Lawn Fawn Intro: Monster Mash

Hello and welcome to the third post of Lawn Fawn’s Fall/Winter release week! We are just so excited about this week! We are featuring six stamp sets, dies and the Sweater Weather paper collection, and we will have fun posts and giveaways and lots of inspiration! These products will all be available on August 28th!

AND today’s post too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today is our showcase of Monster Mash and its coordinating dies!  The design team has made the most amazing samples!  We also have a little video on the bottom showcasing some fun ways of using the set!

Remember to click on the person’s name or card to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love! ๐Ÿ™‚

Elena‘s Monster Mash card is so cool! I love that they are “busting” out of the card, and the sentiment background is so cool!

Linda‘s layout is too funny! I love how she cut her title from Sweater Weather paper using Quinn’s ABCs, and the Monsters peeking out from the photo are awesome!

Yainea‘s monsters are adorable! She shows that this set can be used all year fround! The Stitched Journaling Card is great for making a window!

I love how Latisha used a new Woodgrain Notecard for her Monster card! They look so cute on the Stitched Rectangle, too!

I love the idea of using Monster Mash for a baby card! Elena is just too brilliant! Those letters are the new Finley’s ABCs dies!

Lynnette‘s googly eyed monsters are too funny! I love how she combined some sentiments with the new Violet’s ABCs to create a cool custom look!

Chari got inspired by Pacman to make these card! I just love this idea, and the vellum looks so cool!

Nichol is a whiz with googly eyes, and I love the piles of them here! I also love the little monsters peeking out from behind. Genius!

Lynnette used the Stitched Party Banners on a new Woodgrain Notecard, and it looks perfect for a Monster birthday! The little hats are too cute on them!

I love how Chari colored the Monster. He looks hairy! The Stitched Party Banners‘ circle is perfect for making him the focal point on the card!

Make sure you click on each of the design team’s names or pictures to go to their blogs and see the details of how they made their cards. You will walk away inspired for sure!

Now, I have a little video for you showing this set in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or at our You Tube channel.   

Thank you so much for watching!

DSC_0010edit copy

DSC_0015edit copy

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Monster Mash and its coordinating dies. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what your favorite Halloween costume was (for me: Catwoman from the original 1960s Batman movie!) by August 27th at 10:00pm EDT, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this stamp set and win, you can choose another set!)

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday August 25th for our next inspiration week day!
Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys! ๐Ÿ™‚     

Available August 28th:
Monster Mash stamps and coordinating dies
Woodgrain Notecards
Large and Small Stitched Rectangle Stackables dies
Finleyโ€™s ABCs dies
Violetโ€™s ABCs stamps
Stitched Hillside Borders dies
Sweater Weather collection
Sweater Weather stamps and coordinating dies

Spooktacular stamps and coordinating dies

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350 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Monster Mash

  1. I love every single card today! Your design team rocks. I think Elena and Chari are beyond amazing. My favorite costume was a little bear costume with a giant butt that both my son and daughter got to wear for their first Halloween. Thanks for another amazing video.

  2. What fun and cute wee monsters … and such great projects showing them in all their delightful glory! Don't really do Halloween, but wouldn't mind one of those sweet one-eyed monsters as a costume! Anita ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. How cool that the monsters aren't just for Halloween. The DT has been doing an excellent job so far! My favorite Halloween costume was one that my brother wore. He was The Big Fig from the old fig newton commercials. What a hoot!

  4. Thanks for the opportunity to win this gorgeous stamp set!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Halloween isn't so big here in NZ, but my favourite costume was a witch from the terry pratchet books ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi Kelly Marie! Oh my! These are the most adorable monsters I've ever saw….I Love them!!! My favorite costume would have to be the year when my boys were 4 & 6, my husband and I made Lego blocks out of cardboard for each of us. We went trick or treating as a set of 4 Legos (red, blue, green and yellow) that was a very cool Halloween!

  6. I so want those monsters! They are too yummy! My favorite costume? Hmmm. I guess it would have to be one from my early 20's. I went as a Greek Goddess. Just think about how long it took poker straight hair to acquire diaphanous curls. I laugh when I think about it now!

  7. AWESOME!! LOVING these Inspirational Projects and that Stamp Set!! =) HUUUMMM~It would have to be when I was Little and my mom ALWAYS made our costumes!! =) We all went as a Family of Clown's!! =) She SPENT DAYS Sewing our costumes and found us wigs and even though clown's weren't my Favorite thing as a kid ( they scared me!! LOL) we LOOKED AWESOME and seeing my mom and dad dressed up as a Clown was the FUNNIEST thing!! =) I will NEVER forget how FUN that Night was!! =)

  8. These guys are just adorable. I love Nichol googly eyes. I don't really trick or treat but have done many fancy dress parties and had to make our outfits – no purchases allowed. My favourite was a Genie – but I was a brunette rather than a blond.

  9. This stamp set is so cute!!! Great cards from the DT! Especially love the googly eye shaker, the pacman card and the card where the monster is busting out of the paper! My favorite costume was rainbow brite!!

  10. A whole lot of Halloween fun happening here, with an excellent release and awesome DT cards. WOW! Favourite costumes are those my niece and nephew wore last year,when they were 3 and 1: she was a bat and he was a billy goat, little beard and all. Too adorable!

  11. Just when I didn't think I needed this set…the DT samples prove me wrong…again! HA! I dressed up like a hippie one year for work during Halloween…last time I dressed up ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. My favourite costume from when I was a kid was the year I was a sandwich. It involved lots of coloured pieces of Bristol board and armholes cut through. I laugh when I see pictures of it lol!

  13. Such fun little monsters! My favorite costume was the year my mom sewed crayola crayon costumes for me, my sisters, and the neighbor girls. We went together as a box of crayons!

  14. These cards are so cute!! My favorite Halloween costume was when we all dressed up as Dr Seuss characters. I was Horton, my husband was Cat in The Hat and my twins were Thing 1 and Thing 2, we got a lot of laughs and compliments.

  15. Being the youngest of four, I usually was given a choice of a costume we already had. But one year, I went as JFK and my brother was Khrushchev. The monster set is so playful, I love it.

  16. My fav was one year when I was a pumpkin! I had this huge baggy orange outfit and my mom stuffed me full of pillows and wadded up newspapers, I could barely walk! I waddled that year for trick or treating, LOL

  17. Love this set! It's so cute, and since I've got a bunch of nephews, it will be super handy for cards.

    My favorite costume was a ballerina. It looked so soft and graceful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. We don't celebrate Holloween here in France, too bad, I would have loved that when I was a kid ๐Ÿ™‚ But when I was 5, my mom made me a fairy costume, and it was a real gift because she usually hate to sew ๐Ÿ˜‰ So it meant a lot to me ^^ Anyway, as always, thanks for the chance to win ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Love the little monsters! Growing up I was a witch for many years and that was always fun. A few years ago a little walked up to my door as a jellyfish using a see through umbrella and dangling lights for tentacles! It was awesome!!!

  20. We do not celebrate Halloween much in my country. Thus, I do not have any favorite Halloween costume. But, there is time when my company organize a costume dinner and I dress up (more alike) Penelope Garcia of Criminal Minds! I just love her being so colorful and accessorizes!

  21. I love all the little monsters – such a cute stamp set… Halloween is not very big in South Africa, but when i lived in the states we dressed up every year – my favourite Halloween costume was dressing up like a girl from the 60's – flower power!!

  22. These cards are adorable!! I especially like that monster saying because you don't have to use them for Halloween. I have not dressed up in YEARS but I will say that I dressed up as a gypsy more times then I can count when I was young. It was easy to do!!

  23. I love the little monsters. I think this set is so versatile. I don't remember my costumes much, but I remember my dad always dressing up like a witch and taking us trick or treating . He made it so fun going door to door!

  24. My favorite Halloween.costume was part of an elaborate prank … My friend and I went to the party in our original costumes, I was dressed as Red Riding Hood with pig tails and all that. But, after the party got going, and we had mingled and everybody saw us in our costumes, we snuck away and changed into Ninja costumes, covered our faces with dark makeup, and went back to the party all in black … nobody knew who we were and I kept hearing people ask where my friend and I were. People would say, "I don't know, but I saw them earlier" … it was so much fun! I love these stamps … you are amazing Kelly Marie!

  25. I was the Tooth Fairy one year. My mom made the costume out of a huge pink sweatsuit, so I could wear warm clothes underneath. (I grew up in northern Michigan. It was usually cold for trick-or-treating!)

  26. The only Halloween costume that I have seen in photos was me as a Clemson Tiger. Clemson is the local college and their mascot is a tiger, so I was a Clemson Tiger (Go Tigers!). I have one vague memory of that Halloween, and it was getting the late 80's decorative makeup removed from my face. Let's just say, my little 7 or 8 year old self got my first (and only) skin peel that night. LOL!

  27. I was a bunny one year that I remember that I liked a lot… favorite with my kids has to be when my youngest was born she was a pea pod and oldest was a princess…so we had princess and the pea…

  28. For me, one year I was a ballerina in a really snazzy beaded tubetop with a super luffy tutu attached. I think it was meant to be a tapdance or jazz dance outfit but my mom did my hair & make up & I was one fancy ballerina.

  29. So cute! I love those monsters! Need them for boy cards, and maybe for Valentine's Day too! ๐Ÿ™‚ My favorite costume was being ice cream cones with my sister. I was mint chocolate chip. My mom used corrugated cardboard for our "cone" and then she puffed up tissue paper to create the scoops!

  30. I love that these monsters aren't just Halloween specific. I actually know a couple of people whose birthdays are on Halloween. I can't wait to make them their birthday cards!

  31. Love the stitched rectangle's, can't wait to get my hands on those. My favorite Halloween costume was a butterfly. I know, not scary at all, but it was beautiful. My grandmother made it for me. The wings were huge, they were sewn using yardsticks that I held in my hands, so the wings were huge. Loved it!

  32. Love this set! I've also been catwoman once. My friend was the best though – she was Carrie all drenched in a couple of Gallons of fake blood

  33. My mother made my costumes and that's been so long ago that I don't remember what I would have gone as.
    I made my granddaughter an M&M costume one year. She had lots of fun with that one.
    Great release.

  34. My favorite costume was making my 6 year old and her friend into little M & M people. They were very cute. This is a great release and i can't wait to get the stamp sets!

  35. One of my favorite Halloween costumes as a kid was when my mom made a Princess Leia dress for me and my dad made an R2-D2 out of a trash can that had lights and made noises. R2 was on wheels, so I dragged him along behind me and put the candy in it! As an adult, my husband and I have done a lot of cute couples costumes, usually video game-related.

    I love this new stamp and die set! Even if I don't win, I'll probably still buy them. I like the examples of non-Halloween cards as well, since these are too cute to only use once a year.

  36. I loved dressing up as a gypsy…such an easy costume to produce. I loved all the bright colours that you could use for your costume…oh yes and all the jewelry that you could wear too!!

  37. The most adorable set EVER. My favorite was actually my brother's. He dressed up in a dress of mine and people, including family, kept asking who my little friend was. It was awesome!

  38. We don't do halloween here, but the kids do dress up for 1. May and birthday parties sometimes. My favourite was my dayghter dressing up as princess leia. We got a long narrow dress that just fit her, and did her hair into two buns next to the ears. She borrowed her brothers "laser gun" with bright lights and silly sounds and was really cute and cool at the same time.

  39. Oh I luv Halloween n Lil monsters so fun n cute my fave costumes are a tie first when my daughter was three she was Alice n I was Cheshire cat n then last year when she was 4 she was Elsa from frozen n I was Sven the reindeer lol

  40. When I was a kid I have one of those cheapie boxed costumes that had a paper mask and a plastic outfit you slipped on that had the consistency of a plastic tablecloth that was a white puppy with black ears, kinda like Snoopy. Even though a lot of kids had fancy costumes that their parents sewed I LOVED being a puppy as long as the costume fit. Now I that I am old enough to have my own dog I don't have to dress like one on Halloween anymore (LOL!) Thanks for the chance to win these adorable supplies! I am always taken by ALL the projects your talented team creates!

  41. I'm sorry, but these monsters are just too cute. Going to have to get me some of these. The eye card was a little bit spooky though!! We never did Halloween as kids in the UK but now I is growed I have a big pumpkin party at the end of October. I've got a witch costume with a hat I made covered in holographic stars. Makes for great motion photography. That's my favourite and only…

  42. These monster cards are too cute. Loved all the projects-thanks DT.
    Favorite costume? We use to just find stuff around the house (wigs, dad shirts, leggings, etc.) and put whatever on and go. No rhyme or reason to our customes.

  43. Oh how adorable, everyone!! I'm in love!! There's no ay I can pick just one costume that's my favorite – I love them all. However, I LOVE when I see 2 people wearing costumes that work together; it's so fun to see!

  44. I was a glow worm, if you remember them! I love the oooh scary layout!! So cute. All of these cards are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  45. Since I have two newly adopted black kittens and I dressed as a black cat for Halloween, I'm going to say a black cat costume.
    Lovin' your Halloween Monsters. Way too cool!
    Thanks for sharing!

  46. Oh goodness these sets, and the creations the DT came up with, are just too darn cute, I love it all!

    My favorite Halloween costume is actually one my oldest (now 20) had when he was about 2 yrs old. We dressed him up as a penguin and he was just adorable! Its a memory I hold close to my heart!

  47. These are so cute! Happy that they have matching dies too… yay!
    Fave Halloween costume… the year my daughter was in preschool and she was Tinkerbell and I was Peter Pan! She is 31 now, so that was a long time ago!

  48. I absolutely love these cute little monsters! I especially love that you can use them for so much more than just halloween. My favorite halloween costume would have to be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and that is because my family and I dress up as all the characters and have a blast.

  49. All these projects are so cool! Love these little monsters so aadorable!
    My favorite Halloween costume, as a child, and my first ever costume was Snow White! Any little girl would love to be a prince right?! Hee hee! ^_^

  50. Such cutie patootie monsters! Adorbs! My favorite costume was Dark Angel when I lived in LA about 10 years ago. I was probably in the best shape of my life and the black was even more slimming! lol

  51. Love this little monster set! What great examples, too! My favorite costume was either a Mime (because I didn't have to talk to anybody!), or The Great White North Ghost…a sheet thrown over my head then a touque, mittens, and a scarf. ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. These are so cute…and I think the little round guy could work as a buddy for the flame in Cozy Christmas too! I guess my favorite Halloween costume was a black cat…I seemed to alternate that costume with a zombie costume all through school so I guess I liked it a lot.

  53. My favorite costume was probably a gypsy because I was almost always a gypsy. I got to wear my mom's long beaded necklaces, a colorful skirt that was hers from her 'young' days, and a scarf in my hair from her private stash. ๐Ÿ™‚ Fond memories…

  54. I'm not sure it was my favorite, but one I remember was a Princess costume – the kind that came in a box with a cellophane front. It had a mask and a sparkly blue dress and I carried my plastic pumpkin and a homemade glittered wand.

  55. Love this set!! I love Halloween but love that this one is so versatile!! I actually can't remember any of my costumes but my daughter dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and my son was Cat in the Hat those were my favorite when they were small.

  56. These cards are jyst BOOutiful!!! You are all so creative!! Thanks for sharing!! I love inspiration week & o course all the new releases!! Keep the Lawn Fawn cuteness coming & thanks for the chance to win this fun adorable set!! <3 LF

  57. SO EXCITED FOR THIS SET! Everyone's projects are so amazing! i love the monsters they are so kool esp the little pac-man ghost i am a huge fan of both pac-man and lawn fawn… what could be better?!

  58. What an adorable stamp set!! My favorite costume was actually my step sons. He was a cardinal and he "molted" everywhere! We are still finding feathers! LOL

  59. ok you need to post a pic of yourself as Cat Woman!! my fav was when the boys were one/two they wore those cute animal costumes. one was a HORSE!

  60. Love these adorable little monster cards. So many great ideas and using the pastel colors made such a different look. It was fantastic. My favorite costume – back in the early 60's I went as a Magnavox TV with John Wayne being the picture on the screen. My uncle was a TV repairman and kept that picture on his work bench for 25 years, till it was faded.

  61. My favorite Halloween costume was as a smurf when I was around 5. My mom painted my whole face blue and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world lol.

  62. Favorite costume was Little Red Riding Hood our next door neighbor made me. I was 4 and She was expecting her first child. She sewed all the time and I felt so special. I never had such a beautiful costume again. BTW..I Love this collection! The monsters aren't just for Halloween which is what I really love!

  63. My fav Halloween costume was my mermaid costume. The detail in my tail, real shell top, my nautical crown and the blue streaks in my hair were all awesome. These stamps are just wonderful!

  64. My favorite costume was my Kermit the frog costume. Just imagine a lovely frog green polyester jumpsuit from head to toe! We won't mention how old I was when wearing this costume-lets just say >10 years old !

    Also love all your stamps and can't wait for some of the older sets to have matching dies too. Matching dies just make my stamping life worth living ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. I think the team pulled out all the stops with all the monster mash cards that they created! My favorite Halloween costume is my go to Vampire costume~

  66. LOL my fav Halloween costume was this mix of a vampire slash spider woman slash elvira looking costume….I forgot that the exact name of that ridiculous thing was called. LOL

  67. Love all the projects!! My favorite Halloween costume was a cheerleader when I was younger!! My mom and I made the skirt and pom-poms, it was a lot of fun!!

  68. Love this set, the images are just the cutest! My fav costume was in University and I went as a bunch of grapes. Garbage bag dress filled with crumpled paper and green balloons attached!

  69. Oh!!!! Soooooooo looking forward to this set! They are the cutest monsters I've ever seen!! Eek!!
    My favorite Halloween costume has to be a witch – sounds boring but I wore the same costume for 5 years when I was little (using my moms clothes!). So the memory is always with me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Never worn a Halloween costume or celebrated it as we live in Australia. would absolutely love to win this set though as they are so gorgeously, adorably cute and I know of a few little boys who would love some things made with these. Also the cards that are displayed here are just too cute for words!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win some Lawn Fawn gorgeous goodies as I don't have any in my stash.

  71. AW!! These lil monsters are ADORABLE!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think my favorite Halloween costume was when I made myself up to be a black cat! I made ears with my headband and construction paper. I made my tail with a black stretchy sock stuffed with foam filling and attached to the back of my black sweats. I painted whiskers on my face and wore black gloves too. I have always loved Halloween and miss it now that my boys are grown!

  72. Halloween parties in college were so fun because you had to get really creative since you had little money! I won a contest for a Polish nerd once.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  73. I love the monsters they are soooo cute! my favourite Halloween dress up that i did was me and my friends were the female versions of the batman villains, we had the riddle, the joker, ivy, harlequin, the penguin and cat woman!! it was fab and a lot of fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

  74. My fav costume was a a cheerleader, I actually got my picture in the local news wearing it at work as an operator…lol, one guy came in full Indian dress and was upset that my picture was chosen, told him that if he had my legs and body he might have gotten his chosen…LOVE all the creations and inspiration. THANKS

  75. For me, costuming isn't just for Halloween. I make all kinds of costumes all yeart round. If I had to pick one, it would have to be the Nazgul (from Lord of the Rings) costume I made for my son way back. It turned out so well we got compliments form the people who made the original ones for the film.

  76. Love the 'busting' out' card and all the googly eyes!! I can't remember any of my costumes, but I loved when my now grown sons were spotted puppy dogs! Now, I enjoy watching my grandkids dress up!

  77. These little monsters are way too cute!

    My favorite Halloween costume was when my mom dressed my little sister as a bag of jellybeans. SO cute!

  78. Adorable little monsters!!! Love that you can use these all year around, since we don't have Halloween in Sweden. But I can see birthday party invitations with these and birthday cards for my nephew ๐Ÿ˜€

  79. Haha! These are SO fun! I think I might really have to get the pac-man stamps!! Blast from the past!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    My favorite Halloween costume was the year my Grandma made me and my cousin matching 50's poodle skirts and we were of course 50's girls! They were SO fabulous and I still cherish my skirt today~although it's a super snug fit, I can still get into it too, score! lol Thanks for letting me share a great memory ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. In college I was a tree. I went to the thrift store and got lots of stuffed animals that would live in trees. Then I took real branches and stapled them to my brown clothes. But, had I had the chance to cut out felt leaves, it would have been much cuter. Perhaps my 2 year old will be a tree this year.

  81. In my country do not celebrate Halloween, I am Venezuelan but, I have two years living here in Texas and my first Halloween was last year and obviously weared a witch costume, this year I'm trying to convince my husband I want for him a costume of Captain America and for me wonderful woman ๐Ÿ˜€

  82. We didn't celebrate Halloween when I was a child. At my first job we were encourage to dress up for Halloween. One year I dressed up as a character from the TV show Hee Haw. Guess I am telling my age, not sure if most people under the age of 40 know what Hee Haw is (or was)!

  83. Super cute samples from the DT! And I love the cards you've shared here, too. This stamp set is adorable! My favorite Halloween costume was Cinderella. I had on a big, fluffy dress and wore a tiara.

  84. Oh how I love this set, and your cards even more!! My fave costume was my Wonder Woman costume from when I was like 10. It was AMAZING!!!!! Very much like Underoos, but I still loved it ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. In my youth I had a pumpkin costume. A brownie beanie with a felt leaf. A brown body suit and the pumpkin got it's shaped from being stuffed with newspapers. Cute outfit but not that great for sitting.

  86. I'm really enjoying all of the great inspiration this week! Too cute!! My favorite costume? I love to dress up as Pippi Longstocking! I even bend a coat hanger over my head and braid my hair around it to create the 'stuck out' braid! I had to drive with my windows down because I couldn't fit my head in the car!

  87. Awwww, my best one ever was a rocking' Princess Leia costume that my mom made me in the 1st grade (in the 70s)! I had long hair so she was able to put it in those perfect double braid balls on each side of my head! I WAS SOOOO happy and was a "star" all day at school!!!!

  88. Great stuff! And I think I see my son's Halloween costume- Charlie Brown's ghost! ๐Ÿ™‚ My fav was either my son's lion costume when he was 2 or my "Jen's Apartment" costume when I was in grad school. I had a bug-infested apartment, "Joe's Apartment" had just come out in theaters and I was actually in a computer animation/graphics department so we were wowed by the movie. I glued a bunch of fake bugs on myself and went as my apartment.

  89. Super cute monsters! ๐Ÿ™‚ My favorite Halloween costume that I ever wore was Hermione from Harry Potter being that I'm such a Harry Potter fan! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win.

  90. Awesome stamp set I've got this one on pre order and can't wait to play with it! My fav costume as a kid was the pumpkin costume my mom made for me complete with stem & leave for a hat ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! So excited for cute monsters!!! The DT is so amazing – that Pac-Man card really made me smile!!! I loved my wonder-woman costume – and also my blue fairy costume from Pinocchio. It was all about the wand ๐Ÿ™‚ Fun question!!! I will have to go back and read some of the responses!

  92. The little monsters are adorable. No surprise that the DT used them to make awesome cards. My favorite costume was my daughter's Madeline costume when she was very little. The hat had straight red hair hanging down (she had light brown very curly short hair at the time so the red hair was so cute.)

  93. Those monsters are just darling and I love the cards you made with them, as well as the DT's cards. My fave costume was probably when I dressed goth. Completely unexpected and my friends did a double take. ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. This blog hop is so fun with these monsters. Who doesn't love monsters? At least the cute fuzzy ones. Your designers have done a fabulous job on the cards. And I love that you have shown how they can work for other occasions..

  95. I love the little monsters, perfect for kids cards. My favorite costumes are the Care Bear costumes my friends and I made to wear to work. We worked in a department store in the Children's dept. It was a special time getting together to do it as well…… great memories!

  96. What an amazing set of projects! My favorite costume was the year we borrowed a flapper girl from my aunt who loved fancy costumes. All the other years my Mom made me wear a homemade cat costume. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  97. What cute cards! The little monsters are great and the coloring on them adds so much life. I guess my favorite costume would have been a witch. Thanks for the chance to win!

  98. I love that monster birthday card of Lynette's! My favorite costume? Probably when I dressed up as an angel and my date was the devil way back in the 70's. I loved the glitter in my hair….it lasted for weeks! LOL

  99. Sooo cute!! My favorite Halloween costume as a kid was a really ugly, green-skinned witch. She was super scary and my older sister enjoyed taunting me with it!

  100. Great monster stamp set and matching dies, love the goodie bag die, must add them to my wish list!! I loved dressing up as a witch for Halloween.

  101. I thought of this set when I was roaming Target today because they have a monster-shaped gift card. Would be so cute to make a monster pocket card to hold the monster target gift card… hmmmmm… hurry and release this set!

  102. Monster-rific!! My favorite Halloween costume had to have been my Renaissance-styled prom dress. It was black and silver so it matched perfectly as a witch costume. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wore it for several years until the zipper gave out!

  103. I can't find my comment from last night ๐Ÿ™ I said that last night at Target I saw a monster gift card and this would be perfect to make a gift card pocket cart/envelope and this set is perfect for that!

  104. These are wonderful. The pack man card brings me back to my youth. I am not sure what my favorite costume that I ever wore was for myself, but my favorite costume that my kids wore was last year. They went as a creeper and an enderman from the game Minecraft. They looked pretty cool.
    Thank you for sharing.

  105. My favorite costume was a LAND SHARK! (from Saturday Night Live) I sewed it up myself and had so much fun! So many people borrowed it that it was eventually lost! ๐Ÿ™

  106. My favorite costume was a Dorothy Dress that I made for my daughter when she was in jr high – she looked fabulous!
    Love these lil monsters and the sentiments!

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