Lynette’s Flowery Submarine Birthday Card!

Lynette joins us today to share a super cute birthday card with a fun flower covered submarine!

Lynette created a beautifully “sublime” birthday card by combining You Are Sublime and Bayou Backdrop!

The Really Rainbow – Yellow Brick Road paper makes a fun background for this cool underwater scene!

Lynette cleverly added Spring Sprig flowers to the You Are Sublime submarine! Such a special detail!

Thank you Lynette for inspiring us today! I love your flower-covered submarine!

We hope our friends in the U.S. are enjoying this Memorial Day holiday as we join you in remembering those who have bravely served our country and those who continue to serve.


Thanks for visiting! Have an amazing day!


9 thoughts on “Lynette’s Flowery Submarine Birthday Card!

  1. I always thought of the bayou backdrop that it would make perfekt seaweed! I just love it so much!
    and at first it bothered me that in the last picture there are shown the stencils for flowers and I was like “Why are the flower stencils on the foto, there are no flowers on this card!” but then I looked again and saw the submarine…shame on me. It’s such a cute idea, why didn’t i see it at first glance? 😀

  2. Such a cute card! I love that the Bayou Background makes a great underwater scene when flipped upside down. The flowers on the submarine are adorable!

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