Springing forward (a day late)

I had this cute “spring forward” post planned, but my internet was down for an entire day. I am completely addicted to the internet. I admit it. The internet company I use was getting so many complaints, they just shut their customer service line down. Madness!

Since I did not have internet, I actually got things done. I’ve decided to ignore the correlation.

I did Wii Fit Yoga. It was the first time that Yoga didn’t make me mad. I like doing it by myself with a robot lady telling me I have good posture when I don’t. jaja! I did some other Wii Fit exercises and am happy to report that I did them again today! Healthy, here I come?

Anyways, my “spring forward” card was going to have a bunny on a spring, and it was going to be complete cuteness, but instead I found myself actually cleaning up my craft space. I am talking organizing papers, putting stamps into three ring binders, actually cleaning my stamp scrubber cleaner thingy. I cleaned something that cleans stamps! Once again, madness. Loosing an hour seems to make me do crazy things!

So instead of a cute bunny, I do have a cute bird shaped card. It is super simple, but it is shaped like a bird, so it makes me happy, and he is very “spring-y”! I took a photo with my photo booth on my Mac, which means it’s the worst photo ever. I decided to make it even worse by playing with it in iPhoto. I just went for it and added a cheesy vignette blur and everything.

Enjoy this little, badly photographed, bird card and enjoy the start of spring! 🙂


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