Fawny Summer Week {Day 3}

Hello everyone! Welcome to our special Fawny Summer Week! This week is all about sharing fun, sunny, Summer projects! The Design Team and Inspiration Team will share lots of ideas using our new Summer products along with daily giveaways and videos! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win; a stamp set and coordinating dies of your choice, and a 6×6 paper pad of your choice!)

Fawny Summer Week continues today with another video tutorial highlighting our Summer 2021 Release! Joy got really creative and used the Forest Backdrop die to make a magical fairy garden! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Joy’s sweet fairy scene looks like a cool place to escape the summer heat! She used beautiful shades of teal, pink and purple to color the Forest Backdrop, creating the magical fairy forest!

Joy‘s beautiful design shows us that Forest Backdrop works well with older die sets like Bayou Backdrop and Mushroom Border! They create the perfect magical landscape for the Fairy Friends flower house and tiny fairies from A Little Sparkle!

Jenn‘s beautifully colorful design starts with the Magic Iris Tropical Leaves Add-On! She added some inky color to the die cut leaves and flowers and layered the wreath over a Spring Showers sun! Next, she brought in all the colors of the rainbow in the chameleons and greeting!

Grace‘s slimline card starts with her original shaker pineapple cards idea; and then she added another iconic tropical treat! She created the most clever shaker coconut! She cut the How You Bean Shaker Add-On from Dark Brown Woodgrain cardstock and white cardstock. The woodgrain creates the coconut texture!

To add to the tropical vibe, Grace stamped the background with leaves from Toucan Do It. Next, she added more tropical fun with Happy Hibiscus, Tropical Leaves and the umbrella from On the Beach! As a final touch, she included a pink striped “straw” made with Let it Shine paper!

Elena‘s lovely Toucan Do It card is so pretty! She used Watercolor Wishes Rainbow paper to die cut the Tropical Leaves Backdrop; it creates a pretty background for the colorful critters! For the greeting she used Scripty Bubble Sentiments!

Melissa‘s beautiful scrapbook page puts the spotlight on our new Watercolor Wishes Rainbow paper collection! How cool is that dimensional background? After cutting the circles from Rose Quartz paper, she popped them up on a second sheet! How’s that for a total labor of love!

Giveaway Time!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at some of our Summer sets. Tomorrow we will have another fun Fawny Summer celebration!

Leave us a comment telling us your idea for a tropical shaker card by July 16th at 5:00PM ET. One lucky winner will receive their choice of stamp set with coordinating dies and a 6×6 Petite Paper pad!

If you post about our Fawny Summer Week on social media, leave another comment for another chance to win!

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday July 15th for our next Fawny Summer Week post! We hope you guys love this week!


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217 thoughts on “Fawny Summer Week {Day 3}

  1. I would make a tropical shaker card that is inspired by Marines adorable tropical cocktail shaker card. I love maker a shaker with the how you bean add on and would include that and some jaguars with the new leaves on my card. Maybe in the shaker could be shrinked toucans and sequins. ♥️

    1. I would love to make a magic iris tree top card that opens to show a shaker circle filled with tiny tropical birds “sequins”.

  2. I’m thinking a shaker card using the tropical dies with critters in a tree. When the Magic Iris is opened, some birds or monkeys are inside with different tropical shades of sequins.

    1. It would be great to have a shaker for the Lemonade so that way it would move around like a real pitcher of lemonade:)

  3. I’d cut a few of the large tropical leaves out of a background piece an make each of these individual shakers, then surround them with flowers and toucans

  4. I think it would be cute to add some die cut little flowers to some sequins and beads for the shaker fill.

  5. This is a hard one for me, I really don’t do many cards of tropical images. I guess a large whale as a shaker may be cute.
    I loved the pineapple shaker card.

  6. As soon as I saw the tropical leaf backdrop die I pictured it as a shaker card. I’d use glitter and some little flowers in it. Oh so colorful of course!
    Thanks for the chance to win! This release has been great. 😃

  7. I am in the process of creating a blueberry tropical shaker card inspired by Marines great tropical shaker card.

  8. I love everything coconut when I think of paradise. So I think orange, pineapple, banana and coconut could be a hit.

  9. I have been wanting to make a shaker for ages! I’ve made them in the past, but it’s been so long. And, I think they’re so cute. I need some shrinky-dink, because all my ideas have little critters & things (chameleons, mice, marshmallows!).

  10. I would like an ocean shaker, with a critter surfboarding on top – that’s about as tropical as I can get…I’m not a tropical kinda person… 🙂

  11. So much fun!

    My idea: Take the Tropical leaves backdrop with Toucan Do It animals and add little leaves and little bugs as the shaker bits.

  12. Shakers are my fave type of card! I’d use the magic iris wreath as a shaker with toucans & flowers all around it. So cute.

  13. I’d love to make a shaker card with the Tropical Leaves Backdrop as a frame, the Bayou Backdrop in the Background, putting some critters on top of the card and filling the shaker with lots of little butterflies since there are so many in the tropics. Maybe even using the Sunburst Backdrop behind it all and putting the Tropical Leaves Border across the card in two or more rows for more grass for critters to hide in. And I’d add a large stone cut with the Den dies for a lizzard to sit on and enjoy the sun. Well, that’s the plan, but sometimes my cards get their own ideas while I’m in the making so I’ll see what I’ll end up with.

  14. I think it would be awesome to make a shaker card using the tropical background and have a few monkeys in the trees. The items in the shaker would be little bananas so it looks like the monkeys are throwing or shaking the bananas off the trees.

  15. I think a cute tropical shaker card would be using shrink plastic stamped images to make the shaker pieces

  16. OMG! I love that first card! I would make a Tropical Shaker with the shadow box die! Just cover all the “holes” in acetate!

  17. I was thinking of a tropical shaker card using the tropical leaves background and a shaker scene underneath it

  18. Love all of these super cute card’s their is a lot of inspiration this week, my idea for a tropical shaker card would be something like Elena’s card but I would make the whole card a shaker and use shrinky dinks and shrink some critters and leaves to fill up the shaker portion of the card

  19. I’d love to use the tropical leaves as the main component of the shaker with tropical drinks and flowers. I always love your great examples.

  20. A tropical shaker card for me would include the whole card with the tropical leaves backdrop, with Toucans peeking through, and a bold sentiment in the middle.

  21. I think I would make a shaker card using the Magic Iris Tropical Leaves add-on! And there would have to be cute critters somewhere on the card!

  22. The magic iris tropical leaves add-on would make a cute shaker frame. It’s fun to use little die cut shapes or stamped images as shaker elements too. Great samples! My favorite today is the chameleon card.

  23. Probably something with toucan do it, using various leaves and tropical flowers as shakers. I think I probably have quite a few extra leaves I’ve cut out and not used for other projects around!

  24. I would use the tiny hibiscus flowers and add sequins as shaker pieces inside, with the tropical leaves on the outside. Of course II would add birds and flowers to it too!

  25. I would build a whole scene using S’more the Merrier and Toucan Do It camping in the jungle. Have the tent and fire with some non-jungle animals but behind the tent and tropical leaves have jungle animals peering out, with toucan on the branches! Then finish it with the tropical backdrop as the final layer with fun and bright sequins as the shakers! Hope that made sense! Now I should sit down and make one!!!

  26. I would use the Tropical Backdrop craft die for the background. I would put the sitting Jaguar on the beach and have some of the flowers along with some clear sequins as my shaker pieces. I would use the Stitched Rectangle die to have a frame around the card with the sentiment. What a wild ride we’re on (so glad its with you).

  27. A tropical shaker card for me would be with pineapples, tropical leaves, palm trees, and flowers 🌺 all around a scalloped circle with beads and sequins.

  28. I would use tiny flowers and sequins for the shaker card I would use the add on for tropical leaves

  29. I would like a pirate themed shaker card. The container would hold sand, gold coins (sequins) and seashells. The pirates would be posed around it. I am new to shaker cards, but getting better as I keep making them.

  30. Fantastic inspiration! I would use the Toucan Do It set for the scene with the tropical leaves backdrop for the shaker, using a green shaker mix with leaves, sequins and beads 🙂

  31. I would like to make a shaker with the toucan birds and have cut out tiny flowers and sequins in the shaker. Lots of bright colors.

  32. I love the tropical drink shaker card. So cute and great use of the how you bean shaker add-on. I would like to try a shaker card with the tropical leaves backdrop.

  33. I would use the magic iris tropical add on in rainbow colors and put a circle shaker in the center of it. That would be cool! Probably do a background with the tropical leaves stencil & a cute sentiment.

  34. I love the tropical shaker cards turning the LF jar into a drink glass, that’s an idea I’d like to try.

  35. This made me think of making a dole whip tropical shaker card. I’m getting Tiki Room vibes with all these fun colors and beautiful greenery😊

  36. The Tropical Leaves Backdrop would be quick and easy for making a shaker. I would add the toucan, lizard and leaves from the Toucan Do It stamp set as shaker elements!

  37. Maybe die cut some little leaves and flowers to add to shaker bits. Then larger leaves and flowers around as a frame. The Chameleon and toucan would be the critters for the card.

  38. What fun and inventive projects from the designers! I think it would be fun to use smaller images (like the lizards and bugs) as the elements inside the shaker along with gems and glitter. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  39. I’m thinking monkeys in the trees, and the shaker pieces could include leaves, bananas, coconuts…

  40. Taking a cue from the tropical theme and “wood grain” paper, I’d turn it upside down and create a Tiki face, the face being behind the shaker pieces. I might even stack two to get the full figure.

  41. Such a pretty colour combination on the pink and purple card! I think a pineapple shaker card would be so cute!

  42. I have NEVER made a shaker card…and I’ve never really wanted to until NOW!!! Eeekkk!! I love the pineapple and coconut shaker drinks, so cute!!! I guess I’ll be adding that to my wish list

  43. Totally love this idea of cocktail shakers ! And the straw with the let it shine paper is a really nice touch !

  44. I’d use the new tropical iris and then put lots of sparkles and flowers inside. And of course lots critters around the iris. lol

  45. I did one with a whole flock of flamingos a few years ago and the. Had blue elements in the shaker for water

  46. My shaker card would be made with a mason jar filled with bright colors of a tropical drink, hibiscus flowers, straw, umbrella and of course pineapple!

  47. Love so many of the ideas listed so far! I like the idea of a beach scene with sparkles for the ocean

  48. I like the idea of a sunset beach scene & maybe have just a glitter or seed beads shaker element over the water for shimmer.

  49. I would love to see a tropical background with the shaker portion containing small die cut butterflies.

  50. While I have never made a shaker card before, I think it would be fun to use shrink plastic and makeconfetti out of the Toucan Do It stamps. They could be the confetti in the shaker card

  51. I like the idea of creating a rainforest scene with a pool of water, and the water is a shaker with tropical fish and sequins floating around.

  52. A cut out of a campfire flame with fillers that are gold, yellow, orange and red would give the impression that the fire is burning. Finish with s’more the merrier or the forest back drop.

  53. I would use The tropical leaf backdrop die as a shaker card. I have some mini flower and monkey faces fillings from Lucy’s little things that would be perfect!

  54. I don’t make many shakers card but if I did I would make a birthday theme tropical card. Maybe use the leaves frame with colorful confetti as the shaker and the leave stencil in the background. Of course it would have to be with lots of lions because those are my aunt’s favorite animal.

  55. I would use the Tropical Leaves Backdrop creating a scene behind using one of the animals from On The Beach set laying in the hammock between two palm trees (die set). But you will be able to see the sun setting behind the ocean waves and waves are the shaker piece filled with Sprinkletz.

  56. I’d use a tropical leaf boarder, some palm trees, a couple of flamingos and the sun as a shaker element ☀️🌴🦩

  57. I love Melissa’s layout….gorgeous! I do not make many shaker cards but I would make a scene on the front of the shaker with the sky and water on the back of the shaker and some seed beeds to fill it.

    1. A shaker with the tropical leaves boarder peeking out to a the sky w the toucan on a vine and tiny tropical leaves as shaker bits.

  58. I would use the tropical leaves background with palm trees and ocean in the background, accentuating the ocean and sky as the shaker element

  59. I have this idea in my head about doing the hibiscus flowers with a shaker and adding some birds to the front for a fun, summery, happy birthday card! Debating on going home “sick” so I can play!

  60. What awesome samples!
    For a shaker card I would use some die cut leaves on a card with a tropical scene.


  62. I’m thinking night scene, fiire-flies, tropical leaves backdrops, glitter in the shaker…. Something like that!

  63. I would do a magic iris shaker card and use the new magic iris topical leaves add-on die on it and make the shaker in the middle of the card then I would use the tropical leaves dies and the toucan do it to fill in the rest of the card

  64. I have never made a shaker card, so it’s hard for me to say. But I use a ton of ice in my water, tea, etc. So maybe I would make a glass with something to look like ice cubes and mint leaves inside for a summer drink?

  65. The leaf background would make the shaker frame and then use toucans and pineapples as shaker filler

  66. I purchased the tropical frame die, so if so made a shaker I would fill it with stamped and colored pineapples, bananas and coconuts and sequins. Using a message relating to a tropical treat.

  67. I love all things tropical! I think a beach scene with either the water/waves full of blue glittery water and fish or the beach filled with gold/brown glitter and crabs. How fun!

  68. I will be trying a shaker card with Build-a-campsite die. The shaker pieces will be fireflies. I’m excited for my day off so I try this idea 🙂

  69. I’d like to use the tropical leaves backdrop to make a shaker frame and fill the window with tiny brightly colored flowers. I would decorate the front with the cute little toucans.

  70. I’d like to see if it’s possible to have a shaker that looks like it’s filled with an acutal liquid. I think this would be a nice addition for water scenes too.

    1. I actually made a fish tank card a few years ago with water! I think I saw it on a video, but not Lawn Fawn.

  71. What fun cards!! A tropical shaker with the shaker elements as part of the water scene would be so fun!

  72. I think it would be so cute to make a shaker with leaves and toucans shaking around in a jungle scene.

  73. Beautiful cards and scrapbook page! I would love to try my hand at a full coverage shaker (not sure what the correct term is with the tropical leaves backdrop

  74. I would absolutely make mine with the leaves and hibiscus. Maybe use some shrink plastic to make them into the filler too.

  75. I think a shaker made to look like a tropical aquarium would be really cute- you could use some of the other animal and floral stamps to look like the little figures/decorations inside and then have little fish or bubbles as the shaker bits!!

  76. My idea for a tropical shaker card would have to include something with Coconut and enjoyed on the beach. 🙂

  77. I’ve seen so many good tropical ones, I definitely want to make my own version of the a fruity mason jar shaker!

  78. I like the idea of doing a shaker card with the tropical leaves backdrop or the magic iris tropical add-on.
    Honestly, I like your DT’s ideas for shaker cards – always so fun!

  79. I would make a tropical ocean themed card with coral and fish. Maybe some turquoise and greens for the water!

  80. I think a shaker card using the sleeping sloth would be cute. I would add some of the tropical leaves and maybe some hibiscus.

  81. I think it would be cute to have a rain forest tree as the shaker, with shaker bits that include tropical 🐦and 🦋 and maybe a fun gecko or monkey, too.

  82. Jenn’s card would make a good shaker.
    Love the blend of colors. So tropical.
    thanks for sharing

  83. I would use the tropical leaves backdrop into a shaker with ink blending and then decorate the outside with flamingos and tropical flowers and leaves. So fun!!

  84. I would make a shaker card with the Tropical Leaves Backdrop and stamps from Toucan Do It. It would be a perfect card for my cousin’s daughter’s birthday.

  85. My idea is a shaker in the shape of a pair of sunglasses and the lens sections would be the shakers 🥰

  86. Well I don’t know how anyone can top that coconut and pineapple. But probably just try and do a Shaker tag using The tropical leaves.

  87. I would make a palm tree shaker card with the dies somehow. That would be fun I think. Pure Aloha gold!
    Such wonderful examples and so enjoying the new LF items!

  88. A dolphin jumping in and out of a Beautiful water at sunset framed by palm trees…. this Michigan kid needs a vacation. Tee her

  89. My idea for a shaker card would be a big die cut bowl with lots of little die cut fruits to make a fruit salad (yummmm!!)

  90. Would like to try using the magic iris tropical leaves add-on for a shaker. I think it would be cool to use the small hisbicus dies as the shaker elements.

  91. I think about creating a scene where toucans are surrounded by the jungle flowers! And in the shaker bits it is just little flowers everywhere. 🙂

  92. I have a mix with big leaves, toucans and flowers, so using the Forest backdrop, vines and Toucan Do It would be perfect.

  93. I think it could be fun to make a tropical leaves scene with animals scattered about and then do a shaker in the middle filled with gorgeous flower sequins in all the colors.

  94. I would love to make a tropical fish tank shaker card with different fish, lobster, crab and then add
    various kinds of seashells!

  95. That’s a tough question… I am thinking maybe using the tropical leaves as the border and putting little confetti monkeys and tropical birds and leaves inside. Maybe some coconuts too!

  96. I would make a shaker using the tropical leaves frame and the toucan do it set with some fun bright/tropical colored sequins.

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