Lawn Fawn Intro: Veggie Happy, Veggie Happy Add-On, Little Farm Fence Border

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Spring 2024 Inspiration and Release week! On February 22 our 13 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 19 new standalone die sets, new paper collection, and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Veggie Happy and Veggie Happy Add-On and their coordinating dies! “Lettuce” introduce these adorable little gardeners! The mice are tending a bountiful garden full of happy greetings to share with friends and family! This set is perfect for birthday, gratitude, celebration, and thinking about you cards and projects. Share some love with the gardener in your life! The Veggie Happy Add-On mini set features a tomato, a carrot, a beet, and a head of lettuce all with sweet smiles. The included sentiments are so punny and cute and a great way to complete your project. They will make your lucky recipient smile from ear to ear!

We will also introduce, Little Farm Fence Border today! This cute fence border is the perfect little detail for your farm and garden projects!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fresh new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and then leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Grace‘s scallop framed garden scene is so delightful! She used our new Rainbow Ever After paper for the sunset colors that are so pretty in the background. The busy little Veggie Happy mice are tending a garden made using Simple Stitched Wavy Borders.

Mindy‘s farm scene is so much fun! She stenciled the background before layering on the Little Farm Fence Border. In addition to the cute mice, she also used images from Hay There and You Goat This!

Marine created her Veggie Happy card on a Peekaboo Backdrop and it’s so adorable! She also used the smiling veggies from Veggie Happy Add-On for even more cuteness! Then she layered everything on one of our new Rainbow Ever After papers.

I love this pun so much! And I also love how Tammy spelled out “tomatoes” in Oliver’s ABCs on the bottom of a Foursquare Backdrop: Portrait! She cut out the inner borders to frame the scene. And then she used Simple Stitched Wavy Borders to add fun depth and dimension to the garden.

This Veggie Happy set lends itself to so many punny greetings! Megan used Louie’s ABCs to create her custom sentiment. She assembled her garden scene on a Stitched Square with Grassy Border layers for dimension. Then she layered it on a Fruit Salad card front adding more veggies on the bottom border. So adorable!

Caly‘s industrious Veggie Happy mice are growing lettuce, tomatoes and carrots in a beautiful garden. She also used the Little Farm Fence Border in the background along with the fence included in the stamp set.

Elena filled her card with a bountiful garden using Simple Stitched Hillside Borders! The Veggie Happy mice look so happy taking care of the gardening chores!

Latisha‘s brightly colored veggies, some with smiley faces from Veggie Happy Add-On, are so adorable! She added them to a dotted oval from Giant Thank You Messages Lawn Cuts. Then she layered the oval on a Quilted Backdrop with a border made with Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Frames.

Audrey‘s garden scene is so beautiful and features some of the punny sentiments in Veggie Happy. She also included Little Farm Fence Border adding to the cute little scene. The Simple Puffy Cloud Frames looks so pretty in the ink-blended sky!

Lynnette‘s sweet card shows the Veggie Happy mice busy in their garden! Each little scene fits in the Foursquare Backdrop: Portrait windows. Then she created a custom sentiment with a Veggie Happy sentiment and Henry’s ABCs!

I love that Melissa uses stamped images to embellish her scrapbook pages! These gardening themed photos are enhanced with the Veggie Happy vignettes. She also added some of the new Flower Garden Washi tape.

Also included in this pretty layout, is our new paper collection Rainbow Ever After! It coordinates so nicely with the cute mouse’s purple coveralls and hat! And then to add the date to her page, Melissa combined Plan on It: Calendar and Henry’s ABCs.

Elise was also inspired by this cute and punny greeting, making it a perfect feature! I love how she added the little mice tending to their tomato plants for even more cuteness! She used Quinn’s ABCs to spell out tomatoes. And then she layered it all on a Scalloped Slimline with Hearts as the background.

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Veggie Happy, Veggie Happy Add-On and Little Farm Fence Border! We will show you some great ideas while creating four cards. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Veggie Happy, Veggie Happy Add-On and Little Farm Fence Border! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you enjoy gardening by February 21st at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday, February 16th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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527 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Veggie Happy, Veggie Happy Add-On, Little Farm Fence Border

  1. I love my garden and try to grow some veggies every summer. Last summer I had lots of wonderful Tomatoes. Thank you so much to the designteam for the amazing inspiration!

  2. I’m not into gardening, but I have many friends who enjoy it and would love a card with a gardening theme. These little mice are so cute. Definitely need to get this one to make my mice stamp sets complete.

  3. I like the thought of gardening but in all honesty maintaining my pot plants and my raised herb garden plots is as good as I can manage. I’m lucky my partner is a horticulturist and his hobby is gardening and mine is card making 😉

  4. I only like to garden in my head. It sounds like a great idea but then I would have to go out and play in the dirt. I love these little mice and surprised no one matched it up with the tractor set.

  5. I’m no gardener at all but I love these little mice growing their vegetables! They really add to the characters for making a full scene/story, and that’s always the most exciting part to me.

  6. These darling gardening mice have to come live in my craft room 🥰 What a well thought out set. I love the design team inspiration.

  7. I love gardening. Nothing like a home grown tomato! I need a group of mice to help me dig, plant and weed … even if it is on paper 🙂

  8. Unfortunately while I love homegrown produce, I’m don’t have the right space and soil to grow anything. I did try growing tomatoes once, and every time a tomato would start being ripe enough to pick, a squirrel would come along and take a bite out of it.🤣. Thank goodness for farmer’s markets!!

  9. I love plants, flowers, veggies and growing them all! I can’t wait to get my hands on these cute little mice! I think I have just about every mice set you’ve come out with! Super cute

  10. I enjoy gardening, but have not been able to do as much in the past few years due to our puppy (now 5 years old) – she took up so much time with training and dog sport trials. Now that she is a bit older, I hope to get back into it this spring and summer!

  11. I leave the gardening to my hubby who is great, I am the hands of doom and have let many a plant wilt! oops! but I am sure I wouldnt make these ones fail!

  12. I’m not very good at gardening, having only lived in flats etc as an adult, but we’ve recently got a house with a little garden so I will have to learn the basics at least! I doubt that I’ll be as cute as these mice though!

  13. I really like watching things grow! I plant so many things but don’t have a green thumb so it is sometimes hit or miss! I love it though!!

  14. I am not a gardener, my husband does all the planting and growing. My thumbs are not green,they are always paper cut.

  15. I used to really enjoy it when I was a kid and staying with my grandparents in the country… they always had such beautiful gardens and I loved planting pansies and carnations and other flowers.

  16. My hubby is the gardener in our family and I can’t wait to make him a card with the punny “tomatoes” sentiment. I love all the adorable scene building ahead with these new additions to the mice line-up.

  17. I do not enjoy gardening, but my husband wishes he had time to put in a huge garden. I do enjoy homegrown tomatoes and squash.

  18. I love enjoying all the produce we get from our garden and fruit trees each year. My husband and kids plant it, and I water it, and kill all the squash bugs. 😅

  19. Love these adorable little gardening mice! I plant a garden every year, but kind of operate on a ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality… I do not enjoy weeding. Lol

  20. I used to plant a garden with a lot of peas, but my daughter would go out and eat them all before I could harvest any…

  21. Loving all the little farm/garden scenes!
    I do enjoy gardening, I don’t do much, but I try to plant a few tomatoes and other veggies each year

  22. As a city dweller, I don’t garden but I do love growing orchids inside so maybe that counts? Love the gardening mice!

    1. I do like gardening. We have deer nearby that like my veggie garden too. So sometimes the tomatoes plants get eaten first! I really am enjoying all the cards you made from this set. I love it so much! Hope I get picked for this set😎

  23. Oh my! Little farming mice! They are just too cute 🥰
    The little mice in their overalls are adorable, and I love the puns as always 😁

    Loving the look of the new rainbow paper too, definitely a 2 pad situation….one to use, one to stroke! 🤣

  24. Yes, my husband does a small garden, but sister is big gardener. She is always as we say playing in the dirt with veggies or flowers. Cannot wait to make her a birthday card with this new set.

  25. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…. I LOVE these new sets!!!
    That tomato-plant is just the cutest!! And that’s all gardening I do; tomatoes and herbs!

  26. Not a gardener, I have a black thumb 🙁 But these are veggies I can’t kill, lol! Super cute sets, can’t wait to see what else is in store with this release!

  27. My dad has huge gardens that we help out with. There’s nothing like picking your dinner when you’re ready to cook! I’ve been hoping to recreate them in card and scrapbook form, so I’m pretty excited for these sets!!

  28. Every year we plant a garden and every year our snug who is part schnauzer and pug (a big vegetarian) helps his self to the tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and anything else he chooses to pick and snack on.

    Our neighbors, mail carrier and ups driver will literally stop on the roadside and watch him carry his pick of the day across the barnyard and lay under a shade tree and eat his snack.

  29. I love growing tomatoes! Currently trying to grow citrus trees. My garden consists mostly of cactus though because that’s the easiest to grow in AZ.

  30. I do enjoy gardening, but as I’ve gotten older I mostly have flowers in my garden. I was never as successful as these cute mice are. 😊

  31. I was not born with a green thumb. Poor plant don’t stand a chance with me. However, plant stamps always flourish. Maybe I was born with an inky thumb : )

  32. I enjoy container gardening. I just don’t have the time and energy needed for all the weeding in traditional gardening.

  33. I love gardening! I have to 4’ x 4’ raised beds that I fill with cucumber and tomato plants. There’s nothing better than a snack of a cucumber and tomato straight from the garden!

  34. I used to have flowers in pots but even that
    has become more work than I can handle.
    Love the energetic mice. thanks for sharing.

  35. At my last house I had 3 huge raised garden beds, I sure do miss them and all of the fresh veggies that grew there. I guess I will have to just be happy stamping a garden for now!

  36. I love gardening! During Spring/Summer I always have tomatoes, parsley and cilantro. My husband is way better at it than me..LOL!

  37. Nope. Not at all a gardener. I’ll leave that to the pros. I would only take up gardening on cardmaking now 😁

  38. I absolutely love gardening! This year I have tried my hand at overwintering some of my deck plants in the garage. Looking forward to seeing how it goes! Thank you for creating these wonderful garden mice scenes.
    And the rainbow paper is superb!

  39. I love the new fence die.. I can see lots of uses for it! also love the new tomato dies.. with the moppy tops! all so cute!

  40. After years of a large garden I have gone to pots on my deck. With several babies on the way this year I am already
    thinking of cabbage patch cards.

  41. I do not garden but love the little mice gardening! So cute and perfect for my gardening friends! Can’t wait to create with these cuties!

  42. My parents always had a BIG garden. One summer we picked over 1,000 quarts of strawberries! I can and freeze a lot so a garden is a must for us.

  43. I have what I believe they call a black thumb, can’t even keep a cactus alive. It’s a miracle my children made it to adulthood!

  44. I sure do!! But still learning how to be successful😂🤣😂 maybe crafty gardening is more up my alley lol💚💚💚💕

  45. I do enjoy gardening however I really do not have a green thumb so I’m lucky if anything grows. Thanks for the chance to win this super cute set.

  46. I do not actually love gardening, although I love fresh produce that other people grow. And I have friends that love gardening who need these adorable gardening cards! I guess the only gardening I do is with paper and stamps!

  47. I don’t have the patience for growing veggies, but I have a native plant monarch garden for monarch butterflies and other native insects!

  48. I don’t garden, but I’ve managed to keep a couple succulents alive for a few years, so that’s a win in my book! 😀

  49. This set is so much fun! Especially because I’m trying to grow my own vegtables on my little balcony. Always a surprise if I can eat my own tomatoes.

  50. I don’t know that I love gardening, but I sure love the results! We grow tomatoes and cucumbers every year and they are delicious!

  51. I enjoy container gardening, mostly. I took a couple of years off from planting anything, but I’m likely to start again this spring.

  52. Just when I thought the little mice couldn’t get any cuter………!! I really like the idea of vegetable gardening but the weeds that pop up and the darn bugs, not so much! I do love my flower gardens though – easier to weed and de-bug! And I’m a huge fan of container gardening – lots of planting possibilities!

  53. Gardening mice, so adorable!! I’m not very good at growing things but do like to putter with flowers and small veggies.

  54. I LOVE to garden. I am in 2 garden clubs–The Tustin Garden Club, and the Orange County Organic Garden Club. So these gardening mice are right up my alley. I LOVE the little worm!!! I like that someone made a red worm–he processes compost! Great stamps and ideas…

  55. I do like gardening but I’m more into flowers lol.
    My sister has the most amazing veggie gardens though.
    This set is adorable!

  56. I’m not a big fan of veggies, but would love to flower beds…I’m just not good at gardening. Inside plants that only require a few waterings a year. But I love the stamp sets with veggies and flowers in them. I’m excited to see more inspiration from this set. I’m wondering if anyone pairs it with garden before and afters.

  57. I personally don’t do any gardening, but my husband does and this set will make such a cute birthday card for him!

  58. I like growing flowers and herbs, though I don’t have a green thumb, haha. I want to try my hand at growing tomatoes and other veggies!

  59. Such a cute set! My husband is the gardener in my family. I help him pick strawberries and tomatoes. Then I make salsa, spaghetti sauce and jam with the garden goodies.

  60. I love to garden and the local herd of deer eat everything! They even got on my second story deck to eat what I thought was safe! Paper gardening is probably the only way for me to have a successful harvest 😆

  61. I don’t really enjoy gardening as I’m afraid of bugs. And the poor plants don’t do well under my care. I do love cut flowers though!

  62. I do enjoy gardening and usually focus on pollinator friendly native plants, but with food prices going up and so many environmental issues I’m going to grow more veggies this season!

  63. I kill everything I try to grow but gardens always remind me of my dad and grandpa. They grew the best fruits and veggies- especially tomatoes and strawberries- and my dad’s flowers gardens were always so beautiful.

  64. I have many talents but growing vegetables and fruits is not one of them. I can get them to come up and look so nice till the produce is about 2″ long then everything goes south.

  65. I love to garden. I plant a vegetable garden every spring. I love to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and summer squash. I can’t wait to get Veggie Happy!

  66. I do not like to garden but fortunately my husband does. Making a card from this set would be perfect to give to him.

  67. I love gardening. I have lots of flowers and grow a vegetable garden every year. We also have grapes and raspberries and mint and other herbs around. These new sets are so cute!

  68. I love to eat home grown veggies. Every year my I plan on grow some but I never get there… I rather spend my time at my craft table,

  69. Yes, I enjoy gardening. I have huge flowerbeds and butterflies love my yard.
    These new products are GLORIOUS! SO GOOD! Thanks, LF – Love al that I am seeing!
    Lori S in PA

  70. I haven’t been the most successful Gardner so haven’t decided that time etc makes it economics for me. That said my household is giving it another go and the kids have seeds under grow lights already this year. My motherinlaw and best friend both have gardens so should be plenty of Uses for these cute stamps.

  71. Wow! I’m so excited for the new sets. I love all the gardening items, the gardening mice, and the great cards the design team put together. Can’t wait for the release, but I do enjoy seeing all the sneak peeks!

  72. I have to say gardening is time consuming, needs lots of patience and love. Even so, everything pays off when you see the buds blooming, fresh flowers and delicious fruits on the tree.🌳 💕

  73. I am a hop out of kin. My parents and both of my brothers love to garden. They all have big yards that they spend time in and take care of. I do NOT like to garden and even claim to have black thumbs!

  74. I love the mice! I loved gardening when we lived in our house, but since we downsized to an apartment,I have to enjoy the serenity garden outside our windows.

  75. Cutest gardeners ever! I do enjoy gardening a bit – mostly container gardening so I don’t have a bunch of weed pulling to do.

  76. I enjoy gardening… my rock garden 🤪 I am terrible with keeping plants alive. I can even make succulents die. Only thing I can grow is green onions in a jar of water by my kitchen window.

  77. I love growing my own tomatoes in the summer along with basil! I can have a caprese salad ready in minutes. I haven’t attempted other vegetables at home but really enjoy going to my Farmers Market on the weekend for fresh vegetables and fruits!

  78. im embarrassed to admit i like gardening in theory.. it seems so wonderful to grow your own veggies and plant your own food. but once i see bugs and worms i get scared away and there goes the garden. so much for that.

  79. I used to have a vegetable garden, but I ended up without enough time to make cards, so I had to stop with it. So I can spend more time on more fun things! I love these stamps so much!

  80. I use to LOVE to garden but don’t do much anymore because of age. I use to love canning all the fresh veggies and would have quite the haul.

  81. I love gardening 🍎🍏🍇🫐🍓🍒🍅🥕🥔🫑🥬🧄🧅🫛 It’s my hobby. I love taking care of our garden all year. Growing vegetables and fruits on my garden is fun. I have fun taking care of flowers and grass.

  82. Veggie happy is so cute! My parents are very into gardening so I’m already planning their mother and Father’s Day cards with this set!

  83. Adorable projects! I love looking at my neighbours’ gardens and admiring their florals and veggies, but gardening has never worked out for me!

  84. I really enjoy gardening, mostly flowers. Still trying tomatoes, lol! The Veggie Happy set is adorable! I love the scrapbook pages and cards!

  85. It has never been a favorite part of my life! I can’t keep a plant alive for the life of me! But I love eating everyone’s fresh tomatoes, peas or strawberries ✌🏽

  86. This post is overwhelming with inspiration! Love this release!!!! From the little adorable mice to all the veggies and the scenery from the DT is amazing! I Love to garden! We have our own farmers market growing in our backyard! Lettuce, squash, carrots, peppers, loads of tomatoes! It’s my favorite therapy after card making. Although, we have a lot of deer in our neighborhood that drop in and help themselves. LOL

  87. It’s been awhile since I garden. I do have indoor plants that I’ve had for 5+ years now. I don’t think I have a green thumb but I feel proud when the flowers bloom on my orchids and rose bushes.

  88. Oh I do love gardening so much!!! There is something about getting in that dirt! Love watching everything grow! All these cute mice gardening are just adorable!

  89. Love all the super cute critters in the new sets!!! So many fun scenes!! I have done some gardening before, not a lot but i definitely enjoy it!

  90. We live gardening. We have two huge gardens with all kinds of good veggies and fruit. We have 32 blueberry bushes and raspberry plants, strawberries, so fun all summer to see it grow!

  91. Such fun designs and projects!
    My hubby is the gardener in the family, so I leave it to him! But I enjoy tending all the potted plants on my front deck!

  92. I’m not much of a gardener and the few times I have tried to plant flowers of grow a garden I have not been very successful so I gave up but not all is lost and right now I’m trying take care of a little succulent and so far so good. ☺️💚🪴

  93. I’m not much of a gardener but I do plant a few veggies in pots on our back porch. Super cute new sets!! Definitely need this little cute gardeners in my life!!

  94. I’m hoping to start a small garden this year, I haven’t had a garden in a long time. Those garden mice are so cute!

  95. I’m not a gardener. My husband is more the plant whisperer than I am, but he isn’t into growing veggies, just planting ornamentals and trees. We happily enjoy the looks of our well-landscaped lawn. 😉

  96. YES I love to garden so much! So, at first glance, I’m like okay, I can so no to these critters and their gardening. I’m good. Then you all started sharing inspiration and NOPE, straight into I NEED THEM! LOL!

  97. I really love the *idea* of gardening but I’m not very good at keeping plants alive… I’m glad I can now live vicariously through the Veggie Happy mice. Thank goodness paper doesn’t need to be watered! (:

  98. I’ve been gardening for a long time, starting with potted garden on a courtyard 24 years ago. I just love growing things – veggies, flowers, fruits, herbs, plants indoors & out.

  99. Sorry but I don’t like gardening.. I can’t stand little creatures coming out from the ground, but my mom LOVED it! So, I “IMAGINE” gardening and make cards with your stamps and dies! lol 😉

  100. I grew up in an Italian family & everyone loved gardening here in NJ the Garden state.
    We would can our veggies & in Aug./Sept, we processed 500 lbs. or more of plum tomatoes –
    this is the best sauce to use to cook Italian food! 💗

  101. I enjoy gardening, but I am terrible at it. I get side tracked and don’t water enough and my new plants usually don’t make it.

  102. I love the idea of gardening… but most years everything dies, before harvest. 😢 I like crafting too much more!

  103. I really enjoy gardening. I have a huge veggie garden. Last year it was so prolific I gave veggies to all of the neighbors and my friends. I hope the garden does well again this year. It’s so great to have access to fresh veggies.

  104. I love this set how cute! I don’t really do any gardening myself but as a zookeeper I am always growing herbs and stuff for our animals!

  105. I do enjoy gardening, mostly tending my flowers. My sister recently started on her own veggie garden, so I instantly thought of her with this set 🥰

  106. I live gargening and however I think my plant veggies, esp. tomatos tastes better the ones you buy in store.
    Many thanks for the adorbale DT inspirations.♥ Love them all.♥

  107. OMG – the mice are my favorite! I attempted gardening when my kids were younger. The bugs and animals always seemed to foil my efforts. I do really enjoy supporting my local small farms. And I definitely would love to grow some of the veggies on paper in my craft room.

  108. I sure wish I had a green thumb. I really want to try a fruit tree and some strawberries this year! Love these little gardeners!

  109. I’m not a gardener, I put plants in at the beginning of summer and take them out at the end, but I love to see all the beautiful colours of the flowers in the garden. These gardening mice are really cute though.

  110. I want to like gardening, but I don’t have the follow through!! I brought tomatoes and basil home, planted them, then forgot about them. Luckily my partner took over and is now a gardener!!

  111. I LOVE to garden and last year we added an arch trellis for cucumber to grow on. It’s such a good reminder to get outside and get some fresh air every day

  112. My yard has 2 states…it’s either a swamp (I’m exaggerating a tad bit) or bone dry. So while I’d love to grow some fruits and veggies, I can’t unless I get raised garden beds.

    I love the gardening mice though.

  113. Gardening is one of my favorite things to do! It reminds me of my mom and the time she would spend teaching me about all of the flowers in our garden. What a cute spring set!

  114. I’m recently retired and I’m having fun with some container gardening. I don’t have a very green thumb but I’m thrilled with anything that comes up!

  115. I love the idea of gardening; however, I am not good at remembering to water plants. That is a big no-no in the gardening world.

  116. I haven’t gardened in years but I use to love gardening with my Grandfather who according to the neighbors grew the sweetest tomatoes!

  117. I love gardening and have had a very successful veggie patch this year (particularly tomatoes). I try and spend a little time in the garden everyday.

  118. Enjoy gardening?! I might if I could successfully grow plants! Last year was the closest I’ve come to keeping plants alive! 🙂 I’m glad these critters seem to have better gardening skills than myself!

  119. Love these sets and so much inspiration from the design team. Struggling to pick a fav but the picket fence die is probably it as it will work with so many other sets like the fairground and the other farm sets

  120. I am a gardener, mostly flowers but some veggies and I saw the sneak peek of these super cute mice and!!!
    I’m soooo gonna by them, all of them! Thanks for sharing such great ideas!

  121. I love to garden and look forward to planting my garden every year! Now with this adorable set I can garden all year long! It will make winter so much better!

  122. I do not really enjoy gardening but I love making gardening themed cards! My aunt has the most beautiful garden and I love looking at and smelling all the flowers!

  123. I *want* to like gardening but sadly I can’t stand the feeling of dirt on my hands. (Yes I know I could use gloves.) Maybe I could be persuaded if the veggies had adorable smiley faces like these! I love that you in-produce-d these sets!!!

  124. Squee! Love this release so much. Those sweet mice im the garden kills me. I love to garden and hope to spend more time working on a flower garden this summer.

  125. Let’s just say that those cute mice have a much better garden than I ever had or ever will. Perhaps I should get this set so that I can have a fantastic paper based garden.

  126. I do not enjoy gardening! Maybe as the season is too short here and I don’t like planning it out! Then there are the bugs.

  127. I LOVE gardening and have done it everywhere I have lived whether its containers on my apt balcony or in raised beds at my rental house.

  128. I don’t have a good idea but I think this is truly magical and I love all the inspiration so far. I think it would be great with some of the before and after sets — or my favorite the fox costumes!

  129. I love gardening. I am a container gardening. I plant tomatoes, green peppers, zucchini, and pumpkin. My new container this year will be giant sunflower!

  130. I’m absolutely awful at it, but I find gardening so fun! I would love to have the time to really learn how to set up and grow a successful garden one day!

  131. I used to enjoy farming … nothing like fresh fruits and veggies ….. but I became too frustrated fighting all the critters …. 🙁

  132. I LOVE this new set! It combines 3 of my favourite things in life. Gardening, mice and of course, Lawn fawn stamps! I cant wait to see what I can do with these. 🙂

  133. I do enjoy gardening – but I don’t enjoy weeding the garden! Last year I grew strawberries for the first time – so fun!!

  134. Nice to see the mouses working and gardening!
    These stamps is allowing to do a lot of different cards and nice for the spring

  135. I do love gardening. This summer I’m hoping to put in some raised beds so that I’ll be able to provide fresh produce for my family.

  136. I don’t enjoy outdoor gardening. Too many things try to get to my growing food before me, but I am having fun indoor gardening hydroponically.

  137. I absolutely love the idea of gardening but I live in the woods. The lack of sunshine and all the hungry little critters who eat what I plant have helped me fall in love with the farmers market. This set is going to be so much fun.

  138. Great timing I did some gardening over the last few days. I could have used the help of these cute mice. Very earthy pack, I like it !

  139. I absolutely adore this new set and it is getting me excited about spring gardening. I’ve already started ordering my seeds for this season and this set will be perfect for scrapbooking this growing season.

  140. I enjoy gardening with my indoor plants! Someday I’ll have an outdoor garden. For now, I’ll settle for supporting my local farms with our organic CSA and cooking with all of those goodies 🙂

  141. Oh, new mice added to the collection, and they seem so keen and hard-working. They are invited anytime to help me in our garden! Yes, we have a large garden and I like gardening – to a point. It doesn’t mean I am good at it and I love that our garden is kind of semi-natural with a few flower beds but also lots of space for flowers and stuff to grow how- and wherever it pleases. I am trying to convince my husband to build a greenhouse so there will be more than just squash growing in the veggie section.

  142. I am an avid gardener and love these sets! My Dad had a garden growing up and I have had some kind of garden every year except two for the last 44 years! They tend to grow on you!

  143. I love gardening! I’m getting better at it as the years go by and it’s always so rewarding to see what I can grow and eat!

  144. Got bit by the plant bug this past year and have thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Hopefully the gardening goes getter this time around!

  145. Hurrah! Never stop with the veggies! One of my favorite stampsets is still Rooting for You. It is so versatile.

  146. Plants tremble when they see me walk by! The only plants I have successfully kept alive are the 2 dish gardens I received after the kids were born. Now that I’ve kept them alive for 30+ years, I’m a little superstitious about them.

  147. I have family who love to garden, so I can see harvesting a lot of benefit from this set! Lawn Fawn is crushing it again this month!!

  148. I love to garden. Usually, it’s just flowers in several different spots in our yard. Last year, I planted 2 tomatoe plants. They did so well that I’m thinking of doing 4.
    My dad always had a vegetable garden. My mom always had a flower garden.

  149. I am SO VEGGIE HAPPY for this stamp set, its SO CUTE and will look so adorable with the accessories from Garden Before and Afters!!

  150. I like gardening very much. Although I currently do not have a garden only a small balcony, but I manage to grow tomatoes, mint and strawberries on it. In the summer the smell is amazing and it is the perfect place to relax in a hammock.

  151. I love gardening, but do not have a green thumb! Love growing my own herbs and spices, that is where I have the most success in gardening.

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