Lawn Fawn Intro: Mice on Ice and Stitched Pond

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Today is our showcase of Mice on Ice and its coordinating dies, and Stitched Pond! Your winter with be nice with these mice on ice! This set is perfect for creating winter or holiday cards. Pair this set with Stitched Pond to create an ice-skating rink for the mice! Or, use Flippin’ Awesome to make an interactive card with mice skating. For more sentiment options, use the sayings in Happy Happy Happy. Stitched Pond is perfect for creating ice skating rinks, summer pools, spring ponds, and more! The included stitched trails are perfect for ice skating scenes with characters skating along the pond.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fun new sets!

Elise‘s bright and cheerful design features our cute mice enjoying a day of skating under a pretty pink sky! She filled in the landscape with trees from Yeti or Not!

Latisha‘s Mice on Ice card is so beautiful! I love the awesome red and aqua color combo from the Snow Day Remix papers and how she sprinkled the Mini Snowflakes across the card! The sentiment stamped in Black Licorice and the Black Tie cord bow add a striking contrast!

Grace added an amusing interactive element using the Let’s Toast Pull Tab Add-On! Her skating mouse looks to be attempting a triple axel jump! She added fun detail to her scene using the log cabin and trees from Shadow Box Card Mountain Add-On!

I love how Elena die cut the Stitched Pond off the top edge of her card panel! It gives her lovely snowy scene an interesting perspective!

Lynnette‘s striking red, white and black color combo is so beautiful and really highlights the super cute Mice on Ice! I love how she added the stitched skating trails to the icy pond, they are included in the Stitched Pond die set!

Megan added movement to her skating mice scene using the Reveal Wheel and the Square Add-On! One of the mice was added to the wheel through the window so he can skate forward and back (at least I think he’s skating and not falling with style)! She created the icy pond using Stitched Hillside Borders and then popped up the panel on a Stitched Woodgrain Backdrop.

Yainea created sweet little Mice on Ice scenes for her Flippin’ Awesome design! She paired Snow Day Remix papers with the pretty Strawberry Frosting Spiffy Speckles paper and Pixie Dust glitter cardstock. She added a surprise gift card with the Diagonal Gift Card Pocket!

This cute pair of mice are skating hand in hand in Elise‘s sweet scene! She created the icy pond using Pearlescent Vellum then she framed her cute card with a Stitched Square Frame in a Snow Day Remix pattern!

Jenn‘s card gets lots sparkle from the Stitched Pond die cut from Pixie Dust glitter cardstock! She added a fun interactive element with Slide on Over so her little skating mouse can glide across the ice!

Audrey‘s frosty color palette is so beautiful accented by just a little pastel color in the scarves on the mice and the sweet scattered hearts! She used Pearlescent Vellum and Snowfall Backdrop with some pretty Prisma glitter!

Kristin created sweet little Mice on Ice vignettes inside the windows of the Foursquare Backdrop: Portrait! It’s so pretty how she backed the windows with Pearlescent Vellum!

Megan used the Stitched Pond as the focal point of this adorable card and included some cute bears from Beary Happy Holidays and the tiny bunny from Smooth Sailing peeking from behind the Yeti or Not decorated tree! As a finishing touch, she added sparkle to the edges of the icy pond with the Glitter Pen!

Karolina’s sweet and simple design has pretty pink accents and is framed with Just Stitching Double Rectangles for a bit of fun detail!

Now, I have a video for you introducing Mice on Ice and Stitched Pond and to share some fun things you can do with these sets. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thank you for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Mice on Ice and Stitched Pond! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you are a figure skating fan by September 18 at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday September 13 for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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393 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Mice on Ice and Stitched Pond

  1. Oh, those tiny mice – they are so adorable! I love watching figure skaters, but unfortunately I lack the grace it takes to stand up on the ice 😅 That’s alright, I’d rather be home being crafty anyway.

  2. I have fond memories of going ice skating as a child at Lombard Lagoon. They had a warming house with benches where we put on our skates. They also served hot cocoa and freshly popped popcorn. Even though I wasn’t very good on skates – these were some very happy outings.

  3. I absolutely LOVE watching figure skating although I’ve only ever watched it on TV and not live. I think it all came from growing up in the U.K. and watching Torvill and Dean, when I was a kid, ice dancing to Bolero in the Olympics. They made it look sooooo romantic and I fell in love with it right there and then, lol.

  4. WOW!! Love all of these! What an amazing talented team! My Mice on Ice and Stitched Pond arrived today! Yay! Can’t wait to get started! It’s too hot for ice skating here in Texas, but the Olympic figure skating is my favorite sport!

  5. Who ever thought that skating mice could be so stinkin’ cute! And the variety of samples make me excited to play with this new set. Reminds me of many skating escapades during my childhood.

  6. Love the mice stamp set. I can’t wait to start making cards using it. When I was younger I took lessons to learn how to ice skate. It was always something I really enjoyed doing.

  7. I use to ice skate long long time ago. I enjoyed it. I also like the skating in the Winter Olympics. The mice flip card is my favorite.

  8. I am not a figure skater but do enjoy watching them glide across the ice. I’ve tried and I’m not that coordinated. These cards are so cute and makes me want to test out my coordination skills again.

  9. So I like watching figure ice skating, but otherwise ‘snow’ and ‘ice’ are not things I have experienced often (as of today, a whopping 6 times!). So, I myself am not an ice skater. I can roller skate, but that is the closest. Doesn’t stop me from finding the mice on ice set super cute!

  10. I love to watch the Olympic figure skating with the TV on mute, and dub over with super upbeat modern music/popular songs. Makes for a good laugh 😂

    1. What an adorable set and so many great ideas for using it! My Dad took me to see the Ice Capades when I was little and my daughter and I have been figure skating fans for many years.

  11. Not a fan of doing it myself but I do like watching during the Olympics the skating bear is adorable, loved all the cards today. The log cabin i spotted on a card is a must have I hope it is coming up!!

  12. Love all the inspiration today! Everyone used such dreamy colors. I’m a big fan of figure skating! I did figure skating for awhile when I was a kid so that’s my most favorite sport of all. The mice on ice is right up my alley!

  13. The mice are fantastic and so cute! Not a big fan of figure skating, the weather here is too hot, unless you go to a specialised ice skating rink.

  14. Figure skating is not particularly popular here in the deep south, but I do enjoy watching during the winter Olympics.
    Thanks, Kelly, for the opportunity to win your fantastic products! 🙂

  15. I just love this set with the cute ice skating mice! The samples were beautiful!! I enjoy watching figure skating since I am terrible at ice skating! Ha!

  16. I love to watch Figure Skating!! It always amazes me how they make it look so effortless. I love the new Stitched Pond lawn cut. I have lots of ideas for that particular die cut. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  17. I’ve always loved figure skating. When I was a kid I requested a Dorothy Hamill haircut and got one and took ice skating lessons!

  18. OmG I’m absolutely speechless about all these adorable inspirations. Love them all.♥ As I saw the mice stamps for the first time, I thought I don’t need this set, but after so many inspiring projects I need this one too.♥
    Many thanks for these inspirations.♥

  19. I figure skated when I was young, but I wasn’t too fond of it. I found gymnastics, swimming and volleyball more fun. I love this set and can’t wait to make a ton of cards with it!!!

  20. All of these cards are so cute! I love the skating mice. I love figure skating and did it for many years as a child and into my early teens.

  21. Love the gracefulness of figure skating. My hockey playing 13 year old grandson has take-up figure skating and loves it! These mice are just darling!

  22. I’ve never done much ice skating, but LOVE watching! Once my Dad took us to see the Olympic figure skaters. It was awesome! Great video & stamp set!

  23. These mice are simply adorable! I love figure skating! I took a couple semesters of figure skating classes in college for PE credit, and it was so fun. I wish I got to go skating more often. And of course, I always watch as much as I can when the Olympics are on!

  24. I already have this adorable stamp set – which I love … now I need the Stitched Pond die set as well.

    I absolutely love ice skating – I love watching it and I love doing it – even though all I can do is go around a rink pretty slowly!!!

  25. Such stunning projects everyone!!!! I am a fan of watching figure skating – but I’ve never ice skated before!! Looks scary haha!

  26. Eeek! I love the mice!! They are just the sweetest little things ever.
    All of the cards are just so fun and adorable. The pond is perfect for
    all the critters to skate on. I love to watch figure skating on the Olympics
    and I have only ice skated (no figures!) once in my life (I live in So. FL
    where it’s not too popular).

  27. Yes, since I was young I wanted to do it but my dad wouldn’t let me haha said I would break something so I just watched it on TV

  28. Oh! These mice are so cute but what really makes it is the stitched pond and the iridescent vellum! I grew up with roller skates so am not very good on ice skates but I love to watch someone who is!

  29. I enjoy watching the Olympics figure skating competitions. Grew up on roller skates and only tried ice skating once and spent the whole time hanging on to the wall. Love these adorable skating mice! My set is supposed to arrive today! Woo-hoo!

  30. I like to watch figure skating, but I’m too uncoordinated to actually ice-skate!
    These mice, however, are perfectly coordinated. 😉 Thanks for the inspiration!

  31. Growing up in So Cal, there wasn’t much opportunity to ice skate, but I have had fun the times I have tried. The mice are adorable!

  32. I loved skating as a kid and still like to skate from time to time. I am not a fan of watching it on tv, the skaters all start to blend together.

  33. Haven’t been on skates since I can’t remember when…. Some 30 years ago maybe? But love watching it on TV! And what else? Yepp, I will for sure enjoy making Christmas-card with these adorabels! (being Swedish I don’t know if that’s a word – if not it is now haha….)

  34. Love the Mice on Ice , this post put them into my heart and then into my cart! Loved figure skating as a child and young adult. I always dreamed on skating like Dorothy Hamel but my flat feet and figure skating didn’t make the cut–Lol!

  35. What cute skating mice! My mom used to take me and my brother skating when we were kids, but I haven’t skated in years. I enjoy watching it in TV though, they make it look so easy!

  36. First I just have to say all these samples are amazing!!! I especially love using the reveal wheel to make the mice skate! Yes I am a figure skating fan! I’m pretty sure it all started when I was little and all five of us, mom, dad, sister, brother and I, would sit on the couch with blankets watching to Winter Olympics together! Great memories!!!

  37. I certainly enjoy being a spectator. I’m not very proficient in the activity itself. These little mice are so sweet! Great job DT!!

  38. Mice on Ice is a great stamp set (moved to the very top of my wish list) along with the stitched Ice die. The design team has done an amazing job to showcase these products….love them all. I use to ice skate when I was younger and have often thought of getting some skates again but instead I just watch figure skating.

  39. Mice on ice is so adorable. I just love all these makes! I took some ice skating lessons when i was younger unfortunately that didn’t stick through the years because my sense of balance is horrible now!

  40. Oh my gosh! Those mice are SO stinkin’ cute! Love all the samples from the designers. I really like watching ice skating and, when I was younger, I used to ice skate from time to time. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  41. I adore this set! It’s super cute! I am a big fan of watching figure skating, like the Olympics, etc. but I am a terrible figure skater! Lol.

  42. Must admit I’m not much of a figure skating fan, I’m more of a ice-hockey guy. But I think the Little Mice on Ice are super cute!

  43. I prefer the non-toe pick version of skates 🙂 And I don’t love mice in real life, but these little guys are so stinking adorable!

  44. love to watch figure skating, so graceful. the Canadian at the last Olympics were on fire.
    love these little mice too. thanks for inspiring us.

  45. This set is so cute! I don’t mind watching figure skating for a few minutes and I appreciate their skills, but I cannot watch for hours.

  46. Mice on Ice is so sweet! Part of why I love them is because I love watching figure skating on tv. I can’t do it due to a serious back injury, but I enjoy watching others do it! 🙂

  47. These are all soooo awesome!! Your design team has done an amazing job and now I want to go and replicate all of them!! LOL!! Huge regrets on not buying the ice pond. I think I’ll add it to my next order. hee hee Ice skating….no, honestly not really a fan. It’s always cold where I am and I’ve had enough snow and ice to last me an entire life time. ha ha ha! Great job ladies and I can’t wait until tomorrow!! Hugs!

  48. I’ve watched figure skating, but have never done it myself. When I was younger and the winters were colder here in Holland, I used to ice skate. But that’s a long time ago…

  49. Yes, I’m a figure skating fan.
    Love today’s inspiration, all the cards are so cute and those mice are absolutely adorable!

  50. I love the jumping mice, so cute! I like watching figure skating during the winter Olympics but I’ve never done it myself. I not the biggest fan of roller skating or skiing so I feel like I wouldn’t like ice skating. Plus I live in Texas so its harder to find places to ice skate.

  51. All of these cards are incredibly cute! I love these little mice. I’m a big fan of figure skating to watch, but I’ve never actually even seen a pair of ice skates in person.

  52. Super cute ideas!, love this set!! Figure skating and a hot cup of cocoa afterwards is a fun winter tradition in our household!

  53. I’ve only been ice skating once! And I was horrible – haha! 🙂 But these little cutie mice are convincing me I should give it a second go 🙂

  54. Yes, I am. That’s the one thing I will always watch when the Winter Olympics are on. I keep trying to talk myself out of that mice set…. then I keep seeing all these cute cards…. UGH!

  55. I love watching figure skating! It’s so cool. I used to ice skate when I was a kid and then we went last winter and it was such a blast!!!

  56. I loved to skate on our neighborhood pond as a child. I also enjoy watching it during the Olympics. These mice on ice are just too cute!

  57. I love to watch ice skating competitions on TV. It’s amazing what these skaters can do. We couldn’t wait for the pond at the local park freeze so we could go skating. I loved my ice skates.

  58. All these cards are adorable. No, I don’t enjoy watching figure skating but I do love these cute little mice on ice. I have never ice skated since we do have water freeze here in FL.

  59. I love watching figure skating and used to be pretty confident on skates. Unfortunately years without practice have made me quite lacking in grace on ice.

  60. I loved to watch the Olympics when I was younger, especially the ice skating! I was never any good at doing it but it’s great to watch. I’m sure these little mice will be a thrill to watch on the ice!

  61. How cute are these?! I use to love watching figure skating as a teenager – with my mum. I was really really into it… Sadly, somehow lost interest in it, and only watch the occasional bits and pieces during winter Olympics…

  62. AWESOME Mice on Ice creations! So CUTE!!! I’m not an ice skater (missed that window of opportunity as a kid since I grew up in Texas) But I love watching ice skating competitions!

  63. OMG… those skating mice! If I tried to figure skate I’m pretty sure I’d fall and break something! LOL. But I adore watching it on the Olympics!

  64. As a child I loved to figure skate. Our little brick pool in the backyard turned into a great round skating rink during the winter. And my whole family and I skated on the lake in our town whenever we had a really cold winter.

  65. Figure skating is very graceful. I don’t necessarily watch it, but on the occasions I have seen it, I have enjoyed it. They put in a lot of work and talent in their routines.

  66. We do not have much ice skating around here in Georgia but it looks like fun! Those skating mice are so cute & I love all the cards with the beautiful Winter colors.

  67. I don’t know where our parents found money to get us skates, but we skated outdoors growing up…. out in the fields where the ice was smooth and bigger patches than a hockey rink, on the river or the pond when frozen. We didn’t have funds for lessons but imagination is powerful and after farm chores and homework, we skated evenings with the winter full moon guiding our way. We also skated as if we were competing for the medals of the winter olympics with the determination that we would nail the speed, height, and twirls of our heroes. Skating is a wonderful winter memory.

  68. So many adorable projects! I love this set – the mice are the cutest! I am definitely a fan of figure skating. I loved skating as a kid and just love watching the acrobatics on ice – so much fun!

  69. love the stamp set. My granddaughter belongs to a local figure skating club sorry I have to say love watching her more

  70. I love watching figure skating, but I can’t do it myself. I never figured out how to skate backwards! Love the cute mice!

  71. I enjoy watching the skakting programs.
    I tried to skate many years ago but
    didn’t get any further then going
    around the rink and staying upright.
    Love the cute mice. thanks
    for sharing

  72. I’ve tried ice skating
    once and didn’t make
    it very far from the
    entrance onto the ice!
    Love watching ice skating
    Carla from Utah

  73. I love the stitched pond even though I am not a fan of ice skating. I do have a cat who loves to watch figure skating on tv!

  74. I love watching figure skating. It’s such a demanding sport and I have such respect for those skaters. My best friend’s sister was a figure skater and I know the amount of work that goes into doing that sport.

  75. This is the cutest & sweetest set! Lots of pinning going on today for sure. I grew up in FL & as a child was only able to dream of being a figure skater like my idol of the time, Dorothy Hamill. (Way before your time, but Google her, she was phenomenal.)

  76. I love this “Mice On Ice” set. They are so cute. The “Ice Rink” is such a nice accessory and so versatile, too. I was so lucky to get this from Simon Says Stamps. I am a Lawn Fawn Addict!

  77. I love to watch /others/ figure skating but unfortunately, I do not have that talent… unless falling on your butt in different fashions is a talent.

  78. Those Mice on Ice are so adorable!

    I am a big fan of Figure Skating, loved skating as a kid and I love to watch it on TV.

    Carol B

  79. Wow!!! I LOVE those little mice skating around on the pond❣❣❣ It reminds me of my childhood, when my aunt would take my sister and I down to grandpa’s pond, and we’d pretend we were figure skating. Of course, we didn’t have ice skates, only our shoes, but just for that one moment in time, we could be the best, most graceful ice skaters in the world. Then, in high school, during gym class we went to the ice rink, and oh my gosh–did reality set in! Not only was I like a bull in a china shop, my ankles were so sore afterward, I could barely walk! I think it’s probably safer for me to just own the Mice On Ice and the Stitched Pond, stay at home, and craft ice skating cards Lol❣ Love this release❣❣❣

  80. No, I don’t really care for skating. Sorry. I guess living in South Central Texas, we don’t really do that. I do, however, LOVE these mice. You make critters that gross me out in real life (mice) seem so cute! ha-ha

  81. I totally love this mice stamp & die set wit ice pond die!
    I must say that the cards that was made buy the entire
    Lawn Fawn team that they toped the charts!! I’ve
    always enjoy watching figure skating & the Winter
    Olympics! I also love to see Disney on Ice shows
    with the famous couple Mickey & Minnie Mouse!!

  82. I love figure skating. I always wanted to learn how to skate. I only went ice skating once in my life and I fell down a bunch of times. The mice are so adorable!!! I love all the ideas made with them.

  83. These little mice and their ice pond are so adorable!!! I am a big fan of ice skating. That was actually one of my dreams when I was a little girl. But sadly to say I have to many health problems now so I can’t ice skate any more.

  84. I just love the mice and pond! Your ideas are beautiful and I can’t wait to make some cards using your creative ideas! Thank you!!

  85. I actually have tried ice skating but I find much more pleasure in watching it. Thanks for such cute little mice, they make ice skating look easy!

  86. Such a cute set. I was always amazed by figure skating and grew up as a huge ice hockey fan. I used to create scrapbook albums from games attended with news about the players etc. Real dorky stuff. 😅

  87. I love viewing the figure skating events by olympic skaters. They are so graceful and have worked so hard to achieve success! Thank you, Lawn Fawn, for presenting these mice on ice!

  88. Oh my goodness….such winter cuteness! Those mice are so sweet and adorable and look so darn cute skating on that pond! That heart stitched in the ice skating trails is the best detail ever! I have always loved watching the ice skating and ice dancing in the Winter Olympics so all of these adorable cards bring back that warm feeling I had watching the beauty and grace of those Olympic skaters. Thanks for all the wonderful winter inspiration!!

  89. I am a fan of figure skating and I tried it once… but just couldn’t get the hang of it! The Mice on Ice set is one of the cutest I’ve seen in a while!

  90. I love figure skating. I grew up in Minnesota where there are a lot of lakes and in door skating rinks. But my favorite place to skate is Lake Tahoe. I now live in California.

  91. I have fond memories of watching figure skating with my family growing up. Being on the ice myself is not nearly so graceful!

  92. I love watching the Olympic athletes and the figure skating events there. As a native Floridian, learning to figure skate was not a part of my childhood.

  93. I can roller skate and roller blade, but the 2 times I tried ice skating, I stunk at it!!! I think it helps to learn while young, and Florida didn’t provide any opportunities for ice!

  94. Oh my goodness, these mice on ice are just adorable! I am NOT a figure skater, although I used to love ice skating with my kids. Even then, it was very basic, and the fanciest I ever got was to skate backwards

  95. SWOON!! LOVE the AMAZING Inspiration!! I’m a HUGE Figure Skating Fan!! LOVE watching it on TV especially During the Winter Olympics!! THANKS for sharing and for the chances to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!

  96. What amazing card by the DT! I LOVE these mice! I have made 4 cards with them so far. I guess they will be well used this winter 🙂

  97. I grew up at the ice rink in the ’80’s. My sister was a figure skater. Almost every day of the summer my dad would drop us off at the mall which had huge skating rink complete with bleachers, locker rooms, concessions, etc. I would just skate circles around the rink and watch others taking their lessons, or sometimes just have a coloring book and work at a table. It was such a fun place. I loves the beautiful custom made outfits my sister would get for competitions. And today I can’t miss a figure skating competition if it’s on tv.

  98. I love figure skating and took some lessons when I was young. The figure skating tickets were the most sought after during the 1988 Olympics here in Calgary.

  99. Oh I love these cute mice on ice. I like watching figure skating, it is so graceful. I however am not graceful in the least. I’m like a bull in a china shop.

  100. Definitely a figure-skating fan, especially those held during Olympic competitions! I used to be able to skate a zillion years ago, but haven’t practiced…and need to! Perhaps lessons from your sweet mice are in order *grin*

  101. I am a figure skating fan! When I was little, my parents surprised us with tickets to see the World Champions tour. I ended up with some autographs after. It was so fun!

  102. Sooooooo I JUST found Lawn Fawn about 3 weeks ago now and OMG I HAVE TO HAVE EVERYTHING!!! I can’t believe how much fun these stamps & dies are! Not to mention addictive! You people seriously need to put a warning label on your packages….LMBO! Now I need to buy everything interactive so Ima gonna be BROKE! It’s ok tho I LIKE KD and wieners! Bwaahhhh ha ha ha ha!!

  103. As kids we ice skated on Deertail Creek in northern Wisconsin. I now live in the banks of Deertail Creek. ☺️ These card ideas were really clever. You all make it look so easy. That’s one thing I LOVE about LF: you show us how to use your wonderful products.

  104. These mice are so cute! I’m a fan of watching olympic figure skating, for sure! I miss living in Colorado where we could go ice skating more easily than in Texas.

  105. Such a cute bunch of mice! I figure skated as a girl, loved it, but was never destined for greatness. I am far more comfortable with the mice having all the fun now. 🙂

  106. Never really been into figure skating, but my 16 year old niece has been taking skating classes forever! She’s pretty good!

  107. Yes, I am a figure skating fan, although I have never been on ice or skate in my life. I love watching the figure skating programs at the Olympic games.

  108. I love to watch figure skating on TV, but I live in sunny Queensland Australia, and we don’t have much of a winter. I dream that one day I will see snow!
    Beautiful images and samples Lawn Fawn, keep up the wonderful work!
    T x

  109. How fun is the stitched ice!!?? I do like to watch figure skating on TV, they are so graceful and strong. I can hold my own skating frontwards, but that’s about all the skills I have!

  110. The mice are so adorable!! You can almost hear the giggles from them skating. The interactive cards are very cute, love the one where he falls down…thats me ice skaitng!

  111. ADORABLE! I especially like the ice skating bear with the little mice! Super sweet!

    I used to love watching Figure Skating!! So much grace and athletic abilities!

  112. I love these little mice, they are adorable. I will however leave the skating to them!!! I am not a ice skater by any means!!! I can barely walk on the ice let along twirl and spin!!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Take care ❤️

  113. Love the little mice! I like the fact that you have dies to match almost all of your stamps makes it easier to create cards quickly.

  114. I ice skated as a kid and teen but I have knee problems now (my joints are just bad) and I didn’t go for years. But it made fun when I could do it and I like seeing 🙂

  115. When I was young I loved the figure skater Tara Lipinski! I still enjoy watching ice skating. I’m not so good doing it myself tho!

  116. Oh my gosh these little guys are so stinkin’ cute! I love all the ways you can stamp the skating trails behind them 😉

  117. I use to skate as a kid and loved it. Now I watch others skate, especially my granddaughter who is just learning. These cards are so adorable! Can’t wait to make my own skating mice.

  118. I love these little mice. They are so adorable! Freak when I have seen one in the camper! Lol! Think this is a must have set!

  119. Cute set! I used to be obsessed with watching the national and international (and Olympics) ice skating! I enjoy seeing the performances. I haven’t been on skates for many years.

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