Woodland Critter Huggers Teacher Gifts with Elena!

Elena, our party decor queen, is switching it up a bit this month by sharing an awesome idea for teacher gifts!

 Elena created a “herd” of adorable deer using Woodland Critter Huggers to coordinate with the design of the Starbucks gift cards for her children’s teachers!

 Each deer holds a sweet red Tiny Gift Box….

…filled with a chocolate truffle! Elena added the Stitched Gift Card Pocket to the back to hold the gift card!

I’m sure these sweet and thoughtful gifts will make the teachers feel appreciated and put a smile on their faces!

Thank you so much, Elena for inspiring us with another wonderful gift idea!

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16 thoughts on “Woodland Critter Huggers Teacher Gifts with Elena!

  1. Okay…that's it. Just when you think the 'Adorable Meter' can't move anymore, here comes the cutest little gift idea ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my, how cute!! It makes me so happy when I see super cute things and I already have all the sets/dies to duplicate these!!! Can't wait to make some of these 🙂 Keep the ideas coming! (I even have the same truffles to put in the box LOL)

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