Lawn Fawn Intro: Year Seven

Hello and Welcome to our April Inspiration Week! We are showcasing Sewn with Love, Bun in the Oven, Year Seven, Plan on It: Birthdays and 7 stand alone die sets! All of these products are available now at and at your favorite crafty stores.

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Today is our showcase of  Year Seven and its coordinating dies! This cute mini set of clear stamps was created to celebrate Lawn Fawn’s seventh birthday. The fun piñata and candies are perfect for making “smashing” birthday cards! The design team has made the most amazing samples!

*This post was edited to include the intro video for Year Seven showcasing some fun ways of using this new set*

Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

 Elise made an awesome stamped pattern with the cute images from Year Seven! I love how she white embossed the greeting on Black Licorice sentiment banners; it really makes the colorful background pop!

Chari‘s card is so fun! I love how the fringed background layers resemble a piñata!

Bright colors and a sentiment from Happy Happy Happy are a winning combination on Elena‘s cheery card!

 Nicole designed a fun card by masking a circle to stamp the cute confetti bits! She tied up her piñata with some Lime Lawn Trimmings.

 Melissa blended bright ink colors to create a festive clean and simple design! I love how the piñata is hanging from the Bannertastic banner!

 Ivy‘s cheerful Year Seven birthday card features a fun circle shaker!

 I love how Latisha stamped the cute candies across the card on the diagonal! The ink blended background draws attention to the happy piñata!

Lizzy‘s watercolor background and gold embossed sentiment create a festive birthday design!

 Elise created a fabulous greeting by combining the Year Seven sentiment with sparkly Quinn’s ABCs letters!

Kristin used a Fancy Folded Banner as a focal on her cute, clean and simple Year Seven birthday card!

 Yainea‘s Year Seven card is beautiful with pastel colors and accents of gold!

 I love the tie-dyed look of Lynnette‘s colorful card!

Nichol‘s shaker card is so fun with the sentiment continuing to the inside! I love that large shaker window is filled with tiny seed beads and stars! She added sweet little details to the piñata with white gel pen that are so adorable!

Audrey‘s Year Seven design is a festive Southwest-style party on a card! She used images from Stuck on You, So Smooth and Make Lemonade along with the banner from Plan on It: Holidays!

Bright coloring and coordinating papers from Perfectly Plaid Rainbow and Watercolor Wishes make Lynnette‘s Year Seven card special!

Jessica‘s happy card features a sliding and swinging piñata using Slide on Over Circles! This card inspired my intro video card!

And now we have our Intro to Year Seven video. You can watch it here or at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Year Seven. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us about your favorite birthday party by April 19th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!)

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219 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Year Seven

  1. This small stamp set is fun! Love it and all the DT cards are brillant! My favourite birthday party is the one when my whole family are able to celebrate with me. As my parents and sisters live at the other side of the earth, it is hard to celebrate birthdays with them every year. So I treasure the time we are all together!

  2. This small stamp set is fun! Love it and all the DT cards are brillant! My favourite birthday party is the one when my whole family are able to celebrate with me. As my parents and sisters live at the other side of the earth, it is hard to celebrate birthdays with them every year. So I treasure the time we are all together!

  3. I really love the outgoing and cheerful stamp set, this would make anyone smile! I think my favourite birthday party is where I can invite my friends and family and we can have a laugh and just an overall fun time. I really hope I win but good luck to everyone else! Whoever wins, ENJOY!!! ☺������

  4. I think my favourite birthday hasn't happened yet till next 40th and my husband is making me a huge topsy turvy cake and an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party as I've always wanted one..I just love him dearly for making my dream come true!

  5. Great cards all of them. My favorite is not one of mine but my son's. His 1 year birthday party, he was so excited about his cake that he started eating it with his mouth and playing with the cake in his hands. He was giggling so loud and dancing in his high chair. My husband and mother in law freaked out because he was getting dirty and immediately gave him a bath. They ruined all the fun!!

  6. It is very inspiring to see one stamp set used in so many different card scenes. Great job ladies. All my birthday parties are favorites because they have family and friends celebrating with me.

  7. Love all the fun cards with the adorable pinata. I just recently had an awesome birthday on April 8th. My son and daughter-in-law had a gender reveal — it's a girl! This will be my first grandchild and I'm excited to welcome my granddaughter in August. Also, one of my favorites was my mom's in November. She turned 80 and we surprised her with a party. She was so touched and that warms my heart!

  8. My favorite birthday party was the year I planned a carnival themed one for my then 6 year old son. We had tickets, carnival games, popcorn, a photo booth. He had such a good time that he requested it the following year.

  9. My favorite birthday was the year my husband (then boyfriend) compiled a scrapbook full of messages from all of our friends, to me. That gift appealed to both my sentimental and crafty sides!

  10. My favorite birthday party was my Sweet 16. My best friend, Alison, and I had a joint party in my parents' backyard with a DJ and many friends from school.

  11. I love the sample cards! This set is so adorable that I already bought the stamp and die. My favorite birthday party was when my older daughter turned 7. I organized a team scavenger hunt in our yard and I had a blast looking at their happy faces as they reached the end to claim the prize!

    1. I didn't tell you about my favorite birthday party. It was my daughter,s 7th bday party and she was smiling from ear to ear as her friends were singing to her. The picture is etched in my mind… happily etched there

  12. Having an April birthday, I had an Easter Hat Birthday Cake when I was younger. My aunt was taking classes on cake decorating, & the cake was beautiful! I still remember it, 50 yrs later! Love this stamp set, so glad I got it!!!

  13. My birthday is in November so most times I skip doing anything as it's crazy working in retail but one time my sister from another mister surprised me by having everyone come over during our Sunday True Blood watch. It was pretty awesome, I definitely felt the love!

  14. This is such a totally adorable little stamp set! Love it! My fave bday was when my youngest turned 1. We had a bday party at a water park and all of our friends/their babies came. Was a great time for everyone!

  15. I love this piñata set! It's so fun! My favourite birthday party is one my friend holds every fall for himself. He invites all his coworkers, neighbours, friends and family and puts on a big day of fun and food. The friends who know him best bring extra beer and wine or salads and desserts. We are always told to bring nothing but ourselves. The little kids get to whack a piñata every year. Now their kids are whacking it as the years go by. It's a great way to celebrate.

  16. I think my favorite birthday party memory is still from my 13th birthday when I was in 7th grade, it was my first boy/girl party and I was so excited. We went to the roller skating rink and then back to my house for hanging out. I have totally dated my self, but it was a great party. Awesome crafty inspiration today!

  17. year seven??!!! wow! my favorite birthday party was probably my son's party a couple years ago. we had a lego guy come and do different lego activities with the kids in the upstairs space of our local pizza joint!

  18. Oh, these are sooo FUN!! Love them!
    My favorite birthday party was last year when my family and I decided to celebrate all of our birthday's in one at the water park! Talk about feeling like a kid again and fun!! 🙂

  19. I love the cute pinata!My favorite birthday party is when we (my family)celebrating my nephew's 4th birthday with the 101 Dalmatians theme.We even had a costume for my nephew which he wore and loved.He had so mush fun. He is now 25 years old.

  20. Cute set! My favorite birthday party was when my brother and I took all of our kids and our mom to Chuck E. Cheese for her 60th birthday. It was so fun because the kids were little and it was her birthday, not theirs. Time flies…

  21. Cute set! My favorite birthday party was so long ago I can't remember. My last birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I loved the cheesecake we had. Spending the day with my family is always fun!

  22. Fabulous projects by the DT!! I don't have any one birthday that stands out!! And the more I get, the less I want to think about them!! LOL!!

  23. Love all of these cute and fun pinata cards! My favorite birthday party was not mine – it was my niece's 3rd birthday. She was born on Christmas Day, so my sister had a party about a week before and she was just so excited about everything! It was so cute and so much fun to see her reaction to her gifts and everything. 🙂

  24. Cute projects today. My favorite birthday was the one that we brought our preemie son home from the hospital. Best birthday present ever!

  25. My favorite birthday party so far was my daughter's 9th. We had a puppy adoption themed party where the kids chose a stuffed puppy, blanket and made a collar adoption certificate and tag for them. Then they all piled into the living room for presents, cupcakes and then played BINGO until all the parents came. It was a blast and such a great group of kids.

  26. I recently celebrated my 70th with kids and grand kids who had gone to great lengths to make it a surprise and it worked. Love this set and the DT art is awesome.

  27. All of these cards are wonderful, and I'm in love with this stamp set! <3 My fav birthday party was when I was in Grade 6 (I think) – my mom let me invite the whole class, and a clown came. As a kid who lived in the country with no neighbour kids to play with, it was a huge amazing day for me! 🙂

  28. My favorite birthday was my 50th which I celebrated in Disneyland. While going down A ride, others in our raft all sang happy birthday to me. It was a magical day.

  29. My favorite birthday party was my big 5-0. My girlfriends and I did a weekend getaway. Lots of crafting and laughing.

  30. This pinata stamp set is just too cute. My favorite birthday party would have to be the surprise birthday party we put together for my husband's grandfather's 70th birthday, it came together without a single issue, and he was so surprised.

  31. My favorite birthday was my 30th – my friends in grad school through me a surprise birthday party! I didn't even know they knew it was my birthday, so I didn't expect a thing! It really made me feel special. They got me a Barbie ice cream cake, LOL! Just the fact they cared enough and went through all this trouble on my behalf made it the best birthday party ever. I love the cute donkey pinata and all the cute projects you all created with it!

  32. Yay I love pinatas!
    My favorite birthday party is the one where I get a big yummy birthday cake and me and my friends play "Hit The Pot", a children's birthday game from Austria and Germany. 😀

  33. Every Birthday party is the best. It doesn't matter if it's friends or family it's always a great day! Thank for this awesome stamp set. Thanks again! 😊😉

  34. My favorite birthday party was when my twins turned 5, we rented out a gymnastics studio and invited all their preschool classes to join. There were over 40 kids playing on all kinds of super cool contraptions. I decked out the party was an amazing breakfast spread with every conceivable type of breakfast food available, coffee and 2 cakes. It was AWESOME!!

  35. Thank you so much for this chance to win this adorable set! The samples made with it are bright, fun and incredible. I have two memorable​ birthday parties. When I was turning 21, my parents got me a pinata and hung it from the tree in the backyard. It was my first pinata and so fun! My second memory is from when I turned 30 and we planned a party with cosmic bowling, balloons, a slab cake pizza and loot bags! All the good stuff. That was a great day!!

  36. Oh the cards are all
    so cute with this
    adorable piñata! My
    sister and two daughters
    were visiting and I had
    to go to work before they
    left. When I got home, they
    had left me a Birthday Party
    on the Table! Confetti and
    gifts and cards, goodies,
    the whole works for me to
    find. So fun for me.
    Carla from Utah

  37. I only had 1 birthday party growing up because my birthday is 12/28, but it was awesome. I have Year Seven, so thank you to the design team for all these great card ideas.

  38. The first birthday party to come to mind was when I was little and we did all kinds of mini-games like bobbing for sweets and "mummifying" someone with toilet paper.

  39. This is easy….last year I turned 60 and my daughter surprised me with a trip for the two us to Disneyland…my party was at Goofy's Kitchen with all the fabulous and fun Disney characters. Happy 7th Birthday!

  40. I just received this set in the mail today so the timing for your post is perfect!! I LOVE all the cards but Elise's has especially caught my eye. I might be case-ing it!!

    My favourite birthday party was when I was in grade six. It was my first sleepover. We rented a VCR and watched The Outsiders and WarGames, had taco salad and cake, and played tag outside in the middle of the night. It was SO much fun!!

  41. So many fantastic ideas from the DT! My favourite b-day parties are actually the parties my friend has for her kids. She goes all out and they are epic – from the games to the cake. I love that I am invited every year to help out on the day. They are always so much fun!

  42. My favorite Birthday Party should be my kids. My daughter turned one on Valentine's Day which was themed out with hearts. My son who turned 3 we went to Disneyland. This year was a great birthday year!!

  43. I love each of my birthday's, I always see it as a time to reflect and see how far I have come in the last 12 months… I still loved my 30th.. I rented a bar and invited everyone I knew, even being on crutches couldn't dampen my happiness of seeing everyone!

  44. What fun set for birthdays. My one son and his family always have a themed pinata for their children's birthday parties. My favorite birthday party is any of my grandchildren's.

  45. My favorite birthday party was a little over a year ago, I turned 50. My husband and kids took me to Disney World. It was Christmas time as well, and we saw a fabulous concert and had dinner in Epcot. I felt so special and loved.

  46. My fave birthday party was my daughter's sweet 16th party. We surprised her with a "new" used car and she was over the moon! Her appreciation was so nice during the teen years when appreciation can be scarce. Love and have this set! One of my faves!

  47. What an adorable set! And the DT did a great job with it. My favorite birthday happened when I was pretty young. My mother surprised me with a birthday party in our basement. There were pink streamers everywhere and a doll birthday cake. It was great and I felt really loved. Thank you for the chance to win!

  48. Oh my gosh I just love this stamp set! Everytime I see it I smile 🙂
    My favorite birthday? Oh wow… I really have to think about this one…. It is hard to pick just one birthday as I have had several really good ones… but I guess my favorite birthday would be any birthday that my Grandpa was at. It will be 8 years on May 1st that he has passed away. Miss him dearly.

  49. What fabulous cards! Super cute set. The last memorable birthday party I remember personally, would be the one when I turned 18 and was going to Navy bootcamp a couple weeks later. My parents had penpal friends come for the party.

  50. My favorite birthday party was when my husband surprised me with a trip to New Orleans! When we arrived at the hotel we went down to the bar and ordered a drink. After a few minutes I got a message on my phone that said "look behind you." Two of my closest friends were there!!!!

  51. I never had a birthday party for myself. I have thrown quite a few for my children, however. My favorite was the Dora themed party with a Dora blow up and I made a mountain cake with a river running down the side for Dora to Explore! Too funny!

  52. I had a Birthday party last year at a restaurant and my husband made these really awesome looking Dinglehopper Cake Pops!!! I love all things mermaid and I had A Lot of Lawn Fawn products on my Wish list at an online store and he bought me everything on my wish list!!!! It was Awesome and Fun!!!!

  53. My favorite birthday parties were always my kids parties. I often planned a craft project for the kids and we always had a pinata!!! One for my son involved a treasure hunt in our neighborhood, with a pirates chest filled with goodies at the end.

  54. These cards were all so cute! My favorite birthday party was quite a long time ago. lol My mother planned a scavenger hunt for all of us and we went from house to house in our neighborhood searching for the items on our lists.

  55. I love this stamp set!! Thank you for all inspiration!! My favorite birthday was spent in Maui, a favorite place of mine. I do love planning birthday parties for my kids too!!

  56. Such a cute stamp set! I could of used it 2 weeks ago. We had my grandsons birthday party here, the beginning of April, outside with really nice weather, 60 plus degrees which almost never happens in Minnesota! We had a pinata for the kids & it was so fun to watch them! And then when it broke! Such a fun day!

  57. I absolutely ADORE this set. I have made a dozen cards with it already. My favorite b-day was one year when my brother and I had parties on the same day because it rained on my bother' sb-day (which is the day before mine.) My mom served 2 cakes (mine was lemon–my favorite) and all of our friends had a great time celebrating together! (I was turning 4, brother was turning 6 I think)

  58. Such cute cards! You are all so talented! My favorite birthday party is my son's last one. He turned 5 and we had a party at the bowling alley. It was a blast watching all the little ones bowl for the first time. They had so much fun.

  59. My favorite birthday party was when I was seventeen and I had all my friends over. We had a great time and everyone was well behaved.

  60. I love all the creative ways the design team showcased this adorable set. My favorite birthday party is always the ones spent with my family.

  61. This piñata is just so fun!! I love the versatile ways your DT has showcased it! I don't have a particular memory about a birthday party, but I would have to say attending a surprise 40th for my mom when I was younger definitely stands out!

  62. What a great stamp set and the DT really rocked the projects! Happy 7th birthday Lawn Fawn. Hoping for many more funyears with you. We haven't really had many birthday parties per se. We celebrate usually by going to dinner with the birthday person's restaurant of choice. In the past we've come home for cake and ice cream but since we are all trying to lose weight the cake and ice cream have gone by the wayside. LOL! Here's to celebrating #7 for Lawn Fawn!

  63. I don't really have a favourite birthday party in mind; I've enjoyed every birthday no matter how I've celebrated. Cute stamps, and I love all the variations that the different designers came up with!

  64. I must say it's another "smashing" release with more great projects in today's post! Favorite birthday parties are the theme ones we had for our girls at home when they were growing up! Thanks for the chance to play : )

  65. Very cute creations!Well done to all the DT ladies! 🙂
    To be honest I struggle to remember any birthday party except for the ones when I was a kid. The last many years haven't been great and for one reason or another I didn't have a bday party for ages. However I'm looking forward to my next birthday in a few days! 🙂 Who knows? This year maybe better!

  66. Love this set. That pinata is so sweet. Favorite birthday party….does it have to be mine? 😀 My favorite is my son's first. What a fun mess it was ♥

  67. I love all your birthday year stamps, this one is no exception. The projects are so adorable! I think my favorite birthday party was one we had at a local pizza place when I was a kid. We always had a good time there.

  68. My favorite birthday party was my freshman year of high school. I had three of my closest friends over for a slumber party. We had movies and karaoke, and we stayed up all night long. It was a blast!

  69. My favorite birthday party was my hubby's 50th (many years ago, lol). We threw a special party at our friend's home (which was large enough to host this party!), with his favorite foods: sushi, spring rolls, ice cream, etc. So many of his work friends came, which turned it into a hilarious roast of sorts. Never learned more about my hubby than I did from his work friends!!! Btw, LOVE the pinata!!! It was THE 'gotta have' stamp set from this release!

  70. I had so many awesome birthday celebrations as a kid…my mom always made me a special cake for home and to share with my class at school. As an adult, she took me and my sister to Chicago for my 42nd birthday. I'm turning 50 and Monday and it's killing her because we can't be together for this milestone birthday.

  71. Love this festive set! Lots of possibilities for fun shaker cards, and I'm inspired by all these amazing samples!
    My favorite birthday was my daughter's 5th – we were on vacation in Disney World, and we got her a birthday button, so everyone was greeting her. And then to top it off, my sister treated her to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique – the princess package – she was SO surprised and happy with the cute bun in her hair and all the sparkles! Love love love that memory!

  72. My FAVORITE Birthday Party was last years as I wasn't sure I was going to be here to Celebrate it!! I BEAT ALL ODDS and made it and am hoping to stay in remission to continue to Celebrate MANY MORE Birthdays!!??

  73. I already own this lovely and cute set, but am yet to ink it up – I think the time has come! 🙂
    Every birthday party is a winner in my eyes – be that my own one, or of any of my relatives/friends. They're special moments that – if shared with the loved & important ones – are truly to be treasured for years!!

  74. I love planning birthday surprises for my family. My favorite birthday was my brother's when we were teenagers and we went to Disney World during his birthday. He didn't realize how big of a deal celebrating your birthday was there. He looked like a young kid again as everyone celebrated his birthday. This set is so cute!!

  75. My favorite Birthdays were as a kid growing up in Central CA. We ALWAYS had piñatas at our Birthday Parties. I loved going to the grocery store and seeing them all hanging above the isles and getting to pick one out or think about the one I wanted for my next Birthday. This stamp set is so cute and nostalgic for me.

  76. Most of the time we just had a special family birthday dinner to celebrate birthdays. I do remember sometime around first or second grade I had a few friends over and my big present was a new bike with colorful streamers on the handlebars and a white plastic basket with a few flowers attached.. Man, I loved that thing! 🙂

  77. I believe this stamp is just my favorite from the whole release. I don't know why, but it is so super cute 🙂 My favorite birthday party is the one that is made for children. It's always a lot of fun.

  78. Such a cute card!!! I think my fave b-day party was when I was 5 or 6 years old – we saw the Muppet Movie and were allowed to go up on the stage and dance while we watched the movie 🙂

  79. Such a cute stamp, love that it is unlike anything I've seen. Favourite birthday would be the one's I planned for my children. Sometimes the maker of all the favours has the most fun!

  80. So many beautiful cards to show off this cute set! Love the tiny die cuts! My favourite birthday party was my daughter's first pool party – she was so pleased with herself that she could swim well enough to have it.

  81. Right now my favorite birthday party is one that celebrates the life of my mom who is now 86 – hoping she makes it to 100! Lovely creations for a party! blessings

  82. My Grandmothers 90th was very special because she was soooo excited to have her whole family there. It was 6 months before her actual birthday so no one had to worry about the weather (but that didn't make any difference to her).

  83. My favorite birthday party wasn't mine. It was my nephew's. When he turned 5, we had a bowling party with all his friends. So much fun! At the end, everyone signed a bowling pin with their birthday messages. Even tho ugh he is now 21, that bowling pin is still out on his bookcase:-)

  84. My fav birthday party was our surprise papercrafting party for our friend, Shawn! We made upcycled stationary from old calendars, and we all loved it! 🙂

  85. My favorite birthday party was my son's 2nd birthday. We had a safari themed party that included going to a playground that was decorated with zoo animals. It was so cute to help the kids find all the animals.

  86. My favorite birthday parties were up till I was 15 years old- then we moved. My 15th and earlier my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins would come for dinner or cake and ice cream. This was always in the evening after the farm work was done and the cows milked. We rarely got to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins so seeing them for birthday parties was a special treat!

  87. Super awesome creations and inspiration!!! My favourite birthday party was my 16th birthday, I had a surprise party organised by my mum and classmates it was amazing 😀

  88. What a fun little stamp set. I love all the creative ideas the DT have shared. I don't have a specific birthday that was a favorite, but any time I can celebrate with family and friends is a great time.

  89. My favorite birthday party wasn't actually a party, but it was pretty memorable. It started off with me getting locked in the restroom at work haha! Then I'm finally let out, and I see my boyfriend standing there with a guitar and my siblings singing happy birthday. I was also granted with my first Edible Arrangements (I had always wanted one!) It made me feel so grateful and abundantly happy. 🙂

  90. My favorite birthday party was the one we threw for my son's first birthday. We had a cardboard box party and friends came to help create amazing things out of cardboard. There was a lot of love in that party!

  91. I made a pinata for my son's birthday a few years ago. It was supposed to be an eyeball character for Skylanders… I had that thing taped so well… took a while for the boys to bust it open.

  92. Really cute set! When I was very young (maybe 7 or 8) my birthday party was a trip to see Cinderella at the theatre. We had VIP tickets, and during the interval we got to go backstage and Cinderella gave me a hug! That was a very memorable birthday 🙂

  93. My sons first birthday was the best and the only party he has had. He was born on Easter and his birthday always falls during spring break when everyone is on vacation. So we celebrate in Palm Desert and spoil him as much as we can.

  94. so cute. my favorite bday party isnt my own it was my daughters 2 years ago we had a rapunzel theme and i handmade all decor n favors and was so proud of all my hard work and my daughter had the best time

  95. My favorite birthday party had to be my sons last year when my husband got real construction trucks to park on our lawn. Not only did we have his friends but half of the neighborhood over!

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