The 30 Day Coloring Challenge Blog Hop + Megan’s Amazing Circus Card!

Welcome to the 30 Day Coloring Challenge Blog Hop! A bunch of friends are helping Kathy celebrate her 10th “The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge” and we hope you will be inspired! You should have arrived here from our amazing friend, Kristina Werner! For the full hop list click HERE to start at The Daily Marker.

If you are new to the 30 Day Coloring Challenge, Kathy has all the details on how you can take part HERE.

And now we have an amazing card by Megan! Her card combines multiple stamp sets, lots of dies, awesome coloring and her fabulous talent! Enjoy!

What appears to be just an absolutely adorable birthday card is only a hint of the awesomeness on the inside!

Wow! It’s a three-ring circus with lots of happy critters on a Pivot Pop-Up! Megan extended the beam of light from Beam Me Up to create a spotlight for the trapeze artist, who joins us from Bicycle Built for You!

Check out the supply list below for all the sets that were combined on this incredible card! Megan used the dog bowl from Critters at the Dog Park to make pedestals for the animals to sit on! Then she decorated them with the star from Spooktacular and a party hat from Party Animal!

The ruffle around the bear’s neck is part of the Hats Off to You Santa hat! How clever is that?!! Megan‘s coloring brings these happy performing critters to life!

Thank you so much, Megan! I love this amazing interactive card!

And now it’s giveaway time! For a chance to win a $50.00 gift certificate to just leave a comment on this blog post by Wednesday June 6 at 5PM ET. We will announce the winner here on the blog on Friday, June 8th. Thanks so much!

Now your next stop on the blog hop is Lime Doodle Design Blog with the amazing Debby Hughes! Have fun, and happy coloring!

Thanks for joining us today for this special blog hop!





375 thoughts on “The 30 Day Coloring Challenge Blog Hop + Megan’s Amazing Circus Card!

  1. Oh my goodness – this card just blew me away!!!! I LOVE how all of the critters work so well together and this is just the most fun and happy birthday card I love it!

  2. Awesome card! 👏 Brilliantly creative and an amazing use of multiple sets. Love this about LF products! 💙

  3. OMG!!! There was a lot to see and it was all absolutely amazing!! What a card!!! I love it!!!

  4. Love the innovation of your dimensional dies. The card is already so creative but now also interactive

  5. Wow what an awesome interactive card. The images are super cute and your colouring is amazing. Loving the bright, vibrant colour scheme too. Thanks for the generous giveaway x x

  6. WOW! What a wonderfuly put together card. Great job Megan!! Thank you SOOO much for sharing it with us.

  7. I absolutely love this card! I’ll bet Megan had the best time making this card knowing the person to receive it would feel so special. Fantastic creation!

  8. OH Man oh MAN this card is a card …. on a card… on a card!! wowowooo !! Megan this is the absolutely most amazing card I am blown away!!! Thank YOU Megan and Lawn Fawn. Hugs, Kathy

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy! I’m so glad that you like it! Congratulations on your 10th Coloring Challenge!

  9. Wow this card is a work of art. Interactive, lots of coloring and creative uses for diffent stamps and dies. I bet it took quite awhile to create. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow! That card is just amazing! Love that there are so many creative elements … I was wondering what the stand the animals were on was!

  11. Wow! It is amazing how Megan combined all these sets! I believed Lawn Fawn had created a Circus Animal set!!!

  12. Love how she took all the animals and made them a circus! I thought it was a retired set. Very very creative! Two thumbs up on this adorable card!

  13. This card is amazing! Don’t think I could ever have the patience to make a card like this, but Megan did a fantastic job. Her coloring is just perfect.

  14. This Pivot Pop Up card is fantastic! I cant decide whether this die or the Reveal Wheel is my favorite, but you are knocking it out of the park with these new ideas.

  15. Wow I love the Circus themed Pivot card! So many details… I would love to see the video. I have not ordered that die yet, as I just received my Reveal Wheel one, and need to make some cards like that. But I do love the idea of the Pivot card!!

  16. That is an amazing card–so clever how Megan used so many sets in unusual ways to achieve one fabulous circus! I checked out her Instagram account and was totally blown away by the things she creates!

  17. Wow! The card is amazing! You can tell so much work went into this card, it is stunning! Thank you for the inspiration. I really like that several sets were used. I have been trying to use different pieces from different sets together more.

  18. I love the circus feel and how you kept only the characters bright to bring the eye to the subjects. Beautiful happy card.

  19. This is so clever…I can’t even! The swing as a trapeze is my favorite, followed closely by the elephant on the bike. 😂🤣😂 And I would have never thought to use the dog bowls that way. This is why we need ALL of the Lawn Fawn sets. Well done!

  20. A fun and inspiring interactive card for a special little someone. Way to get more creative mileage from a collection of images!

  21. Wow, not only is Megan’s coloring amazing but her ingenuity is phenomenal! i love seeing how Lawn Fawn’s sets collectively work together and because Lawn Fawn doesn’t retire their sets so quickly, you can still capitalize on getting a set you may not have but now see the potential! i also love the snowy backdrop setting the scene inside and out, awesome job!

  22. Megan has such a knack for stretching images! Always so clever! Thanks for the generous prize on the hop! So much Lawn Fawn on my wishlist right now 🙂

  23. Oh my what a busy fun card. Just love that you have two spotlights on the inside. What child wouldn’t like this card or even an adult!

  24. Wholley smolley a lot work went into that card not sure id give it
    That is the most amazing card ive seen in my 20 years of stamping! Whoever gets it will be so lucky

  25. Fun, colorul cards, but what isn’t fun with Lawn Fawn! I am still getting a lot of mileage out of the interactive oven you released a few years ago!

  26. Oh my world, my jaw just dropped, and I can see from other comments that mine was not the only one! This is such an amazing card, and so fabulously executed that I am nearly lost for words! And that does not happen very often, trust me! 😉 Thank you so much for being part of Kathy’s wonderful hop and challenge!

  27. OMG! Your card is stunning, I love all the different critters made into a circus act. WOW lawn fawn thanks for the inspiration!

  28. Your card is absolutely fabulous ! There are so many details to discover, it’s really a fantastic creation !

  29. WOW !!! How bright, cheerful and filled with so many brilliant images is this card, let alone that it pops as well. I’m so blown away by this card. It’s colouring is fantastic so bright and I can’t believe how many sets you have involved WOW.Thank you so much for the ideas and inspiration with this, just please don’t tell me you for it in ten minutes or I am quitting my first try at this chat on day two !x

    1. Haha! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! No. This card took hours of coloring and days to put together. I work quite slowly because I want everything just right.

  30. WOW, this card is seriously amazing – I am so jealous of the person who gets to receive this lol!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  31. I have always loved the characters you design so seeing them colored makes my heart smile! Thank you for sharing

  32. I always love a corcus theme and tou pulled it off perfectly. The colour saturation and contrast is stunning.

  33. Wow, what a dynamic and AMAZING card! I love the three ring circus Megan created. The depth of color is just amazing and the beams of light are incredible!

  34. OMG – this card is so creative! I can’t believe how well these sets were combined/altered to create these amazing scenes. This is a BIG WOW!!!!

  35. There’s a very delighted child in this card’s future. I can imagine the expression on the face of the recipient when he or she opens this card and finds all these bright and wonderful circus animals all over the place. This was a labor of love, and it’s going to make some child very happy. A truly fabulous card. Thank you for sharing the details.

  36. What an amazing card! So much creativity in this one card! I need to get that pop up twist die. My 4 year oldniece just loves pop up cards! 😁

  37. This is such an awesome card, I saw the Pivot Pop Up die several times the last few day, on the SSS blog and the blog of Nichol and I love the die. So versatile! It’s such fun to do the 30 Day Coloring Challenge again, thanks for your part in the challenge.

  38. This is so amazing. I would have to make two of this card. because my two youngest grandsons would both want it. 🙂

  39. Wowza, this card is absolutely incredible! Love the cute images, the coloring, the folds- all of it!

  40. Holy moly! Megan – this must have taken a week to make! So glad you did, because now we get to see just how talented you are! This is amazing!

  41. As always, Megan doesn’t disappoint. Thanks for the awesome inspiration.Everything was just WOW!

  42. This card is so crazy amazing. I love how all the different sets came together to make such a fun card!

  43. Wow! What a great card! I love how it just explodes with all those cute circus images! Thanks for the great inspiration!

  44. I NEED this die!! It is on my list for the future!! This card is so cute and all the fun little elements are just too FUN!!

  45. I absolutely love this circus card! Such a fun scene, Megan! I am so glad she’s part of your team, I just love what she comes up with! Thanks for a great giveaway, Lawn Fawn!

  46. What an adorable birthday card. So much work must have gone into it. The creativity is remarkable. Love it!

  47. Ahhh, Lawn Fawn … my favorite line EVER. Thanks for making all of your products work perfectly together. Meghan you hooked up that circus card – perfect for any recipient. I have to get this set to make for my monthly Cards for Hospitaluzed kids. They’re gonna love it!

  48. WOW!! That’s a lot of work. Well worth the time and effort. Lawn Fawn has the most fun interactive cards. Love it.

  49. All of these comments have put the biggest smile on my face and, to be honest, a few tears! Tears of joy for sure, but yes, I have teared up. I am so blown away by the response that my cards have received and I am so grateful for such a wonderful, supportive, and caring community to be a part of. A huge thank you to everyone that has left a comment or visited today! And always a huge thank you to Lawn Fawn for believing in me and welcoming me into their family!

  50. that is one beautiful card. So creative! I can just imagine the joy and biggest smile on the face of anyone opening this card.

  51. OMG! that card is amazing! Thanks for supporting Kathy’s challenge. I always have the intention to participate but never actually follow through 🙁

  52. Wow! This card is really amazing! I am wondering how much time it took to create it. Some unique and cute ideas on this card–again, it’s spectacular!

  53. First of all this is super beautiful and creative. Secondly- I cannot imagine how much time this must have taken. The detail is intense! Thanks so much for sharing

  54. The Lawn Fawn pivot pop up card is soo versatile…using it in so many ways with different stamp sets and mediums.

  55. Wow!! This has got to be the most creative card I have seen on the Lawn Fawn blog(and that is saying a lot because they all are stunning). Kudos to Megan!!

  56. I just love that pivot die!!! And these cards are ADORABLE!!! Thanks for being a big part of the 30-Day!!!

  57. WOW! The creativity and coloring is off the charts. I would never to think to use a dog bowl to create a pedestal.

  58. Gorgeous combination of all these fabulous LF images!! This is a three ring Circus I want to go to!!! Megan’s spotlight idea, all the pedestals aka dog bowl, the bear’s neck ruffle aka Santa hat edge, and the inter-activeness is crazy awesome!! Her coloring should be awarded some how! Wow!!!

  59. I LITERALLY gasped when I saw the card opened!! I thought the front was really cute – than bam!! That truly is a work of art. Ah-mazing

  60. I love how she combined so many stamp sets. Great circus themed card. I love the spotlights. It just so adorable.

  61. This card is outstanding! I love how the colors pop against the rich, dark background. The stamp sets she combined complement each other so perfectly and look like they were all waiting to be used together to create this magical scene.

  62. Holy cow…that is one amazing card! All that vibrant color is just perfect for a circus act, too!! Another item just got added to my LF list. Just wow!

  63. Totally love this card! It’s such a huge surprise when then the card opens up! I love how so many different stamp sets can be used to create a single card 🙂

  64. Wow! Now that’s an amazingly creative card! Love all the different stamp sets that were used to create this. I can’t get over how sweet that trapeze artist is! Fantastic coloring throughout! Thanks for sharing.

  65. First, I absolutely love Megan’s cards!!! So beautiful and creative. This one might be my favorite one of all time that she has made. What great ideas to use the dog bowls and ruffle from Santa hat in such unexpected ways!!! In a word, fabulous!!!!

  66. Just imagine the look on a child’s face when they open this card! Its awesome! I love it! hugs, treen

  67. WOW! Your circus pop up card is just simply AMAZING! It is bright, cheerful, fun and creative! I am in complete awe! Thank you so very much for this inspiration! 💗

  68. This card is so fun that I had to show it to my two little girls and they went crazy!! Of course, now they want me to make one for their next birthday party but um, no way. I wouldn’t even know where to begin!!

  69. What an amazing card! I love how you used the beam me up as a spot light. It brought a huge smile on my face. But I am sad that Lawn Fawn no longer has the circus set. Maybe they can bring it back??!!!!

    1. Hi! Thank you for your sweet comment! I used different stamp sets to make this card. Lawn Fawn hasn’t made a circus themed stamp set that I’m aware of, but wouldn’t that be great! Maybe they will in the future. 🤗 Kelly listed the stamp and die sets that I used in the blog post if you would like to see exactly which ones that I used. Thank you again! All of the sweet comments on my card have been so special to me!

  70. Cool card! When I first saw the front, I thought, “oh, how adorable,” then the next picture knocked me right over! It was a wham/bam! And I love that upside down use of the spotlight. How clever! But, seriously, did she really use THAT many supplies?! Well, it was clearly worth the mess that I am sure having that many stamp sets out created…!

  71. Holy…this is the most amazing pivot card I’ve ever seen. Megan just made me purchase several more sets

  72. This card is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! I have been seeing a lot of pop up box cards like this, which would make wonderful table decorations as well!

  73. Wow!! This card is amazing, the colors are so eye catching. All the details and the pop out inside is just so wonderful

  74. I just love what you created–stunning. I have always been intimidated by coloring but recently purchased some Copics and am starting to enjoy coloring. I need to continue to practice to get better at it but will eventually get there.

  75. Megan, this card is INCREDIBLE! You have certainly taken these fabulous stamps and dies and took it up a few notches with your ingenious ideas! Love that you used the dog bowls for pedestals. Oh my goodness, you have def. thought outside the box and it is a great reminder for all of us.
    An amazing card!

  76. That is an absolutely amazing card – what a labour of love and so imaginative (dog bowls for pedestals!)

  77. I’ve never seen anything like this card. It is awesome, to say the least. I’m such a fan of Lawn Fawn stamps – adore all the critters. Thanks for the chance to win.

  78. What an amazing card!! So clever! I love the colors and the ultra-creative use of all those stamp sets! Boundless creativity!❤️ Thank you for the inspiration!

  79. WOW. what an amazing card! Love all the critters and fabulous coloring.. What a wonderful give away in support of the hop as well! Thank you!

  80. What an amazing interactive card!! Would love to see a video on how you made it.
    Thanks for sharing…

  81. This pivot pop up card is amazing. And the coloring is perfect. Love everything about this card!

  82. What a fantastic card.
    One the recipient can play with for years
    and still enjoy like it’s new every time.
    The bear in the star is darling.
    thanks for sharing an amazing project

  83. Hi Megan, I thought your card was amazing and then when you showed the inside I was blown away, WOW, that is the coolest!!!!! Really, like OMG, the colors, the pop of it, the 3*D, just everything, I just can’t imagine especially a kid’s face if you gave them a card like that I mean they would freak out once they open it up. It would be so AWESOME to see their face when they opened it, Thanks for amazing card and giveaway!!!!!!

  84. Great card that is full of color and fun critters ready to celebrate. Love the birthday hats on each one.

  85. This pivot die is ingenious! I’ve used it for several kids bday cards & they get the biggest kick out of it. I’m definitely getting the new Reveal Wheel die & stamps!

  86. I’m sure this work of art was a labor of love. I hope you made more than one. Lawn Fawn is so good at coordinating all their die sets to work with each other. I need to push myself to think outside the stamp set. It’s not just backgrounds that can mix and match. Thank you for the inspiration.

  87. Wow what a fabulous card…love this pop up card! The critters are adorable and the dark blue colour allows everything to pop.

  88. Awesome card! I love Kathy’s challenges and have to say I love Lawn Fawn products! I’m especially in love with your plaid and rainbow papers, have them all!

  89. WOW!!! Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe this fantastic card. From the design to the coloring to the execution …. I can’t find a superlative to match this card. Well done! Thanks for sharing!

  90. All I have to say is WOW! I bought the pivot card die. It is about time I open the package and use it!

  91. Wow, what an amazing card Megan has made!! I have never seen one quite like this one. It’s great :o)

  92. I LOVE your new interactive Dies and stamps, especially the pivot pop-up and reveal wheel. It is so fun seeing so many different stamp sets being used with them to make mini-masterpieces.

  93. Oh…….This card is absolutely incredible! You have shown such imagination and incredible talent. Thank you!

  94. Eeeek! that is just so much fun. I am blessed to have grands who love to get my first attempts at new techniques, and this is next on my list for the October birthday girl. The downside of creating cards ahead is that I keep finding new things I want to try and I already have cards made! Thank you so much for supporting Kathy this way.

  95. Wow! This is so creative and awesome! I love how she’s combined so many sets to make this perfect big top scene! Genius!

  96. what a FUN creation!!! luv the spotlights! luv the bright colors against that blue, starry background!!!

  97. This card is so creative and smart! I love how all the different sets were incorporated! I really wish there was a video for this as it would be amazing to watch!

  98. Wow! I don’t know if I’ve ever created a card requiring that much work. That card is a piece of art!

  99. What a suprising card, any child would be so thrilled with it. I love your coloring of the circuse animals, so cute.

  100. I am blown away by this card. So creative and a great way of using many LF stamp sets.

  101. I just love the star background on the first card. A real cool card. Wow your other card is great!

  102. What an amazing card! The Pivot Pop-Up is so fun and allows you to use a lot of images on one card.

  103. Now THAT is a Birthday card! Absolutely awesome. Wouldn’t you love to find that in your mailbox? Thanks for sharing it with us!

  104. All these products work so beautifully together for the theme of this card. This is a delightful card.

  105. Wow, this card is truly amazing. I love it a lot. How clever using part of Santa’s hat for the ruffle.

  106. Wow! Just Wow! When my dad asks me to make card for him, he always wants a circus theme. I’m bookmarking this to keep for ideas. Thanks.

  107. Oh, wow! I never in a million years would have come up with an idea like this! Really awesome way to use stamps in a different way to come up with something completely different.

  108. I think this card is fabulous! I love the way you put so many different stamp sets together to create such a great idea!

  109. Such a fun card!! What a great idea to use images from other stamp sets. They all work so well together. Thanks for the inspiration.

  110. This card created by Megan, is fantastic! So many fun elements are incorporated into this card! Wow! And wow is an understatement. What a wonderful card and I think you could be three or 93 and you would love this card. A great idea and a wonderful colorful card!

  111. Well, I was originally going to say what a cute, simple card…and then I saw the inside. Not so simple after all. But even more cute seeing all of the details that went into it!

  112. megan’s card is gorgeous! it would take me a month to do all that! lol. she makes it look so easy. great card!

  113. Oh my goodness it’s so cute! A lot of work, but it packs a punch. Love the coloring! This hop has been amazing!

  114. I feel like I’ve been to the circus just looking at this card! I wouldn’t be able to give this away after all that amazing work on it. Seriously, I’m just blown away by this card, I’ve lost my words. Thank you for sharing this with us! Thank you also, Lawn Fawn for being so generous and supporting Kathy and the challenge. 😀

  115. I have to say I started reading the blog post and thought what wonderful coloring and how cute the card is. Then came the second part of the card and I just couldn’t believe you had the whole circle there! What an amazing and Wonderful card! You blew my socks off!

  116. What an amazing card! It has so many cute critters and colors! Thank you so much for a chance to win. Your summer release is my favorite and my list is long!!

  117. OH, I ADORE the pop-up Circus Card!!!! HOW ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!! 😉 Takes one back….. LOL AND I know kids would LOOOOVE THIS, whether they’re younger kids or older kids! 😉

  118. So many wonderful details on this interactive card ! Great fun , you can always rely on lawn fawn for cuteness! Super giveaway too! Thanks xx

  119. Oh my goodness !! It really is an absolutely amazing card !!! Congratulations !!

  120. Oh my goodness! I love all the critters, and how you combined so many sets! This card is just adorable!!

  121. That card is adorable!
    The stitched star dies are on my wish list.
    the coloring is fantastic too!

  122. Oh my gosh, this is one of the cutest cards ever! I absolutely love it! I love how you made this card and I think it would work for anybody, not just kids. I know plenty of people who would love this card and they aren’t kids. It is so totally creative! I also love you’re coloring and I am so glad you are part of the coloring challenge. I love to color and I can tell you do too!

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