Lawn Fawn Intro: Platform Pop-Up, Platform Pop-Up Add-On

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Spring 2022 Inspiration and Release Week! On February 24th our 14 new stamp sets, 24 new die sets, 4 new stencil sets, new paper collections, new cardstock and more new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Platform Pop-Up and Platform Pop-Up Add-On! This interactive die set creates a card that folds flat to fit in a 5″x7″ envelope. Then it opens to reveal a fun, pop-up surprise! This set comes complete with a cute bow, “hello” sentiment, heart, hill, grass, and stitched flower dies. For a standing backdrop and more decorative options, pair this with Platform Pop-Up Add-On.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end to demonstrate how to use this interactive die set along with fun ways to use it! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Mindy filled her Platform Pop-Up with yummy strawberries and some cute critters! This scene is so cheery and sends a “berry” happy birthday wish and lots of smiles! She included the Platform Pop-Up Add-On to extend the scene up into the sky!

Grace used acetate in the center of the Platform Pop-Up to focus attention on the cute Beary Rainy Day critters on both sides of the center Stitched Rainbow! It’s so clever how the little frog can be seen behind the clouds! She built the Platform Pop-Up with pretty paper from Gotta Have Gingham Rainbow!

Marine created a stage for the Critter Concert musicians with Platform Pop-Up and the Platform Pop-Up Add-On! The banner from Virtual Friends Add-On adds lots of happy color this clever birthday card!

Chari‘s strawberry farm stand is so amazing! She added a roof from Build-A-House with some vellum to adhere the mouse and strawberry cupcake! The grass and bow are included in the Platform Pop-Up die set. There are so many possibilities!

“Aparrotly”, our new Year Twelve set is perfect for sending a Platform Pop-Up birthday card! Audrey‘s design used the Platform Pop-Up Add-On, it’s so perfect for adding fun elements like the Tropical Vine Borders and Simple Puffy Cloud Frames!

Tammy‘s card is so incredible, the cleverness is amazing! She used Outside In Stitched Strawberry with some fun additional elements to create the sweetest strawberry house for the Berry Special mice! That lovely paper is from our new Flower Market paper collection.

Did I mention that there are so many possibilities for creativity with Platform Pop-Up? Kara featured a couple of happy campers from S’more the Merrier! Then she added the Build-A-Campsite tent along with images from Happy Trails! She used the Platform Pop-Up Add-On to add the Over the Mountain Borders in the background!

The Beary Rainy Day bears are making a splash in all the puddles! The Platform Pop-Up has lots of room for adding so many fun elements to your designs! Elena stenciled the rain drops on the Platform Pop-Up Add-On with Rainy Sky Stencil.

Elise‘s adorable design is so full of Spring! She paired a mouse from Berry Special with Garden Before ‘n Afters, filling the Platform Pop-Up with pretty flowers! The last photo shows the card all folded up and ready to go into a 5″x7″ envelope for mailing!

Megan‘s charming pop-up design honors the “best mom ever” with humor and so much love! She filled this super cute scene with images from Den Sweet Den, Snow Much Fun and Beary Rainy Day!

Grace‘s design is so gorgeous! She shows that Strawberry Patch is perfect with Platform Pop-Up! Rather than using the add-on, she created the look of a strawberry basket with a Stitched Circle Frame and acetate! Now that is so clever!

Caly‘s Berry Special scene is so adorable! She also created the Platform Pop-Up without using the add-on. Instead, she used acetate strips to give her scene height with the cute buzzing bee! She shows how her card folds flat to fit inside an envelope.

We made a fun galaxy background for our Platform Pop-Up to go with Out of This World and another new set, Year Eleven!

Here’s another example of Platform Pop-Up without the add-on using the new stamp set Beary Rainy Day!

You Goat This! This new set looks so adorable added to Platform Pop-Up with Platform Pop-Up Add-On!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Platform Pop-Up, and to show that it’s so fun and easy to use! I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Platform Pop-Up and Platform Pop-Up Add-On! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling which Lawn Fawn set you would feature on a Platform Pop-Up card by February 23rd at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Saturday, February 19th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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761 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Platform Pop-Up, Platform Pop-Up Add-On

  1. I would love to use any of the ocean themed stamps, especially duh-nuh. The shark is so delightful. For a Christmas themed card I would love to use ho ho holidays. ❤️

  2. I think Happy Harvest would be super cute on the platform pop-up, with some nice tall sunflowers and rows of corn helping to set the scene.

  3. I would love to feature the couple from Bicycle Built For You! It’s the perfect invitation or save the date for my upcoming wedding! 🙂

  4. Oh my! The possibilities!!! So many!! I need to try this with squirrels!!! And maybe the acorn house in the background!! Eeek!!!

  5. I cannot bear any of these examples! They are so cute and I now feel like all I want is to sit down and replicate all of them so I can collect them all! I have to say I’m super inspired by the strawberry house. Now I want to take out all my house dies (the acorn, the mushroom, the pumpkin and maybe even apple!) and to make them all just like the Tammy showed it here. I cannot wait for it.

    1. I would use my unicorn set to make a scene! I already have it in my mind. And also the gnomes with their mushroom home or the fairies (any of the sets!), or the sea criters and mermaids… OMG! So much to do with that set!

  6. Your interactive dies are always surprising!!!
    I’ll use this amazing platform with flowers and sentiment die sets and Christmas stamps.

  7. I feel a Harry Potter themed Platform Pop Up coming up!!
    That would be so wizardly to see those Potter Critters poppin’up. I’d use the Purrrfeckly Wicked stamps for sure, along with the Critters ever after!

  8. I can already imagine the mice and bubbles going on here, no Christmas penguins, no ice mice. There are too many choices!!!!

  9. You really could use this with any of the cute stamp sets, but I’d have to try it with ‘Hay There’ first 💗

  10. Wow! It would be the strawberry sets in this release!! Seeing the card with the strawberry house is amazing, I want to make that card. They are all great cards today. This platform is so cute I have to buy this one asap

  11. In a Platform Pop-Up card I would insert the 🌸🌻🌼🌺Little flower set with Oh Gnome set to create a super spring card🍄🌼🌿🧙‍♂️

  12. I love making interactive cards and LF dies are my favorite b/c they are so simple to use yet produce a stunning card. I can see me reaching for all my critter stamps for this die.

  13. In the platform pop up die I would probably use s’more the merrier first. But then all those critters would look adorable so a totally hard decision. Lol.

  14. This is so fun! I’d probably use Bubbles of Joy first and my ideas would explode from there. A haunted Halloween card would be amazing as well

  15. I would definitely use the rainy bears on the platform Pop-up! Oh me oh my! I’m going to have to take out a loan! Ha ha ha!

  16. Which set would I use? Any of them would be adorable. I think the baking mice or the ice skating mice would be fabulous!

  17. Judging by all the samples, we can use any set to go with this card!! I really like the band, and I find the space one is super creative too. Endless possibilities!

  18. So many possibilities and this is why I love this die! The first set that I would use with it would be the ice skating mice.

  19. Ooooh, I think maybe an underwater scene would be fun with the mermaid and merman…it definitely would be fun to try anyway. Such a unique new scene builder die! So many possibilities.

  20. Omg, how could I pick just one?? I’d love to do any of the mice, but particularly the baking mice or bubble blowing mice

  21. So many cute cards! I tend to make Christmas ones more elaborate, so I would probably use Christmas dreams or Yeti or Not.

  22. I love this new interactive die! Easter will be here before we know it and I think using Easter sets would be fun! I can also imagine using Christmas sets too!

  23. I would like to use meow you doing with the platform pop up first! Than many others! I’m so excited to use this new interactive die!

  24. So cute! I love the idea of doing a spring/ gardening themed card because the flowers look like they are growing as the card pops up. But I feel like this card would look great with any of Lawn Fawn’s adorable products!

  25. I really like the strawberry basket and the strawberry mouse house, I think I’ll replicate that first and then see what else comes to mind after

  26. I can’t pick just one I see this and I think of all the ways I can use this die. I can’t wait you guys always think of the most unique things.

  27. The versatility of this die is amazing! I can’t wait to make Christmas cards with it and the Yeti or Not will be first up.

    1. The stamp set I would love to use would be the Spooky Village stamp set on the platform pop up. I am all about Halloween and that set would be super cute on the platform.

  28. Really super duper cute projects with this die. If I won I would use it with my Big Thanks set. I need some thank you cards, and haven’t inked this one up yet!

    1. The platform pop up looks like it was made just for me- I love the out of the box concept. It would be such a treat to receive a card made with this!

  29. So many FANTASTIC cards by the DT! It’s difficult to pick a favorite. It’s also difficult to decide which set I’d like to use with this die set….I would probably mix up a few sets as that’s my favorite thing to do with LF products! They all mix and match so well.

  30. I am so loving this new release! I think the new platform pop up will be absolutely adorable with the You Autumn Know sets … I can just see that little mouse floating down onto the platform.

  31. I think Butterfly Kisses could be really cute. Using acetate to make the butterflies seem like they are really flying!

  32. I am a fan of your bears. So probably I would use the new bear stamp set, or one of the “older” ones like den sweet den, beary happy or even the critter concert. Just creating a colorful fun card 😀

  33. I. LOVE. THIS. PLATFORM. Christmas. Dressing the tree. Soooo many stamps to choose from, can’t pick one…
    Adorable Critters Concert with the wooden floor! SO CLEVER!!

  34. I love love love the Platform Pop-up die. I have approx. 9 months to make my Christmas cards using it and “Here we go a-waddling” and a “Beary Happy Christmas stamp sets. Yikes!

  35. Wowza! when I first saw this I was thinking Easter basket with the spring critters inside, but I LOVE the fact that you sized it to perfectly fit all the older stamps that are like the strawberry patch “row” stamps!! Can’t wait!! And that rainbow….LOVE

  36. Oh wow – that’s a hard question – all of them – any of them! The critters will be great on these. This is a fantastic die! Love all of the DT’s examples❤️

  37. Oh, I really think you could do any of them! Love the mices, and ‘Out of This World’ would be great with the spaceperson “floating” with the planets

  38. I’d love to use this with the camping set and build a campsite die set. I think making a school playground would be adorable too with the tiny friends or even welcome to the neighborhood and use the villages sets to make a little community.

  39. I would use the sets that have the dogs on the Platform Pop Up – it would be like a group of doggie friends at the dog park!!!

  40. OMG! I’m so excited about this set!!! Box cards are my absolute favorite to make and I have so many ideas in my head for this one. My first idea is Gleeful Garden and Fairy Friends, but I also want the adorable Beary Rainy Day set and who knows how many others from this release. Eeek!! 😍

  41. I think using a water themed set would be fun – maybe Smooth Sailing or Ahoy Matey (or a combo!). I see lots of waves and maybe a narwhal popping its head up.

  42. The possibilities are endless. But I really like the look of the musical critters and the strawberry mice. But who am I kidding ? I love everything.

  43. This die is awesome, quick and easy to use but makes a card look like it took hours. 💕 Hard to decide which stamps to use, so many ideas Easter, birthday, Christmas, etc.. 🤷‍♀️Fairy Friends, Lets Go Nuts, Toadally Awesome, Toboggan Together, Joy to the Woods, On the Beach would be good to use. So many ideas, can’t wait. 😁

  44. This is genius. I love it so much and I can’t wait to try it! I really love it with the goats and those bears in the puddle! I think the rub a dub set would be so fun for this too! Or the swan soiree set.

  45. I would use everything aquatic and have an underwater aquarium. Especially the flip flops with a yellow submarine. The only problem there is no angular flip flop.

  46. I think I would pull out my ocean critters and create something. Love the interactive dies. The card ideas are amazing! So much inspiration.

  47. The bears would be my choice. I LOVE how they are playing in the rain. This is my new favorite stamp set. I would also like to use the strawberry house…It could rain on the strawberry, too. I could use clear enamel as rain.

  48. Such a cute new die, love it. So many sets would be fun to use with it Ocean Shelfie, Pick of the Patch, Here We Go a Waddling, Let’s Go Nuts, A Bug Deal, Frosty Fairy Friends. So many possibilities!!!

  49. I think You Color My World would make a cute pop up box of crayons. Or Critters Ever After for a more fantastical card.

  50. This is so different, I love it!! I think that Some christmas sets could be cute with it! I would love maybe a mix of ho-ho holidays and holiday helpers!

  51. Love this die set and its add-on. I’ll be using this for my Easter cards. The design team’s cards are so fabulous.

  52. Oh my goodness! I usually don’t feel so tempted by 3D-cards like this since they seem a lot of work, but the end results of this one are so perfect it would definitely be worth it for special occasions! I’d love to try a version of Marine’s brilliant Critter Concert stage-card 😀

  53. I hope you guys order a zillion of this die because it’s bound to be a sellout!! I can think of sooo many sets to use with this but I think I want to make an ocean themed one for my friends that I won’t see AGAIN in Sanibe Florida because of the ongoing covid testing to re enter Canada. I am heartbroken – this is the 3rd year we can’t go. So shopping therapy is on the agenda for next week! Lawn Fawn fixes everything <3

  54. These are so danged cute! I would use some of the sets I currently have for this platform pop up but when I purchase the strawberry sets, it will definitely be used for this!

  55. Any Lawn Fawn set would be adorable! I see a Scootin By scene in my head! Thank you for making every set sized to used with each other!

  56. OMG!!!! There are no words to describe how awesome the platform pop-up is. I am making a list of all the sets I want to use to make spectacular cards.

  57. I would love to make interactive cards for the grandchildren with these products. Out of the World would be the perfect choice for the boys.

  58. This Platform Pop-up die is amazing!!! I can’t wait to use it with Critters Ever After. I have so much fun with that set. Such joy and happiness. Thanks for creating such whimsical and happy stamp sets!

  59. This is a tough one. I think Scootin’ By would be a fun one to build a scene with. But really, it would be hard to go wrong with so many fantastic sets to choose from.

  60. What a great idea! And it would be nice to create a different size card. I would use the little people in the park set to create a fun scene of kids playing. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  61. Love Kelly’s Wild card. I went on a
    safari in 2011 and saw some of these
    animals. this would be the set I
    would want and would make a
    “box” card with them. thanks

  62. I think that Dandy Day would be a cute stamp set to use with this new 3D-card die. But Crazy Antics would be adorable too! Great card ideas.

  63. As a middle school band teacher I would feature the critter concert set in this platform pop up! My students already love to see the little critters playing their instruments in their birthday cards, and a cool pop up like this would be a great classroom decoration!

  64. What a fun new 3d box! I think my first one would have to be with Merry Mice. It would be such a cute backdrop for the mice decorating the tree.

  65. This new pop up platform set and add-on look so fun! I need to order some 5 x 7 envelopes! I would use the new strawberry dies to create a berry basket, I love that idea!

  66. This platform set is a sure winner, I’d probably make an ocean themed card but all Lawn Fawn critters will shine on this design!

  67. As the DT so awesomely showed, any set can be used! I liked the Den Sweet Den, but also fun Christmas cards with the Christmas set- window in the back the dogs, kids, tree in the scene.

  68. There are so many fun possibilities for this platform set! I think I would start with my Penguin Party set or maybe the Baked with Love set.

  69. I would love to get this new set & I like the idea of using the build a campsite set with it – along with lots of others.

  70. I would use Beary Happy Holidays in a heartbeat! I love that stamp set. It’s would be cute to make an ice rink on the platform.

  71. This is one of the most creative and versatile sets I’ve ever seen! I think I would probably make it with Butterfly Kisses first, but look forward to using it for some special Christmas cards for Christmas 2022!

  72. I love this popup platform! I’d like to use it with the rocket ship and planets, or the critter orchestra, or the bears splashing in puddles! Oooo. But I’d also like to use it with an ocean shellfie set! I love the idea of space travel, so the rocket ship is utter coolness. And, the critters playing music is so fun, and I just know they’d be quite entertaining. And I adore the octopi, plus the little bears splashing in puddles, being naughty. It’s so hard to choose. And all perfect!

  73. Your platform pop up is amazing! Every stamp set would be adorable! Think Rub-a-dub-dub would be the set I’d like to try first! Followed by Not a Creature was Stirring, and then Happy Harvest, and then…………!

  74. All of them!! lol And I am squealing with delight at all the adorable inspiration. These are going to see out fast!!

  75. I’m having a hard time deciding which stamp set would be the cutest! I love them all!! I would definitely have to try out the new Berry Special stamp set first though.

  76. My first thought was to use Baked with Love and A Creature is Stirring and have a birthday cake pop up as part of a scene.

  77. I think I would have fun using the new platform with the Toucan do it set first, but I can not wait to try it with so many more too!

  78. OMG! This would work with almost any critter, holiday, birthday, etc. I love that you show so many ways to use all your products. Absolutely LOVE IT!

  79. I’ll try Toucan Do It first. And I cannot wait to get this die! My grandkids are going to love these cards as much as I will love making them!

  80. Watching the youtube video yesterday so many ideas for using this die set kept popping up in my head. I Love the new bear stamp set. I’d use that set first.

  81. I don’t know which one is cuter. I saw it was the berries one and then you have the bears, and then the space 😱😱😱😱.
    I’m in awe of so much awesomeness and creativity.

  82. The new pop up card set is just fantastic!! I love all the super adorable creations the team has put together. I think i would love to use some of the christmas sets!

  83. I don’t think there’s a set you can’t use with this amazing interactive die! My mind is spinning with ideas! And I guess a cave in the background and then a mummy or something popping up when pushing the bottom of the card to create a kind of scary Halloween card is what I’d have to try first. I know, a bit weird since Easter, spring and summer are just around the corner. But you have to go with what comes to your mind first, right?

  84. This looks such a fun pop card. i would love to make it with the mermaid stamps and sea creatures popping out of it xx

  85. This is such a great idea and the cards are amazing. Does this take a lot of time to put together? I would love to use any of my Lawn Fawn stamps and of course I would be figuring out how to make this into a Hanukkah card!

  86. There are too many to choose from but if I had to pick one, then I would have to pick the Chirpy Chirp Chirp set as it’s one of my favorites! I can’t wait to get my hands on the Platform Pop-Up set! 🙂

  87. The Platform Pop up is a great way to showcase any LF sets but I would use the Happy Village and Village Heroes to build a little town. I’d also use Coaster Critters for a fun summer scene.

  88. All I can say is WOW! This is such an amazing die..even my teenage daughter was blown away. Awesome projects…I would use the classic Critters in the Burbs set.

  89. From the new release, I would pick the set with all the strawberries (if there’s only one), and from the older sets – upon the star is my favorite 😍

  90. I would feature all the sets with the pop up! I think Dandy day would be so fun with it and I can’t wait to use it for all the Christmas cards!

  91. So many fun possibilities for this Platform Pop up, but so little time…where to begin? I’m thinking of baby shower cards using Little Bundle and Plus One sets, or maybe a Beam me Up birthday card, or perhaps an Easter cards using Chirpy chirp. Can’t wait for Release day!

  92. I really really have to get this pop up platform die, some day, some how! This is awesome… I only own car critters but I can see them traveling anywhere on it. My wish list is dandy and bear den and bubbles and wow I can really see night skies on this pop up platform. How adorable staring at the back. Geez the possibilities, bravo whomever designed this die!! Fingers toes eyes and legs crossed to win this.

  93. I would try to use every set with it. LOL My boys want it for the aliens to pop up. Thanks for the chance to win.

  94. How do you choose which set to use?! I do love the cards with the strawberries and the garden before and after though. So cute!

  95. I think Coaster Critters would be fun on the pop up platform. Am so excited for the outside in stitched strawberry, my first thought when i saw a sneak peek of it was mouse house!

  96. I would LOVE to re-create Kara’s “Happy Camper” card with my S’more the Merrier stamp set and my Build-A-Campsite dies!!!

  97. I would love to use Bicycle built for two…it is my favorite set. Also the Den sweet den, also another favorite…also the desk set…so many possibilities. I absolutely love this!

  98. WHOA, this is so so awesome! Love it! What stamp sets would you not use on this? Everything would work! Fairies, swans, ducks, little people, the planets, bugs – literally almost everything would work here. I am in love!

  99. I would probably do a full scene like the campsite or the strawberry patch! I just can’t believe the imagination it takes to keep coming up with cool products like this!!! The possibilities are simply endless!!!

  100. The first set I thought of when I saw the Video was the Critter Concert set and lo and behold look what Marine did! I was trying to figure out how to get the conductor in there, and she has a great way to do it!

  101. Fantastic projects from you and the DT!! I love this die and add on; it could be used with so many sets. I would start with Critter Concert and Butterfly Kisses but it has limitless possibilities.

  102. Holy cow!!! These are so creative! What a surprise for anyone who receives a Pop Up interactive card like that! I would use the Critters of the Sea stamp set with some jumping fish!!

  103. So many possibilities-all of the critter sets, but I would do a Rawrsome and Rawr for my grandson who loves the dinos, but I must get the Beary Rainy set-too cute!

  104. I know we are talking spring, but my favorite animal or stamp set is anything with the mice. I would build a Christmas scene with the mice, the ladder, presents and a Christmas tree! I think that would be beautiful!

  105. I would love to try the mermaid set on one of these platform cards! Or even the fantasy set with the castle and princess and dragon on it

  106. I would love to do a rainbow and unicorn on that platform! Love that new platform – it sure is going to be a must have for my stash!

  107. I love this die! I would use “meow you doin'” and ” purrfectly wicked” to create the best birthday card surprise for my cat loving friends

  108. Love these!!! Specially the one created by Tammy, LOVE what she did with the strawberry, gorgeous!! I think Butterfly Kisses or Really High Five would be ADORABLE!! :))

  109. I’m so excited for this die set! I would definitely use the Once Upon a Star stamp set. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  110. I would use the Furry and Bright set. I love to puppies in that set and would look great with some flowers and butterflies.
    I love this pop up and can’t wait to get it.

  111. Love all of the inspiration – but I would love to do a Christmas themed card. Maybe with the mice decorating the tree or Santa on top of a house with his reindeer in the foreground. So many fun possibilities! Thanks for sharing the terrific inspiration!

  112. This platform pop up die looks like so much fun and I definitely have a lot of ideas swimming around my head after seeing all the amazing examples in this post! 🙂

  113. So fun! I think just about any stamp set would go great with this. I’m tempted to try a picnic scene or a garden scene too!

  114. How about an underwater one using the set “you are sublime” or “Ocen shellfie”
    But all these cards are adorable!!

  115. OMG! You’ve read my mind! so, I’ve been BUYING those box cards at Hallmark lately, cuz I couldn’t make them, but have been loving them, and you come up with these dies! Unbelievable! I loved DT’s card with the Strawberry patch. I’m going to get that dies, so I’m going to get all those dies and will make the card with them for my godmother’s birthday, who’s loved strawberries since 70s, as my first trial. Then, I’ll look all my LF sets I’ve purchased since the start of the store, and will think and will make many more!! Thank you, Lawn Fawn! I’m super excited!! <3 <3 <3

  116. I would like to try using the Let’s Go Nuts set with some trees and the Oh Gnome with the Mushroom house with this die.

  117. Wowza!!! This die set is super cool!!! It is at the top of my wish list. I love the outer space inspiration sample. I would love to try it with the Out of This World images and adding some of the Beam Me Up images. The possibilities are endless!!! All the inspiration samples are fabulous!!!

  118. Oh my!! This has got my name written ALL over it!! I’d use Boo-Yah with this and make all those cute ghosts fly around – in fact I am sure I will use that set once I buy this!!

  119. I love this die! I can see using the mice having a picnic from Crazy Antics with Dandy Day mice playing with flowers in the background. Mice, mice, and more mice!!! Love it!!

  120. That Strawberry House is oh-so-fun and I can’t wait to create one. I think it would be fun to one with the Christmas Mice or any of the Mice and skating around like they are on a Skating Rink. Love, Love and Love and I cannot wait to give it a go!!!

  121. Oh my gosh. Love this die. I would feature all the cute critters stamp sets in this style of card as soon I as I got it

  122. This is such a cute idea for an interactve card. I think pretty much ALL the sets would be great to use with this die set.

  123. What a cool interactive project! Now I know what my next Christmas projects will be. A stack of these will be brilliant! It will be great with Penguin Party, Merry Mice, Joy to All & all other Christmas sets.

  124. Oh my gosh, I have a ton of ideas! The Winter Dragon/ Little Dragon/ Tiny Fairy Tale stamp sets with the Build-a-Castle die set would be so cute! Or The Let’s BBQ set would make a great Father’s Day card! And Happy Wedding would be great with this new die! A’hoy Matey would be adorable, and so would Fairy Friends!

  125. SQUEAL!! This NEW Interactive Die is just SO AWESOME!! I would use Really High Five or Dandy Day, but honestly EVERY Set even Stand Alone Dies are going to be FUN to use with this New Platform Pop Up Die Set!! So EXCITED!!

  126. I would use this with the Halloween collection. After seeing the use of the circle acetate, can use it and attach the ghost so they’ll be flying around. I can’t wait for this one to be released.

  127. Oh my! You hab outdone yourselves again. What an amazing set and the samples are beautiful! I want to make them all!
    I would love to use the mice blowing bubbles with this set. Using acetate to help the bubbles fly!

  128. Wow! This is so cool! I love the platform pop-up. There are so many possibilities…my granddaughters are love mermaids. I can see using the Mermaid for You stamp set and creating an underwater scene.

  129. The platform pop-up is such a brilliant idea! I would uses the bubbles of joy stamp set and add on’s. Can’t you just see the acetate circle with mice floating on bubbles? Too cute. Or Unicorns with the rainbow?

  130. Wow, I can’t wait to add the platform pop-up to my collection. My mind is brewing with ideas. Any of the critters would be perfect from the mice to the bears and even the animals from Hay There.

  131. The scent with love skunks would be so fun to pop out on this platform! Actually any of the critter sets would! LOVE all the examples!

  132. I have not tried (or even bought) any of the interactive dies yet, but I think this platform pop-up would be the perfect intro for me to start creating something extra special. Which set would I use on it? All of them!! I have so many ideas starting to form using Elphie Selphie, Dandy Day, Super Star, Winter Skies… the list just goes on and on (and is growing with these new adorable sets). I love all the inspirational designs and I can’t wait to try them out myself, Thank you 🙂

  133. I would use Dandy Day or the Rub a Dub Dub sets first with the Platform Pop Up dies. But the scenes are endless ’cause any set could be incorporated with this interactive die.

  134. Oooh theres so many to choose from with this versatile die, especially with such lovely examples from the DT!
    I’d have to start with my top favorites; rawrsome, purrfectly wicked, mermaid for you and unicorn picnic.
    Baah humbug could be adorable with the two sheep kissing.

    My mind is popping up with too many ideas!!!!

  135. With so many perfect options it’s hard to choose just one! I’d go with You Are Sublime, paired with any of the other nautical sets I have. Can’t wait!

  136. I am in love with this die set and the add on makes it even more amazing. I am thinking of making a baby card using these dies and attach different baby images on different tabs. Could use sets like – Little Bundle, Loads of Fun and Plus One

  137. I have so many of the sets featured in this post! I can’t wait to put the critter concert on this platform. Although the mice would look good ice skating on top of this box too! What fun 😊

  138. I have been looking for a way to make platform pop-up cards for quite some time. Thank you for developing these dies. Makes it look so easy and I have so many ideas but one would be to put a Christmas tree in the middle with packages around the base and since “not a creature was stirring …” there have to be some mice.

  139. any set could be used – I would for sure making a camping card for my daughter – so the build a campsite set would be used – and Mountains in the background – not sure what critters yet …. have to think on that!

  140. one with a christmas tree… i’m just thinking of the growing christmas tree in the nutcracker… how it seems to rise up out of the stage… i want to try that.

  141. I love this interactive die! I just received a store bought card with the same mechanic. So cool to be able to make my own! My boys are totally into dinosaurs so I would have to start with those first before going crazy with all the other critter sets!

  142. With the platform pop up die I would use a combination of On the Beach, Life is Good, along with the palm trees or S’more the Merrier along with Build a Campsite. Such a wonderful new addition to be able to use with so many sets.

  143. Oh my goodness ❤️❤️❤️ You guys have the best interactive die sets. I can’t wait to make a platform card with a mushroom house and gnomes ….. or maybe a fairy garden….no wait, an autumn scene with cute critters in leaves …..or….well….I guess you get the idea…. I’m smitten 🤩

  144. I think this pop up would be so cute with the dandy day. The dandelions would be so fun to add to the background and pop ups!!

  145. The first thing that comes to mind for me is Monster Mash. It’s an older set but I just love it and think it would be fun.

  146. The critters from Scent with Love are my newest favorite but I would also use Unicorn Picnic so I could pair it with the Stitched Rainbow dies. ☺️☺️☺️

  147. Jaw is DROPPED! I need to use this with the How You Bean? jar and all its add ons. What a wonderful base for creating desk decor and shelf holiday decor.

  148. What a great new die! So fun! I’d love to use the duckies from rub a dub dub for a spring scene and the squirrels for a fall one, but really any of your sweet critters sets would fit this amazing die.

  149. This interactive die is just great!! I thought it looked like it might be too difficult to make but after watching your videos and how thoroughly you explained how to put it together I am ready to try it!! I would like to try a safari theme with some of the critters on the savanna images and the rhinos from big thanks. I think the monkeys from love you bunches would look cute hanging on the vine over the platform using the acetate circle. The acetate circle is such a great idea!! There are too many ideas to list. I will have to get this die and just start making all of my ideas.

  150. I am in love with this die set! I think it would work great with any stamp set. I think I would start with Forest Feast though. I can just see that tree stump in the middle section with a bunch of critters in front and back.

  151. I am loving the pop up platform and the add, definitely on my shopping list, love all the inspiration but if I had to chose I think I would like the Beary Rainy Days with the Stitched Rainbow but they all work fabulously. Thank you so much for the chance Jane x

  152. This is amazing!!! I am so excited! I would probably have to use with the tiny fairy tale and build a castle first. How awesome will it be!!!

  153. I would probably use Butterfly Kisses. The Car Critters set would be cute too. Oh, there’s too many to choose from.

  154. I would use the baked with love set, with a messy kitchen scene from critters baking a cake. Its my favorite Lawn Fawn set !

  155. I would make one using the Cheery Christmas stamp set. I think the little ladder would fit in perfectly with the pop up card!

  156. OMG, I love me a good pop up card and this newest die is CRAZY AWESOME! I would want to feature the little mice from the new berry sweet set and combine in other mice from ALL the sets I already have… the mice are so much fun!!! Thank you for this POP UP PLATFORM, I just cannot wait to own it and create with it!!!

  157. This is such an awesome die and would go so well with any of the stamp collection. I’d definitely try the mermaid for you set with some of the Fintastic friends fish.

  158. I would definitely use those cute little mice with the strawberries on this pop up card. Although you have created so many great cards to inspire. I love that you always share so many ideas for inspiration. Thank you so much.

  159. Win this die or buy it…I can hardly wait to get my hands on it! 🙂 I’m going to use Furry and Bright because we have two Black and Tan wiener dogs and they would look adorable with this die.

  160. When I look at this Platrofm Pop-up card I imagine Christmas scene there, featuring few holiday sets like: Holiday Helpers doing a mess in front of the card, Merry Mice decorating a Christmas Tree in the middle and above this scene, on the back of the platform – Santa in his sledge from Ho-Ho-Holidays set 🙂 there are so many possibilities to mix many fab sets😍😍

  161. Gosh – is it cheating to say all the sets you’ve pictured here? I would love to recreate all the design team projects. I can also see using the add-on to create some interior scenes – Den Sweet Den – or a fireplace Christmas scene – like taking the top off of a dollhouse and peeking in the rooms.

  162. Really love this die set. I would make a jungle themed card using the toucan do it stampset. Using acetate for some flying toucans!

  163. Any of the mice sets would be great to create a scene using the platform pop-up. I love interactive cards and cannot wait to make these!!!

  164. That platform pop up is the bomb! I would love to use the Out of this world set with it. I think a planetary set using clear sheets with the astronaut floating would be perfect.

  165. I would love to use it with mixing many sets but mainly tiny bears from Den sweet den and Snow much fun <3 I just love them. Second try would be mice scene or some Halloween and Christmas scene <3

  166. I would love to use the Critters in the Park with this and make a card for my niece who just loves dogs! I can imagine all the fun it would be to decorate!

  167. What I love about this card is that it’s a gift all by itself. My family enjoys the cards as decorations, so this would be lovely to set out on a desk or table and look at through a holiday or event. Super job, team!

  168. I would love to use the Beary Rainy Day set. I could also see trying to use the Winter Skies or Really High Five sets also. Love the card samples – great inspiration.

  169. I would love to try and use the bubbles of joy set with this die so the bubbles could look like they were floating away as they popped up

  170. I absolutely love this interactive die. It makes such a cute card! Watching the video, it inspired me to make Christmas cards with it (I just love Christmas haha). I’d probably use the A Creature Was Stirring mice or maybe the Winter Skies set. I will definitely use the Berry Mice set as well.

  171. Such a great idea! Love the Platform Pop-Up and the Add-On. Every time I think there is no more ‘new’ interactive designs, Lawn Fawn always surprises me with great designs! I can think of so many ideas.

  172. I don’t think you could go wrong with any set but my immediate thought was an ocean theme with Mermaid for You mixed with any other sets with ocean animals.

    Can’t wait to play with these dies!

  173. I think that the bubble mice with the laundry need to go on the platform set! That will be the first card I create with this amazing interactive die! Well done!

  174. Hmm… Would love to mix and match my lawn fawn sets for this interactive platform die! If I had to choose only a few, would want to add the dogs from Joy to All and Furry and Bright, with the cats from Purrfectly Wicked and its add on, for a super fun Dogs Vs Cats playtime party!

  175. It looks like a perfect way to have a spring picnic. I would start with Crazy Antics and then add in a few other elements to build a background.

  176. It would be so cute to do a scene with Crazy Antics. Picnic basket and ants all over the card holding strawberries! The little critters are stealing the goodies from the basket. Not that it would be good in real life but on a card-funny…

  177. It’s nearly impossible to decide which stamp set I would feature on the platform pop-up because they are all so stinkin’ cute but I especially love the little mice with the strawberries!!!

  178. Loving this new pop up die set. I would love to use Mermaid for you stamp set with it. It’s my Favorite stamp set.

  179. I really like the sample with the critter concert and it gave me an idea for a graduation card. This set will be so versatile,

  180. I’m so excited for this die!!! I think Mice on Ice would be so fun, but so would the Really High Five critters, or the Peacock before and after, making the back add on piece be the tail feathers and the peacock body be on the platform. I adore Kara’s Happy Camper one and will have to make my own version for my camping buddies this year!

  181. Any of the critter sets would be fun to use with the pop up platform. I see so many cute little scenes being made with this die set.

  182. I think I would do a winter forest scene since there are so many good winter sets from LF. Another scene that would also be great would be an underwater party. Or maybe barnyard animals ? It’s really hard to say. There are so many iconic LF sets that would be fantastic with this interactive feature. Way to keep innovating, Lawn Fawn! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
    Lori S in PA

  183. Oh my goodness, this die has so many possibilities! I would love to use the Joy to All stamp set with the Christmas tree in the back and the kids sitting in front of it.

  184. I would love to use the Den Sweet Den and Rub a Dub sets and the new bears in raincoats! Those are the first three that come to mind but really almost any Lawn Fawn set would be adorable on this type card!

  185. I can’t wait to make a platform pop-up card! My favorite critters are the mice with Berry Special
    stamp set and then aa Easter card with bunnies & chicks! 🥰

  186. What wouldn’t I like to use on a Platform Pop-Up card, the possibilities are endless!!!! Would start with the Christmas sets and the mice of course. Can’t wait.

  187. The first thing that comes to mind are Christmas cards 😜. I love to make one with the Penguins from the Christmas release but also ons with there we go wadding set

  188. I would use this one with my most favourite stamp set – the Lawn Fawn Mermaid For You stamp set 🧜‍♀️

  189. I would love to use it with one of my “new” sets, Let’s go nuts or Mermaid for you! It would be great with any of the Christmas sets as well 😍

  190. I could use any of my Lawn Fawn stamps to make a cute card, but I think I would start with unicorns, fairies, clouds and a rainbow🌈🦄☁️

  191. The Garden Before and Afters would be cute on a platform card…could put the before on 1 side, and after on the other.

  192. For my platform pop-up I would use the chameleons (regular & flip flop)! Also the dinosaurs! Maybe even combine the two! I would like to use the platform pop-up add-on for both. Such fantastic new additions of dies to the Lawn family family!

  193. I cannot wait to get this!!! I already have so many ideas…pirate theme, space theme, gnomes, dinosaurs, EVERYTHING!!!!

  194. I would use the Skunks from Scent with Love and the graduation hats from Simply Celebrate Spring to make cards for graduating students of mine.

  195. Love all your interactive dies. Can’t wait to make cards with this one. All my friends and family love when I make cards that MOVE and this will be fun to use. Thank you for making card making FUN!

  196. Oh this is too cute! So many ideas. However, for now I would makes some fun Easter baskets with several of the Easter sets.

  197. I can’t wait to use these dies with all the stamps! But I really love the strawberries and mice. I also can’t wait to make a cute gnome card with the Oh gnome set!

  198. I think there are several sets I would use with this die. Critters in the Dog Park, Let’s Play, Christmas Dreams, Furry & Bright, Happy Howloween, Coaster Critters, Window Scene : Winter, Admot One…the possibilities are endless. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  199. This new die is just genius! I can’t wait to play with it. And I don’t know if I can pick just one set to use with it. Since spring is coming, maybe Bubbles of Joy or Scootin’ By? But I don’t know where I will even begin with so many possibilities.

  200. I think this pop up platform would work with any stamp set, as it’s so versatile! But I think the Beary Rainy Days would be really sweet!

  201. Maybe the mice with the daisies for a nice spring scene. I loved the rainbow one your design team made and the mountain with the goats! Soooo cute!

  202. I can’t wait to buy this platform pop up set… I’m so in love with this set the first time I set my eyes on it. ❤️❤️❤️

  203. What a fun new set! I would use my favorite set right now (Butterfly Kisses) It would create the best little pop-up scene!

  204. Oh this one is easy peasy! I would feature, “S’more the Merrier”. I LOVE camping, so this would be right up my alley and I’m pretty sure I would make it double-sided so that I could put it out and you could see stuff from both sides. The tent would be in the middle and the rest of my scene would be around it. One side would be night-time so critters would be inside the tent on that side with a fire going and s’more being made. The other side would have puddles from a rain storm and critters jumping in those puddles with some dragon flies attached to acetate and food out by the tent, cuz the critters were eating and then started to play. Boy, I’d better copy this so that I can make this – its going to be SPECTACULAR!

  205. Wow another Incredible interactive card die!! I would probably use the new rainy day bears set with it or the strawberry mice set. So many possibilities lol!

  206. Such great ideas. Just love the platform. I would use my fairy friends or rawrsome stamps. I’m definitely going to have to get the You Goat This set. My daughter raises goats. She would love a goat pop-up scene!

  207. I love the idea of a single mouse chef revealed behind layers of dishes and baked goods from “A Creature was Stirring.”

  208. Honestly any of the cute Lawn Fawn critters would work well – but I’m thinking about using the Special Delivery set!

  209. I love all the creations posted using this die! I would probably use some of the cat critters to make a card for my mom. I try to incorporate the cats in every card I make her!

  210. Another awesome release with interactive die that can’t pass. Love this new platform pop up die. I also love the Berry special stamp set from the release, so I would love to use these together!

  211. Oh my this die is amazing, I loved the intro video! I’d have to try it with all of my sets, but I’d probably start with let’s go nuts first.

  212. I am so excited for this set, I would love to feature the penguin party stamps and dies, and the Hay There set. Yeti or Not is my favorite set so I might use that as well!

  213. This is fabulous love these platform pop ups. The design team did fantastic!! I think I may have to do a unicorn picnic theme first as that’s my 3yo’s favorite! However, I can’t wait to get my hands on the bears splashing away!! So many great choices that would work well with this!

  214. One of my most favourite Lawn Fawn stamp sets is Be Hap-pea so that would be my go to set to use with the platform card die.

  215. I would definitely use the Yeti or not stamp set. I can see it now with snow hills and maybe using some acetate to give the yeti a “snowboarding” in the air look. Yeah. Mist defiantly Yeti or not!

  216. How adorable is this die. A must have for me. I love what the design team has created. Looking forward to February 24. Love it.

  217. Amazing pop up cards that the design team has come up with! I definitely see myself using the Mice on Ice set on a Platform Pop Up card for the holidays! Looking forward to it!

  218. LOVE this platform pop up die! I can’t wait to get it. I would love to make a cute Easter card with Some Bunny and this die🐇💐

  219. I just want to combine all the sets I have to make all kinds of little scenes!!! I love all of your interactive dies so much!

  220. I am excited for this! I have so many ideas but one is definitely an under the sea theme with the ocean shell-fie

  221. This interactive die is SO AMAZING and has endless possibilities!! I would love to use it with my Ocean Shell-fie set or my camping sets AND the new Strawberry sets like “Berry Special”!!