Lawn Fawn Intro: Outside In Stitched Strawberry, Stitched Strawberry Frame, Reveal Wheel Strawberry Add-On

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s April Inspiration Week! Our Spring 2022 Release with 14 new stamp sets, 24 new die sets, 4 new stencil sets, new paper collections, new cardstock and more new products are now available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! This week we will continue to showcase these new products with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Outside In Stitched Strawberry and Stitched Strawberry Frame! Outside In Stitched Strawberry includes a strawberry shaped die with a cute “stitched” border detail on the outside and inside edges. This versatile die will create a stitched shape, and a stitched opening as well! Complete your strawberry with the flowers and “cap” that’s included in the set. Stitched Strawberry Frame can be paired with Outside In Stitched Strawberry to create a fun shaker card, or used on its own.

We are also highlighting our new Reveal Wheel Strawberry Add-On today! Pair this add-on set with Reveal Wheel to create “berry” fun interactive cards! Combine this set with Berry Special or How You Bean? Strawberries Add-On for even more strawberries!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fresh new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Caly’s beautiful card is so sweet! She combined Outside In Stitched Strawberry with Stitched Strawberry Frame to make a shaker card! I love the inked leaves and strawberry top, they look so amazing!

Yainea used just the Outside In Stitched Strawberry with the cut out seeds. She added the flowers, leaves and vines from both sets. Her watercolor background adds beautiful design to her fantastic card!

Elena‘s card is so sweet! I love how she created a “strawberry shaker” filled with hearts! The pretty pink and white Simple Stripes: Diagonal Backdrop creates a look that is so lovely!

Marine filled the Build-A-Basket: Easter with beautiful strawberries from Strawberry Patch and with flowers from Stitched Strawberry Frame! She added the fun interactive Reveal Wheel and Strawberry Add-On with changing smiley faces that is so adorable!

This Reveal Wheel card is so fresh and fun with layers of Gotta Have Gingham and Flower Market papers! And of course, the Scripty Sweet greeting is just perfect!

Mindy used the Outside In Stitched Strawberry to inlay this gorgeous strawberry while leaving a stitched border on the Flower Market paper! There is so much wonderful dimension on this fantastic design!

The inking, the splatters, the pretty Stitched Scalloped Border and pink striped background all add up to absolute gorgeousness on Audrey‘s card! She combined the strawberry shaker with pretty little Strawberry Patch strawberries!

Elise‘s strawberry shaped mini cards are so sweet and a perfect way to send a happy note! She used Scripty Bubble Sentiments to add the greetings!

Grace highlighted the new Reveal Wheel Strawberry Add-On on her adorable design! I love the stacked strawberries and the cute Scootin’ By critters (also stacked two high)!

As the Reveal Wheel is spun, berry cute messages scroll by along with a sweet smiley face!

Tammy took the Outside In Stitched Strawberry in a totally out of this world direction! The “rocket” is piloted by a cute mouse on this brilliant birthday card! I love how she used the strawberry top as flames from the rocket fuel, that is just so clever!

Latisha created a “berry sweet” birthday card with a strawberry shaker and inky Skinny Stripes stenciled in the background!

Grace framed her beautiful shaker card with a Reverse Stitched Rectangle Window, then she added cute mice from You Autumn Know to play among the strawberries! The pink Gotta Have Gingham paper in the background is so pretty and coordinates with the colors she used for the Scripty Sweet greeting!

Marine‘s slimline card is a perfect place to line up three beautiful strawberries! The center is the sweetest shaker with an embossed Magic Spring Message on the acetate window!

Megan‘s beautifully creative design features an Outside In Stitched Strawberry that fits in the Fruit Basket and is removable. She added the berry sweet sentiment on the back!

I love how Kara used Textured Dot cardstock for the strawberry leaves, it adds so much interest to her beautiful shaker design! She added some stamped elements from Berry Sweet for even more details!

Rebecca’s Reveal Wheel card features How You Bean? and the Strawberry Add-On. And the Berry Special mice add lots of cuteness!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Outside In Stitched Strawberry, Stitched Strawberry Frame and Reveal Wheel Strawberry Add-On. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Outside In Stitched Strawberry, Stitched Strawberry Frame and Reveal Wheel Strawberry Add-On! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what you would like to see as an outside in/frame combination, by April 20th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday, April 17th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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374 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Outside In Stitched Strawberry, Stitched Strawberry Frame, Reveal Wheel Strawberry Add-On

    1. Love these cute berry projects! We love strawberries in our household! I’m thinking gift/celebration related inside out products would be good – like a present or cake would be great, since I give mainly cards for birthdays or congrats. Thanks, Lawn Fawn!

  1. I had to give it some thought. My first idea was a crystal ball but that is pretty much just a circle die so I wanted to come up with something else. How about a bounce house? The shaker bits inside could be cute little critters jumping!

  2. I’d like some more additions to the space themed collection, so how about an outside in rocket? 🙂 You could have a lot of fun finding sparkly star sprinkles for the inside for a shaker card!

  3. All of these strawberries the DT colored look good enough to eat! So my idea for another outside in frame would continue the fruit theme with a slice of watermelon.

  4. Wow, how amazing all these strawberries? I love the rocket made out of it, too! I’d say a seashell could look really nice, or a big sun/moon? I also like the watermelon idea someone had in the comments before 🙂

  5. Oh what amazingness!!!! I vote for an outside in Christmas ornament or birthday present! And… I love Lawn Fawn for making my day and such fantastic products & samples!!!!

  6. I like the seashell idea others have mentioned, or something else beachy to go with all the great ocean/beach sets. The Christmas ornament, birthday cake, and gift suggestions are good too.

    1. An inside out fish or shark would be cool. Even an octopus would be so fun! Delicious cards everyone! Great inspiration.

  7. I am LOVING these strawberries! They look like so much fun to use. I especially love the deep red colors with the blue backgrounds.

  8. How about an inside outside frame of a Kitchen with gas cooktop, sink, stove. We remodeled our 1978 looking yellow sink & yellow countertop kitchen. Hired Home Depot to demolish old cabinets which took 1 1/2 days. < 1 day electrician installed 2 new dedicated electric lines: for microwave on shelf formerly on counter & for refrig which moved to the right on wall. < 1 day gas & plumbing company to install converter hubby bought for gas cooktop formerly electric surface cooktop and install new water line for refrig which moved to the left on wall. 4 days Home Depot installed the new Kraftmaid light green cabinets that go to the ceiling, have a cabinet with a recycle & trash bins inside, a cabinet with an appliance lift for the Kitchen Aid mixer that lifts it up to height of counter and can be used on the raised surface plugged in from below or unplugged, moved to counter, plug in at counter and use on counter, cabinet below with 2 lazy susans. 2 1/2 hrs quartz countertops installed along with drop in sink & gas cooktop. Kept appliances: double oven that moved to opposite wall, microwave that moved from counter to shelf in cabinet area and refrig that moved down the wall a bit to the left. New appliances/etc to go where former were: black sink with cutting board & strainer rack, black faucet with touchless water & spray hose and gas cooktop to replace electric surface cooktop. 1/2 day hubby connected the sink/faucet. < 1/2 day hubby connected gas cooktop. Kitchen is usable on time for Easter dinner. Ordered wallpaper and will look at backsplash for behind the gas vooktop. We will look at new flooring soon.
    As you can tell I'm excited to have a remodeled kitchen.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  9. All of the above mentioned ideas are great. I’m thinking about Santa that could also be a shaker card. Anything Christmas; elf. deer. Mrs. Claus, etc.

  10. How about an outside in stitched sunflower or leaf shape. Maybe a maple or oak leaf to use with fall themed projects. 🍁

  11. I think more fruit would be fun. I am thinking about the new basket it can be use with that. What came to mind first was Apples for fall. I think a lot could be done with an apple shape.

  12. An outside/in penguin so that you can add cute items in his tummy.
    Such a wonderful post full of so many goodies.

  13. For outside in/frame combination would love to see an acorn, which could be used with Let’s Go Nuts stamp set. Also love the idea Anne had above about the mushroom, which would go with the Gnome sets or forest themes.

  14. An outside in Palm Tree would be cool or a mermaid tail… p.s. I love Tammy’s little rocket, so creative!!!

  15. Nice cards. Strawberries look good. Would like to see a straw hut/house for the little pigs and fox. Maybe an egg for Humpty Dumpty, tree for Jack and his beans or other nursery rhyme critters

  16. I’m just getting started with the outside/in frames – I don’t even have the strawberries yet, but I need them! Cupcakes would be cute!

  17. Pure sweetness in today’s inspiration!! A mushroom would be great to go with the popular gnomes. Or a birdhouse for the birdies.

  18. Fantastic video with some really great inspiration, Thank you!! I would love to see a cupcake outside in/frame… or more fruit themed.

  19. I love the berries. I just can’t think of anything else that would work as an inside/out set. There are a lot of great ideas.

  20. I love the leaf idea mentioned above. But also how about making some of the giant sentiments into Outside/In dies?

  21. I adore this berry! Sooo fun with all the puns!!!! I would love to see other fruits… you have apple, pumpkin… how about pineapple, banana, pear, cherries…

  22. I think an acorn for all the squirrels would be amazing! Also something for all the great beach and ocean themed products would be fantastic!

    1. Love the outside/ in frames. I think a beachy scene, grass or maybe something birthday themed. Such as confetti/ cupcakes or presents would be really cool and fit in the so well with the tiny people!

  23. My wish list just keeps getting longer…lol
    Would love to see a honey pot outside in/frame stitched shape. Also love the seashell idea mentioned.

    1. My mind is blown at using the strawberry as a spaceship! So Ahhhmazing!!
      How about an Easter Egg or a swimming pool or pond?

  24. I’d love to see more fruit, an apple would be great or maybe a bunch of grapes. I also like the idea of giant words as outside in dies.

  25. These are all adorable. I love all the things strawberry. I also love all things Lemons. So I would love to see an outside-in lemon. 🍋🍋🍋

  26. Got my strawberry fix until the fresh strawberries
    become available at the Farmer’s Market.
    I’d like to see peaches – they’re the next
    fruit to become available. thanks for
    sharing. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  27. An ornament or stocking would be cute for Christmas, a bunny shape or carrot for spring, a seashell for summer, a maple leaf and ghost for fall, birthday cake, gift box, cluster of balloons, a pickup truck…….there are so many possibilities!

  28. I haven’t used an outside in/frame yet. I can see that I’m missing out! I liked the seashell idea that someone mentioned or additional fruit would be fun. I can always count on LF for the best ideas!

  29. I would like to see a blackberry. I love all things fruit, and nature, so I think a blackberry would be ADORABLE. I just LOVE the strawberries, too.

  30. I would love the additions of watermelon and lemon. But I was thinking it might be neat to also have a rainbow, car or roller skates.

  31. Love the strawberry! I like the ideas I see in the comments. Not very creative on my own, so no fresh ideas. Anything you create is always fun!

  32. The strawberries are so much fun and I love the design team inspiration! Everyone has had some great outside in ideas. I like the birthday gift and snowman ideas.

  33. I would love to see an acorn, a cupcake and a toadstool/mushroom. And, all the sample artwork on this post is simply amazing!! Thank you everyone.

  34. So many great suggestions already. A pickup truck would be fun. The beans and add-ons could be used in the bed. Some flowers, leaves, and cornucopia could be add-ons.

  35. I think another bet could be really cute, like a raspberry/blackberry . I also think things that complete scenes with other critters like a toadstool 🍄, or an acorn 🌰, or a carrot 🥕, or coral 🪸 (that one might be my favorite). I was also thinking that numbers would be cool, then you could personalize what birthday it is.

  36. I love these strawberry dies!!! What about a Xmas ornament or snowman? Maybe even a palm tree for the summer and an acorn or sunflower for the fall.

  37. So many great ideas!! I love the idea of a pineapple!!! What about a coffee shaped to go cup? With coffee beans. Or bubble tea? Christmas cookies? Hmmm

  38. Maybe some shapes like hearts and stars or a flower? But they may already exist 🙂
    I LOVE all these cute strawberry cards!

  39. They are sooo quite.
    I m new to Lawn Fawns things so don’t really know what I want to see just knows I love all the stuff I see

  40. Mmm, I love strawberries and these are all so cute! I think it would be cute to have different animals (like bears – polar bear, panda bear, brown bear) with their bellies open for shaker elements. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  41. All those strawberries – so berry cute! Think I would like to see more outside in fruit of all kinds – or maybe some ocean-themed shapes would be cute – or maybe some Halloween/fall shapes or Christmas shapes or birthday or………….!

  42. Love all the fun strawberry creations!
    I think a cactus plant in the outside in/frame combination would be great! And maybe a Christmas ornament too!

  43. I would like to see some animal shapes, like a fox, or dinosaur, a bunny, cat, or fish, even like the seashells for an underwater scene.

  44. I think other ideas for an Outside in would be other fruits for summer. Trees and leaves for fall and a snowman for winter. Thank you for sharing all these lovely strawberries!

  45. Really cute projects today!

    I think an ice cream cone would be a great outside-in! But, I also like the acorn, cupcake, and watermelon ideas already posted here. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be good!

  46. I like many of the above ideas for new outside in lawncuts, especially a lighthouse, mushroom, seashell, snowman…

  47. These cards are amazingly cute. I meed my next paycheck because my wishlist is getting big. Other inside-out frame ideas: Christmas tree, pumpkin, wiches hat, ghost, apple, train, dinosaur, car, bunny shape (like a peep), cake.

  48. I love the Strawberry series. Especially with the teeny mice.

    As for new stamps and dies, my vote is still for gummi bears, so to answer today’s prompt, I guess I’d like to see an outside in of a large hand to gobble up all that gummi goodness. Ha ha!

    Oooo. LOVE Tammy’s rocket ship!

  49. How about a haunted forest. Love all the strawberries and the different ideas. A bounce house with the critters jumping would be cute as well.

  50. What a joy to see all the amazing cards! As for my thoughts on an Outside In design, that’s a tough one! I thought and thought and thought and the only thing I could think of was a garden flag. I change out my garden flags seasonally so maybe that would be cute to have a garden flag to change up for the season or occasion.

  51. I would love to see an outside/in cupcake! The possibilities are endless with coloring and decorating a cute cupcake!

  52. These are all so cute!!! I would love to see a dog bone for the stitched outside in. (With a multi dog stamp set, too.)

  53. Lovely inspiration! I saw someone else suggested it but I would love to see a lighthouse! Perfect for ocean themed!

  54. I had no idea what I wanted, but after looking at some of the other ideas I really liked a snowman or maybe a santa would be awesome to see. I loved all the strawberry cards, I think I may have to buy me some to eat this weekend

  55. Wow!!! The inspiration is AMAZING!!!! I love the inside/outside ideas of seashells, cupcakes and present. I was thinking of like a bucket/basket type that you could fill with seashells, apples, flowers, all different things that could be used for many seasons/occasions. Great job Lawn Fawn…LOVE!!

  56. Now that is an easy question: of course a kiwi 😀 . And as creative as you are you could maybe use these dies for orange or lemon slices as well.

  57. Today’s inspiration is fantastic!
    My brother keeps bees and I’d like to see an outside in/frame combination of a bee skep with a honey bee theme. Imagine filling the shaker with tiny clay honey bees and gold glitter or some cute lawn fawn bees buzzing around it! (“Be” and “Sweet” related sentiments are endless too!)

  58. WOW! Love all the berry inspiration, just fantastic! Hmmmm I will have to think on what I would like to see for outside in/frame combo.

  59. Design team is awesome, so very creative and cute.
    Love to see inside out frame of Santa sled or Christmas themes item

  60. I would love to see cocktail glasses! The possibilities would be endless and perfect for cards for all seasons!

  61. I love strawberries, and the DT did an amazing job with these products. The shaker card is adorable, and how clever to use the strawberry outline for a rocket ship, wow! As for other outside-in designs, I make a lot of birthday cards so I would like to something other than a balloon shape. Maybe a cake with candle?

  62. Depending on what season you’re releasing: if a wintertime, go for a snowflake (add-on ideas are endless), a snowman/woman (which you could also have an add-on for various dress, like a top hat, different noses, etc) or a pine tree (Christmas), if fall, do a pumpkin (or have you done that?) or an acorn (ditto), for summer, an ice-cream, popsicle or watermelon, and how about for spring? A tulip? daffodil?

  63. have no clue what i’d like to see as a frame combo but that strawberry is so sweet and what a creative use as a rocket ship!

  64. Wow this is a tough question… I think it’s between a pair of rain boots you can decorate with flowers … or a puddle shape for the cute LF critters to splash in.

  65. Everything is so cute! As for inside out dies, can’t wait for Halloween. Ghosts, cats, Haunted House, pumpkin, skull, all of the above. 😁

  66. These are so cute, and who doesn’t love pretty strawberry designs? I would like to see some fall-themed inside and out dies. Maybe a pumpkin or maple leaf.

  67. Love all these cards with the strawberries. I think a toadstool die/frame for a shaker would be so cute!

  68. I would love a cat, or a penguin. There are lots of really cool animals that would make great “frames”.
    Thanks for asking!

  69. I love Audrey’s strawberry shaker card, she did such a great job of adding texture to the leaves by splattering ❤️❤️❤️

  70. Wow, so many great ideas! I thought maybe a flower that could also be used with the magic iris, as well as making a shaker card.

  71. Wow! LF’s designers really knocked it out of the strawberry field! Love love love all of the cards. I don’t have a great idea for an inside-Out design… maybe a paw print?

  72. A Mermaid tail!! imagine all those sparkly sequins shaking inside!!!
    Adorable cards!! Tammy was so creative to use the strawberry as a rocket ship!!!

  73. These strawberry cards are so sweet! I just love all the different designers takes on each set! Very versatile! Love it! I don’t have any amazing ideas today, but I will think about it! 🤩🍓✌🏻😍

  74. These strawberries are so cute!! I never have any good ideas for new products, but there are definitely a lot of good ideas in the comments above!

  75. Maybe Palm tree? … anything tropical is fine with me! lol I looooove the card with Pineapple, using these strawberry dies! Clever!

  76. What fun and creative ideas! I think an inside out ice cream cone or popsicle die would be fun for the summer!

  77. I can only think of a dog bone or dog house for an outside in stitched die. Many of my cards have dog images, so these would come in very handy for me!

  78. Started to read the comments and kept on agreeing with ALL of the suggestions! Oh, that would be fun! AND yes, that is a good suggestion! And of course, yes, why didn’t I think about that one? So… just anything new would do me! I’m in! Have a great Easter!

  79. Love all these sweet strawberries
    What about oranges or lemons … I can see the puns ‘orange you sweet’ ‘ lemon tell you about ..’

  80. Oops, accidentally left my comment as a reply to someone else’s ideas and I have no idea how to delete it. So many great ideas already. I would suggest a globe. Then then you could add all the tiny friends around it in different cultural outfits. Could be so cute.

  81. The projects using strawberry dies are so inspiring and fun. I want to try these ideas too.

  82. Lawnies are so clever it’s hard to come up with something no one else has said….maybe a surfboard? I like the ideas of a fall leaf or an acorn that others mentioned. Also, someone said cheese which is brilliant because In love cheese. A die set to help make the stitched ornaments into shakers would be fun too.

  83. Sweet creations by all!! How about a cake & present for birthdays/congrats. I would like an ornament, tree & a snowman.

  84. Such adorable strawberries! Love the tip about attaching the seeds from the video! I would love a sunflower!

  85. Love the outside/ in frames. I think a beachy scene, grass or maybe something birthday themed. Such as confetti/ cupcakes or presents would be really cool and fit in the so well with the tiny people!

  86. I spent a day thinking about this important matter. It would be cool to have a stamp of a woman’s face sideways and another of a man’s face sideways. Make them big enough to fill the front of an A2 card.Then have a brain shaped cut out that you could make into a shaker to show die cut words or shapes of things they are thinking about.

  87. These are 100% adorable! I would love to see a craft item turned outside in: scissors, bottle of glue, stack of pens, etc and then lots of crafty puns for friends and teachers.

  88. I would love to see an outside in Christmas tree but until then I can’t wait to play with the outside in strawberry.

  89. Lovin’ all of these strawberry goodies. The first thought that came to mind for another outside in/frame set is an autumn leaf.

  90. A snowflake for Christmas cards would be awesome.
    A little cat perhaps, too!

    Theres so many fantastic examples on here

  91. Wow…such great designs! Way to think out of the Box for the Space card!!!
    I LOVE Cats, Mice, Penguins and anything Sea related!!!

    1. So adorable. All the strawberries look so yummy. I think a kite would be fun. And look adorable with the critters holding it.

  92. There are some really great ideas already shared. I love the idea of a rocket, present, or snowman. A candy corn would be fun too!

  93. Might be because it’s Easter, but it would be lovely to have a nice stitched cross for outside in dies. Or any fruit – a watermelon slice would be fun, too!

  94. I’d like to see an outside in whale or elephant. I see others suggested a b-day cake or a gift; I think those are great situations, too!
    Lori S in PA

  95. I would like to see an Acorn inside/out… to match the acorn house. I love the mice, but I love the squirrels more! And alway colour them red!

  96. A shark, fish or whale any ocean dwelling life. Even an anglerfish with the glowing lantern being a shaker as well.💖

  97. Oh man so many great ideas!!! Love the coffee bean and snow man, what about a diamond for like an engagement ring. Like this huge diamond on a little ring to say congratulations or will you marry me?

  98. Yay I have the strawberry die but haven’t used it yet. All these cards are giving me the inspiration and motivation to start creating with it! So many great ideas from previous comments! I know whatever is the new inside out die, I will want it!

  99. Now I am really hungry for some strawberries right now seeing all your cute strawberry cards! I am thinking a Sunflower or a Sunshine for shaker card.

  100. I love that they made a rocket ship out of the shape! Clever, very clever. The shape that might be good…..a mushroom?

  101. re the strawberry cards: Ya’ll amaze me with your creativity! These new products are all SO CUTE and so fun! And I really enjoyed seeing the fun projects the design team came up with.

    re “What you would like to see as an outside in/frame combination?”
    I’d be likeliest to buy / use ultra simple designs that are versatile — things like scalloped circles, scalloped square / rectangle frames, hearts, hexagons. (You probably already have some of these that I’ve overlooked…)

    It might be interesting to have an elongated triangle that could be used as either a Christmas tree or just a plain pine tree for “outdoorsy” cards. I wouldn’t personally be all that likely to buy / use a dog bone shape, but there are a lot of dog lovers out there who might enjoy having that option for a die — especially if you were to release some other dog-themed stamps / papers / supplies to go along with it. Some other commenters wished for a cupcake, and I think that’s a great idea, too; you could use that shape for birthdays and also for bunches of other holidays; it would be versatile enough to use for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.

  102. Love all the stunning Strawberries Forever! Beautiful cards and thanks to all the awesome makers for their inspiration!
    Now that you have the strawberries completely covered, how about lemons?

  103. I would love to see some biscuits dies and more donuts dies with different topping.. 🍩🥯🍪🥠

  104. I love all the forest critters and I’d like to see an outside/in frame of a sunflower and/or an artichoke (fav veggie)

  105. I saw some great ideas already listed (love the idea of lemons). I think maybe a hot air balloon or a movie theater popcorn container with popcorn coming over the top of it would be a cute outside in die (and maybe a stamp set of mice or critters “at the movies” to go with it – hint hint).

  106. I would love an inside out version of crafty things: scissor, glue, planner, pencils that kind of things

  107. I love all the idea’s by the design team, Way to GO! I’d love to see an inside out stitched cupcake I think it would make for some very fun birthday cards which I always tend to need 🙂

  108. I really love the ideas suggested by others of seashell, mushroom, autumn leaf, acorn….trying to think of something different, maybe a watering can or kite, or more basic, a square with rounded corners outside in stackable. That would be very useful in so many ways.

  109. I say a dinosaur! It would be such a cute baby theme to do in pinks or blues or greens or yellows. Any hue really! And you have the dotted hued paper and that would help with the dino texture! Such a cute idea to make a spaceship out of the strawberry! Just wonderful cards and they all look so yummy. Makes me want to make a strawberry shortcake! Thanks for the inspiration DT of Lawn Fawn!!!!

  110. OMG!!! What a great idea to create a spaceship from it!!! Talk about using creatively the dies. Thanks Tammy Stark for such a beautiful and clever design.

  111. I don’t have an original idea for an outside in die, but I really like all the other ideas I have read in the comments! I absolutely LOVE all the strawberry cards from the DT! 🙂

  112. Absolutely love Graces reveal wheel card with the strawberries! So sweet. I would love to see a seashell inside out die.

  113. I would love to see a scalloped shell, maple leaf, holly leaf and mushroom for the next few holidays!
    And maybe even a witch’s hat or Santa’s hat…but these may be better as paper piercing items!!!

  114. Today’s sample projects are berry cute! I like a lot of the suggestions already mentioned… an acorn, autumn leaf, butterfly and starfish.

  115. Fish shape. I would love to put in my colorful sequins to make a rainbow fish shaker. Fishy business. I’d swim the ocean for you. You got me hook, line and sinker. Cast away your sorrows. You are Reel fun. Holy Mackerel. Too cool for school. What Fin-astic News! Fin-ally it’s your birthday. Oh, I could swim on and on…

  116. Well, since you already have a big strawberry, I was thinking a small one, bananas and ice cream so we can create a banana split with strawberry lol 😍

  117. That rocket/outer=space design is amazing! How clever! I am thinking maybe a stitched toucan beak would be fun.

  118. Ahhhh! Tammy’s Rocker Card is incredible!!! That is genius. I would like an organic blob shape as an outside in. Kinda like the shape of the pond. Is there already an outside in for that? It would be nice to be able to pop up the organic shape as a fun background, or use the outer part as a frame. Not as smooth edged as the den shapes. But swirling flowing edges.

  119. I would love to see a Christmas Stocking or a Christmas Ornament as an Outside/In frame. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  120. So cute! The rocket was such a great idea outside of the box!!

    I agree with some of the other comments about a stitched present!

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