Lawn Fawn Intro: “Hoppy Halloween”

Hello and welcome to the third post of Lawn Fawn’s Fall/Winter release week! We are just so excited about this week! We are featuring four stamp sets and the Dewey Decimal paper collection, and we will have fun posts and giveaways and lots of inspiration! These products will all be available on August 23rd!

We already have two places you can leave comments to win:
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AND today’s post too! 🙂

Today is our showcase of “Hoppy Halloween”. This 2×3″ set is great for all of your Halloween projects this year. The design team has made the most amazing samples!  We also have a little video on the bottom showcasing some fun ways of using the set!

Remember to click on the person’s name or card to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love! 🙂

Yainea‘s scene is too cool! The drained carrots?! So awesome! She combined Critters Ever After, Happy Haunting, A Birdie Told Me and Hoppy Halloween to create this frightful scene. Love it!
LF hoppyhalloween latishayoast
Latisha‘s card is adorable! I love how she added the new retro Lawn Trimmings to her awesome die cut shape. The use of white space on this card is awesome, and the stars look great around the sentiment!
Tiffany‘s card is so fun! I love these colors for Halloween. I also love the way she highlighted her scene with the orange circle, and her cute staples and twine are the icing on the cake!
Chari‘s card is glittery awesomeness! I love how she created a background with the new Interlocking Backdrops and just colored and glittered some of them. The gem on the vampire bunny looks so cute, too!
I love the vintage feel of Julie‘s card! The four carrots in the corners and the blush on the bunny are too cute. Chevron Backdrops looks great glittered for Halloween!
Lynnette‘s card is total cuteness! Teeny Tiny Backdrops is the perfect addition to this set. I also love how the bunny is sitting on the sentiment strip and the fun color palette!
Linda‘s layout is too cool! I love how she combined Dewey Decimal 12×12 papers with the 6×6 paper. A Birdie Told Me is perfect for typed journaling. Isn’t this layout and photo the cutest?!

Make sure you click on each of the design team’s names or pictures to go to their blogs and see the details of how they made their cards. You will walk away inspired for sure!

Now, I have a little video for you showing these sets in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or at our You Tube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at “Hoppy Halloween”. Tomorrow we have more fun examples to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite Halloween costume by August 22nd at 10:00pm EDT, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!)

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday August 22nd for our next inspiration week day!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys! 🙂     

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198 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: “Hoppy Halloween”

  1. Bunnicula lives! LOVE it! 🙂 My favs- for my son, a Lion costume I made him when he was 1. Disgusting cute! 🙂 For me, when I was in grad school, I had an apartment that I shared with a serious collection of bugs (roaches (it was TX), slugs (ewww!), and ants mostly). I was in a computer animation program and Joe's Apartment just came out. Crummy movie, incredibly done visually. I went as Jen's Apartment. I had a little sign and taped plastic bugs all over me. To a group other than the one I was in, it would have just been weird. To us, it was a scream. 🙂

  2. Cute set. Will have to try back tomorrow to see the video. It's not working here or on You Tube!
    Favorite halloween costume when I was young was being a bum. I kept an old pair of ripped jeans, tshirt w/holes in them, and some ratting shoes and a very ugly jacket! LOL! Was lots of fun! ;o)

  3. HOW CUTE!! Gah , i really wish we did halloween here in Aus. 🙁 I'm desperately trying to think of a reason to use that vampire bunny in a non-halloween way. I think i have to have it!!

  4. Love your vampire bunny! I have to be honest and admit that I am not a big Halloween fan and have worn an outfit to celebrate only once. So I don't really have a favorite outfit but I would probably go for more of the cutesy outfits versus the "dark" ones! Great release Kelly-Marie!

  5. Cute new set!! Love the little bunny! My favorite Halloween costume was a furry brow bear costume I made for my son when he was three…there was brown fur all over my house while I was making it!

  6. My favorite costume was when my brother & I went as the Jake & Elwood from the Blues Brothers !! Just had to sit in those old kind of desks today for parent teacher night!!! LOL

  7. That Vampire Bunny is too cute!!!
    I never dressed up for Halloween…my fave kid costume was the pumpkin suit my six month old daughter wore…. super cute!

  8. I absolutely love this stamp set!!!Bunnicula was one of my favorite books as a kid. My favorite costume was dressing up as Mimi from the Drew Carey show

  9. My favorite Halloween costume is the "minions" from Despicible Me animated movie. All ya need is some goggles, a yellow shirt, and a pair of jean overalls! Too fun, too silly, and so much fun! Or, wear a scuba mask instead of goggles – either way, totally hysterical!

    I LOVE the Hoppy Halloween – and can't wait to get my little paws on it. THANKS for the fabulous inspiration – you and the design team are A-MAY-ZING!

  10. This bunny dracula is really cute with its carrot instead of blood!

    I do not celebrate Halloween but if I am to choose a Halloween custome, it would be sexy air steward uniform! I find it awesome!

  11. Favorites costumes… Two years ago the whole family dressed up as mummies. I bought, ripped and tea-dyed ten sets of white cotton sheets to literally wrap up five kids and The Boyfriend. Was pretty cute!!!

  12. This bunny is so cute! My fav holloween costume was a jack o lanture! Mom made it for me when I was 8 and it was super round and puffy and even hat a little hat complete with stem and leaves.

  13. Of course, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this set. It's so cute. So many things you could do with them!
    I'd have to say my favorite costume was when my sister and I dressed up as grandmas. We looked so funny! My other fave was when we dressed up as ice cream cones. My mom used corrugated cardboard for the cone part and she made the scoops (strawberry, and chocolate chip mint) out of puffed up tissue paper. So fun! 🙂

  14. This set is totally adorable and fun! Halloween is my 4 year old son's favorite holiday so we get pretty into it. We've been doing family costumes and last year we were all garden gnomes. That one was the cutest! And the year before was also a favorite, he was the Mad Scientist and I was Bride of Frankenstein and my husband was Frankenstein.

  15. Such a cute set! My favorite costume ever would have to be the time I was a butterfly. We made the wings out of pantyhose and a wire hanger. So fun!

  16. Oh my goodness! That dracula bunny has to be one of the CUTEST bunnies I have ever seen!

    My favorite Halloween costume was when my son was still an infant and I dressed him up like a sushi roll! HeHeHe. While I was pregnant, I was OBSESSED with sushi (of course I stayed away from anything raw and limited my tuna intake)!! Friends and family used to tease me saying that I loved sushi so much that they wouldn't be surprised if I birthed a piece of sushi! Lol. Therefore, I couldn't resist dressing my son up that way 🙂

    Thanks for a chance to win!
    misshoanggg (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. Drained carrots, amazing!

    Not big on dressing up for Halloween so I think I would go with a witch everytime, although this year we have a pirate themed party planned.

    ** kate **

  18. The bunny is awesome, love him. I don't really have a favourite halloween costume as we don't celebrate here is Australia but I still love all the halloween stamps 🙂

  19. I cracked up when I saw Yainea's Bunnicula!! Brilliant! My favourite costume was a Rubik's Cube costume that my dad made for me way back in 1985. 🙂

  20. We didn't have great Halloween costumes growing up….my favorite costume is the Elephant that my daughter wore when she was 2 and 3. I think it's hilarious although the hubby doesn't care for it. I'm going to try and get it on the younger one this year….

  21. The bunny vampire is so cute!! My fave costume was when I dressed up as a wizard. Long grey hair and beard, a staff with a light up magic ball, just too fun. A great disguise too!:)

  22. These cards are all so cute! That bunny is adorable for Halloween! My favorite Halloween costume was when I went as "The Positive Integers" in college (I majored in math and everyone thought it was so clever!)

  23. Such an adorable halloween theme. The cards are all so well done and creative!
    I love a great costume made from things found around the house or in a thrift store. One year my son dressed up as my daughter and the only thing we had to purchase was a cheap wig. He looked great and many people didn't know he was a boy!

  24. My favorite costume is wizard! Fun hat, cape, and a staff? Sign me right up. Admittedly, it doesn't work very well for warmer Halloweens.

    It seems hard to show off a mini set. All the projects are neat individually but together all I could see was "Oh, the bunny and the carrots again." Don't get me wrong, the bunny and the carrots are cute, but maybe it would have been better to show off more than just this set?

  25. Adore this set!!
    My fave costume I ever wore was Sally from Nightmare before Christmas, I worked for months sewing the dress! And I won second place in a big costume contest that year 🙂

  26. Loving all of these projects! Drained carrots, that is hilariously awesome.
    My favorite costume was a grey mouse that my crafty mother made for me when I was 7.

  27. My favorite Halloween costume for my son was last year. He dressed as an airplane pilot complete with pilot hat and little clip on tie. He looked adorable, but maybe a little too grown up for mama's taste.:)

    I love this mini-set and can't wait to add it to my collection! My brother and I loved Bunnicula while growing up, so this is just perfect!

  28. Drained carrots…really? How clever and adorable. I have no use for this set but I want it so bad now after seeing all the wonderful projects today. Loved Kelly's treat bag in the video.

  29. Each one of those cards is so very adorable. I think it is amazing to see how different each designer used the stamps. And the layout is such wonderful inspiration for all those wacky moments you take photos of. Thanks for sharing today.

  30. Very cute set. The little fanged bunny looks so content. I have a favorite costume idea for this year. I've pregnant and I think I'm going to be Mother Earth. 🙂

  31. Very cute set. Love how versatile it is. My favorite costume for my daughter has been Princess Fiona from Shrek. She had the green dress and a little head piece that had the ears sticking out. Very cute!

  32. My favorite Halloween costume was when I was a child and was a princess. Who doesn't love being a princess! Cute new Halloween set.

  33. I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was a child, so my favorite costume was when I was a Hobo. It allowed me to run around without restrictions of the costume since it was my regular clothes with some patches. Hoppy Halloween set will be so fun to color.

  34. Love the little Bunnicula! Brilliant. I have been making costume sicne I was 16 for myself then for my son when he was born. The one I made for him I liked the best was a Nazgul from Lord of the Rings. It turned out fantastically but was also versatile since he could be the Grim Reaper, a wizard or various other characters with just a few changeable accessories. It was a lot of fun!

  35. Such fun creations! My favorite halloween costume? The year after Elvis died hubby was Elvis wearing the famous white suit with the red, white and blue rhinestones and American Eagle on the back. I then was Pricella Presley – young Pricella with the famous bouffant french twist and angle curl hang down the back. I wore a red dress like she had too. We had such a great time playing the famous couple.

  36. So sweet, yet spooky! My favorite Halloween costume was the year my daughter was born – she was 2 weeks old and we made her into a cute pink caterpillar! All swaddled up and with pink/green antenae!

  37. I remember my brothers and I always used things we had at the house to become pirates, witches and cowboys. My daughter and her child dressed up like Dorothy and the scarecrow from Wizard of OZ. The new sets are soooo cute.

  38. I love that little vampire bunny! My favorite halloween costume was a simple one… I sewed a really simple tent dress and went as a piece of candy corn. 🙂

  39. Adorable stamps! My mom made a flowerpot costume for my niece that was handed down through all of our kids (the girls anyway). The flower pot hung like a skirt, they wore green tights and green turtleneck and the headpiece was a giant flower with their little cherubic faces as the middle of the flower.

  40. My nephew always asks me to help him & last year he wanted to be a bag of jelly beans so a clear trash bag & balloons it was! Maybe that is my favorite because he is just so cute in whatever he wears 😉

  41. Oh my goodness that bunny is too cute!

    My favorite costume was when I was 3 or 4 and I went as Wonder Woman! I remember going to preschool that day and another little girl had the exact same costume as me. We were so excited about it and sat next to each other during the Halloween party.

  42. I adore all of the cards! Such genius!! My most memorable costume was one my mother threw together since she ran out of homemade costumes that year (as the younger ones were using the older costumes). It was an old woman with a rolling pin in her hand with her arms crossed–I suppose it was the "keep your man in line" costume. It seems complete ridiculous now as a costume, but as an eight or nine year old I thought it was funny. Go figure! Thanks for the chance to win your awesome stamps!

  43. OMG I just love this little bunny for Halloween. I most favorite costume was the one when my Dad and turn a big cardboard box into Snoopy's dog house. It was so much fun and a wonderful memory with my Dad. Thanks for the chance to win your FANTASTIC stamps.

  44. What a super cute collection! Love! My favorite Halloween costume was last yr for my cousins Halloween themed wedding…witches costume that was long black and this awesome purple with a hood…I bought this great spider web necklace that just made it more spectacular…thank you so much for the chance to win:)

  45. Love Bunnicula…one of my favorite books to read to my students! I had fun dressing as Ms. Frizzle when I was teaching school, letting my students pick my 'theme'!

  46. I love this little vampire bunny! The university I work at has a Halloween carnival each October.My fave costume last year was Marie Anntionette. They covered their real head and then carried around a fake head to represent the beheaded Marie. Super creative.

  47. I love that first card with the drained carrots – so cute and creative. Favorite halloween costume – dressing up as a tube of toothpaste and wearing a flower pot on my head. I look back at it now and wonder what I was thinking??

  48. I think last year I had this same answer, but my mom made us "California Rasins" one year (out of big black garbage bags – NOT JOKING – stuffed with news papers). At the time – and for YEARS I totally HATED the thought of it. Now as a mom myself, I see how "original" of an idea it was. And my mom had all the little California Rasins on her desk at work, it was a fun idea for her. The thought of it makes me smile.

  49. My favorite costume would have to be the handmade ones! I made my son's First Halloween costume and he was the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. I had made the big huge Cheshire cat out of paper and glued it onto a pacifier so when my son had his pacifier it looked like a huge Cheshire smile lol

  50. Cute projects. My favorite Halloween Costume is one I used for each of my boys when then were little. I had this straw cowboy hat and a real cute little rawhide vest and a plaid shirt. Throw in a pair of blue jeans and a pair of little cowboy boots and you've got a little rootin' tootin' cowboy.

  51. These projects are awesome!!! Love it 🙂 My favorite halloween costume was when I was little my mom made me a really cute elephant costume!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  52. That last layout! Little birdie told me is PERFECT!

    My favorite costume for Halloween is definitely my vampire costume back when I had my first halloween in Canada 😀

  53. I cant wait for Halloweeeen! My favorite holiday and one of my new favorite stamps! My best costume was snow whites evil stepmother! and My daughter was snow white of course!

  54. My favorite costume from my childhood was a butterfly costume my mom made from scratch. She used wire coat hangers to form the frame for large wings, and then covered the wings with colored tissue paper! I loved that costume and got so many compliments!

  55. My favorite halloween costume was a princess riding a white horse that my mom made me in 1st grade. It was a big felt horse body and head that fit around my body, and had reins and everything. I wore a princess dress and my legs sticking out below were the horse's legs. I even played with that costume after Halloween for a full year!

  56. My favorite Halloween costume is my daughter's homemade Chef costume. So creative! Would be thrilled to win a Lawn Fawn stamp set. Thanks for the opportunity.

  57. All these cards look amazing!!! Well done, girls!! I don't celebrate Halloween, but being a teacher, when the kids dress up on Halloween, I usually melt when I see little girls dressed as fairies, ballerinas and princesses (:

  58. For trick-or-treating I always liked the clown costume because it was baggy enough you could wear your snowsuit underneath (which we often had to do because it's so cold here that time of year). Most of the time there was tons of snow on the ground too.

  59. Aw that bunny is so cute! Great sample cards, love to see the variety in styles!

    We don't celebrate Halloween here. But if I could choose, I'd love to be a vampire for a day 🙂

  60. That vampire bunny is so cute, love the first and third card. My
    favorite Halloween costume was when I was little with my six cousins I
    dressed up as Snow White, my aunt made me the costume and was soo

  61. wheeeeee! this is sooooo cute. who would have thought a vampire bunny could be so cute. love it. my fave costume is a devil and i love being the grimm reaper and coloring my hair black. =)

  62. Cute Halloween cards. My favorite halloween costume was when I was in 6th grade I went as Cousin It from the Adams Family. I have long hair & glasses. I flipped my head over so my hair was in front of my face, put my glasses on. My Mom made me a long dress tht she had sewed brown yarn on. I actually won 2nd place at school.Homemade costumes are the best!

  63. This is one of my favourite images of all time 🙂

    We don't get to celebrate Halloween much in Australia.. but my favourite was when we were little and wrapped ourselves in toilet paper and went as mummies, traipsing up and down the three houses on the street we were allowed to visit. lol

  64. My favorite costume for Halloween was when my dad dressed up as a Circus Strongman, wearing long johns, a leapard skin wrap thing (picture Fred Flintstone's attire), handle bar moostache and even a fake bar bell. It was so funny because he normally didn't do things like that. It is my favorite photo to remember him by.

  65. My husband's birthday is on Halloween and last year we threw a big costume party to celebrate. He dresses up as Andy Warhol and I dressed up as a can of tomato soup. We had so much fun putting our costume together but not many people understood how we went together.

  66. My favorite Halloween costume was last year's! My husband and i went as Mario and Luigi! Complete with overalls and pipe wrenches!! Thanks for the chance to win! This vamp bunny is so cute!!

  67. This stamp set is soooo cute. Love the little bunny as a vamp. Love what the DT has done as well. It's amazing what they come up with.
    With my kids grown and gone, there are so many cute Halloween outfits that the kids show up in at our home. I can't pick just one. There is always one the tops the candy though. I buy one big candy bar and give it to my favorite outfit every year. Last year I think it was a lady bug. Too cute.

  68. Super cute set and projects!!!
    My favorite costume was when my daughter was head over heals in love with Angelina Ballerina, so I made a long mouse tail and attached it to a leotard, I made mouse ears that were on a headband and we drew a mouse nose, mouth and whiskers on her face. She was so adorable and really had a blast wearing the costume!! Thanks for bringing back those happy memories!

  69. Last year my son wanted to be Pikachu. As time went by and could not find a nice one to buy I decided to be crafty and made it. Took way longer than i expected but my son's face when he saw it was well worth it. He and I both loved that soft yellow fleecy goodness. In fact he plans to wear it again this year!! BTW the funny hoppy bunny is priceless!

  70. I have been Huckleberry Hound several times. That has to be my favorite. I got the cool cardboard mask that fits over your head by sending in cereal box tops when I was a kid.

  71. My favorite Halloween costume I have seen was made by a friend of mine and her little boy. He was a vending machine (made from a cardboard box) but he front of the box was cut-out and lined with plastic from a Barbi box, and had a clear plastic space inside. Instead of carrying a candy bag, people had to shove candy into the "money slot" on his vending machine. After the first few houses his machine was filling up with candy! Super cute!!!

  72. very cute image… ok – don't laugh but my fav costume was when I was about 17 – I took out all the stuffing from one of the large stuffed apes that you can win in a fair and i went inside of the ape… noone knew who i was for a long time… it was too funny – but became very hot – i didn't completely think it through.. but it was a great idea!!! thanks for the chance to win

  73. Super fun set! One of my favorite costumes was the year my college roomates and I went as Cereal Box personalities. I was the Trix Rabbit, we had a Quaker Oats man, The Quisp Martian and the Lucky Charms Leprauchan. We won best costume that year!

    Carol B

  74. What a darling little Halloween set!! Love the vampire bunny!! My favorite Halloween costume(s) were the ones that I made about 2 years ago for my kiddos…..I sewed an Alice in Wonderland dress for my oldest daughter, I made a white bunny outfit for my little girl and my boy, I made an AWESOME Mad Hatter costume and everyone thought it was the coolest costume. For their costumes, I got an Honorable Mention at a craft store. =)

  75. Very cute Halloween bunny. I just love Halloween and I can't wait to make invitations and treat bags with my girls. We all love dressing up. One of my favorite costumes was when my daughter dressed up as a popcorn box.

  76. I love Halloween! My favorite costume is from two years ago. Our family was invited to a costume party and we went as the "gang" from Scooby-Doo. My husband was Fred, I was Velma, my daughter was Daphne, my son was Shaggy, and we carried a little plastic Scooby-Doo with us. It was so much fun!

  77. We don't celebrate Halloween here in the Netherlands, but my family in the US do ofcourse. And they even dress their dog, so fun! I would love to make cards for them with this set!

  78. I love the vampire bunny! I loved my daughter's Abby (from NCIS) costume last year. She absolutely adored it, and she was so surprised at how many people knew who she was!

  79. Adorable! A couple of years ago my fiance and I went to a costume party. I went as a No.2 pencil and he went as The Pampered Chef…complete with diaper and binkie!

  80. That vampire bunny is the cutest thing EVAH! My favorite costume ever was when my hubby and I went to a party dressed as Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth.

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