Lawn Fawn Intro: Rain or Shine Before ‘n Afters

Hello and Welcome to Lawn Fawn’s April Inspiration Week! We will be showcasing 5 new stamp sets, along with 7 of our new stand alone dies and our Really Rainbow Scallops paper collection! All of our Spring 2019 Release is available now at and at your favorite craft stores!!

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Today is our showcase of Rain or Shine Before ‘n Afters and its coordinating dies! Brighten someone’s day with this cute stamp set featuring a rainstorm and rainbow. It’s great for encouragement cards, thinking of you cards, and “i love you” cards. Before ’n Afters sets feature a “before” and “after” image that works great on the outside and inside of cards, or with the Magic Picture Changer die! The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this fun new set!

Megan‘s Magic Picture Changer card is bright and happy with a scene that features Elphie Selfie and Wild for You along with the changing pictures from Rain or Shine Before ‘n Afters!

Nicole‘s adorable card shares an encouraging message with the help of Eggstra Amazing Easter and Butterfly Kisses! She used Spiffy Speckles to cut the Magic Picture Changer Add-On and the Rainy Backdrop!

Used on its own, the little Rain or Shine Before ‘n Afters rainbow is the focal point of Lynnette‘s cheery card design! the Rainy Backdrop is a fun addition with a colorful Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Frame!

Yainea‘s rainbow is so sparkly with a bit of Prisma Glitter! I love the ink blended Rainy Backdrop and how she paired the Rain or Shine Before ‘n Afters sentiment with Scripty Smile!

Elena‘s card is so beautiful! The little vignettes illustrate the sentiment perfectly!

Kay paired a brightly colored rainbow with the happy colors in our Really Rainbow Scallops paper collection to create this awesome design!

I love this beautiful border of rainbows on Latisha‘s lovely clean and simple design!

Elise designed a fun card using the Rain or Shine Before ‘n Afters images in photo frames from Selfie Frames! I love how she combined the sentiment with Finley’s ABCs die cut from Spiffy Speckles papers!

I love how Audrey switched the Rain or Shine Before ‘n Afters rainbow with the greeting from Color My World in her brilliant Magic Picture Changer!

Now, I have a video for you introducing Rain or Shine Before ‘n Afters and sharing some fun things you can do with this set. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Rain or Shine Before ‘n Afters. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite way to spend a rainy day by April 19th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday April 15th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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298 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Rain or Shine Before ‘n Afters

    1. I love to listen to the rain as it hits the roof while I’m all cozy and dry inside. It’s a great time to read a good book too!

    1. On rainy days, I love to drink a cup of coffee and play in my craft room. Then snuggle up under a blanket for family movie night.

  1. I love this stamp set with the uplifting sentiment so much!! <3<3<3
    My favorite way to spend a rainy day is – of course- crafting! 😀

  2. Gorgeous stamp set and cards. I like to craft on rainy days, although we haven’t had one for a long time here in South Australia.

  3. When it rains I like to snuggle up on the sofa with my kids and watch a movie after I have come back from running in the rain. I shower and dry off first! Nothing beats a run in the rain. Living in the desert of Twentynine Palms does not allow a rainy run ever! Great new release & TOTALLY enjoying the inspiration!!!!!

  4. I live in Florida where it rains almost every afternoon in the summer with big thunderstorms. It’s a must to stay inside, so I spend that time in my craft Ron making cards.

  5. On a rainy day I stay inside and sew, bake, read, scrapbook, or make cards. That is, except for today – I’m in bed with a cold. It’s rainy and nasty outside.

  6. I love rainy days to just relax and craft cards especially. My favorite thing ever is RAINBOWS!🌈🌈 it started in 1973, with a book my grandparents gave at age 4. Look for the rainbow. Been in love since 🙂

  7. I just love rainy days here in the Southern Utah deserts. The sound of the rain is so peaceful and nothing can compare to the smell of newly washed sagebrush!
    Open the windows and start creating cards! Lawn Fawn makes it sooo fun! I seem to be kinds obsessed with elephants and Koalas lately ❤️ Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  8. Love this set, and rain! After singing and dancing in the rain, umbrella twirling, card making and crafting is right up there as a rainy day activity.

  9. Rainy days inspire me…I love to make cards, read books, and drink hot tea while I relax. This post had so many inspiring examples!! I’m hoping it rains today. 😉

  10. It’s raining right now. I’m spending time on the
    computer and then I have to go straighten up
    the craft room so I can start another project.
    Another favorite for a rainy day is reading a
    good book. Love the elephant holding
    the umbrella. thanks for the peek.

  11. A rainy day calls for a good book and a nap on the couch! Although some crafting wouldn’t be a bad idea, either 😊

  12. Nothing better on a rainy day then crafting the gloom away….followed up by a cup of tea and curling up with a good book!

  13. So cute. I like to spend a rainy day stomping in puddles, reading in PJs with a cup of tea or (still in my PJs) hard at work in my artsy space.

  14. Where I live in Northern California our power goes out frequently so I like to read a book by lantern light (modern lanterns are pretty bright)

  15. My favorite way to spend a rainy day is baking cookies or bread, I only like using the oven when it’s cold. I love when it’s cold and rainy.

  16. I love to spend a rainy day reading, crafting or snuggled up watching a movie! Of course, I enjoy all these activities with either a cup of coffee or tea!

  17. This set is so cute — love the cute rainbow. We have had a lot of rain this weekend and we are expecting more today. I like to craft on a rainy day!

  18. Wow, so much amazing, cute, beautiful, adorable, lovely inspiration in one post! I love the ” Rain or Shine Before’n Afters” set! 🌧🌞🌈
    My favorite way to spend a rainy day is in the craft room making cards.

  19. I love the fact that the Rain or Shine Before and Afters set has such a positive and encouraging message that anyone would like to receive! On a rainy, cloudy day, I love to spend time in my craft room!

  20. On a rainy day I’m either enjoying a book with a cup of tea, or playing in my craft room, also with a cup of tea.

  21. Rainy days are best with a good book or crafting project, with a bowl of warm soup for dinner.

    Fabulous set and cards!

  22. On a rainy day I like to read a good or craft. The stamp set is very cute, after a rain I search the sky for the rainbow.

  23. Super cute ideas from the DT. I love to spend a rainy day by sleeping in and then relaxing snuggled with a blanket and something warm to drink.

  24. Stamping and die cutting with my Lawn Fawn stamps and dies is my favorite way to pass a rainy day! Isn’t it everybody’s?

  25. Sit outside on the porch listening to the rain plops, rustle of wet leaves as the wind blows the trees and the birdsong echoing in the woods.

  26. On rainy days, I enjoy reading mysteries, making cards, and cross-stitching! Love today’s rainbow inspiration!!!!

  27. Bunches of fun
    cards! I like to
    make crafty
    things inside my
    craft shed and
    listen to the rain.
    Carla from Utah

  28. Such beautiful cards!!! My favorite way to spend a rainy day is curling up with a good book while sipping hot chocolate!

  29. Great projects! I would say my favorite rainy day activity is coloring, but to be more realistic, I think it’s blog browsing.

  30. I just love that last card! The colors are so beautiful. Seeing that card I want that stamp set even more😅🤫😍

  31. Lawn Fawn has the best designers! They always do such an amazing job with the products. I like to stay inside, read a good book, cuddle up under a blanket, and listen to the rain on the roof. Thank you for the chance to win!

  32. So many beautiful projects! It really is an amazing die and the stamps are so cute.
    My favorite way to spend a rainy day is inside with a blanket and either a good book or movie.

  33. Rainy days are the best days to sit down with a cup of coffee and read a good book!!
    Love all the super cute cards!!!

  34. Such gorgeous cards, especially the pastel rainbow one! On a rainy day I like to bake – warms the house and makes it smell wonderful!

  35. Such fun cards! I am really loving the Magic Picture Changer dies…
    My favorite way to spend a rainy day is creating cards!

  36. I love to spend a rainy day tucked in at home with a nice warm cup of tea and watching my favorite movies – either You’ve Got Mail or Pride and Prejudice! 🙂

  37. I love to pull out the supplies and make cards…. and my very favorite thing to do when it rains is to take a nap!!!

  38. Favorite beverage for a rainy (or here in Illinois – a snowy day) would be a nice cup of hot cocoa topped with whipped cream. Love the Rain or Shine Before ‘n’ After set and the wonderful design team projects.

  39. When I was a kid I LOVED playing in the rain and splashing in the puddles. Our monsoon season is when it is really hot so the rain felt so refreshing! I still do it from time to time, but now that I work and have errands… getting soaked playing in the rain isn’t as great. So now, when I am home, I like to read a book by a window so I can listen to it and watch it from time to time.

  40. These are just amazing samples by you and the DT! My favourite way to spend a rainy day is with a cup of tea, a book, and some time to craft!

  41. I love having a family day on rainy days, playing games and building LEGO. Otherwise I love bing watching TV series and crafting.

  42. We get lots of rainy days here in the PNW, which are ideal for crafting! I love to lock myself in the craft room with some good tunes and make some cards. I also like to snuggle on the sofa with the doggos and the hubby and watch scary movies!

  43. Love the rain or shine stamp/die sets, especially when they’re paired up with the magic changer set.

    I love staying in, bundled up, watching a movie on rainy days. 🌧

  44. ACCKK! Each and ever card is amazing. My two favorite things to day on a rainy day is stamp and read a book. Oh and don’t forget to take a nap! Ha ha ha!

  45. I love all of these beautiful cards!!! Fab job everyone!! I’m super happy I was finally able to order the Magic Picture Changer die!! This adorable stamp set seems like a no brainer – next on my wish/shopping list!

    Today was a rainy day and my least fave activity on rainy days is having to get my kids off to school, but it stopped right before the bus came YAY! Typically when it wains I like to stay in and get my craft on or watch movies!

  46. I actually love to hear the sound of the rain. If it’s warm enough, I enjoy going out on my covered porch and watch it rain or read a book. I love this set and look forward to using it soon! 🙂

  47. Such an adorable set, I love all the inspiration – so much cuteness! My favourite way of spending a rainy day is, of course, crafting, but I also enjoy watching a nice movie or reading a book… Sadly, since the kiddies are small, I don’t get to do that too often anymore, so nowadays we usually spend rainy days on playing together, crafting together, and building forts 😉

  48. I love the rain and we never get enough here in CA! I love to walk in it and cozy up in my craft room, too. Of course, I had to buy this adorable set….it just hasn’t seen ink yet! Thanks for all this sweet inspiration!!!

  49. Super cute cards today. The rainy backdrop is great with the rainbow. I like to spend rainy days crafting or reading.

  50. For rainy days, I’m all about snuggling into a blanket with a good book and my cats. Though, to be fair, that’s pretty much what I want to be doing every day.

  51. Such pretty rainbow cards! I love seeing lots of color! My favorite way to spend a rainy day is with my husband and dog watching television together with a crock of my hubby’s AMAZING French Onion Soup (YUM!). Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  52. Such a great set. Love all the inspiration, especially without the magic picture changer – got stuck on the thought that it has to be used with the magic picture changer! Two of my favourite things to do on a rainy day are reading and crafting. Good excuse to stay inside to do both when it’s raining 🙂

  53. I love this set…so cute!! I like to spend a rainy day (or any day, really!) in my craft room. Lol. Great design team samples! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜😀

  54. I LOVE these new Before and Afters!! They are so adorable and so fun!! My favorite thing to do on a rainy day would be read a book or make some cards!

  55. My favourite way to spend a rainy day is..crafting :’D What most people do here, I guess, but when it’s rainy outsied its double the fun to stay inside, hear the rain, be in a cozy warm room and do your favourite thing ♥

  56. This Really Rainbow collection is a wonderful way to put a smile on the face of anyone! Thank you, Lawn Fawn staff and designers!

  57. Crafting of course… Some day I hope to have a cover area outside where could be dry but enjoy the sounds and smells of the rain.

  58. So much cuteness to brighten anyone’s day! Rainy days are best spent crafting, then curling up on my couch with a good mystery novel in hand! Thank you for the smiles!

  59. I’m from London originally, so well used to the rain – I see it as an opportunity to stay indoors (warm and dry) and do some crafting!

  60. Probably just sitting at home, crafting and watching YT while drinking a nice hot cup of tea, coffee or cocoa

  61. We like to make cookies on rainy days! It’s raining today, but we’re going to have strawberry shortcake instead. 🙂

  62. I like to spend my rainy days looking at future stamp/die sets on the Lawn Fawn website and looking at the blog for some great ideas. Then I enjoy the rest of the rainy day by making some beautiful cards!

  63. So adorable! Love that cute rainbow! My favorite way to spend a rainy day is at home with a fuzzy warm blanket and a good book!

  64. I just recently purchased the before and after die. I am so happy I bought it. Sure is a great die to have, for all kinds of cards. I have tons of birthday’s in the summer months, actually starting in April thru to November, and I am glad Lawn Fawn makes the neatest stamps for me to craft with. Thank you for sharing with us all the hip stamps!

  65. The magic picture changer works perfectly with this set.
    On a rainy day I like to have a cup of tea, read a good book, craft, make a pot of soup or stew, watch a good movie/drama, talk on the phone (in other words, anything but homework!).

  66. Such great ideas! I love rainbows 🌈! I like to spend rainy days cozy on the couch watching a good movie. I love thunderstorms! So if lightening is happening I might just sit and watch it instead!

  67. SWOON!! LOVING ALL of the Inspiration and the NEW Products!! I LOVE to spend a Rainy Day inside Snuggled up with some Good Movies and Crafty Projects to work on!! Just makes this Soul SO HAPPY!! THANKS for sharing and for the chances to WIN!! Have a VERY BLESSED Easter Week/Weekend!!

  68. My favourite way of spending a rainy day is inside the house stamping with my Lawn Fawn stamps! Perfect time to catch up on my card making.

  69. Such cute, cute and cute cards. My Niece will be here the end of June and she will help me make the Magic Slider Cards. I am working on the Pop Up Butterflies for Easter!!! Thanks so much for all of your inspiration!!!

  70. I love spending a rainy day crafting whilst watching a good tv series. At the moment I am watching daredevil and trying different stamp colouring techniques, going to be buying some watercolour pencils to have a go, like in one of your youtube videos 🙂

  71. The magic picture changer is so perfect for the rain to shine cards! Looks like I have to place another order! I’m loving the rainbow set!

  72. I love to snuggle in on the day bed and read a good book on rainy days. If my husband is in the mood we can watch a sappy romance movie and snuggle on the couch instead. Rainy days are awesome in their now way.

  73. I send my rainy days normally hurting due to old injuries…but scrapbooking or cleaning…or just relaxing

  74. My favorite place to be when it rains is at our cabin in the mountains. Nothing beats a roaring fire, a cozy blanket and a good book.

  75. My favorite way to spend a rainy day is crafting with a great movie on. I want to get this set for my sister for her birthday as she just got the magic picture changer dies at the Expo.

  76. This group of Lawn Fawn products brings such happiness to me and I want to share these with those whom I love. Thank you Lawn Fawn staff and design team members.

  77. We actually just got bombarded last night with storms here in San Antonio, Texas, but to answer your question, I just love to stay home and craft. You know, just kinda tinker around. =)

  78. My favourite way to spend a rainy day is to either craft it away or to watch some movies with my partner and our sweet dog Luna.

  79. Lawn Fawn has some of the best innovative products out there! I have the Magic Picture Changer die with add ons and have been making lots of cards with the Get Well before n after stamp set. Now I need the Rain or Shine before n after set!

  80. Rainy days are perfect for reading and napping! I love all the different ways the designers used the Rain or Shine set.

  81. The DT did such an awesome job using this set! Honestly my favorite way to spend rainy days is to catch up on my housework that way when the sun comes back out I can go play outside.

  82. We get some LOUD storms here. I love to open the window blinds and watch the rain, but also the lightning–it’s amazing at night time.

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