Lawn Fawn Intro: Winter Village

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s September 2017 Inspiration Week! We are just so excited about this week! We are featuring 6 stamp sets, 4 stand alone die sets, and our Knit Picky paper collection!
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Today is our showcase of Winter Village and its coordinating dies! This 4″ x 6″ set is great for making a holiday greeting card from the whole family, or for housewarming cards! You can pair this set with Here We Go A-Waddling to create charming winter and holiday scenes!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using the set!

Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

 I love Lynnette‘s cheerful holiday card design! She chose bright, happy colors for the Winter Village images!

 Yainea‘s card is absolutely gorgeous! I love how she heat-embossed the chimney smoke greeting with our new Silver Embossing Powder!

 Nichol created an adorable winter wonderland on this fabulous shaker card! I love how she embossed the greeting on the acetate window!
 I love Audrey‘s beautiful card! The red sky is so unique and coordinates perfectly with the Knit Picky border!

 Elena‘s card is gorgeous with its nighttime village scene! She used Snowy Backdrop die cut from Black Licorice cardstock to add the dramatic night sky! I love how she added Chunky Glitter to the snowy hillsides!
 Latisha‘s Winter Village card is perfect for sending a smile year-round! I love how she used Stitched Tree Borders on this cute little scene!
Jenn‘s card features a fun scene with Stitched Mountain Borders and an awesome plaid sky!
 The front of Elise‘s card gives an adorable hint to what you’ll find inside!
 Elise created beautiful Winter Village using Stitched Hillside Pop-Up! I love how she added the greeting to the Bannertastic banner!

 I love how Kristin framed her Winter Village scene with pattern and bright color!
Now, I have a little video for you showing Winter Village in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Winter Village and it’s coordinating dies! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us one interesting thing about you by September 20th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this stamp set and win, you can choose another set!)

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday September 18th for our next inspiration week post!
Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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318 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Winter Village

  1. OMG, I love all the inspiration here!!! I already have the winter village set and it is really really gorgeous! The houses without the snow on the roof can be used all year long!

  2. This is hands down my favorite set of this release – so versatile and cute! Something interesting about me… hmmm… I'm the citizen of the world, having lived in 4 countries already, and there might be more to come ๐Ÿ˜‰ Born in Poland, met my hubby in Spain, had the first baby in Ireland, and now expecting another one in Finland, lol… talk about globalisation ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I absolutely love these adorable houses! The inspiration on your blog is endless and it really makes my fingers itch to craft even more! Something interesting about me…while I'm a shy introverted person I choose a profession where I have to talk in front of people and socialize most of the time ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Eeeeek! Super duper cute! Love these houses and new papers, stunning creation always!
    Some interesting about me……. Beside crafting, I am still a cartoon lover like in my childhood and love to watch each adventure and mystery movie, they are my favorite!

  5. I can't wait to build some scenes with these houses! Something interesting about me? I absolutely love winter and usually start counting down the days as soon as summer begins.

  6. One interesting thing about me is that I collect birthdays. Friends, family, acquaintances. If I hear a birthday mentioned, the date gets squirreled away. And if they're close enough, they may just get a surprise birthday card!

  7. I'm a hockey fan! That often surprised new friends ๐Ÿ˜‰ I bought this set. I'm still working on Halloween, and then Thanksgiving set I bought from this release, and then, onto Christmas cards! men, I can't keep up with you all. lol

  8. That's a superb stampset today!! What lovely scenes the team have created!! ๐Ÿ™‚ An interesting thing about me? I am passionate about my hobby, crafting, and that makes me find even the tiniest gap available to sneak into my craft room ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. So much fabulous inspiration!! One interesting thing… umm… I'm a huge crazy fan of the show Supernatural and have attended 3 conventions to meet the actors/actresses from the show ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Another adorable set! And so versatile for so many occasions. Loving this release. Let's see, something interesting about me… I like to volunteer for charitable organizations. I work at a resale house for a preschool. I have twin grandbabies that go to Head Start and I volunteer in their classroom and I contribute cards for different card drives throughout the year.

  11. Today's samples are just gorgeous! An interesting thing about me, I had two pet turtles for over 15 years. One was my husband's from college and the other initially belonged to his roommate.

  12. Love this village! The box makes such a cute card. An interesting thing about me…I love to chat with my friends, most online these days. I am married and mother to two girls. I guess I am a pretty simple woman, but I love stamping and creating! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

  13. The Winter Village is so fun! Love all the cute scenes you can create. I am a grandmother! My granddaughter was born on August 21st and she is my first grandchild. She is so beautiful! Also, I collect Christmas ornaments. When I go on a trip, I usually buy a Christmas ornament as a memento.

    1. I do the same thing! Every year I bring a Christmas ornament from one or several of my travels abroad! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love looking at the Christmas tree and remembering the travels and people I've met just by watching the ornaments!

  14. This stamp set reminds me of the ceramic christmas villages…very cute. Something about me…I am one of nine children in my family and they only one that likes to craft.

  15. Fantastic day of inspiration!! So many amazing projects by everyone! Something about me.. well I am a huge Disney fan!! I have been in the parks more times than I can count, and I still cry every time it's time to leave.

  16. I absolutely love this set… there is something so charming and nostalgic about it! It reminds me of a little snowy village in Europe or something ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyways…. something interesting about me is that I have grown up horseback riding my whole life!:)

  17. Projects are so cute, really showcases how versatile the set is. Interesting thing about me is…on one hand I am crazy over Walt Disney World I cry when I arrive and leave, but on the other hand I am nuts for old movies on TCM…weird ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. All these wonderful winter villages make me pine for the skiing season to start! Everyone's project looks amazing! One interesting thing about me is I am Canadian born but I grew up in South America because my Dad was a missionary pilot! So we celebrated Christmas at the beach and now I celebrate it in the Rocky Mountains; la vida es buena!

  19. So sweet! I am the mom of 3 boys–all ADHD and one of those with Down syndrome and other medical issues. Love my wild and crazy boys! And I love to get a few quiet moments to craft.

  20. To my friends and family, an interesting thing about me is that I make all my own Christmas cards, but so do probably all of the people commenting. Another one: I'm a Discworld fan. I have all the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett, I play the Discworld MUD and I have the Discworld boardgame.
    I love the Winter Village! I think it's my favorite of all the Fall/Winter 2017 sets.

  21. What adorable card and projects!! I really love the shadow box die and that Winter Village stamp set is so adorable!!
    I love to make Home made Jelly and Jams. One of my favorite Jellies to make is Strawberry Rhubarb.

  22. I love the Winter Village set! So versatile. An interesting thing about about me is that I love Wizard of Oz–have several collections including Hallmark Ornaments and Barbie dolls dressed as the Oz characters. I am also a beach lover and have shells in every room of my home.

  23. Adorable!! I love this set as I loved Ready set snow for the little village house!
    Okay my interesting fact is…I'm a Minecraft addict! it's just another creative outlet for me!

  24. The little villages are so cute and I see so many possibilities of mixing and matching my current dies and stamps. An interesting fact about me is I was the first certified copic Marker artist in Texas and I'm about to be a grandma for the first time.

  25. I love all these little houses. Thank you for the ideas. My interesting thing about me? I am obsessed with dies of all kinds and I like to sit and cut lots of them, for what I haven't figured out yet. Need to start making soon. But I guess that is not so interesting cause I think we all are.

  26. What a lovely winter collection ! I dont know if I have an interested thing. I believe that I'm a normal person who just adore to craft handmade things (paper, wool, wood, felt, sewn etc) for others.

  27. I love this set and all the fanatastic projects made by you and the design team! One interesting thing about me is that I lived overseas for 4 years.

  28. Winter village is one of my favourite stamp sets from this release! So cute and fun! One interesting thing about me … i love musicals.

  29. these little houses are so darn cute. An interesting thing, I've been to India and went on a photo Safari to look for tigers at the foothills of the Himalayas. We went on the back of an elephant!

  30. Oh this is going to be a GREAT week! Love all the cute home scenes.
    OK.. interesting thing about me? My real name is Andrea Marina, but people can not for the life of me pronounce my first name 'Ann Dray Uh'. So, I go by Andi. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. These are all fantastic ๐Ÿ˜ Something interesting about me ๐Ÿค” Hmmm… well I've always owned rabbits as pets and am strangely obsessed with anything 'bunny' lol.

  32. I love all of these scenes! This set is going to be great to pair with so many others too! Something interesting about me? Along with crafting, for my other pastime I'm a reviewer for cozy mystery novels.

  33. You've really outdone yourselves! Hmmm. I collect Regency fashionplates (antique water colored pen and ink ladies in Regency gowns). I have a hallway full of framed ones…my husband is very supportive!

  34. I love this stamp set and can't wait to get started creating with it. Thanks for the inspiration! Something interesting about me…I love to watch old movies and have always wanted to open a theater that exclusively shows old classics.

  35. so many possibilities with this set! interesting fact about me: not only do I paper craft I pen pal, cross stitch, craft paper clips, tassels, and what ever else I want to try by watching youtube videos. I am a youtube addict. lol.

  36. I love how versatile this set can be…and not just for winter! Interesting fact about me: I was born on 4/4, at just 4 lbs. Guess I have an affinity for the number 4!

  37. Interesting fact about me? I was searching the internet last year for some gift ideas for an elderly relative and happened across a blog post by Jennifer McGuire about the Caring Hearts Card Drive. I thought that was such a great thing that I decided I would learn to make cards so I could participate.

  38. Hi Kelly Marie, Erica, and Mike, and everybody at Lawn Fawn HQ!!! I LOVE Lawn Fawn and love this new release. Everything does get better and better … I don't know how you do it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Something interesting about me … While I was in college, I worked at the White House in Washington DC as a summer job, as a Park Ranger. The White House is also a National Park, besides being the home for the President of the United States. I got to go inside the White House a lot, and even have been in the Oval Office and other places ๐Ÿ™‚ Such a beautiful building!!

  39. I love the winter village stamp & die set!Such adorable projects!!Interesting fact about me is that when I visit my dentist and he is about to do some work on, he allows me to listen to worship music on my Ipod and while that is taking place he attends other patients. When I am well relaxed he comes into the room and starts to work on me. I am only nervous when I got o see my dentist so this has been working for years. Now during that time that I am listening to worship music I am also singing out loud. So yes everyone hears me..LOL I do not sing well..LOL
    Afterwards everyone just smiles..
    Have a wonderful day,
    Crafting with Creative M

  40. I love that some of the winter village houses can be used for non-winter scenes! Something interesting… I've been rock climbing for 17 years! I'm not particularly good but it's the only sport I've ever stuck with for so long! Now my kids climb with us so it's a family adventure.

  41. This is such a cute set. I love the word-shaped smoke & the little hearts because it implies that there are loving people/families in these homes. An interesting thing about me is that I have been in cat rescue,mostly working with ferals, for 20 years. It's stressful work (at least to me) & I do crafts as stress relief ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. This is one of those sets…I had it in my cart, I took it out, I put it back and took it out again, telling myself I could always get it later. Well, after seeing the projects today, it's "later".

  43. I love house images so this Winter Village is right up my alley. Adorable projects! Interesting thing about me, I started college when I was 16 years old. I'm not a brainiac – just circumstances worked out that I graduated high school early.

  44. Thanks for the inspiration. I am lucky enough to already have this set. The most interesting thing about me is that I am a twin. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  45. I don't know if it's interesting, but I had been on a couple of blind dates and sworn off going on a third one, but for some reason I agreed to one and now I'm married to him. Best re-consider decision I ever made.
    Fabulous inspirations. Love this village set… bought this bundle set… can't wait to use this set.

  46. This village set is so sweet! I think they would be so much fun to color over and over again (and I think my kids would want to color them with me!)
    One interesting thing about me is that I have a PhD in physics; I studied quasars for my dissertation research!
    ~Natalie (QSOgirl)

  47. So cute, another great set! Something interesting about me, I've crafted all my life doing various things but am just getting into stamping and card making, I also volunteer at a Wildlife Rescue center on the west coast of Canada!

  48. I love a winter village! I wish I had the room to collect more than the one small set I have. I guess the next best thing would be this awesome stamp set. So cute! Everyone's projects are just AWE-mazing as usual.

  49. I love this set and can't wait to use it! One interesting fact about me is I'm allergic to the sun, not just sensitive. I have to be really careful anytime I'm outside no matter what time of year or what the weather is.

  50. One interesting thing about me: I never wanted a big, fancy wedding, I wanted my wedding to be officiated by an Elvis impersonator! Can't wait to make a ton of tiny little village scenes with these stamps and dies!

  51. What adorable projects and products! I'm really digging this release, which is dangerous for my bank account! Interesting thing about me: I have seven small tattoos and work in animal rescue. Thank you for the chance to win!

  52. I love this village set!It's super nice!
    An interesting thing about me is that for one reason or another I feel like I have lived most of my life on a suitcase.

  53. Wonderful inspiration today, love this set! An interesting thing about me is that I enjoy a lot of other crafts besides card making. I enjoy embroidering, sewing, knitting, mixed media and anything new that comes along, I like to tackle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Love this village set!! One interesting thing about me despite all of the Lawn Fawn dies and stamps I own ( I shamelessly will not give out a number )I still feel like I could use some more ; ) Thanks for the chance to play!

  55. This stamp and die set is so versatile. The design team created wonderful projects. Thank you so much for all the inspiration. I've lived on a Caribbean island for 41 years but I've never been to my island's most popular, world-class beach.

  56. This is my favorite set from your new release- love at first sight!
    An interesting thing about me is that I have loved photography since Girl Scouts! I am now my family photographer/historian and joined a scrapbooking company several years ago and hold crops in the Chicago suburbs!

  57. These houses are adorable. Just might be forced to put them on my must have list! The one thing that my family gets a kick out of is if I am in the papercrafts section of a craft store and see someone who seems to be lost or confused I feel compelled to help them out and guide them to what they may need. I know that feeling and can't stand to see it in others or to watch them waste money. Keep in mind that I am not an employee there and these people are total strangers!

  58. Love this Winter village-set! I will also decorate the outside of envelopes with them. I'm also glad a couple of them do not have snow already on the roof so I can use them for other seasons.
    Best question ever by the way! So interesting to get to know the fellow LF-fans a bit more! I majored in Chinese language and culture and even got to welcome the former President of China, Hu Jintao, to Sweden in company of the Prince of Sweden.

  59. so cute! i don't really think i am all that interesting. i have a thing for bunnies (though i don't have a pet one) since I was born in the chinese year of the rabbit!

  60. I totally love the cuteness and versatility of this stamp set! Oh as for me, one interesting thing, hmmm, well, when I was 8 years old I moved to a street called Garfield Cres and there I met and became friends with 6 girls who are my very best friends still to this day. 40+ years later!

  61. I love this new release…Those village houses are charming in light colors!

    One interesting thing about me is that I can surprise people. I'd guess most people probably think I'm just this quiet, boring homebody (and for the most part, I am!)…But every so often, I'll surprise them by jumping out of an airplane (attached to a parachute, of course!) or by saying, "Let's hop in my car and just drive to wherever the road takes us!"

  62. These are so cute!!! I'm a single mum, and look after children on my own home and love to share my stamps and die sets so all my little ones can make special cards for family members. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. This is my favorite set from this Release! One interesting thing about me is that I have identical twin sons, and I also have identical twin brothers! And just FYI, identical twins does NOT run in families (fraternal twins do). So identical twins 2 generations in a row is pretty cool ๐Ÿ˜€

  64. What a beautiful release with all these cute winter scenes, that reminds me of little village in Hokkaido!
    I am not quite an interesting person but if I have to say one thing about me, that would be I speak many languages, is that interesting? : 0

  65. Little village scenes are my favorite! I am in love with this set. Something interesting about me: I just got my driver's license this year at 37! I bought a car in August and am enjoying the "freedom"! Haha Kind of weird, I guess but it's all in God's timing.

  66. Oh, this set is just the cutest thing! I just LOVE ALLLL the adorable cards and shadow boxes y'all created with it! I want to recreate each and every single one! Not sure what qualifies as 'interesting' but both my dog and I have both had two back surgeries a piece… hoping we both stop there… LOL, thanks for the chance to win!

  67. Something interesting about me is that I foster and rescue animals. My focus area is pregnant animals and babies with the whole wake up every two hours and feed with droppers and have to help them potty as many baby mammals can't go on their own for the first month or so. It's exhausting but super rewarding ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win!!

  68. So much winter fun! I guess an interesting thing about me would be that I used to hate fall and winter. I am a So Cal girl at heart and I think because we used to move so much and I was the new kid at school most years of my growing up life, the end of the summer was something I dreaded. Now that I have been crafting for a few years, I actually look forward to the fall and holiday paper crafting and the fall and winter are less sad for me. Thank you crafting and the crafty community!

  69. I'm 77 yaars old. I'm healthy and happy, no pills and go when/where I
    want. Love to craft. the cards with the scenes are down my
    alley. Those are the type of cards I like to make.
    thanks for sharing.

  70. This has been my favorite release yet, but each one gets better and better!

    One interesting thing about me is that I've lived in 4 different states! New Jersey, Washington, Oregon, and now Texas!

  71. I love this set! Interesting thing…I love to travel! I used to be nervous about traveling or doing things alone but after living in Germany for 4 years and I gained confidence and love to do things alone now.

  72. So many great examples with this set! Hmmmm, an I tatting thing about me, I guess is that I'm a big space nut and managed to get down to Florida twice for a space shuttle launch before the end of the program.

  73. Great video, love the release. Interesting fact (ok, not sure if it's actually a fact) I have a very dominant left handed gene, I'm left handed, my son is left handed and my grandsons are left handed.

  74. For 38 years I taught elementary schoolchildren. After retiring I volunteered at the public library teaching English as a Second Language to immigrant women. I discovered that teaching adults is as rewarding as teaching children.

    Love all the new stamps. Lawn Fawn has the cutest choices.

  75. Great inspiration. I have collected Hallmark Christmas ornaments with I was in 4th grade and have enough ornaments to fill multiple tress, and started my daughter's collections when they were babies.

  76. Love all of the DT inspiration! I don't know that there's anything interesting to report about me – I homeschool my two dear girls and am happily sharing my love of stamping and creating with them.

  77. An interesting fact about me is that I'm a 16 year breast cancer survivor and now teach card making for our local Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre. The Winter Village and coordinating dies just arrived at my home a few days ago and can't wait to play with them. Thanks for all of the inspiration in today's post!

  78. An interesting fact about me is that I work in a mom and pop chocolate shop and still LOVE chocolate! LOL Love all the fun things you are creating with this die set! <3

  79. These cards with these snowy village scenes are the cutest!
    An interesting thing about me is that I was a band geek in high school…and now I'm a band mom! My daughter plays the flute just like I did in school (yup – her marching instrument is the one I used to play 30 years ago!!).

  80. This set is so wonderful! It will be so versatile, too! One thing that surprises people is when I tell them I like WWE Wrestling. I started watching it with my Dad and still continue to do so today. My Dad and I have even gone to their live shows which is a blast You get to cheer the good guys and boo the bad guys and act like a kid again. Plus, watching the kids who believe everything is 100% real is so much fun! Seeing it through their eyes is always one of the best parts!

  81. Okay, I didn't think I was going to 'need' this set but you've changed my mind. It's just moved up on my wish list! Something about me…My husband and I got engaged two weeks after we met and married three months later. We'll celebrate 30 years of marriage in October.

  82. One interesting thing about me is when I make cards, I usually have lots of color/layout ideas and I couldn't decide which one is better. So I would ask my kids and husband to make the decision. I would take their advice without any hesitation.

  83. DELIGHTFUL set, endless combinations for crafting all year long!
    My interesting fact is that I went scuba diving with my husband, he had trouble with his ears & breathing and could not do the full tour … I felt guilty continuing into the crystal clear waters but my senses were soon overloaded with excitement after touching a giant potato cod and clam ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. Love the set! I absolutely love crafting and have been doing so since I was a kid; yet in addition to that I love writing in my downtime (which isn't a lot because I am also going to college and I am a teacher).

  85. There not a single stamp set in this release that I am not absolutely in love with! An interesting thing about me is that I am a little bit of a nerd ๐Ÿ˜›

  86. Loving the village stamps! One thing about me is that I am a Huge Football fan. We have season tix to the Detroit Lions (yes, that's my team) and have been taking our twin sons since they were born…lol & I love Michigan Football (both my sons are juniors @ Michigan) I am also in a fantasy football league.

  87. SQUEAL!! such a FUN Set!! All of the Inspiration is AMAZING!! Something interesting about me is that I LOVE to make Jewelry!! I've always had a fascination with Gems/Rocks and Creating Jewerly puts that Fascination to use!!

  88. I love all the card samples and all the new products! An interesting thing about me is that I lived in Thailand from 2 months old to 2 years old and spoke fluent Thai. Unfortunately I don't remember any of it.

  89. This village set is amazing ! Interesting thing about me… I've got green eyes my favourite colour is green and im happiest outside in the big green world ๐Ÿ˜

  90. The more & more creative ideas i see with this village set makes me love it more & makes me realise how versatile it is.
    I saw no need to have this die since i live in Australia (no snow where i am), but i love what's being created

  91. I really really need this stamp set in my life! ๐Ÿ˜€ something interesting about me i guess is that my graduation ceremony is this week after 3 years at university! onto start a proper job in the real world!

  92. I'm crazy about this stamp set and the bears, and the otters, and the…you get the idea. One interesting thing about me is I have always hated shopping malls and shopping trips. The internet has saved me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. This is such a versatile and fun set! Perfect for making lots of fun scenes! Interesting fact…for crafters, I think you may find it interesting that I hoard and collect stamps of all types, styles and companies…some go back as far as when I first started stamping in the early 1990s. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have many that would be impossible to find for sale anywhere! This is what makes me feel like a geniuine 'collector' of stamps in a serious way! Some joke about being a stamp collector/hoarder, but I think I honestly am one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. This is such a super cute set, and perfect also for "happy new house" cards so very versatile! Interesting fact is that I live with three pet snakes – two of them are the bf's and the baby of the house is my Brazilian Rainbow Boa Gary. He is super cute!

  95. I just love the village! Not sure I'm all that interesting LOL. I'm a righty but in baseball/softball I catch as a lefty. Made more sense to me to catch with my dominant hand so as to try avoid getting hit. LOL

  96. One interesting thing about me is that I am Japanese, born and raised in Hawaii, and I do not like seafood at all. I'm more of a meat and potatoes kind of gal. ha ha.

  97. I love this set!!! Cant wait to create with it, the inspiration cards are just so darn cute.
    An interesting fact about is that I have 4 dogs, and I would have more but my husband won't let me.

  98. Something interesting about me is that I stamped years ago and limited myself to SU products. Recently (10 years later) someone did a SU party that I went to. I wasn't really interested.. THEN I found all these other products and companies and am now hooked again!

  99. I love the Winter Village! I'm married to someone I've known for 53 years, and we are only 59! We started 1st grade together, and after 11 years of being friends, we started dating when we were Seniors. We celebrate our 39th anniversary this month!

  100. I LOVE these little houses!!! An interesting thing about me is that as an accountant most people would assume I'm very uptight and rigid – but I love to be creative! I do photography, crochet, painting and card making ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. Hmmm… not too much interesting about me. Can't wait to retire. I have 4 grandkids who live 13 hrs away, & they warm my heart! I'm a lover of music, Hallmark movies, & family. Thank you for this wonderful release!

  102. Love this set! And the sample projects are absolutely adorable!!! One interesting thing about me is that I love to climb mountains! My dog and I have hiked to the summit of five 13,000+ foot peaks in Colorado in the past four weeks ๐Ÿ™‚ So much fun!

  103. The Winter Village stamp and die set is just so adorable! I love it and combined with the shadow box, they are simply adorable! Something about me…I love to wake up early and stay in bed and watch tv!

  104. Winter Village is definitely going to be a featured set in the majority of my Christmas cards this year – I just LOVE this set, and have so many ideas!! An interesting fact about me is I collect LEGO minifigures and am a LEGO photography hobby-est! ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. What adorable cards made from this "must have" new release!! Some interesting things about me are, I have survived having a heart attack caused by a spontaneous spiral dissection, then six months later spent almost a month in hospital with massive haematomas in my left leg, which is
    also the leg where I had a dvt about 20 years ago, which led to my lungs full of blood clots That's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg! I also have a hobby list the proverbial length of my arm!! lol! Including stamping/card making, crochet, knitting, patchwork/quilting, chocolate making, tapestry, cross stitching/embroidery, gardening, music…………. I also have a 28 year old son who has Aspergers syndrome AND OCD!!

  106. An interesting thing about me is that I participated in the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World in 2013. I love everything Disney so it was a perfect fit for me. I hope to go back before I graduate college. This set is so adorable. I love all of the samples!

  107. This little village is perfect for scene building! An interesting thing about me…. I can touch my toes to my nose (bending backwards). When I was in labour with my first the nurse thought it might work better if I brought my feet up to my nose to push. It only lasted for one contraction and I was like, this isn't awesome can I switch back? I think she just wanted to see if it could be done. haha

  108. I love this set, and these cards! So cute! The interesting thing I do is dog agility with my papillon. I also did dog agility with my deaf sheltie until he retired a few years ago. It is the one and only activity that takes precedence over crafting ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. I love penguins. Is that interesting? ๐Ÿ™‚ I'd love to go to Antarctica and see them in their natural habitat but I get seasick easily and the Drake Passage scares me. ๐Ÿ™‚
    This set is amazing!

  110. I grew up a military brat, I know that I'm not the only one or that doesn't seem interesting, but the stuff I got to experience being one… that's a different story! ๐Ÿ˜‰ For Example- white water rafting in the Swiss Alps during a summer camp was awesome!

  111. This winter village is amazing. It creates such a beautiful scene on cards. Something interesting about me? Hmm… I'm originally, from CZ, I studied in DE, I'm married to a man from SK, and we are currently living in CH.

  112. Love the little houses set–definitely moved onto my wish list. It's been fun to read everyone's posts. Interesting thing about me: I started collecting postcards in 4th grade when a friend sent me one from Disney in FL. I have hundreds, but I try to be discerning and most of my collection is made of "silly" ones, like jackalopes, Idaho traffic jam – potatoes running across the road, or large corn cobs from "Iowa–Where Corn is King!"

  113. Love this set! One interesting thing about me is that whenever I speak english (which is not my native language) I completely change my accent depending on the person I talk to. This is something that happens automatically and that makes it somewhat tricky to be involved in a conversation with a group of people where they all come from different countries or regions.

  114. I didn't think I would get excited over a village stamp set…until Lawn Fawn brought one out and nailed! This stamp set is so well thought out and the DT samples are incredible! This is on my "must have " wish list. Something unique about me: I'm an April's Fool baby.

  115. I play the Celtic harp…never played a musical instrument before but it's part of my stay active retirement plan. This village is so sweet…thank you DT!

  116. I like this set, but the card from nichol spohr i like best, because it combines my faourite set with this one! ๐Ÿ™‚
    An interesting thing about me… well nothing special comes to my mind but when i was a kid I spoke nice words in soap bubbles and sent them to my grandma in heaven and If I'm sad now and missing my grandparents (now there are two gradnmas and my grandpa) I still do so, even if it may sound weird to other people, I don't know ๐Ÿ™‚

  117. Love the Winter Village stamps and dies! It reminds me of my Christmas village, each year (or card) a little different. Something interesting about me is that I do Agility with my dog, Aspen(kind of a winter village name).

  118. Hmmm…I bought my first stamp set and carved my first stamp in 1977. I still carve stamps once in a while and I still am buying stamps. Oh…and just last year I took a pencil drawing class for the first time. But don't worry…I'm not giving up stamps!

  119. Love those little houses:) Not sure if this is interesting, but I went on a blind date with a man, was engaged to him three weeks later, married him 7 months later and we've been married for 35 years.

  120. I am in love with all the new stamps!
    The one interesting thing about me is that I have been married for 46 yrs to a fabulous man! He is my biggest supporter when it comes to my card making!

  121. Hmm, do I really have to talk about myself? Then maybe I could tell you that when I'm getting excited about new craft supplies it seems nothings has changed since I was a little girl. I still have a thing for penguins and polar bears and instantly get all kinds of ideas of what I could make with all the fun stuff that's available. And I still have a hard time choosing!

  122. An interesting thing about me is that I was voted peacemaker back in school. While at the time, I thought it was dumb ( I would have rather received best hair, etc) I feel honored that my fellow students saw that I was kind and fair and now as an adult that carries me through all my trials and life in general. I am grateful for that named honor

  123. I am so in love with these small houses. I collect miniature houses, lighted houses for all seasons, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, you name it I have a house collection for it. I am also a big fan of the Hallmark Murder and Mystery Channel. Love Columbo and Hart to Hart.

  124. Oh the winter village is lovely!!!! Such beautiful cards and projects!!!! So in love with this set!!! One interesting thing about me… hmmm… I am kinda a "Jo of all trades" I can do just about anything. I'm very talented and extremely bright. Graduated college on the deans list ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jo In Jersey

  125. Love love love this set!! It is so versatile and works well with so many other set. Something interesting about me? 4 years ago in June my doctor told me that I wouldn't make the summer(end of August) but I'm still kickin' it ๐Ÿ˜†

  126. Wow, it was really hard to come up with an interesting thing about myself to say. I love bats and once went on a trip with a bat conservation organization where we went out every night, caught bats so that trip leaders could examine them and record details about them, then released them.

  127. Very cute set, I love that village! An interesting thing about me is I've only been card making for about 5 months and have way more stuff then one could imagine, lol.

  128. hmmm this is a hard one … well what most people find interesting about me is that my first boyfriend is my only boyfriend ๐Ÿ˜€ 19 years and counting …

  129. Just a fabulous set! This one is definitely on my wish list. Hmm, an interesting fact about me is that I am a voracious reader. As a kid, I would often go to the library and come home with 7-10 books every week. Within a week, all of the books were read and I would be chomping at the bit to get back to the library to get more books (and probably have re-read a couple of books before I got to go back and get more).

  130. I love this release! Something interesting about me…..I am a homeschool mom of three. Never a dull moment here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I wouldn't have it any other way. =)

  131. These are all beautiful cards. Almost makes we wish for winter to come sooner. I spend my Summer's up in the mountains and I have started stamping here. I used to come up just to unwind, but this year I found so many new stamps, I couldn't resist. Now I have all those supplies to take home for the winter.

  132. Awesome cards, such cuteness! I am currently starting to grow my hair out to its natural colour (white) after dying it red since I was 15 – I am 60 now! I am fed up of getting it dyed every time the roots come though! xxx

  133. Interesting thing about me is that I cannot ride a regular bicylcle but I can fly a single-engine plane. I can ride a tandem bicycle with hubby or a bicycle with 3 wheels (what I call an adult bicycle).
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  134. Oh so many cute little villages. I loved the look so much I had to order the Winter Village stamp and dies. I think it is so versatile and can be used for so many cards…not just winter. Each of these samples proved to me I had to have it. Thanks for sharing.

  135. I just love this release and all of the cute cards that have been made. I have been collecting Disney "anything" since the early 70's, I have quite the collection.

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