Fawny Flickr Friday {2.28.14}

We are participating in True Stamp again! Woohooo! Right now they have an early bird registration sign up list that will get you a huge discount on the class! 
Go check it out here:
  Now it is time to share some of the awesomeness in our Flickr group!
We love seeing all of the cards and layouts popping up in the Flickr group. Make sure you keep adding your projects! You guys are amazing!

Also, make sure you have sharing allowed on your photos! Often, we want to share a card and we can’t because of your privacy settings, so make sure to check that out! 🙂

Thank you all for sharing your wonderful talent with us! You guys are the best!

Thank you so much for visiting!
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8 thoughts on “Fawny Flickr Friday {2.28.14}

  1. All the cards are adorable, but that little milk carton with the cow is just genius!

    I love seeing all the creative ways stamps are used. It gets my creative mind going, and I always come up with a great new idea for a card… or ten. 🙂

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