Lawn Fawn Intro: Plan on It: Calendar and Stinkin’ Cute

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s June 2016 Inspiration Week! We are just so excited about this week! We are featuring 5 stamp sets and 5 standalone dies! All of our Summer 2016 products are available now at your favorite stores and at

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Today is our showcase of Plan on It: Calendar and Stinkin’ Cute!
Plan on It: Calendar is a 4×6 set that contains months, days of the week, numbers and cute seasonal icons!
Stinkin’ Cute is a mini set that coordinates with Party Animal and Holiday Party Animal!

The design team has made the most amazing samples!
Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

I love the colorful, ingenious way Chari used Plan on It: Calendar on her brilliant card! The sentiment inside is so sweet and so clever combining Scripty Sayings with the cute hearts and numbers!

Elena‘s Party Animal birthday card is totally adorable! I love the clever way she used the Plan on It: Calendar numbers to celebrate an 8th birthday!

Latisha‘s pretty planner pages combine Plan on It and Plan on It: Calendar with Claire’s ABCs all stamped in cheery Guava and Peacock ink! I just love this color combo!

Yainea‘s awesome card is such a clever way to use Plan on It: Calendar! She masked individual letters in the month stamps to create the “All Year Round” sentiment so it would match the cute font! Brilliant! Big Scripty Words rounds out the fun greeting!

Kristin was thinking way outside the planner box when she created this fun Bingo-themed card using the number stamps in Plan on It: Calendar! I love how she incorporated the Perfectly Plaid paper in the Quinn’s Capital ABCs letters!

Lynnette‘s cards show how versatile our little Stinkin’ Cute skunk is! I love that it’s perfect on her adorable birthday card and with the addition of some hearts it’s a darling Valentine!

 Chari‘s graduation card is too cute! I love how she customized the sentiment using Harold’s ABCs!

I love how Nichol created a fun interactive pull-slide element with Slide On Over in her adorable Stinkin’ Cute card! Grassy Hillside Borders, Flower Border and Gleeful Gardens combine to build the pretty garden scene!

Here’s a gallery of Stinkin’ Cute card inspiration by our Lawn Fawn Fawnies:

Aren’t they all so cute?! I love them!

I am so sorry but due to an injury to my hand there won’t be intro videos this week. Thank you so much for your understanding! I really appreciate it! Big hugs! 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Plan on It: Calendar and Stinkin’ Cute. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us how you keep track of birthdays of the your family and friends by June 15th at 5:00pm EDT, and we will randomly pick one winner for a Plan on It: Calendar set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!)

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday June 14th for our next inspiration week post!
Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys! 🙂 

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282 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Plan on It: Calendar and Stinkin’ Cute

  1. Some great inspiration and some fabulously creative ideas! I keep track of birthdays by setting reminders on my phone, and also by colour coding them in my planner. The system hasn't failed me yet 😀

  2. Most friends and family members I have memorised birth dates but for the ones that keep eluding me, I have them written in my diary.

  3. I'm pretty much in love with the Plan On It set now! Incredible inspiration! I keep track of birthdays with a perpetual calendar book that I just add to throughout the years.

  4. I love how creative the dt girls are with planner stamps for cards! Amazing!! At the beginning of each month Ill go through my planner and adress cards to everyone I want to send some to. Afterwards I put them in a box with the date (on which I have to send them) on the envelope. And each morning Ill check the box and once Ive send a card the reminder in my planner gets a tick! It works amazing!

  5. Well I will have to read the comments because I do a TERRIBLE job of keeping track of birthdays! I seem to know them far out, but somehow they still always creep up on me as they get close and I always feel left unprepared! I hope I can get some great ideas from others. The new sets are incredible!!!!

  6. I love all the cute projects from the design team, especially how they used the Plan on It set for cards! I keep track of birthdays in my planner and on the kitchen calendar so that I am sure not to miss anyone.

  7. First off, heal quickly Kelly! Secondly, thank you for continuing to add party animals. I love all the options, it's like paper doll dress up when you can combine all the accessories with the new critters! So much fun! I use an excel spreadsheet to manage birthday/anniversaries. Or my phone for appts. I love to see all the creative ways that people use planners, but I'm just not that organized! Finally, I'm stealing that stinking smart card idea today. Perfect!

  8. I can't keep track of anything not even my planner. Lol. These are stinkin' cute ideas! I would have never thought to use the planner set on cards.

  9. I use a big wall calendar to write appointments and birthdays on. When I get a new calendar, I transfer all the birthdays right away. Love the size of the Plan on it stamps. I could even use them for dating scrapbook pages!

  10. Stinkin' cute is right! Fabulous showcases! I keep track of birthdays on a wall calendar…not always the most efficient! A new planner on my wish list…

  11. These cards are all stinkin' cute! Who doesn't need calendar stamps in their stash?! And that skunk is adorable. I keep family/friends birthday's in the back of my address book. But so far, I seem to remember the dates in my head, too. Can't seem to remember much else. lol

  12. Love this post!! I especially love the plan on it cards!
    It's not a perfect system, but I associate loved ones' birthdays with a holiday in their birthday month or a memory… When that doesn't work well, a calendar for sure!

  13. Great cards and stamp sets. The Stinkin Smart card would come in very handy right now.
    I keep track of dates on my phone calendar but did that before and the phone crashed. I started a wall calendar as well. Plan on it calendar stamps would make it so much prettier.

  14. CUTE and FUN … I PLAN on getting creative with these goodies 🙂
    I have tried many different ways of keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries & special occasions. Rather than relying on my memory alone, my current method is a spreadsheet that includes their birth date and age for that year, so as well as keeping track of cards I need to make, it flags milestone birthdays too. It does help keep me focussed on what's needed and when.

  15. Love these projects and creative ways to use planner and calendar stamps. I use google calendar for the important dates in my life.

  16. I track birthdays digitally, but that doesn't mean the new calendar set wasn't one of the first new sets I bought. Love it for journaling after the fact, but I'm also loving all the neat card ideas with it.

  17. I have a calendar that hangs on my kitchen cabinet that marks all the birthdays, anniversaries, and special days for the year. I take the time on New Years Day to fill it in. I am always in the kitchen so it is an easy reminder for me.
    Love how versatile the date set is and I love the sentiment "You're stinkin' sweet!"

  18. I have a calendar in my kitchen where I write birthdays. I also have a sheet with all the months of the year where I write the day and the year of birth for each family member to keep track of everyone's age (just in case I forget)! By the way, get well soon!

  19. These cards are so cute!!!! So many good ideas!! I have a daily planner and when I get a new one I write all of the birthdays in there.

  20. Oh wow! I love this new release and all these cutie projects! I have a good memory and I can remember a lot of my bestie's birthdays on my mind but I use to write birthdays on my planner and on my Agenda on my phone. Anyway, Facebook also reminds me!

  21. Cute cards. For close family I just remember their birthdays but for friends I have them put down in monthly calendars. Thanks.

  22. Love these ideas! I keep track of birthdays on calendars and in my phone. I want to get into planning in a Happy Planner, and I will of course have to get some new Lawn Fawn stamps to go with it. :0)

  23. Such cute cards! I keep track of birthdays with my calender reminders. Plus, I try to have cards made ahead…but usually, I custom make them for friends.

  24. Love today's inspiration projects! Everyone did a fantastic job!! ♥

    I keep track of birthdays in a generic calendar with no week day listed 😉

  25. OH how I love that skunk stamp set!!!! So glad I finally got my hands on that Stinking Cute stamp set!!!!!! I have a Birthday planner to keep all my bdays in and anniversaries!!!

  26. All those cards are too stinkin' cute! I'm old school, so I write things down on my calendar to keep track of everything. Love these creative cards you always share!!

  27. Such fun sets and awesome projects!
    I am not very good at keeping tack I am afraid. A few are jotted on my calendar, some I see on FB! And a few are just remembered each year, like my daughter's and a few family members!

  28. The majority of friends and families birthdays I have memorized. Facebook is always nice to remind me of others that I may have missed.

  29. I write birthdays on my calendar. All today's card were so cute. Interactive cards are my favorite, so I loved Nichol's card.

  30. This set is aptly named because the projects created with it are "stinkin' cute"! I just write in my purse planner and home calendar when the birthdays are.

  31. That skunk is adorable! I keep everything on my calendar on my phone (this way it automatically repeats every year so I don't have to rewrite it).

  32. Adorable projects!! I love seeing planner stamps on cards ( i don;t use a planner!) And I know the birthday's of my close friends and family, everyone else, they come up on facebook!

  33. Every single one of these cards are totally awesome!! I especially LOVE the first card!! Ingenious use of the Plan It set!! Definitely need to get my hands on this set!!
    I have a Birthday/Special Events book that is divided by months and all of the important annual occasions are in this book along with current addresses. All the older family members have left us so I am taking over as the official card sender so that each family and extended family member receives a card on their special days! When a new member joins the family through marriage, birth or adoption they are added to my list so that I don't miss them!

  34. I always remember birthdays long before the actual day but when it's finally there, I'm known to easily forget. So, I have all the dates on my phone and it rings for me when the day comes. I'm weird, I know…
    As usual you guys always have the greatest releases! Love you!

  35. All cards are fantastic! And so cute images! I use the phone calendar and I write dates on my Filofax agenda, using also a stamp of a gift.

  36. I keep track of birthdays on my wall calendar at home, on Facebook, and on my electronic calendar on my iPad. Overkill, I know, but it keeps me from forgetting!

  37. Oh my goodness… So many cards and they are all just absolutely adorable!!!
    My youngest daughter Kayla made all of the family's in our family our calendar board. It says Family up top with the months then circles hanging down from each month has each person name birthday date and year that they were born.

  38. The cards are all absolutely adorable, very clever uses to stretch the planner set.
    I keep track of birthdays mostly from memory but I broke down and bought a planner a few months ago as I have been forgetting appointments. (Even my husband thought I had better get one! They were HIS appts. I messed up! LOL) Now I just need a reminder to look at it every day. teehee

  39. Fantastic creations, all so fun, I love the 'stinkin cute skunk'! I keep track of birthdays on a calendar in my phone that repeats every year, its very handy!

  40. The stickin cute set is really cute set i love using it i haven't gotten a planner set yet bc i dont do much planner stuff anymore… but those are sure clever ways to use the set! thank you for everyone sharing their cards!!!

  41. i don't keep track of birthdays so i would absolutely love this stamp set ! and I know my grandma has all her's wrote down in a diry (4 kids, 13 grandkids and 9 greatkids!!) would love to be able to gift her something homemade using this amazing set ! Fingers crossed. I love lawn fawn so much

    1. If I had a planner I'd keep track of birthdays in it.
      Since I don't have one I use the calendar in my e-mail
      account. It sends me a reminder a week before the birthday
      so I can get the card made and sent.

  42. I keep track of birthday's on my google calendar which shows up on my phone and the computer and sends me reminder emails 5 days beforehand.

  43. Wow! I can't believe the clever ideas that were featured today! Way to go DT!!! I keep track of birthdays on my large family calendar.

  44. So many wonderful and amazing ideas for using that planner set. I love them all. I keep track of family birthdays in my Happy Planner.

  45. People around me usually reminds me, but this year, since I got a planner, I'm trying to make a note of it in the 'important dates' section, so I can just copy that over for the next planner. 🙂

  46. I love all of these projects!

    I use a desk calendar and also a special occasion planner my grandma sent me :). Comes in very handy. I'd love this stamp set – would really spiff my desk cal up ;).

  47. I don't keep track. I only hope that Facebook let's me know. But I love the idea of creating a calendar of something similar using these stamps!!

  48. I don't keep track but I should start making my own calender with these stinkin cute stamps!! love all your ideas for inspiration week!!

  49. Oh so stinkin cute those sets!! 🙂 I keep track on our wall calendar which shows the whole month and I can see what's going on this month in one glance. However, my best friends b-day is in two days and I still haven't made a card 😳

  50. How fun are these new stamps. Adore the stinkin' cute skunk! I keep track of all the birthday's on a wall calendar I create each year.

  51. I love that little skunk! I had pet skunks as a kid and they were so sweet and playful.
    I keep up with birthdays on a wall calendar and get reminders on my computer calendar.

  52. Fab inspiration (as always).
    I use a boring shop bought calendar to keep up to date of my family and friends birthdays but think that making my own, using your great stamps and dies, would be a much better idea. X

  53. I love this set! I keep track by putting it on my Calendar paper style. I'm starting to get into creating my planner with cute stamps and stickers. Thanks!!

  54. Love all these wonderful cards today! I usually write the important birthdays in my planner, but I also have an email app on Facebook that gives me a reminder when it it somebody's birthday!

  55. Oh goodness…hope you are better soon! No worries, No hurries…We will be here!!!
    Right now, I don't have a calendar to go by…hopefully, soon tho'! It's the debate on what I want and what will work for me!
    Great cards and projects…keep up the awesome paper crafting!!!

  56. Wow these are amazing everyone. Thanks for sharing.
    I have a list of birthdays {and anniversaries} on the door next to my calendar.
    Crafty hugs,

  57. I have a calendar on my bulletin board with everyone's birthdays listed on it. I usually make all the cards for that month at the beginning of the month and have them ready to go.

  58. I have birthdays in Yahoo calendar, set up with reminders to be emailed to me a week then a day before. They are all mostly in my head too!

  59. I track appointments and birthdays in a self-made calendar insert in my traveler's notebook. Loved the cards. The 24-7-365 card is amazing!

  60. Such adorable projects today! I keep track of birthdays in my mind… yep its true! My mind has always been good with that but as I am getting older, my mind gets a bit fuzzy so I have been wanting to make my own planner rather than purchase one and this Plan on it set will definitely help with that!

  61. I use my calendar app on my iPhone, and I also have a list in my planner of important dates, and birthdays. My grandma used to have a little birthday book full of dates and she would write the persons name and time of birth if known. It's fun to still see your name and birthday in your grandma's handwriting after she has passed on, kind of like a mini hug. 🙂

  62. Wow!Wow! Wow! Totally blown away with all the beautiful and creative cards by the DT. I keep track of birthdays, important events, and other things on my phone. Though I would love to start a planner or some sort of book to keep them more organized. So, that I don't jeep entering them yearly; )))

  63. That little skunk is too adorable. I loved how it was used in the graduation card and pink thanks card. Also, using the plan on it for cards and not just for a planner is so creative!

  64. Such amazing creativity by your design team! Love what they've done to show off these fun stamps.
    To keep track of birthdays, we use iCal and sync up to it on our phones. It's the easiest way for my family of four to know what important dates – especially birthdays! – are coming up.

  65. Oh wow! I cannot choose a favorite card on this blog! They are all so great! I really like the different looks you made with the Stinkin' cute critter. I think I really want it now! The creativity with the Love ya card is so awesome. I keep track of birthdays on a magnetic calendar that is hanging from my refrigerator. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  66. I keep track of birthdays and other important family dates on the calendar app on my phone. I don't have a planner (yet…) but I love the new planner stamp sets and all the clever ways the design team has shown them off! I can't wait to add the Stinkin Cute Skunk to my Party Animal family!

  67. I love it!! I keep track in my planner and my calendar so I never forget important dates, birthday and memories!!

  68. on facebook and outlook calendar. I set it for 2 weeks in advance "notification" so that I would have a time to make cards and mail them 🙂

  69. All these cards are all so stinkin' cute … and, all your Lawn Fawn Fawnies made amaze cards! What talent you have in the office!!! 🙂 Currently, I keep track of birthdays electronically in my phone calendar and Facebook … but I am pondering a journal type with paper. I love the new Plan On It stamps!

  70. I have a 'birthday organizer' that I've probably used for 20 years
    Each pages has numbered lines and a slot to put birthday cards in behind it.
    Each january I go through and organize all my cards for the year that I will be sending out and a few days before each new month I look to see who has a birthday coming up and get them ready to mail

  71. I have a chart posted in my craft room on the inside of one of my cabinet doors. It has all the family birthdays and anniv. listed by month. Such great sets!!

  72. I love how the design team creatively used Plan On It to make cards! So smart!
    I track birthdays and anniversaries on a one-page important dates calendar. And I made a small book to keep cards in for the monthly celebrations. Keeps me organized!

  73. So in love with those cards 🙂
    I simply know the birthdays of my family and closest friends – for the other birthdays I rely on social media 😀

  74. Super cards! Love the interactive one!
    I keep track of dates by having a perpetual calendar on the back of my door. Even though I see it every time I leave the house I still miss some. )0:

  75. I sadly use a piece of scratch paper with names and dates on it. It works, but there is zero fun in it. I really want to make a perpetual calendar so I can see the birthdays in a monthly layout. Love the use of the planner stamps on cards, so creative!!

  76. I keep track with my Erin Condren perpetual calendar (from my lifeplanner) I swear it's a life saver haha. These date and plan stamps are so adorable!!!!

  77. Super cute planner stamps, and I love the stinkin'cute stamp set! Thanks for today's card inspirations, and for the opportunity to win! I write birthdays and anniversaries on my family wall calendar!

  78. Wow…these cards are so creative! What a great way to show off a planner set for non-planner and planner users alike! I keep track of birthdays on a wall calendar!

  79. The only way I can keep track of everything is by using Google calendar… I put all special days in there, along with everything else, and every person in my family has their own calendar.

  80. hoarding my plaid 6×6 papers. they are so cute and love them here with the skunk. I attempt to track birthdays on a paper calendar as well as my iphone.

  81. I am good at remembering birthdays but notoriously BAD about getting things sent in time–lol! Maybe i need this set to keep me on-track? 🙂 Thank you for your stinkin' cute inspirations!!!

  82. Great Calendar set and that skunk, well, he's stinkin' cute!! LOL. LOL. You know, I typically make calendars for the family with my Hallmark and Greeting card computer programs. They print all of the entered birthdays for Me every year and keep up with how old everyone is. They are so OLD and it's just gotten more complicated over the years as computers progress. And I have to jump through a lot of hoops to make it work, then I spend days stamping on all of the holidays because they've quit printing. I totally ditched on last year (this year 2016's) calendar that I make in Dec. the previous year. And I'm completely LOST!!
    Thanks LF! Paulette Still
    Craftqueen417 at yahoo

  83. I have most of the birthdays in the calendar app on my phone, but I also make monthly lists (for cards to make) that I keep on my desk. Love all the cards – they are all so stinkin' cute!

  84. Oh, these are sooo fun!! Love!
    I keep track of birthdays by having them written down in my planner. Though, some are in my head too! 😉

  85. I write them in my paper calendarusing colorful stickers and then, to be honest, sometimes I keep track by seeing other family and friends congratulations on social media. Asful, I know!! Maybe I need this set. 🙈

  86. Since I go nowhere without my phone, I just enter it into my smart phone so it reminds me a few days early, and on the day itself 🙂

  87. I am so bad at keeping up with birthdays! I never remember to send cards…..but I always call them. I have all of my birthdays on my computer calendar that syncs to my phone.

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