So my procedure went well. The doctor didn’t see anything obviously wrong, but he took some biopsies of my stomach and intestines to see if there is something going on. He did this as a precaution, but he thinks that everything will come out negative. Of course this leaves a huge question … what is wrong with me? I am still uncomfortable, but I think the pain is a bit better. I just keep hoping it will go away. I was able to get some work done today, which made me feel a little less guilty. Now I plan on taking it easy tonight and watching Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and House with the hubs. Speaking of my Mike, he has been amazing. He even stayed with me during the procedure when I was knocked out. He is a super man and the sweetest guy I know. I am definitely lucky to have him :).

I haven’t been able to make my usual blog rounds, or comment back to people as I like to do, so I wanted to do a big group thank you here. You guys are so sweet and wonderful. Your comments have been little pick me ups during this scary time. It really does mean so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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