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If you would like to super size the Studio Calico photos. Go here on my flickr stream, click on a photo and then click “all sizes” above the photo and you can see the product zoomed in!

Welcome to another CHA feature! I absolutely LOVED Studio Calico. They are the nicest people (Hi Lorie!) and have AMAZING product. Let’s check it out!
Look at this booth! I just love it. The interesting thing about Studio Calico is that they may not have had as much product as some of the other companies, but they used their space so well, better than a lot of the big guys. Everything was clear with a cool and fun presentation and lots of examples.The Anthology collection is gorgeous. They have this paper with alphas on it that you could use as a paper or cut the letters out. Very cool looking! I love their use of color. Fun and happy without matchy matchy ness. You know?
FabRips! The talk of the show! They are just so cool! They are essentially adhesive backed fabrics with the patterns you see here that you can rip where you please! You can even rip them horizontally to get all of the colors. I saw some great flowers made with these!I was so impressed with their decor. I want to make this for my house! It was Styrofoam balls with circle punched patterned paper pin into them. So cool!Love this! The stitching across the sticker alphas is brilliant.
Rub ons and stamps. Love them all!
Home Front collection. So Amazing. I am in love with the lamp paper that I didn’t get a good photo of unfortunately, but you can see it in the bottom left hand corner.It was so amazing to meet Tiff in person! I already miss her!Charlene, Tina, and Ashley looking gorgeous.

Kim Hughes, Teri Anderson, Maren Benedict, and me. It was so amazing to meet these talented designers!

I had such a blast with the Studio Calico folks and was so impressed with them and their product. I signed up for their kit that night, and I cannot wait to receive it. Thanks for being awesome Studio Calico!

Thank you so much for visiting!
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