EbtKS reminder and a favor from you

Hello Everyone!

First of all, I just wanted to remind you to play along with Everything but the Kitchen Sink’s toothpick challenge. You have until December 9 at Midnight Central Time to play, and you can win this:
Yeah, that’s Big and Bold Wishes from PTI and PTI buttons!! What are you waiting for?! Break out those toothpicks and play along! It’s super fun, I promise :). So, step outside your craft area and into your kitchen, and, trust me, you will create something utterly fabulous!

I also wanted to update you guys on something going on in my life. They found a large cyst on my Mom’s spine, and she has to go in for back surgery tomorrow at 2:30 central time. She is a two time breast cancer survivor and has been through so much already. If you could send her prayers, good thoughts, positive energy, anything you want, I would so appreciate it. Thank you so much, my sweet blog visitors. You guys are seriously the best.

Have an amazing day,


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