Lawn Fawn Intro: Peekaboo Pop-Up

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall & Winter 2022 Inspiration and Release Week! On August 25th our 12 new stamp sets, 20 new die sets, 3 new stencil sets, 2 new paper collections, and more exciting new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways! Then in September and October we will introduce the rest of the Fall & Winter 2022 Release!

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Today is our showcase of our new interactive die, Peekaboo Pop-Up! Let’s play peekaboo! This interactive die set helps you create a scene with a special surprise when opened! The set includes everything you need to get your scene ready for your favorite characters to pop into view. Pair this set with Snowball Fight and watch the snowballs fly! Or with Fangtastic Friends to see your flying friends zoom across your scene.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new interactive die! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Kara used our new interactive die set, Peekaboo Pop-Up to make an amazing monochromatic Fangtastic Friends card! I love how the flying bat pops-up when the card is pulled open!

Megan turned the Peekaboo Pop-Up upside down to create this amazing autumn delight! She paired the cute mice from You Autumn Know with more mice from Simply Celebrate Critters. Then she finished this happy design with a sentiment from Scripty Autumn Sentiments!

Elise combined Full Moon with Let it Shine Starry Skies paper to create her Peekaboo Pop-Up backdrop! She added shading to the patterned paper for depth and then arranged the adorable Fangtastic Friends!

Latisha used another new set, Beachy Christmas for this amazing card! She stenciled the background in stunning colors and then added a charming twist when the little jellyfish pops into view!

Chari used her favorite Happy Harvest scarecrow to make a Peekaboo Pop-Up that is so full of Autumn goodness! When the card is opened, the pretty sunflower pops-up!

Marine‘s Fangtastic Friends design is so adorable! She flipped the Peekaboo Pop-Up so the bat can fly down from the tree. I love how she made the mountain fold side the tree trunk, that is so clever!

Oh wow, Elena‘s Peekaboo Pop-Up design is so clever! She started with our new Let it Shine Starry Skies paper for the background. And then she added the Full Moon to that awesome starry sky. Then she got really clever and combined Den Sweet Den, Snow Much Fun and Purrfectly Wicked to create a spooktacular scene. Those cute ghosts from Simply Celebrate Fall also add an extra dose of cuteness!

Caly‘s Peekaboo Pop-Up design gives a peek at the cute Fangtastic Friends bats playing in the treetops! She stenciled the moon in the background using Nighttime Sky Stencil and used Puffy Cloud Borders for the trees!

Audrey‘s Halloween pop-up is the perfect combination of cute and spooky! She added fun design details with Full Moon, Cute Cobweb and Spooky Fence. Of course, the Booyah ghost popping up is pretty fun too!

Megan created a stunning inked background for her Peekaboo Pop-Up! She reversed the design so the bat can fly forward as he pops up. So clever! We will show you how to do this in the video below. She also included the pumpkin border from Simply Celebrate Fall!

The surf’s up and the sun is shining! Lynnette‘s Peekaboo Pop-Up is a Beachy Christmas delight!

Grace‘s Peekaboo Pop-Up is over-the-moon cute! She stenciled the moon in the background with Nighttime Sky Stencil then filled the space with Out of this World images! I love how the little rocket pops up when you open the card!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Peekaboo Pop-Up! We will show how easy it is to assemble this interactive die set; and then we will share some great ideas for using it for your cards. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Peekaboo Pop-Up! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us about your creative ideas for the Peekaboo Pop-Up by August 24th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Saturday, August 20th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week; we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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Peekaboo Pop-Up die set

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610 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Peekaboo Pop-Up

  1. Making a cute ocean environment with a shark popping out or even the octopus taking a shelfie with its friends, then on the back of the card, frame it like a Polaroid of that shelfie. 😉

    1. So fun! I’m envisioning a surprise party birthday scene card with a critter or little birthday friends etc popping out.

  2. I would start with a holiday themed Build a House, then put a Tiny Christmas Santa in the sleigh pulled by a reindeer from Over the Mountain Borders so that Santa and the sleigh “magically” pop up over the rooftop. Might be cool to have the new moon stenciled behind Santa and the sleigh too.

  3. I would use the mice on ice stamp set and have a mouse jump in the air
    while other mice are skating on the ice! I can see myself using the
    peekaboo-pop-up card for Birthdays & Holiday cards!

  4. OMG, this beachy christmas card is amazing! 😍 The Peekaboo Pop-Up is just amazing. I would create a cozy winter card with little mice sets, surely a fairy themed card with mushrooms in the forest, and something with my favorite pea-team. 🙂

  5. i envision a fun sky with clouds and an airplane pop-up or sun/moon pop-up. i bet you can do a super cute one with the rub-a-dub stamp set— think baby ducks following a momma duck and a pop-up w one of the baby ducks trailing behind!

  6. This peekaboo pop up is just another fun interactive die that I need for my collection!! I see it being used for a Christmas fireplace scene. Having someone coming down the chimney.

  7. How cute are all these samples!!!! I would definitely use the peek-a-boo for a beachy Christmas scene. Adorable!

  8. Pirate scene with a mermaid pop up. Castle scene with a flying dragon. Jungle scene with a pop up critter. This is going to be fun!!

  9. Wow! I loved all the cards today, the pop up peek a boo is a must have for sure!! Birthday balloons coming up, cake so many things that can pop up the possibilities are endless.

  10. This die is so awesome! I already have an idea for a Christmas card with some critters decorating a tree, and when you open the card, the star appears at the top. 🌟

  11. I’m pretty sure the basic standard card is obsolete now that we will have the Peek-a-boo pop-up! WOW! The samples are so cute! Great job Lawn Fawn crew!

  12. You guys are amazing! So glad there is a design team and tons of other creative people so I can use there ideas 😁

  13. So fun! I would make it so a sentiment popped up – maybe in a speech bubble. So cute. I really love all the inspiration – especially the santa at the beach!

    1. This set is going to be a favorite and would with any of the stamp sets. Maybe with Santa popping up or a Halloween card with a trick or treater popping up.

  14. This die looks like so much fun! I would first use it with one of my dog sets. Maybe having the dog pop up to catch a bone or a ball? Can’t wait for August 25!

  15. These interactive cards are so fun! I would definitely like to create a haunted house with a ghost flying out of the chimney!

  16. What a hard question to answer – the possibilities with this interactive die are endless. And I know, once I started I can’t stop and more and more ideas come to my mind. But with christmas coming I guess I’d make Santa in his sleigh popping out of the sky and fly over a snowy village, all of that paired with a starry night sky. Maybe adding a speech bubble to Santa with a Ho Ho Ho stamped onto it would be a nice suprise as well.

  17. I don’t make too many interactive cards but if I did I would make a cat popping up out of a birthday cake or out of a present.

  18. So cute~Interactive cards aren’t my strength. However, I think a Christmas one with Santa’s sleigh popping might work.

  19. I would use the peekaboo pop-up on a Christmas card. I want to have a Christmas tree pop into the scene. Maybe a Halloween card with a Christmas tree popping up.

  20. I think it would be cute with a jungle scene with a coiled snake that slithers down from the top of the card. Such a cool die!

  21. These card’s are too cute, I would use the Peekaboo Pop-Up to make some birthday card’s with candy falling out of the pinata as a surprise

  22. The idea I like the most is to have the winter wishes animals with the new star paper in the backyard looking up at the sky. With some winter houses maybe. Then have Santa pop over the horizon.

    My thought is also that I can recreate all the swish n pop cards I have made with it and they would be even Fancier. Also this looks easer that it was lol.

  23. My creative juices are not yet flowing this morning so I’m not sure what my idea would be but I just wanted to say how much I love all the cards and new products!

  24. I think this set would be really fun for a starry winter-time night sky where Santa in his sleigh can appear with the mechanism (maybe with some kids in the foreground looking up to the sky?)

  25. Oh boy, the possibilities are just endless! I can see making an
    aquarium full of colorful tropical fishies!!

  26. Some more ideas a cute little dinosaur scene and when you pop it open a pterodactyl flies out, a toast popping out of the toaster with the cereal bowl and other breakfast foods strew about, a scene with the adorable kitties brewing with the cauldron and bat’s flying to and fro then when the card pops open a poof of magic emerges from the cauldron, the ideas are endless😁

  27. Love this die! First card would be a pop up of Santa and reindeer. Would be so cute with them ‘flying’ across the sky!

  28. My fav is the pop up mice with the snowballs so I would do more Christmas card popups with penguins and bears.

  29. This is such a fun die set! I would use it with monkeys swinging from the tree tops! I would also use it with snowball fight and place the mice on ice characters in the front of the card skating.

  30. I think it would be fun to have piles of books everywhere and a bear reading. Then, a little bear can pop out from behind a stack of books.

  31. I promised myself no more interactive dies – but – this one has so many possibilities! And it is so easy to put together! I have 19 grandkids so I have lots of birthday cards. 2 birthdays in September – one will be ocean themed and one will be wild topical jungle themed.

  32. The Peekaboo Pop-up is so versatile, we can use it with all the stamp sets. I envision spring time cards with flowers and a beautiful butterfly popping up.

  33. Love this pop up! How about a campfire scene and a friendly Yeti popping up to surprise the campers and join in for s’mores!

  34. I love this new interactive die!! I am thinking about fall themed cards because that is the next season; I would make a pile of leaves on the front of the card and have a critter popping up.

  35. This die will make such cute cards, so many possibilities! I like the idea of having cute critters popping out of piles of leaves.

  36. Wow so many possibilities! First thing that comes to mind is a halloween card with a critter popping up/down/up to say “Boo!” Such a versatile die set.

  37. So many cute ideas here! I love the sneak peek of the beachy santa set!! I love how this can be used in any direction and for any holiday/theme!

  38. Wow this inspiration is amazing! I can see all the little critters jumping over things. Love this!

  39. So many creative ideas for the Peekaboo Pop-up in the comments above! How about a bear popping up behind Build a Campsite tent, lol.

  40. Peek a boo pop up idea (inspired by my sister, a true-life cat lady): cats and more cats!!! Hide as many cats as possible until the card is opened to join the cats that are showing!!!

  41. I really want to try making a Rudolph card with him flying up from behind a snow bank or the “reindeer games”.

  42. I have so many ideas for using the Peekaboo Pop-up. I can see squirrels popping out of trees and ghosts popping up from pumpkin patches and reindeer flying through the sky. I have a feeling I’m going to want all of this release.

  43. So much inspiration for peekaboo card. Maybe a baby announcement with the bath tub and a bunch of little ducks peeking out

  44. I am going to incorporate it into my Christmas cards. Still figuring out exactly how I’ll use it. I think I’ll need the tropical Santa Christmas stamp set!

  45. OMG I can not wait to play with this die! So many things. I plan on using it for everything lol. Hee hee💚💚💚

  46. So many cute ways to use this interactive die. I am thinking of making a card with the mice and bubbles, with the mouse popping up on a bubble.

  47. I’d like to use it for pop up birthday surprise’s, the kids will love that. Thanks for the chance to win.

    1. I can’t wait to see the snowball fight and the beachy Christmas on my stash! They are sooooo cute

  48. I absolutely ADORE interactive cards, the possibilities are just endless and they add such an extra pop of fun!!

  49. GUYS! you have stolen any creative ideas i could have come up with lol! only lawn fawn could make spiders and bats look amazingly cute!

  50. That astronaut card is AMAZING!!! I am definitely already thinking about using this as a birthday card with someone popping out a cake! I love this die!

  51. My cats love to hide then jump out to “scare” us when we are close by. (One of my cats always meows in her hiding spot. It’s soooo cute.) I’d create a card where they are hiding, then they Pop out to scare us. They could pop out from behind or under a couch or a box. There are soooo many possibilities.

  52. I really love that you can use this for anything. I think I would use this for a lot of different cards – birthday – balloons or cakes, Halloween – the bats are so cute for this! but also maybe a pop out card!, and Christmas – popping out of a present or from behind a tree.

  53. I’d have to do something with elephants and
    a mouse. Love interactive cards.
    thanks for sharing. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  54. This looks like so much fun! I’m still in summer mode and would try it with sea life, or maybe an airplane. A surprise birthday cake would also be fun.

  55. I could see this interactive set used for a birthday/Christmas card with a critter popping up into the scene holding a present or the skunks with flowers or chocolate box for Valentine’s

  56. A zoo scene with a sloth hanging on a branch in front. A carnival scene, camping… as usual, the possibilities are endless! Incorporating a slider may be an option as well.

  57. I would use the peekaboo pop-up for birthday cards! The choices are endless on what could pop-up, a critter, balloons, presents, cupcakes…

  58. I always like to start with the cards you have made during inspiration week and then try some ideas of my own.

  59. Such a fun interactive! I’m thinking of a garden scene with bees and birds flying towards flowers, the possibilities are endless with all the adorable LF sets available!

  60. I have already made a card like this with a dolphin jumping out of the water. It’s a fun thing to do. Love all the card examples!

  61. Your interactive dies are always amazing! So many possibilities with this one – Christmas, birthdays, a bug card, a card with fairies and flowers, outer space – I could go on and on!!

  62. These are all adorable! I’m thinking it would make a great birthday card with a mouse coming out of the cake.

  63. The pop-up could make any thing you wanted to come to life. The possibilities are endless. So far the week is looking great!!!!

  64. I think it would be fun to use the window scenes and maybe have the dog or something popping up on the couch thru the window?

  65. I love the peek a boo pop up!! Critters jumping out of a pile of leaves, yeti snowboarding, shark/fish jumping out of water, so many options!! Can’t wait!

  66. I immediately think Santa in his sleigh or maybe the Halloween kitties from last year popping up from behind the cauldron! This will be so fun for sure!

  67. These cards are amazing and the die set is so much fun! I’d use it with Den Sweet Den to have a bear playing peek a boo.

  68. Wow what great ideas! I was thinking of using it to for birthday cards! A happy birthday popping out, or the mouse from the last year’s fall set, with his arms out, like surprise! Christmas, with Santa popping out or Easter with cute bunnies popping out. Or for a everyday card, one of the hugging animals popping out stating, sending you hugs! All kinds of ideas!!!

  69. OMGosh…I just LOVE every scene!!! I’m drooling with envy here!!! =) The Peekaboo Pop Up is so COOL!!!
    Yes…the possibilities are endless with the Peekaboo Pop Up. I envision an aquarium, Tiny People by the Christmas Tree and so much more!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us!!!

  70. One way to use the Peekaboo Pop Up would be to use it upside down and have an airplane flying in the sky over a little town or village. I am sure there are many other ways I could think of if I had the time.

  71. My grandkids love when I make them interactive cards. I would use the peekaboo pop up with whatever theme that specific child is into.

  72. Very fun peek a boo cards!! We could pull out every older stamp sent and new and create a hundred different cards! 😍😍

  73. This die set is so cute. It would be fun to make a field and have sunflowers pop up. Or a birthday card where the cake pops up.

  74. I love all the design team samples , especially the ones using the new darling bats! Going to have a play using these new stamps and dies!

  75. I’d make an ocean scene with a fish popping g out from behind a rock or some coral. Such a fun interactive die!

  76. Your intro videos sell me on all of your products! So creative! I would love to use this with a critter popping out of a gift or out from behind a tree as a surprise birthday card.

  77. Great ideas from the designers! There are many things I would do with this die but the first would probably be making a scene with a little people set playing in the park. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  78. Wow, I’m going to have so much fun with this die! I think my first card with this will be with really high five.

  79. I wonder if it can be use with the tiny sports friends and have a football or baseball fly through the air? Had to watch the video to see what this actually did but it’s so cool, on my list!!

  80. One idea would be to use the bird house and a bird flying to or from it… to see the many ideas from design team too!

  81. Great new interactive die. Don’t use them but this might be worth a shot. So totally cute and I love the Tropical Santa.

  82. All your interactive dies are just the best. Everyone I send a card to, using any one of your interactive dies, loves the card. This interactive die will wow them too. I would use this die for all occasions.

  83. The possibilities are endless! But I imagine a shooting star across the moon at a campsite scene. That’s what I would use the die for.

  84. I have been waiting for something like this ever since I bought my first lawn fawn stamp set!! My mum has been hounding me for a pop up snowball fight scene – just like the one in your video! Except this was way back when I showed her the “toboggan together” stamps. Can’t wait to combine them. The mice just make everything ADORABLE!

  85. My go-to is an aquatic scene, so I can see all sorts of fish, jellyfish, octopus, etc. popping out from the fold. I just thought of “Plane and Simple” and how an airplane could be popping out. There could be a bear popping out behind a tent in a camping / forest scene. The possibilities for a kitchen scene with mice are almost endless…. Well done! Great and very helpful video!!
    TFS –
    Lori S in PA

  86. What a fun design for interactive cards! I love making Halloween cards, so I’d make a spooky scene with a pop-up ghost.

  87. I love making interactive cards. I think it would be fun to have fireworks pop up in the sky for a celebration card.

  88. LOVE all the inspiration…so clever! I like the idea of using this for Retirement cards or BIG moment birthdays!!

  89. Peekaboo pop up card ideas…. the examples covered so much! But I could see me hiding a word within that hidden spot.

  90. Love this die set! So cool!!
    I don’t know how you guys keep coming up with new interactive dies! So awesome!!!

  91. I love the peekaboo pop up!!! So much fun!!! I of course would first make Birthday cards and Christmas cards. That lawn cut is perfect for any occasion!

  92. So fun! Love this. I’m thinking maybe a shark that pops out from behind a wave or a dog that appears to catch a ball.

  93. I think it would be cute with the little trampoline and characters from Really High Five. Balloons popping up are always fun!

  94. I would like to use the bug and lady bug stamps & dies. Also, I could see using this pop up with Christmas cards! So inventive.

  95. I love Lawn Fawn!! I am over the moon with this Peekaboo die set. It is so much fun. I can’t wait to play with it. I want to make a gravestone popping up out of a cemetery. I love Halloween!! I might also make some flowers or bunnies pop up in a spring theme. Woot woot!

  96. I think a great idea would be to have a bunch of kids from the various previous sets jumping out playing peekaboo!!!

  97. With the Peek-a-boo pop-up you could make Santa’s sleigh fly over a rooftop with Tiny Winter Friends, Tiny Christmas, and Rooftop border, and use the moon stencil for the backdrop.

  98. You mean you want me to narrow it down to just one of the ideas floating around in my head right now? Maybe Super Star with a shooting star popping by!

  99. Love the peekaboo pop up! So many possibilities – birthday, Christmas, wedding, encouragement cards, can’t wait!

  100. I love Lawn Fawn interactive dies, they are actually pretty easy to follow the videos which I love! I would use the bears, I just love the bears but I’m not very creative with coming up with scenes so will probably have to look for some ideas!

  101. Peekaboo Pop-Up will be used with Love Letters making a messy room with letters flying all over the otherwise clean office

  102. I L-O-V-E interactive dies! How fun is this one! The first thing I thought of was a unicorn popping out from behind the clouds.

  103. How fun! Lawn Fawn always has such cool interactive dies. It would be so cool with Rawrsome; you could make the Terodactyl fly.

  104. These Peekaboo-Pop ups are adorable. I would love to do a full moon rising behind the little village houses decorated for halloween!

  105. I could see this as a cute birthday card for the little ones. Perhaps a fun sentiment popping out of a birthday cake!

  106. Oh the possibilities are endless. It would be fun to create a scene using an owl and letters flying around (like in Harry Potter which is one of my favorite movies)

  107. Loving these cards & the Peekaboo-Pop up!!! My first thought was to make the bottom into water and have a little dolphin pop up out of the water. Many cute possibilities!

  108. I am thinking that this would be great to announce a surprise trip to Disney by coloring one of the mice as Mickey/Minnie Mouse and having it pick out of a Christmas tree maybe.

  109. So many fun things you could do with this. The 1st thing that comes to mind is a sports card with the 🏀🏈⚾️⚽️ Popping up

  110. Well I love all things ocean and mermaid so those would probably be my first cards made with this new die!!! Love all the creations today!!!!

  111. So many fun ideas from the DT…would like to make a fun Surprise Holiday and winter scenes…so many possibilities!!

  112. All the designers did a great job with inspiration for this die. My fav though right now is the one with the mice throwing the snowballs. Too cute. I think you could make other cards with throwing motions, like a football, baseball, or basketball dunker, for a birthday card for sports fans. Maybe a graduation cap being tossed in the air, or flowers, or champagne popping for a congrats card. Lots of possibilities. It’s been added to the buy first list.

  113. This die has so many possibilities! I know one of the first cards I make will have a butterfly fluttering with the Butterfly Kisses set 🙂

  114. I would use it with Dandy Day. I can see the mice running around and the one mouse blowing dandelions popping up.

  115. I would never have thought about changing the orientation for things to drop down instead of pop up. My mind is blown lol!! I’m thinking of a speech bubble pop up or Santa dropping down from a chimney somehow.

  116. Can my creative idea be that I want to recreate all of the designer cards? Seriously WOW. There are tons of examples on how to use it so my mind can’t think of additional ones at the moment.

    Can’t wait to see the next goodies!

  117. The team did an outstanding job showcasing this die set. I think the first thing I would attempt with it would be a baseball themed card for my grandson.

  118. I have yet to try my hand at any interactive type of cards, but this one looks like fun. Not sure what I would do, probably just try some of the styles from the intro video and design team inspiration first. I can see that it would work well for just about any occasion, so the possibilities are only limited by my imagination.

  119. OMG I LOVE this !
    And I can see a summery Christmas set for all of us Southern Hemisphere people – thanks!!
    Now, as to what I’d use it for – wouldn’t a baby gender reveal card be cute??

  120. I LOVE this interactive die. So amazing that there are different ways to use it. I’d definetly try an ocean theme with a mermaid. So many possibilities!

  121. I would love to do a peek a boo pop up using the tent and outdoor animals with a BEAR popping up!!! LOL

  122. Love this set! So fun 😍 I would love to see some forest critters playing with fallen leaves, or some mice skating!

  123. I think it might be fun to design some sports-themed scenes. I love all of your interactive dies and look forward to playing with this one.

  124. I love interactive cards – my favourite to make! I’d have ninjas flying through the air for a young boys’ birthday card! Love Beachy Christmas too – perfect for an Australian celebraiton.

  125. oh my gosh this interactive pop up card – why am I such a SUCKER for interactive cards!?!? I’d like a squirrel popping out of a tree, but fairies flying would be awesome, the Santa sleigh idea rocks, and now I cannot stop thinking about all the things that could POP!!! Oh my gosh this release is making my week!!!

  126. I so love the “I love you to the moon and back” card❣ And how you have a mouse in every pose to fit your cards like the one sitting on the leaf – Adorable! I think I would use the card for baby gender announcements

  127. I think a card about missing you, with the Tiny Friends in a family situation might work. Or someone jumping out of a present maybe? I would have to play with it a bit to get the “swing” of things. Lol

  128. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of that “Let it Shine Starry Skies” paper! That is just soooo cute!

    The design team came up with some super cute ideas for using these new pop-up dies! How could anybody even top what they’ve done? Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration, Design Team!

    I have the “Loads of fun” stamp set, so it could be fun to experiment with having laundry popping up and flying around…IT could also be fun to make the Lawn Fawn grasshopper from one of the “Stamping Village” collaborations jump out of a birthday card…so many fun possibilities!

  129. Such cute cards! Definitely anything that flies will be great with this die. Airplanes, rocketships, bubbles, birds… so many ideas!

  130. Oh my goodness I could watch this all day! How in the world did you come up with this spectacular interactive mechanism. Super impressed. Fingers crossed to win it. I have been trying to come up with a basketball hoop and moving ball into it for my hubby who used to play basketball. This would be perfect! Wow!

  131. The PeekABoo popup is so cute and so many things would work with it. I would rotate the mice stamps with the different seasons.

  132. Endless ideas, especially after watching the intro video. But my first card would be with something flying. Like the bats. But birds be great or the paper airplane stamp set. Ohhhhhhh endless ideas.

  133. I love the new pop up coming out soon, so many ideas come to mind. Firstly as it is soon to be Halloween, why not have a Halloween themed card with a Boo that pops up! Next how about a pop up turkey for thanksgiving or a pop up reindeer (thinking Rudolf here) to join Santa at his sleigh! For a surprise birthday card with the age that pops up or a tooth fairy to collect and comemorate the memorable first lost tooth. The possibilities are endless!!

  134. So excited for the new peekaboo pop-up! It’s going to be so versatile with so many different stamp sets! The ideas are flowing!

  135. Oh my!! So many possibilities using the Pop Up die and so little time! Lawn Fawn interactive dies are always the best!!

  136. So many great uses for this die!!! I’d love to use it to make some cute Halloween pop ups – bats, cats, spiders

  137. I think it would be fun to use a woodland friends set to make critters pop up from behind trees and tree stumps. Anything is great when you’re having fun!

  138. Wow LF…creative ideas already! I don’t know what new ideas I may have after all of that wonderful inspiration, perhaps a water park idea with a little jumping into the pool 🤷🏻‍♀️

  139. I would to use this pop-up with the recently released bee kit and have a bee pop up amongst some flowers for a Mother’s Day card.

  140. This is so cute. I have many stamp sets that I want to use with this. The toucan do it stamp et is currently one of my favourite sets to use and I think these would make some awesome Christmas cards.

  141. So many possibilities! I would use it to make planets fly through the air. They don’t really fly but who needs to be realistic?

  142. I have no idea yet what I’d use it for, but I’m loving the Peek-a-Boo pop-up die. My grandsons will love the interactive cards I make! Really great video, and great ideas from the DT today!

  143. I love the cards where the element is used on the top. I think it would be cute to use the Special Delivery set with this and have some mail pop down from the top.

  144. I think I have mental block when it come to moving dies. I have made cards in classes before with moving parts but am intimidated to try something myself. Can’t wait to try to up my game.

  145. Can’t wait to try this interactive set out! I could see it with the Apple set with an Apple falling from the tree

  146. I think I’d use the pop out for butterflies. My newest Lawn Fawn set is insects so I’m picturing a picnic scene. But I LOVE the bat ideas, so I have to get those bats!

  147. This has so many possibilities! The first thing that comes to mind is to do a birthday card with confetti popping up. It would be like that moment at a surprise party when the door opens and everyone cheers, “Surprise!”.

  148. I need some more coffee to get the brain going but I love all the interactive dies Lawn Fawn has made so I’m sure I’ll love this one too! 🙂

  149. Such a cute and clever die for so many possibilities! I would love to use it so that one of the shooting stars come flying down as you open it! Fun for a birthday or congrats card!

  150. This interactive die looks amazing! I love the simple ones and this looks incredibly easily to use. I can’t wait until 25th now!

  151. Love all the fun scenes you could create. I would get my fairies busy ,zooming into the sky on all kinds of themed cards.

  152. I am thinking to pair this pop up with a kite, so that the kite pops up from behind, with a critter flying it. Such fun 🙂

  153. I love all the inspirations from the design team!! I can think of many ways to use this interactive die for birthdays where I can have critter, balloons, candles, cake, or even a sentiment pop up.

  154. I love the pop up card. This would be fun to create a cake on the front and have something fun pop out of it. Or at Valentine’s Day, a bunch of hearts could fly through the air from one fun critter to another. So many possibilities. Thanks for so many fun card ideas using this set.

  155. Thank you so much for creating these cute bats! I’ve got so many ideas and a bat loving friend who I’ll love surprise with batty cards! 🙂 For the pop up I’m dreaming of a tunnel card! 🙂

  156. I will definitely pop a bat out from under a bridge. Ghosts, fairies, even a mouse out of a cannon come to mind as fun ideas. But the most fun idea is the snowball fight. I have to try that one too. Santa surfing a pop up wave would be cool too, for Beachy Christmas.

  157. I just love this new interactive die! I think it would be so fun to use on birthday cards! Imagine all the fun pop-up surprises!

  158. The platform pop-up totally intimidated me, but this seems just right for me! I can’t wait to make lots of cute critter scenes that card recipients will be proud to display for a long time.

  159. As soon as I saw this post all I could think about doing with the peekaboo pop up was have a cute critter pop up to blow out candles on a birthday cake.

  160. Wow, another must have awesome die set! I think a cute idea would be for a pop up surprise birthday card, like the critter pops up and says Boo or surprise.

  161. So many fun cards, this pop up will be fab to hide my fave image on ocean and spring scenes. Amazing ideas shared by the designers.

  162. I live by the water so I would definitely do something water themed. I could use the smooth sailing set and have a fish jumping out of the water. Or even better, a dolphin from the critters in the sea set 🐬

  163. Wow this is awesome! So many design possibilities going through my head right now.
    One way I would like to use it with the Eggstra Amazing Easter set & have the bunnies bouncing out of the basket 🙂

  164. Maybe a Birthday card with something popping up out of the cake? Or a bee popping up out of a flower or beehive. The Peekaboo Pop-Up can be used for so many things!

  165. Ohhhh . . . this is so fun!! I could see fish/dophins/whales jumping out of the water, little critters jumping out of a pile of leaves . . .

  166. This is a very clever addition to your products. I’ve yet to fiddle with the fancy stuff, but I am willing try!

  167. I’d love to make a spider popping down from a Web!
    Or an apple falling from a tree!

    Theres so many beautiful examples from the team!

  168. I think using it with the bubbles of joy and having extra bubbles pop up would be cute, also on the beach with a sand/ocean background and a sunrise poping up, or purrfectly wicked and the bats from the new set popping up like they are flying over.

  169. I can’t wait to use this with the new fangtastic friends set. This is going to be my Halloween card design this year 🖤💚

  170. I would use it in a lake scene, with people looking at the lake with binoculars (maybe made the binoculars the center of the scene), and then, Nessie pops !

  171. Using it sideways, like a Santa popping out from behind the Christmas tree would be so cute!
    Love this new release!!

  172. Such a fun interactive die. All my critter stamps would have to have a turn to be used with the pop up die

  173. OK! Y’all have got to stop with all of these irresistible products! I am going to need to come out of retirement to get it all! ❤️❤️❤️

  174. This die is going to be so fun to play with . . . I can’t wait to start creating. Such cute cards too. Loving this release.

  175. There are so many great ideas here I can’t begin to think of one more but I’m really looking forward to using this die set!

  176. We go to the beach a lot and the crabs seem to come out of nowhere….so I am making a beachy card with a surprise crab!!! I can hardly wait!!

  177. My thought would be for a birthday surprise, like maybe one of the tiny friends popping out of a birthday cake to join the party, so fun!

  178. This looks like so much fun with so many possibility. Defiantly will be doing Christmas and birthday cards for my nephews who love interactive cards. For a birthday card – using the pirate set you can have the chest pop up on the island. I better start writing down my ideas.

  179. What an adorable idea for dies! I’d like to use this set with the Garden Before ‘n Afters to have the full-grown flowers and / or veggies pop up.

  180. I want this!!! I love anything interactive!!! Lawn Fawn makes it so easy to create them!! I would try and make one that pops up a gift; folded money or mini sized gift cards. Perfect for Christmas gifts for my teens.

  181. I want to use this die for making a card with a ocean scene and a dolphin jumping out of the water. I also think a fish jumping out of the water into the boat with the moose and his friends would be cute.

  182. Oh my, how fun! I think I would make a birthday card with all sorts of LF goodies…the question would just be, exactly what LF goodies. heehee 🙂

  183. Love this new interactive die, of course must add to my stash- I am not sure I can think of anything clever, the DT did such an amazing job, but for the underwater sets, you could have the submarine or a mermaid or a narwhal pop up. For Christmas card, maybe have the reindeer look like it he is taking off with the sleigh.

  184. I would love to create a scene where the football flies through the air towards the goal post to score a field goal. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone l.

  185. Wow! your team is amazing ….. these are all fantastic! If I would make something original, it would be something for a birthday card …. give me some time …. I will think of something!

  186. It’s killing me to wait until release day! 🤣🤣 I can’t wait to make so many thing with the new Peekabo die! I love the sweet toucans! ❤

  187. So many possibilities, birthday cards, thank you cards, thinking of you cards, holiday cards… love interactive cards. I will definitely be getting this new die set.

  188. Christmas kitchen scene with cookies popping out of the oven, or having the steam coming up out of the hot cocoa.

  189. Another creative way to make beautiful cards. Have all of your amazing designs and will purchase this one too! My idea for the peekaboo pop-up is using my Hay There set and have the farm animals peeking out on either side.

  190. I love the way this pop up was used to make animals fly i think I would be cute to have reindeer flying over Santa at the North Pole!

  191. Love ❤️ it. I would make a birthday card with the cake popping out, a Thanksgiving card with a turkey popping up, or Christmas with Santa popping out.

  192. Oh!!! I love this and I think it would be great to use as valentines card, using scent with love! having the little skunk pop up would be adorable.

  193. I love your dies that make interactive cards so easy to make! I’d love to see this with A Bug Deal or Hey Lady with the little bugs peeping out from flowers.

  194. I’m a big fan autumn leaves and would probably use You Autumn Know or Jump for Joy to make some critters playing in the leaves and have the leaves pop up around them.

  195. This is a fun product, I love to make interactive cards. I would put a number of the age on the popup for a birthday card.

  196. My first thought was a frog leap year card but I can’t wait until 2024!

    I think I’ll use the Party Kangaroo for sure.

  197. I would use peekaboo pop up with the mice from you autumn know to make some cute jumping in the leaves scenes.

  198. OH the penguin party stamp set.. with little igloos and snowballs <3 and like a bazillion birthday cards cuz these popups would be super fun! UGH! can these release yet?

  199. Oh this is a hard one. I think you can doe everything with it. And its makes for a quick card with a big effect. I love that because I don’t have a lot of time to craft these days.

  200. I think it would be neat to do some sort of underwater/beach scene. With maybe the dolphin from Critters in the Sea jumping out of the water!

  201. Wow! What a peek a boo set. You can use this with just about any of the stamp sets. I have 3 granddaughters and I would use it to create a fun mermaid scene.

  202. I would love to make a cute card for my daughters just flying by to say hi. The card will pop up with the Hi.

  203. The Lawn Fawn team is so creative! Not only in their card designs but in the creation of these dies that make your cards so unique and special.

  204. Hmmmm….how to use a peekaboo…I would want to have a banner of a sentiment come out of it somehow! Like a secret message!

  205. I would to use the peekaboo pop up with the frog stamps – one could be hopping over to say hi. It would also be cute with tons of other sets!

  206. Oh gosh, how adorable! The sky is the limit with these interactive options – we can have planes, kites and rockets zooming through the sky, any kinds of critters (winged or not) leaping/flying by, and I am absolutely in love with the idea of using this upside down for critters to “fall” from the clouds/trees. Fairies fluttering by, balloons popping up – there’s literally soooooo many possibilities and options.

  207. A+++ on yet another innovative product! So cool! Pop up birthday cards with animals, or flowers, or butterflies come to mind. Loads of inspiration from your talented team!

  208. Wow this is really an amazing new interactive die.♥ I think I would use it for jumping squirrels, for santas sleigh, for jumping bunnies or for spring cards with flying butterflies. Many thanks for all these adoralbe DT inspirations.♥

  209. I can see a sports themed card (baseball or volleyball), Tarzan or a pirate swinging down, or a scared cat (or Little Miss Muffet) jumping away from a dog or spider or something like that. Great examples from the DT!!

  210. I plan to pick this one up to make some cute spring scenes with kites and clouds. I will probably also try to do some scenes with playful kittens and bunnies.

  211. A cute little haunted house with a cute little ghost popping out would be fun! I also love a fun ocean scene with a cute sea creature jumping out of the water!

  212. I love this die it has so many different ways to use it I love all the sets that were used with this die. I would use the die to make Christmas cards this year

  213. I’d use it with the Upon a Star set to create a peekaboo pop up where the star constellation rises, maybe a “wish upon a star” sentiment.

  214. I would love to use the really high five set and have the cute critters poo up hanging on to balloons 🎈🥰

  215. I would prepare a congratulating card on the birth of a child, and a stork with a “package” would jump out of the fluffy clouds. <3

  216. There isn’t a set that cannot be used with this. I could see using all of my Lawn Fawn sets with this. I just got an idea to do an underwater scene with mermaids for this.

  217. I love the idea of using the peek-a-boo pop-up for beach scenes with birds flying out or fish jumping up. The possibilities are endless!

  218. I think it would be cute to use the peek-a-boo pop-up with the rocket ship or space ship in Out of This World or Beam me up. It makes me think of the Brady Bunch episode where Greg fakes a UFO sighting. 😂

  219. A rainbow coming out of a pot of gold or Santa coming out of chimney, or a weasel(I know there isn’t one quite yet) popping out of burrow. Or a fairy popping out from behind a mushroom. Or a Mermaid coming out from behind a rock with seaweed. So many ideas to use with this one.

  220. This is another great interactive die with endless possibilities. I think for starter, I will do a bee popping up in the garden scene.

  221. The sky is the limit with this die. You could literally do any occasion. I’m thinking Christmas, Easter, Graduation, Thank you.

  222. Lawn Fawn’s team has “done it” again with this new interactive card. I cannot wait to play with this new design.

  223. These designs are amazing! I’d use this with a secret message popping up. Also a space scene with a shooting star popping out.

  224. I can’t wait to make a card using “love ya bunches”, a cute little monkey swinging down from the tree tops would be adorable!!

  225. This is another wonderful interactive die! I would create a jungle and have a panther or another jungle animal peeking through the leaves 🙂

  226. I am so excited about this die! I love making cards for my friends young children and I think having the pop up with any of the woodland creatures, mice, even Santa would be SO fun for them!

  227. I think this would be great with the fairy stamps, having one pop up from behind a flower bush. Another genius interactive die, awesome!

  228. I can see a beach scene with the cats from Purrfectly Wicked playing ball while the others sunbathe and build castles by combining other sets.

  229. I love the samples I’ve seen turning this upside down and using it as treetops! Would love to make a card like that.

  230. I could get lost scrolling through all of the amazing, creative ideas you ladies come up with for these products. This is no exception.

  231. EEK! These creations are too cute! I would create something using the avocado toast – the piece of toast flying through the air maybe. Perhaps a fiesta using the Taco and pinata!

  232. This would be so cute to have like a bowl of fruit and out pop a little mouse sneaking and eating one.

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