Lawn Fawn Intro: Large Slimline with Sliders, Small Slimline with Lift the Flaps, Slimline Stitched Hillside Borders

Hello and welcome to our May Mini Release! Our mini release is now available at and your favorite stores, and we are so excited to share these fun new products with you this week!

We are switching things up for this special mini release: our release and Inspiration Week are starting on the same day! Even though it’s a different type of release week, there will still be giveaways, of course! We are giving away ALL of the products in this mini release to one winner each day so be sure to comment on each post this week! Also, keep a look out for our big Summer release in mid June!

Today is our showcase of Large Slimline with Sliders, Small Slimline with Lift the Flaps and Slimline Stitched Hillside Borders! We are so excited about these new Slimline die sets for making cards to fit standard business size envelopes with standard postage! Mix and match these sets for lots of creative possibilities!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Tammy‘s adorable little town combines Village Heroes with Happy Village! She used dies from both the Large Slimline set and the Small Slimline set along with the Slimline Stitched Hillside Borders set. For the Road Border and Grassy Border she cut them twice and pieced them together for more length.

Grace‘s card is Out of This World! She featured the Small Slimline with Lift the Flaps to create a fun outer space theme with the cute Beam Me Up aliens hidden beneath the flaps!

Kara‘s brilliant interactive card uses the Large Slimline with Sliders on a vertical design! The Car Critters bear family is out for a drive but the kids in the backseat might need more supervision!

Latisha created a sweet set of thank you note cards by folding the Large Slimline die in half! Such a great idea to get more crafty possibilities from a slimline die! She used Cloudy Stencil to make the colorful clouds in the background the used Village Heroes images and sentiments to finish this adorable card set!

Tammy‘s Ahoy Matey card has a cool treasure map design on the Lift the Flaps panel! I bet there is a treasure hidden under one of the flaps!

Audrey used the Slimline Stitched Hillside Border to create the ocean floor! A longer slimline design like this gives plenty of space to fill up with cute ocean critters!

Yainea‘s vertical scene combines Village Heroes with Get Well Soon! She used Thank You Border to honor the selfless work of health care workers!

Kara‘s slider card has a cool nighttime backdrop with a sentiment from Super Star! I love how she white embossed the Village Heroes images and painted them with watercolor!

Mindy ink blended an amazing backdrop and pretty rolling hills for her encouraging Plane and Simple design! I love how she layered the stitched slimline panels to create a white frame for her colorful scene!

Rebecca’s fun slider design inspired Chari to make a card with a Village Heroes firefighter theme for today’s video!

Tammy used the Slimline Stitched Hillside Borders dies to make a sandy beach and rolling waves!

The long shape of Elise‘s slimline card let her add lots of colorful Car Critters cars and a long sentiment!

Jenn’s Small Slimline with Lift the Flaps card has a sweet and dreamy design! She filled the flaps with rainbows and fairies and puffy clouds, and she didn’t forget the Chunky Glitter!

Now, we have a little video to introduce our new Slimline die sets and show some fun ways to use these versatile new die sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Large Slimline with Sliders, Small Slimline with Lift the Flaps and Slimline Stitched Hillside Borders! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment by May 22nd at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner to receive ALL of the new May Mini Release sets! Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday May 22nd for our next mini inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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238 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Large Slimline with Sliders, Small Slimline with Lift the Flaps, Slimline Stitched Hillside Borders

  1. I have always liked making cards to fit business sized envelopes. I can’t wait to use these new slimline dies.

  2. I always get shivers when I hear any emergency vehicle. On the one hand, I know there is something bad happening, but on the other hand, they are rushing to help. So it’s disheartening and uplifting at the same time. Very ambiguous feeling. I’m thankful for every fireman/firewoman, police officer and doctor out there. It’s good to have them in the world! I’m also glad that Lawn Fawn and other companies released corresponding products so we get another way to say “thank you!”.

  3. These dies are gorgeous, so many ideas and possibilities for using them. I have everything crossed for winning this mini release, good luck all. Stay safe and healthy.

  4. I love mixing things up with the slimline card style. The lift the flap windows are a delightful addition. I want to make everyone of today’s projects. So much fun.

  5. Have been wanting to try making a slimline card – now I have the inspiration and have ordered this entire release! Can’t wait!!!

  6. Loving the slimline dies , all these inspirational cards are way too adorable, so many cute possibilities !!

  7. My husband just bought a HUGE pack of traditional envelopes. These slimline dies would be so much fun to use. These cards offer so much more real estate for adorable designs than a standard A2 card. Thank you for the chance to win this neat mini release.

    1. Love this mini release! The slimline dies are going to be so nice to have. Fabulous inspiration from the design team. Can’t wait to get my hands on these.

  8. Love the look of the slimline cards , can’t wait to try some. Thanks for all the awesome inspiring designs. Love them all? Chari your doing fabulous!!!

  9. Love these slimline cards! I’m excited to make all new kinds of scenes! Can’t wait to see more inspiration from the awesome design team!

  10. My goodness Kelly, you are busy! Making posts, doing a mini release with awesome dies and support for our essential staff, and having a baby soon! Good thing you can give yourself maternity rest! 😉 What a fun release and my son and I are already ready to make some great support cards for the local peeps here in the northern VA area! To include our church peeps! Cheers to Lawn Fawn and to you for a super easy birth! Hugs!

  11. Looooove this slim line with lifting flaps, your interactive dies give so much opportunity for creativity!

  12. Such a great release! The projects are all so much fun! Can not wait to get my hands on the goodies!

  13. I have been waiting for this new release! I love the new slimline dies and can’t wait to play with them! There’s so much to create! Thanks to the DT for showing just how versatile they are and for highlighting so well this new collection of stamps and dies!

  14. Love all the new slim line and interactive die. Amazing cards by the designers.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. I love this new release. My little ones have been watching the intro videos with me. The eldest (who’s 3) wants to make all the cars with cars and fire engines. The new slimline dies are so awesome. It is going to be fun playing with a new size.

  16. I really love the sample with the aliens – so cute and adorable! Definitely going to give this new die a try.

  17. Yay! “finished” edges on slimline cards. I can’t wait to add these dies to my collection.

  18. I love these new dies and stamps! I love making slimline cards –it’s good to change up the size every now and then. Thank you for the chance to win!

  19. You had me at “Slim”. Love those lift the flap cards – so, so FUN!! Keep ’em coming, guys…

  20. The slimlines offer some new ideas, and the designers have shared so many helpful examples! I can’t wait to try some on my own!

  21. I am so excited about all the new slimline dies you guys are coming out with. These will add so much to my slimline cards!

  22. I absolutely love this mini release with all of the cute stamps but to add the slimline dies in the mix is AMAZING! I can not wait to get my hands on these products.

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  25. The inspiration the slimline products bring me will be used to lift the spirits and warm the hearts of friends and family through my cards. Thank you, Lawn Fawn.

  26. The alien ship is so cute. I love the little people and animals, too. So many great stamps!!

  27. I’m loving the slimline card trend so these dies are definitely my favorite of this fun release.

  28. I adore this mini release. The new stamps will bring new life to my old sets and I can now make the new slimline cards too!

  29. Those lift the flap cards are so fun, I love all of the aliens peeking out from around the edges!

  30. Thanks for the card samples and the video. Love the slimline look for creating more scenes on a card.

  31. Just a fabulous and exciting day today to see LF introduce slim line card dies! I am loving it!

  32. Absolutely love these! The slimline card with flaps is a definite must have I think, all the ideas to have!! Thanks for sharing 😀

  33. Super cute cards, my fave are the Slimline with Lift the Flaps, so many options to surprise the recipient with these new goodies.

  34. I am so in love with these dies! Great additions to the Lawn Fawn collection. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with the maze die tomorrow

  35. I’m loving these new slimline dies! I love the stitching details. What a great new mini release.

  36. I have been holding off ordering slimline dies from other companies in Hope’s that Lawn Fawn would come out with a set. You didn’t disappoint! Cant wait to play with these!

  37. I cant wait to try out the new slimline dies! Finally more space for the clutter that is my cards XD Thank you for being such a ray of sunshine during these times!

  38. These are so fun. I think I’ve only ever made one slim line card. But these dies look so fun, I think may have found a new style to try. Thanks!

  39. Never made a slim line card before. The dies would make it easy. Loving the lift the flap. Great ideas from all the DT.

  40. Love the slim line dies, especially the one with the three flaps! All the DT cards are wonderful and I love seeing older sets used with these new dies.

  41. I love the slimline cards. There are so many possibilities and I like having a larger area to play with. 🙂

  42. So many possibilities with the slimline die!! It would be fun to use!! The alien flaps is my favorite!

  43. Wow, you all at Lawn Fawn have the most creative card ideas! This slimline aspect ratio is so popping up all over the place recently, and I’m going to have to look into it more! Thanks for all the inspiration !

  44. Fabulous new products, I love them all! I have never made a slimline card – thanks for the inspiration to do it.

  45. Love the slim line dies! The design team did another amazing job! I want it all!!!! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  46. I have fallen in love with Lawn Fawn stamps and dies. Especially the fact they work together so well with each other. Thank you!

  47. I really like the peek a boo flap die; so much fun for the kiddos. And the card with the kids sticking their heads out the windows reminds me of when i grew up as that is not considered safe parenting these days. LOL

  48. I can see the car critters as well as the coaster critters “riding” along my cars! What amazing cards will come as a result of these products. Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

  49. The samples from the designers are so clever and creative! They convince me that I need one of everything ;-). Super cute release! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  50. Woo hoo and weeee… love the movement elements. So very useful! This set is so flippin flap cute, tee hee. Would love to slide into this set for sure!! Thanks Lawn Fawn! Stay safe, stay crafty! 🐳😇

  51. I’ve been wanting to make some slimline cards so I’m very excited to see these awesome new slimline dies. Thanks to the design team for all the amazing cards!

  52. Just love this release the sliders and borders are my favorites But so many possibilities!!!! Can’t wait to play.

  53. Love these dies gonna have to get the heroes one, my daughter is a nurse would be perfect for her and the maze run, my grandkids would absolutely love! Wish I could get them all!!!!

  54. I love these May releases. I love your products. I have three great grandchildren 4 1/2, 2 1/2 and 6 months and they love the cards I make with Lawn Fawn products. They live in Seattle and I’m in Florida and it has been a long time since I was there. I haven’t met my newest, a little baby girl. I hope to get to fly in August but until I feel safe, I’m not going anywhere. I am 80 years old LF Lawn Fawn LF Lovina Freed

  55. I was so excited to see you guys release these new slimline dies! I can picture all the different scenes I could create with these. The possibilities are literally endless!

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  58. I am new to slimline dies but oh my I LOVE them!!! More room to create fun scenes!!! Now I need to figure out how to earn more money so I can fuel my LF addiction!! I LOVE this WHOLE release!!

  59. The slimline cards look like so much fun to make. I am so excited that Lawn Fawn came out with these and can’t wait to get them 🙂

  60. I absolutely love slimline dies and I love these so much! I love how everything perfectly coordinates!

  61. These dies are so fun. I’ve been wanting to try one of these cards, but have been a little intimidated, but seeing all the fabulous creations, I just might have to take the plunge.

  62. I have not tried making a slimline card yet, but it looks like a refreshing change from normal A2! The bears in cars are my favorite. 🙂

  63. Great products!! I’ve never made a slim-line card but I think I will now! So many possibilities,,,,,,,,,! Great inspiration from the DT!

  64. I can’t wait for the new products to arrive at my LSS. I love this Mini Release. Here’s hoping that there is a Little Heroes set released in June to go with the Village Heroes set. Amazing inspiration. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  65. Oh my! These are all so cute! I love the sliders so much! That little bear family on the road trip ~ and holding the map ~ I absolutely love love love! But I really love them all! 🙂

  66. I love the new slimline dies. The designers made use of the extra space to create some amazing card scenes. They always blow me away with their creativity.

  67. Oh wow! So many wonderfully inspiring cards. I adore seeing everyone’s take on these wonderful sets.

  68. I’m crazy about the new slimline cards! Love all the fun scenes you can make with these dies.

  69. oooooh SLIM cards are so nice and different, love how you can create a long scene and get more CUTE characters/critters in! These are awesome!

  70. I am most excited about this slimline release! I haven’t made a slimline yet because I just wasn’t sure and now it will be so easy using these dies! ❤️ So excited!

  71. The design team have done a fantastic job showcasing these dies. Great designs, very well done! Such a great release!

  72. Slimline cards are so fun. So much more room for all that lawn fawn goodness! I’ve tried it a few times but can’t wait to make more!!

  73. Ahh slimline dies yes !! I’ve wanted to create some cute cards with slim lines now i get the chance to do so!! Love all the cards btw, an amazing design team for sure!

  74. I am SO excited about these slimline dies!!! I love the lift the flap dies included in the one set! So clever!

  75. I’m excited to try the slimline style, these are all awesome examples, thanks everyone for the inspiration!

  76. Love this idea of a different card base with your slimline sets! Of course the stitching details are so classic and who doesn’t love a peek-a-boo surprise! Awesome inspiration from the design team!

  77. I have really been enjoying making slimline cards lately and these dies would make it so very easy 🙂 They are on my ever growing list of Lawn Fawn supplies I want LOL

  78. The lift the flap slimline is so unique!! Love love love the pirate treasure idea. Yall are so creative… always blown away!

  79. This mini-release is a-MAZE-ing! I love that you are making slim line cards to much easier for us to create.

  80. I love interactive cards, so I am thrilled that you have added interactive options for the slimline cards! I am really starting to appreciate how versatile slimline cards are.

  81. Love the slimline die. We send out 450 flat Christmas cards for our business in #10 envelopes along with a magnetic calendar. This would work great to print our own cards and then use the die.

  82. You’ve totally inspired me to jump on the slimline card trend. These cards are adorable and I love that the dies make it so easy to make this type of card!

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  85. So many gorgeous cards! I really love the pirate one, the vertical one with the car, and the alien one!

  86. These have so many uses with the dies and stamps that we currently own from Lawn Fawn. It’s always exciting to create something new. Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

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