Lawn Fawn Intro: Magic Iris Thought Bubble Add-On, Outside In Stitched Thought Bubble Stackables, Stitched Thought Bubble Frames

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s May 2021 Inspiration and Release week! On May 13th our 7 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 9 new standalone die sets, and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

We already have four places you can leave comments to win:
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AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Magic Iris Thought Bubble Add-On! Pair this add-on set with Magic Iris to create a fun, interactive thought bubble that opens to reveal a surprise!

We are also highlighting our new Outside In Stitched Thought Bubble Stackables and Stitched Thought Bubble Frames today! Outside In Stitched Thought Bubble Stackables include two thought bubble-shaped dies with cute “stitched” border details on the outside and inside edges. These stitched thought bubble shaped frames coordinate with Outside In Stitched Thought Bubble Stackables, and they are perfect for shakers and other fun projects!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Grace used a vellum Outside In Stitched Thought Bubble with a Stitched Thought Bubble Frame to highlight the Out of This World images! The little Screen Time boy is dreaming big dreams and thanking a special teacher!

Mindy‘s gorgeous card combines the new Magic Iris Thought Bubble Add-On with Sunburst Backdrop and Magic Messages! Her sunny design shows the new add-on is perfect for a non-interactive design! I love how the hearts from the Hearts and Stars Skinny Tag die set are scattered around adding pops of color!

Elise‘s beautiful card showcases a trio of new products! She started by creating the amazing background using our new Plaid Stencils in a fun monochromatic design! Then she combined Outside In Stitched Thought Bubbles with the cute critters of Happy Hugs! Her sweet greeting is a sentiment from Happy Hugs paired with Scripty Bubble Sentiments!

Our cute Germ-Free Bear is hanging out in the forest and dreaming of sunny days at the beach! Megan created this amazing scene with Lift the Flap Tree Backdrop and Puffy Cloud Borders as the treetops! For the thought bubble-framed beach scene, she combined Den Sweet Den with On the Beach and Ahoy Matey!

Audrey‘s card design is so sweet! The little Butterfly Kisses bear is missing someone special and has them in his thoughts! She combined a Stitched Thought Bubble Frame with the stitched Reveal Wheel Thought Bubble Add-On!

Latisha used the Magic Iris Thought Bubble Add-On with Magic Messages to create a lovely focal point for her design. I love the bold stenciled bubbles in the background!

Lounging on the beach is prime day-dreaming time! The On the Beach fox is dreaming of a hug from a special friend! Tammy used Happy Hugs and an Outside In Stitched Thought Bubble to show what the fox is thinking!

Kara‘s adorable baby card features a Stitched Thought Bubble Frame with a fun design using Hearts and Stars Skinny Tag!

Lynnette‘s simple design features Happy Hugs squirrels and an Outside In Stitched Thought Bubble! The Perfectly Plaid Remix paper provides lots of pretty color in the background!

What could be better than a Holographic Stitched Thought Bubble Frame to highlight a happy reunion day-dream! Mindy‘s fantastic card is back for a second look at our featured sets today!

Now, I have a video to introduce Magic Iris Thought Bubble Add-On, Outside In Stitched Thought Bubble Stackables and Stitched Thought Bubble FramesChari will create a pair of fun cards to share some thoughtful ways to use these new thought bubble sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Magic Iris Thought Bubble Add-On, Outside In Stitched Thought Bubble Stackables and Stitched Thought Bubble Frames! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment sharing a happy thought by May 12th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday, May 10th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

May 2021 Release will be available on May 13th!
Magic Iris Thought Bubble Add-On
Outside In Stitched Thought Bubble Stackables
Stitched Thought Bubble Frames

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463 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Magic Iris Thought Bubble Add-On, Outside In Stitched Thought Bubble Stackables, Stitched Thought Bubble Frames

  1. I love these cards by the design team so much! Super excited to see more creations. A happy thought I just got a paddle board for my birthday and can’t wait to break it in with my kids!

  2. I love these thought bubbles!! My happy thought is thinking about celebrating with my youngest daughter’s softball team next Saturday. Her coaches rented a retreat center for the whole day. The team had an amazing season. Fun fun!!

  3. My happy thoughts are of my mom today on mother’s day she passed away a couple of years ago and I miss her so much

  4. My happy thought is that very soon we’ll be able to have overnight visits with other people so soon I can see friends and family who are further away.

  5. Is it weird that my happy thought is this release??? I cannot wait to begin adding these to my cards and layouts!

  6. My happy thought is the gentle rain watering the parched ground. I won’t have to water my flowers for a few days!

  7. Happy Day today because of the rain on my windows and here I am in my craft room just playing with my Bubbles of Joy from the previous release, cup of coffee on the side, YouTube in the background and in a couple of hours Spanish Grand Prix Formula1. It’s just The Perfect Sunday yaaay!

  8. My happy thought is the love of my family it brings me so much joy and now that we are all vaccinated we can be together again!!

  9. Soon my Dad will be visiting from Australia since we have a Transman travel bubble ❤️

  10. My happy thoughts include crafting the day away using the new cute products from Lawn Fawn!….absolutely adorable projects from the design team, they certainly spark your creativity!!

  11. My happy thought is wishing all the Moms and Grandmothers out there a VERY happy Mother’s Day!
    Special thoughts to Milo and Kelly! Enjoy your day together 🙂

  12. I love the thought bubbles! My happy thought is all the cute sets in this release and the fun projects I could make with these 😌

  13. My happy thought is that summer vacation is about 20 days away! I work with 6th graders this year on-line and we are all ready for summer!

  14. Happy thought: wish I could move to a place where all the lawn fawn releases are immediately available

  15. Happy thought…buying the new release with my gift card from my local scrapbook store from my girls for Mother’s Day. Thanks girls and thanks Lawn Fawn!

  16. My happy thought is being able to spend more time with my granddaughter as the restrictions are gradually lifted in the UK ❤

  17. Happy Mother’s Day! My happy thought is that my mom and my MIL have been vaccinated and that next yesr I am hoping to spend Mother’s Day visit both of them when there isn’t a stay at home order anymore. Love the introduction of the cloud add on to the magic iris today!

  18. My happy thought was the vacation to Florida my husband and I went on exactly 2 years ago. Happy times traveling through the entire state and lovely sunny weather.

  19. My happy thoughts have me thinking of the day they finish building our beautiful new house and we move in. It won’t be finished for another 7-8 months though so I’m going to NEED the giant thought bubbles to fit all my happy thoughts in 🙂

  20. My happy though is that I am about to graduate and I passed all my classes this year, doing well in them even though they were all online!

  21. First, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! My happy thought is that my new craft room is finished! I am able to move in and get back to making Lawn Fawn cards and do other crafty things in my own space. I have been looking forward to it for weeks!

  22. My happy thought is my eldest’s robotics team achieved a bid to state competition even with the challenges of being all virtual 🙂

  23. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there!

    My happy thought is about all the flowers blooming, the trees getting their leaves back. Everything is becoming green and full again!

  24. My happy thought is that today is Mother’s Day & I have so many incredible moms in my life that are truly amazing!

  25. My happy thought is that soon winter will be finished finally, and we can head to the pool and enjoy the sun! I love the new thought bubble add-on with the magic iris – another clever addition by Lawn Fawn.

  26. So many happy thoughts of seeing my kids very soon, Sunny and warm weather, things growing in the garden and going camping!

  27. My daughter is coming for a short visit next week. Haven’t seen her since last Thanksgiving…

  28. Happy Mother’s Day! My happy thought is having the opportunity to craft this weekend. So much fun!

  29. Such a fun set!!! My happy thought is that I’m getting together with my kids and grandkids today for Mothers Day:)

  30. Happy thought about spending this Mother’s Day in my craft room, making cards!

  31. My daughter is making breakfast this morning. One son is coming home next weekend. Another son bought me flowers and my youngest gets back from camping with the scouts this morning.

  32. My happy thought is it’s Mothers Day and the whole family will be here later. Liking the new stuff

  33. A poignant happy thought I have – hearing those lovely words as I walk down the aisle – “Good morning, this is your captain speaking….”
    hugs from Canada!

  34. I love the inspiration! A happy thought is that it is Mothers Day and I will not be cooking today!!!

  35. Spending Mother’s Day with my daughter and then seeing my son tomorrow. My kids are always a happy thought.

    Serendipitous question!!
    Not only a happy thought… a gull darn happy dance 💃💃💃💃
    As a thank you, my neighbor just last night gave me ……. the magic Iris Die!!!
    She said… hey could you use this? Use it ?????? Holy moly yah!
    I’ve been wishing for it for soooooooo long!

  37. I have been thinking of a warm summer vacation! Love the Magic Iris add on and the other thought bubbles! A must have!

  38. I agree with others—-knowing that summer is near is always a happy thought, especially if you live in the northeast!

  39. These are all so cute. I love these Thought Bubbles. My Happy Thought right now is thinking about my niece’s high school graduation that is coming up this week. I want to make her a fun card and let her know I am so proud of her and looking forward to her future.

  40. I love all the thought bubble ideas! The samples are wonderful!
    My happy thought for today is wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  41. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Hope you have a wonderful day for your first Mother’s Day in Heaven!

  42. My happy thought is that kindness is the new cool! I instantly feel happiness when individuals choose kindness and generosity. Also, a shopping spree at my local Michael’s craft store!

    Love the new Magic Iris Thought Bubble Add On!

  43. A happy thought is Happy Mother’s Day to: my mom, a wonderful example of a best friend and love and kindness; my daughter-in-law, Alex, who is expecting her first child, Ava Rose, on June 12, she is a blessing to our family, pure love and joy, she has raised my other granddaughter as her own, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there to humans and furbabies.

  44. These stitched thought bubble frames really set up the perfect scene, whether it be a day or sleeping dream. Very thoughtful!

  45. My happy thought is that it’s MOTHER’S DAY! And all the moms in the world ROCK! Hope they are having the best day ever!

  46. My happy thought is knowing my husband will be celebrating his kidney anniversary next month. 🙂 we waiting over 6 years for it and he’ll be celebrating 2 years with his new kidney 💖

  47. Happy thoughts and prayers to all the frontline workers including Moms this Mother’s Day, keeping us and our families healthy and safe! Also, very cool scenes built in these cards today, soooo much talent!

  48. I am so very thankful, grateful and blessed on this mother’s day for 3 healthy, happy, beautiful inside and out daughters!

  49. Love the thought bubbles! My happy thoughts are enjoy time outside in the sunshine and at the beach this summer

  50. Great release! I have happy thoughts of being able to visit my daughter and granddaughter the end of this month since we are all vaccinated. It’s been 6 long months!

  51. My happy thoughts are to all the people involved in the covid vaccines because thanks to them a lot of us can actually spend time with our mothers today. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

  52. Love the beach slimline card! My happy thought is the weather will soon warm up and I’ll be spending time at the beach this year!

  53. A happy thought is that our college age daughter will be coming home for a few days next weekend and we’ll all be together again❤️

  54. My happy thought is that my doggie is sleeping peacefully after we just came home from a 2-hour walk where she got to see her 4-legged friends. She had a wonderful time with her “pack”. A tired dog is a very good dog!!!

  55. My happy thoughts is how nice it will be to be able to hug my mom once we are allowed to travel again! Happy Mother’s Day!

  56. The sun is shining, it’s warm outside and our boat is ready for the season! ☀️⛵️ That’s my happy thought for today 😊

  57. the speech bubbles are adorable. My happy thought is that I have 13 wake ups for this school year. Almost done Teaching in a pandemic! Whew!

  58. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!! Sadly heading home after visiting the grandkids. Thank you for the inspiration.

  59. My happy thought is that today, Mother’s Day, I get to see my whole family together for the first time since the pandemic hit! For me, that is the happiest thought!

  60. Hot showers, walks in the fresh air, comfy bed, ice cream, 3 happy and healthy teenagers, my faith, wonderful husband, scrapbook room, making cards, the list goes on and on.

  61. Happy thought – it’s Mother’s Day and my son is
    taking me out for lunch. Just replaced my old
    furnace and AC – can’t ask for a better son.
    Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

  62. Still having happy thoughts about my visit to my daughter yesterday for her birthday! Got to visit with my grandkids and that will give me happy thoughts for a long time! Fabulous inspiration today from the DT!

    1. How thiughtful!! Those thought bubbles are, so amazing! So versatile and how you can use them! My happy thoughts are my son graduating and daughter coming to visit!

  63. Got my 2nd COVID vaccination yesterday. I feel like the bear dreaming of the perfect vacation. Happy Mother’s Day!!

  64. I FINALLY, FINALLY got my covid19-vaccine appointments! Because of my profession I am in the highest priority group – but that didn’t get me any vaccine. I still have to wait over a month but at least there’s a light in sight at the end of this dark tunnel!

  65. Love the gorgeous inspiration from the Team! A happy thought? Fingers crossed that we will soon have Covid roughly under control, and our lives will become somewhat more normal!

  66. I woke up today and thought it was Monday, then I realised it was Sunday. That was a happy thought 😁

  67. My happy thought is thinking about both of my children graduating from uni this year and also thinking about getting these dies

  68. I was just thinking how creative the design team has been this year. The many ways they used the various thought bubbles is amazing.

  69. My happy thought is that I finally get to see my grandparents in person in two days and hug them!

  70. I love the contrast of the scenery on the card to the tropical thoughts from the animals. Super cute.

  71. My Happy thought is Summer will be here soon, weather will be perfect for grilling and just spending time in the yard!

  72. My life motto is “Life is good!” Try not to think about the bad stuff and instead appreciate that life gives us so much fun and enjoyable stuff like crafting, friends and love ❤️

  73. My happy thought is getting to spend this rainy day curled up with a cup of hot tea and watching my favorite Kdramas!

  74. My happy thought is the sunshine and warm weather! It makes me so happy and of course anything Lawn Fawn puts a smile on my face!!

  75. Adorable creations from the whole team.♥
    My happy thought is to get my vaccine soon for a “normal” life. I also have a happy thought to the release day.♥

  76. More adorable products for me to add to my shopping list! My happy thought is that I think I finally safely say that snow shoveling is over for another winter. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  77. My happy thought is spending time in my backyard today. I’ll be sitting under the covered porch watching all the beauty of nature – birds, butterflies, bunnies, bees in the wildflower patch that has just started blooming, and squirrels; and listening to all the birds singing.

  78. Happy thoughts huh, well it is Mother’s day, there is a long weekend coming (memorial day), and I may actually be able to travel this year to visit family, friends, and just for myself.

  79. My happy thought is having lunch with my mom
    And spending time with my family for Mother’s Day! Flowers 💐 ❤️

  80. Such cute and adorable cards using the Thought Bubbles dies. Love the one where the critter is dreaming about hugs. Aaawww.

  81. I don’t have to cook dinner tonight because it’s Mother’s Day! lol That’s a seriously happy thought!

  82. Loving this release so far! So many amazing new products that coordinate so well with older ones.

  83. I can’t wait to share the scooter stamp with my granddaughter…making cards with her is my happy place!!

  84. A happy thought is that my sister’s birthday was this week and we got to celebrate over Zoom! 🙂

  85. My 11th month old grandson said “thank you” — kinda. 🙂 We’re sure it’s what he’s saying and we’re thrilled! (and happy)

  86. My happy thought is in 3 weeks my husband and I will be driving to a cabin in the mountains for our 31st anniversary!!!

  87. I’ve had a great Mother’s Day with my mom and my own little cuties and all of our family. It’s such a blessing to have family nearby and be able to get together.

  88. I just love this big speech bubble! So clever! Great inspiration from the talented team as always. My happy thought it watching the waves rolling up on the beach!!!

  89. Today’s goodies look like so much fun! My happy thought is what a great Mother’s Day I had!

  90. My happy thought is listening to giggly grandkids having fun together.
    Wow – I didn’t know it until I saw them – but I really do need these thought bubbles!

  91. I had such a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend with my family! It was so good to all be together!

  92. I’m looking forward to spending the day with my husband celebrating our 39th anniversary…

  93. My happy thought is that I’m grateful for today, and I’m happy to see my daughter genuinely happy.

  94. My happy thought is that I have 3 weeks until summer vacation starts, and then I can craft all day long!

  95. My happy thought is that by the end of today I will have seen all 7 grandchildren and 3 children, in person or virtually!

  96. My happy thought for today is – I’m glad off tomorrow after this very busy week of getting Mother’s Day flowers out.

  97. I will be going to Florida next month and getting some family time with my brother! And also a little bit of magic at Disney!

  98. So many happy thoughts…today we went to the beach and searched for rocks and shells for hours. It was great!

  99. My happy thought is actually being on a tropical beach, not just dreaming of it. But such a very cute card.

  100. Lots of happy thoughts this weekend as I graduate with my Masters and celebrating Mother’s Day and my birthday with my family!

  101. My happy thought is remembering my Beagle, who passed away. He was my little boy and I miss him terribly.

  102. My happy thought is that all those teachers working extra hard this year because of covid are about to go on summer break! And they deserve to relax and enjoy some time off!

  103. Spring is finally springing into action here. I also finally made a few cards, which was nice- been in a slump of sorts.

  104. Love the speech bubbles, so many possibilities I can think of you! Lots of happy thoughts today, no work and Mother’s Day!!

  105. I just love the thought/dream bubbles cards. They are just wonderful. Happy thought: I got to go to a party at my ex-neighbor’s house today and got to see about 40 people I haven’t seen in a couple of months. It was really fun!!

  106. My happy thought is travelling to a warm sunny beach resort.. I so miss this aspect of life! 🙂

  107. Lots of cute must haves in this release!
    A happy thought is how much fun my daughters and I are going to have when we get all our new goodies from the release and get to create mixing the new sets with some of our current sets!

  108. A happy thought is thinking how I made my mums and aunties days hosting our annual mother’s Day catch-up( and bring lucky enough to be in a place where we were able to celebrate it together!)

  109. These are all so wonderful!! I had a lovely day today, with surprises from my husband and my daughter, for my birthday 😊 My daughter is 6 years old and she made me cards for birthday as well as mother’s day ❤

  110. Oh my just one happy thought to share 🤔. I would love to be able to see my friends again and let their kids play with our twins 🥰

  111. My happy thought is that I am learning what I always wanted to at the university and having a lot of fun!

  112. Happy Mothers Day!
    Well it’s not a happy thought but I’m happy that I ended up sleeping
    the entire night & day away! I haven’t been able to sleep after hospitalization
    and surgery’s! I must say I can’t wait to view the rest of the new releases!
    Thanks Lawn Fawn!🥰

  113. I love how all the lawn fawn products are made to work together… my happy thought is losing myself in my craft room blissfully creating away.

  114. A happy thought is knowing we are only a few days away from being able to get our hands on this gorgeous new release! Can’t wait!

  115. All these speech bubble products are so cute!
    A happy thought I had today is that on Thursday I’ll be able to go to my LSS and pick up some of the new Lawn Fawn products!!!

  116. love these speech bubbles – my happy thought is seeing my grandbabies that I don’t get to see often enough. When I look that the cards the designers make – I am always saying – ohh I can make the one for this grandchild or that one. LOVE love LOVE!!!

  117. Thank You for these awesome inspirations! My happy thought is the flowers blooming in our garden. It is so good to see them and give some for friends.

  118. My Happy Thought(s) are for several months now I have been able to have in person visits with my Mom AND hug her!!! Her birthday is Wednesday she’ll turn 91 years young–what a happy thought that is!!! And each week my Husband and I babysit our 3 year old grand daughter (they all have been in our ‘bubble’ for most of quarantine), which means lots of sticky hugs! Happy Happy Joy Joy

  119. Happy thoughts are that I finally got my oven that was ordered on January 2nd, and I was able to cook for my whole family and have a game night last night. Super happy day!

  120. I think I need to get a part time job, so I can get the entire new release. Love love love everything.

  121. I am going to move this summer! I just cannot wait to star living with my beloved half, and I’ll have a craft room too!

  122. My happy thought is having a personal day today so I am taking some time to explore all these fabulous exemplars. I like them all!! I especially love the fox on the beach card by Tammy Stark and the Germ-Free bear by Megan Quinn. As a teacher, I am blown away by Grace’s teacher thank-you card! Love that!!
    Lori S in PA

  123. These DT projects just blow me away! Love them all, especially Megan and Tammy’s card. So amazing and creative! And that’s my happy thought for the day. 🙂

  124. My happy thought would be my kids and fur babies. Love them bunches! Love all the new goodies so far.

  125. OMGosh…A happy thought is definitely getting my new Lawn Fawn Products and being able to play with them!!!

  126. So excited for new Lawn Fawn! Happy thought is that we are heading to summer and nice weather! Both my girls are moving to the next stage of their life adventures with college and high school graduation.

  127. My happy thought is having some free time playing in my scraproom with all the new Lawn Fawn I’m about to buy!

  128. The warm weather is here is my happy thought! I look forward to crafting outside while the kids play!

  129. I love Audrey’s bear ‘thought’ card! My happy thought is making welcome cards for my students with some of these stamps during the summer!

  130. I love the little hugs inside the thought bubbles. My happy thought is getting to craft some cards after work today!

  131. It makes me happy to think about my partner and how supportive he has been during some difficult times.

  132. I get to see my Mom for mothers day. It has been over a year and I am looking forward to giving her a big hug!

  133. SQUEAL!! LOVING the NEW Products for today and ALL of the AMAZING Inspiration!!
    A HAPPY thought is Summer is almost here and I’m looking forward to ENJOYING it with my Kiddos!!
    THANKS for sharing and for the chances to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS Release Week!!

  134. Loving the though bubbles. My happy thought is how much i am going to enjoy these new releases and making cards for my family.

  135. My happy thought is my new FIRST grandchild, my grandson Legend. What a little sweetpea he is. Also the thought bubble is such a cute idea and I love them thinking of when they hugged their little friends.

  136. 16 workdays and then I´ll be on Summer Holiday!!!! And YES I´ll spend my holiday crafting with all these new cuties!

  137. I have happy thoughts and laughs as I read the comments made be others! It’s fun to know that the world is filled with people who enjoy Lawn Fawn products!

  138. My happy thoughts are about this release right now. So many wonderful, adorable things to pick! Makes me smile thinking of all the cards I will make! 😊

  139. Happy thought = every time I go visit my garden, there are new leaves or a new plant peeking up from the soil.

  140. Happy thoughts are thinking about how much my son is like me! Or maybe that’s a scary thought 😀

  141. Everything is rainbow color-coded, just because it brightens my day and gives me happy feelings and thoughts 😀

  142. You did it again! How sweet is this!! The scene building and story making options are endless. Great job!

    1. A happy thought is that soon I will be able to see my newest grandchild. Have be positive. Love all the cards

  143. I love he thought bubbles, I wanted one for a long time! 🙂
    My happy thought is that I wake up to my boyfriend every day! We moved in thre months ago and I still love being around him every day an that I can just go to his desk if I need cuudles or want to share my excitement for the new release 🙂

  144. I just love these thought bubbles!! So many ideas coming to mind on how to use them! My happy thought of the day is how very thankful I am for this cardmaking hobby and for all of the amazing people I’ve met by being a part of this community! Don’t know what this past year would have been like without stamps and markers!!

  145. Ahhh a happy thought💚💚💚 I can’t wait to see/hear how much everyone likes my new cards I am going to make!! I can’t wait to see/hear their smiles💚💚💚

  146. I love that this is such a versatile die! I don’t have the magic Iris (I Don’t know why not) but I stll could use this with so many other cards! My happy thought it just being grateful for my family and our health.

  147. Summer will be here soon and that means lots of days at the lake, camping, on the boat, and at the beach.

  148. My happy thought is the world hopefully getting better and being able to get out and enjoy the weather and attend crafting events safely.

  149. My happy thought is that I am getting ready to go on my walk for today & see beautiful flowers in people’s yards. Flowers are so beautiful here in California.

  150. I will be using this die soooo much! Love it and all the cards above are adorable. Went to the beach last year and hope to again real soon.

  151. Happy Thought! Vaccines are almost done and the world will open again – can’t wait to see everyone and get back to fun activities!

  152. Thinking happy thoughts as my kids (young adults) are getting vaccinated today. Just bubbling over all the new releases.

  153. My happy thought is that I’m on vacation and this release comes out a day before my 5th anniversary 😉

  154. I have ALL of the magic iris add ons … and as soon as it’s released I will have this one too. Those are my favorite cards to make.

  155. A happy thought, any happy little thought just makes me think of Peter Pan. Christmas, snow, sleigh bells all happy thoughts.

  156. My happy thought to share is this:
    We have one life, live it!
    Can’t wait to play with these dies! So versatile!

  157. I love the reveal wheel add on’s so fun! Always makes me so happy when I use Lawn Fawn products. They are magical!

  158. My happy thought for the year: biopsy was benign! 😊👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️

  159. Happy that summer is almost here, and we can gather as family and friends again for get togethers.

  160. These are adorable, I love all the Outside In Products!

    My happy thought today is that my creativity and my cards are helping to spread some kindness and compassion during this pandemic <3

  161. I am happiest when I can spend hours creating cards for others with all of my Lawn Fawn products! Thank you for making my world so much fun!

  162. These thought bubbles — all of them! — are so wonderful! So many different ideas to use them are swirling in my head! So fun!

  163. For the first time I bought tomato plants this year. My happy thought is they actually grow tomatoes (since I’m not sure what I’m doing haha)! 🍅

  164. The no line coloring Kara used on her card gives the hugging animals such a lovable soft feel to them. Super cute.

  165. My happy thoughts are for my daughters. We redecorated their rooms and they are so full of joy.

  166. My happy thought is thinking about my mom and brother this morning, along with my two children and grandchildren. They make me happy. I get that “Happy” song in my head when I think about them. Mindy Eggen’s Yellow Sunburst card is an example of my “happy thoughts.

  167. My happy thought is that on Friday I’m bringing my kids down to my parents for the first time since before Christmas. I’m looking forward to doing it much more frequently

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