Lawn Fawn Video {5.23.22} Mona’s Fruity Coloring Tutorial

Happy Monday, friends! Mona is back to share a coloring tutorial video! She has made the freshest and most fun fruit themed mini cards to inspire you! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

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With all the bright, happy colors of summer, Mona’s fruity mini cards are ready to make someone smile!

I always love to see this older set, Make Lemonade come out to play! Mona added some leaves from Be Hap-pea and I Like Naps to fill this sweet mini design!

Mona used How You Bean? Strawberries Add-On along with leaves from A Bug Deal for this mini card!

I just love that she used a heart to create these super cute peaches! That is just so clever!

I learn something new every time I watch one of your coloring tutorials! Thank you so much for sharing with us today, Mona!


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6 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Video {5.23.22} Mona’s Fruity Coloring Tutorial

  1. These cards are so berry cute. I adore mini card sets and this one is no exception. Absolutely stunning shading and color combinations Mona. ❤️

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