lawn fawn video Thursday! – stamping, paper piercing, templates

Another video!! Woo! Today, I am making a card using a template with stamping, paper piercing and embellishments. I think I got a better filming angle this time too!

This video has my new intro that my brother, Kyle, made for me!! I am so excited about it! I have an intro and a theme song!! Eek! Woo! Thank you so much, Kyle!! My brother has written and directed an indie film, Easier with Practice, that is premiering at the CineVegas Film Festival. So exciting!! Check out the film’s website! DISCLAIMER: Rated R. The trailer plays as soon as the page opens, and it is rated R. Don’t click if your kiddos are around or if you don’t watch rated R movies! If you do watch rated R movies, this film is amazing!! Please check out the website. It has a lot of great behind the scenes type stuff too!

Okay! Here is the video!! Click on the HD button to see it in HD. If you would like to see it larger over at youtube, click here!

Here are some photos of the card:

Thank you so much for watching!!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


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