Lawn Fawn Video {8.4.20} Chari’s Wizard of Oz Castle

Chari created an incredibly awesome Emerald City using our Build-A-Castle die set! You can watch the video tutorial below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Chari used the Brick Stencil to create the Yellow Brick Road that leads to the Emerald City of Oz! She use the Cloudy Stencil to fill in the sky with lovely Kiddie Pool inked clouds!

Chari used a variety of green cardstock colors, including Shimmer and Sparkle cardstock for the Build-A-Castle! She used the new Stitched Rainbow and filled in the scene with Puffy Cloud Borders, Shadow Box Card trees and Shadow Box Card Spring Add-On flowers!

Thank you so much for sharing how you made this awesome Wizard of Oz inspired card, Chari!


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7 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Video {8.4.20} Chari’s Wizard of Oz Castle

  1. I simply adore the vibrant and vivid colours in this card Chari. I love how it thurned out. 🧙‍♀️

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