Lawn Fawn Intro: Tree House {Bonus Day}

Happy Friday and welcome to a Bonus Inspiration Week Post! All of our Summer 2022 products are now available at and at your favorite online and local craft stores! Woohoo!

Be sure to check out this fun All the Party Hats stamp set! It’s our Free Gift with orders over $60 exclusively at until May 27th at 11:59PM PT or while supplies last.

Introducing Tree House

Create a cute Tree House for all the woodland critters, gnomes, and fairies! Decorate it with a full treetop, pretty flowers, and a little birdhouse to create the perfect home sweet home in the forest! It’s also the perfect backdrop for Tea-rrific Day and Tea-rrific Day Add-On! And it pairs nicely with the woodland sets; Forest Feast and Let’s Go Nuts! For a little magic, create a scene with Oh Gnome or Fairy Friends!

Elise‘s Tree House design is so adorable! I love how she combined different patterned papers for the tree, tree top and the sky in the background! The Bunting Borders add a pretty touch while the sentiment from Happy Village is just perfect!

Kara used the cute door to tell a Dad Joke, hiding the Tea-rrific Day squirrel inside with the punch line! I love how she colored the tree; it’s so beautiful with a storybook feel!

Tammy created a little magic by using the sweet Fairy Friends set! I love the gorgeous pink sky and the pretty pink Tree House door!

Audrey‘s woodland scene is the perfect place for Winnie the Pooh and friends! She used the bear from Butterfly Kisses, and the little piglet from Tiny Farm. She used a previous birthday gift set, but you could substitute with the Critters Down Under kangaroo. I love this beautiful card so much!

Mindy created the most beautiful nighttime scene with a light up element! She used the new Sunray Background Stencil to add interest to the background then she added the cute squirrels from Let’s Go Nuts!

I love how Lynnette used bold accents in red for her Tree House design! This card is so cheerful, its the perfect way to send a happy hello!

Caly‘s design is so gorgeous! She added lovely dimension by inking the die cut pieces and using Woodgrain cardstock for the tree trunk. The pop of red from the flowers and mushroom caps is so striking! She also used the sweet sentiment from Happy Village!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Tree House! There are so many fun ways to use this versatile new set! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

And now it’s Giveaway time!

For this Bonus Inspiration post we are giving away the Tree House die set plus one new Summer 2022 stamp set of your choice to 2 lucky commenters on this post! (If you already have this die set, you can choose another die set).

To enter leave a comment below telling us what made you smile today by Monday May 23 at 5:00PM ET. We will announce the two winners on Tuesday, May 24th!


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214 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Tree House {Bonus Day}

  1. There are so many idea swimming around my head with this quaint tree house. What darling inspiration from the design team, love the addition of the lights, creates a super whimsical atmosphere . 😍

  2. I know this sounds so cliched, but my kids and cats made me smile today. As soon as I get out of bed, one of my cats always greets me. She makes this chirpy meow sound that I absolutely love to hear. She purrs, chirpy meows and rubs her body against my legs while I try to walk. It’s the best way to start the day. It never fails to make me smile and laugh. Then I try to talk to my kids for a few minutes before they rush off to school. I take my daughter to school every morning. I enjoy our talks in the car. As she gets out of the car, we tell each other to have a nice day and “I love you.” I smile as I watch her walk towards the school. Those are my favorite ways to start the day. It’s those little things that make me smile.

    1. The entire summer collection made me smile all week! But today I don’t feel well, I have ear pain, and watching my 2 little girls getting ready for school by themselves made me smile so big! I feel proud of them 💓

  3. that the glorious sun is shining and how great to get up on a day like this (and have to get right to the LF blog!)

  4. These adorable tree house cards made me smile today! Love that I now gave another way to use the cute squirrels!

  5. Baltimore Orioles are back! This made me smile this morning as there are two pairs rather than just one this year.

  6. Good morning! The sun is shining after much needed rain yesterday. Seeing my garden growing and blooming makes me smile today.
    I’ll be making a birthday card today for my husband with the new Lawn Fawn sets I picked up yesterday at my local craft store. That always makes me happy!

  7. This tree house die makes me smile. Last year my son built his kids a treehouse and they would love this! My granddaughter (7 yrs) just discovered diecutting. So a match made in heaven! You truly left the best for last! Great job on the samples!

  8. We are heading out today for a weekend camping with our best friends! Always makes my heart happy and puts a smile on my face😊

  9. Top of the morning to all, my smile this morning comes from my husband, cup of coffee, and knowing Lawn Fawn is pulling together my order. Can’t wait 😍😁 Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

  10. Super cute trees & tree houses!
    I bowled with my 4YO grandson today, and he wanted to be on my “team”… He always makes me smile 🙂

  11. This is so cute! Super love the Winnie the Pooh card, so clever. My crazy mini goldendoodle made me smile today 🙂

  12. So cute!! Love this tree house so much
    My kids made me smile today when they where hiding in plane site with there eyes closed 😆 and they where wondering how I found them so fast 😃

  13. Loved seeing the different ways to use the Tree House! Working on birthday party plans made me smile today 🙂

  14. What made me smile today! Waking up knowing it’s Friday! The long weekend here in BC Canada and I can have major crafty time to play with my new treats💚💚

  15. Oh, my goodness! I want to climb around this wonderful tree!!! There are so many possibilities awaiting under and in this gem. I love when you release a piece that can bring new life to sets we already have. I may not sleep tonight thinking of all the potential here.

  16. The fact that I solved a computer tech issue without my husband’s help made me smile today. 😊

  17. What made me smile today is getting a 13 1/2 minute mile. I am training for a 5k and haven’t run since high school 11 years ago so I am very proud!!

  18. A gorgeous purple iris made me smile today. I had to pick it and bring it inside because we have a weekend of snow and cold temperatures! The iris will make it feel like spring indoors.

  19. Having Friday off work before the long weekend to make it an extra long weekend will put a smile on anyone’s face! 😀🙂😁☺️😃

  20. Super cute and so many possibilities!

    I had to smile today when my dog tried pulling a John Cena, thinking he was hiding under a blanket, only half covered and looking right at me. 😂

  21. Today is son-in-law #1’s birthday. Yesterday was son-in-law #2’s birthday. Neither has a brother. Seeing their texts in our family thread and how they have bonded over the years definitely makes me smile!

  22. My family and my pets. My dog greets me in the morning by jumping in the bed to cuddle with me when he hears me stir. Then my cat greets me as I get out of bed. As I leave the bedroom I walk past pictures of my grandchildren. Which brings me more warm feelings and happy thoughts. Then as I sit here reading the Lawn Fawn blog, drinking my morning Cafe, thinking of playing with my new Lawn Fawn stamps my smile and happy thoughts continue to brighten my day.

  23. The birds singing while I had my coffee on the back deck, made me smile today. The tree house is so adorable.

  24. Hmmm, I get to see my grandkids tomorrow, and that makes me smile today 🙂 I really like the new tree house. It will go with just about all of your critter stamps, as well as gnomes and fairies. So perfect.

  25. I was on the fence about the tree house, but now I must have it! So much great inspiration! Thinking about seeing a friend I haven’t seen in almost a year. Looking forward to spending the long weekend with him and my husband.

  26. Well, of course this post made me smile today!! Adorable little tree house and love all the inspiring card ideas! Thank you for the chance to win this cute tree house!

  27. My only nephew received his 2nd college degree last night. I was looking through the pics from last night and they made me smile.

  28. Wowee! I love this new treehouse—esp w the silly Dad Joke. Okay, I’m a sucker for a sweet pun. Love that LF always comes up w both verbal&vusual puns!!! (They always make me smile!)

  29. Love the tree house! So many fun ideas for using it!
    My kitty, Coco, made me smile early this morning as she jumped up on my bed and settled down with me.

  30. Today I get to visit my friends who I have not seen in more than two years since before Covid started!

  31. This tree house blog made me smile today! The tree house die set is so cute and versatile 🙂
    I’m obsessed with everything Lawn Fawn!

  32. Love this!!! Such great inspiration! My 2 month old grandson made me smile today when he smiled at me! ❤️

  33. We bought a travel trailer last night so we get to plan all the camping trips now and I’m so excited!

  34. What made me smile? Seeing first thing in the morning that there was a bonus inspiration day!! And especially Elise’s treehouse card… It is just so sweet! Love how she added the bunting border, it’s what made me smile instantly!

  35. So many possibilities for the Tree House die!
    My fur-babies: Shadow, Fluffy Butter & George made me smile today!

  36. I smiled today listening to my sons girlfriend telling me she was on the hunt for the “perfect flamingo shirt” for her dad. I told her to just get a white one and we could stamp it with the Flamingo Together stamp set 😂.

  37. Today is my son’s last day of high school! He graduates next week and we are both excited. I tied a rather large graduation cap to his vehicle this morning and smiled when I saw his reaction. Congrats to the class of 2022!

  38. Finalizing my birthday Lawn Fawn order made me smile! I can’t wait to make cards, especially with the Just Add Glitter set. Thank you Lawn Fawn for such amazing products.

  39. My 1 year old grandson learning to walk, and 7 baby ducks in my backyard. I’m wanting to build a treehouse in our backyard, so this stamp was perfect. So excited about the new release😊

  40. Cute set! I work outside of my classroom on Friday’s and my students always come by to say hello or give me a hug. That really makes me smile 🙂

  41. The tea party in the shade of the tree just cracks me up! It is so adorable and I can’t wait for my goodies to arrive and recreate this scene!🥰

  42. My dog made me smile today. And since I now have the Simply Celebrate Critters and the Tiny Gift Box Dog Add On from the new release, I am going to play with my new goodies and create some doggie themed cards!!!

  43. Love this die – it is so versatile and can complement so many of Lawn Fawn’s adorable sets! When our new dog, Roy, finally came out of the back hallway, where he had been cowering due to last night’s thunderstorms, that definitely made me smile today! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  44. I’m smiling today because there is a Craft Warehouse in my area (they sell Lawn Fawn!) so I have new sets to use today! Woohoo!

  45. Hooray for bonus days – and bonus giveaways too. What made me smile today is getting a mani/pedi but what really made me smile yesterday was serenading my youngest grandson over the phone with Happy Birthday and hearing him “talk” to us afterwards.

  46. Its the last day of school!!! Getting to sleep in always makes me smile!!! I love this tree house die!!!!

  47. I smiled about it being FRIDAY and my week of work is over. Just logged in 20 years with my company as well and that made me smile too.

  48. Going to my granddaughter’s 5th birthday party and seeing her with all her little friends, made me smile today

  49. Omg the tree gives me so much inspiration!! I can’t wait to get! ❤️❤️❤️
    Thank You Lawn Fawn! 🐿🦥🦌

  50. Two things have made me smile today…my sister is coming to visit and my daughters have their first play performance tonight! I’m excited for both these things!

  51. Love the tree house! The waves and sunbathers also are my favorites. You always leave me wanting everything! Love it!

  52. My patients made me smile today. One wanted to order tuna from the internet and almost ended up buying cat food because that was cheapest 😃

  53. The design team created such adorable treehouse cards!
    I’m happy because I was able to purchase stamp & dies
    from the current release! I just wish that I could of purchase
    everything I wanted including the Tree House die! 🥰🌞

  54. I smiled today because I am wrapping up some much needed down time. I feel refreshed and ready to get back to it.

  55. I smiled today when my kids played outside on the deck and ate popsicles. Summer is really starting now!

  56. Fun summer scenes, I especially love the tea party under the tree. My daughter made me smile today with one of her school stories.

  57. Love these cute treehouse cards so much!
    Sending a care package to my son in South Africa made me smile today ❤️

  58. I’m feeling better today … hubby & I have been sick all week … so I’m very happy to be on the mend … with all this Lawn Fawn cuteness!

  59. All of these new releases are so cute! Watching my son have fun and play today has made me smile today. 😊

  60. Today, I smiled when my students solved a challenging math question and saw them celebrate the achievement!!

  61. This tree house set is darling!
    What made me smile? I was wrapping my sister’s birthday gift today, and it made me smile to know that she’ll love it! (A new outfit for her.) We’re going out for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate her. <3

  62. I’ve been enjoying the lead up to the Lawn Fawn release while I’ve been on a hiking vacation at Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion national parks. So all of the beautiful vistas and all the lawn Fawn creativity are making me smile. Regarding the tree house though, I always wanted to have one as a kid. Now I can live vicariously through all my lawn Fawn critters enjoying the tree house.

  63. Several things made me smile today- it’s a beautiful day and I found a new iris blooming- AND the treehouse with the squirrels definitely made me smile!

  64. We have snow this weekend and it’s actually kinda nice to see the dogs get excited for it again! 🙂

  65. My most favourite product in the summer release is this gorgeous tree. So versatile. I see it being good for s tree house inspired at project for the tiny friends as well as a home for the critters and for the fairies to dance round just a majestic tree to admire. Or for cards to signify becoming part of the family tree, growing or aging and becoming wise like the tree she so much more.

  66. It was such a good day today, I didn’t smile that way for so long… I placed an order for the new release (my baby girl is named Alice so I couldn’t resist to the tea-rrific stamp set ant that cute teapot die 😍)
    And I hah a walk and good time with my man and our to children, it was so nice and peaceful.

  67. Well, this is a rare day…. what made me smile today was that I saw a male peacock sitting atop a garage roof. The garage is on a property I pass every day along a highway en route to work. The peacock used to be up on the roof a lot of days but it has been a while since I’ve seen it. It was warm overnight so maybe that is part of the equation… Whatever the reason, I consider it almost like a good portent. Whenever I see the peacock, I feel like it’s a lucky day. Silly, I know… but there it is.
    Hope you had a good day!
    Lori S in PA

  68. p.s. Thanks for the video and all the great example cards. They’re all great. Maybe I can get this tree house item after my next pay.

  69. I was at an air show and not only saw both the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds perform, but saw an adorable little girl just enraptured by all the airplanes. Both definitely made me smile. I love this tree and all the cards from the team.

  70. Well I woke up this morning feeling a bit crappy (I didn’t have a good sleep as I was up at 4am sneezing constantly and so woke up with a sore throat and just overall yuckyness). As it is currently cold and raining where I am (Brisbane, Aus) my husband wanted a hot drink and so did I, so I decided to go up the road to our favourite place for a cappuccino and a hot chocolate (as I don’t drink coffee). My husband suggested I wear the new outfit I bought for my birthday this past month, which reminds me of Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (pastel multi colour merino wool jumper, black A-line denim skirt, purple tights, converse-style shoes)… I think I was getting some looks from people driving/walking past me, but I didn’t care as it made me feel better on the inside and confident on the outside.

    By the way, I just LOVE this die. I just recently bought the Fairy Friends stamp and die and I haven’t yet tried them out yet, and I just love the design inspiration with that set and this die.

  71. I saw the cuties thing today while out driving. Two ducks were playing in the sprinkles. Running in and out just like kids. Its made me smile and laugh. Wish I could have pulled over and watched they have fun.

  72. My little grandson made me smile today. I was tickling him and he was belly laughing, so cute!

  73. I felt like smiling much of the day today, realizing that in just a few short days my son and his family will be coming to visit! We live in New York and they live in Illinois so we don’t get to be together with them very often.

  74. Seeing out of town friends for the first time since before the pandemic put a big smile on my face today. Love the treehouse!!

  75. There are so many things to live about lawn fawn products! The thing that made me smile today was the treehouse with the fairies.😊.
    I love how you continually use pieces from other sets to accentuate your new creations! Thank you for sharing your gift of creativity!

  76. Seeing some really cute cards and crafts form the new release and being inspired by them made me smile today. So excited to get creating. 😁

  77. I work for an elementary school and I work in a center base program. My student does not like music and we have been practicing in class for kindergarten graduation! He would not participate. Long story short, he rocked it out of the park! I was so proud of him like a mom! That made me smile today!

  78. My pupper, Rusty made me smile this morning. Each day when he wakes up he runs out into the living room and nudges my left elbow to tell me he’s awake. I give him a little rub-down and then we do his “tricks” and I tell him how much I love him and how lucky I am to have him in my life (yes, I do this EVERY SINGLE DAY). I truly do feel that I am blessed to be his owner and to be able to care for him and love on him. He in turn keeps me safe when my husband goes out to do running around or to play golf. He is SUPER gentle with our two young grandchildren and plays with them and loves on them. He even watches them (literally) if say, I have to answer the door, or make a bottle or get more diapers from a different room. He actually sits right by the child and just “watches” them. How could I NOT smile from all the ways he shows me he loves me and needs me? He truly is, my sunshine!

  79. What made me smile today was seeing my father-in-law. My hubby and I went 2 states away to see this wonderful man that we haven’t seen since Thanksgiving die to our scheduling conflicts and a COVID scare. My fil has Parkinson’s and just sitting and talking with him for a few hours and seeing a smile on his face made my day. It definitely put a smile on my face.

  80. Going to my nephews soccer game put so many smiles on my face and many laughs were had too. If you have not seen 5 year olds play soccer I highly recommend it.

  81. My son did a great job during his nursery school interview! So proud of him! He makes me smile everyday😍

    1. Warm weather made me smile today! I finally got to enjoy the sunshine with my coffee outside today 🙂

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