May Arts + Lawn Fawn Week

It’s May Arts + Lawn Fawn week! We are teaming up with May Arts to bring you a fun week of projects! So after you check out this post, make sure to head on over to the May Arts blog! Oh, and there just may be a giveaway at the end of this post, too! 🙂

Let’s check out some projects!

Teri created such a beautiful card, by wrapping and layering the different ribbons, all of the texture is so cool!  I love how she made a border using Belinda’s Borders at the top & bottom of the card, such a cool idea! The sentiment from Just My Type was wrapped around the ribbons is just so neat!!  Visit Teri’s blog for more details.

Lynnette made a matching Birthday gift bag and card.  I really like how she created a border by layering the beautiful May Arts ribbons.  The gingham, wired burlap, lace and flowers are so beautiful together!  The sentiments from Sophie Sentiments are just perfect for this ensemble.  Visit Lynnette’s blog for more details.

Latisha’s project is so pretty!  The neutral palette she chose really pops off of the bright pink box, and gives the project so much texture using the different neutral May Arts ribbons!  She used the Bake Me a Cake stamp set, and colored in the image with stickles, I love how bright and happy this project is!  For more details, check out Latisha’s blog.

Now for a giveaway!  We are going to be giving away a spool of May Arts ribbon of your choice, every day to a special winner!
With school just about over, and seniors graduating,  leave a comment telling us what your most memorable memory is of your Senior year in High School was.

Don’t forget to visit the May Arts blog too!  They are having a giveaway as well, and it might just be some Lawn Fawn!!

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107 thoughts on “May Arts + Lawn Fawn Week

  1. Awesome projects! I love what Teri did with the ribbons, so creative! My favorite memory is the sailing trip we made together at the end of the last term. Thanks for the chance!

  2. beautiful creations ladies! My favorite memory would have to be the last couple days of school.. Istill look back and remember how much fun it was!

  3. Wonderful projects! It's always so inspiring to come here!
    One of my favorite memories would be when we went on a school trip to Berlin and helped tear down the wall (-:
    Thanks so much for the chance!

  4. Great projects. My days at school have now all blurred & I'm left with only an impression of the school grounds on a hill outside the town with the newish prefabs mixing with the old castle tower 🙂

  5. Great projects!!!
    My memory is the day of my graduation: the uninterrupted crying (nervous tension or joy?????????? I’don’t know :-)) from when I woke up in the morning till the degree thesis presentation at 4.30 PM!!!!

  6. Great projects! This is going to be a fun week. Senior year was so much fun for me. One of my most memorable moments was that one of my friends' parents had an RV and season passes to the closest amusement park. After prom we went to the park where they had set the RV up for us, with a little campfire and everything. We hung out, slept in the RV, and got to do the park the next day.

  7. Well, memorable isn't always fun, unfortunately.
    My parents moved me my Senior year and I really didn't make any friends that year because, well it was the Senior year and everyone was hanging with their longtime, best buds from elementary and through the years and didn't really want a new friend. So my most memorable moment of my Senior year was standing alone after graduation watching all the other kids hug, congratulate and laugh with each other, then I walked off alone. Sorry, no good memories here. 🙁

  8. LOVE all that texture! such such cards and packages! My favorite senior year memory was winning the league in Girls Basketball!! woot woot!

  9. Senior year in High School…now that was a looooooong time ago! Graduation day stands out vividly. I was terribly shy, but I was the lead female in the procession (shortest in front!) I was so afraid I'd trip, but fortunately it went smoothly. Then I had several very red faced moments as I walked to and from the stage to receive awards. But most importantly, I remember congratulating my friends afterwards, with hugs and the happy tears flowing.

  10. Yay! I love both lawn Fawn and May Arts! Looking forward to more gorgeous projects this week.
    I have many memories from my senior year – I think our student council trip to Austin that year was one of the best!

  11. wow these projects are amazing…love how all the ribbon was used. Great ideas… My most memorable memory…well lets see….I think I was just so happy for school to be done I would say graduating…

  12. Beautiful projects! My most memorable memory of my Senior year was my first date with a good friend of mine who is now my husband of 30+ years.

  13. Love these projects…such creative talent on your DT!! 🙂 My senior trip to Spain for 3 weeks would definitely be the highlight of that year! 🙂

  14. Lawn Fawn and May Arts = perfect combination 🙂 Love the projects the DT put together, wonderful inspiration. I think the best part of High School was the sense of satisfaction when I finished and being able to move onto other things 🙂

  15. I love May Arts ribbon and combined with Lawn Fawn,there will be some awesome projects going on this week! My most memorable memory of my Senior Year in high school was Prom and standing at the podium to receive my diploma, I felt so accomplished!. Make it a great day!

  16. What a lovely projects and again an week full of inspirational ideas coming our way! Awesome!

    My most memorable memory of my senior year is an easy one;
    In my senior year all seniors went on a trip abroad. I went to London with my class and had an amazing time!
    We split up in groups of 7 with 1 teacher for each group and went to see all the important places like Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben, a lot of museums, Harrods, the dog races, and everything else you should check out when your there! It was amazing and so much fun, I'll never forget it.

  17. Beautiful projects girls!!! My most memorable event was the first time I ever met my husband, it was love at first sight. He was in a class with my sister, and they had become friends. When I came out for lunch one day and went to my car, my sister was in the front seat waiting for me, with my (now) DH in the backseat. I turned around to say hi and was instantly in love, he was seriously the most beautiful boy I had ever seen!!! He put out his hand to shake my hand and I remember thinking that was so cute 🙂 I'll never forget it.

  18. Wow, I love that gift bag! Super idea! Unfortunately, the first thing that popped into my head about my senior year was the space shuttle Challenger. I remember being huddled around the TV in the library. I wish I could say something more positive but this is what I remember most!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  19. Lawn Fawn stamps and May's Ribbon's … wow what a combination to win! Thanks so much for the chance.
    My memory of high school, was all the friends that you make and still to this day having them as *old* friends and of course Graduating! I did it!!!

  20. Great ideas today with Lawn Fawn and May Arts! It's going to be a fabulous week!
    I graduated after my junior year so I didn't really have a "senior" year at all! Went right on to my local junior college.

  21. Got my diploma at night school. Best memory was having my kids go to the school with me to pickup my diploma. They still remember it many years later.

  22. Senior year was soooo long ago. Graduation day was memoriable as the guy I was supposed to walk with didn't end up getting to graduate and I had to walk with a stranger. Not fun.

  23. Love these projects…that burlap ribbon is the best…hmm…as for senior year…Let's just say it was much more exciting to go through it with my children…share their excitement and being such a proud mom!!

  24. Beautiful projects!!! My most memorable memory from senior year of high school was being team captain of the soccer team 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Gorgeous projects today! I love the mix of textures and patterns of the ribbons and the cute stamps! Loving those sentiments 🙂 I guess my favorite senior year memory would be the football games. I was shy and not involved in any extracurricular stuff, but I loved the football games!

  26. Love these projects!

    My most memorable senior year memory is graduation itself! I felt like a million bucks at my graduation, and it was just incredible, and is still even one of the most "important" rites of passage I have ever done, including my undergraduate college graduation, graduate school graduation, and my wedding! High school graduation is soooo very important and such a big step into adulthood 🙂

  27. What great cards and ideas with the ribbon. It's fun to sw what other people create! My most memorable senior moment was prom! I had to leave my Sr year to live in a different state, but I made it back for Prom with all of my friends!! It was a blast! Thank u for the chance to win!!!

  28. Great project ideas. My memory from senior year (high school, that is) was the class trip we took. I went horseback riding for the first (and last) time. Fell off and broke my glasses.

  29. Hmmm- that was a lot of years ago. My son just graduated from High School last week and we're still recouperating from the party this past weekend! Going through his honors ceremony and graduation, one memory that came back to me was at my honors ceremony. I don't remember all the honors I got but my grandfather was there and I remember after the ceremony how he told me I had gotten the most important award of all- the Science award. He was so proud of me and it made me feel good enough that it is a strong memory for me.

  30. Awesome projects….LOVE that gift bag and card! My favorite senior memory was playing Lucy in "YOU're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" and that was a LONG time ago…LOL!

  31. Amazing projects ladies!!! WOOHOO you all know how to inspire me! I love it! And May Arts ribbon??? Sweeeeeet!

    My favorite memory of graduating had to be the feeling I felt to know that I accomplished and conquered school with high honors. It was a very rewarding feeling!


  32. I love the texture that the Maya Arts ribbons add to the cards…beautiful. My memory of senior year is our Friendship service…held in Karl Jone's Rose Garden (long since gone to make way for some big houses…such a shame).

  33. My favorite Senior year memory was probably being Valedictorian and giving my graduation speech before the invited speaker. He came up afterwards and told me he had to figure out what to talk about because I had spoken on the topic he had been going to talk about. I thought that was hilarious as I really didn't have a topic until the last minute and I picked my topic by opening up the Reader's Digest and pointing at the table of contents. I guess I got lucky!

  34. Best memory of my senior year (oh so longgggggg ago) was walking across the stage and getting my diploma, which was outside and my cap almost blew off. Didn't know if I should hold on to the cap or take the diploma, thus began my life of multi-tasking! 🙂
    Love all the designs, but the bag and matching card are to die for!

  35. One of my favourite memory in my senior year of high school was writing in each other's yearbooks and remembering the memories we've created together with my friends.

  36. Oh Kelly Marie, you had to bring up high school? LOL!

    Most memorable for me….the day I found out I was valedictorian. I was called to the office over the intercom, and as I made my way down the hall, students came to the doors of their classrooms and started applauding. It was like I had a red carpet laid out – and for this girl who wasn't very popular at all, I was amazed! It wasn't til later that I learned they were all pulling for me because the other kid who had good grades was a real bore – and they figured I might tell a joke or something on stage and at least be entertaining. LOL. (Of course I obliged!)

    Lovely projects – love to see the girls here diving into the ribbon!!

  37. Most memorable memory of senior year in HS? Definitely prom 😀 Well, we called it grad dinner & dance… and till this day, I still remember that night ♥

  38. Adorable projects, love the paper gift bag and tag! My favorite High School memory is probably just my friends and the freedoms that came with starting to enter adulthood, driving, part time work, buying what I wanted, etc. It was a great time in my life!!!

  39. I love the project ideas! Very cute combination!! 🙂 My memorable memory of in my senior year is our school organized a trip to Tokyo, Japan for 1 week. We homestayed at the Japanese families, which was an awesome experience.

  40. I love all of these ribbon projects, but especially that gorgeous gift bag set. My senior class took our class trip to Biloxi and New Orleans. I remember the beautiful white sand beach in Biloxi, the wrought iron fences and eating crab in the French Quarter, and listening to jazz on Bourbon Street. Pretty exciting stuff for a small town Illinois girl!

  41. love that gift bag & tag!

    favorite memory from Gr 12? about a week after grad when I was finally finished the year book. I worked harder on that book than I had on most things school-related, and I was awfully proud (and happy!) when it was finally put to bed/sent to print.

  42. The ribbons certainly shine on all these cards. My memories include the part in the senior play that I shared with my boyfriend's (later husband) sister (class of 579 so we did alternate days to have more participate). She didn't like me and when I played the part better and to more applause she liked me even less!LOL. Also graduation ceremony was beautiful with girls all in white carrying large bouquets of white daisies. My 50th reunion is this July and I'm excited to see some of my friends from long ago.

  43. Because of today's projects I am realizing that layering different ribbons and textures really works beautifully together! My most memorable – I didn't have a lot of confidence and so I never tried out for anything. Finally my senior year I figured why not try out for things because it is my last year. I made everything I tried out for including the singing and dancing group that I always wanted to be in. So I learned that year to go for your dreams.

  44. Ahh, senior year! A year of friends and freedom, an after school job with a cute boy, hanging out at the beach, prom, grad night — it was all amazing!

  45. Love all those projects feature here!

    My most memorable memory of my Senior year in High School was seeking away from parents to meet boyfriend as well as the great participate in co-curricular!

  46. Such wonderful projects, and I love this partnership ~ just perfect!
    My most memorable event in Senior year was a long, fun weekend after the prom at the Jersey shore ~ Priceless Memory!!!
    Thanks so much for a chance to win, Kelly Marie…and for all your great inspiration!

  47. Graduation day, is the only time my mom bought me a designer made to order gown ever, not even in my wedding, and it had to be white so I felt like a princess wearing it!

  48. Wonderful projects! I especially love that gift bag…it is just gorgeous! Senior year was awesome…there are so many great memories made with friends. In fact 27 years later, I am still very close to several of those friends…we have a girls' weekend every year even though we are spread all over the country these days.

  49. I just love your projects! Never would've paired burlap in this way! As for High School memories, I took everything too seriously!! I worked way much–two jobs, and prepared for college. Too serious!

  50. I love the use of ribbons on these projects! All so great.

    Wow, not sure I can quite remember all the way back to senior year! 😉 I just remember having lots of fun with my friends!

  51. Fantastic projects, all of them.
    My favourite memory is hearing I had got a scholarship to the college I wanted to go to – sorry if that sounds rather swotty, but I was so thrilled.

  52. My favorite memory of Senior Year (so long ago!) was working on the yearbook. We had a great time and turned out a wonderful book.

  53. I really like all three of these projects.

    One special moment from my senior year was Mrs. Thomas's Calculus final. She brought in peanut butter pie, and I didn't have to take the final because I was exempt from it.

  54. my most memorable year of senior year in high school was working hard to graduate with honors in every class while working two jobs and playing varsity volleyball 🙂

  55. That burlap ribbon is to die for! Love it.

    My most memorable senior year memory is going White Water Rafting with my classmates for our end-of-the-year trip. I fell out and nearly killed myself! But other than that, it was an awesome trip. ;o)

  56. Oh, how I love that burlap ribbon. The card is just the kind I like: CAS and using kraft with lots of texture and a pop of color.

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