finished cake.

  31. There are endless possibilities with this interactive die! I’d probably put some of the before and afters stamps sets to hood use!

  32. This could be used for any occasion, so versatile! I’d use it for holiday and birthday cards but exactly how I don’t know yet.

  33. So many fun card ideas with this die set! I think I would make a cute Halloween card using the Fox Costumes Before ‘n Afters set. Outside it would show the fox in a Happy Village neighborhood scene, and inside would be the fox in costume in a Spooky Village scene.

  34. What immediately popped in my mind because I have been stitching so much …. Have the cute mice stitching on the front and then when you whirl, you get to see the finished stitch project. Maybe incorporate the embroidery hoop somehow? 🤔 I would have to play with all the pieces to see.

  35. I know this is for the give it a whirl, but the kangaroo set and add on is soooo cute! I love my mice, but I am a fan of this set. again, would be cute for baby cards! How do you keep coming up with such cute ideas!!! and the rainbow paper is really cute…….. 😉 I am with the others, just direct deposit to LF for the new stuff! 😉

  36. This is such a cool interactive set! It would also be very cool to use with the trees of the tree before ‘n after set! Or for a birthday card. Love it!!

  37. I can see a lot of the before n after sets being used with this twirl wheel. Perhaps new before n after sets can be a future endeavor by lawn fawn (hint hint)
    This sure looks like a fun interactive card that can be used for any and all occasions

  38. I’d love to use it to welcome a new pet. Start by showing an empty dog house, cat bed, fish tank, whatever works. Then whirl it to show the new pet there in it’s new home ♥

  39. I look forward to Kelly’s Intro Videos! Today’s tip was greatly appreciated. Kelly, your card for Miles is gorgeous!!! Will Give It Whirl die and Scalloped Add-On be used for the next Create With Us? I hope so!

  40. I love the record. 45’s were the thing when I
    was a teenager. I’d use the titles of some of
    the songs from that era as my sentiment
    on the record. Fun release. thanks for

  41. This is really neat. I need to watch the video again to have any real plans for it but I like it a lot!

    I am thinking maybe something fun with the Ferris wheel or rollercoaster?

  42. I love this! Lawn Fawn has the most amazing interactive cards! I love your inspiration. I would somehow use your mice and strawberries.

  43. This set is amazing! So creative! I think I would do a rain to sunshine scene, or a flower scene, like starting with seeds then turn and reveal full bloom flowers for a nice spring card.

  44. What a whirling way to showcase a before and after card. This would be great to show how our snug snacks on veggies from the garden.

  45. I think this interactive die would work great with some of the before and after stamps! Like peacock before ‘n afters for a congrats card!

  46. Wow! Just when I think you guys have thought of it all you create something else! I am totally making that cute record for my son’s birthday and I may even do Easter cards too.

  47. Love this so much fun. I would love to do this for yhe ducks in and out of the tub. Or a mother’s day card. Always have suck fun Interactive ideas. My Daddy always love these type of cards I wish he was still here to enjoy them.

  48. One fun use of the Whirl is for the Christmas cooking mice and the sentiment, “Not a creature was stirring . .” (whirl) “Except in the kitchen”. Fun!

  49. Lawn Fawn has the best interactive dies 😍 I would use some of the before and after stamp sets with give it a whirl.

  50. I think a movie themed card would be cute where a there is a lit up theater or a clapper board and the reveal would be all the critters watching a film! How cute!

  51. I am still pondering the magic of how this interactive die works. I think I would use it for a day to night (sun to moon) change.

  52. Gosh, I can’t think of anything…except something with mermaids. Ha, ha. Your samples are so darling, and creative.

  53. Possibilities are endless…regular room then set up with a surprise birthday scene—cake, balloons, presents, or personalize a birthday message as a reveal. You guys come up with the coolest interactive cards!

  54. I don’t have any new ideas – the DT’s ideas blow me away! I especially love the record and the star-watching ideas.

  55. I want to make a safari themed one to put in a mini album I’m making for my upcoming trip to Disney world. The front I will use Critters of the jungle stamps, masking to layer, then the inside layer I want to use a picture taken at animal kingdom!

  56. I think it would be fun to do a fair scene with the ferris wheel during the day and then at night with foiled fireworks.

  57. Lawn Fawn has the most amazing interactive die sets! Love all the ideas from all the commenters! Soooo many possibilities with this set – for some reason the Rub-a-Dub-Dub set popped into my mind – maybe the ducks could be “wandering” around the front and then in the tub on the inside!

  58. I would love to use this with any of the before n after sets. Also love the idea of an underwater themed card!

  59. The possibilities are endless. Thank you for sharing your creations & love all the ideas.
    I would love to make a 45 record with older mice card for my husband’s birthday. 💗🐭

  60. This “Give It a Whirl” set looks amazing. So many possibilities! Thinking of St. Patty’s Day coming up, I would do a rainbow on the front and a reveal to a pot of gold!

  61. I love it and can’t wait to create with this new interactive die! I’d like to put a butterfly on the moving part so it flies around the card and reveals a nice message

  62. Christmas cards are always my inspiration and I think a before pre-Santa scene and post-Santa arrived scene would be cute. So tree with cookies out and milk, but then the tree has presents underneath and the cookies gone and milk drank. 🙂

  63. It will be great with before and after sets or the strawberries from last year. Do just flowers and greenery and then the berries

  64. I love interactive cards and LF dies are my favorite to work with for not only do they yield incredible results but they are so easy to work with. The before and after sets will work so well with this newest die.

  65. This die is fascinating. How do you think these up?!? I would attempt day and night and for Halloween in costume and out of costume. Love all the samples and the video too

  66. I love Lawn Fawn interactive die sets. This is another one, kind of similar to the magic picture changer. My idea using this die set is create a performer on stage scene, using shadow box theater add-on curtain, which is one of my favorites from LF to create a graduation card💕

  67. I’m so excited for an interactive doe that looks a bit easier to construct! I immediately thought of a porthole on a ship when I saw the round shape. Can’t wait to try it. ⚓

  68. I would use this set for Halloween and do a cute spooky scene! I love the dark starry one in the blog so this would be awesome for a Halloween card!

  69. This new die looks like fun! I would use it for a day/night type design, or maybe a way to showcase some Before and After stamp sets!

  70. First thing that came to mind was a fish themed card using some seaweed etc. When the card is whirled, the fish appear as say surprise!

  71. I would use the Give It a Whirl with the shutter card I would have the band on the outside match the scene on the inside with wild wolves and wolf before ‘n afters

  72. It would be cool to make something look like it was chasing something. Like a mouse chasing a cat as it spins or a cat chasing a dog.

  73. I’m still watching the video on how to use the Give it a Whirl Die, so I”m not sure what works, but I’m being inspired by our crazy weather. I think having a winter scene that turns to spring would be fun. I would also love to use those new Kangaroo stamps (which I have in my watch later tab on YouTube). I love that there’s a little joey.

  74. There are lots of options for the give it a whirl die, but the one that comes to mind first is a scene with snow and then it turns into a snowman!

  75. I think I will do a travel destination reveal.
    We are going in Copenhagen, Faroe Islands and Iceland for our honeymoon this summer. The flight company has changed the day of flight so we have one day more in Copenhagen and I booked a little expedition to Sweden. This is totally a surprise for my husband. So I’m thinking about maybe doing the three countries on the front part and on the reveal part, surprise, Sweden too!

  76. Give it a whirl is a cute idea. A “spin” off of the Picture Changer concept. I would use those litte gardening mice – show them planting and then spin to grown garden.

  77. A winter to spring card will be great! I thought we were getting an early spring here in Southern Illinois. We went from 60 degrees to snowing within a day. Definitely a whirl!

  78. What a cool interactive die set! I can see making lots of cute cards with it…I think the Before and After stamp sets would be really good to use with the Give it a Whirl die 🙂

  79. The interactive cards intimidate me! But I think I would try something related to Eid like the moon 🌙 being revealed!

  80. OMGee! This is so much fun, and love all the inspiration from the DT! Any kind of announcement cards would be great using this. Holiday cards: plane tree to a fully decorated Christmas tree; cute house to a spooky Halloween house, etc. Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. Give it a Whirl!!! Dang, this is wicked awesome. I see lots of possibilities … Some I might try will be whole orange to an orange slice, or sunshine to moonlight. Hmmm, so many options!

  82. A full birthday cake and an eaten one. A balloon that’s grounded and one that flew away. Lots of before and after scenes

  83. What an amazing die😍 seeing that die turned into a record card… had my thinking about a Metallica themed card🤘really have to create that!!!

  84. I love your interactive dies so much! one idea that comes to mind is a retirement card with a work setting on the outside and a gardening/relaxing scene underneath.

  85. I mean the possibilities are endless for this interactive die!!! Maybe a birthday surprise. It would be good for a baby announcement too! Or a gender reveal. Really anything!

  86. So excited for this interactive die set! Love the vinyl record idea, but I’d also make something revealing a full moon and the cute little bats.

  87. So many ideas for the “give it a whirl” interactive die set. But the first ideas is easy, I have been trying to make a record turn for a card for my father. So excited to make an “Elvis” record turn on a card. He would love that.

  88. I don’t have a good idea but I think this is truly magical and I love all the inspiration so far. I think it would be great with some of the before and after sets — or my favorite the fox costumes!

  89. This is one die I’ve been waiting for! Can’t remember the number of tries and hours I spent on making one card a couple of years ago! Definitely adding it to my cart 🙂 Thank you for this interactive die! Awesome inspirations too! 🙂

  90. Love the new whirl die!! So many cute ideas!! I don’t know what I would do with them, most likely something similar to some of the ideas here. Or maybe a christmas scene with Santa traveling around the globe!

  91. I absolutely love this! As a scuba diver, I think it would be so much fun to use this to include a scene of a diver on a boat, and then in the water!

  92. The people who suggested gender reveal cards are right on the money. The first thing I thought of was winter/spring cards or using the many before’n’after sets the LF already makes.How about a chrysalis to butterfly? How about egg to chick? Or big egg to baby dinosaur?

    I have to say that I continue to be absolutely BLOWN AWAY at the level of innovation and creativity of your team. I mean, HOW do you DO it year after year? It’s astounding how many cool interactive dies you all have made! GREAT WORK!

  93. This die is amazing! I don’t know how you always come up with new interactive dies to make super fun cards. I would probably make something birthday themed because the “surprise” element goes very well with that.

  94. I love this interactive die – so cool! My daughter thinks it’d be great to ask a riddle, with the answer revealed as you Give It a Whirl!

  95. The circle is a good tool to do a lot of different themes, and very original cards ! Interactive cards are more beautiful , family and friends are happy to receive it 👍

  96. I love that you can use this interactive die with any stamp set you own. It seems to me the design options are limitless.

  97. I think the Beary rainy days bears would be great for this card. The outside could be rainy and the inside could be sunshiny and you could put an encouragement note for a friend letting them know beary better days are ahead.

  98. I am terrible at coming up with ideas (which is why I follow so many blogs). This Give it a Whirl die is so absolutely adorable! I look forward to seeing lots of fun projects with this die in the next few weeks!

  99. This is such a versatile die, that it can be used for any kind of surprise reveal. Like a pregnancy announcement or a gender reveal, to tell someone about a surprise trip. Etc.

  100. I love gardening It’s my hobby. I love taking care of our garden all year. Growing vegeta-
    bles and fruits on my garden is
    fun. I have fun taking care of flowers and grass

  101. I love interactive dies designed by LF. I have all of that in my stash and I can not wait to get this new set! It is absolutely amazing!

  102. I think any of the before and after sets will work great for this die. Really so many ideas and so versatile. This is a fantastic interactive! Love love love

  103. I definitely want to make some Easter cards and I would love to do something with the stars at night with some ink blending.

  104. My favorite card was the record!
    I first thought of a Thanksgiving invitation with a full pie, then disappeared.
    For new year’s, with 2025 uncovering.

  105. Such a fun interactive die and it looks so easy.. I want to make some unicorn cards.. or something using the hot foil plate sending rainbows..

  106. I love the Give it a whirl set! I would combine it with any of the before and after sets. I think they are perfect for this die.

  107. I think the give it a whirl will be super fun for birthdays, but honestly, love it, so much endless possibilities. This also will be going in my cart on Thursday.

  108. My mind is blown about how this works 😀 lol. Will need to watch the video a few times, I think!
    I really like the hidden bigger sentiments

  109. I think a flower with a little flight trail opening to reveal lots of butterflies and the sentiment “you give me butterflies” would be cute!

  110. I love an interactive card and lawn fawn always makes it easy to create. These cards would be perfect for gender reveals or to announce a new baby!

  111. I love this so much! I LOVE interactive cards! I think it would be cute to do something like a frog turning into a prince, something with magic.

  112. I would love to make a give it a whirl where the whirl is traveling back in time – so the front is current day and the background whirl is a similar scene with antique-y browns that looks more like a vintage photo. The sentiment could be “I love you whenever we are” or something like that! So excited to try this. 🙂

  113. Love this new interactive die set! My first idea is a porthole that’s kind of closed first but when you “whirl” it, it reveals a fun underwater scene. Also a clock for a “missing you” card with some mice traveling in time to be able to see each other again sooner would be fun. And this is just the top of the iceberg of ideas…. 😉

  114. This looks like fun, I was thinking it would be fun to whirl a cake into a pie or the other way around. Whirling around a skating rink would be fun too!

  115. sports theme— playing soccer and then making a goal. beach theme— above water scene and then below water scene. airplane— heart loop followed by a cute banner sentiment.

  116. This is so cool. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it. The design team is amazing too. I think a nighttime to daytime would be cool. Or a daytime which looks normal and then for Halloween all of a sudden it turns scary… boooh

  117. OMG this new die is so cool. I’d start by recreating all the amazing cards showcased! Why mess with perfection 🙂

  118. What an awesome idea. I think the before and after sets would be a great place to star. Maybe a fall scene? So many possibilities.

  119. I’m not great with coming up with creative ideas, but I would really love to do something record-themed like Tammy’s card! Everyone’s cards are so cute, but I especially love Yainea’s Easter card and Grace’s bugs and flowers card!

  120. Santa in front of the fireplace then just the fireplace would be fun or a Christmas tree and then the tree all decorated and presented under it.

  121. Wow, I really like the interactive element. The possibilities are endless. One idea is a fall theme with a tree full of leaves and then a bare tree.

  122. SQUEAL!! This NEW Give it Whirl Die Set looks like so much FUN to create!! I’d LOVE to create a Spring Farm Scene showcasing the NEW Season of LIFE happening on the Farm this time of year!!

  123. My idea of using this new cutting tool is to create a large pizza or cake in which the pieces will disappear. 😀

  124. Ooh i’m in love with this new interactive die! I think it would be a great set for an anouncement (pregnancy, maid of honor, birthday invitation). But also get the idea of an above the sea scene at the front and when you give it a whirl you see a underwater scene.

  125. Give It a Whirl truly makes a magical card! I love the idea of a critter making a wish, and then making it come true. 😀

  126. I’d love to do some fun birthday cards with this one for sure! And the foiling technique for this is awesome! I seriously can’t wait to play with it.

  127. I would want to use give it a whirl to write a good joke on the front and then the answer to the joke would be seen after giving it a whirl 😉

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