Fall & Winter 2015 Sneak Week – Day 4

is the fourth day of sneaks for our new Fall and Winter 2015 release, and
we are so excited to begin sharing everything we have been working on!
We will be showing you the new paper collections, stamps, dies and
ink when we show our retailers so that you guys can participate in the fun with us! 

Fall and Winter themed products will be available in late August, and
we will have an awesome Inspiration Week with design team samples and
Intro Videos then, too!

we are showing you seven new stamp sets and coordinating dies (with a giveaway,
of course!) Remember to tell your favorite store about our new

Winter Scripty Sayings includes sweet holiday sentiments that cover more than the length of a standard card with our pretty handwritten font!

This design includes Argyle Backdrops and Deck the Halls, too!

I just love the adorable sheep and punny greetings in Baaah Humbug! The standing sheep also works with all of the Party Animal stamps, too!

I’m so excited about Ready, Set, Snow! It is a sweet snow-globe themed set with a coordinating die set. There is also an additional Shaker Add-on set for turning your adorable snow-globes into shaker cards!

With happy little deer and penguins, Toboggan Together will allow you to create adorable winter scenes! I can’t wait to see how you will use this super fun set!

 Snowy Backdrops is perfect for creating wonderful snowy scenes! There are beautiful greetings as well!

A new addition to our winter critter mini series is our adorable Winter Alpaca!


 Oh Snap is a cute holiday mini set. This set just makes me giggle!

cards by Chari

we have a fun opportunity to win it before you can buy it in late
August! Woohoo! Leave us a comment by 2pm on July 24th for a chance to win a
new stamp set and die set of your choice from this post!

Make sure to come by tomorrow for more sneak peeks!
Thank you so much for visiting!
Have an amazing day,


559 thoughts on “Fall & Winter 2015 Sneak Week – Day 4

  1. Ohhhhh!!!!! I love them all!!!! Oh snap is so funny… Ready, set, snow! is stunning!!!! This fall/winter release is amazing!!!!!

  2. OMGosh I loVe the Scripty Winter stamps and those adorable penguins, sheep and deer! Thanks for sharing.
    Crafty hugs,

  3. Equeal parts of squeeeee/awww/hahaha here! LOVE these so much! Might be your best yet.
    The awesome thing is that my husband and I were joking around yesterday, and he came up with some really silly/funny puns that he said I should make as stamps, and I said that YOU guys already make the best punny stamps so that market is already cornered.
    He knew you well and could even recite a few puns from the stamps. Now isn't THAT a nice review? 😀

    Anyway – these rock! I can't even pick which set I love more – but "Alpaca my scarf" might be THE most WONDERFUL corny pun ever. I adore it!

    GREAT job on these. They are sensational!

  4. Love the little snowmen. So cute. My daughter would think they are olaf from Frozen. The snow globe sets the imagination flowing. So many sets that it would work with. Brilliant!

  5. Haha 'oh snap' is adorable as are ready set snow (what an great idea) and those reindeers and penguins.. brilliant! And those scripty sayings are a very nice addition! So yeah.. I may be broke in August. But I'll be able to make some awesome christmas/ winter cards!

  6. Love the little snowmen. So cute. My daughter would think they are olaf from Frozen. The snow globe sets the imagination flowing. So many sets that it would work with. Brilliant!

  7. Love the little snowmen. So cute. My daughter would think they are olaf from Frozen. The snow globe sets the imagination flowing. So many sets that it would work with. Brilliant!

  8. Good grief how do you do it, I just love all of today's new releases, especially the little penguins and the sheep. Lawn Fawn you cost me a fortune 😊😊

  9. I was remarking to my sister just last night about how AWESOME Lawn Fawn Stamps are and you have been so fantastic again in your design – uber cool and uber cute!!! I love the Toboggan Set with matching die – so incredible!!!

  10. Oh no! I can't believe I can't have them now to play with. I think these are the best sets ever….they're too cute and funny (alpaca my scarf…LOL..I laughed and woke my husband–oops!) And the little pieces in the stamp sets are going to be so much fun. I <3 Lawn Fawn!!

  11. ha ha ha ha ha ….the alpaca my scarf set is beyond funny! Love them all, the snow globe is awesome. So many stamps, so little time – cannot wait for all of these!

  12. This is just so sweet and cute. Just have to have them all…. I am in love with the sheep and alpaca…so adorable. I hope we can buy them in the Netherlands to. I am buying lawn fawn almost every month 🙂 My dream is to have all of the stamp sets and dies…
    Big hugs, Melanie

  13. ADORABLE!!!
    I'm torn between Baaah Humbug and the ELEGANCE of Winter Scripty Sayings!!!
    What FUN it would be to make snowglobe shakers 🙂
    OH, who am I kidding, I LOVE them ALL!!!

  14. Ohhhhh!!!!! I love them all!!!! Oh snap is so funny… Ready, set, snow! is stunning!!!! Toboggan together is so cute!!! This fall/winter release is amazing!!!!!

  15. I will take one of each please!! Excited about everything …but the snow globe and penguin totally take the cake on this preview day…
    giddy..giddy.. giddy..

  16. Hi Kelly Marie!
    Oh my gosh I love the new stamp sets…they are the cutest! I especially LOVE the adorable chubby sheep….so CUTE…they make me smile! 🙂 have a wonderful day!

  17. I'm in love with shaker cards and 'ready, set, snow' is absolutely lovely, I've always dreamed of such snow globes in childhood, all your new release is awesome!

  18. Oh my gosh, every single thing you've shown is more adorable than the next! My "must get" list is now miles long. Such a lovely release, and your design team knocked it out of the park! Can't wait to grab all of these amazing goodies!!

  19. oh this new set stole my heart!!! 🙂 They are so beautiful and festive!!! OMG they are amazing!!!! 🙂 They are my fave!!! 🙂

  20. Oh my gosh! I love these. That alpaca is the best pun you've done so far, and that is saying something! I HAVE to make the snow globe for my sister though – thousands of miles away and iIknow I'll be able to see the glow of happiness on her face if I send that! 🙂

  21. Oh my gosh… There's so many cute stamps for Christmas this year! I can't wait to get my hands on some of them! You knocked it out of the park this year, Lawn Fawn!

  22. Just when I thought things couldn't get any cuter…oh my!!!!! I need it all…all of it…every last one….the best release ever…the cutest release ever! How am I going to wait until the end of August to have these cuties in my hot little hands?!

  23. OMG…..I can't stand it anymore!!!! Soooo cute….each and everyone of them!!! I am driving my family crazy running around the house with my laptop showing them all of these adorable sets!!! Have to get them all!!!

  24. Got what I wanted!!!! yea, Scripty Sayings, really love those.. Maybe next year do a Fall set, Happy Thanksgiving, Halloween etc.. I can wait…Love it all.

  25. Ohhhhh!!!!! I love them all!!!! Oh snap is so funny… Ready, set, snow! is stunning!!!! Toboggan together is so cute!!! This fall/winter release is amazing!!!!

  26. Aww my gosh than little gingerbread man with the broken leg, is so cute! an my new favorite: "Toboggan together" I am so excited! and waiting until the end of August it's going to be hard as it can be!

  27. So many wonderful new products. Love the script writing, the snow globe will be a lot of fun to use, the Christmas stamps……..I could go on and on.
    they're all wonderful.
    Going to hard to pick just one if I would be lucky enough to win.

  28. I'm a HUGE fan of the Scripty Sayings stamps so these holiday ones are a must have. And the little gingerbread totally cracked me up, so cute!

  29. Oh my GOSH! Cuteness OVERLOAD! Once again Kelly, you have made me want them ALLLLL!!! Oh I just love the little sheep and how well they coordinate with so many of your other sets. I totally want that snowglobe set & die and DEER! I LOVE DEER! And GINGERBREAD MEN! I LOVE THEM TOO!! And O – M – G!! And an ALPACA?!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! (I love you guys but man, you are killing my wallet – I gotta save up! LOL!) 🙂

  30. Oh my gosh! How do you even pick a favorite? That alpaca! The snow globe! The cute penguins! The adorable gingerbread men! Basically, everything…

  31. I thought yesterday was my favorite… but today is even better! Such a great release (as usual)… LOVE Ready, Set, Snow! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  32. LOVE all of these. Scripty sayings and snowy backdrop are my favorite from today but I'm also really liking the snow globe 🙂

  33. I am dying with all of the cuteness that you guys are posting from this new release!! My wallet is in for a world of hurt, because I simply need to have it ALL!!! Can't wait!

  34. I wish I could pick a favorite out of today's reveal but I can't. The Baaah Humbug! is really cute but then so is the Toboggan set.

  35. Lawn Fawn has outdone themselves again – every time that i think it just can't get any cuter, they just blow it out of the water… I love all the new stamp sets – it's all amazing…

  36. I actually want them all. The first one I want to get is Winter Scripty Sayings. It just caught my eye when I first looked at it. I love all the Lawn Fawn Stamps and Dies. There are so many that I want. Thank you for a chance to win.

  37. Oh my goodness! These sets are all so fabulous! Gotta love that sweet alpaca and all the scenes I'll be able to create with that snowglobe! Too much!!!

  38. Ohhhhh!!!!! I love them all!!!! Oh snap is so funny… Ready, set, snow! is stunning!!!! Toboggan together is so cute!!! This fall/winter release is amazing!!!!!

  39. OMGEE you have outdone yourselves in the cute department! These are beyond adorable! I love the alpaca pun and that oh snap is crazy cute! tfs hugs, Kristina

  40. Gosh, it would be really hard to choose a favorite from this set! I love the sheep, but the others are so cute too. You guys make the best small stamps sets. I often am drawn to the great little sets like Hedgehugs and this new Alpaca!

  41. This is the best release of the week yet!!!! WOW! I love the shaker snow globe and
    those penguins are so sweet. I am also loving the alpaca, and, well, it seems I
    just love it all 🙂

  42. Oh gosh, when I saw this post, I swore because the stamps and dies are so d*m cute!!! Lawn Fawn continues to release the most fabulous products!!!!!!

  43. Oh, Sheeeeep!!!! Just love all of these sets… snowglobe set is a must have, as well as the baaah humbug, scripty sayings, toboggan together, oh just ALL of them! I'm going broke just seeing all of the great things you're releasing in August!

  44. Oh Snap! Iook's like I'm going to blow my budget this year on Christmas stamps. Love the Scripty Sayings, and who can say no to adorable penguins and reindeer – not me, LOL!!!!! I'm cracking up over the Gingerbread. Too funny!

  45. Oh Snap! What a super cute and fun stamp set that just makes me giggle 🙂 Everything is great, but in addition to the "oh snap" set, I love the Scripty sayings! What a great release!

  46. What a great collection! It is 77 degrees (much cooler than normal) and you have me wanting to make snow globes and gingerbread men! 😀 And I totally laughed out loud with the "Alpaca my scarf" stamp!!! 😀 These are so much fun! Or should I say "SNOW much fun?" heehee Thanks for the fun preview, Lawn Fawn! You make everything amazing!

  47. I am DYING over all of the cuteness, especially the snow globe set! Can't wait to start making my Christmas cards with these fabulous sets!!! 🙂

  48. I am DYING over all of the cuteness, especially the snow globe set! Can't wait to start making my Christmas cards with these fabulous sets!!! 🙂

  49. The "Oh Snap" stamp set is so cute & clever. I also love the Toboggan Together, it's super sweet with those adorable little animals. Your stamps are always so sweet!

  50. Oh my goodness I don't know if my piggy bank can handle
    another sneak peek day. Than Snow Globe is MINE!
    These are AMAZING. Thanks Lawn Fawn for such a
    nice variety. Cant wait to get my hands on them.

  51. Eeee! (that's me screaming with joy) I am so excited for the Winter Scripty stamps! I love them!! I really love the original scripty sayings so these are going to make an awesome addition to them. I love all the other new sets too! They are adorable!!

  52. *swoon* on the shaker die snowglobe set! My shaker cards need some help and this oh-so-cute set will do the trick! LOL on the oh, snap set too! Lawn Fawn is so creative and cute! Love it all – thanks for the chance to win!

  53. Everything is completely adorable. I love the look of the Scripty Saying stamp set and the Toboggan Together stamps and dies, but it's so difficult to choose favorites.

  54. Oh My Goodness, I love all of these so much!! Being from New Zealand the sweet stamp set totally speaks to me and my daughter is obsessed with alpaca's so have to get that one. Love the snowglobe dies and stamps too. So much goodness, better start saving!!!

  55. I am amazed at how much cuteness LF packs into each release…Toboggan Together and Winter Alpaca are at the top of my ever-growing wish list!!

  56. The lambs are soooo cute!!. The snow globes are just perfect! And the Lama is just adorable. That reminds me the Lama in the Disney movie "The Emperors New Grove". Love them all!!!

  57. Oh my…my Husband is sitting here frowning at me (we are on vacation) and of course I had to bring all my Lawn Fawn stamps, cuts, paper, AND my Die-cut machine with me, LOL and he's saying "More"???? Hahaha, I can't wait! Thanks, Lawn Fawn and Designers…you are the BEST!!!

  58. OH MY GOSH!!! I was going to email you and ask for snow globe stamps and dies and then I open the blog and there it is!!!! Between that and the gingerbread people, I am speechless!!! You've outdone yourself. Best release ever!!! Thank you Lawn Fawn!!!!

  59. These are all so great! Can't decide on a Favorite – it's a tie between the cute little "oh snap" gingerbread men and the awesome snow globe set! Can't wait to see tomorrow's new release!

  60. Omg there are so many fabulous products in this sneak peak! My absolute favorite is definitely the Ready, Set, Snow set! How great is that stamp set and coordinating dies! Must get my hands on those for sure lol!! Thanks so much for the giveaway chance.

  61. I am always on the lookout for new sentiments and I love Scripty Sayings. I can't believe its time to start thinking about the holidays already. Where has the time gone.

  62. My two fav's, if I had to pick just two, are Baaa Humbug and Toboggan Together. They are just as cute as a bug's ear, to be honest!! Thank you so much for 'sneak peeking' your awesome juicy delicious stamps to us and for the chance to win!!!

  63. I have loved Lawn Fawn stamps ever since you started making them but I have a special love for all of the Christmas products. Looks like I need to start saving my pennies! I'm so excited!

  64. I am so lovin' everything!!! I cracked up laughing at the alpaca my scarf! Thanks so much for such great new product. Can't wait to work with the snow globe and shaker add on!!! Brilliant!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  65. These are all so cute. Really love the sheep and baah humbug sentiment. I'm going to have to get another job so I can keep up with my wish list!

  66. Definitely one of the deadliest releases because wow they are all adorable!!!! I'm in love with the penguins and the sheep! And that alpaca is so cute! It reminds me of my arpakasso hehe

  67. Your tobbogan together is my new favorite things to create fun and festive holiday cards for this winter season. All your stamps have a still super cute designs, keep up,the cheerful designs

  68. Ohhhhh!!!!! I love them all!!!! Oh snap is so funny… Ready, set, snow! is stunning!!!! Toboggan together is so cute!!! This fall/winter release is amazing!!!!!

  69. Scripty Sayings, Alpaca, and Oh Snap are my favorites. Have T-shirt with Oh Snap. So will be getting that for sure. Loving it all! You guys are making this tough on what to order!

  70. A whole lot of Christmas festivity happening! The alpaca is awesome….and the Scripty Sayings…and, well EVERYTHING! Fabulous showcase today!

  71. alpaca me scarf! ha ha ha good one. kudos to whomever thought of that one. love the scripty sayings too as well as the adorable penguins!

  72. Love the snow globe! Great idea to have an add on to make it a shaker card. I really got a kick out of the sheep knitting.

  73. Where do I start? The Winter Scripty Saying is a definite must have. Then of course is the sheep, the penguins, the snow globe – I need to win the lottery. Each and every release is better than the last and it seems the DT has an endless supply of creativity because the card creations are better and better!

  74. Okay, I want all of these sets/dies. That little gingerbread is too cute and I LOVE the toboggan set!! I need to water a money tree in my back yard!!

  75. WOW!!!!! How do I choose??? So many CUTE things!! My wallet will be taking a hit soon!! LOVE the Let's Bokeh In The Snow papers, the Aquamarine Lawn Trimmings, the Winter Scripty Words, so hard to choose!! Thanks for being creative for me, since I am NOT!! Thanks for the chance to win and the sneak peak!!

  76. Toboggan together is definitely going to be My Most favorite stamp set! It is awesome!!!!! And so clever how you combine different critters with the Party Animal set! Love it!

  77. I love the snow globe stamp set!! My daughter collects snow globes so this set is perfect!! It would be so fun to use it on a layout about her collection and also I know she'd love cards with it!

  78. I have been on vacation with no internet service for days! So fun to come back to your lovely sneak peeks! I am in love with it all! The mini gingerbread men set makes me giggle! Yay for new Lawn Fawn!

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