A Punky Sprouts activity book by Yainea

We have an awesome treat today as Yainea turned a Punky Sprouts mini album into a children’s activity book! It is seriously amazing! Check it out!
I am seriously blown away by Yainea‘s creative use of a  Punky Sprout‘s album! From word searches to stickers to coloring to connect the dots, this is brilliant!!
Thanks for sharing this amazing book, Yainea!

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58 thoughts on “A Punky Sprouts activity book by Yainea

  1. Woooooow!! I ALWAYS love Yainea's cards and projects but now I'm totally speechless…
    Blown away by so much talent!!! wowzers!!!
    wow! wow! wow! Totally love it!!

  2. *SWOON* WOW… I am speechless!!! Just when you think Yainea can't possibly get any better than she already is… BAM! She blows us away!!!! Seriously, don't even know what to say from the amazement I'm in!!! Yainea's talent is OUT OF CONTOL!!!!!!!!

  3. I seriously don't know how you want me to show off my lawn fawn cards next to anything Yainea makes ;). This whole album has me speechless – so, so cute and clever and I will be staring at it all day. LOVE.

  4. This is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, this has got to be the most amazing things I've seen seen anyone done with the stamps and paper. This is one serious work of art.

  5. this is the most beautiful and fun hand made book i have ever seen. better then anything you will ever find in the store. this is a real keepsake any kid would be lucky to get. even i want it lol!

  6. Oh, I have got to make at least two of these! (Two sets of grandchildren) This is just too stinkin' cute. One problem though, my grandkids think llamas are farm animals. I wonder if I can convince them otherwise. 🙂

  7. Love everything about this! My problem – I wouldn't want my kids to write in it one time and then be done. Brainstorming on a way to laminate and use dry erase markers…

  8. OMGosh, this is THE CUTEST mini book ever!!! And, I mean, in the history of the world!!!
    Yainea is a genius…I love, love, love this adorable book!

  9. WOWEE!!! This is incredible! After this much work I don't know if I would want my kids drawing in it, but I may think about laminating it into a picture book or something. Hey, if I did that maybe you could wash off the pages and I wouldn't care if they wrote in it. Either way it is amazing and I appreciate the inspiration! 🙂

  10. This is one of the most beautiful and creative albums ever! I can't believe your incredible ideas and perfect work you've done, I just stare with my mouth wide open and can't get enough of it. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing.

  11. this is so cute, unbelievable. The child (and perhaps the parents) can be so happy, that someone is caring that much …

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