Jenn’s Seashell Inspired Holiday Card

Do you remember Jenn‘s amazing seashell themed gift tags from Fawn Holiday Week, Day 5? She also created a beautiful card to match!

Jenn stamped the shells from How You Bean Seashell Add-On with Jet Black Ink on Distress Watercolor cardstock. Then she used Distress Watercolor Pencils to give them beautiful color!

Jenn also die cut the Holly Leaves Border and Henry’s ABCs from Distress Watercolor cardstock. And she colored them all with Distress Watercolor Pencils too.

The stripe of gold metallic watercolor in background creates the look of sparkly sand! So pretty behind the colorful seashells! And of course, Jenn finished her design with sprinkle of glitter!

Thank you so much for sharing your clever and creative seaside holiday card with us, Jenn!


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