Lawn Fawn Intro: Beary Rainy Day and Rainy Sky Stencil

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Spring 2022 Inspiration and Release Week! On February 24th our 14 new stamp sets, 24 new die sets, 4 new stencil sets, new paper collections, new cardstock and more new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Beary Rainy Day and Rainy Sky Stencil! Make a splash with these oh so cute bears. They are ready to play in the spring rain, and in your card projects! Create a rainy background with this stencil. This works well with a variety of crafty techniques. Create clear water drops by pairing this stencil with Clear Stencil Paste.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video to share some fun ways to use this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elena‘s pastel beauty shows off the cuteness of Beary Rainy Day! What could be better than puddles to splash in? She set the scene with Rainy Sky Stencil and some cute clouds!

Kara created fun little rainy-day mini scenes using Foursquare Backdrop: Landscape! In keeping with the watery scenes, she water-colored each background adding so much style!

How cute are these bears in color-matched raincoats and rainboots? Mindy kept her colors so bright and cheery on this happy card. She spelled out her “splashy” greeting with Henry’s ABCs!

Megan added a fun interactive element to her adorable Beary Rainy Day card! With the help of Let’s Toast Pull Tab Add-On one of the bears can jump into a puddle! That is so clever and totally adorable!

Marine‘s rainy-day scene is so perfect on a mini slimline card! I love the fun colors she chose, and those pink and yellow frogs are just so adorable!

Audrey created a card that is great for sending encouragement, rain or shine! Her cheerful design features happy colors and an amazing background made with Rainy Sky Stencil!

Elise went clean and simple for her Beary Rainy Day card! I love how she gave her bears traditional bright yellow rain slickers and boots! They are so perfect for puddle-jumping!

Yainea‘s card is so sweet and clever! She used Square Stackables to create cute little Beary Rainy Day scenes! Of course, she included Rainy Sky Stencil raindrops in the background!

To create a rainy background with lots of texture, Tammy stenciled with Rainy Sky Stencil and stencil paste. I love how she laid out her Beary Rainy Day scene on the long slimline card! There’s so much fun happening here!

Latisha framed her cute little bears using Leafy Tree Backdrop: Portrait! It may be a stormy day, but these bears look so happy walking in the rain!

Notice anything different about the ducks on Mindy‘s adorable design? You guessed it; Rub-A-Dub-Dub now has a Flip-Flop! All that Mindy needed to add to this clean and simple card are raindrops courtesy of Rainy Sky Stencil! The sentiment from Rub-A-Dub-Dub Flip-Flop is so fun and punny!

Chari‘s sweet slimline card features the Beary Rainy Day bears along with a colorful Giant Get Well Soon greeting! She stenciled clouds and raindrops in the background!

I just cannot color that umbrella with anything but rainbow colors, I love it so much! And those bears in yellow rain slickers make me smile!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Beary Rainy Day! We will share some fun ways to use this new set! I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Beary Rainy Day and Rainy Sky Stencil! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us a favorite rainy day memory by February 23rd at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday, February 20th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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610 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Beary Rainy Day and Rainy Sky Stencil

  1. I loved to splash around in the puddles after it had rained, in boots. It was always a joy to find a deep one to jump into. 😊

      1. Two miles into a hike with my husband and kids, an unexpected downpour came. We were drenched, but laughed the whole way back. Such a happy memory!

  2. A favourite rainy day memory has to be from a festival. There was SO MUCH mud!! Everyone still had fun and didn’t let it stop them though, just like these little bears seem to be doing!

    I can’t wait for these to be in my collection, they’re so cute and the sentiment with the flip flop stamp is fantastic

      1. A favorite rainy day memory for me is when my daughter at about 2.5 years old asked me to dance in the rain with her, and so we did! While my 3.5 year old son stood on the porch to make sure he didn’t get a drip on him. Then my little girl laid in the driveway and let the warm summer rain just rain down on her with glee!! 🥰

    1. Leaving Niagara Falls it was raining and we were completely soaked from the Falls and the rain. Fun time with my family!

  3. I used to like to ‘hop’ into a puddle, that way I didn’t splash my legs, but super-soaked anyone standing near me!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  4. So sweet! Can we please get a ‘friends forever… whatever the weather’ sentiment? I can’t find one anywhere and it fits so well with these cute themes 🙂

  5. I love the adorable bears and projects using the set!! A favorite memory of a rainy day is a walk in a light spring rain on one of our favorite trails.

  6. I don’t like rain, and I live in the place which is mostly sunny all year around. But, cuz of that, once in a while, when we get rain, I find the sound of rain drops soothing..funny, right?…but love these bear sets, in raincoats! So cute!

  7. I love rainy days. They relax me. The best memory is a long walk in the mountains, in the rain. It was just us and the sound of the falling rain. 😍

  8. I love rain and couldn’t chose only one memory, but yesterday was had a walk with my children and hubby under a Winter rain, full of joy and laugh, and it will stay as one of my favorite rainy memory for sure 😊

  9. I was walking to work one day, when I got out of the subway and it was just downpouring. Like all the rain. Most people were waiting, but I couldn’t really wait it out… I had to change at work anyway so I just walked through the rain the 3 blocks to work.
    I think I passed by a kid who was watching out the window and I pretended to swim.
    When I walked into work drenched the girls at the front deck looked at me like I was insane… But like really why did it matter, I was changing when I got there no matter what… 🙂

    I am so much like the little bear jumping in puddles.

  10. The thing I love about rainy days is being inside and cozy on the couch while watching the rain come down, especially on a really stormy day. 🌧

  11. A favorite rainy day memory would be when i was younger and we would go swimming in the lake in the rain. The water always felt so much warmer!

  12. This set is sooo cute..
    I love rainy days, a cup of tea and hot fritters goes so well with rainy days or walking in the rain…

    1. I love it when it rains at night when camping. The sound of the rain on the camper top is so soothing. Best sleep ever!!
      I absolutely love these bears!

  13. Oh gosh, those bears are so so cute, love them! I like to watch the rain from the warmth and coziness of my home… not so keen on rain when I need to go outside, haha, although wearing wellies and jumping in the puddles sure is fun!

  14. Love to stay in on rainy days, lots of good memories of times we thought the rain ruined our day when it actually forced us to slow down and enjoy each other’s company!

  15. When I was a little girl, I was visiting a friend of mine. During a spring rain shower, her mom gave us shampoo and we went out under the weeping willow to wash our hair in the rain. I still remember how much fun we had and that was over 50 years ago.

  16. Barefeet jumping into puddles after a warm may shower has always been my favorite. And I remember that one summer when we were on a vacation at the sea and it rained all the time. We were on a campsite and our twins were just 3 years old. They put on all their rain gear and jumped into those huge puddles, but the funny thing about it was that they decided it would be great to have bright red garbage can lids on their heads while doing so. I still smile when I see the photos we took of them! Can’t wait to re-do this memory on a card for them using those cute bears!

  17. I took my niece to the aquarium and it rained off and on. My niece went after every puddle to make a splash that day. Oh, too be young and take pleasure in the small things! This stamp set totally reminded me of it when I saw it.

  18. My favorite rainy day memory is from when I was a kid. My best friend and I would splash in all the puddles, trying to make them go away.

  19. A favorite rainy day memory is my son with his rainboots and raincoat on at age 4 splashing in every puddle. So cute but what a mess.

  20. This set is “beary” cute! The house I grew up in had a small ditch in our front yard. It would often fill up after a good rain and my sister and I would jump or swim in it!

  21. These card’s are so cute, my favorite rainy day memory is when I was a kid it rained so bad that it flooded and the water was overflowing the streets so me, my brother and our friends went and played in the rain all day

  22. My favorite rainy day memory was when it rained so much the park near us flooded and we went canoeing in the local park last slides and swings. I was little so thought it was really cool! I love the cute little bears in raincoats!

  23. My favorite rainy day memory was when it rained so much the park near us flooded and we went canoeing in the local park last slides and swings. I was little so thought it was really cool! I love the cute little bears in raincoats!

  24. These are the sweetest retest cards!,! I just adore these rainy day bear images. My rainy day memory that stands out was when we had flooding rains in January. I was due to start my first teaching position and was trying to get home from the beach where my family was staying they were predicting the roads would be cut so I took off trying to beat the rising water. As itIndrove the rain got heavier and the water started to cover the Road I was very happy to reach home safely.

  25. My favorite rainy day memory was going for a walk in a storm with my best friend, only to get back to her house and find out it was during a tornado warning.

  26. Pulling into the lake campsite just in time to see a big rain storm coming across the lake. Taking pictures before the rain, during, and after for scrapbooking. After the storm air smelling so clean and fresh, then afternoon sun coming out gave us a nice sunset over the lake. Can’t wait to use this sweet bear set and the stitched rainbow dies set for the scrapbook page.

  27. I remember loving to jump in puddles when I was young but not so much anymore. I’m like a cat, I prefer to stay dry!

  28. Not sure I have a fav rainy day memory but do like my rain boots. Yrs ago and still to this day rain boots for sell for kids are common in stores but not adults. Ordered mine online ftom Target .com. My older dog will go outside no matter if it is raining and will want to go fir a walk even if it is raining so I call her “My Rain, Sleet & Snow Dog.” Younger dog does not like to go out in the rain.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  29. I remember walking home fr school in the rain w my siblings. My brother especially loved to jump in the puddles and was always ridiculously wet and muddy by the time we got home. Mom scolded him but it never stopped him fr doing it again!!

  30. So cute!

    In college my roommates and I would put on our rain coats and walk around the lake in the rain. It was peaceful and a nice break from our work. Very sweet days!

  31. Fav rainy day memory is playing in mud puddles with my friend and her daughter on her daughters first birthday. I have the cutest cheeky grin picture….mud all over the face and all. Lol

  32. So, I accidentally replied so I’m posting again. Oops.
    I love it when it rains at night when camping. The sound of the rain on the camper top is so soothing. Best sleep ever!!
    I absolutely love these bears!

  33. When a was a child, we use to go out in play barefoot in the mud puddles while raining in the warm weather. Fun memory!

  34. My son had the cutest bright yellow rain coat and boots when he was little. I love remembering his little laugh as he jumped in puddles ❤

  35. A recent tiny day memory; we (husband and I) have been wanting to bicycle ride the Virginia Creeper. For years. Finally planned a trip with a stop for bicycling. It POURED 15 minutes into our 4 hour ride. we got back covered in mud, head to toe. And wet to the core. Still fun!

  36. My favorite rainy day memory is cuddling on the couch with my daughter when she was little watching a movie while the rain hit the window.

  37. On one particular summer day when I was a young child it was extremely hot outside. Mom made us kids go out to give her some air. Out of nowhere came a pouring rain to cool everyone off. Everyone was so happy for the rain.

  38. Adorable cards and bears! Watching my children and grandchildren jump in puddles when they were little. There were a lot of squeals and giggles!

  39. I remember it was raining here in Minnesota and we had our family members from California that came to visit. My nieces (who were 7 and 9) have never seen so much raining days and thunderstorms so they were watching the rain for hours and counting the lightnings as they go by.

    This was probably one of the most memorable moments I remember.

  40. Adorable cards and bears!
    My favorite rainy day memory it’s all the days my dog ​​and I were curled up on the couch.

  41. I temporarily worked in Sierra Vista, AZ during a Monsoon season and was fortunate to watch the rain roll in and out everyday. it was amazing. You would literally watch a huge wall of rain move in, pass thru the town and out the other end. It was breathtaking along with the thunder and lightning. It would come and go within about 10-15 minutes. Monsoons are awesome 🙂

  42. Jumping in puddles was so much fun when I was a kid. I still walk through them occasionally just for the fun of it. I’ve always looked forward to looking for a rainbow after a rainshower or the ever so rare double rainbow.

  43. Fun, fun, fun inspiration! We have so many rainy days here in So. Florida that I really don’t have any special memories. I love watching a beautiful lightning storm, though.

  44. Rainy days are the best. One family vacation we went white water rafting. There was cold stinging rain that morning but it made the rapids more fun. Another family’s raft capsized and we set off to the rescue! Everyone was accounted for and safe. That was a rainy day none of us will ever forget!

  45. My favorite rainy day memories are the ones where I went outside with my boys and played in the puddles. Something so simple just gives them so much joy and that brings me joy.

    I love these bears, they are too cute!

  46. These little bears are so adorable! After we get a heavy rain, it’s fun to go out on our screened porch to watch the little frogs that have taken shelter. Sometimes we’ll have a few dozen hopping around out there!

  47. During a typhoon and trying to occupy our minds from the outside sounds we watched back to back Star Wars movies in the dark on our portable DVD player.

  48. My rainy days are spent card making, baking, decorating cakes/cookies, or sewing.
    My favorite rainy day memory is when is 14/15 we had a light hurricane come through. All we got was lots of rain and some wind, so I and my five siblings all went out and played in the rain.

  49. I love the smell of rain, especially just before it rains. Everything just smells so fresh. I recently got caught in the rain on my lunch break and I didn’t have my umbrella… it didn’t annoy me, it felt great! I hadn’t let myself get really wet in the rain in years.

  50. I remember a trip thru Hana in Maui and it pouring rain the entire time, we even swam in a cave pool. We were drenched, but had so much fun!! Also, I enjoy raining days at the beach during the winter! I can cuddle up with a good book, watch a movie, or even just craft all day long!

  51. Our kids when they were little, delighted in puddle jumping and splashing – much like the bears in this set. I think this is my favorite from all of the recent releases!

  52. I went out with some friends to grab a beer. But when we arrived it started pouring. We tried to hide but the rain just wouldn’t stop. We decided it would not matter anyway now and walked back to the car getting soaked. We stripped and drove home in our underwear, threw our clothing in the dryer and had a drink in the winter garden instead. It may not sound like it but it actually turned out very funny

  53. These bears make me smile! They are adorable. Being up in the mountains when it rains and when the thunder shakes the ground is very memorable!

  54. My favourite memory is of my daughter running through puddles in just her diaper and new rubber boots. She was just so joyful!

  55. Rainy day memories while my kids were growing included running through the rain and blanket forts. Now it’s tea and crafting!

  56. I loved driving down “flood street,” in our town as a kid and having the water splash up higher than our car as we drove through it. They have since fixed the road, but it was so fun!

  57. I don’t have a particular rainy day memory but I do like how after the rain everything seems new and you can occasionally catch a beautiful rainbow. Wonderful and cheerful cards today.

  58. We live in Oregon so we get plenty of rainy days. My favorite was a really warm spring day when we had a rain storm blow through, my daughter was about 4 and we ran outside and danced in the rain, jumping in puddles. It was so cute!

  59. This stamp set is the absolute cutest! A must buy!

    I love rainy days. I do find myself able to relax and slow down. I mostly like to sit by the window and read.

  60. A few years back, I was working on a garden project and it started to rain. I decided to put a jacket with a hood on and keep working. It was actually lovely and calming. Plus, it saved me some work as I didn’t have to water in my new plantings.

  61. mine is when it is warm rain and you get trapped in it and then you just give in & tromp around in it because you realize it is actually sort of FUN!!!

  62. My favourite rainy day memory is my sister and I walking home from school getting absolutely soaked through but laughing the whole time! That was over 30 years ago and it still makes me smile 😊

  63. My daughter was 4 and was obsessed with rain and puddles, I bought her large rain boots and we would pack up and hunt down the best rain puddles in our town. she was featured in out newspaper in the rain running through puddles, it was great!

  64. I remember going puddle jumping when I was very young and I jumped into a puddle so deep the water went over my boots and filled them up!

  65. Favorite rainy day memory is attending an outdoor concert in the pouring rain and singing along with my friends while getting completely soaked in our rain gear!

  66. Love these bears. They are so cute. When I was young, my brother and I went to school by bus, bike or walking. When it rained, my mother would pick us up in the car. I don’t remember there being a lot of raining days when I was in elementary school, so it was such a treat to be picked up when it rained.

  67. My favorite rainy day memory…camping and sitting by the lake under the cover of trees and seeing/listening to the rain hitting the water. It was a beautiful scene!

  68. We don’t have much rain on our tropical rock so my dog isn’t used to it and isn’t a fan to say the least….at some point I got her a jacket to at least do her business when it rains. The look on her face was priceless the first time I put it on 🙂 She’s used to it now and tolerates it lol

  69. My favorite rainy day memories are going for walks with our little one after the storm and splashing in puddles and looking for rainbows.

  70. I love sitting on my porch and watching/listening to the rain. It is very relaxing to me. This set is adorable and the Bear with the umbrella reminds me of “Singing In The Rain”.

  71. One of my favorite rainy day memories was the St Patrick’s Day that we went out for breakfast and it rained and there was a huge rainbow. I thought I should look for the pot of gold at the end!

  72. OMG this set is super cute. My favorite memory is there being atleast one day in the season when we would go out and play in the rain and get soaked, splashing away to glory 🙂

  73. My favorite rainy day memory is floating paper boats as the water rushed down the gutter in the street. As an adult, rain means moisture which we don’t get enough of any more.

  74. No particular memory but I love a spring day with a soft rainfall. Great to walk in or stay inside and craft! These bears are so adorable!

  75. I’d love to have a recent rainy day memory to share, but I live in California. 🙁
    I do love the cute bear set, though.

  76. My favourite rainy day memories are going outside with my little granddaughter and jumping in all the puddles we could find 🥰

  77. My favorite rainy day memory: I received a brand new bike for my birthday when I was ten; I didn’t care about the rain, I rode the bike all day anyway. How fun to be young.

  78. My daughter will graduate in May with a BS in Meteorology. She has educated me over her four years all about the weather.

  79. We took a family vacation once with my grandparents and uncle’s family. The weather was rainy and I remember my grandpa going to sit in the car because he liked the sound of the rain on the roof of the car. (Although reflecting back on this now that I’m a grandparent, he may have just been getting away from the noisy grandkids cooped up in the cabin.) LOL! Love all of today’s new products.

  80. Well I live in Seattle so rainy days are quite common… But a funny rain memory is when my husband and I climbed to the top of the Fairie Pools on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. It was gorgeous and sunny on the way up and just when we turned to hike back the sky opened up and poured. By the time we reached our car every single inch of us (inner and outer clothing) was soaked. We had dinner reservations and didn’t have the opportunity to clean up so we looked pretty rough at dinner.

  81. I love sitting on our screened porch when it’s raining, with one of our dogs in my lap and the other is curled upnext to me ☔️

  82. My favorite memory is when our daughter was about 4 years old, got all of her rain gear on, and went into the backyard grass, which was a HUGE lake because we had a crazy rain storm. She splashed around, laughed, and had a wonderful time! These bears are sooooo cute, I will have to get them!

  83. These cute critters make rainy days look like so much fun!! Love their raincoats and boots ☔️🐻🌦

  84. Woepie more bears and this time in typical belgian weather so I got plenty ideas already to play around with those.
    like the stencil also

  85. No particular memory, but I love the sound and smell of rain! It doesn’t rain much here, but when it storms, I also enjoy watching lightening and listening to the thunder.

  86. I have many happy memories f walking along the seafront in the rain, especially cool when the mustvrolls in across the sea and the rain makes it very atmospheric. Love these new stamps!

  87. Oh my goodness! This new set is adorable!!! I love the rainy stencil too! I don’t think I have a favorite rainy day memory, but those days are always great to stay inside and make cards!

  88. Well….. I do have a favorite moment when it rained heavily, but sorry…. in case we have kids reading here that’s all I will say hahaha!!

    1. These rainy day bears are adorable and versatile for different occasions.
      My rainy day memory is from a morning at the cottage with the grandkids…eating pancakes and decorating our flip-flops while we waited for the rain to stop and the rainbows to begin.

  89. So excited… can’t wait to see the remaining part of the release. My favorite, recent rainy day memory was walking with my parents in the park with a light drizzle rain and with our rain jackets… I’m an adult but being able to still share memories with my parents at their late age is a blessing.

  90. I am not the biggest fan of rain and unfortunatly I always have rain during my holidays.. when I can read and enjoy a nice cup of tea then I can enjoy the rain

  91. I am definitely in the minority, but I prefer rainy, gray days to bright, sunny days! I love the sound of falling rain, I love thunder, & I love being stuck at home during rainstorms!

  92. Another adorable set! My favorite rainy day memory is the look of pure joy as my California grandson finally got to splash in the rain wearing his bright yellow raincoat, boots, and umbrella!

  93. I love rainy days when I am under a huge umbrella, listening to the raindrops pattering above my head. These are my favorite rainy day memories! 🙂

  94. I don’t have many specific rainy day memories, but I like to spend them reading a book or crafting and drinking hot tea or hot chocolate. The one I remember the most was a long time ago when my parents took us to a dude ranch in Colorado for our high school senior year trip since we didn’t do the one through school. My sister and I chose to do a horseback trip to the continental divide with the slower group. It poured rain on the last part of the trip and also hailed. (I decided that is why cowboys where cowboy hats, and you were required to wear a hat.) The fast group and the jeep riders made it to the top before it rained. We ended up having to ford a stream and although we weren’t really in danger; it was quiet adventurous. My sister and had planned on riding back, but we were so soaked and cold that we had to ride back in the jeeps. I was so cold that I couldn’t get off the horse. Getting cold and wet was unpleasant, but it was an adventure to remember.

  95. As a mom, I hated my kids in puddles because of the mess and cleanup, but oh as a grandma I have so much fun watching my granddaughter play in puddles!!

  96. I remember walking to school in the rain with my brother Steve and we were each on sidewalks on the opposite side of our street and it was raining on one side but not the other. We raced back and forth all the way to school. This will always be one of my favorite childhood memories.

  97. My grandkids live in Phoenix where they don’t get too many rainy days. But, when it does, my granddaughter gets her boots on and runs out to jump in the puddles!! She splashes and sits in them and has such a good time. Thank you for this darling release.

  98. Honestly I don’t like the rain – it ruins my hair, making it all frizzy, I can’t wear my shoes, and usually soaks my pants. But that bear shower set is adorable.

  99. Beary beary cute! I still have my eye on that platform and these guys are exceptionally cute splashing around, perfect for a get well card! I’m sure there will be wedding’s and births on rainy days, but mine is the day my daddy was buried. Pouring buckets and windy on the way to the cemetary but as we pulled onto the property…. it stopped; not a drop through the service. As we left a triple ..TRIPLE rainbow shone so brilliantly over
    the area, and stayed in our site until we got home. 15 MINUTES later a downpour again. I will never forget the love that day. Next rain, this ol gal is gonna splash in those puddles.

  100. One warm rainy day my sisters let my barefooted 2 year old daughter jump in all the puddles. She loves her free-spirited aunts!

  101. My favorite memory is when I used to go camping. I loved listening to the sound of the rain hitting the tent. I used to lay in my sleeping bag and read.

  102. One time, my friend and I had planned an afternoon hike. We knew it was going to drizzle that day but were not deterred. Two miles into the hike it started pouring. We just had to laugh and enjoy it because we had two miles left to get back to the car. It was so much fun. I would have never agreed to hike in a downpour (with no jacket or umbrella), but I’m so glad that we got to do that together that day.

  103. Another cute stamp set!! I don’t think i have memory about rainy days. But i love to craft when it’s raining and i can’t go outside.

  104. I love rainy days when I don’t have to drive in them! I love the sound of the rain on the window. I like to read a book, craft, or watch a movie on rainy days.

  105. I don’t really like rainy days anymore.
    I don’t get out when it’s to wet, so I’m
    stuck in the house with no sun.
    The cards are darling – remember
    when I could have that kind of fun.
    thanks for sharing.

  106. That little bear is so cute in his rain coat! Love all the inspiration from the designers, too. One of my favorite rainy day memories goes way back to college. I went to school in Portland, OR so there was no shortage of rainy days. I just remember hanging out with my friends, listening to music, having fun, and watching the rain hit the windows. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  107. These little bears are adorable! And love the background stencil with the ducks. The one thing I remember is being in Hawaii on a rainy day standing outside and seeing the beautiful double rainbow while the sun was also shining.

  108. I have never forgotten on one summer day, many, many years ago (I must have been eight or nine) we had a lovely rain shower and the rain was warm and wonderful! I played in the rain, not wanting it to stop!

  109. My favourite rainy memory is from my parents home, as I slept in the attic room, raindrops were knocking on the roof window. It was very relaxing <3

  110. I don’t remember splashing in puddles, but our neighbors did as teens! We had a long drought and then it rained. They came outside and splashed around in the puddles have a wonderful time. I had so much fun watching them play in the rain. Love this new set with the bears splashing around. So fun!

  111. I don’t have a specific rainy day memory, but I love to watch the rain come down on a sunny spring day and then find a beautiful rainbow in the sky!

  112. My strongest rainy day memory is when I was young and the rain was pounding down super hard on my raincoat. The canoe just fell off our camper in the middle of a busy city, but I really was enjoying the rain. Probably way more than my parents were!

  113. Love these adorable bears! Favourite memory – getting caught in an unexpected rain and path became so muddy we had to remove shoes and go barefoot!

  114. My fav rainy day moment was in Disneyland. All is Canadians were walking around in the rain while everyone else was buying up ponchos lol💚💚💚 luv these bears💕

  115. I remember at a family party once it was pouring and us kids were like we want to go play in the rain and the adults were like “go for it!” So we did and we danced and played in the rain and they even joined us. Lol it was a great time 🙂

  116. My favorite rainy day memory is of my now husband and I went on our first trip away as a couple, we had just started out and it was raining and we passed a dump truck and a rick fell off and broke our windshield. Detour to the window shop, when we finally arrived at our destination the was this huge rainbow.
    I knew I was detoured to see that rainbow.

  117. One of my favorite rainy day memories was when I was much younger and it rained so hard so fast that it flooded all the streets around our house. One of our neighbors got his dad’s flat bottom fishing boat out and we all took turns floating around the neighborhood. Once I had children my favorite memories of them walking around with their little umbrellas and walking in the puddles.

  118. Love this super cute rainy bear set 😍😍😍 One of my favorite rainy moments was when my kids were young (2 and 5 years) and I took them outside to play in the rain and puddles. The look on their faces was priceless! They were having so much fun.

  119. This release is INCREDIBLE!!! I want them all!!! This set is so sweet, what a fantastic job done by you all!! My favorite memory is just by getting caught in so much rain we were soaked but laughing and having fun! 🙂

  120. Loving all the spring goodies in this release, the designers have showcased them beautifully! When we were young, all the children in my neighbourhood would don our swimsuits whenever there was a heavy downpour and play in the rain.

  121. Living in Vancouver, Canada, we get lots of rain here! There are too many memories to think of, but my dog and I are often soaked after our daily walks, especially during the November period! This stamp set is perfect for us!!!

  122. I used to love splashing in the puddles and now get to enjoy my grandkids doing the same. Also love to look for rainbows. Adorable cards.

  123. My favourite rainy day memory is a recent one…I have an August birthday and it’s usually a hot one, but this past year, 2021, it rained on my birthday…it was a glorious summer rain and I loved it!

  124. I don’t have a specific memory but I do enjoy a rainy day in my craft room! Absolutely no guilt about wasting a beautiful sunny day!

  125. Darling cards!
    We had a huge amount of rain a few months ago and had to try to dig out a blocked culvert. Up to our knees in water and mud!

  126. I need this set and the stencil so much! It’s a perfect reminder of all the puddle splashing I have done over the years with my children.
    One of my favourite memories is my daugher ‘accidentally’ falling over in every puddle we saw, it’s a good jump she had her puddle suit on!

  127. My favorite rainy day memory is my son playing in the puddles when he as tiny. We haven’t gotten much rain in the recent years so it is always a treat!

  128. My favorite is being at a crop with friends and it’s storming outside. Nothing is better than being creative with a group of crafters. We’re dry and having FUN!

  129. When I was a kid, I was making a wooden sign with my name dremeled on it. While I was painting it in the garage, I saw a lightning bolt hit our road during a rainstorm. It was amazing to see such energy and power.

  130. My favorite rainy day memory is walking the streets of Paris and then seeing a rainbow on the skyline after the rain.

  131. I have such a beautiful story behind Rainy day. After passing my Kindergarten Teacher Training in 1st Division I applied for a Kindergarten teacher in a reputed School, On the interview day it was full of stormy rain, but it was very important for me. I went for an interview and I was selected as a Kindergarten Teacher. The day became a memorable day for me which I never forget.

  132. I remember being at my aunts house and we were sitting on her front porch, it was a very warm summer day, it started pouring rain once it was over the sun came out and we could smell the rain on the hot pavement.

    this stamp set is so cute!

  133. Best rainy day: At Disney world, a rainy afternoon, most people hid in places to eat, We had our rain jackets, and went on the rides that stayed open (most had no lines), and had a blast.

  134. My favorite rainy day memory is when I was a high school teacher and it was a rainy day… my colleague and I were driving back from some teacher thing in his pickup, and he drove through the big puddles really fast LOL it was hilarious and we were laughing like little kids and yelling wheee!!

  135. Bears in rain gear is to adorable for words, I don’t really have a rain stories as sadly it doesn’t rain much where i live.

  136. not a favorite memory but the only rainy day one that stands out – getting into an accident with a moving truck (a semi hit us in the moving truck – everyone was ok) and having to move the things that survived from one moving truck to another on a rainy day. Luckily we found an abandoned gas station that had those overhangs at the gas pumps and we stayed dry 🙂

  137. This isn’t exactly a “happy” rainy day memory but is one that will be with me forever – middle of a stormy night and our house was struck by lightning. Needless to say, woke us up like a bomb blast – blew out a chunk of plaster in the bathroom wall and the oven element was glowing solid orange! YIKES, luckily no one was hurt!!

  138. Such a cute set! No specific memories, but I love just sitting by the window with a cup of tea and watching the rain outside.

  139. My favorite rainy day memory is when my grandson was about 15 months old. He discovered that it was fun to let the rain fall down & hit him in the face. He ran around with the biggest belly laughs that day!

  140. Not sure if I have a specific one, but I love those rainy days when you can just lounge around in comfy clothes and read a book and snack.

  141. When I was a child, there was a metal awning on one of my bedroom windows. I loved the sound of the rain hitting the metal! No matter the temperature, I would open my window just a crack so I could hear it even better. Love these adorable bears!

  142. As a child I loved racing my brother down to the end of the street in the warm summer rain 🌧. I also loved watching thunderstorms with my dad sitting on lawn chairs in the garage ⛈.

  143. I live in Colorado now… very dry! So ANY rainy day is my favorite rainy day. I am a pluviophile! And this set (and the rainy background) makes me very happy – raindrops, puddles, splashes, raincoats, it’s wonderful!

  144. My most memorable rainy day was on vacation in San Francisco and buying this cheap umbrella and it turned inside out and we were frozen and drenched by the time we got back to the hotel! Love these bears!

  145. Those bears are adorable! My favorite memory of rain has to be one of years ago at a festival in the Netherlands. People would slide in the mud and it was hilarious to watch.

  146. My kids just love jumping on the trampoline and running around in the rain – I mean who doesn’t – it’s so refreshing and releasing!

  147. I love this set so much!

    The memory that came to mind was a very wet, warm rainy day one summer when my niece was about 2 1/2 years old. She was staying with me and we were doing crafts at my kitchen table. She was facing the window and the teenage boys next door were out playing basketball in the rain and she was absolutely bothered by it. She really wanted me to go tell them they had to go inside and they shouldn’t be outside in the rain. It was so funny and she continued talking about it for weeks.

  148. One time as I was driving down the freeway it had been raining and then the sun came out and there was a triple rainbow! It was so amazing. Everyone was looking so much that it almost caused a big accident.

  149. Omg this is so adorable! My favourite memory in the rain would be when I travelled to Taiwan and we hiked through these crazy caves in the rain – the rain caused the inside of the cave to be like a waterfall and it was an incredible experience.

  150. The bears are just so adorable! I love all the super cute creations today. My favorite rainy day memory… is when my family and i were in orlando at animal kingdom and we got drowned in a rain downpour but it didn’t matter we were having so much fun. 🙂

  151. I don’t know that I any one particularly stands out… I do love reading with a mug of hot chocolate while listening to the rain fall.

  152. This stamp set is so cute!
    My favourite memory of rainy days were those that happened so fast, so heavy but only lasted a short while in hot summers days in Taiwan. Then I love the coolness of it after it rained.

  153. Love this stamp set! I love, love, love the rain! As a kid, I loved taking my umbrella and wearing my rain boots outside and jumping into puddles when I was a kid!

  154. Living where I do we don’t get rain often at all so every time it rains it’s exciting and the kids go out and play in it.

  155. Love a rainy day – always have! On rainy days when I was a child, I would drag my box of wooden blocks out onto the covered front porch and build rooms for my dollhouse people! Was always disappointed if it was a quick rain storm!

  156. We need rain! Maybe rainy day bear and frog card will make it rain…. Favorite rainy day memory is putting on my boots walking/splashing in puddles and loving how my feet were dry.

  157. Sorry, I don’t have a favorite memory as I don’t like walking or driving in the rain. My dog and mini pig don’t even like going out in the rain. Love all the creations by the DT. Super cute stamp set and love the raindrop stencil too.

  158. This is so cute. I remember being at Disney World when it rained all day. It was not crowded, so we got on all the rides with little or no wait!

  159. My favorite rainy day was when I had just finished moving into my first apartment. Everyone that had helped me had just left and I sat on my freshly made bed and it started to lightly rain. I had the window open slightly and it was so relaxing.

  160. Those bears in their raincoats are just darling!! My favorite memory of rainy days has to be our wedding day. It was mostly sunny but there was a bit of rain just after the ceremony and it was the last rain for about three months. When we got back our wedding photos we couldn’t believe how green everything looked.

  161. I remember when my sister and I were kids playing in the puddles. It was so much fun. I love the stamps, so, so cute.

  162. Just watching the YouTube video now! So cute!! My fave rainy day memory is when my daughter was a few years younger (she’s only 4 now though) and we went for a woodland walk when it was chucking it down and she was wearing a new rain suit and wellies and she loved jumping in every puddle as we walked along 😀

  163. Most people hate when it rains at Disney, but I had some of my best days ever there! Running in the rain, splashing in the puddles and just laughing hysterical as everyone stared at us. Those are some of the best rainy day memories for me.

  164. Growing up, my favorite thing to do on a rainy day was sit by a roaring fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate reading a good book. I read most of the Black Stallion series that way. It makes me feel warm and cozy just thinking about it.

  165. I loved the days when my kiddos were little and we would get our summer monsoons and we would go out and jump in puddles and “sing in the rain”.

  166. Best rainy day memory was breaking in a new pair of rain boots, jumping in all the puddles and getting soaking wet. Then snuggling in a towel fresh from the dryer.

  167. I remember when my son was a toddler, we tried to go to our neighborhood pool with my sister and her son, and it was raining. The pool was closed…turns out we went to the wrong pool. BUT, the boys had a great time playing in the rain – it was so cute!
    Thanks for the chance to win – these projects are super cute, and I’d love to add to my ever-growing collection of stencils.

  168. Oh these bears playing in the rain are so, so CUTE!!! I love remembering my 4 kids when they were little playing in the rain with their umbrellas, splashing in all the puddles in the driveway and street! I have photos that are so sweet!

  169. I have never liked the rain the only thing I like about rainy days is the rain makes me go into a deep sleep so I really don’t have a favorite rainy day memory

  170. I was at the salon to get my hair done. My boyfriend picked me up and when I stepped out of the salon it began pouring. He looked at me and waited for me to get angry and sad 😀 but I just laughed. We ran home and had the best time. Not my hair though it was a mess 😀

  171. I always enjoy rainbows on rainy days. We saw the most amazing double rainbow a few years back while driving home from vacation. It just seemed we could almost touch it!

  172. Any set with the little bears is an instant win, and I’m obsessed with these bears playing in the rain! <3 I have a lovely memory as a teen when a few friends and I had a fun photoshoot day during the summer vacation, recreating various rain effects

  173. Picking my son up from school and he wanted to hold the giant golf umbrella, which was bigger than him. It was a challenge walking through the parking lot, but he was so happy to hold the umbrella up for me.

  174. Favourite rainy day memory was my then boyfriend taking me back to where we had our first date and proposing. It was raining so hard by the time we got to the hiking spot that we were soaked lol but it was my only weekend off work and we lived hours apart so he did it anyways. 17 years later and here we are, and every year for the past 6 years or so I make him an anniversary card using Lawn Fawn critters and an interactive die.

  175. My favorite rainy day memory was when we had a warm rain (which is unusual for us), I let my daughter dance around on our deck (she was like 4 at the time). She asked if she could wash her hair in the rain, so I let her!

  176. When I was little it rained so much one year that the park near our home flooded, part of the park was shaped like a bowl so when it filled with water it became like a swimming pool. All of the kids from the neighborhood were swimming in it. When I think of it now it is gross, but we had so much fun!!!

  177. Sometimes rainy days mean rainbows! I remember seeing a bright double rainbow with my daughter last summer. She was amazed!

  178. My rainy day memory is on our first day in Hawaii it rained. As I come from a very rainy climate, this was so disappointing, but unlike at my home, it didn’t last long.

  179. It had rained a lot and we ended with huge puddles and ponds in our yard. It had stopped just enough for us to go out and take care of animals. My two boys, 9 and 10, found a pond and started running and sliding through the pond. Then they started body sliding through the pond, and coming up all covered in mud. I even slid through once! My husband sat and took pictures. It was so much fun!

  180. These creations are just the cutest!! I remember running thru the puddles as a kid & then when my kids were little they loved to run through the puddles

  181. My favourite memory of a rainy day, walking through a Pacific Coast forest, smell of the wet cedars (huge trees) and beautiful banana slugs ❤️

  182. I live in “Raincouver”, Canada and have many great memories of dressing up my toddlers in their muddy buddy raingear to splash in puddles! 🙂

  183. We used to have a HUGE puddle build up in our condo’s parking lot. My then three year old son was pretty sure it was his personal splash pad! Love the photos and memories of that sweet time.

  184. My favorite rainy day memory:
    We spent the whole day at an amusement park. It started raining and we decided to leave a little early. Our car was parked several parking lots away and it began pouring rain. We ran all the way to the car and it was the best part of the entire day! So much fun with my little sisters.

  185. My rainy day memory has to be a trip to the PA Farm Show one January. My husband did not really want to go but I did. I love to see all the animals and there are great demonstrations, etc. He agreed to go. We drove about an hour to get there and heard along the way that rain was expected later in the day. It was a “cloudy bright” kind of day. As we prepared to leave the car and go catch the shuttle, I held up the small umbrella I carry in my backpack or shoulder bag sometimes and asked “Should I take this along?” My husband said “No, it’s not gonna rain!” And of course, when we left the Show later, it was POURING – an absolute DELUGE. So now we joke that it “never rains at the PA Farm Show.”

    These bears are just too freaking cute!!!!! Can’t wait for this release!!!!
    Lori S in PA

  186. Rainy days are my absolute favorite. There is nothing better than a rainy day crafting with a good cup of hot tea!Except maybe a rainy day lost in your favorite book with a tea! 🫖 🌧 📖

  187. Love this set, it’s so cute!
    We had a lovely rainy day recently. It was cool and misty with a light drizzle as we roamed the orchard picking (and eating) blueberries and apples.

  188. My favorite rainy day activity is staying inside and crafting or a movie night. I LOVE making popcorn with flavored seasonings hot chocolate. We grab a bunch of blankets and pillows and plop down on the floor and watch something on our list. I really enjoy the family (and friends- pre-COVID) time.

  189. Fav rainy day memory I’d have to say the very first time my nephew came to visit me, he first spent 10 minutes in his galloshes jumping in puddles in my front yard.

  190. When my daughter was 3, we did the very thing these cute bears are doing! We put on our rain coats and boots, grabbed our umbrellas, and went for a stroll in the rain and jumped into all the puddles we could find!

  191. A few years ago my daughter and I were hiking. We near the top of the mountain and all of a sudden a flash storm broke out. We took off running as fast as we could and it just kept getting more and more intense. When we got down to the car we were soaked through. We jumped in the car and my daughter looked at me and said “I’ve never seen you run Mom. I didn’t think you knew how”! We laughed so hard we couldn’t breathe. Truly I didn’t know I could run like that either!

  192. I’ve been waiting to see what this set was after seeing the Inspiration Week graphic!!
    My favourite memory is from when my son was about 2 – and he was jumping in puddles! So cute!!

  193. My favourite rainy day memory is camping with my best friend when I was 12. We went swimming in our pajamas, it was raining so hard our tent was soaked. We just had an absolute blast.

  194. One of my favorite memories I was at Disney & temp 100 & it was so hot
    waiting in line my friends & I wished it would rain! Well, it ended up raining
    & a lot of people left the park! We ended up having a great time cooled down
    riding the rides without any wait!

  195. I live in the Pacific Northwest where we get a lot of rain, but my favorite memory is as a kid when we lived in Virginia-sitting in the dining room painting pictures with my younger sister during a thunder storm. I don’t have many memories of my childhood but this is one I think of fondly.

  196. I was so frightened of thunderstorms until one time my dad took me out into our garage (we had a 4 car garage & often hung out there in the summer as it was cooler) and stayed with me, calming my fears about all the things I was scared of. To this day I love thunderstorms because of my dad 🙂 And I am SOLD on everything so far – I guess I’ll be dipping into my savings- again!! LOL

  197. It was just an ordinary rainy day, but I felt so happy and was dancing in it. It was so cheerful to feel like a child again!

  198. The bears are adorable and seeing them splash in a puddle reminds me of the times when I did the same. Hehe, even as an adult, I love to jump in a puddle and splash water everywhere.

  199. Our patio flooded a few years ago, and my daughter and I splashed in it and laughed and laughed!!!
    I love these cute bears!!!

  200. I once got caught in a rainstorm while walking my dogs when I was over and hour away from my house. We got drenched 😂

  201. Ooo these bears are soooo cute! Favorite rainy day memory? Nothing specific but I love rainy days with no plans just relaxing inside and being cozy.

  202. Love the cards, those stamps are so cute! 😍😍 My fav rain memory is just staying inside, where it’s cozy, and cuddled up with my boyfriend ❤️

  203. My early morning school days when we got random rainy day holidays due to heavy rains. They were THE BEST!!!!
    We would spend the entire day jumping bin puddles 💜

  204. I don’t really like rain, I live in a place where it can easily rain daily for months in a row, summer or winter. It’s different at the summer house though. There, it will rain like a waterfall for a few minutes, and the the sun will shine again!

    My favorite rainy day memory is about my first dog. He didn’t like getting wet, and would not leave the house without a rain coat if it was raining. I also had to carry him over ponds 😂 One day, the weather was horrible, and I pulled out our rain gear. He walk to the balcony door and looked out the window. He turned around, looked at me, and went into the bathroom, where he peed on the floor before he looked at me again and jumped up on the couch, sighed and promptly fell asleep. It was the only time he peed inside after being potty trained, and it was so obviously not an accident, I just had to laugh. He saved us both from a very unpleasant walk🤣

  205. I love taking close-up photos of flowers, leaves and trees after a good rain. The water droplets on the flowers are so pretty!

  206. I can only smile about this in retrospect – in my final year of school we had torrential rain one day which meant most of the school was flooded and getting from class to class meant wading through knee-deep water. At the time it was miserable and cold but looking back it certainly was memorable.

  207. Unfortunately I don’t have any good rainy day memories. A funny one (although annoying) might be this past summer when we were re-building the deck. We had to remove the old posts that were cemented in the ground and so that took a few weeks before they were all out. But, any night that it rained, the empty holes filled up with water…and FROGS. I had to work on scooping out frogs and taking them across the street to the pond to let them go. I think I collected and transported about 20 frogs before we got the new posts cemented in place.

  208. The day I met my husband we played touch football in the rain in our formal wear after the reception (we were both in the wedding). I was like being a “kid” again splashing around without a care in the world! So I will be making a bear and goat card very soon!!!

  209. Not pleasant at that time but a funny memory now : I lived one year in England. One evening, I was going home from grocery shopping and I was walking up the hill leading to where I lived. Storm rain poured down and soaked me to the bone. First thing I did when I got home was change clothes. Loved the sensation of my dry and warm pajamas.

  210. The bears in their raincoats are too cute, and love the rainy stencil with the new clear paste.
    The first time one of my kids called sunshine during rain ‘monkey shine’. I was happy they’d learned the funny term from me, as I did from my dad.

  211. We are a military family and therefore we move a lot! A fond rainy memory of mine is one day we were out hiking in the mountains of Hawaii on the island of Oahu. It was clear when we started but began to rain at one point. My husband was afraid that if part of the path suddenly washed out in front of us, our six year old daughter would go with it, and careen down the mountain and how would we find her?!?! So he tied her to him with some climbing role he had in his day pack! I tell you, it looked funny but it poured upon us for an hour and there were a lot of rushing riverlets going down the mountain! We looked like drown rats, but we were all safe.
    I still have a photo of her, tied from her waist to his waist!
    Such a sweet set of bears dancing and singing in the ☔rain!💜

  212. At our favourite festival in august, my husband and I (in full costume) had just bought our dinner on a flimsy paper plate, the heavens opened up! Nowhere to hide because everyone was already piled up under the awnings, we just stood in the rain and munched on our very wet food. The food was still tasty and it’s summer, so we’ll dry up fast enough but it was hilarious!

  213. Maybe not the best thing I ever did… but us kids in the apartment complex growing up would go play in the water coming from the downspouts. We would get soaked, but it sure was fun!!

  214. Can’t wait to get this set! It reminds me of taking the little one around and showing them how to make the biggest splash in all the puddles! That laugh is infectious!

  215. This set is so sweet! I love bears! My favorite rainy day activity is curling up with a good book or crochet project and letting the rain fall… then enjoying the green and flowers that follow while the sun is shining!

  216. I remember going for a walk in the rain in the middle of summer with my family. We had so much fun splashing and getting soaked.

  217. My favorite rainy day story involved softball practice in high school. The practice was delayed a bit to to the rain, but afterwards, our coach had us practice sliding in the mud. It was so fun!!

  218. Wow! Such colorful and fun cards! Very inspirational! Rain and my broken foot don’t care for each other much. However, I remember as a child the rain could be log and hard in the Midwest. One year, it rained so much that the streets were flooded and people were using inter-tubes and small canoes. As a child it was so fun… an adult I’m sure it was a bit scary. Everything was drained in a short time and no damage occurred.

  219. I think those bears in their reaincoats look sooo cute! As a preschool teacher I think it is so healthy and fun to get wet and dirty in the rain. Who doesn’t feel happy when jumping in a puddle??

  220. Best Rainy day memory is a day when my kids played out in the rain and were soaked and had a blast. Of course the memory is scrapbooked!

  221. My favorite memory is splashing in the puddles with my sister with our rubber boots and Rainbow Brite umbrellas 🙂

  222. My favourite rainy day memory, is playing in the rain with my twin. We were having leaf races..his eon but it was fun. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  223. My favorite rainy day memory is from when I was a kid. My brothers, friends, and I would go outside while it was raining and play tag, ball, run and jump into puddles. We had so much fun! 🌧☔️🌈

  224. My favorite rain memory was playing in the flooded streets at my grandparents home one summer. The water was almost knee-deep in places and the rain just kept coming. It felt like the neighborhood was just one huge pool that I could splash and play in!

  225. Such a perfect theme, rainy days and crafting go together. The rain drop stencil is perfect for creating a rainy day backdrop. Looking forward to the 24th!

  226. It had rained and these weird mushrooms popped up and I thought I’m going to kick them thinking they would just tumble down the hill…we…they were slimy and I had mushroom guts all over my sneakers and had to wash them off with the garden hose. That won’t happen again!!!
    Lovely, adorable and dreamy rain/bear Cards…I can’t wait.

  227. I grew up just outside of Denver, so rainy days were fairly uncommon. I was so surprised when we moved to Texas and it rained for several days straight!

  228. This is just the cutest. I don’t have a specific rainstorm memory but I love sitting in the house and listening the rain and I love looking outside and seeing a beautiful rainbow.

  229. I remember puddle jumping in my Strawberry Shortcake Rain coat and matching boots when I was 6! I still love puddle jumping to this day!😊

  230. One of my favorite rainy day memories is taking my kids camping by ourselves for the first time with me being a single mom – just me, my kids & our dog in tent, It rained the whole time. We had a blast & the kids wanted to go camping again,. 🙂

  231. I love rainy days, especially thunderstorms! My favorite rainy day memory is splashing in puddles just like these adorable bears 🙂

  232. My favorite rainy day memory is doing activities inside with my kids. We would snuggle up on the couch with blankest and watch movies.

  233. Those bears with the raincoats are so adorable! I love the rain drops and the cute puddles. My favorite recent memory or rain was last year when it was pouring rain and my granddaughters were so restless in the house. I finally told them to go outside and jump in the puddles. They had so much fun and I enjoyed watching them!

  234. These bears are super sweet! I don’t have any particular rainy day memories but I love the smell of a spring rain.

  235. When I was a little girl, I loved locking myself away in my bedroom on rainy days and coloring for what seemed like hours to me.

  236. One of my favorite Rainy Day Memories is while my husband and I were on our honeymoon, we booked a snorkeling trip off the island of Isla Mujeres…It was POURING rain! Freezing cold, on a boat, no cover. But once we got into that amazing water, there wasn’t a care in the world. The water was warmer than the rain! We were so pruney getting out a few hours later!

  237. My favorite rainy day memory is from when my kids were small. We had a rain cloud pass our house and a rainbow came out and the kids wanted to go out and see it. I got the three of them together and out we went onto the driveway. As we were looking at the rainbow, another HUGE rain cloud opened up on us and we were soaked. I remember my daughter getting upset that she was getting wet, so her brother called her over and hugged her (I was holding our toddler) so I was of no use. hehe But it was fun. It was warm out and there was NO lightning, so we were safe. And the rain felt SO good.

  238. I used to be a 1st-grade teacher. Sometimes, on rainy days, I would stop the class so we could listen to and find joy in the sound of the rain on the roof. Or, I would stop the lessons for them to just get a favorite reading material and be cozy for a while. These moments of calm and serenity were awesome!

  239. When my kids were young along with a neighbor we would let the kids out to play in the rain, and what a joy it was to watch them.

  240. I just adore this rainy day bears set!! My favourite rainy memory is getting stuck last summer in a torrential downpour and having fun splashing back home sopping wet and having a good laugh.

  241. My favorite rainy day activity was singing “Rain, Rain, go away! Come again another day, Little Jimmy wants to play. Rain, rain, go away!” I also have a an adorable flower Umbrella that makes me smile every time I use it! 🙂

  242. My favorite rainy day memory is from taking our kids camping. It rained so much over night that the road to the campground was flooded and we couldn’t leave. So we got on our ponchos and started playing in the huge puddles. My son was little then, and he jumped in one puddle that went up to his middle! He laughed so hard- I will never forget it! It was a great day 🙂

  243. OMG . . . this set is so cute. My favorite rain memory . . . as a kid my friend and I would save our popsicle sticks and we would go out as the rain was dying down (and sometimes in the rain) and we would sail them against the curbs. In fact, she created a beautiful poem for me of the memory when I was getting married. I have memories with my kids as well, but for some reason those popsicle stick sailing races were the anchor for all my fun rain memories.

  244. It was raining and we didn’t have an umbrella with us. My husband pretended to open an umbrella as he helped me out of the car and held held the pretend umbrella all the way to the store and even pretended to shake it off as he closed it before entering. Such a fun memory!

  245. Random memory but I remember driving with my Dad on a rainy day listening to Peter, Paul and Mary and listening to them sing it’s raining. Simple times.

  246. Two favorites-Playing sardines on very stormy thanksgiving with our dad, hoping the power would stay on or watching the kids I nannied run around in the rain on a hot summer day, till their mom gave them shampoo and said they could wash their hair since they were soaked anyhow.

  247. My favourite rainy day memory is when I was out for a walk with my Dad, his wife and my little one (I believe he was about 7 months old at the time). All of a sudden we saw a rain cloud heading our way and we started to run back towards our cars (about 5km away). The cars were in sight but the cloud reached us first and we all became drenched. It was such a fun memory as we just stopped in our defeat, laughed and enjoyed the moment. What is yours??

  248. A favorite rainy day memory?

    Once, in Los Angeles, it started drizzling, and there was an AMAZING and unusually bright double rainbow over the 101 freeway. I have never seen anything like it before or since. Traffic totally halted, and everyone was leaning out their car windows to take a look at it. Total strangers were exchanging pleasantries across lanes and remarking at how spectacular it was!

    LOVE the Beary Rainy Day bears — such cuties!

  249. Walking home after feeding the ducks with my little girl last week, it started to rain as we were nearly home, it was perfect timing and we spent the rest of the afternoon snuggled on the sofa so this is my favourite rainy day memory 🙂

  250. My favorite rainy day memory happened last Spring at he school where I work. We were having recess and all of a sudden the clouds opened up and the rain came down. At first everyone was kinda upset – but then we all started laughing and playing in the rain. It was so cute watching the little ones jump in puddles and splash about! It turned out to be a fun time!

  251. A few years ago here in Australia we were going through a bad drought. A story in the news showed a little 3 year old boy standing mesmerised in the rain. It was the first time he had seen rain and I have never forgot the look of wonderment on his face at the falling water.

  252. Every year here in The Netherlands we have a thing called Avondvierdaagse. It’s a 4day event of walking 5 or 10km, mostly done with your school (starting at age 4), but everyone can participate.
    I remember when I was a child at one of those evenings it suddenly started to rain real bad (with thunder as well) and we all were allowed to shelter at a farmers barn. After the thunder was gone, we could continue our trip and off course we were soaking wet when we came home. What an adventure!

  253. My favorite rainy memory is that it rained “every day” at 3:15 while I was growing up! Just for 5 minutes and then it was sunny and beautiful.

  254. I have so many pictures of my kids splashing in puddles. I would not only use these sweet bears on cards but also in my scrapbooking! So excited!

  255. Oh gosh these are the cutest! My favorite memories around rain is my oldest toddler in her lady bug raincoat that she wouldn’t take off:)

  256. I always remember my mom driving me to the babysitters on her way to work with “Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head” on the radio while she was wearing a dress that had a raindrop pattern on it. I always remember that dress.

  257. My mom always made rainy days special with arts and crafts. You might say they were BEARY special! <3 I just love these little bear critters in the rain!

  258. I don’t have one in particular, I just love rainy days when you can sit on the screened porch with a book and a hot beverage.

  259. My favorite rainy day memory is actually kind of funny. We live in Arizona, where it doesn’t rain much in my city. My kid and I took a road trip back east to Ohio in October. The first day outside of Arizona, it rained and she was thrilled! And then, it rained every single day since until we arrived back in Arizona. She told me, I can’t believe it rained every day mom! I don’t like that! It wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be! Lol

  260. My favorite rainy day memory is watching my son stomp in the puddles on our deck. He was so adorable in his little raincoat and boots. He had the best time!

  261. There was once this flash flood that happened in the street behind our house and our boots weren’t high enough to avoid getting our feet wet… it was a funny situation

  262. Wow! Bears in raincoats, a rain stencil and flip flop ducks 😍 My favourite rainy day memories are of splashing in puddles with the kids then coming inside for a nice mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows by the fire! ☔

  263. I remember my best friend and I playing with our Barbies in the gutters after thunderstorms and pretending they were river rafting. 🙂

  264. I can’t think of many rainy day memories, but I do always love listening to a good storm while I’m warm and dry inside.

  265. It rains all the time in Seattle where i live, but one of favorite memories was my daughters first day or 3rd grade. She has stick straight hair but wanted it curled for the first day of school and after we spent an hour curling and hair spraying it we left for school only to have the heavens open up right as we left the car. After the 2 min walk into the school all her curls were gone and she looked at me and said, it was pretty while it lasted! 🙂

  266. Growing up, I used to love smell of the rain in the air after it stopped pouring. I would sit outside and just take it all in. 🙂

  267. This stamp set is absolutely adorable. I love those bears in their rain jackets, puddles, and umbrellas. Squeeeee! One of my favorite rainy day memories is getting caught in the rain (hard, pouring rain) when I was on a walk with my husband in a town in Hawaii, on vacation. We had to call a friend to come and pick us up in their car since the rain was so hard! We were soaked – but it was fun!

  268. My favorite rainy day memory is when it rained hard enough to turn our park into a lake, and we all went and kayaked in it! Tied for first place is also the day it rained so hard that our students couldn’t safely get to school, so work was canceled- thankfully before I had driven in!

  269. This will sound so silly. My favorite rainy day memories when I was younger was my siblings and I didn’t have to go to school on rainy days. Crazy I know. My father was a single father and he had to be at work at 6am. My siblings and I would have to walk to school, my father wasn’t a fan so we would stay home on rainy days. Those were the best days. We would make forts and just do fun stuff. So silly but the best memories were made on those days.

  270. We had a massive rain storm last fall (Northern CA) and my kids got to play in the rushing water in the gutters with the other neighborhood kids. They had such a blast getting soaked, then got to change and drink hot chocolate and watch a movie afterwards. It was a crazy storm day!

  271. I remember one rainy day when my oldest daughter was tiny and we lived in Oregon. She had the sweetest little rainboots with strawberries all over them and a darling umbrella, too.💕 If only they could stay little!
    Love this set so much, it’s a must-have for me.

  272. I have a very cute scrapbook page of my son and his raincoat and umbrella at Disney World. It’s one of my favorites

  273. My most memorable rainy day experience was standing outside in the pouring rain at my school’s crosswalk informing the parents in their dry cars that school had to be canceled because of flooding! Very wet indeed!

  274. My favorite rainy day memory was when I was about 8 years old, I would ride my bike in the light rain while the sun shined

  275. When I was a kid, my family & I would watch thunderstorms in the garage – so fun. Now I love stomping in puddles with my two year old.

  276. Don’t think I’d do it now but when i was much younger we were at the fair and it started pouring rain. While everyone else ran for cover my friends and I ran to the old wooden roller coaster and went round and round with no line ups!

  277. I remember driving to Oregon with my friend Georgie and it was raining so very hard we had to pull over, only I was not sure if we were safely on the side of road. It was a scary few minutes, but made easier because I was with my dear friend. By the way the addition of the frogs to this set is my FAVE!

  278. Watching my Boys Jumping in the Water Puddles after the Rain Storm!! I got the most AMAZING Pictures with the Clouds and a Rainbow in the background!! Such an AWESOME Day FULL of memories and captured on film FOREVER!!

  279. I was at Disney World with my family and as usual there was the afternoon downpour. While everyone ran for cover we got in line for the rides with very little waiting. Who doesn’t love a summer rain at Disney!?

  280. When it would rain at my home growing up, our backyard had a really low spot where water would collect in this really big grassy puddle. One time, my friends and I played in the puddle after the rain and ended up getting into a “mud fight” where we threw mud at each other and had such a fun time. I think that’s one of my favorite rainy day memories so far.

  281. My favourite rainy day memory is unwinding at the cottage with a gentle rain and just making cards and enjoying the sounds of rain falling in nature.

  282. Watching my 18 month old daughter dance in the rain for the very first time and the look on her face when she realised what rain is such a precious memory

  283. I don’t really have a favorite rainy day memory. But I do love that I get to put a cute little yellow raincoat on my terrier when it’s rainy out!

  284. Playing in the rain with my son…I will never forget that day, the sun was shining and it was lightly raining at the same time ✌🏽

  285. Whenever it rain, I love to snuggle under the covers and watch a scary movie with my hubby. Just relax and enjoy the rain while inside 😌

  286. I love how the fily of mice’s has been growing. I can’t believe the bear family is growing too! This is so exciting!

  287. My fondest memory is of my daughter when she was 4 years old. In summer, we had heavy rain and she just wanted to go out. She took her boots and umbrella and had so much fun dancing in the puddles, giggling along the way. Makes me smile to this day 🙂 (She’s 10 now and hurries back inside the house when it starts raining!)

  288. I don’t really have a specific rainy day memory but when I was little I liked to put on my rain boots and go and splash puddles :p I hope my daughter will like it too when she grows up (she is 8 months)

  289. I love when the rain is finishing up and the sun pokes around the clouds and a rainbow is formed. Even drenched in rain it looks beautiful.🌈

  290. My Favorite memory is reading on rainy days, I would be the mama bear curled up in my chair with my mug of cocoa! 🙂

  291. I love this stamp set and the rain stencil is just what we all need! Best rainy day? I cannot remember any special occasion but when I was a child, I loved when the rainbow came after the storm!

  292. YAY!!!! I’ve been looking the most forward to seeing this stamp set and how you all used it!! The Fawnies did not
    disappoint!!! Love all of these fab projects!

  293. I love the rain, especially thunderstorms. I love to sit out on my porch and smell the fresh smell and listen to the rain. I also love watching my daughter play in the rain. Such fun!

  294. I remember getting caught in a thunderstorm in the woods while hiking. It came out of nowhere and was so scary! Not a great memory but very exciting.

  295. When my sister and I were younger we went outside when it was raining to cool off on a hot summer day. We were barefoot and splashing in the puddles.

  296. I just love this new bear stamp set. My favorite rainy day memories are when my brother and I walked to school together years ago underneath our big umbrellas. Such fun times.

  297. These bears are absolutely adorable. I don’t love rain so my favorite thing to do when it rains is just be home, warm and cozy and just doing cards, reading with something hot to drink. That is my absolute favorite thing to do when it rains!

  298. My favorite rainy day memory is when I was a kid my brother and I would put on our matching rainboots and go out and splash in the puddles. This bear set is adorable.

  299. awh, this set is just so sweet! i love how cute they are splashing around.
    my favorite rainy memory is my 6’2″ tall dad trying to hold an umbrella when i was young (around 8?) so we both don’t get wet. bascially walking in a squat. haha!

  300. My favorite memory is watching movies all day and playing boards games with my family. This set is adorable! My favorite of the release!

  301. I loved splashing in puddles with my brother when we were little. Now I love listening to the rain with a good cup of tea.

  302. I have fantastic memories as a kid of playing in the driveway in a rainstorm that had just broken a drought. We hadn’t seen rain in months. That storm was the best.

  303. My favorite Rainy day memory is the day I taught my granddaughter to jump and splash in puddles much to her parents dismay LOL! She was around 2 and loved every minute of it! She still can’t walk by a puddle without splashing in it and she’s now 8.

  304. My favourite rainy day memory is getting caught in a rainstorm in Japan with my kids walking back from the biggest candy story I have ever seen! We had so much fun on that trip and my kid still talk about that storm!

  305. My favorite rainy-day memory was when I started kindergarten and received my first pair of rain boots and my own umbrella 🙂

  306. In FL we have a lot of rainy days. One of my favorites is still “Dad Daughter Days” from way back (40+) when I was little. We planned one special day each year to go do something special together, usually on his motorcycle. Each and every time it would rain! It became a tradition. I can’t remember one that didn’t rain. Now that we can get about again my dad and I planned a trip together and of course it rained. We laughed about it. Still have a great day.

  307. There is so much to love in this release! We used to camp a lot when I was growing up. When it rained, we would all come together in the only hard sided camper in our small group and play cards. It was so special.

  308. I can remember when it rained at recess one day in 1st grade (many, many moons ago!), being obsessed with the tiny R2D2 toy figure that one of my classmates had. IT WAS SO CUTE!!! 😊

  309. I was walking home in the rain one day from the bus and all of a sudden it really started coming down hard and like buckets of rain on me. I ducked under a small tree but was still getting pelted. then a kind neighbor saw me and yelled at me to come inside. Her porch was plenty of cover and a welcome relief til the rain calmed down.

  310. I just remember a really bad rain storm coming through our area and sitting and watching it from our balcony. The double rainbow after was so vivid.

  311. The little bear holding the mommy or daddy bear is adorable. I love all the water splashes too. The tiny frog is so sweet.

  312. This set is so cute!! And the raindrop stencil is perfect! When my brother, sister and I were kids, we would sometimes put on our bathing suits and go run around in the rain, splashing in the puddles (in the summer, of course!)

  313. Rainy days have become my favorites since I’ve been working from home. I wear my big fuzzy socks & favorite sweater and slide in my chair as my cat jumps up on the mat I have for him on my desk. He goes to sleep, I light a smell good candle and work while I listen to the raindrops. Love it!

  314. one of the hurricanes was coming through, I got up in the middle of the night to watch – as I was staring out the window watching the rain pour down and the wind whipping around, I saw a lightening bolt and one of the large trees in our backyard fall. what are the chances?

  315. This set is so cute. It gives such a fun feeling as if was jumping in the puddles myself even of this was a long long time ago.

  316. I think one of my favorite rainy day memories was going outside one day during college with my roommate and just dancing around in the rain and splashing around in the puddles. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed being outside in the rain without an umbrella more. I love the little frogs in the Beary Rainy Day set; so cute!

  317. When I was 10 I remember that I would play in the rain and get drenched. I did it. My mom wasn’t happy about it though.

  318. I used to love when we’d get storms as a kid. I loved the smell of the rain and would stand in it while watching the lightning fill the sky. These cards are way too adorable.

  319. Oh boy did I, I had brand new rain boots, got out of the truck. My dad told me not to splash in the puddle and I did it. I got in so much trouble!😂

  320. It rains a lot where I live now, but growing up in the midwest I have great memories of our big rain storms. I loved falling asleep listening to the rain and thunder and loved the sound of a car driving by on the wet pavement.

  321. I love the lawn fawn bears- what a fun addition!! I love any rainy day memory with my kids jumping in puddles.
    We have the best puddle spot in front of our garage.

  322. Riding in a jeep without a top and at the bottom of a hill there was water pooling on the highway. When we went through it the water splashed up and over the jeep like a big waterfall! 🌊

  323. My favorite rainy day memory is when my son had a little league baseball game and a storm moved in quickly but we couldn’t quite outrun it to the car so we all got drenched. We were laughing the whole time we were running to the car!

  324. My favorite rainy day memories always involve an early Spring cold rain, with showers hitting my window as I’m cuddled up inside with a good book and some hot chai.

  325. My favorite rainy day memory is when my son was in little league baseball and a storm moved in quickly. We didn’t make it to the car before the heavens opened up and we got drenched. We were laughing the whole time as we tried to outrun it to the car!

  326. The inspiration is so super adorable! My favourite rainy day memory is when me and my youngest brother would sit, huddled under our picnic table when it was pour out and watch the lightning.

  327. My favorite rainy day memory is when I was younger and my friend and I walked around our small town jumping in all the big puddles we found and we ended up with soaking wet pants and shoes

  328. My favorite rainy day memory is being on vacation in Ireland. It was POURING but my husband was DETERMINED to get his pictures. The rest of us were huddled inside and so many nice people in the group asked me if he needed someone to hold another umbrella for him while he took his pictures (I thanked them but told them he was ok) – a fun vacation memory.

  329. My favorite rainy day memory is having a picnic on my great-aunt’s kitchen floor. We were going on a picnic but a big thunderstorm with heavy rain put a stop to it. My great-aunt quickly turned her kitchen with it’s green floor into a perfect picnic setting, saving the day for her five year old great-niece, me!

  330. These little bears are just adorable; can’t wait to add them to my collection. My favorite rainy day memory is this: I live in a very small town (no traffic lights, some intersections without even stop signs) – our street faces the Intracoastal Waterway and has just terrible drainage, so every time we get a big rain storm, the street floods…the last time, my husband had a surfboard skag he’d mounted onto a piece of board and he went out in the drain and set it down in the street so it looked like a big fin sticking up – and then we posted it on FB with a “what in the world is that?” comment, and waited…our next door neighbor, who captains big boats in fishing tournaments, bit immediately, as did a bunch of others….we finally had to post a confession admitting it was only the “Mike-ness monster” (Mike being my hubby).

  331. I remember a day when I was walking in the rain with a big umbrella and kicking up the leaves. It probably was releasing mold spores everywhere, but it was great fun.

  332. I love the rain. One of my favorite memories is roller skating outside in the rain while it was pouring. Love my rainy memories. And love these samples too!

  333. My favorite memory is with my sister at Disney World, we were in Magic Kingdom, that day we decided to ride all the rides at Tomorrowland and it started to rain a little right after we got on the Astro Orbiter, after that it kept raining and we wandered all over Tomorrowland in the rain. ☺️☺️☺️

  334. When I was a child my parents used to take me and my sister to the zoo and it would be empty so we would get to see all the animals and jump in all the puddles.

  335. When my oldest two girls were 3 and 5 we went to the beach. Through a variety of issues we were having an “off” vacation. Wasn’t bad, just nothing went right. The one day we decided to go into town to ride the Farris Wheel. Not a cloud in the sky and as soon as our gondola reached the top….DUMPED rain!!!!! My three year old was crying (she hated getting wet). My parents were in a separate gondola…same experience, of course. By the time we were unloaded we were soaked! As annoying as it was…it fit perfectly with the way that trip had been going! We look back and just laugh at the memory now!

  336. Such a cute set!!! Your bears are so adorable. My favorite rainy day memory is when I was a kid and I got soaked walking home from school and while I was getting soaked my mom drove up and took me the rest of the way home. When we got there I dried off, curled up on the couch and read a book in front of the fire. Such fun times!

  337. Favorite rainy day memory? Honestly just thinking of when me and my boyfriend have stayed inside cuddling when it has been raining always brings a smile on my face ❤️

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